Google “killing immigration program unfairly favours quebec saskatchewan premier says wingrove”, review the article and note that Premier Brad Wall openly admits that Saskatchewan is desperate for development investment.

Web readers are asked to note that notwithstanding the Premiers admission and the fact that Harper has changed the law allowing officials such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to demand bribes to approve developments, Premier Wall still refuses to grant Earle Argue approval for his development until Donna Strudwicks bribes are paid, note below:

The Ruling Elite insanity set out below could have come from Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and his Google “two legs bad-two legs good” nonsense, ie: the real life “facilitation payments good-facilitation payments bad” here in Canada is as nonsensical as Orwell’s “Animal Farm” Pig Ruling Elite in his fictional Country.

I (Lee) am being charitable using the Orwell nonsense to make the point, my confidants believe the entire “facilitation payment” situation is hard evidence the inmates are running the asylum; first the insanity of allowing a evil, lying, corrupt, slut, such as RM Administrator, Strudwick, to legally demand bribes to approve developments, Google “scc 31940” is insane and then to now change the law and still not grant the Argues their development is even more insane.

A few legal experts believe that CRA’s “facilitation payment” law applied only to bribes paid to off shore Government Officials and not to corrupt, lying, Canadian, sluts, such as Donna Strudwick. BUT Web readers are asked to Google “ are facilitation payments legal only to offshore government officials” note the search results, then Google “scc 31940” and study the Supreme Court Summary Statement written by the Chief Judge of Canada, ask any lawyer and then decide if the law applies to the evil, corrupt, Canadian, slut, Strudwick.

While watching CBC’s Lang and Oleary the evening of February 5th 2014, I (Lee) watched Amanda interview a woman much like herself, a lovely, 30 something, economic expert, on Harper ending the fact of the CRA allowing the Business community to deduct “facilitation payments” as the cost of doing business, the women were using a new term, Google “facilitation payments are ‘baby bribes’ ”, and they were discussing Canadian Companies and Government officials.

I (Lee) could not believe my ears, I had been only half listening to the two women chatting about Harper’s “do nothing budget”, but suddenly the two women were talking about Harper ending “facilitation” payments, they called them “baby bribes”, to Government Officials to approve developments and they were clearly talking about Canadian Companies and Government Officials.

Jesus H. Christ, these two women were talking about my (Lee)s only interest in life ie: Lanes friend Donna Strudwick’s official corruption, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30., now Harper ended the CRA’s legal right to allow the business community to deduct bribes to Government Officials to approve developments as a “cost of doing business”. ie: corrupt officials such as Lanes friend, the evil, lying, corrupt, slut, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, legal right to demand bribes to approve the Argue development, again Google “scc 31940”. I adore Amanda, but it shocked me that the two women were chatting about the most profound economic issue in Canada since the second world War as if they were discussing if they should wear brown on the set of their TV shows, note below:

I (Lee) could not believe it so went forthwith to ask the Great, Good, God Google about it and sure as Hell the Senior legal community was aware of the profound implications of Harpers ending legal official bribery, Google “facilitation payments bad” & “ban on facilitation payments most important part of new law advocate daily.com” & “the end of facilitation payments” & “canadian bar association calls for ban on ‘facilitation’ payments” & “how to bribe and how to stop it transparency international”, wonder full stuff.

Web readers who are familiar with this Web site will recognize why I (Lee) am so delighted. Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 16; note that for years I have been fighting “facilitation” payments, (baby bribes) as demanded by that corrupt slut, RM Administrator Strudwick, to approve the Argue $30M residential development, Google “scc 31940”, and review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL.

Harpers change in the law will not help me (Lee) personally; half of the corrupt scum, Government Engineer Al Frederickson, Government lawyer Bill Lawton, and and corrupt Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson, who destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay bribes to Government Engineers are dead and books are written about blaming the dead, Google “blame the dead” so the living may now say “who me?” and avoid accepting responsibility.

Harpers change in the law is too late for me (Lee), I became one of the walking dead when that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane and Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson destroyed my Highway Contracting company because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Government Civil Engineers, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:, BUT that evil, lying, corrupt slut, RM Administrator, Strudwick and her friend that Google “fuddel-duddel” Lane are still alive and still of the Ruling Elite, so it is not too late for the Argues.

It is not to late for the Argue family, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30. and then note Harpers change in the law regarding CRA approval of “facilitation” payments as “cost of business” as set out preceding should have effect on Lane’s friend, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, demand for the Argues to pay her bribes to approve their development, I (Lee), for the upteenth time, again ask Web readers to Google “scc 31940” and note below:

Web readers are asked to note that despite Harpers change in the law the Wall Administration refuses to approve the Argue development until Strudwicks bribes are paid, again Google “scc 31940”, and note that a couple of my confidants believe I (Lee) should now, given the change in the law, go back to asking for a public inquiry, to be conducted by a United States Republican Judge, Google “lee asks for public inquiry on behalf of the argues rural zoning” and note the pages of search results.

The Argues are Scottish and Irish and believed in the Google “rule of law” until reality came to their door when Strudwick demanded they pay her bribes to approve their $30M residential Development, LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and I (Lee) have fought that battle for the Argues for a decade until out of the blue, Harper has decided to put up with the fury of the Premiers, their Cabinets, the Boards of Directors, Mayors, Reeves, Administrators and Municipal Councils and has dealt with the Strudwick type “facilitation payment corruption”, again Google “scc 31940”, note there can be not doubt whatsoever but that it will be a crime against humanity if Harper loses the November 2015 Election.

Following is a typical CRA facilitation (baby bribe) issue, review BLOOD ON THE WALL for a excellent review of a documented real life example involving a Calgary Mining outfit, the Mayor of a Mexican Town, the Mayors lust for a Playboy model, his demand to Google “fuddel-duddel” her, the models refusal to prostitute herself to the Mayor at any price, all ending in a public debacle.

The Calgary Mining Morons continued their attempt to provide the Mayor with the use of her Playboy body and the model, sick of the Mining Morons annoying her about Google “fuddel-duddel” ing the Mayor, went public, that is the CRA “facilitation payment” (baby bribes) corruption at work for the taxpayers and along with the Argues refusal to pay the Strudwick bribes, Google “scc 31940”, and this Web sites 45K visits probably caused Harper to end “baby bribes”.

I (Lee) have complained about the “facilitation payments” (baby bribes) in several Web posts over many years; examples are LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT & MONEY-MONEY-MONEY and am pleased Harper has changed the law even if it took a decade and note Harper did end the Ethanol subsidy after my complaining about Strudwicks bribes, UBAVKA’S PONZI, and the end of the CRA “facilitation payment” corrupt horror has other benefits, note below:

Review SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note I (Lee) predict that either the corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Court will allow RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm Spring to provide water to the Sherwood Reeves Development, or else there would be a huge Regina City tax hike to pay Wappel millions of dollars to build a pipeline from Buffalo Pound to provide the Sherwood Reeves Development with water, well Web readers, note hard evidence of my predicting ability below:

Google “proposed city budget includes 7 percent tax hike knox global”, the only reason Regina City needs that amount of money is for a major project such as a water pipeline, hard times for Regina City ratepayers, but the Argues and I (Lee) can now stop worrying about that corrupt slut Strudwick bribing the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to allow her to expropriate the Argues 350 gpm spring to provide the Sherwood Reeves development with water.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to again review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE and ask why given my ability to make such a accurate prediction does the Wall Minister Responsible, the Hon. Jim Reiter, keep insisting that I am the “stupidest man in Canada” review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, now note below a example of my ability to track and compare levels of global official corruption.

Google “eu report finds that corruption is costing bloc’s economy around $160 billion a year ctv news”, “yes Virginia that is a Billion with a B” and I (Lee) ask all Web readers to review the CTV article, and note the study shows the official corruption, the EU calls it local or regional, here in Saskatchewan that is the RM’s, now note the money stolen per capita by the EU official Ruling Elite is identical to amount stolen, per capita, by the Saskatchewan Rural Ruling Elite.

The EU (Bloc)s population is 500 million, Canada’s population is +/- 30 million, so in comparison the EU official corruption to Canada’s official corruption will be 30/500 of $160B, the product is $9.6B, round that off to 10 Billion dollars. Saskatchewan’s population is one million, so note a Canada/Saskatchewan comparison shows that Saskatchewan Official corruption, as compared to Canada’s official corruption will, in theory, be 1/30th of $10B, and note below:

Do the math, 1/30 of $10B is $333M, note that as compared to the EU and given the Google “ theory of probability” Saskatchewan’s taxpayer loss to official corruption should, in theory, be $333M; Review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT & SARM LEADER LIES and note the amount that I (Lee) calculated the Saskatchewan taxpayers is losing to SARM/RMAA corruption, is $165M.

This EU corruption comparison is uncanny. I (Lee) have a post ready for April 2014, working title THE BID RIGGERS, where I estimate the Saskatchewan tax payers are losing $125M in Quebec type bid rigging in Highway Contracting Tender calls, so the amount lost to official corruption in Saskatchewan is $290M ($165M + $125M) which is within 10% of the EU per capita corruption.

My (Lee)s work does not begin to try to track medical corruption, but a post, working title, ASSET NUMBERS is planned for March 2014, but again I ask Web readers to review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, and ask when the Hon Jim Reiter is going to stop claiming that I am the stupidest man in Canada and this Web site is a stupid joke, and now note below:

Google “chris christie’s very bad, really awful, truly terrible week knickerbocker”, and review UBAVKA PONZI,and if I (Lee) advertise this Web site in Ottawa, Premier Walls Big Brother, the Harper PMO, will suffer if the Trudeau Feds run them ragged in the House about the fact that their Conservative Senators, and Roy McMurtry, Ubavka’s Board of Directors, guided her Ponzi; I (Lee) believe that the Christie headline writer accurately depicts the really awful, truly terrible, week(s), Premier Wall will have if this Web site is advertised in Ottawa.

Web readers and the Premier are asked to review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, and note that that while Reiter may be right and I (Lee) may be the “stupidest man in Canada”, this sites Web Master is a genius and the Ottawa ads will run unless I am slaughtered by Ubavka’s Russian Mafia or I am “suicided” as Jack Wolfe was suicided, Google “jack wolfe mla suicide” or as Mulroney’s bag men were “suicided”, Google “on the take stevie cameron”.

I (Lee) ask Premier Wall to review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, scroll to near post end, review the three no taxpayer cost choices that I originally gave NDP Calvert/Cabinet, they laughed at me, and instructed Strudwick to start a SLAPP action against me, Google “slapp action”, which did not end well for the NDP, review post SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE; the Premier should review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, para. 15 and note the Court of Appeal rules state that zoning issues must be resolved using Politics.

I (Lee) offer you, Premier, and your Cabinet, the same three choices, that I offered the NDP and unless I am slaughtered, or the Argues are granted approval for their $30M residential development without bribing Strudwick, Google “scc 31940”, Ads for this Web site will run in Ottawa, even if I have to go to Ottawa and stuff mailboxes with brochures.

I (Lee) may be the stupidest man in Canada BUT am still a sentient being and aware the Premiers AG will consider the preceding paragraph to be blackmail and advise charging me under Section 346 (1), EXTORTION, of the Criminal Code of Canada, which means a Jury Trial, BUT the Premier should ask the Hon Don Morgan if there is any more chance that a Jury would find me guilty of extortion for my offer to resolve the Strudwick bribe demands than there was for a Jury to find me guilty of my “threatening charge” for my public statement that Strudwicks friend, that Google “fuddel- duddel” Lane “should be shot”, review the last quarter of LADY’S, LETTERS AND SLAPP.

The Premier should review STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL and note that the Hon Don Morgan will tell him that notwithstanding my (Lee)s deep respect for Roy Romanow, that based on the hard evidence, all Saskatchewan taxpayers including me, “probably” believe the NDP Union Officials are more corrupt than his (Walls) Brain Trust; review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT documents page 4, and that if I fail to honor that affidavit, they could always charge me with perjury, incarcerate me waiting trial, and have me shot while “escaping”.

Web readers are asked to review post MONEY-MONEY-MONEY and note my ask for donations of a annual $20.00 from each Saskatchewan Urban House hold to run Access ads for this Web site to lobby MLAs to save $165M in SARM/RMAA corruption by “abolishing” the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan is timely, google “mandryk: abolition wall’s best and worst mandryk”; note that both the Sask Party and NDP MLAs voted to abolish the Senate, claiming the Senate wastes money; the Senate is a waste of money BUT nothing like SARM/RMAA waste, note below:

Google “what if senate gambit had been harpers idea? Den tandt” & “canada west foundation hails justine trudeau’s senate move, calls harpers red chamber misguided bryden”. Google “scc 31940” and scroll down in the search results, note that US blogger has added ABOLITION OF RMS to his corruption Web site and given the truly astonishing position of the Canada West Foundation on the Trudeau Senate move I ask Web readers to bear with me for a reprint of a portion of post ABOLITION OF RMS below;

The entire Senate budget is a annual $100M, Canada’s population is 33 million, Saskatchewan’s population is 1 million so Saskatchewan’s share of Senate cost is 1/33 of $100M, do the math, divide 33 into $100M, the product is a tad over $300K, $303,030.30 and Strudwick’s bribe demands from the Argues alone was two thirds of that, Strudwick wanted a $200K bribe to approve the Argues $30M development, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 12. – 18.

Regarding the big picture; ie: Senate Corruption v SARM Corruption, compare the $165M, ($165,000,000.00) in SARM Rural Development corruption cost to the Saskatchewan taxpayer share of Senate corruption cost of $300K is akin to Senate clerks raiding petty cash to buy lunch; it is true the Senate is deemed useless, but it does some committee work, SARM has no purpose whatsoever.

Google “disappearing saskatchewan: as farmers abandon their land they’re taking small town life with them nemth mcleans”, each of the 300 RMs administers a population of less than 500, decreasing every year, so if the Premier wants to abolish something, why not abolish the RMs and save $165M?

It’s true that Wallin is as corrupt, pretentious, venal, arrogant and annoying as Strudwick BUT its impossible to abolish the Senate under the Constitution and the saving to the Saskatchewan taxpayer is minimal, a annual saving of only $300,000.00, so why does the Premier not do something meaning-full, abolish the corrupt SARM/RMAA Leaders and eliminate the RMs instead of the Senate and save Saskatchewan taxpayers a annual $165M, note below:

The Legislature is all uptight about the Senate cost to the Saskatchewan taxpayers of $300K, yet the MLA’s do nothing about Strudwicks bribe demands, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paras. 12. – 18, Strudwick wanted a bribe of $200K to approve the Argues $30M residential development, google “scc 31940” and the cost to the taxpayer in lost tax revenue from the loss of the Argue Development is $400K a year, think about it, review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, the documented cost of Rural Development corruption is $165M, that is $65M more than the entire annual cost to run the Senate.

Think about it, if the RMs were replaced with Counties the Saskatchewan MLA’s could have bragging rights of saving both the cost of Canada wide Referendum and a Constitutional crises by paying the entire operating cost of the Senate and still save the Saskatchewan Taxpayers $65M each year; all the MLA’s have to do is eliminate SARM/RMAA/RMs review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, AND it could be even better for Saskatchewan taxpayers, note below:

Both the NDP and Libs are dead in Saskatchewan so there is no Provincial opposition Partys, and once the Saskatchewan taxpayers control the Senate they could save the high cost of Ottawa real estate and move the Senate from the East Wing of the Parliament Building in Ottawa to the East wing of the Saskatchewan Legislature and that move would save a lot of money on Senate travel for our Senators Wallin, Tkachuk, Merchant and Batters, and sadly, Denise would feel right at home in the Saskatchewan Leg Building.

As example of savings; Pana’s husband Tony, on the way to his downtown Regina Law office, could drop Pana off at her Senate Office, and pick her up in the way home at night, or on nice days Pana, might enjoy walking the few blocks to work from her home, thus saving even more taxpayer money; note this last bit of “brilliant nonsense” comes to you from the stupidest man in canada, google “stupidest man in canada rural zoning”. (END OF REPRINT)

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, note Saskatchewans Premiers have been trying to end RM Corruption since the 1930’s; why does Premier Brad not at least end Saskatchewans “ bribes for development” demands of Saskatchewans Rural Administrators, such as Strudwick and her ilk, which would be a google “feather in his hat” before he replaces Dewar as Ambassador to the US, google, “ wall breezing in a new direction mandryk”.

Note that I (Lee) tried to use a bit of “brilliant nonsense” to make a valid point comparing the $165M cost to the Saskatchewan Taxpayers of the corruption of SARM/RMAA, but in the same way that the $300K cost to Saskatchewan taxpayers of the corrupt Senate pales as compared to the $165M cost of SARM/RMAA/RM corruption, that SARM/RMAA corruption pales as compared to the cost of the corruption of the Medical Elite, there is a post planned for March 2014 on Medical Elite corruption, working title ASSET NUMBERS.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, & LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT & SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, CROWN COCKROACHES & HYENAS WITH HUBRIS, all posts set out hard evidence of the endless “disapperance” of Saskatchewan tax payer money, and note the entire corrupt horror of the Saskatchewan Ruling Elite and their Corrupt Judiciary never stops, the endless, mindless, greed of the Ruling Elite is very similar to Norway Rats in a small Town open pit nuisance ground, which is facilitated by the corruption of the Queens/Appeal Bench Courts, TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? and Google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”

Web readers are asked to note that the co-author of the Judicial Council of Canada report on the corruption of the Judiciary, Dr. Carl Baar was kind enough to spend a lot of time with me (Lee) regarding the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters in Their Own House”. Dr. Baar was kind enough to spend time in his Osgoode Hall office, at lunch and suppers, and a lot of time on the phone with me, I was given a full briefing.

The main theme of Dr. Baar’s diligent and extensive briefing, was that neither he, or the Hon Jules Deschenes, during their due diligence (they talked to every Judge in Canada), had uncovered evidence that any Provincial Politician of any Political stripe, Liberal, Conservative or NDP, had ever blackmailed, bullied, or bribed, a Judge into writing a particular judgment and Dr. Baar was most adamant that it was not the Politicians, it was the Provincial Officials and Union Leaders, review BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? who used control over the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges working lives to control Judicial decisions.

The truly sad part of this endless Judicial horror is that back in the day, Dr. Carl Baar and the Hon Jules Deschene had a solution, review UBAVKA’S PONZI, and note where I (Lee) set out the Baar/Deschene solution, ie: control of the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges by a Independent Body such as the Senate instead of the Provincial Officials such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Review CROWN COCKROACHES, note that the official Government scum have the legal right to demand bribes to approve developments, or provide any service. Web readers are asked to google “rural lobby group threatens tax revolt lloyd minister meridian booster” and note that the search references set out that the threat was genuine and ongoing for several years, and a couple of my confidants believe SARM/RMAA is blackmailing the Provincial Administrations of both Political stripes, NDP/Sask Party into allowing the Rural Ruling Elite legal demand for bribes from the Business Community to continue.

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL and note that there has never been a explanation for the refusal to grant Earle his development until I (Lee), STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, stirred in the sewage lagoon until the then NDP Minister Responsible Len Taylor, was so stupid as to rule that Earle’s only option to obtain development approval is to carry Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 41- 44.

Web readers are asked to review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 1- 10. and note the paper trail is well established and rock solid that it was not the Council blocking the Argue development, it was the Administrator, Donna Strudwick, and her two-bit shyster Glen Dowling, who had denied the Argues development approval, and according to NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, Earles, my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval was to carry Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, which he ( Earle) will not do, but I kept on “stirring” and finally Calverts Chief of Staff, Lois Thacyk, lost patience and ordered me destroyed review LADY LORI & THE CABAL.

Web readers are asked to Google “scc 31940” and note that it has been carved in stone by the Supreme Court, that the reason for Strudwick’s refusal to provide Earle Argue with development approval was because Earle (Argue) refused to pay Strudwick her bribes. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Earle Argue is stuffed to the eyebrows with honor and walked away from a Ten million dollar pre tax profit on his residential development by refusing to instruct me (Lee) his representative, to carry the lying corrupt slut, Strudwick, her “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, (baby bribes).

Note that Earle made that decision even when Len Taylor, the NDP Minister Responsible ruled that was his (Earle)s only option. Yes Virginia, it is that simple and these RMAA white collar thugs are in fact that evilly corrupt, again review CROWN COCKROACHES, and that is one of the reasons economists believe, Google “corruption economies are doomed”, another reason is the high wages of the Ruling Elite officials creating massive rich/poor inequity, note below:

Web readers are asked to google “back-to-work orders widen private-public wage gaps levitt” and note that a 2008 CFIB study shows that if the Elite Government official scum were paid private sector wages the Canadian tax payer would save $19B (nineteen Billion dollars) a year. Canada has a population of 33M (thirty three million), Saskatchewan has a population of one Million, 1/33 of nineteen Billion is $575,757,570.00 (five hundred and seventy five million dollars, and change), a saving to the Saskatchewan taxpayers of almost $600,000,000.00 (six hundred million dollars), over half a Billion a year, if Saskatchewan’s Official Elite Government scum were paid private sector wages.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to review post MONEY-MONEY-MONEY for the details of my ask that all Urban House holds consider a annual $20.00 donation to the maintenance and advertising of this Web site, which site is the only hope tax payers have of even slowing down Google “strudwick public corruption evil” .



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