Sask Party supporters should ask Premier Brad Wall to Google “tories on senate scandal; from denial to obstruction coyne” and note his Big Brother (Harper) escaping “under a hail of bullets”. Next review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, then read this post regarding the “Just Energy” CEO, Ubavka Mitic, the Russian Mafia, Donna Strudwick, Lady Janet McMurtry, her father Roy McMurtry, and Tory Senators, then note the polls, Goggle “threehundredeight.com poll results”, L-36%, C-28%, N-24%, especially note the polls, note Harper is doomed.

Premier Wall should next Google “conservative just energy board member hugh segal leaves senate” & “jenni byrne most power full woman in canada”, and ask what Harpers girl genius, Jenni, her lover Pierre, and his best buddy, the Alberta AG, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, were doing when one of Harpers smarter Senators on the “Just Energy” Board, Hugh Segal, headed for the hills.

Premier Wall should also note the rest of Harper’s in house “Just Energy” Board members, Roy McMurtry et al, will join Segal to do what the Ruling Elites have done since time out of mind, watch the slaughter from the hills until the battle is over, then come down to cut the throats of the wounded and loot the bodies; Premier Wall should ask himself; is he the looting, or the looted?, note below: Google “ did strudwick corruption shut down the harper ethanol subsidy” note the search references are posts of this Web site, CROWN COCKROACHES & HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123, this Web site details that Strudwick corruption caused the end of the Feds Ethanol subsidy; now Google: “STOCKHOUSE Just Energy Group inc. Sept. 02, 2013-011: 10 AM post # 201321712831” and note this sites Web post LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT is featured in that STOCKHOUSE market watch bulletin giving a “heads up” on the “Just Energy” stock collapse, note Calvert or Wall could have stopped Strudwick at any time.

I (Lee) urge interested Web readers to note in the STOCKHOUSE site at the bottom of post LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT reference to “older posts and/or new posts” click on either/both, and note a tweet dissing STOCKHOUSE for using my “LADY LORI—–” post claiming that Harper shutting down the Federal Ethanol subsidy and the loss of the $77M ($77,000,000.00) taxpayer gift to “Just Energy” means nothing but the fact is that “Just Energy” lost 1/3 of its share price in 2013 despite Harpers “Just Energy” Senate Board, Segal, et al.

Google “saskatchewan chamber of commerce just energy fraud complaint” note the search results show posts of this Web site referring to “Just Energy” instances of fraud resulting in Criminal Charges in both the US and Canada and the Criminal Charges of fraud against “Just Energy”, followed by my (Lee)s publishing the paper trail of Strudwicks bribe demands resulted in cancellation of Harpers Federal Ethanol Subsidy, caused “Just Energy” stock to collapse. Google “ analysis/why the financial system’s fairness matters: amanda lang”, I (Lee) ask Web readers to review Amanda’s article setting out that all Stock Exchanges are a scam; remember that the Vancouver Stock Exchange was so corrupt that even Canada’s corrupt Ruling Elite could not stand the stench and shut the Vancouver exchange down, Google “canada most bribery prone of g-7 countrys” & “ vancouver stock exchange most notorious in the world”.

It was never my (Lee)s intent to poke a stick in the Hornet nest of market investors, my intent was to try to make the point that Strudwicks bribe demands cost Saskatchewan farmers the Federal Ethanol subsidy, but cost to farmers for loss of the Federal Ethanol subsidy is small compared to the cost to the tax payers for Ubavka’s “Just Energy” Ponzi, colored up by Strudwick’s SLAPP against me (Lee) which had ramifications, Google “scc 31940” and ask are the Liberals in Walls Cabinet selling “Just Energy” stock short?, note below:

Walls Liberals learned that trick from Goodale. Google “goodale income trust scam”, Goodale was investigated for using his power as Fed Finance Minister to muse of change to Income Trusts, frazzling the minds of fund managers and investors, then “selling short”; this would explain the Wall Cabinet denying the Argue development, yet leaving me (Lee) alive to publish this Web site with no “stop order” from a Queens Bench Judge, review first two paragraphs, of TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER. Google “naked short selling wikipedia” note that “short sell” of stock is illegal in the US but not Canada, that is probably why Goodale was not charged under the Criminal Code.

Review the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, I (Lee) have long wondered why a nice looking, soft spoken, middle aged dude in a good suit, approached me in a coffee shop, quietly asking if I was “Bob” and offering Web site advise and to this day that post gets many visits. There is also much interest in LADY JANET AND THE CJC, now again Google “just energy sells terra grain back to sask group johnstone” & “just energy group inc. announces agreement to sell terra grain fuels inc. globe and mail”, note below:

Web readers are asked to note that to keep the Ponzi going leading to potential for the “short sell” by the Wall Cabinet, the Wall Administration is putting up millions of dollars of taxpayer money to bail out “Just Energy” even when it has become “radioactive”, ie: Google “rebbeca macdonalds just energy: golden era over for gas marketer livesley and mercury globe and mail”.

Web readers are asked to note that “Just Energy” CEO, Rebecca Macdonald, was born Ubavka Mitic, in Yugoslavia, (Serbia) whose father was Energy Minister, or acting Energy Minister, for a Dardanelles strong man, a murderous thug named Marshall Tito; note that her claims as a Medical Doctor do not track and any Serb is as shyster smart as Strudwick and Serbia and Russia have always had a good working relationship, Google “serbia russia relationship”. Web readers are asked to note that I (Lee) have gone to the Gates of Hell. The-Gates-of-Hell I like to provide evidence of Ubavka Mitic, the Russian Mafia, Harpers Senators, Donna Strudwick. Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust and Link, Lane and Drummond pulling this Madoff level Ponzi and if the Bruce Johnstone article is right Ubavka is leading the Wall Administration down the same “Just Energy” garden path to scam another few million dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money, Google “carbon capture scam”.

Web readers who support the Sask Party should review again the “Just Energy” woman CEO paper trail, first review yet again FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, note Drummonds Channel Lake paper trail of fraud that cost the Saskatchewan taxpayer just short of a Billion dollars, “yes Virginia that is a Billion with a B” and note that fraud was pulled with Link as Minister Responsible and Drummonds former law partner Lane, as a Judge of the Court of Appeal.

Now Google “owen mitchell just energy”. Mitchell was a Devine/Lane hotshot and a cohort of Drummonds. Google has no record of it but my memory is of Rebbeca MacDonald, nee Ubovka Mitic, making a speech praising Drummond as a economic genius, and in the world of the Russian Mafia Ubavka was/is right, he (Drummond) defrauded taxpayers of enough money that he now uses a business Jet to commute to his warm climate, tax haven island, and Rebecca’s mansion is next door to Conrad Blacks, and when Link left for Nexen, he took several Banker Boxs of Channel Lake public inquiry papers with him.

I (Lee) urge all Web readers to again Google “rebbeca macdonalds just energy: golden era over for gas marketer livesly and mercury globe and mail”, please read it all; Ubavka, with the help of Link, Drummond, Mitchell, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and Lady Janet McMurtry, has already cost the Saskatchewan taxpayers a couple of Billion dollars and the taxpayers should know of Ubavka’s Russian Mafia ties, and in desperation, now paying 10% on Pension fund loans. At the end of the day “Just Energy” CEO, Rebecca Macdonald, nee Ubauka Mitic, has ended up with a monster house in eastern Canada where she is a neighbor of Conrad Blacks, while her cohort Drummond found a rat hole for them both, a warm climate, tax haven Island, from which Drummond commutes to Canada by private Jet, while the Saskatchewan taxpayers and Canadian pension funds have lost Billions in the collapse of the “Just Energy” share price.

As result of Ubavka’s Ponzi the Saskatchewan taxpayer alone has already lost a couple of Billion DolIars in this Ponzi and I (Lee) believe Donna Strudwick and Lady Justice Janet McMurty colored up Ubavkas massive “Just Energy” Ponzi, to keep the Ponzi going, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC. Again Google “just energy sells terra grain fuels to sask group johnstone” & “just energy group inc. announces agreement to sell terra grain fuels inc. globe and mail”.

Review posts FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING & WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT & SEA OF CORRUPTION and note preceding paragraphs denoting where a market watch group was dissed for using one of this sites Web posts to issue a “heads up” regarding “Just Energy” share price AND to me (Lee), as the Argues representative, given that this Web site is so factual, relevant, respected and well watched it is used by market watchers to warn investors about Ubavka ‘s “Just Energy” Ponzi, then I ask: why does the Wall Cabinet ignore this Web site and refuse to give the Argues their development until Strudwick is bribed?

I (Lee) apologize to Web readers for the repetition of material in this post from the 2014 New Year post TO KILL A KING RURAL ZONING; the material was originally set up as one long post but I split it for three reasons,
1) I have been trying to keep posts to ten pages,
2) All Ponzi’s are convoluted and I could not keep it straight in my mind, and I wrote it,
3) I hoped that by mid January it may have leaked which Sask Party insiders were given the Ethanol Plant.

For the above reasons the post was split in two parts and there has been much repetition but the corruption horror warrants the repetition, the Saskatchewan taxpayer has lost a couple of Billion Dollars to this massive Madoff level Ponzi which was set up by Prairie farm boys lead by a big breasted Serbian woman with a great rump and legs, straight off the boat, or Boeing, or Google “mulroney airbus fraud”, straight off a Air Canada Airbus 300/330.

Google “ubavka mitic images”, review the dozens of pictures of her (Ubavka) and a monster house, scroll through the post, note copy of a document from this site as well as other sites posts mixed in with the pictures. Ubavka’s Ponzi was colored up by Donna Strudwick and Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC. Ponzi’s have no base so always collapse BUT I (Lee) pried the lid off this Ponzi early by taking Strudwick’s SLAPP to the Supreme Court, Google “scc 31940”, the base for this Web site and then Market watch, STOCKHOUSE, iced the cake by using posts of this Web site to warn investors about the “Just Energy” Ponzi, note preceding paragraphs.

My (Lee)s use of the term “ponzi” is very deliberate; Google “ponzi”, it means spinning a scam from nothing and “Just Energy” owns nothing, it buys natural gas that flows to the homes and business through pipelines owned by others, usually the Provinces, and uses fraud on the door steps to sell high; and now “Just Energy” is getting into Google “carbon capture scams” which are a bigger scam than even Ethanol, FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING.

Google “madoff victims sue madoff banker” and note that STOCKHOUSE used this Web site to spot the fact that “Just Energy” is a fraud and issued a market watch to that effect, as a result, not only the “Just Energy” Banker(s) but both the Province and the Feds had a “heads up” on the “Just Energy” Ponzi when I (Lee) filed LADY JANET AND THE CJC so Ubavka Ponzi victims may have “cause for action” (class action) against the Province/Feds, ask Tony Merchant.

My (Lee)s only interest in any of this venal stupidity, is as a fulcrum/lever to end the Strudwick corruption blocking Argues $30M development. Review post VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS and note that I set out three different plans where the Argues could be legally granted approval for their $30M Residential Development at no cost to the taxpayer and without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and note that back in the day I proposed those three plans to NDP Premier Calvert and his Cabinet, giving them a choice of the plans, but Calvert and his corrupt Cabinet clowns ignored me.

NDP Premier Clavert and his Cabinet ignored me (Lee) and Calverts Chief of Staff ordered Strudwick to use a Google “slapp” to sue me for libel, which has not worked out well for the NDP. Google “scc 31940” & “ndp still out of sync with sask voters mandryk”, and review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE; so I now offer Premier Brad Wall and his Cabinet the same choice, any one of the same three plans that would cost the taxpayers nothing and would benefit the taxpayers by the Argues paying property tax on their (Argues) development.

A confidant, aware that this Web site is designed to try to generate public interest to force the Wall administration to choose between facing the wrath of SARM if the Argues get their development without Strudwick getting her bribes, and the wrath of the voters at Strudwick’s bribe demands, asked if I (Lee) would remove this Web site from the internet in exchange for the Argues development.

I (Lee) have a ethical duty to the Argues but review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, documents page 4, note my affidavit to keep this Web site up until my death and beyond that I can not remove this Web site from the internet until the Argues sell the last lot on their development, Google “Canadian judges take bribes, susan mcgrath, canadian bar association schmitz” and review LADY LORI – NEMESIS, a Developer had his project approved in Lamont Alberta, BUT note below.

Note that after building a couple of houses the Lamont Developer was shut down when he refused to bribe the Administrator with 5% of his development cash flow, the same thing would happen to the Argues so I (Lee) can not remove this Web site from the Internet because publicity is the only hope to stop Donna Strudwick from bribing the Queens/Appeal Judges to stab the Argues in the back if the Ruling Elite grant the Argues approval for their $30M residential development approval without paying bribes to RM Administrator Strudwick.

Beyond the practical consideration for the Argues it would be a crime against humanity if this Web site was shut down; if the Argues get their Development without bribing Strudwick this Web site will have accomplished a miracle, consider this:
1) four Regina lawyers advised the Argues and I (Lee) it was impossible to obtain approval for the Argue development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.
2) NDP Minister Responsible Len Taylor ruled the only option the Argues had to obtain approval for their development was to bribe Strudwick.
3) NDP Leader Lingenfelter advised that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid for the Argues to obtain approval, now note legal stuff below:

Beyond the NDP Political rulings that Strudwick had to be bribed, note the legal positions on Strudwicks bribes:
1) RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroyed affidavit evidence of Strudwicks bribe demands.
2) Queens Bench Judge Lady Justice Janet McMurty ruled that I (Lee) libeled Strudwick by my letter complaining to Calvert about Strudwicks bribe demands.
3) the Saskatchewan Queens Bench Court Registrar destroyed the transcript of my libel trial.

But far, far, beyond the fact the lives of Earle and Sharie Argue, and my (Lee)s life has been destroyed, and taxpaying voters have lost millions of dollars, it follows as night follows day, that the Argues and I are just two of what must be thousands of victims of the fact that the Queens/Appeal Bench Court Judges Judgments are dictated by blackmail or bribery by the Provincial officials, review post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? & CROWN COCKROACHES, but there is a Federal solution ready to end the greedy, inhuman, arrogant, Official/ Queens/Appeal Bench corruption, note below: Review LADY LORI- A BEACON, scroll down to page 3 in documents, note that after Dr. Carl Baar and the Hon Jules Deschenes completed their Judicial study, “Masters In Their Own House” BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, a Federal effort was made to take control of the Queens/Appeal Judges away from the Provincial Officials, which Federal effort failed when the Provincial Officials fought the Fed’s plan like a pack of Hyena’s and note below:

As result, given what was done to me (Lee) by corrupt Highway Professional Civil Engineers and Queens/Appeal Judges and given the fact I do not have the balls to suicide it would gladden my heart to spend the rest of my life using this Website to lobby Ottawa to move control of the Queens/Appeal Judges to a honest Government body, the Senate, which was Dr. Carl Baar’s original plan.

BUT my (Lee)s confidant raised fair question, would I remove this Web site from the internet as part of a deal with Premier Wall? If STOCKHOUSE uses this Web posts to warn investors about a economic issue as important as the “Just Energy” Ponzi then I paraphrase Charlton Heston, speaking for the NRA when he said “he would give up his rifle when they pry it out of his cold dead hands”.

Heston was a great dramatic actor and with his phrase shilling for the Gun manufactures in mind, I (Lee) ask the taxpaying voters to Google “canada is the most bribery prone country in the g-7”; as result this Web site will be removed from the internet at my (Lee)s natural death OR shot by the Russian Mafia, OR “suicide’ed” by the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, Google “jack wolfe mla suicide”, ask Jacks widow; she moved to the US but the Leg clerks should have her address.

In a sane world there should be no need for this Web site BUT here lies insanity and taxpayers should thank the Great God Google, internet, and “good soldier” me (Lee) for the only possible solution; Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, and Google “scc 31940”, the Supreme Court of Canada has stated that Strudwick must be carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to grant development approval, and the Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Courts up held Strudwick’s right to demand those bribes and the only possible explanation for that corruption is the lower Court judgments are dictated by corrupt sluts such as Donna Strudwick and her ilk, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Now again review LADY LORI A BEACON documents page 3 note that it would be a walk in the park for Premier Wall to carry legislation that the Senate control the working lives of the Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench Judges instead of the corrupt Highway Professional Civil Engineer scum and corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick yet Premier Wall has refused to carry that legislation so this Web site must not be removed from the internet.

Google “lady janet mcmurtry images” and review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, my complaint to the Judicial Council of Canada (CJC), against Queens Bench Judge Lady Janet McMurty, daughter of “Just Energy” Board member, Roy McMurtry, for bowing to blackmail or bribes from RM Administrator Strudwick resulting in her (Lady Janet) writing Judgment to enable Strudwick, and her ilk, the RMAA to take bribes to set up Ethanol Plant scams in the RM’s. Note that Strudwick, the evil, lying, corrupt, slut, has been just sainted by the RMAA, Google “strudwick given 2013 lou jacobs rmaa award.

Now scroll back five paragraphs in this post, review Bruce’s article, note that as this post is being written it is not known who the Wall Administration has given the defunct Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine too, but I (Lee) predict Sask Party insiders, such as SARM President Dave Marit/Strudwick, LADY LORI AND A SARM MOTION, will be set up as owner/manger of the Ethanol plant until the Trudeau Feds form Federal Government in November of 2015 where Premier Wall will then pander to the “cozy cronies” of the Goodale Liberal portion of his (Wall) Cabinet, Google “nicor developments” to loot the million’s in subsidy.

A confidant, a glass half full guy if I (Lee) ever saw one, has suggested that my failure to satisfy the ISC people regarding Directors, TO KILL A KING, may be good, because thanks to the Access Ads this Web site already has over 43K visits, over 4 times the number needed to get a corruption message to any Government in any other G-7 Country, ABOLITION OF RMS, and a confidant believes I should continue to lobby for Argue equity on Access TV here in Saskatchewan but add a robo-call program to the Saskatchewan Access Ads and if funds allow carry ads on a Cable Channel in Ottawa.

My (Lee)s first thought was that my confidant had lost his mind, the Ottawa Elite, next door to Toronto, the center of the Universe, do not give a tinkers dam how much money that corrupt slut of a Strudwick cost the Saskatchewan taxpayers through loss of School and Property tax revenue by her demand for bribes to approve the Argue development, Google “scc 31940”.

Then I (Lee) read Google “harpers fiscal record no hit johnstone”; I urge Web readers to study Bruce’s article; as a confidant remarked, the Harper economic record makes Devine/Lane look good, and thought, may be Ottawa and Ontario would respond. The Argues would make $10M profit on their Development so they would pay about 25% of that, ie: $2.5M, to CRA, Saskatchewan’s population grows 20K a year so needs100 Argue size developments a year, and if the bribes are not paid that is a loss of $250M each year in income tax and if the bribes are paid there is still a tax loss because the Harper CRA allows the Developers to deduct the cost of bribes off income as “cost of business”.

Under Harper the officials pay no tax on bribes so that tax loss is direct cash out of pocket loss to all Canadian taxpayers, including the Elite Ottawa taxpayers, so the issue in Ottawa could move beyond Ruling Elite corruption and venality into starving kids; Google “fed minister moore questions if he is responsible to keep his neighbors kids from starving cbc” so the question then is whose kids will starve first, east or west?, which question may interest Eastern voters.

Web readers will know that many of this sites posts include reference to my (Lee)s hope/dream the Liberal Lawyers now loose in the land track Quebec’s ADQ anti-corruption Party, and form a Political Party similar to the ADQ, which was formed one year before the last Quebec General Election, and came within a hair breadth of forming Government or take control of the defunct Liberal Party of Saskatchewan away from Greg Gallagher and use the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan as the ADQ – type, anti-corruption Party of Saskatchewan.

Web readers are also asked to note that many of this sites posts suggest asking former Saskatchewan Liberal Party Leader, Lynda Haverstock, to lead the new party, Haverstock was Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor and Tourism CEO, and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, back in the day, a quarter of Saskatchewan voters adored Lynda; After Goodale went Federal, the Provincial Liberals, with Lynda as Leader, went from 4% to 24% of the vote until Lynda stated that as Premier she would end “cozy crony” corruption, so the Goodale group stabbed Lynda in the back and went to Billy Boyd, to form the Sask Party.

Lynda would be great, but Alberta independent MP, Brent Rathgeber, may be better to lead a new Saskatchewan anti-corruption Party. There can be no doubt whatsoever but the Goodale Group, ie: Nicor Development, will fight like Wolverines to keep the system of bribes to Government officials and Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges in operation BUT review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, note reference to Brent Rathgeber, MP, Google “rathgerber quits tory caucus” & “notable melville residents wiki” where Brent is referred to as lawyer and MP, Brent is a favorite son of Saskatchewan and he might be prepared to come home to lead a fight against Saskatchewan’s Rural corruption.

It is not just the massive corruption of SARM/RMAA Rural administration that may interest Brent, who is from Melville and may be familiar with other instances of Saskatchewan Ruling Elite corruption, EDENWOLD EVIL – HORNUNG QC, scroll to the documents page 8, note reference to frauds by Hornung QC against Melville area residents, which fraud charges were dismissed by a Queens Bench Judge, with Lane as AG, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC. Again note EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG QC regarding Gary Voinorosky, where Lawyer Hornung QC took his twelve gauge automatic shotgun and blew the head off Voinorosky, and Lane as AG did not call a inquest or lay criminal charges, and Hornung was given a Federal Labor Relations Appointment, EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG QC, scroll down to documents page 10., and Brent Rathgeber may be coaxed into coming home to try to end corruption.

Google “mandryk: scandal taint conservative movement mandryk” & “rob ford emblematic of the dark place where our politics are headed coyne”. I (Lee) urge Premier Wall to read both the Andrew and Murray articles carefully and note both Journalists are dissing Conservative corruption and I urge Premier Brad Wall to Google “op-ed: profitable potash corp underpays province doherty”, & “wall misleading budget a failure mandryk”, note that if the Union Chief quotes the royalty percentages accurately, then based on Murray, the taxpayers can no longer afford to pay Strudwick and her ilk bribes to approve developments.

Saskatchewan’s farm Leaders know Strudwicks bribes must end; Google “weyburn inland terminal explores potential sale wp”, read the article,Directors of this iconic symbol of Western Free Enterprise are heading for the hills because this Web site caused the Harper Feds to end the Ethanol subsidy and scroll back a few paragraphs in this post to the Wall Administration support of the Strudwick/Lady Janet McMurty “Just Energy” Ethanol Ponzi, BUT note also this Web site’s role in prying the lid off that “Just Energy” “Ponzi”, AND note below:

I (Lee) do not give a tinkers dam about Ethanol corruption or the “Just Energy” Ponzi, my only interest in both scams is to use them to prove that the taxpayers can not afford to keep paying Donna Strudwick and her ilk bribes to approve developments even if she is a close friend of Reiter, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, and Lane, FACTS EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30.

Now review TO KILL A KING and note references to the ties between Rebbaca (Ubauka) and the Russian Mafia in that post, look at the WordPress stats record below, those visits were AFTER I (Lee) pried the lid off the “Just Energy” Ponzi.

Note the Russian visits,12 in one day; this site often has two or three visits a day from the US or other English speaking Countries, but why this large number of visits from Russia after I (Lee) annoyed Ubauka by prying the lid off her “Just Enegy” Ponzi? The Ruling Elite will have assured the Russian Mafia that the RCMP will cover up my slaughter, BUT if a reporter could find a computer guy with Word press access they could find who slaughtered me by following the computer trail from the 12 Russian computers to this Web site, and compare that to which Russian computer is linked to a “Just Energy” computer in Canada. Google “lee defys devine-wall brain trust to suicide him”, note the many search results where I (Lee) openly defy the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to “ suicide” me; they are too smart to be baited into that mistake, BUT if Ubavka orders her Russian Mafia to slaughter me her Russians would not waste time trying to color up my slaughter as suicide as Jack Wolfe was, and there may be ramifications.

Google “jack wolfe mla suicide” half of the voters in Southern Saskatchewan think the Devine Gang slaughtered Jack to keep him quiet about the corruption, the other half think that Jack did suicide because he was a good man, and could not face the “disappearing” of $10B of Saskatchewan taxpayer money and the “disappearing” of that $10B of taxpayer money leading to Jack’s “suicide” to cover it up destroyed the PC Party of Saskatchewan and my (Lee)s slaughter by Ubavka’s Russian Mafia could lead to the same destruction of the Sask Party.

Review ABOLITION OF RMS & TO KILL A KING RURAL ZONING, my (Lee)s problems in establishment of a non-profit numbered company to raise funds to advertise this Web site but a confidant advised solution; Google “ fund raising with paypal” & “cash starved parties are dumbing down our politics den tandt”.

The media reports Harper raises millions from his base by an ask for a $25.00 donation every time he runs a Trudeau attack ad; Google “wikipedia”, note they run their entire operation on donations that average $15.00 and I (Lee) have established a PayPal account wearthmvg@gmail.com which is now accepting donations which will help to fund ads to broaden public knowledge of Strudwick corruption; a post, working title, MONEY-MONEY-MONEY, is planned for February 2014 to provide details of my hope for the donation ask.

Google “chris christie apologizes, fires staffer over traffic jam scandal cbc” note that popular New Jersey Governor fired a Senior Staffer for closing a bridge lane to extract political vengeance from a small town Mayor, a Democrat, because he refused to support Christie, who is a Republican, for Governor. That Christie idiocy is a big deal, he closed a lane into New York City, the lane closing cost millions of dollars and a life, CBC’s Neil Macdonald, on a CBC News clip, referred to the act as “incredible venality and stupidity” an act that has cost Christie his chance to be the Republican candidate for US President.

Now review SHILLER ON STUPIDITY and note the information that the Liberals in the Wall Cabinet refuse to grant the Argues development because the Argues were NDP, and I (Lee) trust Neil will forgive me for using his line regarding the “incredible venality and stupidity” of Christie, to describe the “incredible venality and stupidity” of the Wall Cabinet for denying the Argue Development because they were NDP and the fact is that Premier Wall is well aware that pandering to Strudwick may cost him his administration, note below:

Google “mandryk: premier wall messing with election date mandryk”, note that the Premier is well aware that if a Quebec type anti-corruption party was formed here in Saskatchewan that the Sask Party is as doomed as his big brother Harper so he is musing about moving early in 2015 or even the fall of 2014, this year, 10 months from now, to give him the best chance to get another 4 years.

The fact is that Premier Wall should worry about his Cabinet Liberals and their ties to Goodale and Nicor Developments; is the Premier sure the Trudeau Federal Liberals are on the same page of the same song sheet as his tame Cabinet Liberals? If this Web site is advertised in Ottawa the Trudeau Feds may decide that with Harper’s Senators on Ubavakas “Just Energy” Board, her (Ubavka)s $2B Ponzi puts 13 Saskatchewan Harper Federal riding’s at play so the Trudeau Feds may throw both their guy Goodale and Wall and his Cabinet Liberals under the Bus for a chance to gain those 13 Harper Fed riding’s.

Premier Wall should review VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS and note the three no taxpayer cost solutions to the Strudwick/Argue bribe stuff. The Premier should also Google “evraz set to layoff 480 regina workers johnstone”, and remember the old adage “when you are in a hole stop digging” then Google “minister appoints interim reeve and council for rural municipality of sherwood” and note that as Premier he has the power to end Strudwick and her ilks, ie: CROWN COCKROACHES, demand for bribes to approve developments, Google “scc 31940


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