Google “scc 31940” & “mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier”, & “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing edmund burke”, sick of paying bribes to the Premier’s officials such as Donna Strudwick?, donate to Paypal

This post is about one good man who did something to end evil, but first review the first paragraphs of DEJA VU DEVINE and Google “mandryk: brad walls $40-million lean is just too fat mandryk”, & “beware lean propaganda machine mandryk” & “saskatchewan nurses want protection if they speak out about lean program c.p”, note the Canadian Press sets out the fact of Nurses fear of revenge for talking, and Murray sets out all facts including the fact that statistics show that claim of improvement is nonsense; Murray does not draw the conclusion that Premier Wall is using John Black to launder taxpayer money as Walls God Fathers, Lane and Devine, did during the 1980’s, but note below?

After I (Lee) raised question of possible Wall money laundering in DEJA VU DEVINE, Murray added detail that I had not been aware of in his next column on the John Black “lean” issue, now Google “saskatchewan government opening lean books to auditor cowan” & “ lean audit will provide some answers mandryk” all that audit will show is how many millions of Saskatchewan taxpayers dollars Wall sent to Black but the Auditor can not get into Blacks accounts to find out how much money was sent out of Blacks accounts, where it was sent and to who and why, that is the reason Devine/Lane designed the plan in the first place.

Web readers are asked to note that after a population increase of only 10% the Wall Administration has boosted Provincial spending by over 40%, from $10B to $14B, this means that in the count down to the next General Election Wall will brag that he and John Black have reduced spending on health as a percentage of the budget, from 50% of the budget to 35%, ie: $5B as a percentage of $14B, but Web readers should Google “don’t eat that elmer that’s horseshit”.

Now note the Ruling Elite are suddenly pretending a interest in “fairness”, for taxpayers, as example, Google “fair elections act”, BUT note the Harper Fed’s use of the word “fair” in their Elections Act mocks the word, “fair”, the Harper Feds are using the same venal, sleazy, unconscionable, tactics the US Tea Party use, they are making it as difficult, miserable and time consuming as possible for the bottom 20% of the voters on the economic scale to vote.

Google “former auditor general says tories ‘election bill’ attack on democracy bryden c.p, & “poilievre: no need to panic over election reform bill; won’t commit to change, brewster CP” . Note the sleazy little bastard, Poilievre, serving as Harpers Minister Responsible, on the “fair” Election Act , admits there is massive opposition to the Bill but states that it will go in to law as is; if Harper wins another mandate I (Lee) predict he will amend the “Fair” Election Act so that only property owners may vote, Google “canadian property sufferage wiki”.

The Harper people have access to tax files so know who is the bottom 20% and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the “fair” Elections Act will discourage poor people from voting and use of robo-calls is a tactic to mislead poor voters from polling places but Canadians know Harper actions are beyond the usual Ruling Elite corruption and sleaze, designed to pander to his (Harpers) base and that its purpose is to manipulate the vote because there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, the bottom 20% on the economic ladder never, even with a gun to their head, vote Conservative, and the official opposition, the NDP and third Party Liberals have dubbed Harper’s Federal Election Act the Google “unfair election act”, which the mainstream media has picked up on.

Out of the blue, use of the word “fair” and “unfair” is suddenly common and the voting taxpayers relate too the “unfairness” of our Ruling Elite, Google “mandryk: too many losers in grain dispute mandryk” & “ grain crises last straw johnstone”, Saskatchewan’s preeminent political Journalist’s use the word “unfair” while doing articles on the Harper Feds problems getting Prairie Grain to market after they (Harper Fed) axed the CWB, review ASSET NUMBERS.

Now note that Regina Lawyer, Dave Mackay, “One Good Man” in the legal community, is using the word “unfair” in his Statement of Claim, Google “track near regina sues slga over alleged prarieland telebetting monoply davis”, note Dave MacKay has used the word “unfair” in the Statement of Claim he filed on behalf of West Meadows Raceway, Dave Mackay is a very able lawyer and would not have made the claim of “unfair” unless he was sure he could prove it.

Google “death knell for horse racing ytw april 3 2014”, the Yorkton group have not yet joined the action BUT I (Lee) know Yorkton well and the tone of the YTW Editorial tells me they may; Premier Walls “Saskatoon Catholic Mafia”, who originally set up the Amicus scam review BLOOD ON THE WALL, are now cornering all Provincial harness racing spin off betting revenues in Saskatoon but public opinion may force Premier Wall to fairness and sanity.

The Ontario Horse Breeders have a similar problem with “unfairness”. Google “re: ontario horse breeders prepare too launch $65M lawsuit against olg, province ctv news london”, which may add interest to the Saskatchewan situation and tax paying voters I (Lee) talk to who are familiar with Harness racing and are following the issue in the press, appear to take it as given that the Wall Administration has been unfair to the Regina Harness Race People, so Dave Mackay will prove his claim, but the SLGA is run by high level Government officials who, as a common practice, blackmail and bribe Judges, note below:

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING & BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?; Dave MacKay, just as all members of the Saskatchewan Bar is aware of a official report, titled “Masters In Their Own House” relevant chapter in PDF in the above noted post, complete copies of the report in both Regina and Saskatoon Public Libraries, the Library call numbers are in BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, copy right held by the Canadian Judicial Council, states that the Senior Provincial Government officials use blackmail of Queens and Appeal Bench Judges to dictate Judicial decisions, note below:

Review LADY LORI, A BEACON, scroll down to page 3 of the documents, review “Politics kills national court study”, note that following the Judicial Council report set out in the preceding paragraph the Provincial Ruling Elite fought like wolverines to to stop the Feds from moving control of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to a independent body such as the Senate, the end result is Provincial Officials, such as the Highway Engineers, RM Administrators such as Strudwick and the SLGA are dictating Judicial decisions and I (Lee) went to the Gates of Hell to prove truth of what is set out in BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, note the instances of well documented “unfairness” by Gary Lane as the Devine Gang Attorney General, BUT take particular note of complaint 5: the hard evidence that Lane did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson to destroy my (Lee)s Highway Contracting company, note the proof flows from the Hon. Kim Young, a Saskatchewan Provincial Court Judge, currently serving in North Battleford.

The Hon. Judge Young will confirm my (Lee)s claim or he won’t, my guess is that he already has, but Walls AG, could find out in a 15 minute phone call to Judge Young, but Wall will not act on the issue, and the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) has literally told me to go “fuddel-duddel” myself, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC AND Google “cic1 rural zoning”; note that the bribes have got to be paid, again Google “federal judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association schmitz ottawa citizen” again I (Lee) ask, is this “fair”?

Google “ottawa architect lester johnson” note that Les was so disgusted at official corruption he worked with my (Lee)s wife Lorna to prepare the MLA Appeal, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to line “April 1984 MLA Appeal with appendices (PDF), click on that, note the PDF comes up as a document titled, “A Submission to the Progressive Conservative Members of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly”, note that Les also drew the cartoon in STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON.

Note the MLA Appeal Les and Lorna prepared is what that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane confiscated from the PC MLA’s, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 6:. The PC MLA’s back bench were good men and women, and that may be the reason the Hon Kim Young may be prepared to stick his Honorable neck out for me (Lee) today, again review Les’s MLA Appeal.

Web followers who are paint by number people may wish to wade through the entire MLA submission and they would enjoy it, but just take a quick read of Appendix 1, a one page letter from then Deputy Minister Tom Gentles and Appendix 2, a one page letter from Conciliator Larry Lashyn, for examples of the evidence the Western lawyer, D.A. Mackenzie used to prove there had been Engineering Error, Breach of Contract and Negligence, and Macpherson, the Queens Bench Judge, agreed with the Statement of Claim, note below:

Review Appendix 7, Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson Judgment, and note MacPherson agreed there was Engineering Error, Breach of Contract and Negligence by the Highways Engineers but dismissed the claim because the Highway Engineers were only “human”, read that massively “unfair” Judgment.

D.A. Mackenzie of Esterhazy was able and well regarded, he proved the Western claim of Engineering Error, Breach of Contract and Negligence, ie: the Trial Judge agreed the claim had been proven, BUT dismissed the Western action on the grounds the Highway Engineers were only “human”, the Appeal Court upheld that idiocy, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case and Lane confiscated the MLA Appeal, LANES QUESTIONABLE QC, was that “fair”.

My wife Lorna and I (Lee) had done well for many years, we still had a solid base, our house and other assets, and were still bondable so I tried to save Western by asking the Devine Administration to allow me to hire and pay my own firm of Consulting Engineers to administer any road contract my company entered into with the Government of Saskatchewan, but Lane refused my ask claiming it would be a license for me to print money and Lane then did his deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson to complete the destruction of my Contracting company, again I ask, was that “fair”?

Regina lawyer Dave MacKay is highly regarded, the Regina Harness Race group have been active and functioning as a Association since Saskatchewan was formed and the facts as set out in the press establish the Wall Administration is “unfair” to the Regina Harness Race people, but note below:

My wife Lorna (nee Latta) loved Harness racing and I (Lee), hope the Harness Race people win their action, but my fear is that their lawyer will prove the fact of “unfairness” and whatever Queens Bench Judge hears the case, he/she will be blackmailed bullied or bribed by the SLGA officials to dismiss the action, so the Judge, to dismiss it, will use the “Sandy” MacPherson precedent and agree it was “unfair”, BUT dream up some nonsense such as the following example; note below my idea of a possible Queens Bench Judges ruling, based on MacPherson’s Professional Civil Engineers “only human” ruling, as follows:

Begin pseudo Judgment “of course there was unfairness, all Governments are always unfair to all taxpaying voters and it therefore would be ‘unfair’ to all other voting taxpayers if the Regina Harness Race people were the only taxpaying voters to be treated ‘fairly’, case dismissed”. End pseudo Judgment

Dave Mackay has blazed a trail, Google “dundee reality suing regina city over harbour landing deal polischuk”, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE note near post end that Dundee is a public Company, ie: its shares are sold on the stock market, and I (Lee) raised the fact of Public Company Boards refusal to pay bribes, and Dundee Board’s refusal to pay bribes and the “unfairness” of Regina City officials to Dundee is no coincidence; we will now find out if the Regina City officials can dictate Queens Bench rulings just as the Provincial official’s do.

Google “politics slows change on ‘super grids’ mandryk” I (Lee) ask Web readers to review Murrays great article, he covers three of the corruption issues, but mainly the need to eliminate the RM’s and corrupt Administrators such as Strudwick if Saskatchewan is to survive economically, note below:

Before we get to Strudwick note another Canadian Ruling Elite woman who is as brazenly arrogant as Strudwick. Google “pauline marois says independent quebec would have no border tolls msn”, once the Quebec Premier and Leader of the PQ found a hotshot Quebec Media Billionaire, Google “PKP” who controls 40% of Quebec media, as a star candidate and the pundits believed that with control of 40% of the Quebec media she would form a majority.

The fact that she (Marois) lost her own seat after 35 years in the Quebec Legislature,and resigned the night of the election, Google “quebec election 2014: phillipe couillard’s mandate-to be anything but the pq gagnon cbc” does not mean she (Marois) did not think she would win when she called the election,

I (Lee) watched the first Quebec Election debate on CBC the evening of Thursday March 20th 2014, the moderators and translators did a great job,

I (Lee) was at first puzzled by my personal reaction to the sight and sound of Marois; the two males, the ADQ/CAQ and Liberal Leaders, were great, even the Solidaire Leader, a redheaded woman, a avowed Communist, was great, but I was so sickened at the sight and sound of Marois, that I almost quit watching, I have a cast iron stomach so wondered why I became sick, BUT then it dawned on me, it was psychological, Marois looks exactly like Donna Strudwick, my next thought was, Jesus H. Christ, there are two of them, so kept watching

I (Lee) had sat through RM of Edenwold meeting’s listening to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, snicker, sneer and belittle Earle Argue and Earles Architect, Joe Pettick, and while listening to the Quebec debate, it finally dawned on me that Marois not only looks like Strudwick, she used the same stance in the debate as Strudwick had used with Earle and Joe Pettick; Marois used exactly the same cadence, the same sneering, smirking, snickering, arrogant, hectoring, condescension, as Strudwick used with Earle and his Architect Joe Pettick who had designed half of Regina”s skyline, that is why I was sickened unto death.

Web readers are asked to note that to my (Lee)s simple mind, the epitome of “unfairness” by the Provincial Ruling Elite, both NDP and Sask Party, is the fact that they have been massively “unfair” to Earle and Sharie Argue and the taxpayers, ie: both the Saskatchewan NDP and Sask Party, have refused to overrule RM Administrator Donna Strudwick’s demands for bribes to approve Earle and Sharie Argues $30M residential Development, note Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

Web readers will note the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed the ruling of the Saskatchewan Queens and Appeal Bench Courts that the only option that I (Lee) had to obtain approval for the Argues development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, now Google “criminal code of canada section 123 (1) municipal corruption”, note that any one who carries anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor is subject to five years in prison, it is “unfair” that the Court rules my only option to obtain approval for the Argue development is to serve five years in prison.

Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables rural zoning”, note the many Web posts where I (Lee) set out that my only interest is obtaining development approval for the Argues $30M residential development without paying bribes to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, note that I repeatedly make the point that this could be done at no taxpayer cost, yet the Wall Administration refuses to address the Strudwick corruption, is this fair?

Google “too small to be a republic too big too be a insane asylum wiki” note that back in the day a US Legislator used the phrase to depict South Carolina, well the phrase could be used today to make the point about the RM of Edenwold; note that one of my (Lee)s confidants has been advocating that Web readers may find a simple Strudwick corruption time line use full, I had tried to do that with FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, but my confidant believes that post is too long and complicated by proofs, and advised something simpler, as set out below:


*** Argues receive written approval, on Council letterhead, signed by RM of Edenwold Planner, Brad Armstrong M.C.I.P, for development go ahead.

*** Strudwick, as RM Administrator, told the Argues, in writing, that the Council has carried a counter motion denying their development and Strudwick lies, in writing, that they have no right of appeal

*** Argue’s sue but use NDP lawyers Gates and Nychuk who fail to enter written evidence of RM and Provincial department approval, Argues lose at both Queens Bench and Appeal BUT loss is based on a Saskatchewan precedent that “all zoning issues are political and the courts must not intefere”

*** Earle engages Bob’s help and Bob goes to Link as Deputy Premier who instructs Bob that Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid and instructs Bob to stay away from the Argues, Link then leaves for Calgary and Nexen.

*** The Argues and Bob attend four different Regina lawyers, including Dr. John Beke, who advise that it is impossible to get by Strudwick and to give up.

*** The then Executive Director of Community Planning advises Bob that Strudwick would require a bribe of $200,000.00 but assures Bob that she would have to share that bribe with the Edenwold Council.

*** With Link gone to Nexen Bob goes to Jack Hillson as then Minister of Community Planning who amends the Urban Act to allow a Developer to bypass an RM Administrator by finding a Village to annex his development out of a RM.

***Ron Osika, Minister following Hillson, ordered that the Argues find a Village to annex their Development out of the RM of Edenwold and Wood Mountain Village agrees to annex the Argue development out of Edenwold.

*** Strudwick refuses to allow the annexation, holds a public meeting and makes public statement that “both Earle and Sharie Argue are less than honest” and are “conning” the Wood Mountian Mayor and Council who are incompetent.

*** Bob goes to Clavert as NDP Premier, who orders then Minister of Community Planning, Len Taylor, to deal with it, who rules that the Village of Wood Mountain should not be allowed to exist and that the Argues only option to obtain development approval is to carry “flowers chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick.

***Premier Claverts office sends the issue to the Municipal Board Bounday Commission who refuses to rule on the “criminal issue” of the “flowers…..” question and will not allow Wood Mountain Village to annex the Argue Development but rules that the RM of Edenwold ratepayers are losing a “significant” amount of tax revenue and must revisit the Argue development.’

***Bob attempts to ensure that Earle Argue personally attends the RM of Edenwold Council but Strudwick denies Earle access to the Council.

*** Section 123 (1) of the Criminal Code MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION states that anyone who carries anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor, as was ruled by Taylor as the only option, is subject to five years in prison if they comply.

*** Bob writes formal complaint letters to NDP Clavert and Taylor, complaining about Taylors ruling stating that carrying “flowers…..” to Strudwick is the Argues only option and before the letters are filed the Outlook Community leaders had the letters “lawyered” by 4 different lawyers for libel and receive a thumbs up.

*** Outlook Community Leader, Lloyd Smith toured the RM of Edenwold, talks to several ratepayers, obtains opinions that Strudwick is conspiring to drive the Argues to bankruptcy to obtain their development quarter and spring water flow at tax auction and provides affidavit of his information obtained to RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis.

***Strudwick lawyer Dowling phones Staff Lewis who destroys Lloyds affivdavit.

***Lloyd then arranges for Larry Hubbard, then joint Administrator of RM of Rudy, and Town of Outlook, to attempt resolution.

*** Hubbard arranges through RMAA Executive Director Kevin Ritchie for Bob to lodge formal complaint against Strudwick under Section 19 (1) of RMAA Act.

*** Strudwick sat at her own hearing which ruled Bob could not file a complaint, she ruled only another RM Administrator or RM Council could file a complaint.

***Hubbard was fired from the RM of Rudy and the Town of Outlook, and ended up at a RM on the Alberta Border and was then forced to hire a lawyer to force that RM to grant medical mental leave for three years until his retirement.

***Lloyd Smith took Staff Sgt. Lewis destruction of his (Lloyds) Affidavit to “F” division RCMP who ruled that Earle and Sharie Argue had to sign a Criminal Complaint against Strudwick before the RCMP would investigate.

***Both Lloyd Smith, who signed the affidavit, and Bob serving as the Argue representative, offered to sign the Strudwick Criminal Complaint but “F” division Elite insisted the Argues had to sign the Strudwick complaint.

*** Bob sent the Argues back to the lawyers who were all adamant, the Argues must not sign the criminal complaint because if they signed the RCMP would rule there was nothing to the Argue complaint and Strudwick would then sue the Argues for libel, it should be noted the RCMP rent office space in the Edenwold RM building.

***NDP heavy hitter, Louise Simard, approached Bob with advise that the Argues commence legal action for one million dollars against the Calvert administration for “breach of implied contract” for the fact the Calvert Administration had failed to honor the Hon Ron Osika instruction the Argues find a Village to annex their development out of RM of Edenwold

***The Argues, not trusting the corrupt courts, refused the Simard plan.

***Bob went back to Simard who advised the Calvert Administration would pay the action out before it ever got into Court, but Bob advised the Argues that if the Calvert NDP was so worried about the Strudwick Corruption they would pay out one million dollars of taxpayer money to color up a fairy tale they would cave in if we stood firm, but Bob was wrong, NDP Calvert did not cave, he attacked.

***NDP Clavert gave Strudwick Bobs two complaint letters to Calvert and Taylor and Strudwick sued Bob for libel based on the two letters.

***When Strudwick commenced her libel action against Bob, RM of Lumsden Reeve, Jim Hipkin, sent Bob warning, that Strudwick was close to Gary Lane

*** Bob conducted his own defense, lost at Queens Bench when NDP Lady Judge Janet McMurtry, who was married to NDP Provincial Attorney General Chris Axworthy, found him guilty of libel of Strudwick, Bob appealed,

***Bob lost at Appeal and then took it to the Supreme Court (SCC) who refused to hear the case but the Chief Judge for Canada did write a Summary Statement proving the highlights ie: Strudwick’s demand for “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to grant development approval Google “scc 31940”,

***Bob used the SCC Summary as basis for a monthly Web site, advertised on Access TV three times a hour, twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year, in rotating areas of the Province, asking for Justice for the Argues, which site has gained a high roxor ranking and “ well regarded and well watched” status, Web site visits are now at +/- 47,000.


Google “is unfairness evil” & “captured by evil: the idea of corruption in law laura s. underkuffler”; Web readers are asked to review at least the Introduction in Laura’s white paper, its only a page and a bit of large print and Web readers are reminded of the quote from Edmund Burke, Google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and note below:

Web readers are reminded that four Regina Lawyers, all good men, warned the Argues and I (Lee) that it was impossible to obtain approval for the development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick, note again “captured by evil: the idea of corruption in law” note that Strudwick’s bribe demand is unmitigated Evil; now scroll back to the first half of this post, note that Regina Lawyer, Dave Mackay, is a good man who did something, Dave acted for the Regina Harness Race people against unfairness and pure, raw, evil.

Web readers are asked to review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING and note that I (Lee) am doing for the Argues what Dr. Carl Baar, co-author of “Masters In Their Own House” advised was the only action that provided any hope to a honest man, ie: publicity and Web readers who believes that I overplay the danger to our economy of evil, lying, corrupt, Government officials such as the Highway Engineers, the RM Administrators and the corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Courts, should Google “nasa warns how ‘powerful complex societies” are subject to immediate collapse heyes”.

Web readers are asked to never forget Edmund Burke’s warning “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.


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