Google“scc 31940” & “mcmurty rules strudwick reports to the premier” Sick of the cost of bribes to Calvert and Wall’s officials such as Donna Strudwick and her ilk; donate to Paypal

Google “inquiry into rm of sherwood may push change mandryk”, God willing Murray is right, but there is a many a long mile to go. Google “potomac two step wikipedia”, note the Wiki definition of a typical Washington DC two step political coverup fits the Reiter/Barclay coverup of the Sherwood Reeves Wascana Village $200M Development perfectly. Review documented information in STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, Reiter spent twenty years in the US Army and still has so much clout in the US that he took RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to speak to the New York State Municipal Association.

Google “new york state rural zoning corruption”, scroll down in the search results and note a few of this Web sites posts show up in the results, note that Strudwicks legend as a able criminal is so profound that Reiter was able to get Strudwick, Administrator of the po-dunk RM of Edenwold, in Saskatchewan, Canada, advising New York State officials on rural zoning corruption; imagine the level of corruption expertise the lying, corrupt, slut, Strudwick must posses to be qualified to lecture New York official thugs on corruption; remember these are the guys who destroyed corruption fighting New York Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer, by siccing a call girl on him, Google “call girl sicced on elliot spitzer”

Note in STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL reference to the established fact that no less than the Governor General of Canada, in a speech to the Canadian Bar Association (CBA), lectured the Queens/Appeal Bench Courts for facilitating corruption and the CBA for allowing the Corrupt Courts to get away with facilitating that corruption, BUT when I (Lee) raise questions in this Web site regarding the Courts well established corruption the Hon Jim Reiter calls me the stupidest man in Canada, and claims that this Web site is a stupid joke, review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER.

Note the evidence that I (Lee) am not the stupidest man in Canada, Google “ed stelmach stupidest man in canada”, one of my confidants, a noted wag, slyly suggests suing Reiter for libel, my confidants are all as smart, loyal and brave, as they, and I, think they are, but that one guy is nowhere near as Google “fuddel-duddel” funny as he thinks he is, but note below:

My confidants future as a standup comic notwithstanding, his plan may have possibility, ie: one of the Queens/Appeal Judges may do themselves injury rolling on their office floors with laughter, BUT Judicial nonsense aside, Barclay and Reiter are both smart enough to know that with this Web site at 50,000 visits the “potomac two step” is the only way they can coverup the RM of Sherwood Reeves $200M Wascana Village fraud, review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE & BARCLAYS CONFLICT, now note below

Google “province orders sherwood’ inquiry lypny” and note that Reiter is following Barclay’s instruction to call a 6 month public inquiry; I (Lee) have daydreamed for a decade about a public inquiry into RM corruption but both Premier Wall and his Minister Responsible, Reiter, Google “know or ought to know” that a inquiry into RM corruption conducted by Queens Bench Judge Ron Barclay is simply a official coverup because Barclay and his Queens Bench Elite ilk are the base of all of Saskatchewan’s official corruption .

Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note the hard evidence that Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson worked with Devine Attorney General Gary Lane to destroy me (Lee) after it was established I refused to bribe the Saskatchewan Department of Highways Engineers, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and no less than the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) questions the integrity of the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC), the official Federal agency that I complained to about the Lane corruption, note the CJC refused to investigate my complaint, note below:

Google “lady lori douglas rural zoning” note the search results are lead by post LADY LORI RAUNCH AND RACISIM, Web readers may be interested in that post because it refers to the Lane coverup of Hornung Q.C.’s shotgun slaughter of Gary Voinorosky, but also note my (Lee) questioning the integrity of the CJC and now Google “blatchford: canadian bar association takes aim at judge douglas inquiry blatchford”, note that the CBA is echoing my questions regarding the integrity of the CJC and its control of the Judicial system, now note below:

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph 15, note Barclay ruled that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere, yet when I (Lee) made political appeal to NDP Premier Calvert to end Strudwicks demand for bribes to approve Argue’s $30M development, LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP, the lower Courts ruled that I had libeled Strudwick; I turned that around at the Supreme Court, Google “scc 31940” but am still blocked by the Sask Party from obtaining Argue development, note Strudwick and Reiter are close personal friends, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER.

I (Lee) have gone to the Gates of Hell to establish that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that official corruption issues in Saskatchewan are based on rulings by, and support from, corrupt Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges, consequently the RM of Sherwood corruption issue cannot be resolved by Queens Bench Judge Ron Barclay and must be resolved by men/women of honor and I (Lee) ask that a panel of three Saskatchewan sitting Senators complete Reiters public inquiry into RM of Sherwood corruption.

It is true that a few Senators fiddle their expense accounts, BUT it is a well established matter of public record that that Queens/Appeal Bench Judges are ALL corrupt to their rotten cores, again review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and take special note, Google “federally appointed judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association schmitz ottawa citizen”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the taxpayers would be better served by a panel of three Senators completing Reiters RM of Sherwood corruption inquiry than the corrupt Queens/Appeal Judges; its true that the Senators are in Ottawa but they have the complete Judicial paper trail and could interview witnesses through Skype from any law office in Canada, the law offices would require a bit of expense money to provide that service, BUT taxpayers would save the $.5M, Barclay will be paid over the next 6 months.

Google “province requests inspection of rm of sherwood huge development martel”, note that the Minister Responsible, Reiter, gave Barclay clear instruction to complete a interim report by the end of July, resolving the only issue of any importance: to wit: where the Sherwood Reeves development water was to
come from; Barclay stalled, claiming “unproven allegations” despite the fact this Web site is supported by enough conclusive official documents, to stretch right from Barclay’s wazoo to Reiter’s, note water document example below:

Web readers are asked to note that even after Reiters instruction Barclay refused to address the official documents proving that after intensive study by SASK WATER, the only known aquifer in the Regina area is the Weyburn aquifer feeding the 350 gpm spring on the Argues $30M development which has been approved by all Provincial departments which should put the Argue aquifer beyond reach of the Sherwood Reeve, note hard evidence below:

Review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll to the documents, note the UMA letter signed by Professional Engineer Williams, confirming the concerned Provincial Departments accepted the existence of the Aquifer feeding the Argues 350 gpm spring and that the Argue 350 gpm spring is enough water to provide the Argues development, that UMA document proves the Argue aquifer serves the Argue development and after the Argues were granted official Departmental approval that aquifer can not be used by the Sherwood Reeve for his Wascana Village development, and with Regina City refusing to provide the Reeve’s development with water that should end the Sherwood Reeve’s plan.

Review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll to the joined Sherwood/Edenwold maps, note the script surrounding the map, note that RM Administrator Strudwick refused to accept the UMA study as fact and demanded that SASK WATER redo the UMA work, which they did and confirmed the UMA report, but went beyond UMA and did the detail work to confirm that the Argue aquifer starts at Weyburn with its tip emerging on the Argue development quarter, why did Barclay refuse to report on that crucial fact?

Barclay is so terrified of Strudwick he refuses to use documents from this Web site to prove the water facts set out above BUT note that I (Lee) used the same Official documents in my personal defense of Strudwick’s SLAPP libel action against me, documents that Barclay, as a Queens Bench Judge, would have access to, its all on the Court record, “yea, even unto the Supreme Court” review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK and note that Strudwick refused to provide a response to my Supreme Court Leave Book.

Web readers are asked to note my (Lee)s fear, some say irrational fear, that Strudwick will bribe the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? to allow her to expropriate the Argue Development quarter to allow her to do a deal with the Sherwood Reeve for the water he has got to have, but one of my confidants brought to my attention that Strudwick does not need Court expropriation of the Argue development to obtain the majority of the Argue 350 gpm spring water flow, note below:

Review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, note the documents, note the first document, Pettick’s Argue development plan, note the triangle of land between the Argue development and the Highway, the Argues do not own that land, so Strudwick could easily take the 30 acre triangle, it is on the south (Weyburn) side of the Argue 350 gpm spring. SASK WATER Engineers could do soil studies and advise Strudwick on the well spacing needed to drill a 30 acre nest of wells to suck water out of Aquifer just before it reaches the Argue 350 gpm spring and pipe it to the Sherwood Reeves Wascana Village development.

In a world governed by the rule of law, instead of Strudwick’s corruption and corrupt Queens and Appeal Bench Judges the Argues would have Google “cause for action” with massive evidence, but Strudwick would bribe the corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Court, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, to tell the Argues to Google “fuddel-duddel” a Moose, and with only a 15% chance the SCC will hear any one case the Argues have a 85% chance of losing.

Google“province to investigate wascana village development lypny” note Barclay is being paid $350.00 per hour, 35 times minimum wage, a total of $2800.00 for a eight hour day; the average Canadian annual income is $28,000.00, so Barclay is paid as much money in ten days as the average Canadian is paid in a year, and he is still not satisfied so he instructs Reiter to hold a six month public inquiry that will add another +/- $.5M for Barclay.

Review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT, note reference to Lanes teenage girl/cocaine parties, did this Web site force Conflict Commissioner Barclay to, in effect, plead the fifth to cover up his attendance at those high school girl cocaine parties ie: pleading the fifth is US, in Canada its Google “right to silence”, same thing, BUT Reiter owes the taxpaying voters a answer for his $350.00 per hour payout of taxpayer money to Barclay, when Barclay does not honor his (Reiters) conflict study instructions.

Review BARCLAYS CONFLICT, a few of my (Lee)s confidants have asked about the teen age girl-cocaine parties, they question could it really happen; I was not there, so my information is Google “hearsay”, but “yes Virginia”, I believe that Lanes high school girl-cocaine parties really did happen, many Devine backbench MLA’s told me about them and many despise Lane to the point I believe that some Devine backbench MLA’s would talk for the record.

But the facts regarding Lanes teen age girl/cocaine parties should be put in perspective, it is my understanding the high school girls were not raped, treated as sex slaves, forced into prostitution or harmed in any way shape or form, they were just teenage girls with their hormones running and once given cocaine, simply went crazy at their usual monster party, note below:

The girls high school boyfriends regularly accomplish the same goal with lemon gin, Google, “panty remover”, and young male teachers have told me about leaving teaching for fear of being seduced by the girls and slightly older girls, first and second year University girls, have assured me (Lee) that the Professors they Google “fuddel-duddel’ed” treated them a hell of a lot better then their regular University boy friends, so Lane probably treated the girls well and all the mothers could do was give them birth control pills and pray, the fathers, as usual, are told nothing and the girls usually sane out of it at 18-19 of age, ask any high school teacher, man or woman.

Lane has never been interested in either big girls or little boys, Lanes only interest was/is money, and by money I (Lee) mean money stored in off shore banks, review DEJAVU DEVINE, not money for many monster houses or Caribbean islands such as his cohort Drummond, or fancy cars, or diamonds, fur coats, and closets full of shoes for Liz, and Lane sure as hell was too cautious to Google “fuddel-duddel” a cocaine fueled high school girl even if she was over the age of consent, which as I recall was 14 back in that day, but he had reason to run those parties, note below:

I (Lee) was told by the MLA’s briefing me back in the day that Lanes reason for running the high school girl-cocaine parties was to have blackmail control over Queens/Appeal Bench Judges such as Barclay, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, Dr. Carl Baar told me that for some reason that he and Deschenes could not understand, the Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench were more corrupt than in other Provinces.

Barclay covering up for Lanes buddy Hornung is a perfect example of Lanes use of judicial corruption to save Hornung, post EDENWOLD EVIL HORNUNG Q.C., review the post, scroll to the documents, review pages 1-5 my (Lee)s submission to the Devine Gang and Law Society Benchers, note the submission title “Who will watch the watchers?”, any member of the Yorton-Melville Bar Association will confirm Barclay’s defense of Hornung as is set out in that mini white paper, note below:

Note in the post referred to in the preceding paragraph the conflict of interest where Barclay, as a Law Society Bencher, and co-chair of the Law Society discipline Committee, defended Hornung’s several frauds in open court and refused to disbar Hornung, despite Hornung’s well established frauds, lead Hornung QC to believe he could get away with murder, which he did a year later.

It was a year later that Hornung took the plug out of his twelve gauge automatic shot gun and blew Gary Voinorosky’s head off and Lane refused to lay criminal charges and blocked a coroners inquest, but note that Lane will soon be forced to retire from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and there is no Statue of Limitations on murder, so Hornung could, and should, be charged with murder, Google “gary voinorosky holdings “ note his memory is kept alive by a memorial society in Yorkton and his widow may find late justice of some comfort.

Google ‘the week the tories took out the trash den tandt’, read the excellent article and note the polls show the Harper Fed is doomed under any circumstance, Now review HARPER 122 – STRUDWICK 123 note that many heavy hitters in the Ottawa bubble were convinced that Wright would be charged, Journalist’s and retired RCMP and all of their colleagues, are quoted; but Google “nigel wright won’t face charges in mike duffy scandal rcmp maccharles”, note below:

Wright has walked and if Wright is not charged with bribing Duffy when he gave him that $90,000.00 no one I (Lee) knows can see how Duffy can be found guilty of accepting a bribe, Wright claims there was no criminal intent, he was just protecting the taxpayers and helping a old friend out of a cash crunch, but even as I (Lee) wrote post HARPER 122 – STRUDWICK 123, and quoted all of the heavy hitters I wondered, my mind kept turning to post, “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” where the RCMP destroyed affidavit evidence of the Strudwick corruption and if the RCMP refuse to charge a lying, corrupt, poisonous, slut, such as Strudwick, why would they charge Wright?

Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the documents, note pages 3 – 7 statement by Lloyd Hampton MLA and page 9 Conciliator Larry Lashyn’s formal letter confirming criminal acts and note that the Highways Civil Engineers had threatened my (Lee)s life because of my refusal to pay their bribes and that the Yorkton RCMP had tapped Lorna and my phones and had hard evidence of the Professional Civil Engineers death threats yet the RCMP refuse to charge the Government Engineers with threatening me, why would they charge Wright?

As set out in the preceding the RCMP cover up any and all Ruling Elite corruption, Google “does the rcmp coverup ruling elite corruption” and note the literally endless search results of instances of RCMP coverup of Ruling Elite theft of taxpayer money, so I wondered why the Ottawa heavy hitters were so certain that the RCMP would investigate Wright honestly when he (Wright) was Harpers Chief of Staff when they cover up for corrupt officials such as Donna Strudwick and the Highway Engineers, but I was wrong, note below:

Google “mike duffy faces 31 charges over senate spending affair press” review the article, note how many of those charges are akin to Strudwick demanding bribes from the Argues to approve their $30M development, Google “scc 31940”, and then Google “first nations homes slated for demolition: relocated and resold instead ctv news staff”, note the Harper Feds are involved in this Indian scam right up to their nostrils and I (Lee) believe that Harper will end up with a Mulroney on his hands, ie: winning two seats in November 2015.

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING and note that back in the day, Dr. Carl Baar, co-author of “Masters In Their Own House” advised me (Lee) that the Provincial Officials and the Queens/Appeal Judges have no fear of either the Federal or Provincial Political Elite, their only fear is the taxpaying, voting, public, and the only hope honest man has is publicity

Many people that I talk too believe the publicity provided by this Web site at 50,000 visits saved the Regina City taxpayers millions of dollars by forcing a end to the Mayor and Sherwod Reeves plan that Regina City taxpayers would provide water to the Reeve’s development at Regina City cost, FRANK AND THE LADY & BARCLAY’S CONFLICT, but there is many a mile to go and millions more in taxpayer money will “disappear” before Strudwick is finished.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 90.- 91. note that because of the high quality spring water flowing from the Argue 350 gpm spring, at my (Lee)s request, Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming (SLG), approved a micro-brewery as part of the Argue development which micro-brewery would create 50 high paying jobs in the area and generate more economic activity and tax revenue, yet Premier Wall stands firm, Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid.

Web readers are asked to note that it is my (Lee)s intent to ask The Sheaf, the U of S student newspaper to publish a open letter/op-ed piece regarding the solution to their $25M funding shortfall that cost their President and Board Chair their jobs. That post is planned for September and following that the October post, working title BID RIGGING BASTARDS, will provide hard evidence of bid rigging and collusion between the Highway Engineers and Highway Contractors.

Google “job growth underpins wall’s success mandryk” & “record numbers can’t hide slowdown johnstone”. Despite Premier Walls record approval rating I (Lee) remind him of the success of the Quebec ADQ anti-corruption campaign and suggest that it may be politically wise for him to grant Earle and Sharie Argue approval for their residential development, Google “scc 31940” ,BUT Google “mandryk: premier brad wall’s instincts were off this session mandryk”; Murray is implying that something has driven Premier Wall crazy and I believe that if our Premier has gone crazy Donna Strudwick did it to him.

Google “wall kick off unofficial campaign mandryk” Wall has called the Saskatchewan General election for April of 2016 to accommodate Harpers planned Fed Election for the fall of 2015, thereby allowing a new Trudeau Fed to run Wall ragged from October of 2015 to April of 2016 Google “calls flooding into snitch line designed tp catch off shore tax evaders beeby”, and after forming Government all a Trudeau Fed would have to do is list, any Saskatchewan hotshots who have off shore bank accounts and if Strudwick is on that list that fact, whether she paid the tax on her bribes or not, will put paid to her massive corruption, ie: she did not make off-shore bank account level money milking her cows on Provincial dairy subsidy.

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, para. 1.- 25. note that approval for the Argue Development was granted by both the Edenwold Council and all concerned Government departments and that the corrupt RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, was the only Argue development denier and Strudwick now believes she can benefit massively from taking the first cut of the Sherwood Reeves $200M Development for providing the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow to the Sherwood Reeve’s development, BARCLAY’S CONFLICT.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 17 -18, note Strudwick demanded $200K from the Argues, that is 2% of the Argues expected profit of $10M from their development, but Strudwick now believes that she can get more money than $200K out of the Sherwood Reeve to provide him with the Argues 350 gpm to facilitate his $200M Wascana Village Development and she is right, 2% of $200M is $4M, Russia level bribes.

Review BARCLAY’S CONFLICT, and note the potential for SARM President Marit, as Minister Responsible after the Spring of 2016 General Election, to allow Strudwick to expropriate the Argue development quarter and its 350 gpm spring water flow to provide the Sherwood Reeve’s Wascana Village development, review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, a example of the massive corruption that must end if Saskatchewan voting taxpayers want their Province to survive economically, note below:

Google “even in canada booming u. s. oil and gas elbowing out alberta’s crude lewis” & “canada is doomed: three signs the country up north is screwed beyond all recognition barro”, review this respected US publication, ie: “ Business Insider”, review the well done articles, note the charts in the second article setting out how Canada’s massive official corruption is driving this great Country to the edge of the financial abyss; it has doomed Harper, review the following:

Google “nigel wright pressured tory mp to settle lawsuit over $114,000 loan from convicted money launder maher” & “john ivison: mike duffy trial could be tipping point for canadian’s ivison” & “focus groups hint conservatives out of sync on northern gateway cp” & “a desire to be somebody: mike duffy’s rise from high school dropout to ‘the old duff” of ottawa’s power elite butler” & “ duffy fall out may extend to sask. Mandryk”, review the above articles written by the Ottawa and Saskatchewan Journalist Elite spelling out that Harper is doomed and Premier Wall should note Harper’s constant pandering to his corrupt base is leading him (Harper) and the Conservatives to disaster.

I (Lee) ask the Sask Party supporters to go beyond the economic risk to the Saskatchewan taxpayers resulting from the evil corrupt horror of Strudwick and her friend Lane, and think about the human factors and try to force the Wall Ruling Elite to recognize that pandering to the lying, corrupt, poisonous, slut, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, has destroyed many dreams and many careers, and may even lead the Sask Party Elite to disaster, note Strudwick deliberately destroyed the Argues dream of a development, tried to destroy me and did deeply harm me as the Argue Representative.

After Lane and Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson deliberately destroyed me when I (Lee) refused to bribe the Highway Engineers, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, all I had left was my reputation for honor for refusing to bribe Elite Government official scum until Strudwick deliberately harmed my (Lee)s reputation with her Google “slapp” libel action; Strudwicks attempt to destroy me (Lee) failed with the publication of the SCC Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940”, but it was a hard two year slog.

It is true that many lawyers are now stopping me on the street to shake my hand, but note that I, a non lawyer, had to personally go to the Supreme Court to prove Strudwicks SLAPP libel action was nonsense which cost me two years in the Argue fight, and for two long years I was constantly degraded and belittled by Ruling Elite such as Reiter claiming that I am the the stupidest man in Canada and that this Web site is a stupid joke, its been hard on me but that lying corrupt slut, Strudwick, has wrought much worse on others, note below

Strudwick obdurate corruption has destroyed NDP Political Careers, Roy Romanow, Lorne Calvert, Dwain Lingenfelter and Len Taylor; and I (Lee) am certain that Ron Barclay will not survive as Premier Walls Conflict of Interest Commissioner, given the Barclay/Hornung conflict of interest and the Sherwood Reeve may not survive the blatant evil of the Strudwick corruption and SARM President Marit, Reiter and McMorris may face the end of their political career’s from the touch of Strudwick’s corrupt evil, and note another horror below:

Google “fort san mayor upset over regina sewage bypass lypny”, and review BARCLAYS CONFLICT, and the first pages of this post and note that if my (Lee)s fear is realized and the Sherwood Reeve’s Wascana Village development goes ahead, the Fort San Village Mayor will have a problem, if he is annoyed now with Regina sewage pouring down the Qu’Appelle River, what is going to happen if Barclay rules the Sherwood Reeve has no conflict and his Wascana Village development can go ahead and effluent from that development experimental sewage treatment plant ends up in Wascana Creek and then flows into the Qu’Appelle system?


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