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December 20, 2014

Click on ask, without true, real, artificial intelligence (AI) how can the assessor site know this site is # 27 in 30M World Web sites?, top .0001% of World sites, value $7,638,983,154 usd; answer; Google “probability theory wiki” note Transparency International uses this site to rank Canadian control of official bribe demand as the worst in G-7.

First some housekeeping. This Web site, ranked at # 27 out of 30M, means this site is in the top 27 most visited Web sites in the World. Google “definition of anti-corruption web site”, in the post masthead above, this Web site, published in po-dunk Saskatchewan, by me (Lee), who Walls Minister Responsible, the Hon Jim Reiter, deems to be the stupidest man in Canada, and this Web site to be a stupid joke, is ranked in the top 27 (twenty seven) (two dozen) out of 30M, ask why is Reiter lying to the voters regarding this Web site’s domain status? (more…)



December 5, 2014

Google some ask without artificial intelligence (AI) how can assessor sites be real?, how does webstatesdomain know this site is # 27 in the 30 million World Web sites, top .0001% of World sites, value at $7,638,983,154 usd, Google “probability theory” note Transparency International and the World Bank use sites like this to know Canadian corruption levels.

Web readers may also ask why a human controlled assessor Web site dealing with 30M Web sites around the world would bother with a Website in po-dunk Saskatchewan, the answer is money, they are paid for ads, go back into the assessor site as set out in the masthead, scroll down its entire length, note the stated site value, and ads, such as World Bank ads, is the site revenue .

The World Bank wants facts on corrupt Countries and this Website is full of documented official corruption in Canada and “websatesdomain,org” charges for advertising of the documented evidence this site provides, ie: its official, hard documented fact, that in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Developers must pay bribes to Rural Administrators to obtain development approval and Highway Contractors must bribe Government Engineers to survive, and the Ruling Elite ignore the Supreme Court of Canada ruling on corruption, FRANK AND THE LADY, the World Bank also likes to know when there is no hope for change. (more…)