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Web readers who believe that I (Lee) exaggerate the economic problem of Government officials bribing or blackmailing Judges to block development until their bribes are paid, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and Google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association schmitz” are asked to Google “study finds canadians have little confidence in justice system beeby c.p.” & “ canada middle-class dreams a ‘myth’ in troubled economy: internal gov’t report beeby c.p.” and note below:

This well watched, well liked, Web site has, since the summer of 2007, been setting out the fact of judicial corruption blocking development, which fact is now accepted by taxpayers, to wit: the fact Courts support the Ruling Elite official corruption of sluts such as RM Administrator Strudwick, and her ilk, which costs taxpayers millions of dollars. Note that the rare time Courts are put to the wall to deal with official corruption they cover it up by throwing one of the morons off the back of the sleigh, which accomplishes nothing, Lorne McLaren is a example.

Google “lorne mclaren mla wiki” and note that Mclaren was sentenced to 3 ½ years in a Federal prison at taxpayer cost of +/- $.5M, for serving as a front for Devine and Lane when they stole $10B of Saskatchewan taxpayer money, Google “saskatchewan torie tax scandal”, note below:

Review SARM LEADER LIES and note that as instructed by Grant Devine I (Lee) spent a year talking Lorne Mclaren into running for the PC’s but it is a fact that McLaren was useless; George Morris did a deal with Devine to send Mclaren to Regina as a MLA for the sole purpose of bringing Right to Work Legislation to Saskatchewan but Mclaren failed, review SARM LEADER LIES and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 2: but once Devine collapsed McLaren was no danger to the taxpayer and to lock him (McLaren) up in a Federal Prison for three years at huge taxpayer cost was insanity.

Web readers who believe our Leaders are one endless horror story should Google “sisyphus wiki”; the Greek City states are the father of our democracy, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30; note there is evidence to prove that Lane fed cocaine to high school girls, then turned them loose on Judges and Senior lawyers at parties at the Squire Motor Hotel in Fort Qu’Appelle for the purpose of obtaining blackmail material, they are lucky those coked up grade12 girls did not give the lot of them heart attacks. Lane is worse then Sisyphus.

Web readers are asked to note that back in the day the Gods were so annoyed with Sisyphus they ordered him to carry a round rock up a hill, watch it roll down and then go down and carry it back, so it could be argued that our current God sees nothing wrong with the current Ruling Elite ie: that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane and his corrupt slut, Strudwick, because they carry no rocks up any hills and in fact, if anyone is metaphorically carrying rocks up a hill only to watch then roll down, and carry the same round rock back up, is me (Lee), note below:

Review ABOLITION OF RMS, a interesting way to do that now is Google “scc 31940”, and scroll down too “White Collar:….”; note that Gary McHale obtained restitution for the Google “caledonia couple”; Ontario Premier McGuinty caved in when McHales Web site was at 14K (14,000) visits in Ontario with a population of over ten million, this Web site is at over 3 times McHales at 50K (50,000) visits here in Saskatchewan with a population of only one million, yet Strudwick snickers and sneers at the Argues, who would provide significant tax revenue from their development, while the taxpayers suffer a loss of $135M, Google “gov’t dips into savings couture” and Wall does nothing about Strudwick.

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This post was originally structured to set out main stream media established facts regarding the corruption of Saskatchewan’s Ruling Medical Elite and much of the post is still devoted to that task BUT before that is addressed note the Harper Fed has changed the Law which allowed RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to legally demand bribes to approve the Argue development, Google “scc 31940” and I ask Web readers to bear with me for a minute or two more before getting to the medical stuff.

Web readers are asked to review post FACILITATION PAYMENTS BAD and note that the Harper Feds have changed the law whereby the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) had allowed the business community to deduct the payment of “facilitation” payments to Government officials as a “cost of doing business” and one of my confidants asked if that Harper Fed change in law could cause the CRA to allow donations to this Web site to be deducted off tax due, given the SCC established paper trail of Strudwick bribes, Google “scc 31940”, note below

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 16. and note that I (Lee) advised the Argues, that as Developers, the bribes they paid to the corrupt slut, Donna Strudwick, could be deducted as a cost of “doing business” but the Argues, both Earle and Sharie, are so steeped in honor they refused to pay Strudwick tax deductible bribes even to be granted approval for their development and make $10M, BUT the Argues asked me to try to obtain development approval without bribing Strudwick and I have gained some ground, review first paragraphs of FACILITATION PAYMENTS BAD and google “mandryk: poll shows tories driving cynicism mandryk”, and note below:

I (Lee) repeat, my confidant asked; would that dramatic change in the law by the Harper Feds cause the CRA officials to look again at my ask for tax payers to be granted a tax deduction for their donations to a fund to advertise this Web site which attempts to create a situation where the Argues are granted development approval without bribing the corrupt official, Strudwick, for approval, Google “scc 31940”, good question, and there is only one way to find out, ASK THE CRA.

Review SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, scroll down to the lone document, my (Lee)s letter, hand delivered to the CRA here in Regina, as instructed, which letter has never been answered; now as suggested by my confidant following the Harper change to the facilitation (baby bribe)s law note below the second, follow up, letter, to the CRA, again hand delivered, to the Regina CRA office in the Alvin Hamilton Building here in Regina, and please note the e-mail cc: to Jim Flaherty, the Harper Fed Finance Minister.

Dear CRA Official, hand delivered, Regina Office, February 7th, 2014.

My name is Ernest Robert Lee, sin 605 403 070, and this letter is follow up to my letter of May 13th, 2013; should you have lost the first letter, review post SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, Web site and you can scroll down to site document which is a reprint of that letter; note you have not yet responded to my letter of May 13th 2013.

Google “scc 31940”, note the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement, written by the Chief Judge for Canada, the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin P. C. states for the public record, that Saskatchewan Municipal Official, Donna Strudwick, who reports to the Premier and Minister Responsible, Google “lady justice janet mcmurtry rules strudwick reports to premier and minister” that Municipal Official, Donna Strudwick, must be carried “flowers chocolates and perfume” for her to grant the Argues development approval.

Google “section 123 (1) municipal corruption criminal code of canada” and note that given Section 123 (1) the Argues can not, under Canadian law, carry anything to Municipal Official, Donna Strudwick, to curry favor, hence, following the Supreme Court Summary Statement for Case 31940, Google “scc 31940”, I established this Web site to appeal to the taxpayers for equity for the Argues; Web visits are at 45,000 but more is needed resulting in my May/2013 appeal to you for tax status for donors to pay for Ad time and your failure to respond.

Google “harper fed changes law regarding facilitation payments”, review the search results and in consideration of the Harper Fed change to your Act regarding your Departments ability to deem facilitation (baby bribe)s by the business community to Government Officials such as Donna Strudwick to be tax deductible as “cost of business” I ask you to review post MONEY-MONEY-MONEY, note that donations are being made now to my Ad program but again ask that the donors be allowed to deduct their donations from their tax owed.

Yours truly, “E. R. Lee”

cc by e-mail:

The Hon. Jim Flaherty P. C., M.P.

I (Lee) have not received a response from either Flaherty, the Fed Minister Responsible, or his Officials, regarding the Strudwick corruption and Web readers are asked to Google “liberal lead jumps to 8 points; canadian’s shrug off budget: poll ctv news staff” & “more canadians share justin trudeau’s values: poll janus ctv news”, & “liberal plan has merit johnstone”, & “trudeau learning to carry mantle of leadership coyne”, note two of my favorites below:

First, Google “mandryk: farmers aware ritz, feds the problem mandryk” and second Google “pmo charged $67,789.48 in questionable lunch expenses raj huff post” read the articles, its true the $67K for lunch is nothing compared to Wallin/Duffy travel costs and Strudwicks $200K bribe demand in Saskatchewan, but the “free lunch’s” catered by Greeks will shake the Harper base to its core and outraged CWB farmers will cost him his13 riding’s here in Saskatchewan.

Note that this time, Harper is personally involved, he personally ate the lunch, he personally congratulated the Greeks who made the lunch, and did this after riding a horse named “no free lunch”, to power and Harper boasted that he personally ordered the end of the CWB to pander to the Big Grain farmers; Trudeau and Mulcair will run him ragged in the house on the lunch idiocy and Ritz’s boast of ending the CWB will cost Harper 13 Saskatchewan riding’s.

There also can be no doubt whatsoever but that Harper, personally, is trying his best, he ordered a end to the “facilitation payments” review FACILITATION PAYMENTS BAD, but the Harper Feds are still generally viewed as the most perfidious, venal, Fed Administration since Mulroney and are doomed; the Harper Ministers, Ritz as example, appears determined to pander to that corrupt slut, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to the end, note below:

Google “ritz holds cwb press conference on strudwick farm at balgonie”; note that Fed Ag Minister Ritz uses Strudwick’s farm to hold his Press conference boasting about his destruction of the Wheat Board, NOW Google “rein in railways, grain companies mandryk”, & “mandryk: farmers aware ritz, feds the problem mandryk” & “wall floats distracting trial balloon”, note below:

All of this stuff, Murray’s take on the cost to the Farmers of ending the CWB coupled with the Wall Administration fudging property tax use and allowing the corrupt slut, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her ilk, to demand bribes to approve economic developments should have the voting taxpayers in the streets with pitchforks, torches and shotguns, but it gets worse, note below:

The Saskatchewan Medical Ruling Elite takes whatever money the taxpayers have left after SARM and the corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick have taken theirs off the top end in bribe demands, Google “scc 31940” and I (Lee) ask Web readers to Google “ fraser institute provincial health care index 2013 by bacchus bariva” then scroll down to Table 1, scores for components, overall value, cost, and value for money and compare the Saskatchewan score to all other Provinces, except the Territories, note below:

Think about this Web site containing the paper trail showing hard evidence of the corrupt horror of the corruption of Saskatchewan Rural Municipal official, Donna Strudwick demand for bribes, again Google “scc 31940” and ask if the massive problem in Saskatchewan’s Medical services industry results from Strudwick level corruption in Government Medical service industry, note below:

A confidant who is sickened unto death at the corrupt horrors of Saskatchewan Ruling Elite, and by that they do not mean the Politicians of any stripe, they mean the Officials and Union Leaders, who are stealing the tax dollars through bribe demands, Google “scc 31940”, has taken me (Lee) to task for my concentration on theft of taxpayer money and points out that the corrupt horror goes far beyond the endless theft of taxpayer money to heart ache and horror because it results in the Medical Elite slaughter of Grandmothers with a combination of a cocktail of barbiturates and forced dehydration.

What is set out following is not intended to suggest that the Ruling Medical Elite are psychotic murders in the “Criminal Minds” cop show sense, they would not enjoy slaughtering Grandmothers, they slaughter them to save the cost of keeping them alive leaving more taxpayer money available to “disappear” out of the system into their Swiss Bank accounts; the Eskimo community is kinder, instead of slaughtering Grandmothers with a cocktail of barbiturates and forced dehydration they put their Grandmothers on ice floes to freeze to death.

Google “a apple a day keeps the doctor away” implying that apples are good for your health and eating them will help keep the doctor away and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is a good plan to keep as far away as possible

from all Doctors, BUT the bastards are a fact of life and 50% (fifty percent) of the Provincial budget goes to Health and about 20% (twenty percent) of the Health Budget goes to Doctors. The Saskatchewan Budget is about Ten Billion so the Health Budget is five Billion so the Doctors get about one Billion.

Google “how many doctors in saskatchewan”, the most recent report shows there is about 1500 of the bastards, note that one Billion is a Thousand Million, so if there was one thousand of them each would get one million dollars, ie: fifteen hundred will get about a third less, $666,000.00, plus whatever tax free bribe money they get from the Drug companys.

The bastards only cost is renting a small office space and pay a receptionist, usually their wives or girl friends, to organize the seeing of 4 (four) patients a hour at $35.00 (thirty five dollars) a visit, $140.00 (one hundred and forty dollars) a hour 6 (six) days a week that is over $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) a year plus Hospital rounds, and a bit of surgery, and that is for normal quakes, specialists are a whole different Google “fuddel-duddel” nightmare.

Web readers are asked to google “the sentinel: medical fraud estimates: a moving target”, note that US experts estimate that US Medical Fraud range from sixty Billion dollars, “yes Virginia” that is a Billion with a “B”, on through to three hundred Billion dollars, low ball the US Medical fraud at one hundred Billion dollars, Canada’s economy is 10% (ten percent) of the US so Canada’s Medical Fraud is about ten Billion dollars, that is one Billion dollars of Medical Fraud in each Canadian Province, one Billion is 1000 (one thousand) million, Saskatchewan’s population is 1,000,000,000 (one million) so medical fraud is costing every man woman and child, $1000.00 (one thousand) dollars annualy, Web readers are reminded that is $4000.00 (four thousand) dollars a family, or over $300.00 (three hundred dollars) per month for rich and poor alike.

Saskatchewan’s Health Budget is just under five Billion dollars, note that one Billion dollars is 20% (twenty percent) of five Billion dollars…..many Saskatchewan taxpayers might believe that it is impossible for even these corrupt bastards to steal 20% (twenty percent) of the Health Budget, but I (Lee) remind all taxpayers that Gary Lane as Finance Minister “disappeared” 20% (twenty percent) of the Provincial Budget and Lane was promoted to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, so if one member of the Ruling Elite (Lane) could do it,1500 (fifteen hundred) Doctors, could easily defraud the taxpayers of twenty percent of the Health budget.

Web readers are asked to Google “is this fraud too big for 60 minutes?”, note it is a hard hitting article, well detailed and documented, by Dr. Mercola, on the massive fraud within the United States Medical Community, a fraud resulting in the slaughter of dozens of ill and aging Americans in the name of research but all honest, taxpaying, Web readers should consider the Medical Community in Canada and Saskatchewan is just as corrupt as the US Medical Community.

Web readers are asked to review segment DR. JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME and note that the corruption of the Doctors, who have been shown to be just more of the corrupt Ruling Elite with their (the doctors) demand for bribes to perform operations, fraud of the Insurance companies, and demand for kickbacks (bribes) from the Drug Companies to use a particular drug brand in prescriptions, is a fact of life that proves that the Doctors are just as corrupt as the rest of the Official Ruling Elite, ie: the normal CROWN COCKROACHES.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, on the face of it the corruption of the Doctors is just more of the Ruling Elite bribery demands which is just more of the same, exactly the same mindless greed of Norway Rats in a open pit nuisance ground, the Medical Ruling Elite endless, mindless, corrupt, greed, is exactly the same as the greed of RM Administrator Strudwick’s demand for bribes to grant Earle Argue development approval, BUT I (Lee) have now been provided with information that places the human cost of the Ruling Medical Elite, the Doctors and Hospital Administrators, in perspective and it is not just more of the usual Ruling Elite corruption, it is in fact a level of evil, corrupt, horror that goes beyond the pale and the honest tax payers must be apprised of.

A solid, experienced, knowing and astute individual has provided enough information to convince me (Lee) that the fact of the well established Ruling Elite demands for bribes and kickbacks from the business Community has resulted in massive loss of tax revenue which has lead, at least in Wascana Center, to the Ruling Elite of the Medical Administration order aging patients slaughtered with a deliberate drug overdose consisting of a cocktail of prescription drugs coupled with deliberate dehydration.

It has been brought to my (Lee)s attention by people that I trust that Medical facilities similar to Wascana Center use a system of assigning what is called a “asset number” to each patient and that “asset number” determines the amount of care each patient is given and at the end of the day that “asset number” is used to determine if aging patients live or die.

Web readers are asked to remember the words of the original Doctor, Hippocrates, Google “hippocrates” and his words of wisdom, ie: “first do no harm”, the fact is that Doctors of today swear a oath to that effect when they become Doctors, well I (Lee) ask Web readers to review segment DR. JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME” and note the evidence that today’s Doctors, are just another section of society’s Ruling Elite official scum with the bribery demands, such as the demands of RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to approve Earle Argues development, but the Ruling Elite of Saskatchewans Medical Community control life and death to make their bribe money

How many Web readers have watched the cult classic horror film, Soylent Green?, a movie about the Ruling Elites treatment of citizens in that fictional dying economy, well, the Medical Practitioners in Wascana Center’s are far more arrogantly evil than the officials in the made up facility depicted in the cult classic horror movie Soylent Green and Web readers who have not seen the movie are asked to google “soylent green”, study the story line and see if they agree with my (Lee)s claim that the actions of Saskatchewan’s Medical Ruling Elite, at least as regards the patients in Wascana Center, is worse than in the cult horror movie Soylent Green.

If the evil “fuddle-duddle” Administrators and quakes who are administering Wascana Center can ever be forced to admit to the slaughter of low grade patients in Wascana Center they will justify that slaughter by claiming, correctly, that the patients are dying anyway, ie: we all are, and that because of a lack of money they hurry the dying process to free resources to save more worthy patients, even if that is true the money is saved to provide a bigger pool of taxpayer money to be stolen by Doctors and Hospital Administrators, that is even more evil than run of the mill, RM of Edenwold, Donna Strudwick, type evil.

I (Lee) ask honest Web readers to review segment DR. JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME, note where I quote the media paper trail of the fraud and bribery demands of the Ruling Elite Doctors and note that it is self evident that some honest taxpayer might believe that if the Doctors fraud and corruption could be stopped there would be more money in the system to care for patients until natural death, but that is a daydream.

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There is no doubt whatsoever but that a honest taxpayers may believe that there must be some semblance of ethics in the medical profession and if the horror and corruption of the Rural Ruling Elite and their bribery demands could be some how ended, some naive taxpayers may believe if the Crown Cockroach Bribery could be stopped, even just in Rural Saskatchewan, note segment LADY LORI-NEMESIS, there might be enough money available in the health system to care properly for aging grandmothers in the Wascana Center rather than slaughter them, but that is a daydream, it does not matter how much more taxpayer money is put in the health system, consider the following:

Web readers who have a interest in the loss of substantial tax revenue resulting from the bribery demands of the Rural Ruling Elite, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, and Web readers should also note the following media reports google “ canada worst g-7 country in preventing bribery report derek abam post media news” and “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”, so as to give the Web reader a perspective on the corruption and bribery of Government officials in Canada and Saskatchewan, review CROWN COCKROACHES.

Web readers who review segments BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q. C. and LADY LORI, NEMESIS, will encounter more hard evidence of the corruption level of the Ruling Elite and a few taxpayers may believe that if the Ruling Elite bribery and corruption could be ended in Rural Saskatchewan there might be enough tax money available to stop the current practice of the Medical Ruling Elite ordering the Wascana Center Medical Elite staff to use a cocktail of prescription drugs and forced dehydration to kill the elderly, low asset number patients, but that is a daydream.

The medical centers where each patient is graded and assigned a “asset number” are a very dangerous place and unless there is a very force-full, knowing, astute, able, relative/friend/confidant to watch over the patient, the evil bastards, depending on the “asset number” the patient is  assigned, simply slaughter them. The “asset number” is based on age, what education level the patient has, ie: high school, University, or trade school, then what profession, Government service, law, engineering, sciences, day labor or on welfare.

The patients “asset number” is determined by what their bank balance is and what level of pension they have and pensions always depend on if the patient worked for the Government or not, and if the “asset number” is low enough the patient is slaughtered with the mixing of a half dozen or so different type of prescription drugs and any patient who, by nature has a constitution as tough as a keg of nails, are given a increasingly massive overdose of those prescription drugs, coupled with simple dehydration, until they are dead.

Web readers are asked to review post LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, note that I (Lee) have set out that the Elite Bribery requirement of the Rural Ruling Elite is costing the Saskatchewan tax payer $165,000,000. 00 (one hundred and sixty five million dollars) a year. I am sure that my calculation is accurate BUT I believe that even that amount of money would not be enough to stop the Ruling Elite slaughter of Grandmothers in the Wascana Center, consider this:

The 2011-2012 Health budget is 4.5 Billion dollars, and a saving of $165,000,000.00 (one hundred and sixty five million dollars), each year, assuming that the RMs and SARM were eliminated and Counties formed, that one hundred and sixty five million dollars would add only 3.5% ( three point five percent) to the  health budget, ie: the amount of money available for the Doctors to “disappear” out of the Health Budget and into their Swiss Bank accounts and that 3.5 % increase is not enough money to make any difference whatsoever to the Ruling Medical Elites slaughter of Wascana Center patients through the use of prescription drug cocktails and deliberate dehydration.

Web readers are asked to note a recent Leader Post article by Pamela Cowan, Google “healthy salaries for nurses cowan”, note that Saskatchewan Nurses are paid $233,000.00 (two hundred and thirty three thousand dollars) a year to mix and administer the lethal prescription drug cocktails to the grandmothers in Wascana Center and I (Lee) doubt the Native Posse Leaders pay their hit men that much money to slaughter their rival drug dealers, it would be cheaper and more humane to put the grandmothers adrift on ice flows.

Web readers are asked to note that the most ardent watchdogs of Medical/Drug corruption is other Doctors, google “the biggest lies toxic chemical companies tell us” and note that it leads to a Web site managed by a ever watchfull Dr. Mercola, note the language the good Doctor uses to describe the corruption in the world of drug and medicine makes the language I (Lee) use in this Web site to depict the Strudwick ,SARM and RMAA development corruption look like I have a honors degree in English Arts and a concern for political correctness.

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Web readers are asked to review MONEY-MONEY-MONEY, and note that my (Lee)s fund raising plan has failed, not one penny has been raised, I am surprised, the Google “theory of probability” never fails, experts teach that it is as reliable as the movement of particles in the nucleus of a Atom, BUT maybe I am the stupidest man in Canada and this Web site is a stupid joke, as claimed by Jim Reiter, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, but note below:

The decision of the Saskatchewan taxpaying voters to not donate a annual $20.00 to a project that could save the taxpayer a annual $500.00 in tax, review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, may result from the CRA refusing to allow the donation as deduction from tax owed but one of my (Lee)s confidants believe that its more probable that the voting taxpayers hate Developers more than they hate corrupt RM Administrators, review REGARDING PARANOIA.

But another confidant believes my donation ask was not aggressive enough; if the problem stems from either my (Lee)s personal stupidity or the hatred of the taxpaying voters for Developers there is no solution BUT if the problem stems from a lack of aggressiveness in the donation ask scroll back to the title page, that green line message will be part of the title in all future posts.

Sick unto death of bribing government officials to do their jobs? Donate to Paypal to support this site.


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