After publication of post UBAVKA’S PONZI Conservative Senator Hugh Segal, one of Harpers heavy hitters on the Just Energy Board guiding the Serb woman’s Ponzi, headed for the hills; Google “copyright gambit shows democracy’s decline maher” & “maher: after ottawa attack harper governments intelligence agenda a cause for worry maher” & “hugh segal blog search”, media articles such as these two by Stephen Maher, and the Web site published by Senator Hugh Segal will cost Harper votes.

Also Google “author michael harris’s new book is a take down of stephen harper coyle”, this publication, by a journalist and film maker of Harris’s renown, ( a Honorary Doctorate of Law) spelling out Harper’s disdain for democracy and Parliament will have great effect; Senators taking early retirement to diss their Prime Minister and renowned authors publishing books dissing a Prime Minister are rare and when a effort such as this occurs against a Ruling Elite, such as Harper, during the one year count down to a Election in a democracy, he is always doomed; I (Lee) believe there is one especially telling example below:

Google “as ottawa shooting broke out, pm was kept hidden in a closet unknown to his own caucus in the same room ditchburn”. Walls Minister Responsible, Reiter, claims that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada for my refusal to bribe RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick to grant the Argues development approval, Google “scc 31940” BUT I am not a coward.

The Hon Jim Reiter claims that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada, BUT back in the day, working for Archie Clampitt, the Grid Road Authority, I was in charge of survey crews working out of Yorkton; when a Grid road was planned to deviate from the road allowance I sometimes got a phone call from a Consulting Engineer or RM Council member, warning me of death threats from landowners, so I made sure to be on site to lead my crews to face down the shotguns/pitchforks and now Google “lee defies wall to have him suicided”, I may be the stupidest man in Canada, but I do not hide in a closet.

Google “liberals highest on nanos party power index nanos”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Harper is going down, review two articles Google “andrew coyne: anti-harper hysteria is puzzling but so is the total devotion of his supporters coyne” & “is justin trudeau the candidate women have been waiting for toller”, I (Lee) urge all Web readers, especially political junkies, to study the poll numbers in the Coyne article and read the Chatelaine article; politicians kiss babies because it works, but Trudeau has taken “baby kissing” to a new level and Harper’s blue sweater and a few bombs dropped on ISIS from 10,000 feet by six Canadian CF 18’s will accomplish nothing and will not save Harper from the Trudeau Fed and with Harper gone Wall is not protected.

Now review WALL OF UNFAIRNESS, note the opening paragraph’s refer to Regina Lawyer, David McKay, ONE GOOD MAN, fighting Premier Brad Wall by accepting instruction to question Wall’s “unfair” treatment of the Regina Harness Race folk, but my (Lee)s confidants believe this Web site, even at over 50,000 visits, has not come within a country mile of setting out the unmitigated horror of what all “good men and women”, lawyer or layman/woman, go through all day, every day, in Saskatchewan, where the economy is controlled by corrupt Provincial Officials such as RM Administrator Strudwick, and her ilk, and their tame Judiciary, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, Google “scc 31940”

My (Lee)s confidants believe that it should be emphasized that David McKay had the courage to launch the Harness Race “unfairness” action in the face of the Deschenes/Baar official Judicial Council of Canada report establishing the absolute corruption of the Queens/Appeal Judges, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and Google “canadian bar association president susan mcgrath states federal judges might take bribes schmitz ottawa citizen”.

Web readers are asked to consider the four “Good Men” in the Regina Legal Community, the four Regina Lawyers who stuck their necks out a country mile by advising the Argues that it is impossible to obtain development approval without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick; if the identity of those four lawyers was made public Strudwick would sue them for libel and blackmail/ bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to find them guilty and the lawyers would be disbarred for that advise to the Argues, TOP COP DAYDREAMS.

All five lawyers, David and the Regina four, are all “good men” trying to devise a way to serve their clients instead of the bribe demands of Saskatchewan’s corrupt Officials/Judiciary, conversely, two Regina Lawyers, Gates and Nychuk, knew, as all sentient beings know, RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick had to be bribed to approve the Argue development but the two lawyers said nothing notwithstanding the Criminal Code, Google “criminal code section 21 (1) (b) (c)”.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paras 13. – 15 note that Gates and Nychuk pandered to Strudwick and the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to keep the corruption mill going, those two shysters charged the Argues $30K to lead them down the garden path by failing to warn them of Strudwicks bribe demands, as the four lawyers did after I (Lee) briefed the Argues, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph. 15.-19., on the official Strudwick corruption they (the Argues) faced.

Main stream media relevant to the Strudwick bribery demand issue was published at the end of September after WALL OF UNFAIRNESS went to the site’s Web Master so I (Lee) try to set out below the relevancy of the added mainstream media; excuse cross over/repetition from WALL OF UNFAIRNESS, again Google “mandryk: government favours developer over tennants mandryk”, & “gov’t lacks business sense mandryk” & “mcmurty rules strudwick reports to premier and minister responsible”, now note below:

The Wall Minister Responsible, Donna Harpauer, states the Wall Administration will not “thump” on a Developer for making a “mistake”, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Hon Donna Harpauer’s statement is a flat lie; her boss, Premier Brad Wall, has “thumped” the Argue’s for years for their “mistake” of refusing to bribe Strudwick to be granted development approval,

Google “scc 31940” and note Premiers Calvert and Wall, between them, have “thumped” Developer, Earle and Sharie Argue for over a decade because the Argues flatly refuse to instruct me (Lee) to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Donna Strudwick, to grant them (Argues) approval for their $30M development, Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) (2) (3) municipal corruption”; I point out to Web readers that carrying flowers, or anything else, to a Municipal Official, such as Donna Strudwick, is a bribe.

Web readers are again reminded that the Argue $30M residential Development would have paid school/property tax of +/- $.5M a year, plus a initial $3-5M Fed Corp. tax, on profit so it is insane for both a hard Left, NDP Premier, Calvert and a hard Right, Sask Party Premier, Wall, to allow Strudwick to block the Argue development until her (Strudwick’s) bribes are paid; Google “scc 31940” and again Google “gov’t lacks business sense mandryk” & “corruption economies are doomed”; despite these facts, the Harper Fed goes all out to make their political points, and I (Lee) believe that Premier Wall goes all out to make his political point that Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid, note below:

First the Harper Fed; Google “paul calandra apologizes for non-answers as sources blame pmo cbc o’malley solomon & “coyne: antics in question period illustrate the charade our politics has become coyne”, review the Journalist’s take on the fact that Harpers spokesman, Paul Calandra, MP, broke down in the house, weeping and wailing about what his father would think, note below:

On the morning of Sunday September 28th 2014 ,CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief, Bob Fife, on his talk show, Question Period, raised Calandra tears with his panel who mocked Calandra, accusing him of “overacting”, which I (Lee) used to spin a mocking title for this post; Google “crocodiles don’t cry”, note that Calandra’s public tears mean nothing, just as “crocodile tears”, mean nothing.

Note Reptiles do not relate to decency/honor/guilt as mammals (human)s do; the Harper/Wall Brain Trust are a new political species, think of the Bar scene in the cult classic “Star Wars”, Lucas’s fictional Galactic watering hole had plenty of reptiles, now Google “isis beheads american journalist sotloff” and just as the ISIS Branch of the Muslim Community beheads western journalists to make the point they want freedom to loot the middle east, SARM/RMAA uses political control of the Sask Party to loot Saskatchewan, LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B.

Canada is a Christian Country and Harper knows our Religious Leaders would not be amused if he started lopping heads, so instead Harper puts Calander before the public, blubbering about his father, to make the point his (Harper)s Administration does not answer questions about anything, ever, and here in Saskatchewan the Premier gives $2M of taxpayer money to Developer Deveraux to make the point that the Argues must accept Strudwick, and her ilk’s demand for bribes to approve their development, Google “scc 31940”.

On Tuesday October 7th, 2014, on CBC’s Power and Politics, during one of Evan’s three party panels, the Harper spokesman, speaking in defense of air strikes to try to defeat ISIS, admitted Air Strikes will not work but it was the only hope and hope is all there is, that is a sick joke,“hope” for ISIS air strikes are one thing, BUT should a “snowballs chance in hell” hope be all people in a Commonwealth Country governed by “rule of law” have?

Review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, I (Lee) believed my effort to obtain Argue’s dream of obtaining approval of their $30M development for them with bribing Strudwick Google “scc 31940”, had to work because of the “rule of law” but the four Regina Lawyer’s told the Argues, and I, the hard truth, Donna Strudwick had to be bribed to approve developments, just as ISIS lop western heads to enforce their point, ie: they want to loot Iraq.

Review REGARDING PARANOIA and note that comparing my SARM/Harper/ Wall MO to ISIS MO may be just my (Lee)s paranoia, despite the laughter of CTV Bob Fife’s Question Period political panel about Harper ordering Calandra to weep and wail over what his Father will think of him and based on the one in a million chance that is just my paranoia and that Premier Brad Wall simply made a error in giving Developer Deveraux $2M of taxpayer money and the faint chance Calandra’s weeping and wailing about his father is a genuine concern of what his father thinks of him, I ask Web readers to consider the following:

I (Lee) suggest the taxpaying voters e-mail Wall asking what his father, and the Mennonite Community, think about his (Walls) refusal to grant Earle and Sharie Argue approval for their $30M residential development because the Argues refuse to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick, while he (Wall) gives Developer Deveraux $2M of taxpayer money to finance his development.

Google “saskatchewan courts miss mark in aboriginal sentencing former judge urges globe and mail fines” note that a BC Judge has gone on the Public record with a complaint that the Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Courts ignore Supreme Court guidelines, review FRANK AND THE LADY, and note the Chief Judge of Canada made it clear that a Minister of the Saskatchewan Government ruled the only option that I (Lee), the Argue Representative, had for the Argues to be granted development approval is to bribe RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick, but Premier Wall/Strudwick snicker and sneer at the Supreme Court.

Google “mandryk: wall trumps harper at social game mandryk” and go to the question of why a good Mennonite boy such as Premier Brad Wall embedded in the dark side?, note the answer is in Saskatchewan history; Google “ grant devine administration most corrupt in commonwealth” Premier Brad Wall came to us through Devine, Google “what devine ministers did brad wall work for?”

Take special note that, as Premier, Wall is using Devine Gang advisers Google “ wall using original devine gang advisers rural zoning” review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 11., note Court Registrar, Wyona Roy, and then Justice lawyer Nancy Drew, now a Queens Bench Judge, both of the corrupt sluts were appointed by Lane and worked with Strudwick to destroy the Argues when they refused to pay Strudwick her bribes, Google “scc 31940”.

All Provincial Departments approved the Argue development, except Donna Strudwick, as RM Administrator, refused Argue approval, review post “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” note paragraph 9. in Lloyd Smiths affidavit, some Edenwold Ratepayers believe Strudwick was determined to get title to the Argue Development quarter, which is now worth at least $16M just as raw land, but how did she know?, is the Strudwick that smart? YES!!.

Google “intelligent psychopaths are more likely to attain high office in business, government devan”. The Strudwick is that smart so I (Lee) can not be as stupid as the Hon Jim Reiter claims, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER; because I stopped the slut from scamming title to the Argue development quarter/350 gpm spring, “Update with letter from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, review the Lloyd Smith affidavit and Google “rm’s cashing in on land rush over last seven years johnstone”, note taxpayers are using a strategy that I tried back in the day battling Lane, ie: a open letter to the Premier, post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll to documents, note my open letter to Devine failed.

Now review a two page open letter in the Saturday October 11th 2014 Leader Post, C section (sports) page 6-7. to Premier Wall regarding the Regina by-pass, then Google “images of regina by-pass”, the far right map in the top row, the future by-pass route, the dotted line with a arrowhead at each end, note the route starts at Balgonie, where Strudwick lives and runs her dairy farm, to the south to cross Highway #48 where it turns west 90% to Regina is at the Argue Development quarter and 350 gpm spring water flow.

Review post DEJA VU DEVINE, the Argue Development and 350 gpm spring water flow is a few miles straight north of the proposed Russian Potash Mine, and today, as this post is being written the Argue’s 160 acre development is worth a estimated $100K per acre for land alone, a total of $16M, BUT I (Lee) believe, given the Argues on site 350 gpm spring water, proximity to Regina and the Russian Potash mine, the $16M value estimate is behind the value curve.

Regina Architect Joe Pettick advised me (Lee) that the Argues spring water flow of 350 gpm would service a population of 7500 people, at the Stats Can 2.5 people per house that is 3000 households. Review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT note near the end the reference to the Regina lot size of 50 x 100, ie: the Argues development quarter could accommodate about half the house holds the water could serve so Earle would have to do a deal with a neighbor to obtain a adjacent quarter, but that does not alter the fact the Argue Development value is now in the range of $30M for land alone, now note below:

I (Lee), as the Argue representative, have forced the Strudwick bribe debacle, Google “scc 31940” to economic numbers that may interest a honest lawyer in a 50% contingency case against the RM of Edenwold, scroll back to the sixth paragraph in this post, Regina Lawyer, Dave McKay, is blazing the trail with his SLGA action and the Britannia case setting the precedent at the Supreme Court, even given the fact a lawyer will have to take the Argue case to the Supreme Court, 50% of $30M is still $15M, which should still be enough for a lawyer to take action, given this Web site has already done the heavy lifting, and set a example, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK.

I (Lee) am starting to wonder if it was overly generous of me to offer, originally to Calvert, and now Wall, 90% of the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow to do the SASK WATER deal to counter Strudwick’s bribe demands, maybe I should have continued to just ask that the Argue Development quarter be incorporated as a Village, review post VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS scroll to half way in the post, but I urge Web readers to ask; how did Strudwick know to move heaven and earth to try to scam title to the Argue development?.

I (Lee) urge Web readers to ask around, is the Strudwick that smart?, or is she fronting for Wall, Lane, Reiter and Queens Bench Barclay?, the value of Argue Development land, ie: $30M divided five ways is $6M each, note that back in the day, when the Argues came to me (Lee) for help they had a written offer of $3.5M from a Edmonton RTM builder for a approved development, note below:

Review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER scroll down to the documents, note the second document, after the Pettick plan, the RM Council approval for use of modular homes in the development, April 25, 1997, the RM Council motion of approval, October 1 1997, and the formal approval letter, stating the Council SHALL approve the development, October 2nd 1997, but note below:

At that point RM of Edenwold Administrator, Strudwick decided that she wanted the $3.5M from the Edmonton RTM Builder and used her power as Administrator to overrule the Provincial Departments; in 1998 the Argues went to Court and despite the initial approval by the RM Council and the Provinces absolute approval as set out in the preceding paragraph, Queens Bench Barclay ruled against the Argues, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para. 15. note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 1. – 20., Strudwick, quarterbacked by Glen Dowling, had tricked the Argues into spending $175K to develop their property by promising approval, then canceling approval, and the Argues then spent another $30K on Gates/Nychuk legal fee’s but Strudwik blackmailed or bribed Queens Bench Barclay and the Appeal Judges to throw their case out of Court; Dowling/Strudwick believed that by forcing the Argues to spend $200K with no result they would give up, but in 2001 the Argues came to me (Lee).

Review post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, para. 5:, note the Argues came to me (Lee) because I had been destroyed by the high end of the Judicial Elite for refusing to bribe the Highway Engineers, BUT Argues treatment by the two bit shysters was sicker than even my treatment; Lawyer Glen Dowling had acted for both the Argues and Strudwick, note below:

The Argues, advised by Dowling, incorporated a company, Spring Meadow Estates, to do their development and Dowling who knew the Argues well, advised the Strudwick that if the Argue development company was driven to bankruptcy, to save their 20 acre home acreage bordering Regina City, the Argues would put Spring Meadow Estates in bankruptcy and Strudwick, as RM Administrator, could then buy the Argue Development quarter and its 350 gpm spring at tax auction, but instead of giving up, the Argues came to me (Lee).

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 15. – 19. note that I (Lee) set out for the Argues the massive corruption in all RM Administration, and my briefing resulted in the Argues asking me to fight Strudwick and Lane for their development quarter which now has a estimated $16-30M value for land alone; note I did the detail work and established this Web site, BUT it was Outlook Leader Lloyd Smith who briefed me on the RM’s standard corrupt trick, ie: approval/development work done/approval denied/bankruptcy/tax auction, the scam SARM/RMAA use to force developers into bankruptcy and to tax auction.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that my (Lee)s detail work in this Web site has stopped Strudwick and her friend, Lane, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30. from ending up with title to the Argues development, and its 350 gpm spring, at bankruptcy tax auction and this is where we are today, but a decade ago it was the same, except the numbers were smaller, note below:

The Minister then Responsible, Jack Hillson solved the Strudwick corruption problem for me (Lee), acting on behalf of the Argues, Google “jack hillson solves strudwick bribery problem” as required, the Argues established they had a net worth of $2M and the CIBC agreed to finance the Argue development, and once the CIBC agreed to finance the Argue development the Argues received all Provincial approvals, but Strudwick overruled the Province and nixed approval.

Believe it, as insane as it sounds, and is, RM Administrator Strudwick overruled the Province, Google “rm administrators have discretionary zoning power” and vetoed the Argue development until the Argues carried her “flowers chocolates and perfume” Google “scc 31940” and Wall has allowed Strudwick’s demand for “flowers”, as confirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada, to stand to this day.

Note that Strudwick used her power to block the Provincial approval, again review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 6,7 and 8., despite the hard evidence of Edenwold Council approval, when the Argues sued the RM of Edenwold, Queens Bench Barclay wrote Judgment allowing Strudwick to block the Argue $30M residential Development, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para. 15., then following Barclay’s Queens Bench ruling, the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, issued edict that my (Lee)s only option for the Argues was to carry Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume” Google “scc 31940”.

Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note that back in the day, a senior CBC Journalist warned me (Lee) that the main stream media would not report on Donna Strudwick’s bribe demands even when supported by the Supreme Court Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940”, and advised that my only hope to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick was a public appeal with this Web site so we now have this Web site at 53,000 visits and Wall and Strudwick still sneering at the Argues and I.

The added mainstream media information is relevant to October’s post WALL OF UNFAIRNESS. Google “editorial: sherwood wants its share of growth leader post sept 20 2014” and note that the Regina Leader Post Editors support the RM of Edenwold Council policy of allowing their Administrators to demand bribes to approve development, Google “scc 31940”, now note below:

I (Lee) urge the Leader Post Editors to Google “to bribe or not to bribe a case study” review the search results, then Google “city director moving to dream development lypny”, note “Dreams” original name was “Dundee” on the stock exchange, Google “dundee’s board refuses to pay bribes” and note that Dundee’s Board refused to pay bribes so why did the Regina City Director leave for a company who will not pay bribes?, is the former City Director another “good” man?, can the Argues “hope” the Strudwick corruption tide has turned?

The Leader Post Editors have betrayed the public by supporting the RM of Edenwold Administrators demand for bribes to approve developments, BUT the Editors also raised the water question and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that when Regina City refused to provide the Sherwood Reeve with water the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow/aquifer, east of Regina, is the only water available, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll to Sherwood/Edenwold map.

To continue the ISIS analogy, ISIS Thugs have balls of brass, so the question is, with this Web site at 52,000 visits and going up a visit every 15 minutes during the work day, and the Chief Judge for Canada, tracking RM Corruption, FRANK AND THE LADY, do Wall, Lane, Reiter and Barclay have the balls to carry a law allowing Strudwick to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm water flow to give to the Sherwood Reeve ???, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. & BARCLAYS CONFLICT & REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP.

There is a bright spot; Google “rm looks to pay legal costs for council lypny”, note the Sherwood Council voted to have the taxpayers pay their legal costs when they are charged under the criminal code for the scam they structured to make their Reeve $200M. Google “a honest judge is one who stays bought” and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Sherwood lawyer is concerned that Queens Bench Barclay may not stay “bought”, and they are right to worry, the lawyers have advised that except for Strudwick/Argue Queens Bench Barclay Judgment’s over the years usually made some semblance of sense and his conscience may be bothering him regarding Strudwick, note below:

With this Web site at 53,000 visits and going up every 15 minutes during the work week, sooner or later Wall will decide he can not keep the Strudwick corruption covered up and the Sherwood lawyer may be worried Wall will order Queens Bench Barclay to raise question of the obvious double standard for development, ie: the Sherwood Administrator approves the Sherwood Reeve’s $200M Development with no water and the Edenwold Administrator, Strudwick, denies the Argue $30M Development with its own 350 gpm spring water supply, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, and scroll to the Sherwood/Edenwold map.

Web readers are asked to note that at the end of the day all of this will turn on when Wall is forced to run the political risk of invoking Strudwick’s wrath, by being “fair” to the Argues and accepting my (Lee)s offer to use SASK WATER to effect a no taxpayer cost resolution to the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve the Argue $30M development, now note below:

Wall has a political problem; this Web site is at over 52,000 visits and lawyers are stopping me (Lee) on the street to shake my hand, BUT Wall is paying Queens Bench Barclay $350.00 a hour until 2015, a total of $.5M, to conduct his inquiry into the Sherwood Reeve development debacle and I believe Wall is paying Queens Bench Barclay $.5M to design a plan to pander to the Sherwood Reeve and Strudwick to finalize their $200M scam, but Walls plan may change.

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note this Web site has set out in documented detail all contraventions of the Criminal Code of Canada by the Sherwood Reeve, his Council and his Administrator, but instead of turning that material over to his Attorney General with instruction to take action on that documented detail of criminality, Walls Minister, Reiter, is paying Barclay $.5M, to write a report to bypass Criminal law, and economic sanity to destroy the Argues to pander to Strudwick, SARM and the RMAA’s massive corruption, review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, note below: Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 20 -23, note where I (Lee) was asked by then Premier Roy Romanow for my thoughts on the best way for the Provincial Administration to end the corruption in the Administration of Rural Saskatchewan. Review LADY LORI A BEACON, note I did as asked by Premier Roy, I suggested that he establish a four RM corruption free zone around each of the ten City’s, a total of 40 RMs, but, Google “bob-oct 30-002 rural zoning”, insiders claim that SARM stabbed Roy in the back after he wrote that letter.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 118.-120., note that up until that time the RM Administrators were called RM Secretaries and were licensed by the Province, specifically by the Board of Examiners (Rural), to wit: Jean Lazar and Darlene Hawes, BUT as part of SARM’s self amalgamation deal Roy granted the Rural Administrators, lawyer like, self governing status, which, with all respect for Roy, was as insane as it would have been for Hoover’s 1920-1930 FBI granting self regulating status to the American Bank robbers of that day.

As soon as Roy granted self governing status to the RM Secretaries, renamed the “Rural Municipal Administrators Association”, (RMAA), they laughed at him regarding amalgamation, leading to Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue development, the Supreme Court Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940”, this Web site now at 52,000 visits, and the planned Elite “summit” in mid November 2014, Google “summit to discuss regional planning lypny”.

I (Lee) proud to see that my advice to Premier Roy is the theme for the summit the Ruling Elite is holding in mid November 2014 , to wit: use regional planning to end the massive RM corruption surrounding the ten Cities. Google “hope for the best plan for the worst”, I (Lee) “hope” for summit success and remind the November 17 and 18, 2014 “regional planning summit” of the economic benefit that would result if the level of co-operation I offered NDP Calvert to end the Strudwick bribery debacle was standard, but I continue to plan for the worst.

Google “lee offers to use sask water to settle strudwick/argue bribery debacle”, review the Web posts where I (Lee) offered first NDP Calvert and after November 2007, Sask Party Wall, a no taxpayer cost solution to the Strudwick bribery demands, BUT Calvert/Wall both sneered/snickered at me and even after 52,000 Web visits Strudwick and Wall are still snickering, but the solution I offered the Premiers, first Calvert, then Wall, to wit: use SASK WATER to resolve the Strudwick bribery debacle without costing the taxpayers one red cent, is set out in detail in post WALL OF UNFAIRNESS, but note below:

My confidants point out that I (Lee), the Argue Representative, neglected to ask to be compensated for accomplishing the “impossible” for the Argues and the taxpayers; review post TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll down to the documents, note the first document, the Pettick plan, I (Lee) ask that 40 acres of the Argue development quarter be registered in my name at land titles, the 40 acre block, 660′ by 2640”, should be located along the east side of the Argue Development quarter, parallel to the municipal road allowance, which 40 acre block includes the Enbridge Pipeline crossing at the north end and the area Joe (Pettick) designated “light industrial” at the south end, now note below:

My (Lee)s ask for a 40 acre block of land in the Argue Development quarter would be of no use if I can not use it as a economic base to build roads so I ask for the right to hire my own firm of Professional Civil Engineers to administer any Highway Construction contract I enter with the Province of Saskatchewan; note that ask is a re-ask of what Lane, as Devine AG, refused me back in the day, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, but Google “outsourcing doubles engineering costs on sask highways contractors say leo cbc news” note Premier Wall is already using private Consulting Engineers to control Highway Construction Contracts and the only variation from Wall is that I be allowed to name the Engineers and pay their Professional fees; more taxpayer savings.

Joe Pettick, the Argue Architect, one of the top ten Architects in the world, advised that the Argue spring water flow of 350 gpm would serve a population of 7500 people so the Argue Development, approved at 120 lots, ie: a population of 240, would require only +/- 3% of the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow; now review SASKATCHEWAN/AFIGHANISTAN CORRUPTION and note that Sharie Argues family in England wanted to set up a micro brewery as part of the Argue Development, and as result of that request I (Lee) obtained agreement from SLGA to set up a micro-brewery for the Argues English relations, which might use, at most, another +/- 7%, so the Argues needed a total of 10% of their own 350 gpm spring water flow to service their development.

I (Lee) suggest the Edenwold Council review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 37 and remember that they have gone on the public record as stating “they do not want or need the tax revenue from the Argue Development,” BUT I urge the Edenwold Council to watch the Lloydminister by-election on November 13th and I believe that it is in the best interest of the Edenwold Council to think long and hard about the Strudwick bribery debacle and their future as Council.

At the end of the day, Barclay’s Sherwood inquiry may rule the RM of Edenwold/ Strudwick should expropriate the Argue 350 gpm spring to provide the Sherwood Reeve with the water he has got to have, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, but if Saskatchewan Chief Judge Richards, has the ISIS size balls it would take to grant Judicial approval to that ruling, then given the fact Richards was the lead Appeal Judge leading to Google “scc 31940” that would be a conflict, and would add to the massive economic damage the Argues suffered.

The word on the street is that the Wall Administration can not allow me (Lee) a win for the Argues because if Strudwick does not get her bribe money out of the Argue development, SARM/RMAA will make sure the Sask Party suffers at the next Provincial Election, BUT given the paper trail of Judicial corruption established by this Web site, a Saskatchewan Court expropriation order of the Argue 350 gpm spring by the RM of Edenwold would be such a massive conflict of interest by Chief Judge Richards, that with the RM of Britannia as precedent, it would have a excellent chance the Supreme Court hears a Strudwick/Argue/ bribery/development case and may interest a honest lawyer in a massive ($30M) 50% contingency case against the RM of Edenwold.

The Edenwold Council should review FRANK AND THE LADY, and Google “rm of britiannia and the supreme court of canada” & “scc 31940” and with the RM of Britannia as precedent, accept the fact they (RM of Edenwold) are vulnerable and they should think about the Argues and a Liberal Lawyer dividing a $30M award against them and remember they could end the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle at no taxpayer cost, using the same SASK WATER solution I offered Calvert/Wall, and instruct Tim Cheeseman to contact me (Lee), now note below:

Web readers are asked to Google “mcmillan issue worsens lease conflict mandryk” & “mla tim mcmillan resigns from legislature ckom staff”, & “mcmillan knots sp gov’t ties to big oil mandryk”, Premier Wall has called a by election in Battleford-Lloyd Minister for November 13th. Murray warns of the dangers of rule by Big Oil and note this Web site took down NDP Len Taylor review NDP CORRUPTION -NDP INSANITY & SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE, note that when Taylor lost this Web site visits were at 18K and they are now at 52K.

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: & BLOOD ON THE WALL, the mainstream media will not touch the Lane corrupt horror with a 10 foot pole BUT Google “rm of britannia #502 and the supreme court of canada” & “ rm fined for breaking law warren”; note that a operation named Ron Handel Farms Ltd is included in the action, Ron Handel Farms was paid to not do the maintenance work, ie: Britannia was laundering taxpayer money, and note the lid was pried off the Britannia corruption with the Hon Kim Young having the integrity and courage to rule against RM Britannia #502, in the first place, and Judge Young may now do more to try to ensure Justice prevails, note below:

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paras. 29 – 32, and FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 55. to 57., note reference to Larry Hubbard, Administrator for the RM of Rudy and the Town of Outlook and the local Justice of the Peace, trying to blow the whistle on Strudwick corruption, now Google “rmaa moves larry hubbard to rm of britannia on the alberta border, who grants him three years Psychological leave until his retirement”, I (Lee) am not joking, the RMAA moved Larry Hubbard from the RM of Rudy to the RM of Britannia and then ruled he (Hubbard) has Psychological problems.

Review the search results in the preceding paragraph, review as many as needed to be satisfied Larry Hubbard Psychological nonsense is accurate, note the strange fact that Hubbard served the RM of Rudy, the Town of Outlook and as Justice of the Peace for years and no one noticed he had Psychological problems and note the RM of Britannia #502 is the RM that is the Defendant in a legal action that went to the Supreme Court and will cost taxpayers millions.

Review again FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 55. – 57., note that when Larry Hubbard tried to blow the whistle on the Strudwick corruption, SARM/ RMAA moved Hubbard to Britannia RM on the Alberta border and Britannia, realizing that Hubbard was a honorable man, and would not sit still for their corruption, said he had Psychological problems and fired him as Administrator, but at that point the Hon Kim Young took a hand in Britannia, note below:

I (Lee) believe the Hon Kim Young having the courage to rule against the RM of Britannia in the first place has set the precedent to deal with the corrupt RMs and notwithstanding the mainstream media refusal to open up the Strudwick RM of Edenwold bribe demand, perhaps, if during the by-election, the Battleford area media could obtain a statement from the Hon Kim Young regarding Lane’s deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson, to destroy me, the Argue Representative, that may help me find equity for the Argues.

I (Lee) repeat, if the fact that I (Lee) was destroyed by Lane because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Government Engineers administering my Highway Contracts, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, was placed on the public record, it may help me find Justice for the Argues in the Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue development, Google “scc 31940” and note below:

It is on the public record the Judicial Elite, such as Lane, Richards and Queens Bench Barclay, support the Strudwick corruption, review BARCLAY CONFLICT & FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30. and note Larry Hubbard and his attempt to blow the whistle on the Strudwick corruption, establishes links between RM of Britannia corruption and Strudwicks RM of Edenwold corruption and I (Lee) want to make sure that Strudwick corruption link between the RMs of Rudy, Edenwold and Britannia is on the public record, at least in this Web site.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT note my fear that SARM President Marit will run in Wood River, win the riding and Wall will appoint him Czar of the RMs and the first thing he will do is order that the RM of Edenwold/Strudwick expropriate the Argue Development quarter and its 350 gpm spring water flow, well my worst fear is realized Google “sarm president running for sask party leader post”, now note below:

I (Lee) ask Web readers to remember that Alberta has removed RMs and established Counties and Manitoba is working on their RM problems so at the end of the day I believe Premier Wall has no choice but to end the Strudwick demand for bribes to approve Earle and Sharie Argue’s development, Google “scc 31940”, now review Wall/Black “lean” scam below:

Review ONE GOOD MAN & DEJA VU DEVINE, Google “politics in session not a bad thing mandryk” & “black day’s for wall’s lean plan mandryk” & “lean criticism can’t be dismissed mandryk” Murray sets out Wall paid Black $10M in the last year with no improvement in Health care, note the annual $10M stolen by Devine/Lane, Google “star phoenix editors state wall is influenced by devine”.


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