Web readers are asked to Google “mandryk: inquiry into rms may push change mandryk”. Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) report “Masters In Their Own House” establishes that the Provincial Ruling Elite officials blackmail Judges and after post REITER- BARCLAY TWO STEP was published Barclay “lawyered up” and is refusing comment, Barclay has good reason to instruct his lawyer to refuse comment. Google “who will watch the watchers?”, a few Senators stole a few ponies, but they are being hung by the biggest horse thieves in Christendom, to wit: Harpers base, such as SARM’s Dave Marit, RMAA official Donna Strudwick, and Queens/Appeal Bench Judges such as Ron Barclay here in Saskatchewan, Google “canada ranked worst of g-7 nations in fighting bribery corruption sher”

The solution is simple, review LADY LORI A BEACON go to documents page 3, note that the Fed officials tried to move control of the Federal Queens/Appeal Bench Judges from Provincial Officials such as Strudwick to a independent body but failed, Google “provincial officials have constitutional control of federal judges” BUT thanks to Stirling Lyon the constitution can be changed to put control of Judges under the Senate, Google “section 33 notwithstanding clause” and “notwithstanding national post peter russell professor emeritus” Review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT & FRANK AND THE LADY, note the Chief Judge of Canada appears determined to end Harper Fed corruption, its a long road for that great Lady, but Google “ekos poll shows support for tories drops in saskatchewan letter”, review LADY LORI AND A SARM MOTION and Google “michael sona guilty in robo-call election fraud oliveira”, Harper may be doomed.

Again review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT, note Harper’s robo-call connection to SARM President Dave Marit and the now proven robo-call fraud means SARM President Marit will not win Wood River for the Sask Party and again review REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP, and note that I (Lee) ask that a three person panel of Saskatchewan’s sitting Senators conduct the Sherwood Wascana Village corruption inquiry instead of Queens Bench Barclay whose Queens Bench Judgment is the base for Saskatchewan Rural development corruption in the first place, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph. 15. This Web site, at 50,000 visits, has established the fact of Saskatchewan’s Queens/Appeal Bench massive corruption pandering to the bribe demands of Rural Provincial Elite officials such as Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”; ask why Wall is not investigating Strudwick when Google “alberta premier dave hancock asking rcmp to investigate alison redfords use of aircraft, kleiss braid ellward” & “’culture of fear’ created conditions for abuse, government insiders say kleiss”, note below Strudwick corruption compared to Redford corruption.

Google “scc 31940”, Strudwick blocking the Argue’s $30M development until her bribes are paid is costing the Saskatchewan taxpayer +/- $6M a year in lost tax revenue; compare the Saskatchewan taxpayer loss of $6M to Redford’s light plane cost, Google “cost per hour to fly a light twin”, $300.00 per hour for Redford use of the taxpayers plane, add to that the $300K cost for Redford’s travel scout, Google “redford’s lonely planet: a look at the job of the former premier’s travel scout purdy” and Redford corruption is still under $1M a year.

Premier Redford’s daughter, friends and Nanny could have buzzed around Alberta in the taxpayers light twin five days a week, 8 hours a day, for a annual cost to the Alberta taxpayers of +/- $600K, add $300K for Redford travel scout for less than $1M, BUT Strudwick’s bribe demand cost Saskatchewan taxpayers six times that, $6M, annually, and the Federal Court coverup of the RM Ruling Elite bribe demands has lead to a annual shortfall for the U of S of $25M.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the U of S economic debacle is rooted in Saskatchewan Rural Development corruption, Google “some rm’s in increasing conflict mandryk” and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Saskatoon/Regina ratepayers are taxed beyond their ability to pay, and that the U of S funding shortage results from a lack of tax revenue from Rural Saskatchewan which follows, as night follows day, from the Ruling Elite, first the NDP, now Sask Party Ruling Elite, sanction of corruption in Rural development. I (Lee), have been publishing this Web site, monthly since July 2007 to try to end the Rural development corruption in a attempt to obtain approval for Earle and Sharie Argue’s $30M development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, review the first post in this Website ‘ZONING PROBLEMS WITH AN RM?’, and note below:

Web readers are asked to review ‘BLOOD ON THE WALL’ and note that Saskatchewan’s main stream media, lead by taxpayer funded CBC, refuse to raise issues relating to bribery/corruption in Rural development notwithstanding the fact the Rt. Hon. Lady Beverley McLachlin, PC, Chief Judge of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada, confirmed in Summary Statement that, the Hon Len Taylor, NDP Minister Responsible, issued edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Earle Argue family of Regina $30M residential development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes), to the Rural Administrator, Donna Strudwick, Google ‘scc 31940’.

Google “the hon lady justice janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to the premier”, Strudwick reported to NDP Calvert BUT Wall has followed the NDP edict for payment of bribes to approve the Argue development resulting in the blocking of flow of tax of at least $.5M a year from the Argues alone and there is evidence of 30 blocked Rural developments in the Saskatoon area, there is 298 RMs in Saskatchewan, added development tax revenue from the 30 Saskatoon area RMs alone would help end the $25M cash flow problem at the U of S.

Both the U of S budget shortfall of $25M and the corruption in development approval in Rural Saskatchewan Google “scc 31940” can not be denied and third and fourth facts can not be denied either, this Web site has been published monthly since July 2007 and is currently at over 50,000 visits, but is ignored by the Wall Administration and main stream media, lead by the CBC, and Web readers are asked to review my (Lee)s ask for the Sheaf op-ed, remember the Sheaf is the U of S Student paper and has been published since 1912. University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dear Sheaf Editor: Re: RM Administrator bribe demands

Please publish the following +/- 900 words as an op-ed, open or opinion letter in THE SHEAF regarding the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) confirmation of Saskatchewan RM Administrator bribe demands to approve developments.


The U of S President, and her colleague, were fired after fallout from a $25M funding shortfall, Google “former university of saskatchewan president, provost address firing for first time warwick” and the U of S is so desperate for money it is now selling off its native art at a loss Google “university of saskatchewan sells off aboriginal art…for a loss wood house”. Now Google “scc 31940 summary” and note the $25M shortfall is caused by RM Administrators blocking rural developments until their bribes are paid. The U of S $25M shortfall is a Google “canary in the coal mine” of Saskatchewan’s economic doom unless RM Administrator’s bribe demands to approve developments is ended,

The SCC Summary Statement and the Criminal Code of Canada, Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption”, are both plain English, BUT, review BLOOD ON THE WALL and note business/Government (CBC) media refuse to publish the Strudwick bribery demand to approve the Argues $30M development claiming the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle is a “minor zoning dispute”, despite World opinion of Canadian corruption, Google “canada ranked worst of g-7 nations in fighting bribery corruption sher”.

Compare Alberta RCMP investigation of Redford’s use of Government planes to Saskatchewan RCMP destruction of affidavit evidence of Strudwick’s bribe demands. Review “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, then Google “alberta premier dave hancock asking rcmp to investigate alison redford’s use of aircraft kleiss, braid and ellward”, compare to the NDP/Sask Party refusal to investigate Strudwick’s bribe demands, Google “scc 31940 summary” why do our Political Ruling Elite pander to their RM Administrators?

This Web site, published monthly since 2007 is at 50,000 visits and there is Canadian political precedent for corruption resolution by Web site, Google “caledonia couple rural zoning”, resolution by Ontario McGuinty Liberals when Gary McHale’s “Caledonia Couple” Web site visits were at 14,000/13M Ontario population, compare to this Web sites ratio of visits/population of 50,000/1M.

This Web site is based on a Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement written by the Chief Judge of Canada as lead Judge, Google“scc 31940 summary” note this Web site at 50,000 visits is so politically and legally relevant that it has been used by US Legal bloggers Google “scc 31940” and scroll down to search result and review WHITE COLLAR ABOLITION OF RMS, note that one solution to the RM corruption is to abolish the RMs and create Counties.

This Web site is so economically relevant that STOCKHOUSE, a BC market watch group, Google ‘just energy group inc sept 2, 2013’ used this Web site to advise selling “just energy”, leading to a Just Energy share drop of 66% in one year, note this Web site accomplished that with the “Just Energy” Board controlled by Harpers Senators, review post UBAVKA’S PONZI.

It is said History repeats itself, and Google “devine scandal” & “devine era still influences wall star phoenix”, but Google “den tandt: lets see mandatory minimum for politicians who fleece taxpayers den tandt”; as example, Google “getting to know the three teams competing for the regina by-pass davis”, SNC-Lavalin has been shortlisted, notwithstanding their history of massive, mindless, “Norway rats in a open pit garbage dump” level of corruption, Google “canada now dominates world bank corruption list thanks to snc-lavalin”. Will Wall end it? Po-dunk Saskatchewan is so corrupt its rural corruption is recognized around the world as being part of a world wide corruption problem, for example, Google “ rural zoning corruption in the eu” note total Web visits are at +/- 19M, with several of this Web site’s posts showing in the EU corruption search results and note that U of S Dr. Michael Atkinson has been studying Canada’s Ruling Elite official Corruption for three decades, review WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT?

The Governor General of Canada, in a speech to the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), in unprecedented words and phrases, berated both the Queens/Appeal Courts for facilitating official fraud and corruption and the CBA for allowing the Queens/Appeal Bench Court corruption, review STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, but there is a simple solution, review LADY LORI A BEACON, go to documents page 3, the Feds tried, and failed, to remove control of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges from Provincial officials such as Strudwick, as note of interest Google “rm of edenwold administrator donna strudwick images”

Review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, note that economic studies show that rural home owners receive 44% more services than urban homeowners for the same tax paid, post LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, flip that around and note that if the Rural-Urban tax/service was equal, ie: if Rural taxpayers paid the same rate as Urban taxpayers, there be a saving of $250M, and surely the Wall Administration could use 10% of that, ie: $25M, to fund the U of S, ask U of S economic expert Dr. Janice Mackinnon for her opinion of my economic study. Review FRANK AND THE LADY, the Chief Judge is trying to end corruption and U of S Students could demand the Feds place control of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges under the Senate, ending Provincial power to dictate Judgments to Judges; note that if official corruption is not ended we will follow the EU to economic doom, Google “charlemagne: the dragon in the room the economist”.

Provincial Officials now control Queens/Appeal Bench, Google “provincial officials have the constitutional power to control federal judges” but Google “notwithstanding national post peter russell professor emeritus”, and “section 33 notwithstanding clause”, its clear the Feds could use the “notwithstanding clause” to carry legislation through the house to have the Senate control Queens/Appeal Bench decisions and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that to make sure there is enough tax money to pay their wages the Senate will stop the Provincial officials and Queens/Appeal Judges from stealing the tax money. Yours truly: E.R. Lee click on “about”

Web readers are asked to Google “ideal number of words for a op-ed”, the ideal is decreed to be 800-900 words; there is +/- 74 lines at +/- 12 words a line in 14 point type in my ask which was e-mailed to Sheaf Editors at 10:37 AM August 26, 2014, the first fall issue of the Sheaf is set for September 4, 2014, “The Sheaf” is published weekly during the academic year, ie: fall to spring.

It is true that, given the fact the U of S is bankrolled by the Province the Sheaf Editors will have to ask if they can run the risk of carrying the publicity can to end Official Provincial Ruling Elite bribe demands to solve a corruption problem for Saskatchewan Developers who refuse to bribe Rural Administration Officials such as Donna Strudwick, Google “mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier”, even if, at the end of the day, the U of S should benefit from the added tax.

The Sheaf Editors have a legitimate worry of their legendary Papers deliberate destruction even if the tax revenue generated by ending Rural Development corruption would support the U of S; the Sheaf Editors face the same cruel choice all honest Developers face and to add insult to injury the fact is that it may not matter a tinkers dam what action the U of S Sheaf Editors, Faculty, Students and Saskatoon MLA’s take, Strudwick will snicker and sneer at them, that evil, lying, corrupt, slut, Strudwick, has always gotten her bribes from Developer’s under both the NDP and the Sask Party Google “scc 31940”.

The U of S students could do all that I (Lee) ask, and force the Saskatoon Sask Party MLAs to hold public meetings to plea with Premier Brad Wall to end the ability of RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, to demand bribes to approve developments but Provincial officials such as Strudwick will snicker/sneer, they have the constitutional right to control the Federal Judges, Google “provincial officials have constitutional right to control federal judges.” I (Lee) know the above to be true because while I was fighting Strudwick’s “slapp” action through to the Supreme Court, Google ‘scc 31940’, in the count down to the 2007 General Election, Earle (Argue) schmoozed 4 Sask Party MLA’s, who all promised Earle that if the Sask Party formed Government they would make sure that Earle got development for his $30M residential development without bribing Strudwick, BUT the 4 Sask Party MLA’s who promised Earle all went into the Wall Cabinet and Strudwick laughed at them.

Web readers are asked to note that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal adds insult to injury, click on TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15., note that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has ruled that all development issues are political and the Courts must not interfere, Google ‘lady justice janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier’, that as political as it gets, but note that RM Administrator Donna Strudwick has the corrupt power to force, first a hard left, (NDP) Premier (Calvert) to bow to her demand for bribes to approve developments and after a change in Government, then forced a hard right (Sask Party) Premier (Wall) to bow to her demand for bribes to approve developments the Saskatchewan Courts are lying, its not political, its bribery and corruption.

Saskatchewan voting taxpayers face a massively corrupt Rural administration horror and, Premier Wall should think about the following: Google “u.s. think tank ponders rob ford’s election panetta”, & “john tory jumps into lead in toronto mayoral campaign, olivia chow falls to third: poll, visser” I (Lee) urge Premier Wall to study the articles on how a fat, drunken, foul mouthed, slob, such as Rob Ford, can win or even come second, in any election, BUT note that the voters view all Politicians with such disdain that the best they hope for is that the Politicians do not steal taxpayers money and Toronto voters believe that drunk or sober Ford does not steal their tax money so they vote for him, note below:

I (Lee) believe the Ford anomaly has been proven by the fall of the Sask NDP, Saskatchewan’s Natural Governing Party, Google “a glum 70th anniversary for sask ndp mandryk’, read Murrays article, note that the Saskatchewan NDP situation is the mirror image of why a ranting, slob fat, insane, drunken, crack addict, Rob Ford, gets elected is because Toronto voters believe Ford will not steal taxpayer money, just as they thought the NDP did not steal tax money.

For decades Saskatchewan voters believed the CCF/NDP were honest, now this Web site proves that the NDP steals taxpayer money along with Devine and Lane, consequently, the Sask CCF/NDP, Saskatchewan’s natural Governing party for 70 years, is doomed because they ruled the only option the Argues had to obtain approval for their development was to bribe one of the NDP Senior Officials, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

The CCF/NDP, are a annoying, condescending, finger wagging, supercilious, white wine/latte drinkers, example is the arrogant attitude of a recent nominee Erin Weir, Google ‘moving left doesn’t help the ndp mandryk’, note Murray’s take, Weir has no hope, I (Lee) believe that in the same way the Tim Horton folk believe Rob Ford is honest, the Saskatchewan folk believed, for decades, the CCF/NDP were honest, now they know better, Google “scc 31940”.

Google “mandryk: harper’s inquiry remarks friviolous mandryk” of course Murray is right; determined to pander to his hard right base Harper is oblivious to political reality and Wall may have the same problem regarding RM corruption; I (Lee) believe that Premier Brad Wall should personally review the oddity of the Ford/NDP similarity, and Google ‘lee did not come to clean any augean stables’, and note the three no taxpayer cost resolutions to the Strudwick bribery demands I offered the NDP in VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, note the arrogant, corrupt, bastards sneered at me and Strudwick sued me for libel, Google ‘scc 31940’, note that did not work out well for the NDP, Google ‘SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE’, and Google “ekos poll shows support for tories drops in saskatchewan lett”, and note support dropped equally for the NDP.

Saskatchewan RM Administrator corruption is example of the Official corruption that Harper and Canada’s Chief Judge, Lady Beverley McLachlin, good/evil “High Noon” battle is all about, review ‘FRANK AND THE LADY’ & UBAVKA’S PONZI, & BARCLAY’S CONFLICT & REITER-BARCLAY TWO STEP, review the posts keeping in mind the added factor that the voters now know the NDP is as corrupt as Devine, Harper and Lane, now note below a current example of more hard evidence of Saskatchewan’s official sleaze and corruption:

Google “corruption fraud and bureaucracy cost us health care system up to $272 billion annually natural news”, use the usual comparison, ie: Canada is one tenth of the US, so Canadian loss to official corruption in health care is $27B, and Saskatchewan loss to corruption in health care, based on population comparison, is 1/33th of Canada’s $27B loss, +/- $900M, note below:

Review ASSET NUMBERS RURAL ZONING note that my (Lee)s study arrives at the same conclusion, ie: corruption in health care is costing Saskatchewan tax payer +/- $1B annually, now Google “top saskatchewan dr. earns $2.28 million”, note the average Saskatchewan quake is paid $281K, which does not include bribes from drug companies Google “doctors take bribes from drug companies” but note even more sickening corruption below: Medical corruption, Strudwick corruption, Google “scc 31940 summary”,to wit: RM Administrator Strudwick and her ilks bribe demands that I (Lee) have been fighting on behalf of Earle and Sharie Argue for a decade, review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT and my personal destruction when I refused to pay bribes to the Saskatchewan Department of Highway Engineers, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC , complaint 5:, that corrupt horror pales compared to corruption the Harper Fed and Wall Provincial Administration is foisting on Saskatchewan taxpayers with off-shore Contractors and the Regina bypass, note below:

Google “getting to know the three teams competing for the regina bypass davis”, only one of the three is from Canada the other two are offshore, note the Canadian Team is lead by SNC-Lavalin, Google “snc-lavalin corruption” and the search results of SNC-Lavalin show massive world wide corruption, take special note, Google “canada now dominates world bank corruption list thanks to snc-lavalin ligaya”, the Harper/Wall/SNC-Lavalin corruption is beyond the pale.

Google “snc-lavalin saskatchewan”, note that the Wall Sask Party Administration has already granted SNC-LAVALIN several no-tender cozy-crony negotiated contracts and the Regina by-pass contract at over one Billion is the same, only bigger, Google “estimated cost of regina by pass contract”, but note the off shore corruption stuff goes beyond the SNC-Lavalin corrupt horror.

Review BARCLAY’S CONFICT, note reference to a Economist article or else Google “charlemagne: the dragon in the room” note that the EU business community and Banks are so corrupt that the EU Countries are afraid to end the corruption for fear of total economic collapse; can any of these three groups provide the usual 50% contract performance bond?, remember that SNC-Lavalin is so corrupt they have caused the World Bank to state, Google” canada now dominates world bank corruption list thanks to snc-lavalin”, would the world bank provide SNC-Lavalin with the half Billion construction surety guarantee? I (Lee) have a draft post ready for September, working title BID RIGGING BASTARDS, it details the considerable/conclusive, evidence of bid rigging in Highway Construction contracts with the Department of Highway Engineers controlling and organizing the bid rigging with the corrupt Contractors and Highway Engineers in a one for all and all for one share out, BUT this is for normal Highway Construction contracts at two to eight million dollar BUT the Regina by-pass cozy-crony negotiated contract is for one Billion dollars, over 3000 times normal, no one in Canada will know how to control this insanity.

As a note of interest review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and note that I (Lee) offered to settle the Western Earth Moving dispute with Devine by being allowed to hire and pay for a firm of private civil engineers to administer any highway construction contracts I entered into with the province, but Lane refused my offer because he claimed that it would be a license for me to print money, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it would have been a license for me (Lee), to print money if I did not have to pay bribes to the Professional Civil Government Engineers administering the Highway contracts to get my contract completed, but my offer to Devine/Lane back in the day was based on the plan that I would still have to be low bidder in the usual competitive low bid gets the contract process, the advantage to me was that I would not have to bribe the Highway Engineers and Lane still ruled that it would be a license for me to print money, even after I paid the Professional Engineering fees of 4% of contract value, so Lane refused my ask, so now think about the Regina bypass debacle.

Whatever group of EU white collar thugs gets the Billion dollar nod from Wall to build the Regina bypass, not only do they hire their own Engineers they also have negotiated whatever cozy-crony contract they want and the Wall Administration has created a Quebec type danger of concrete overpasses collapsing on taxpayer cars with this Regina by-pass/over-pass corrupt horror. Google “ how many people were killed in quebec by collapsing concrete overpasses?”, note the search results do not show a exact number but there was five killed in one overpass collapse alone, now note below.

Google “ does the collapse of a concrete overpass result from lack of re-bar and poor cement?” ask any Engineering Prof from any University about how much money the Contractor will save by shorting on re-bar and cement, ask the Engineering Prof what will happen with no Engineering oversight on the construction of the overpasses, that is exactly what the Quebec Charbonneau Commission corruption inquiry is about.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to again Google “canada now dominates world bank corruption list thanks to snc-lavalin”, if SNC-Lavalin gets the Billion dollar nod from Wall, if the concrete overpasses on the Regina by-pass collapse killing Saskatchewan taxpayers, just as the concrete overpasses are collapsing in Quebec killing Quebec taxpayers, my (Lee)s enemies will argue that the Regina by pass is a P-3 project so whatever off-shore outfit builds the Regina by-pass must accept responsibility and if a overpass collapses and kills a Saskatchewan family, they will have to answer for it in Court, but that’s a sick joke, note below:

The off-shore Contractors will do what Saskatchewan Highway Engineers do, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: and what Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, does, bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to throw any case against them out of court, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, Google “ federal judges might take bribes suggests canadian bar association lobby president susan mcgrath schmitz ottawa citizen”, but there is solution.

Review LADY LORI A BEACON, note document 3, and then Google “provincial officials have the constitutional power to control federal judges”, then review the first paragraphs in this post, then review ABOLITION OF RMS, then note the Feds could use the “notwithstanding clause” Google “section 33 of the charter of rights” and put the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges under control of the Senate which Senators will understandably make sure there is tax revenue to pay their salary and expenses by stopping the Provincial Ruling Elite officials and their handmaidens, the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, from stealing every Canadian dollar and hard asset that is not nailed down and guarded by rottweilers.


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