Google “scc 31940” & “mcmurty rules strudwick reports to premier”; Sick of the cost of bribes to Calvert & Wall’s Rural Administrator Donna Strudwick and her ilk? Donate to Paypal

Google “mandryk: tough to walk in krawetz’s shoes (with video) mandryk”, study Murray’s financial numbers and ask the question; with the Province in economic dire straits can taxpayers afford to allow Developers to pay bribes to corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick for development approval in the RMs, then deduct Strudwick’s bribe from tax as a cost of doing business?

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the taxpayers would benefit from the school and property tax revenue from the Argues, and other, Developments in the 300 RM’s, review the first post in this Website, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY note the first few paragraphs of that first post where Outlook Community Leader, Lloyd Smith, toured the 30 RM’s in the Outlook area and found worse corruption in some RM’s than the Argues have encountered.

It was Yogi Berra who first said Google “its deja vu allover again”, now Google “lean costs puts taxpayers in a bad ‘muda’” mandryk”, I (Lee) urge Web readers to review Murray’s article and then Google “grant devines conservative advisers” and study as many of the search results as needed to remind them of the $10B of Saskatchewan taxpayer money Devine “disappeared” during the 1980’s.

Murray does not raise the possibility that Wall is giving U.S. Medical Consultant, John Black and Associates, in Seattle, $40M dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money, one million up front, and asking Black to do what the Devine Gang did to disappear the $10B, use taxpayer money to overpay Consultants with the Consultant putting the over payments back into the officials personal bank accounts, that maybe is going on again, but John Black may also be honest.

Google “meet john black: the management guru behind the $39M Saskatoon health makeover french” I (Lee) urge all Web readers to review Janet’s article, note she appears to believe that John Black is honest; John Black has been doing this for a long, long, time; he likely knows a gang of Google “white collar thugs” when he sees them, and he originally did not want to come within a country mile of the Government of Saskatchewan, but was coaxed into it;

I (Lee) have been around a few aging smart, brave, honorable, men over my lifetime, Ben Torchinsky, Jack Mollard, Joe Pettick, Bill Tobin and D.A. Mackenzie come to mind, I knew them well, and John Black may be the real deal as Janet says, he appears to be a true expert on medical fraud, Google “john black and associates seattle”, study the paper trail; they may be as honest as Janet says they are BUT all Black can do is advise and if Wall can not face down Strudwick over her bribes can he face down the Doctors and Nurses?

Web readers are asked to review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and note that Google “fuddel-duddel Lane and a corrupt Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay bribes to Government Engineers during the Devine Gang rule, so maybe my fears are just paranoia, review REGARDING PARANOIA, now note below:

Review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, note the first few paragraphs of that post, note the post is based on a CBC article detailing a projected Provincial $82B deficit in Health spending by 2062, that’s where the $1.6B annual deficit comes from in the post title; now review ASSET NUMBERS, note where I (Lee) list the Main stream media articles on the Doctors demand for bribes to perform surgery and Doctors demand for bribes from the Drug Companies, and Nurses paid a annual $230K, all well documented horror stories, note below:

In brief, the entire endless, mindless, “Norway Rats in a open pit nuisance ground level greed”, a Medical horror that eats up $5B of Saskatchewan 2014 $14B budget, and if John Black can end Saskatchewan’s endless, mindless, Medical fraud and horror it will be a good days work, and both John Black and Premier Wall should be Sainted or Knighted or have Statues built to them, whatever is done to honor Leaders, but I (Lee) again ask, is Walls intent honorable and is the Black operation honest, or a re-run of the Devine fraud?

I (Lee) trust Web readers will understand my paranoia, again review GARY LANE AND THE CJC compliant 5:, note my personal destruction because of my refusal to bribe Government Engineers. Now Google “devine scandals of the 1980’s”. and note that except for the brief cases of cash that Lane, as Finance Minister, moved by Swiss Bank Courier from the Leg Building in Regina to a Swiss Bank, the Devine Gang usual means to launder taxpayer money was to overpay consultants who returned the overpayment to personal bank accounts, note it is impossible to move $10B cash around in a democracy undetected.

Google “how much does one million dollars weight in 100 dollar bills” note the answer is 21 pounds, which is about all Lanes Swiss Bank Courier could take in a brief case flying Regina-Switzerland; now follow through on the logistics of moving ten Billion dollars of stolen cash off shore, one Billion dollars is one thousand million so one Billion weighs 21,000 pounds, one English ton is 2000 pounds, one Billion weighs 10.5 tons, and Ten Billion weighs 110 tons, a small car weighs about 2000# (one ton) so that means about 100 small cars in weight.

The amount of stolen Saskatchewan taxpayer money the Devine Gang moved in cash, in brief cases, directly from the Leg Building by that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lanes Swiss Bank Couriers, must have been miniscule, mad money for wives to buy shoes when in Europe, but however it was done the Devine Gang disappeared $10B dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money in the 1980’s and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust may be doing a re-run, and one question for the rerun is, will the Devine-Wall Brain Trust believe that the next $10B they steal from the Saskatchewan taxpayers should be adjusted for inflation, note below:

Google “canada’s inflation from from 1990 to 2014”, note the Bank of Canada Web site where you plug in the dates for the time frame that you want to calculate the inflation rate for; annual inflation in Canada from 1990 to 2014 was 1.99%, and more important, for every $100.00 the Devine Gang stole from the taxpayers back in the “Days of Devine”, if the updated version of the Devine Gang, want the inflated value, they must steal $160.00, that means, to steal the equivalent of the Devine $10B, they will have to steal $16B today.

Web readers are asked to Google “what devine minister did brad wall work for?”, and review LANES QUESTIONABLE QC and review the list of individuals who currently work for Wall who had worked in the Devine Administration, note the Devine/Wall overlapping adviser list was prepared by Murray Mandryk, and I (Lee) am puzzled why Murray did not add this bit of information to his “muda” column referred to in the first paragraph of this post, may be the Leader Post lawyers are edgy about Strudwick type Google “slapp” actions that I (Lee) took through to the Supreme Court of Canada Google “scc 31940”, note below:

All of the above has brought home that the 4 Regina Lawyers who advised Earle and Sharie Argue, and I (Lee), that it was impossible to obtain approval for the Argues Development without bribing Donna Strudwick were right and with Wall now bringing in Republican advisers similar to the advisers Devine brought in to run the Province in the 1980’s that I must face the fact that I will never obtain approval for the Argues $30M development without bribing the corrupt slut, RM Administrator Strudwick, whose bribes will not be paid, ever, by the Argues or I.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Strudwick’s bribes will never be paid, at least by the Argues or I (Lee), so the Argues will never get development approval, as was warned by the 4 Regina Lawyers who advised Earle, Sharie and I, ie: it was impossible to get by the corrupt slut, Strudwick, without bribing her, and this 4 lawyer legal warning has been proven to be true, Google “scc 31940” which fact is reprehensible and costly beyond belief for the Argues and Saskatchewan’s taxpaying, voters, note perfect example below:

Google “sedley site of potential of $3B mine johnstone”, note that the Argue Development is about 20 miles north of Sedley on a Highway so the RM’s can not complain about mines workers wearing out the Grid Roads driving to work and Regina is about the same distance the other way for shopping. Review post BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to the RM Maps, note the Sedley Mine is about ten miles south of the SE Corner of the RM of Edenwold,

The Argue Development is about half way between Regina to the west for shopping and to the south for work in the Potash mine, a perfect scenario, yet it is not going to happen because of Donna Strudwick’s refusal to allow the approval of the Argue Development until her bribes are paid so the taxpaying voters will never benefit from the annual $400,000.00 in School/Property tax from the Argue Development, because Strudwicks bribes will never be paid.

BUT I (Lee) believe the Taxpaying voters will get a oblique benefit, from this Web site, review LADY’S, LETTERS AND SLAPP, at the time of that post going in-site, on January 1st, 2011, polls showed that 66% of voters believed the Politician’s are corrupt and 39% believed Judges are corrupt so there will be a benefit for the taxpayers from this site; the Lee males usually live a long time so this Website proving Elite corruption could be in place for 20 years, note below:

Strudwick, a woman, will probably live longer than I (Lee), so the Argues, even their descendants, will never obtain approval for their development, BUT this Web site, over the next 20 years, even at current visit numbers, will result in 360,000 house hold visits so with Stats Canada showing that 2.8 people live in each household, one million people will have studied this Website, ie: 100% of the next generation of taxpaying voters will KNOW the Ruling Elite, the Politicians/Officials/Judges are corrupt to their rotten cores, now note below:

Many voting taxpayers may believe that what is set out in the preceding paragraph is over kill, BUT Google “salting the earth wiki” and note the ancient practice of making goddam certain that particular batch of evil, lying, corrupt, Ruling Elite scum, such as the slut Strudwick, and her handmaidens, are gone for good. Note TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, where Dr. Carl Baar advises the only hope the honest taxpaying voters have is publicity, and the internet and this Web site providing a “heads up” for taxpayers of Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan, even for just one generation, will be of benefit.

Web readers should note that over the next 20 years the taxpayers will lose $10M in School/Property tax revenue from the Argue development while the Wall Administration plays games; Google “when games displace governance mandryk”, and Google “wall wants to become U.S. Ambassador-one day couture”, with US President Obama on the ropes over “Obamacare” the Republicans will gain control of the US Senate at the 2014 November mid term Elections and then will control the US Congress, ie: both House and Senate.

With the Republicans, ie: the Tea Party people, controlling the US Congress, Obama’s hands are tied, and as result of the massive change in US Governance from Obama to Tea Party, Dewar, a NDP, with a open end appointment, will be removed as Canada’s Ambassador and with Harper in power in Canada until January of 2016, Wall will be appointed Ambassador to the US and that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane, Strudwick and her ilk, the Doctors, Nurses and the annual $1.6B Health Budget deficit, will be someone else’s problem.

Google “constitutional lawyer wonders why he had to clean up harpers subversive mess”, read the op-ed article and compare it to what I (Lee), a non lawyer, went through going to the Supreme Court, Google “scc 31940”. Its true many Web readers may believe that I overplay the importance of the SCC Summary Statement that slut of a Strudwick had to be paid bribes to approve developments BUT Regina Lawyers have stopped me (Lee) on the street to tell to hang in and I will change the way developments are approved and it is fact that in both Alberta and Manitoba the Rural Administrators no longer have the last word on development approval or denial, so there is always hope.

Premier Wall will have to give up the idea of personally leading the Sask Party in another Saskatchewan Election, remember he has postponed the next General Election until April of 2016, so if Wall goes to the US, the Sask Party will have to hold a Leadership Convention in the spring of 2016, pull a Devine, and postpone the General Election until November of 2016, but my (Lee)s guess is that with this Web site at 90,000 visits pointing out that it was a NDP Administration, who ruled that Strudwick had to be paid bribes to approve the Argue Development, Google “scc 31940”, in the first place, the Sask Party will still win the next general Election in November of 2016 even with Billy Boyd as Leader.

Web readers are asked to note the Canadian Ruling Elite are so arrogantly and stupidly corrupt, they, like the Bourbon Kings, Google “house of boubon wiki”, self destruct, which is the one bright spot in this endless horror, note below:

1) My (Lee)s favorite example of Ruling Elite insane corruption is the Argue/ Strudwick bribery/zoning debacle, review “scc 31940”, note that notwithstanding the clear fact the SCC stated that the Saskatchewan NDP ruled that Strudwick must be carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve the Argue development both the NDP and Sask Party ignore that fact, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that “ carrying flowers” to Strudwck would be a clear contravention of Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION of the Criminal Code of Canada and Walls insane pandering to Strudwick is costing the taxpayers about $400K a year in lost school/property tax revenue; this “well liked and well watched” Web site has made that point since July 2007,and is at 46,000 visits, headed to 90,000 by the next General Election, yet both NDP Calvert originally, and now Sask Party’s Wall, do nothing.

2) Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, note the hard evidence that Lane did a deal with a corrupt Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee) when I refused to bribe the Highways Engineers.

3) Notwithstanding my (Lee)s preoccupation in this Web site with the Strudwick corruption, and my destruction by Lane from my refusal to bribe the Highway Professional Civil Engineers, other Canadian Ruling Elite issues are even more insane than the Wall Ruling Elite refusal to end Strudwick’s arrogant, blatant, bribe demands, as example, Quebec, Google “pierre karl peladeau and julie snyder: match made in sovereigntist heaven woods”, now note below:

I (Lee) urge Web readers to review Woods article, note the reason Snyder is trying to force Quebec to leave Canada is because the then Ruling Elite Liberals refused to use taxpayer money to try to ensure the fertilization of all Quebec women. Snyder, one of Vegas singer, Celine Dion, seventeen best friends, and a hotshot Quebec actress/director/producer, had ample money of her own, along with her Billionaire boyfriend, PKP, who she had already nailed to her mast through her impregnation, but that was not enough for the woman, she wanted to make certain that all of Quebec women were impregnated.

The current separatist threat in Quebec follows from the fact Snyder was thwarted by the Quebec Liberals who ruled nature should follow the usual path, wine, flowers, suppers, and the like, to pregnancy and refused to use taxpayer money to hire fertilization Quakes to ensure the pregnancy of all Quebec women, so to have her way Snyder forced her Billionaire Boyfriend, Media Mogul, PKP, to quarter back Quebec separation and PKP, the poor bewildered bastard, if he loses, will never get google “fuddel-duddeled” again.

Snyder reminds me (Lee) of Marie Antoinett, who back in the day, as then Queen of France, when told by advisers that the peasants had no bread, said Google “ let them eat cake”, her smart ass remark lead to a ride in a tumbril and Google “if you listen you can hear the clatter of the tumbrils on the cobble stones”, and if Snyder listens to the polls numbers being recited on the evening news, she, and PKP, will hear the same clatter of tumbrils on the cobble stones.

A few Web readers may believe that I (Lee) made up the above Quebec insanity as a joke, and it is true that I have put a few, taste full, non sexist jokes, in this Web site, as example, review TOP COP DAYDREAMS, scroll down to “the old pilot”, note that very nice little joke, but no one could make this stuff up and Julie Snyder is no Google “fuddel-duddel” joke, her actions are well documented.

Any Web reader who thinks the idiocy set out in the preceding paragraphs is a joke should again read the Woods article set out in the first paragraph of this example of Quebec Ruling Elite insanity. Maybe it was dumb of the Libs to laugh at the woman (Snyder) in the Quebec Legislature, and as result Canada will lose Quebec; many, including me (Lee) will say “good riddance”, but I (Lee) believe it is still a good example of Ruling Elite insanity, even for Quebec.

4) For another dandy example of Canada’s Ruling Elite insanity, beyond Walls refusal to budge on the Strudwick bribe demand to approve the Argue Development, Google “do things get worse for alberta’s pc’s on friday, its uncertain if they will ever get any better bell”, & “redford resigns” and review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, note that Redford was doomed when she catered to the hard left, NDP teachers and social workers, to win a majority in Alberta, Google “ alison redford resignation shows flawed system nenshi cbc news”

5) Google “political tensions erupt at downtown edmonton bar kleiss”, note that Redford’s Attorney General, Jonathon Denis, who has based his career on catering to difficult, belligerent, annoying, domineering, women, starting with his own Mother, here in Saskatchewan, got in a bar fight defending Redford, odd that Denis did not feel that level of loyalty to Lynda Haverstock.

6) As yet another example of Ruling Elite insane stupidity, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, by any standard, in any Canadian Province, or any US State, that it is insanity for any Provincial, or State, Attorney General, to get in a fight in a bar over anything and it was stupid for Denis, as Alberta Attorney General, to be drinking in any bar in the first place, note below

The fact is that “each one of us weaves the rope that hangs us high” and as soon as those Alberta Cowboys get organized Denis will be back to working with Harpers guy, the Hon Pierre Polilievre, running their robo-call scams, one here in Saskatchewan for Marit and SARM, LADY LORI AND THE SARM MOTION.

7) Review UBAVKA’S PONZI, note there can be not doubt whatsoever but that it is stupid for Premier Wall to insist on using Saskatchewan taxpayer money to support the Serb Woman and her Russian Mafia colleague’s, Just Energy, Ponzi, I predict that is going to haunt Wall.

Web readers are now asked to scroll back to the first few paragraphs in this post, note Murrays “muda” article, it is true that other articles, such as that by Janet French, depict John Black as a able and honorable man, but review REGARDING PARANOIA, note that Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirny advises that “its impossible to be too paranoid” which fits the fact the Wall Administration is a straight line descendant of the Devine Administration of the 1980’s, note below:

Wall has brought in Republican advisers, the same type of advisers Devine used in the 1980’s, and I (Lee) believe the Strudwick corruption, that Devine and Lane used in the1980’s, will be repeated, and that the Argue situation is hopeless, Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid, Google “scc 31940” which the Argues will not do, but, I will go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile for the Argues to obtain development approval without bribing Strudwick, note below:

Review UBAVKA’S PONZI, note the dramatic hard evidence of the relevance of this Web site, a major Canada wide investor adviser, Google “stockhouse just energy group inc sept 2nd, 2013” note that STOCKHOUSE, a popular market watch outfit, used posts of this Web site to warn of the reason for the 1/3 drop in one year of share prices for a operation named “Just Energy” run by a Serbian woman and the Russian Mafia, so what does the Wall Administration do?, to save the Serb woman and her Russian Mafia they buy the now worthless Belle Plaine Ethanol Plant from her along with its massive attached debt, WHY?

I (Lee) have used this well liked, well watched, well documented, Web site to repeatedly make four points to the Wall Administration, namely that:

1) This Web site is currently at 46,000 visits and will be at twice that by April 2016, the next General Election, and;

2) This Web site will publish monthly posts detailing lists of media reported Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan until I am dead, and;

3) My only ask is that the Argue’s be granted approval for their $30M residential development without paying bribes to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and;

4) There is no need for taxpayer money to get the Argues their development , the only economic loser will be Donna Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, the evil lying, corrupt, slut will not get any Google “fuddel-duddel” flowers from Earle or I.

Now Google “post traumatic embitterment disorder dr michael linden”, or in plain English, Google “as crazy as two waltzing mice”, back in the day, Strudwicks friend, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30., that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane told the Devine Caucus that I (Lee) am insane, review TWEEDELDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE, RURAL ZONING, just as today Reiter claims that I am the stupidest man in Canada, well guys, make up your mind, stupid or nuts?

The Federal NDP, correctly, have no faith in their Provincial Counterparts; Google “ndp to launch outpost in saskatchewan with taxpayer money funding the staff mcgregor”, read the McGregor article; note Mulcairs performance in the House against Harper proves he is able, and the failure of SARM President Marit to use Harpers robo-call operation to gerrymand the Federal Electoral Boundaries in the Saskatoon area, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION and LADY LORI-NEMISES, will have caused Mulcair to believe Nettie Weibe could now win a Federal riding that includes Saskatoon, BUT note below:

It is true that Sask Party Premier Wall has maintained the original NDP ruling that RM Administrator Strudwick has to be paid bribes to approve Argues development, Google “scc 31940” BUT review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph 22. which proves that the NDP made the original ruling, and note that the corrupt slut, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, is so arrogant, that she did not bother to deny facts set out in my (Lee)s SCC leave application.

For a day or two I (Lee) believed the Federal Liberals may raise the UBAVKA’S PONZI scam in the House, until it dawned on me that the Goodale Liberals make up a third of the Wall Cabinet and that there was no way on Gods Green Earth the Goodale people wanted to upset the apple cart and Web readers are asked to note that the Argues are behind the eight ball because it was the NDP that originally ruled Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid BUT the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, who made that ruling, paid a Political price, note below:

Review NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY & SOME STUPID – SOME JOKE; for a complete list Google “ndp corruption posts rural zoning” and note that this Web site, advertised on Access, in the North Battleford area of the Province, may have effect on Nettie Weibe in the Feds Saskatoon-West riding, but there is a way for Mulcair to use this Web site and still get around raising the fact of the Saskatchewan NDP ruling that RM Administrator Strudwick had to be paid bribes to approve the Argue development, Google “scc 31940”, and note below:

Mulcair could use the hard evidence set out in UBAVKA’S PONZI and raise questions in the House regarding Harpers Senators on the Just Energy Board who are quarter backing the Serbian woman and her Russian Mafia cohorts Ponzi scheme, which questions may help offset this Website’s effect on Nettie Weibe, Mulcair’s best chance to win a Federal seat in Saskatchewan, Nettie is one able, determined, woman, and came close several times, Google “nettie weibe wiki”, but there is yet another way, note below:

I (Lee) like Mulcair’s style; he is a Liberal who had the balls to leave the Quebec Liberals over their corruption; I like Roy Romanow and Ross Thatcher said Roy is a Liberal and Roy used the Liberals as minority support after the 1999 Election, that is why the NDP Elite forced Roy to step down, to be replaced with Calvert. Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 10, note that Sharie Argue was rock solid NDP, her Grandfathers were both buddies of Tommy Douglas, active in the Co-ops and Wheat Pool, and if Tom Mulcair could talk the current Provincial Saskatchewan NDP Leader, Cam Broten, into bowing before Earle and Sharie Argue and begging forgiveness it would be a good start.

For this plan to work for the Argues, after Broten perfects his begging skills on Sharie, he would have to make public apology to the Saskatchewan taxpaying voter for the NDP ruling that RM Administrator Donna Strudwick had to be paid bribes to approve the Argue development, again Google “scc 31940” and then raise question in the Saskatchewan Legislature regarding the Wall Administration support of both Strudwick’s bribe demands and the Serbian woman’s Ponzi, UBAVK’S PONZI.

Questions in the House by Mulcair and in the Saskatchewan Legislature by Broten, over the next two years, regarding Harper and Walls support of both Strudwick’s bribe demands and the Serb woman’s Ponzi may put the cat among the pigeons regarding both the Saskatchewan Fed riding’s and the Sask Party.


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