Google ”scc 31940” & “strudwick reports to the premier” sick of bribing the Premiers officials, donate to Paypal

Google “the secret short list that provoked the rift between chief judge and pmo sean fine”, note Sean Fine’s Globe and Mail article and Google “bad pr: when it comes to pipelines harper is no don draper ditchburn” , CPs Jennifer Ditchburn compares Harper to Mad Man’s, Don Draper, but given Sean Fines article on Harpers attempt to control the Canadian Judiciary it would be fitting for Jen to compare Harper to black hat Frank Miller in the cult classic movie “High Noon” so beloved by US Presidents that they screen it for their White House guests.


Web readers who know this site will remember that the Rt. Hon. Lady Beverley McLachlin PC, the Chief Judge of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada, (SCC) lead the Supreme Court Judges who signed the SCC Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940” establishing that NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for the Argues $30M residential development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, note below:

A confidant, reviewing the SCC Summary Statement, noted it establishes that the RM of Edenwold Council had granted conditional approval for the Argue development and asked if that was relevant to the question of RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick lies and I (Lee) remembered his question had surfaced before, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC complaints 13: and 14:, the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) refused to acknowledge my registered letter complaint but the High Court did stop the execution of Strudwick’s Judgment.

A lawyer told me the SCC Summary proved I (Lee) had not libeled Strudwick, so that was how I used the fact in LADY JANET AND THE CJC complaint 13:- 14: and I did not think of it again until now my confidant’s question brought it back to me with the added thought, could it be that simple?, and remembered a landmark decision by the SCC released on December 22, 2009, Google “top court transforms press freedom with new libel defense kirk martin” & “the supreme court strikes a blow for ‘productive debate’ in canada dean jobb”,

In the same landmark cases the SCC ruled the journalist rules apply equally to all internet users and this Web site has been functioning since the publishing of Google “scc 31940”, so I (Lee) will be able to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing Donna Strudwick, and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Canada’s Chief Judge, Lady Beverley McLachlin PC, the most wondrous woman in all of Christendom, is the only reason I will be able to go that last inch for the Argues.

Saskatchewan’s Rural Ruling Elite, SARM/RMAA , Harper’s Saskatchewan base, will not allow honest Judges, such as Lady Beverley, to exist because that would end the bribe demands of corrupt officials such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, now Google “u of s president fired hill and french” & “lessons from a failure in leadership mandryk”, & “gormley: many responsible for university’s woes gormley” this is crucial, the Journalists have all done the detail work well and I (Lee) urge taxpayers to study the articles and think about SARM/RMA A rural development corruption, note below:

It took 24 hours for Premier Wall to fire the U of S President, after she tried to fire a tenured Professor from a University in a Western Liberal Democracy and anyone who is that dumb is too dumb to run a University, but taxpaying voters should remember that she (the U of S President) was desperate to resolve a U of S cash flow short fall of, which according to John Gormley, was $25M.

Compare that $25M cash shortfall the U of S President was trying to resolve to the +/- $1M tax revenue the RM of Edenwold would get from a development that RM Administrator Strudwick blocked because Regina Developer Earle Argue refused to pay her bribes, Google “scc 31940”; Rural development corruption is universal in Saskatchewan and costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually, LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, note below:

Review the first two posts I (Lee) wrote for this Web site nearly seven years ago, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY? & “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” note that Outlook Community leader, Lloyd Smith found 30 RMs between Outlook and Saskatoon where the Rural Administrators are as corrupt as Donna Strudwick, remember, kids from the area RMs go to both Universities and note below:

There are 300 RMs in Saskatchewan and the 30 instances Lloyd Smith found of RM corruption in the Saskatoon area alone would easily provide the tax revenue to make up the $25M short fall the U of S President was trying to find; note she was fired without cause and her wrong-full dismissal lawyers may be interested that the Strudwick bribery case Google “scc 31940” has been studied by the University of Saskatchewan College of Law in one of their law courses.

Web readers are asked to review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: where Lane did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee), resulted in a University study,
at Osgoode Hall, Google “scc case information case 21834” and note that Dr. Carl Baar advised that, back in the day, he used the Western Earth Moving legal case in his Osgoode Hall law classes as a real life example of the massively corrupt officials and Judges that law students face on graduation.

My (Lee)s memory is that NDP heavy hitter, Yens Pederson, was at Osgoode Hall at the right time to have taken Dr. Baar’s classes on the Western Earth Moving case, now review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, note that Walls heavy hitter, Jim Reiter, claims I am the stupidest man in Canada for trying to obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential development without bribing Strudwick; how many lawyers have their cases used as teaching tools at two Colleges of Law and think about Reiter’s insistence of my stupidity.

I (Lee) am not bragging; any layman, who had the balls, and in the face of legal advice from 4 Regina lawyers, was dumb enough, to try to obtain development approval for Earle Argue without bribing Strudwick, could have done as much, BUT the crucial point is that the Judicial system is so massively corrupt that only a layman who has no fear of death, or personal destruction, could do it, no lawyer could, any lawyer who challenged Strudwick’s right to demand bribes would be disbarred before he/she got home for supper that night, note below.

Regarding my SCC work, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, I did do the detail and its good work, but actually results from my great memory, I forget nothing, ever, and Lady Beverley’s Court Clerks sent me sample cases to guide preparing the Leave Book and at the end of the day cheerfully took me by the hand and lead me through to file the SCC Leave Appeal, actually simple.

Back to the evil, lying corrupt RM Administrator Donna Strudwick. review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, go to documents, the paper trail shows the RM Council motion had approved the development with two conditions, to wit: hire an “independent consultant” and provide proof of water and the paper trail proves I (Lee) asked Joe Pettick to serve the Argues and UMA and Sask Water confirmed the fact of the Argues 350 gpm spring which proves my claim that Strudwick lied, TWO LADYS AND THE APPEAL BOOK, paragraphs 1 – 25

Note the formal SCC record of the paper trail of the Argue development, and note the approval is hard evidence Strudwick lied time and time again and time again Google Section 123 Municipal Corruption Criminal Code of Canada, click on it, scroll down to Section 2 (a) and 3, it is a Criminal Code offense for a “Municipal official”, which Strudwick is, to “suppress the truth”, which she did.

Again go to TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK and scroll to para. 67. e), note that the SCC Summary proves that I (Lee) did not libel Strudwick so the Appeal Court must grant Judgment for my counterclaim of $236,000.00 plus costs, which would fund the Access TV advertising of this Web site and a robo-call operation for 15 years, the actuarial prediction of my life expectancy, ie: 4 elections, which may not be enough, but will take me the last inch.

Google “its impossible to be too paranoid rural zoning”, based on Mervs advice I (Lee) always try take guns to a knife fight, TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll to the documents, the Council wanted an “independent consultant” so I took them “world class architect”, Joe Pettick, who did the work. In two months Joe had designed the lot plan, obtained proof of water and approval of all Provincial Departments, BUT Strudwick’s friend, Lane, as a Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Judge, takes Uzi’s to revolver fights.

That Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane made God Dam sure that Joe Pettick did not get his $2M fee (7% of $30M) for designing the Argue development, I (Lee) knew that Lane hated Joe Pettick, GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 3: but until Jim Hipkin warned me I was not aware of the Lane/Strudwick very long, very close, very personal, relationship, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30., but Lane/Strudwick has cost Saskatchewan taxpayers a lot of money.

Web readers are again asked to note the SCC Summary Statement Google “scc 31940” and note that in any Commonwealth Country, governed by the rule of Law, the SCC Summary Statementwould have caused the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to grant the Argue $30M development the go-ahead, but review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph, 15. ,and note the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere so the Court of Appeal will maintain the blocking of the Argue $30M development until Strudwicks bribes are paid, note below:

It goes ring around the rosie; my (Lee)s conviction of libel of Strudwick was overturned by the SCC Summary Statement, which proves that Strudwick lied about her Council approval for the Argue development, which should lead to granting my counterclaim, which would lead to a bigger and better Access TV Ad program asking that the Argues be granted development approval without bribing Strudwick, which the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal blocks.

Review post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note that RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick would normally blackmail or bribe the Appeal Judges, to tell whatever lawyer took it to them to piss up a rope, BUT in this case, with that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane running the Court of Appeal he (Lane) will just order his brother and sister Judges how to rule, but there is hope.

Google “what year was the chief judge of canada born?”, Lady Beverley was born in 1943 and that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane was born in 1942, so Lane is a year older and Lady Beverley will be Chief Judge of Canada for a year after Lane leaves the Court of Appeal, which gives the Argues a one year window, BUT note Lane is a crossed the floor Liberal, the Liberals fear/hate Lane, and if Trudeau forms the Fed Government in October 2015, Lane, who is already doing only part time Judging, will be gone within the month, so the Argues may have a 3 year window to obtain their development without bribing Strudwick.

I (Lee), can not, and will not, advise the Argues to ask any Lawyer to accept instruction to risk their legal career by taking on Lane/Strudwick, until that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane is gone from the Court of Appeal. The fact is that it would be a simple enough legal application to the Appeal Court and then on to the Supreme Court, that given what I have already accomplished as a layman, I could do it myself, but the Law Society would order Wall to incarcerate me for impersonating a lawyer and then shoot me while escaping, note below:

I (Lee) may be overstating concerns on behalf of the lawyers, review STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, note that when that evil lying corrupt RM Administrator, Strudwick, sued me for libel, within a day of my being served, Regina Lawyer, George Tkach, sent word for me to attend him, which I did, and George had ten words of pro-bono legal advice for me, ie: “communicate with Strudwick and her lawyers by registered letter only”, review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, note Reiter’s claim I am the stupidest man in Canada, but stupid or not, I understood George’s message: “Strudwick is a liar”.

George (Tkach) has been practising law in Regina as a Conservative supporter for so long that it was probably George who John Diefenbaker was referring to when he (Dief) quipped in the house, Google “ the only protection conservatives have in western canada is the game laws” so George is so used to Judges such as Lane and Richards blacklisting him that it may roll off him like water off a duck and thanks to Canada’s Chief Judge, Lady Beverley McLachlin PC, there is a big picture hope for Justice in general, note below:

Google “chief justice hits back at prime minister over claims of improper call sean fine” & “harper judicial losing streak reveals the limits of government action sean fine” & “andrew coyne: harper courting controversy by picking unprecedented fight with canada’s top judge coyne” & “canadian bar association: deeply concerned about spat between harper and beverley mclachlin cp”; I (Lee) urge all Web readers to study Sean’s Globe and Mail articles, and about half way through the first article note reference to another of my favorite Elites, Dr. Carl Baar, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING.

To be fair, Web readers should also review a different media take, surprisingly, by Christie Blatchford, Google “christie blatchford: chief justice could have avoided catfight with pmo by recusing herself from nadon ruling blatchford”, Christie is setting out that Lady Beverley did not have to hear Nadon herself to keep him (Nadon) off the Court, she could have avoided the fight with Harper by recusing herself and accomplished the same goal, but Lady Beverley chose to fight the Harper Fed and note that Lady Beverley has $170B, that is a Billion with a “B”, reasons, to fight the Harper Fed Official Corruption, note below:

Google “canadians have at least $170 billion stashed in tax havens says watchdog c. p.” There are 10 Provinces, (+ 3 territories with tiny populations), so there is a average of $17B from each Province, including Saskatchewan, which has about 400,000 households so divide 400,000 into $17B, the product is +/- $42K per household, ask any Math Prof or High school math whiz, then ask friends, how many Saskatchewan households have off shore bank accounts, yet the facts are clear, Saskatchewan people have $17B stored off shore; if Web readers and their family and friends don’t own that money, who does?

Google “tony merchant off shore bank account”, we know who owns .0001% of the $17B, Web readers are asked to note that Harper made sure that well known Liberal Lawyer Tony Merchant and his wife, Senator Pana Merchant’s, off shore Bank account with $1.7M in it, was leaked to the CBC, BUT it is a well established fact the Devine Gang, lead by Gary Lane, “disappeared” $10B, “yes Virginia that is a Billion with a B” ,of Saskatchewan taxpayer money in ten years, not $1.7M, a million with an “M”, that Tony Merchant made by honest class action Indian lawyering; the Billions of dollars in taxpayer money Lane “disappeared” went somewhere, Google “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal”.

A Regina Bank Manager knows that Lane, as Devine Finance Minister, had Bank Couriers carry brief cases of cash out of the Leg Building to Switzerland, so why is there no media paper trail for any off shore Bank accounts held by Lane and the RM Administrators, and the Saskatchewan Government Highway Engineers, review posts DEJA VU EDENWOLD & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, paragraph 5:

Regarding what Saskatchewan people may own of the $170B in offshore Bank accounts, review posts SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, and BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note my (Lee)s fear that the only way the Sherwood Reeve could get water for his $200M Wascana Village development is for the City of Regina taxpayers to supply it, OR for the Court of Appeal to allow the RM of Edenwold to expropriate the Argue’s 350 gpm spring, and give the Argue water to Strudwick, who will provide the Sherwood Reeve with the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow, for first cut of his $200M development, AND now note below:

Google “wascana village plan chugging along despite city’s protests lypny”, note the Regina City Mayor has refused to provide the Sherwood Reeve any Regina City water for the Reeve’s Wascana Village development, so now the corrupt Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Courts controlled by that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane will allow the RM of Edenwold to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm spring, and give it to Donna Strudwick, review post BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.

Google “eminent domain” note that its a US term, BUT Premier Wall will now have to make a decision on the Argues 350 gpm spring, and with the White City area desperate for water I (Lee) believe it would be political suicide for Premier Wall to allow Lane/Richrds/Strudwick to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm spring and do a deal with the Sherwood Reeve, ie: give him the Argues 350 gpm spring for first cut of his $200M development, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.

The City of Regina refusal to provide the Sherwood Reeve with water has forced Premier Brad Wall to make a decision about Earles water and Strudwick’s bribe demands; he can 1): use a Sask Party honest business model and grant the Argues development or 2): use a quasi socialist, Liberal, “eminent domain” model; give the Argues their development and 3% -10% of their own water and give the remaining 90% of the Argue water to White City, BUT Wall can not allow Strudwick to expropriate Earles water to give to the Sherwood Reeve.

Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, the mainstream Saskatchewan media has been covering up the Lane/Strudwick corruption for years but I (Lee) refuse to believe the Media is so irresponsible they would watch Wall allow that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane and Lanes best buddy, Saskatchewan Chief Judge Richards, to grant Strudwick and the RM of Edenwold the power to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm spring for use by the Sherwood Reeve, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, in exchange for first cut of the $200M the Sherwood Reeve will make from his development, note below:

The Sherwood Reeve now has the Indians involved, they will drill into the aquifer feeding the Argue 350 gpm spring and if the Indian property is in exactly the right place and if their experts drill to exactly the right depth, their plan may work to a certain extent BUT the Indians will not be able to suck all the Argue water out of the Aquifer and Earle will probably have 3% of his spring water flow left and the Chief Judge of Canada is one year younger than that Google fuddel-duddel” Lane so the Argues will soon see Lane gone from the Court of Appeal while Lady Beverley is still Chief Judge of Canada, which, as set out above, is crucial for Earle Argue to obtain approval for his $30M Development.

The facts I (Lee) have carved in stone at the SCC on Earle’s development will allow him to do a contingency deal with a lawyer who will have a one to three year window between Lane gone and Lady Beverley not gone, with solid “cause for action” but I suggest that in the current troubled Federal Election countdown a better solution for all concerned, except Lane and Strudwick, is that Sask Party and Brad Wall review VENAL AND VICIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS.

I (Lee) suggest Premier Wall review the three solutions I offered NDP Premier Calvert and his Cabinet, note the Calvert NDP Cabinet laughed at me and instructed Strudwick to use her in-house lawyer Dowling to go after me with a “slapp”, Google “scc 31940”, and review post SOME STUPID- SOME JOKE and note how well that plan worked out for Calvert and the NDP, note former NDP Premier Calvert is administering a United Church Community College.

Note that NDP Party heavy hitters have life and death control over their leaders,
Google “horwath dismisses perceived shift to the right by party faithful ctv/cp”, note the Ontario NDP leader was threatened, now review STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL and note then NDP Leader Roy Romanow was blackmailed by the hard left of the Saskatchewan NDP into allowing SARM to continue to loot Rural Saskatchewan, wrecking economic havoc to this day, BUT causing the collapse of the NDP Party of Saskatchewan.

That Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane, supported by Saskatchewan Chief Judge Richards, never stops his corrupt demands, and as he ages he is increasingly vicious, Google “tony merchant’s three month suspension stands polischuk”, review Heather’s well done article and then Google “lane hates merchant rural zoning” and review as many, or as few, of the search results as needed for documented evidence to establish Lanes hatred of Tony, note also Heathers reference to Kuski hints of taking the Tony defense to the Supreme Court.

I (Lee) am not a lawyer and do not pretend to know if Tony contravened Law Society rules, BUT I would be very surprised if Web readers could find a Regina lawyer who does not agree that it is a sick Judicial joke to allow Lane to hear anything regarding Tony Merchant; Lane is a crossed the floor Liberal and hates Tony Merchant with a passion far beyond the normal Alpha male, school boy, long cock stuff, and Tony and Pana Merchant are true, strong, Liberal supporters, and are Harper targets, now note below:

Review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q.C, note where I (Lee) call into question Gord Kuski’s legal ethics in helping Gary Lane save Richard Hornung Q. C. ‘s legal career after Hornung took the plug out of his 12 gauge automatic shotgun, and used his 12 gauge to blow Voinorosky’s head off, Google “ there is no statute of limitations on murder charges in canada”, and note below:

Voinorosky was not a lawyer, neither am I (Lee), so do not know if Gord Kuski offended Law Society rules when he helped Lane cover up Hornung Q.C.’s shot gun slaughter of Voinorosky, and if Kuski refuses to take Lane to the Supreme Court regarding Tony, that may not be law society stuff, it may be only UN human rights level stuff, BUT Kuski is a lawyer and must Google “know or ought to know” that Lane’s attempt to destroy Tony Merchant is the type of sickening Harper Fed Corruption that Chief Judge Lady Beverley is fighting.

Review LADY LORI AND A SARM MOTION & SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE and note that this Web site helped stop Strudwicks colleague, SARM President Dave Marit, and Harpers “girl friday”, Jenni Bryne, “one of the100 smartest women in Canada” from gerrymandering the boundaries of Harpers 13 Saskatchewan Fed riding’s, and note Harper forgets nothing, ever, note below:

Lady Beverley giving me (Lee) the SCC Summary Statement to fight the Strudwick corruption is not the only reason Harper is determined to use a “block buster bomb” to destroy Lady Beverley, Google “scc 31940”; Lady Beverley allowing guys like me to take cases to the Supreme Court, with her Court Clerks leading us through the SCC system to Summary Statement, is what is annoying Harper’s base, Google “white collar thugs” like SARMs Dave Marit, do not like Judicial interference in their demands that the Business community pay bribes to their corrupt officials such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Google “block buster bomb” Lady Beverley’s SCC Administration shows why Harper has to use a blockbuster on the Lady to stay in power, Harper’s best boy Wall can not allow independent Judges in Saskatchewan, this Web site has been up since July 2007, its at 50,000 visits and has provided hard evidence the Judges are blackmailed or bribed by Elite Officials such as Strudwick to protect their bribe demands, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, yet Wall refuses to end SARM/RMAA corruption, how can this be?, note another example below:

Google “ who controls telebetting in canada”, note its controlled off shore, review ONE GOOD MAN and note that Regina Lawyer, Dave McKay, is trying to stop the “unfair” treatment of the Regina Harness race Association by the Wall Brain Trust moving all “telebetting” to Saskatoon and note that Google “premier walls saskatoon catholic mafia” may own a portion of that $170B; “yes Virginia Elite Canadians do have Billions with a ‘B’” stored in off shore Banks, note below:

Google “purity and precision movie review high noon”, note the Frank Miller/Wil Kane fiction in “High Noon” is the same “good v evil” as in the Canadian real life show down between Harper and Lady Beverley. Note that this Canadian Version of “High Noon”, a real life showdown between good and evil, is unprecedented in Canada, and the political pundits believe Harper is doomed because “we the Canadian people” will always choose a Chief Judge over a Prime Minister.

The movie review sets out that except for “good v evil” my (Lee)s analogy does not track because the Sheriff, in “High Noon”, had no help from the towns people, the only help he had was his wife, a Quaker Girl who abhorred violence, but still shot one of Frank Miller’s guys in the back, whereas in real life Lady Beverley has the support of the CBA, which should send Harper a message.

But there is a similarity to “High Noon”, the towns people were as terrified of Frank Miller as the Conservative Caucus is terrified of Harper and while Lady Beverley has brought hope to the Argues to obtain approval without bribing Strudwick, as in “High Noon”, Saskatchewan business found out its more profitable to bribe corrupt sluts such as Strudwick and her ilk, then hire lawyers.

This Web site, now at 50,000 visits, will be at 90,000 by Election Day, and Stats Canada sets out that each household has 2.8 residents so +/- 60% of voters will have read this Web site by E-day, October 2015, which will help put all 13 of Harpers Saskatchewan riding’s at risk and a Trudeau Fed may will open the door for the Saskatchewan Liberals to boot Greg Gallagher and reincarnate the Provincial Liberal Party, thereby placing Wall at risk, note below:

Google “lynda’s demise haunts them still mandryk”, & “mandryk: sask party may struggle to reviatilze mandryk” review Murrays great articles and note that the Liberal community will be racked by guilt until they do a make good on the fact they allowed their Ruling Elite, the Ralph Goodale thugs, to destroy Lynda Haverstock when she warned there would be no “cozy crony” contracts under her leadership as Liberal Premier, a sad day and decade in Saskatchewan politics, now that Lynda’s corruption prophesy has come true, note below:

Review a article from the Economist April 26th 2014, Google “ Charlemagne The dragon in the room” note the subtitle says it all, “The European Union’s inexplicable fear of exposing corruption”, and I (Lee) urge all taxpaying voters to read the article and ask; does the Wall Brain Trust have the same problem?, the EU Leaders fear that any move to end official corruption will collapse their economic house of cards and if the Wall Brain Trust is allowing the evil, lying, corrupt, officials such as RM Administrator Strudwick, and her ilk, to continue their corrupt demand for bribes because of a fear that any move to end the Strudwick bribe demands will cause collapse of the Saskatchewan economy then they are as insanely, irrationally, irresponsibly, stupid as the EU leaders.

Lynda Haverstock’s fear of the corruption of “cozy crony” contracts has come true; the taxpayers are in a economic war with officials such as the RM Administrators, think long and hard about the fact the Chief Judge of Canada is putting her life on the line to try to end official corruption and any taxpaying voter who believe it is nonsense to claim the Chief Judges life is at risk is urged to review post LADY LORI-NEMISES, scroll to near post end for reference to Stevie Cameron’s best selling book, Google “on the take greed and corruption in the mulroney years” and note reference to the “suicide” of Mulroney bag men who knew what off shore Bank the Mulroney money is in.

To quote D.A. MacKenzie Q.C. I (Lee) have long been “very puzzled” why Wall runs the Strudwick bribery risk he has when I have offered him a deal, Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables rural zoning”, but they continue to pander to Strudwick’s bribe demands, which is drop dead insanity, because after a decade even Dave Marit and Donna Strudwick, the most obdurate pair in Christendom, have got to know the Argues are not going to give Strudwick a 5 Google “fuddel-duddel” cents bribe even for approval of a $30M development, so the Marit/ SARM/Strudwick objective has got to be spite, pure and simple.

At the end of the day, for Premier Wall, it is a short term win or loss of the next election; the Premier and his people know the risks and in a, Google “theory of probability”, world, in the face of this Web site, they would not pander to Strudwick regarding her bribes to approve the Argue Development, but the hard fact is that no matter what the visit count of this Web site is and no matter how well liked this Web site is and no matter the feed back from the voters, no matter that Manitoba/Alberta are eliminating RMs, all that matters is Strudwicks bribes.

It would not matter if a Angel came down from heaven and warned that the Strudwick bribe demand had to end, PM Harper and SARM President Marit, direct line descendants of the Japanese Kamikaze Pilots of WW ll, would not bow, and if Premier Wall does not pander to Strudwick’s bribe demands, SARM President Dave Marit will make sure Premier Wall loses the next election.


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