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March 24, 2014

Google “scc 31940” & “mcmurty rules strudwick reports to premier”; Sick of the cost of bribes to Calvert & Wall’s Rural Administrator Donna Strudwick and her ilk? Donate to Paypal

Google “mandryk: tough to walk in krawetz’s shoes (with video) mandryk”, study Murray’s financial numbers and ask the question; with the Province in economic dire straits can taxpayers afford to allow Developers to pay bribes to corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick for development approval in the RMs, then deduct Strudwick’s bribe from tax as a cost of doing business?

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the taxpayers would benefit from the school and property tax revenue from the Argues, and other, Developments in the 300 RM’s, review the first post in this Website, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY note the first few paragraphs of that first post where Outlook Community Leader, Lloyd Smith, toured the 30 RM’s in the Outlook area and found worse corruption in some RM’s than the Argues have encountered. (more…)



March 2, 2014

Sick unto death of bribing government officials to do their jobs? Donate to Paypal to support this site.

Web readers who believe that I (Lee) exaggerate the economic problem of Government officials bribing or blackmailing Judges to block development until their bribes are paid, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and Google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association schmitz” are asked to Google “study finds canadians have little confidence in justice system beeby c.p.” & “ canada middle-class dreams a ‘myth’ in troubled economy: internal gov’t report beeby c.p.” and note below:

This well watched, well liked, Web site has, since the summer of 2007, been setting out the fact of judicial corruption blocking development, which fact is now accepted by taxpayers, to wit: the fact Courts support the Ruling Elite official corruption of sluts such as RM Administrator Strudwick, and her ilk, which costs taxpayers millions of dollars. Note that the rare time Courts are put to the wall to deal with official corruption they cover it up by throwing one of the morons off the back of the sleigh, which accomplishes nothing, Lorne McLaren is a example. (more…)