Click “mcmurty rules strudwick reports to premier” and “scc 31940” sick of paying bribes to Premier Brad Wall’s officials such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, support this Web site, donate to Paypal

Google “rm system at odds with new saskatchewan? mandryk”, review Murray, then Google “bob-oct 30-002”, review Roy’s letter to me (Lee), and then review LADY LORI A BEACON & STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER. Can Murray be right? Is it possible that Strudwick’s corruption chickens are coming home to roost? Will the RMs be gone and the Argues have a chance for approval of their $30M development without bribing Strudwick?, first note below:

Web readers are asked to Google ‘auditors report just tip of the iceberg mandryk’, I (Lee) was sure that after Lane went Saskatchewan taxpayers would never again suffer the “disappearance” of $1B of their taxpayers dollars every year for ten years for a $10B total, Google ‘saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal’, read Murray’s article, I believe there is economic horror to come, BUT my confidants disagree, they believe Premier Wall will end official corruption.

“Yes Virginia”, there is a rock solid paper trail; every year, for ten years the Devine Gang “disappeared” an average of $1B (one thousand million) a year out of a Province with a population of a million people, that is a thousand dollars a year of taxpayer money for every man, woman and child in Saskatchewan. Do the math, that is +/- $4000.00 a year for every family for ten years, a total of +/- $40,000.00 for each family, the cost of University tuition for one child, a bigger house, or a trip, or a small Cadillac, every taxpaying family has a day dream, and Devine/Lane destroyed all dreams, with more corruption facing us.

Google “saskatchewan party support is still strong poll suggests couture” & “mandryk: sask party struggles to revitalize”, note that Wall support is still at over 60%, the NDP in the 20%’s and the Liberal at 4%, BUT near the end of Murrays column note reference to rumor the Sask Party wants SARM President David Marit to run as a Candidate in Wood River, review LADY LORI AND THE SARM MOTION and review Marit’s attempt to use Harper’s genius “girl friday”, Jenni Byrne, to gerrymander Saskatchewan’s Federal constituency boundaries, and note SARM President, Marit failed, even using Harper’s girl genius, note below:

Marit failing his gerrymandering task, even using the Prime Minister’s girl genius, Jenni Byrne, the most powerful women in all Canada, proves that while I (Lee) may be the stupidest man in Canada, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, Marit also ranks as “stupid” if he could not accomplish gerrymandering the Federal riding boundaries using Jenni Byrne, the most powerful woman in Canada, Google “jenni byrne wikipedia” sets out that everyone on the Ottawa Hill is terrified of Jenni’s “volcanic” temper.

Web readers are asked to Google TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK’, paragraphs 1- 25, Strudwick filed no defense to that hard evidence that the Edenwold Council and all Provincial departments approved the Argue Development, only Donna Strudwick, as RM Administrator, refused approval until her bribes were paid, so all the Edenwold Reeve has to do is overrule Strudwick, and I (Lee) believe Jenni screaming at the Reeve for 3 minutes on the phone would do it, but Jenni lives in Ottawa while Strudwick lives in Balgonie and Reeve’s are not a stupid man, so I am most likley dreaming.

Harper allowed Marit to use Jenni for months, and Jenni had her lover, Pierre Poilievre MP and his best buddy, Jonathon Denis, Attorney General for Alberta, the guy who stabbed Lynda Haverstock in the back, and knows Saskatchewan Politics well and Web readers are reminded that Jenni’s two hotshot’s, her lover, Poilievre, and his best buddy Denis, the Alberta’s AG, designed the Robo-call operation that Marit used to try gerrymandering Saskatchewan’s Federal riding boundaries, Harpers heavy hitters did the detail work and Marit still failed at gerrymandering Harper’s Saskatchewan Federal Boundaries, this is hard evidence of Marit’s arrogant stupidity and David Marit is a poor choice for Wall.

If Wall wants a big name to replace Yogi in the Southwest, Link (Lingenfelter) is available and Link knows the South West very well and Link and Billy Boyd are very close personal friends, review LADY LORI & THE CABAL and Link may be a better choice than Marit because he has suffered from the political horror of pandering to the demand for bribes by a lying, corrupt, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, note that other legendary NDP Elite, Roy Romanow, Lorne Calvert, and Len Taylor have all suffered political destruction pandering to Donna Strudwick’s demand for bribes, Google “scc 31940”.

Sask Party supporters are asked to review IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH RURAL ZONING, and note that the Ontario McGuinty Liberals solved a corruption problem for the “Caledonia Couple” when Gary McHale’s Web site was at 14,000 visits in a Province of twelve million and McGuinty won the next Ontario Election, and his Lady successor, days ago, won yet another election, note this Web site is at 50,000 visits in a Province of one million, and Premier Wall is now getting the RM corruption message, go back to the first paragraph in this post.

Even after Murray published Premier Walls “struggle to revitalize”, I (Lee) was sure the Premier would not allow Marit to run for the Sask Party after he failed to gerrymander Saskatchewan’s Federal riding’s, with the help of Harper’s top lady, Jenni Byrne, but my information is that Marit will run for the Sask Party in Wood River, and the smart money says he will win, BUT Google ‘mandryk: premier wall’s natural optimism tested mandryk’, the Premier may rue Marit one day.

Premier Wall wants Marit for the riding of Wood River and it’s great for the Argues that the Premier wants him because Marit is as vulnerable regarding gerrymandering the riding boundaries as Calverts man Len Taylor was regarding Strudwick’s bribes NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY & SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE and note Sask Bloggers believe this Web site, advertised on Access TV in the Battlefords, destroyed Len Taylor’s political career.

Taylor was on the North Battleford Council for years and was NDP MP for Battlefords-Meadow Lake, NDP MLA for the Battlefords and NDP Premier Calverts Minister Responsible until he ruled that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argues development was to carry flowers, chocolates and perfume (bribe)s to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that NDP Len Taylor’s Ministerial edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argue development was to bribe Strudwick ended his Political career, Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, the mainstream media cover up the fact Strudwick has to be bribed to approve the Argue development so that fact became public only in this Web site and the Blogging community is right, this Website took down Taylor, but note below:

David Marit is a Councilor in the RM of Willow Bunch #42, the other end of the province from Len Taylor so Marit is from a different pack of Hyena’s than Taylor, note Access TV has complete coverage of rural Saskatchewan from top to bottom except south of Moose Jaw where it goes into only the centers of Coronach, Mossbank and Vanguard in the Wood River Riding, but note below:

I (Lee) will try to ensure that Access ads for this Web site go into those three Wood River centers, but there are 28 RMs in Wood River with a total population of +/- 8000, and Marit is SARM President, so the perceived wisdom is that Marit will win Wood River and its true that Dave Marit is a SARM President, BUT he is not a Charlie Mitchell, or a Sinc Harrison, or a Neal Hardy, note below:

Sask Party supporters should know that back in the day, I (Lee) served as part of a three man team, consisting of Dave Tkachuk, Michael McCafferty and myself, to get Neal Hardy elected in the 1980 by-election in Kelsey-Tisdale for the PC’s. There were just the three of us, we had no troops whatsoever, BUT we three musketeers won the day for Hardy with full page ads written by McCaffety, and paid for by money that I raised, while Dave and Neal toured the riding. In that same by-election night, Devine, then PC Party Leader, with Lane as his Campaign manager and dozens of volunteers, lost the Estevan by-election.

Because of my (Lee)s work for Archie Clampitt in Grid Roads I knew the SARM Presidents of that day; historically SARM Presidents were good men, but David Marit broke the mold by trying that gerrymandering, robo-call sleaze to try to rig Federal riding boundaries for Harper, Google ‘trudeau gives liberals hope johnstone’, polls show the Trudeau Feds will win the Federal Election and if Greg Gallagher is really gone and if the new Saskatchewan Liberal Leader, Darren Lamoureux, is really serious, Marit could lose Wood River, note below:

Sask Party supporters are reminded there is a strong Liberal History south of Moose Jaw, this area was the original Ross Thatcher Country, the base, the horizontal bar of the famous Liberal L, Google “saskatchewan famous liberal l”, and if the Liberals run a strong campaign in the larger Wood River Towns Marit could be defeated, and imagine my (Lee)s horror if Marit won Wood River by 2000 votes and the Access ads had not been run in Cornach and Mossbank and Vanguard, which combined population is +/- 2000, meaning the Access Ads for this Web site may have been enough to stop Marit, now note below:

My (Lee)s fear is that once Premier Wall appoints David Marit as Minister Responsible for Rural Saskatchewan it follows as night follows day that Marit, as Minister Responsible, will follow in NDP Len Taylor footsteps and pander to Donna Strudwick and order Strudwick be allowed to expropriate the Argue 350 gpm spring, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, and do a deal with the Sherwood Reeve for the Argues 350 gpm spring in exchange for first cut of the Sherwood Reeve’s $200M development, BUT that Strudwick plan may fail.

Google “province requests inspection of rm of sherwoods huge development martel”, & “ i was taken aback a bit says rm of sherwood reeve of inspection lypny” & “reeve owns land, avoided wascana village dealing’s rm says cbc”, now review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, & ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT? note the well documented facts of the Sherwood corruption are set out in those Web site posts, note Moose Jaw City Council will not allow the Sherwood Reeve’s Ontario Developer to operate in their City.

This Web site forced Premier Wall’s hand BUT the study is being done by Lanes long time colleague and cohort, Ron Barclay, a retired Queens Bench Judge, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, Barclay is now Saskatchewan Conflict of Interest Commissioner. Now review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 1. -17. and FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 46, where the Saskatchewan Municipal Board rules the Argue development had received all development approvals, in short, there is a massive amount of official, legal, documentation the Argue development had been approved, Google “scc 31940”.

Review the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) Summary Statement, note that the SCC stated that Argue Development had been originally approved, but despite
massive documentary evidence of Argue development approval, Ron Barclay, as a Queens Bench Judge, denied the Argues equity, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraphs 15. – 17, note that when Ron Barclay, as Queens Bench Judge, denied the Argues equity, they came to me (Lee), review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 13 – 15 and this Web site is now at 50,000 visits and Barclay may have a problem, note below:

Review WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT & FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph, 30. and note Barclay was appointed to the Queens Bench Court in 1986 so the time frame is exactly right for him (Barclay) to be one of the Conservative lawyers, or Queens Bench Judges, who attended Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties at the Squire Motor Hotel in Fort Qu’ Appelle.

I (Lee) have no documents to prove Barclay attended Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties, if I did they would be posted in this Web site, the only people who will have that hard evidence will be Lane, Strudwick, and a hand full of Regina women who will now be wives and mothers of teenage girls and these women will never talk, even if water boarded at Guantanamo, but note below:

I (Lee) can easily prove that Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties are fact and that they were attended by Conservative Lawyers and Judges, and as set out in the preceding paragraphs, Ron Barclay, as a Queens Bench Judge, in the face of complete official documentary evidence that the Argue Development had been approved, and at Donna Strudwick’s demand, Barclay told the Argues to go to hell, and the only way that could happen is with Blackmail, or bribes, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED, OR BRIBED?, now note below:

Strudwick worked for Lane for years and will have a paper trail of Lanes high school girl/cocaine Parties complete with photographs, and if Barclay was at those parties he faces the same cruel choice now that he faced when he ruled against the Argues as a Queens Bench Judge, he must bow to Strudwicks demands and support the obvious massive corruption on the Wascana Village conflict question which is nailed down for the public by this Web site at 50,000 visits, or face ruin when Strudwick publicizes his attendance at Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties at the Squire Motor Hotel in Fort Qu’ Appelle.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle is rooted in Strudwicks obdurate, Germanic, insane, obsession with destroying the Argues, otherwise the Strudwick/Argue development/bribe issue could be resolved in a hour talk between two lawyers, review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICALS, scroll to about half way, review the three proposals I (Lee) set out for resolution at no taxpayer cost, note the third proposal, ie: the Argues grant SASK WATER title to the Argue Development quarter and 350 gpm spring.

My (Lee)s plan was, still is, that Sask Water then grant the Argues use of the land for their development tax free for 99 years and enough of the water to service their development, including their proposed brewery, and Sask Water could then use the remaining 90% of the water however they wanted, ie, pipe it to their White City plant, or now to the Sherwood Reeve’s development, if that “floats their boat”, Google “that’s a joke, ah say that’s a joke son”, note below:

Seriously SASK WATER is doing exactly that from Outlook west, piping water to communities along Highway # 15, it’s a good plan, even if I (Lee), the stupidest man in Canada, designed it, AND anything is better than the Argues 350 gpm of high quality water running into Wascana Creek and helping to flood the Qu’Appelle Valley every spring, as it has done for the last many centuries, but no matter what Barclay rules it will finish his career.

Google “regina justice ron barclay calls it a career pruden” note Gauley was a good man and given his paper trail Ron Barclay should have been a good man, but he went to the dark side, to wit: Gary Lane. Review REGARDING PARANOIA, note top legal opinion that “its impossible to be too paranoid” and note the irony inherent in the fact that Barclay, as Conflict Commissioner, has a major conflict regarding Wascana Village, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note my (Lee)s fear that the Queens Bench Court will allow Strudwick to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm spring to provide the Sherwood Reeve’s Wascana Village Development with water for his development, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, Ron Barclay, assuming he attended Lanes high school girl/cocaine parties, NOW, today, as Conflict of Interest Commissioner, has no choice but to rule the Sherwood Reeve has no conflict, leading as night follows day, to a Queens Bench Judge ruling Strudwick may expropriate the Argue 350 gpm spring water to provide the Sherwood Reeve with the water he is has got to have to do his $200M development after the Regina Mayor cut him off from Regina City water service.

Donna Strudwick will do this corrupt deal with the Sherwood Reeve in exchange for the first cut of the Sherwood Reeves $200M profit, BUT there is good news in this mindless RM corrupt greed and horror, and the good news is that Harper is finished, Google ‘coyne: federal government suffering from too much power vested in one man coyne’ and all believe that Harper is pandering to his hard right base who insist the bribes are paid to corrupt officials such as Donna Strudwick, BUT that base make up only 20% of the Canadian voters and Polls show the Trudeau Fed will form the Fed Government, note below:

Google “maher: conservative leave pitch with more red cards and own goals than points maher” and “den tandt: after all the attack, justin truedeau’s star hasn’t budged den tandt” and “coyne: conservatives will be a potent force in next election coyne”, the three top Canadian Journalist’s predict Harper will go down, and Trudeau, either alone, or supported by the NDP, will form Fed Government.

I (Lee) believe the Trudeau Fed will remove Donna Strudwick’s friend Lane, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30., from the Court of Appeal, allowing me to fight for my counter claim of $230K, against Strudwick which the Court should, in law grant, since the SCC Summary Statement proves I did not libel Strudwick, review FRANK AND THE LADY, and note below:

$230K would be ample funds for Access TV ads for this Web site until the 2020 Saskatchewan Election following the Spring of 2016 Election. Google “saskatchewan party support is still strong poll suggests couture” Wall will win the Spring 2016 Election with a reduced majority and increased opposition, which will help, but with SARM President Dave Marit as Rural Minister Responsible, the taxpayers will still face a rerun of the Lane “disappearance” of $1B each/every year, but for only 4 years, rather than ten years of Devine/Lane.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, unless Barclays review of the Wascana Village development ends that massively corrupt Sherwood development, David Marit’s appointment as Rural Minister Responsible will destroy the Argues Development Dream, Strudwick will expropriate the Argue 350 gpm spring, BUT it is not all drop dead RM horror for the Saskatchewan taxpayers or even for the Argues.

With Lane gone from the Court of Appeal and the level of documentation that I (Lee) have in place at the Supreme Court on the Argue/Strudwick bribery debacle and this Web site, the Argues will have “cause for action” and with Strudwicks cohort, Lane, gone from the Appeal Court, a lawyer may decide that he has a chance to make a 50% contingency, fee on the Argues $30M development leaving the Argues with a potential for massive retribution.

Premier Brad Wall himself has provided a beacon of hope with his move on the Sherwood Reeves Wascana Village development, and the Administration following the Sask Party, a Liberal, NDP or a Quebec type ADQ/CAQ anti corruption Party, will have hard evidence of what is responsible for the next Saskatchewan bankruptcy, and they will have no choice but to solve the problem by eliminating the 300 RMs and forming Counties just as Roy tried to do review STATESMAN ATTEMPTS TO END EVIL and Alberta and Manitoba have done.

It is noteworthy that Saskatchewan Premiers have been trying to eliminate the 300 RMs from the face of Saskatchewan for decades, ever since the 1930’s; the last one to try, Roy Romanow, failed, click on STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL & TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, well Web readers should take heart, the next Provincial Bankruptcy, should do it, the RMs will finally be gone forever, now note below:

Note my (Lee)s bad, click on FRANK AND THE LADY, note my reference to the fact Canadian Citizens have $174B stored in offshore banks, I projected that to Saskatchewan, as one of ten Provinces, having one tenth of that, or $17B, stored in offshore Banks, stupid of me, the only sensible comparison would be on a per capita basis, Canada’s population is 35M, that works out to +/- $500.00 per person stored in off shore Banks, so Saskatchewan probably has a total of $.5B (half a Billion) stored in off shore Banks, not $17B.

Google “the paradox that is canada the ottawa citizen may 24 2009” , I (Lee) urge Web readers to review the article, note reference to the fact that the Russian business community pays annual bribes of $33B, about half of the amount Russia gathers in income tax revenue; Canada is not as corrupt as Russia but it is noteworthy that 70% of taxpaying Canadian’s believe that it is impossible to end political corruption while only 33% of the Politicians believe that it is impossible to end Political Corruption, why the contradiction?

Near the end of FRANK AND THE LADY, Google “charlemagne: the dragon in the room “ and note my (Lee)s reference to Linda’s wisdom in refusing to pander to the corrupt demands of Goodales white collar thugs but note my referring to the fact that Greg Gallagher may be forced out after a Trudeau Fed win; Web readers are asked to note that I was out of the loop, unknown to me, Gallagher has already gone, Google “saskatchewan liberals appoint darren lamoureux as interm leader”, note that Darren is a upper mid level Administrator for a Developer and his brother is a Manitoba Liberal MP, Kevin Lamoureux MP.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to again Google ‘charlemagne: the dragon in the room’, I apologize to Web readers for my preoccupation with this article, but note that it is in The Economist, a widely read and trusted Economic Journal, and one of my confidants, a drop dead genius, works for multinationals doing computer studies on what Countries and what Banks are doomed to collapse, tells me that the Economist article is right; virtually all EU Countries and their Banks are doomed to economic collapse with official corruption as the root of the doom of the EU Countries, will Saskatchewan follow, or will Premier Wall end RM corruption?

Google “regina developers claim temporary ‘fee’ increase unfair davis”, review Austins article, note Regina City charges the Developers $305,000.00 per hectare or $122,000.00 per acre, that is insane. Now review ‘TWO LADY AND THE SHALL LETTER’, and scroll down to the documents, note the Joe Pettick plan for the Argues is for 120 lots of a average ½ acre size and Joe estimated the total development cost for the Argue Development at +/- $4000.00 ten years ago, that was a decade ago, so add inflation of a annual 3%, and note below:

Compare detail of Regina City charges to their Developers, to the development cost for the Argue development, based on the Pettick plan. Strudwick had demanded the Argues develop the water first so they had already spent $175,000.00 on a water system which is in place today, waiting for Strudwick to expropriate it ( Argue water system), and Joe estimated the development would cost another $230,000.00, for a total of $400,000.00, add inflation of 3% for a total of $520,000 today for the Argues 120 lots, $4334.00 per lot.

The Argue development cost is $4334.00 per ½ acre lot, or $8668.00 per acre compared to the City of Regina cost of $122,000.00 per acre. Note the City of Regina lot is 50 x 100 feet, a 12th of a acre, a development cost of $15,000.00 for a 50 foot lot, 4 times the Argue Development cost for a entire ½ acre lot, that is insane. Google ‘saskatchewan’s gdp growth expected to slow to 1.4% in 2014 from 2.0% johnstone’; bribes to Rural officials are clearly slowing growth, promote development by putting a end to the bribe demands of corrupt Rural officials such as RM Administrator Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”.

Web readers, especially Sask Party supporters, should review Barclay conflict of interest stuff set out above, note that Lawyers advise that except for the Argue/ Strudwick debacle, Barclay’s Judgments, in the main, made sense, and that the Argue/Strudwick debacle was not all Barclay’s fault because except for the Argue Lawyers, FACTS; EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 13.-14. , all Regina lawyers already knew Strudwick had to be bribed to approve developments and
Web readers should also note that one of the Argue Lawyers, acting in that Strudwick bribery debacle resulting in Barclays corrupt ruling, was Links brother in law, Ron Gates and all Barclay did as Judge, was nail down the NDP political wisdom of the day, to wit: Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid.

Lanes high school girl/Cocaine parties are of prurient interest only, except for the bribing of Government Officials and Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, I (Lee) take a Google “libertarian view” and if Barclay, a middle aged male, wants to risk heart attack by carnal knowledge of a coked up high school girl it is no concern, of anyone and Premier Wall should end Strudwick’s bribe demand to approve the Argue developments Google “scc 31940” before she destroys Ron Barclay.

I (Lee) am well aware that Premier Wall and MLA Don McMorris have a problem with Strudwick beyond her (Strudwick)s refusal to approve the Argues $30M residential development until her bribes are paid, Google “strudwick mcmorris campaign manager”, note Strudwick will use her corrupt power in Edenwold RM to stab McMorris in the back unless she gets her way, note below:

A decade ago, Elwin Hermanson, warned Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith that Strudwick is determined to be named a Deputy Minister and to use that position to expropriate the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring, Google “wascana village developer refers to a nearby aquifer” , note that Sask Water has established that, except for the Google “condi aquifer”, the Argue 350 gpm spring is fed by the only other Aquifer in the Regina area, which starts at Weyburn with its tip surfacing on the Argue development as the 350 gpm spring.

Review posts MUNICIPAL BOARD BOUNDARY APPLICATION 001/2004, take note of pages 2 and 3 for reference to the Argue 350 gpm spring and then review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, review the Municipal Board approval of the Argue development , and Google “municipal board ruling has the same weight in Saskatchewan Law as a queens bench ruling”.

I (Lee) urge Sask Party supporters to review the pages preceding in this post where I set out my SASK WATER plan, this is the plan I took to Calverts NDP Cabinet who laughed at me and sicked Strudwick and her two bit shyster, Glen Dowling, on me with their dumb SLAPP action, Google “scc 31940”, note below:

Sask Party supporters are asked to note how well that worked out for the NDP and note that a Justice lawyer accepting instruction from SASK WATER and a Regina Lawyer accepting instruction from the Argues, and I (Lee), as the Argue Representative, Google “scc 31940”, could resolve the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle in a hour long discussion based on my SASK WATER plan, which would benefit all taxpayers, except Lane and Strudwick.


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