Google “ukranian woman beaten for fighting corruption”, review the many search results setting out the details of Tetyana Chernov, the brave Ukranian woman beaten to within a inch of her life for fighting Ruling Elite corruption in the Ukraine. Now review LADY LORI-NEMISES, and note the mainstream media paper trail of exactly the same thing in Quebec, Canada, anti-corruption journalists shot and activists beaten on orders of Quebec Ruling Elite, Google “no deal with union to thwart corruption inquiry: quebec premier ouellet cp.”, does anyone think the Quebec Premier would not coverup for her husband?

I (Lee) now ask Web readers to review TO KILL A KING RURAL ZONING and note the “Factum” with a list of facts A) to N) supported by hard evidence, of what was done to me, and my wife Lorna, by the Saskatchewan Ruling Elite and their handmaidens in the Queens/Appeal Bench Courts and the RCMP because of my refusal to pay bribes to the lying, corrupt, Dept of Highway Professional Civil Engineers and my refusal now to bribe a evil, lying, corrupt, slut, RM Administrator, Strudwick, on behalf of Earle and Sharie Argue, for Strudwick to approve the Argues $30M residential development, Google “scc 31940”.

Web readers are asked to set aside question of the stupidity of anyone who gets between Professional Government Civil Engineers and their bribe money and RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick and her bribe money, and Google “canada worst country in g-7 at ending bribery” and consider the big picture based on mainstream media reports and ask who is more corrupt, the Saskatchewan or Ukranian Elite?. But these chickens are coming home to roost, review the first couple of paragraphs of UBAVKA’S PONZI, and note the number of Tory MP’s not running in 2015, Google “all bets are off for tories, ndp in saskatchewan’s redrawn map for 2015 election ditchburn”.

Web readers are asked to review CROWN COCKROACHES, note the fact that here in Canada it is legal for Crown Cockroaches such as the Highway Professional Civil Engineers and sluts such as Donna Strudwick to demand bribes to provide services; again Google “canada worst country in g-7 at ending bribery” and review SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION and again ask which Country is the most corrupt, Canada or the Ukraine? and note in the search results the CBC is using due diligence to follow the Ukrainian woman been beaten for protesting corruption yet here in Canada the CBC refuses to deal with Strudwick corruption, BLOOD ON THE WALL, why is that?

Review the first paragraphs of SCHILLER ON STUPUDITY note my (Lee)s failure to obtain approval from Canada’s Revenue Agency (CRA) to be granted approval to issue tax deductible donation receipts for Access TV Ads for this site, and my plan for MONEY-MONEY-MONEY to be in-site in January 2014,

then review post TO KILL A KING where I (Lee) set out my failure to get that done and then note the mid January 2014 post UBAVKA’S Ponzi where my plan to use Google “paypal” is in place, details later in this post, but first note below:

Review HYENAS WITH HUBRIS, note Bruce Johnstones reference to “money” in the Regina/Cupe/P3 battle, and note that CUPE failed to get control of Regina’s sewage treatment plant. Google “money key to p3 debate johnstone”, & “chamber of commerce asking for cash for referendum ads 980 cjme” & “city, u of r struggle in accountability mandryk”, note that CUPE had $5M of their members money for Ads to cause taxpayer money to flow to CUPE but the Chamber of Commerce asked for donations to stop CUPE and it worked.

The Crown Cockroaches failed and Regina taxpayers saved many millions, but there are many other Crown Cockroach corruptions, as example, Murrray makes the point that the University of Regina President refuses to put a stop to faculty members billing for non worked overtime even in the face of Premier Brads threats of prosecution; Crown Cockroaches know they have the legal right to demand taxpayer money and Premier Brads threats to go to the AG is nonsense because the Crown Cockroaches blackmail the Judges.`

There is a lot of money at stake for the Crown Cockroaches on one side and honest taxpayers on the other, google “government wages average 12% more than private sector”, and note Government Administrators have the legal right to demand bribes to approve contracts, CROWN COCKROACHES, and the power to control Judicial rulings through blackmail of Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? as Political columnist Murray Mandryk states google “mandryk: too much public sector entitlement mandryk”.

Google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”, review the article and post CROWN COCKROACHES. The Spectator article is British but Canada uses British legal precedents, so the law allowing Crown Cockroaches to legally demand bribes in England sets precedent in Canada so it is the law in Saskatchewan, note below:

The Crown Cockroaches fight to the death to protect their legal right to demand bribes from the business community to provide service; their effort here in Regina to stop Regina P3’ing the care of sewage is a perfect example and the 4 Regina lawyers were right a decade ago when they advised the Argues and I (Lee) that RM Administrator Strudwick had to be paid bribes to approve the Argues $30M development, what the Lawyers did not tell us was that Strudwick, as a Official reporting to a Minister, has legal right in Canada to demand bribes.

Taxpaying voters are reminded that it is their tax dollars when I (Lee) ask them to review ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT?, & SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, & CROWN COCKCROACHES & HYENAS WITH HUBRIS & UBAVKA’S PONZI and then google “scc 31940” the SCC confirmation that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, issued edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for Earle Argue was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator Strudwick.

Google “sask party attempts ‘link’ to broten mandryk”, and review BLOOD ON THE WALL & LADY LORI AND THE CABAL, Link, both as Roys Deputy Leader, and as NDP Leader, was adamant that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid for her to grant Argues development approval, but Link did not tell me (Lee) that the corrupt slut, Strudwick, had the legal right to demand bribes to approve Earle’s development; why do our Political Leaders keep secret the fact bribes to sluts such as Strudwick are legal, do they worry voters will go “arab spring” crazy?

Web readers are asked to review post FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 16. and note Revenue Canada allows the bribes the Developers pay to these Crown Cockroaches to be written off as “cost of doing business” BUT does not require the Crown Cockroaches to pay tax on their bribe income so honest taxpayers are whipsawed…. Developers are allowed to deduct the cost of bribes to Crown Cockroaches off income and the Crown Cockroaches pay no tax on their bribe income, so honest taxpayers pay more tax and the Business Community and the Crown Cockroaches do this under google “color of law”.

Web readers are asked to again review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE note the Wall Administration has not stopped the Reeve of the RM of Sherwood pulling a $200 million dollar scam, google “121 frauds on the government criminal code of canada”, this brazen fraud ranks right up there with the frauds US President Barack Obama’s Wall Street Bank Bastards pulled with their derivative scams, Google “7 things about prosecuting wall street you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) eskow huff post”.

Google “regina and nearby sherwood rm getting along now cbc news”,& “city of regina revises plan to annex land in rm of sherwood brown” & “’monumental’ turn of events brown” & “johnstone: better to be boring johnstone”; review my (Lee)s prediction in the two posts in the preceding paragraph, ie: a deal between the Regina Mayor and the Sherwood Reeve where the Sherwood Reeve gets his Development and Regina ratepayers pay the RM of Sherwood millions, reminds me of a deal between a prostitute and her client but at least the guy gets some sex out of the deal, in this case the Regina taxpayers get nothing.

Web readers are asked to note that Fougere (Regina Mayor) refuses to answer questions regarding the status of the Sherwood Reeves Development, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to the RM maps; my (Lee)s question; are the Regina City ratepayers going to pay millions of dollars to build a pipe line from Buffalo Pound to get water to the Sherwood Reeve’s Development?,… or….

OR is my (Lee)s fear valid that the Corrupt Queens/Appeal Courts will allow Strudwick to expropriate the Argue development quarter and its 350 gpm, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE for the Sherwood Reeve; scroll down to the RM maps review my fear for the Argues and the taxpayers, ie: the corrupt Courts giving the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow to Strudwick and the Sherwood Reeve.

Web readers are asked to note that as unbelievable as it is, the Regina lawyers decade old advise to the Argues was deadly accurate, it is impossible to obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential Development in the RM of Edenwold without bribing the RM Administrator, Strudwick, google “scc 31940”.

Again review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note that rumor is rife that the deal between the Sherwood Reeve and Regina Mayor was reached through a mediation process guided by the Saskatchewan Queens Bench and if that rumor is true then the Queens Bench Court Judges are even more corrupt than I (Lee) claim; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Regina Mayor’s deal with the Sherwood Reeve, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, allows the Sherwood Reeve to make $200M using a Eastern hotshot laundering God knows what Mafia money, (Moose Jaw booted him), to develop his land while the Corrupt Queens/Appeal Courts google “fuddel-duddel” the Argues, note below

The Sherwood Reeve gets his development BUT the Argues $30M residential development, on their own land, using their own money, using their own water, flowing from their own 350 gpm spring, which had been granted approval over a decade ago by both the Edenwold Council and the Provincial Departments, but the Argues are blocked for refusing to bribe Donna Strudwick, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraphs 1. – 10. , and google “scc 31940”, and would you believe it?, Strudwick has just won a “best administrator award” Google “rmaa grants strudwick lou jacobs best administrator award for 2013”.

Now google “definition of probitas” it is latin for honesty and uprightness, every thing a lawyer should be, and the 4 Regina lawyers risked their legal carrers to save Earle from Strudwick forcing him to bankruptcy and end up owning his development quarter and the 350 gpm spring water flow, UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN. These four lawyers risked being disbarred for offering that legal advice even pro-bono; honest taxpayers only hope is, google “anti corruption Web sites” such as this.

Web readers are asked to review DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and google “cic1 rural zoning”, if any Web reader studies the posts they may conclude that my (Lee)s experience with corrupt Crown Professional Civil Engineers and Queens/Appeal Bench Judges who destroyed me when I refused to pay the Engineers bribes, coupled with the RCMP refusal to charge the Engineers who threatened my life has provided the knowledge to give the Argues a chance

Losing my (Lee)s wife Lorna and our Highway Contracting Company resulted in my losing a desire to live but I do not have the courage to suicide, so when asked I tried to obtain Earle Argue his $30M residential development without bribing Strudwick; note Canada’s Ruling Elite are not all corrupt, the Hon John Crosbie sent me to Dr. Carl Baar, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, who is Canada’s leading legal and Judicial expert, co-author of google “Masters In Their Own House rural zoning” advised that a honest Canadian citizens only hope to obtain Justice is publicity.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Dr Carl Baar advice is sound, publicity is the only hope, DEJA VU EDENWOLD & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW; my experience with corrupt Government Engineers and corrupt Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges caused a mutual friend to bring the Argues to me (Lee), they were adamant, they would not give up and they would not bribe Strudwick and the paper trail established the official corruption I knew so well, note below:

I (Lee) like the Argues so have tried for over a decade, review post STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, to obtain their development for them without bribing Strudwick, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 15.-19., my first plan was the voters would not like the fact that NDP Minister, Len Taylor, had ruled my only option to obtain development approval for Earle was to “carry flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM Administrator, Strudwick, google “scc 31940.

That SCC Summary Statement should have solved the Argue problem; the honest taxpaying voters did not like the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, issuing that edict and it cost him his political carrer, posts NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY and SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE, and the voters do not like the fact Strudwick requires bribes to approve developments, BUT voters also do not like any, even honest, Developers, REGARDING PARANOIA, note below:

Again google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”. Strudwicks corrupt power can now be explained, as a Crown Official, Donna Strudwick has the right in law to demand bribes to approve developments and the blunt SCC Statement, google “scc 31940”, has confirmed my (Lee)s claim that the Minister ruled that my only option to obtain approval for the Argues $30M residential development is to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to his official, RM Administrator, Strudwick.

The Sask Party has upheld that NDP ruling since they came to power in November of 2007 despite my (Lee)s effort to be reasonable, Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables rural zoning”, my ask for a no taxpayer cost resolution to the SCC proven Strudwick bribe demand is ignored and the public broadcaster CBC, refuses to go public on official RM bribery, BLOOD ON THE WALL despite the massive economic ramifications for taxpayers of Rural Elite corruption, LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT & SARM LEADER LIES.

Web readers are asked to review post AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll down to the documents, note page 4, my (Lee)s affidavit to use any restitution accruing to me from resolving the Strudwick/Argue/bribery debacle to establish a foundation dedicated to use this Web site to publicize google “public corruption evil”. Review post LADY LORI-SOLUTIONS, for legal solutions that I hoped would result in restitution giving me the ability to establish and fund a foundation to maintain and advertise this Web site until taxpayer revulsion forced a solution to Strudwick corruption but I was living in dream world when that was published.

Review post TO KILL A KING RURAL ZONING and note A) to H) note that my (Lee)s wife Lorna died young of breast cancer, caused by the stress of having to stand by and watch our fine little Highway Contracting Company destroyed by Professional Civil Engineers who Lorna had partied with in University. Review WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, scroll down to the documents, page 14, note the lead Appeal Judge who dismissed my appeal was Richards, now google “saskatchewan gets new chief justice cbc” the new Chief Judge is Richards, the Judge who dismissed my appeal, but the Judicial corruption gets worse.

Note in post WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, pages 1 and 2 in the documents, that Maurice J. Herauf, the Court Clerk that “disappeared” the transcript tape of my (Lee)s libel trial was appointed to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, google “court of appeal for saskatchewan wicki”, scroll to near the end, note the dates, Herauf, a Court Clerk, was appointed a Judge just after the trial transcript tape “disappeared”, my guess is that transcript tape is in a Bank safe deposit box being used by Herauf to blackmail his way to the top of the Judicial food chain.

Note the CBC article in the preceding paragraphs mentions that Richards came to the Justice system out of MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman, note that Gary Lane is a Appeal Bench colleague of Richards, now review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll down to complaint 5:, note it came to nothing, google “cic1 rural zoning” the CJC snickered and sneered at my complaint, but note below:

A Provincial Court Judge provided unchallenged evidence that Gary Lane did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee) after my refusal to pay bribes to the Saskatchewan Department of Highways Civil Professional Engineers, and note that “Sandy” MacPherson was the son of the founder of the MaPherson Law firm, as a note of interest, NDP Heavy Hitters John Nielsen and Louise Simard, went to Government from MacPherson Law.

Rural Ruling Elite corruption costs the Urban taxpayers, the City, Town and Village taxpayers, in Saskatchewan a enormous amount of money, review post LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, the hard (documented) evidence, including Stats Canada information, that as controlled by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) the farm family house holds receive 4 times the tax benefits the Urban house holds receive, note below the result IF the benefit received/tax paid by the farm households was equal to the Urban house holds.

The report noted in the preceding paragraph by Joe Couture shows that the farm House holds receive $55,000,000.00 more in tax benefits that the Urban House holds, now divide the $55M by the 323,000 Urban House holds and the product is $170.00 added tax cost for each and every year, for each and every, Urban house hold. There are 300 RMs, it costs a average $250,000.00 each year to administer each RM, that is a total cost of $75,000,000.00 divide that by the 323,000 house holds, the product is $232.00, add that to the $170.00 in tax cost for a extra $402.00 tax cost every year for every Urban property tax payer.

That cost does not include the cost of the estimated $20M in bribes the Developers pay to the Rural Administrators to be granted approval for their developments, then deduct off their tax payable as “cost of business”. Review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, divide the $20,000,000.00 in bribes by the 323,000 Urban households and the product is $62.00 for a total of $464.00 tax cost, ie: tax saving, for every Urban House hold if the RMs were eliminated and the bribes not paid to the Rural Officials, and this estimate does not include the savings if the Reeves could be stopped from their massive frauds, review post SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.

As any “good soldier” would, I (Lee) have just kept STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON for a decade until a crucial fact has now surfaced, google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”, and note the search results show the fact of legal bribery of Crown Officials has taken on a life of its own on the internet and that is very gratifying, it is hard evidence that here in Saskatchewan, anti- corruption Web sites, such as this, with ads carried on Access, are the honest taxpayers only hope.

Now Google “mandryk: wall moving too slowly on dui laws mandryk” & “politicians shed accountability mandryk” & “duffy allegations bring rcmp to pmo doorstep mas cbc” & “nafta still dwarfs eu trade deal johnstone”, note that the media has taken Harper to the wall, and Bruce makes the point that Harper’s EU deal is minor compared to NAFTA and that it will not be in place by November 2015, which means the Harper Administration is doomed and by extension, I (Lee) believe that the Saskatchewan economy, with 80% of its GDP based on exports, can no longer afford to pay bribes to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her ilk to approve economic developments, again google “scc 31940”.

I (Lee) needed money for more Access ads so started with the CRA ,SHILLER ON STUPIDITY and scroll down to the one document, copy of my letter to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) asking them to grant the right to incorporate a non profit company and provide tax deductible receipts for donations to my non-profit, I did as instructed by a voice on the CRA 1- 800 number, prepared and delivered the letter and waited for 6 months for CRA to reply, and then was unable to put together a non profit numbered company, review TO KILL A KING.

Review UBAVKA’S PONZI, note that a confidant suggested that “Paypal” might be a answer to the fund raising and a Paypal account has been established and all Web readers are asked to note that it is in all taxpayers interest to publicize the fact that honest business men, such as the Argues, who refuse to pay bribes to Government officials, such as Donna Strudwick, and all taxpayers, are vulnerable to the official Government corruption, CROWN COCKROACHES.

I (Lee) will go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile for the Argues and the taxpayers, BUT note the mainstream media, not even taxpayer owned CBC, will touch the Strudwick corruption, review BLOOD ON THE WALL, hence the need for more Access Ads and experts advice that donating $20.00 into a Paypal account is simple, the Paypal account address you would use to send funds to is

Web readers are asked to review the two posts TO KILL A KING RURAL ZONING & UBAVKA’S PONZI, note that the “ Just Energy” Ponzi scam has cost the Saskatchewan taxpayers a couple of Billion dollars and that the only way to end that “Just Energy” Ponzi and stop any future loss to the Saskatchewan taxpayer is publicity, TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, and that this Web site is already at over 43K visits and one way to try to force the Wall Administration to end Ubavka’s “Just Energy” Ponzi and the SARM/RMAA Rural development scams is ads for this site in both Saskatchewan and Ottawa.

Review preceding paragraphs in this post, note that all Saskatchewan Urban households pay property tax and the hard evidence that every last one of Saskatchewan’s 323,000 Urban Households pay a average of a extra $464.00 in property tax every year to allow the 50,000 farm households to get 4 times the tax benefits of the Urban households and this economic horror must end.

The monthly WordPress Stats graph will be included in future posts so donors may see what effect their donations have on visit numbers and note the Access Ad donation/Web visit potential will “probably” reach a practical limit in 4 months…..the following would “probably” occur over that 4 months; google “theory of probability” & “ response to direct ad campaigns” it runs at 1% to 2%, to be safe, use the lower prediction, a 1% response rate; my records show I paid Access a average $183.00 per month over the last 6 years, comparison below:

The Word press visit graph above shows a average of 1400 visits a month over 2013. The media reports the Harper PMO raise millions based on donations of $25.00 from the Reform/WCC base every time Harper runs a Trudeau attack ad, and Wikipedia runs its entire operation on donations which average $15.00 per donation so my (Lee)s ask is for that average, a ANNUAL $20.00 donation from each Urban household on Access and at 1% of Web visits the “probable” initial return for the ask is 14 x $20 = $280.00, and the annual total of $15,000.00.

I (Lee) paid Access a average $183.00 a month for the last 6 years which has placed the ad before 25% of Access subscribers, so divide the average monthly Access bill of $183.00, which has generated 1400 Web visits, into the $280.00 in donations, the product is a factor of 1.5.; assume Web visits track Access Ads, the $280.00 donations along with my average $183.00, to Access for Ad time, remember the 1.5 factor and note below:

Again google “theory of probability”, and note this will “probably” result in the current 1400 Web visits increasing to a total of 2100 Web visits, again; 1% of 2100 is 21, again assume donations of $20.00 for a total of $420.00 plus the $183.00 to Access for Ad time projects to enough Access ad time to generate a visit count of 3150, and again at 1%, 32 donations of $20.00 is a total of $640.00, but this will not be ad infinitum, note below:

Access serves +/- 75,000 Saskatchewan Urban house holds so there is a self contained built in practical limit, but at the end of the day, total donations “probably” will average +/- 1% of Access subscribers, ie: +/- 75,000, ie: 1% is 750 x $20.00, the product is $15,000.00, $1250.00 a month, plenty of cash flow to maximize Access Ads with a surplus available for ads in Ottawa, where, God willing, the “Just Energy” ponzi, guided by the Board of Directors, made up of the Harper Senators, may result in the Harper PMO demanding the Wall Cabinet end the “Just Energy” Ponzi and SARM/RMAA corruption to end the taxpayer loss of a annual $165M here in Saskatchewan, review UBAVKA’S PONZI.

Web readers are asked to again google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t, cohen the spectator” and note that the Crown Cockroaches have the legal right to demand bribes has taken on a internet life of its own and adds to this sites interest; Access covers 1/3 of Saskatchewan house holds and if the practical limit for more Access Ads generating more Web visits is reached surplus donations will be used to run ads in Ottawa note below.

Web readers are asked to note that a donation of $20.00, the cost of one small bottle of cheap rye from 1% of every Urban Household subscribing to Access should do it, 1% is 750 house holds which would be $15,000.00 in donations and as a bonus, at Stats Canada average of 2.8 voters per household the message will get to half of the 400,000 Saskatchewan voters before the next General Election that the Rural Crown Cockroaches, the RM Administrators, have the legal right to demand bribes to approve Rural Developments CROWN COCKROACHES, note my (Lee) hope is that the Ottawa ads are self-financing.

My (Lee)s ask for donations to fight Crown Cockroach corruption is not unprecedented; google “chamber of commerce asking for cash for referendum ads 980 cjme”, the Chamber asked for money for ads to fight CUPE and the Chambers only concern is CUPE high wages; the business community has no concern about paying bribes to Crown Cockroaches because the CRA allows the business Community to deduct the cost of bribes to the Crown Cockroaches as “cost of business”, FACTS: EDENWOLD para.16., and 30., now note below:

The wonder of Website’s was recently brought home to me (Lee); a confidant, doodling on his computer had heard nothing about Donna Strudwick recently checked into it and came upon Google “donna strudwick administrator rm of edenwold images”, click on the site. I then tried the obvious, google “lady janet mcmurtry images”; scroll through and note the “lovely lady” picture site, in the Lady Janet images, BUT also note my letter to Len Taylor, note the genius Web master has mixed a great many relevant Website documents in with the dozens of pictures of great women through out the site. I assume that the Genius Web master is asking what alternate universe NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, lives in if he believes that God gave us “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to bribe the viscous, evil, corrupt, lying, slag Strudwick, to approve the Argues $30M development, instead of to court these lovely women.

Google “ubavka mitic images” & “saskatchewan judge gary lane images”, note the visit numbers and the document/ picture mix relating to this Web site are all a great mix of this Web site’s documents and Lady pictures with a few relevant men in the mix. In Strudwick “images” take particular note there is a picture headlined “The Leader” subtitle “Gary Lane swallowed.” with a picture of that “fuddel-duddel” Lane sinking down through the pavement, his work here on earth done, he has been called home; a computer genius with a sense of humor and a deep understanding of Saskatchewan Politics provided that mock up.

I (Lee) ask the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to Google “scc 31940” the Supreme Court Web reference to their Summary Statement dealing with the Strudwick corruption, scroll down a bit in those first page search results, note “white collar: abolition of rms”, click on that result, note that a US corruption blog is piggy- backing on the SCC Strudwick corruption reference to try to help this Web site make the point of Official corruption, CROWN COCKROACHES.

Google “mandryk: back bench provide only whitewash mandryk”& “mandryk: cracks growing in stephen harper’s foundation mandryk” & “republicans vow keystone kickstart stackhouse”, & “oil investor turned ‘green billionaire’ on why he opposes keystone XL panetta”. Harper hope for re-election is the Keystone pipeline and Barack fears his hard left, oil sand hating, Democratic base, as much as Harper fears his right wing, oil sand loving, Reform base, note below:

US President Obama can not, and will not, bow to the Republican demand for Keystone so Harper is doomed; we will eventually find out how much money the Canadian taxpayer spent in the US promoting Keystone during Baracks recent “State of the Union” Google “canadian keystone ads during state of union”

Review Murray’s critique of the way our Ruling Eliite function, then review my ask for a annual $20.00 “Paypal” donation to maintain this Web site in both Saskatchewan and Ottawa which may end the “Just Energy” Ponzi and lead to elimination of SARM/RMAA, and the RMS, and their corrupt Administrators, such as Donna Strudwick, which will benefit all taxpayers not just the Argues.


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