Review post ONE GOOD MAN, note that Regina Lawyer, David McKay, accepted instruction from the Regina Harness Race Association to launch Civil action against Premier Brad Wall’s SASK LIQUOR AND GAMING AUTHORITY (SLGA), remember Edmund Burkes famous words, Google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing edmund burke”.

David McKay has not done nothing, his unprecedented action of accepting instruction to legally question Premier Brad Wall’s “unfair” treatment of the Regina Harness Race folk says it all. David has shown great courage in accepting those instructions, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and Google “canadian bar association president susan mcgrath states federal judges take bribes schmitz ottawa citizen”, David must know that the SLGA will bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to dismiss the action and the only hope for his clients is the Supreme Court, note below:

Its a long, hard, slog to the Supreme Court, I (Lee) know because I did it, Google “scc 31940”, and to his credit David McKay is acting to correct Wall “unfairness”, now compare David to the four Regina Lawyers, all good men, who in all sincere honesty, advised the Argues and I, pro-bono, that it was impossible to obtain approval for their development without bribing Strudwick.

I (Lee) apologize; I promised Web readers a October Web post regarding Quebec style bid rigging in Saskatchewan Highway Contracting, draft title is BID RIGGING BASTARDS, that post is ready to go but main stream media reports caused me to postpone publication of the bid rigging post until November 2014.

Web readers are asked to review a Google “sickening unto death” update on the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle; Google “mandryk: government favours developer over tennants mandryk”, & “gov’t lacks business sense mandryk” review Murrays great articles and note the Wall Minister Responsible states that the Wall Administration will not “thump” on a Developer for making a “mistake”, Google “don’t eat that elmer that’s horseshit”, in fact I (Lee) claim that Ministerial claim it a flat effing lie, Wall “thumped” Earle and Sharie Argue for refusing to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick to approve their development, note below:

Google “scc 31940” and note Calvert and Wall “thumped” Developer, Earle and Sharie Argue for a decade because they refuse to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to grant them (Argues) approval for their $30M development, Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption” note carrying effing flowers, or anything else, to a Municipal Official, such as that corrupt slut of a Strudwick, is a bribe.

Again, Google “gov’t lacks business sense mandryk” & “corruption economies are doomed” is it sensible or even sane, for NDP Premier Calvert and his Cabinet, and now Sask Party Premier Wall and his Cabinet, to block the Argues $30M Residential Development until the Argues pay Donna Strudwick her bribes? Web readers are reminded that the Argue Development would pay +/- $.5M a year in School and Property taxes, now note below:

Premier Wall has “thumped” on the Argues for years for their refusal to bribe Donna Strudwick; now compare that to his (Wall) giving Developer Deveraux, $2M of taxpayer money to do low income housing, which $2M Developer Deveraux used to color up his financial statement enough that his Banker allowed him to go ahead with a development renting apartments at the normal $1100.00 a month instead of the low income rate of $400.00 per month he had agree to in exchange for $2M of Saskatchewan taxpayer money Wall gave him.

Web readers are asked to note that as soon as Deveraux was in a financial position to do a development for high income people he returned the taxpayer’s $2M to Wall, who allowed Deveraux to renege on his deal to do low income housing, note Wall claims that he won’t “thump” Deveraux for his “mistake”, Jesus Effing Christ, if that was a “mistake”, could Calvert/Wall’s decade long “thumping” of the Argues for their refusal to bribe Strudwick be a “mistake”?.

I (Lee) am not joking, exaggerating, or spinning, it is as dramatically insane as I set out, review documented details as follows: review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, the Government of Saskatchewan, originally the Calvert NDP and then the Wall Sask Party, have “thumped” Earle and Sharie Argue and I (Lee), as the Argue representative, for over a decade for our refusal to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM Administrator, Strudwick, to approve the Argues $30M Development, Google “scc 31940”,now look again at Deveraux’s $2M gift.

How many acre feet of flowers, tons of chocolates and gallons of perfume, did Deveraux (Developer) carry to Donna Harpauer to cause Wall to give Deveraux $2M of taxpayer money to start his Development, now note the sickening fact that to get approval for their $30M residential development the Argues had to prove they had net worth of $2M, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para’s 6,7 and 8.

The Argues own, and for years, have lived on a 20 acre acreage just east of Regina, across from the CK Tower and because of its proximity to Regina, CIBC valued the Argue home property at $100,000.00 per acre so the Argues easily met the $2M net worth needed for development approval and CIBC agreed to finance the Argue Development, SEA OF CORRUPTION, so all Provincial Departments concerned approved the Argue development, note below:

Following the CIBC agreeing to finance the Argue development they received all Provincial Department approvals until RM Administrator Strudwick overruled the Provincial approval, Google “rm administrators have discretionary zoning power” and nixed Argue development approval until they carried her “flowers chocolates and perfume” and Wall has allowed Strudwicks ruling to stand to this day despite the Supreme Court Summary Google “scc 31940”, now note below:

The Wall unfairness is not due to his unfair, mean nature, it is political action to pander to a evil lying, corrupt, poisonous, slut, RM Administrator Strudwick; review SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, note former Sask Party leader, Elwin Hermanson, warned Donna Strudwick wants to be appointed a Wall DM. but the word on the street is that the Strudwick is such a evil, lying, corrupt, poisonous, slut the rest of Wall’s Senior staff refuse to allow Strudwick’s appointment.

The end result is that Premier Wall will not, can not, does not dare, give Strudwick a job anywhere in his Administration and that makes it even sicker because the rest of us have been forced to put up with the corrupt slut for years, the long standing Saskatchewan Government policy of pandering to Strudwick started with Queens Bench Judge Barclay; the Argues had received all Council and Provincial Department approvals, except that Strudwick’s used her power to block the Provincial approval, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 6,7 and 8.

I (Lee) repeat and emphasis that notwithstanding the fact the Argues had all Provincial approvals for their Development except for RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwicks, approval, Queens Bench Barclay ruled that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere and wrote judgment allowing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to block the Argue $30M residential Development until the Argues had carried her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” Google “scc 31940” and review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para.15.

Web readers are now asked to note that the Wall Administration has now appointed Queens Bench Barclay as the Provinces Conflict Commissioner and his RM of Sherwood corruption inquiry has already established Barclay’s sickening bias against the Argues to pander to Donna Strudwick, the Sherwood Reeve’s $200M development has got to have access to water if he wants to sell lots to serve anyone other than Gophers and burrowing owls.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that with Regina City refusing to provide the Sherwood Reeve with the water he has got to have, the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow/aquifer, is the only water available and Barclay is trying to design a ruling to allow Strudwick to expropriate the Argues 350 gph water flow for the Sherwood Reeve, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. & BARCLAYS CONFLICT & REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP.

Queens Bench Barclay is being paid $350.00 a hour, $.5M until 2015, to conduct his secret inquiry into this Sherwood Reeve development debacle; this Web site has set out in documented detail all contraventions of the Criminal Code of Canada by the Sherwood Reeve, his Council and his Administrator, so all Queens Bench Barclay has to do is have his smart female assistant copy the documented detail in this Web site from the posts noted above but instead Walls Minister, Reiter, is paying Barclay $.5M, to conduct a secret inquiry and try to figure out away to pander to the Sherwood Reeve and Donna Strudwick.

There is one bright spot, a high level group is getting together in mid November 2014 to try to end the balkanization; Google “summit to discuss regional planning lypny” note the intent is to use regional planning to stop the endless, mindless, “Norway Rats in a Town Garbage dump” type of economic debacle’s that is rooted in the obdurate greed and corruption of RM Administrators such as the lying, corrupt, slut, RM Administrator, Strudwick, lots of luck guys.

I (Lee) am deemed by Walls Minister, Reiter, to be the stupidest man in Canada for my refusal to bribe Strudwick to obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential development but notwithstanding my alleged stupidity and the corrupt slut Strudwick, and her errand boys, Walls Minister Reiter, and Queens Bench Barclay, I am proud to offer the November 17 and 18, “regional planning summit” example of the economic benefit that could be realized if the level of cooperation I offer below could be universally achieved, note below:

Google “lee offers to use sask water to settle strudwick/argue bribery debacle” review the search results, note the Web posts where I (Lee) offered, first to the Calvert NDP and after the change in Government, the Wall Sask Party, a solution to the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle; a solution that would cost the taxpayers nothing, where the Argues deed title for their development quarter, and its 350 gpm spring, to SASK WATER, who, in exchange, grants the Argues a 99 year lease of enough land and water to accommodate their development.

Two lawyers, one accepting instruction from SASK WATER, the other from me (Lee), the Argues representative, could write the agreement in one long day; there would be a bit of detail for the lawyers to deal with, as example SASK WATER would have to agree to grant the Argues +/- ten percent of the 350 gpm spring water flow they need to service their development, but SASK WATER could use the remaining +/- 90% of the Argue Aquifer and Spring Water flow however the Civil Engineers administering SASK WATER wanted.

A second example, the Lawyers would have to design wording to accommodate my (Lee)s insistence that SASK WATER provide the Argues with a Wawanesa Surety Bond for $10M that they (SASK WATER) will honor any deal reached with the Argues; this is necessary to protect the Argues when Strudwick bribes the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to throw out any Rural development deal that bypasses the RM Administrator, Google “rm administrators have discretionary zoning power” and review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

There may be the odd other minor “no taxpayer cost” items, as example I (Lee) was told that effing Lane went crazy when Joe Pettick was granted a Honorary Doctorate of Law. Joe was granted his Honorary Doctorate for being one of the top ten Architects in the World, BUT note that four Regina Lawyers advised Earle and Sharie Argue that it is “impossible” to obtain approval for their $30M
development without bribing that corrupt slut of a Strudwick, now note below:

Ask the Regina lawyers, I (Lee) believe that over 50% of Regina Lawyers would agree that if I ever obtain approval for the Argues development without bribing Strudwick there can be no doubt whatsoever but that I have accomplished the “impossible” and deserve a Honorary Doctorate of Law and my guess is that would annoy Lane even more than Joes Doctorate Honor, and would cost the taxpayer nothing except for paper, ink and gazzetting.

Another example, if the Argues are granted development approval that is hard evidence I (Lee) did not libel the evil, lying, corrupt, slut, Strudwick, when I complained to Calvert about her bribe demands, LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, so Walls Attorney General/Minister of Justice should sign a letter confirming that I did not libel Strudwick, but again the cost is paper and ink.

As far as the Argues and I (Lee) go, after agreement was reached, with SASK WATER we would not give a tinkers dam what SASK WATER does with the other 90% of the Argues water, they could give the water to that effing Sherwood Reeve to service his development, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll to the joint RM Edenwold/Sherwood map, note the Sherwood Reeves “Wascana Village” will be no competition to the Argues “Spring Meadow Estates” development.

The flaw in my (Lee)s SASK WATER plan has always been, first with NDP Calvert, now Sask Party Wall, that there was no way for RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to be paid her bribes, but now that I think about my plan, if the SASK WATER Engineers believed that was the taxpayers wish, they could give Strudwick her $200K bribe, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 17.

I (Lee) digress, scroll back a few paragraphs to the Developer Deveraux stuff, note that I (Lee) do not suggest that Deveraux is in contravention of the Criminal Code, he is just the usual sleazy, slippery, shyster smart, Developer, and either bribed or bullshitted the Wall Administration into giving him $2M of taxpayers money by promising to do low income housing for that taxpayers $2M and then used the $2M to color up his financial statement until the bank agreed to finance a development that shows a profit, Wall then allowed Deveraux to renege on his deal to do low income housing for the taxpayers $2M gift.

I (Lee) believe the comparison is sickening unto death, how the NDP and Wall Administration have “thumped”on a honest developer, Earle and Sharie Argue, over the last decade, just to pander to a evil lying corrupt slut, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, to wit: Wall, literally, deliberately, maliciously, destroyed Earle and Sharie Argue and I (Lee) because we refuse to pay bribes to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, now note below:

I (Lee) repeat, both Premiers Calvert and Wall happily “thumped” on the Argues and I (Lee) for a decade for our refusal to bribe Strudwick, now Wall literally gives a second Developer, Deveraux, $2M of taxpayer money to create a fairy tale to color up his financial statement who, once he had what he wanted in the first place, reneges on his deal to do low income housing for the taxpayers $2M, and Wall says its a mistake and refuses to “ thump” him, now note below:

I (Lee) repeat, that based on Walls treatment of Developer Deveraux, it is “unfair” for the Calvert NDP and the Wall Sask Party to have been “thumping” on a honest Developer, Earle and Sharie Argue, for over a decade for their “mistake” of refusing to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to approve their $30M residential development.

This ruling has carried the day for a decade notwithstanding the fact its a contravention of the Criminal Code to carry “effing” flowers or anything else to RM Officials , Google “section 123 (1) municipal corruption, criminal code of canada”, lawyers tell me it would contravene the Code to use one single match from a penny folder of match’s to light the corrupt slut Strudwick’s cigarette.

Now Google “city considering land development corp lpny”, note that after Wall gave Deveraux $2M of Saskatchewan taxpayer money to color up his balance sheet enough that a Bank will finance him to do more lucrative developments he welshes on his promise to do low-income housing and Regina City taxpayers now run the risk of doing their own low income development, now note below:

It gets more dangerous for the taxpayer as Wall moves on from his deal with sleaze bag Developer Deveraux to something much, much worse, a outfit called SNC-Lavalin, which places the Regina City taxpayers at risk for their share of the cost of the $1B Regina City bypass and concrete overpasses, review the last few paragraph’s of SHEAF OP-ED ASK and note my (Lee)s attempt to set out for taxpaying voters the economic danger of the Harper Canadian Fed and Wall Administration short listing SNC- Lavalin to build the $1B Regina by-pass and its three concrete overpasses, but a confidant noted that I had missed a crucial fact regarding SNC-Lavalin corruption, note below:

Review BARCLAYS CONFLICT and/or Google “charlemagne: the dragon in the room economist”, the respected Economist sets out the EU business and banking community is so massively corrupt that the EU Political Elite fear that if they clean up the corruption the economic shock wave would collapse the EU economy, thank God for my (Lee)s confidants brilliant ever watch fullness, he noted I missed a crucial point regarding SNC-Lavilin insatiable corruption.

My (Lee)s confidant noted that while the Economist article sets out the massive corruption of the EU business/banking Community, the EU Political Ruling Elite appears to have a corruption “red line” and notwithstanding the EU massive corruption, SNC-Lavalin is so corrupt as compared to the rest of the EU it has gone over that EU red line because the EU Political Ruling Elite has banned SNC-Lavalin from the EU, Google “world bank bans snc-lavalin from the eu”, the most recent Criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin here in Canada are within the last month, Google “former snc-lavalin exec’s lawyer face charges cbc news”.

Web readers, are asked to Google “what role should gov’t play? johnstone” and note that Leader Post Financial Editor Bruce Johnstone questions the Harper Feds use of P3’s, but I (Lee) believe that Web readers, in particular the Regina MLA’s and members of the Regina City Council, should take a long hard look at Harper/Wall use of SNC-Lavalinin a P3, note below:

Google “reta up date on corruption at snc-lavalin the company building altalinks transmission lines september 3, 2014”; The MLA’s and Regina Council may find the Reta post of interest because it provides many more instances of SNC-Lavalin corruption than I (Lee) do in these posts and for a even longer list of SNC-Lavalin corrupt acts, scroll to the end of the Reta post noted in above paragraph, and note where the Reta Web Master lists the Mainstream Media articles used in the post, note below:

Take particular note of the last couple words in the last paragraph, ie: “see ‘this link’”, click on “this link” and note the massive and endless list of SNC-Lavalin corruption, it is truly shocking that these corrupt bastards were not de-listed years ago, but Google “snc-lavalin share price”, and note that until recently there has been little negative result to their stock price despite the fact the National Bank advises against buying SNC-Lavalin stock, Google “don’t buy on the dip in snc-lavalin: national bank keith”.

Review the above search results and note that despite the banning of SNC-Lavalin from the EU and the concern for SNC-Lavalin corruption in Alberta, Harper/Wall has short listed SNC-Lavalin for the Billion dollar “no bid” Regina by pass contract. Google Criminal Code of Canada Section 21 (a) and 21 (1) (b) (c), Harper/Wall Brain Trust has a “duty to know” under the Code so it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to “not know”; The Harper/Wall Brain Trusts may not understand how Google works and if that is the problem this sites Web Master is always glad to explain how the Great Google works his/her magic.

Review EDENWOLD EVIL -HORNUNG Q.C. & BARCLAYS CONFLICT & REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP and note that Wall allowed Hornung Q.C., to shovel more Saskatchewan taxpayer money into his (Hornung)s bank account mediating Teachers wages despite the fact that Hornungs past was subject of several RCMP criminal investigations for fraud and Hornung had taken the plug out of his twelve gauge automatic shotgun and blew the head off Yorkton citizen Gary Voinorosky, Wall paid Hornung to mediate with the Teachers.

Take special note that Lane, as Devine AG, refused to allow a coroners inquest into Hornung’s slaughter of Voinorosky and Barclay covered up Hornung’s frauds, was the Wall Brain Trust giving Hornung more taxpayer money mediating the Teachers strike, a result of “not knowing”, is there any more stuff of interest to the Saskatchewan taxpayers that Harper/Wall “ do not know?”:

Web readers are asked to Google “biden offers help to ukraine but only if kiev fights ‘cancer’ of corruption huff post”. Premier Wall should note the US has told the Ukrainian official Ruling Elite that they have got to stop stealing all the effing money the US’s gives them and Premier Wall could do the same with the Highway Engineers and SARM/RMAA, but he refuses.

Review FRANK AND THE LADY, I (Lee) remind Web readers of the battle being fought by Canada’s Chief Judge to end official corruption at the Federal level, I remind Web readers the amount of taxpayer money, ie: $10B, the Devine Gang stole during the 1980’s from a province of one million people is legendary, it is impossible to equal even by the Ukranians, Google “corruption impoverishes and kills millions bbc” & “biden offers help to ukraine but only if kiev fights ‘cancer’ of corruption huff post”.

I (Lee) remind Web readers that one Billion is a Thousand million and Saskatchewan has a population of one million, hence, the Devine Gang, quarterbacked by Lane, stole a average of 1000 dollars from every man, woman and child in Saskatchewan each and every year, for a period of ten years.

Now note the Ukranian numbers, Google “ukraine the february revolution the economist” Web readers who do not want to be bothered with reading the entire horrifying run down could scroll to near the end, note the graph and the script opposite where it states that the Ukrainian Ruling Elite stole $40B a year, “yes Virginia that is a Billion with a B”, now Google “population of ukraine” note the population is 45M and remember Saskatchewan population is 1M (one million), now compare Devine/Lane Saskatchewan to the Ukraine and do the math,

It is a matter of public record, the Devine Gang, quarterbacked by Lane, “disappeared” $1000.00 per person each and every year in Saskatchewan for ten years, whereas the Ukranian Ruling Elite “disappeared” much less, ie: a annual $40B from a population of 45M; the Ukranian Ruling Elite “disappeared” only $888.00 per person each year from the Ukrainian taxpayer, Google “ the devine saskatchewan fraud set a commonwealth record for corruption” and Premier Wall has the same advisers as Devine, LANES QUESTIONABLE Q.C, and Google “devine era still influences wall star phoenix”.


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