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November 1, 2014

After publication of post UBAVKA’S PONZI Conservative Senator Hugh Segal, one of Harpers heavy hitters on the Just Energy Board guiding the Serb woman’s Ponzi, headed for the hills; Google “copyright gambit shows democracy’s decline maher” & “maher: after ottawa attack harper governments intelligence agenda a cause for worry maher” & “hugh segal blog search”, media articles such as these two by Stephen Maher, and the Web site published by Senator Hugh Segal will cost Harper votes.

Also Google “author michael harris’s new book is a take down of stephen harper coyle”, this publication, by a journalist and film maker of Harris’s renown, ( a Honorary Doctorate of Law) spelling out Harper’s disdain for democracy and Parliament will have great effect; Senators taking early retirement to diss their Prime Minister and renowned authors publishing books dissing a Prime Minister are rare and when a effort such as this occurs against a Ruling Elite, such as Harper, during the one year count down to a Election in a democracy, he is always doomed; I (Lee) believe there is one especially telling example below: (more…)