Web readers are asked to review SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, scroll down to the document, my (Lee)s ask of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for permission to establish a tax exempt non profit, CRA has not responded, so I plan to go ahead asking for $20.00 donations with out being able to grant tax deductible receipts.

My (Lee)s plan was to post MONEY-MONEY-MONEY in December 2013, as the first step in a ask for a ANNUAL $20.00 donation from each Urban Household in Saskatchewan to run Access ads to enhance this Web sites ability to lobby MLAs to save $165M in SARM/RMAA corruption by “abolishing” the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan, BUT it is taking longer to get a non-profit numbered company incorporated than expected and my ask is moved to January 2104, same working title, now review substitute post below:

I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to Google “political corruption in america maxwell and winters”, that white paper has reference to a fact a couple of activists against Government corruption speaking on the PBS Bill Moyers November 17 2013 talk show used, ie: statistics show that when .035% (three and a half percent) of voters take interest in a corruption issue a democratically elected Government responds, but this is not factual as it relates to the NDP and Wall Political Elite and Donna Strudwicks bribe demand, Google “scc 31940”.

Its a matter of Provincial statistics that 397,000 Saskatchewan voters cast a ballot in November of 2011, and its a matter of math that .035% (three and a half percent) of 397,000 is, ie: .035 x 397,000 = 13,895, and its a matter of WordPress stats record that this Web sites visit count in November of 2011 was 18,000, nearly 50% more than stats show is required by a Government to end corruption, but my (Lee)s confidants believe I am comparing apples to oranges because the 18,000 visit count in November 2011 was the total since 2007.

BUT there is a second exact comparison; Review IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH RURAL ZONING, note that a Ontario Web Master genius, David McHale, used a Google “narrative web site” such as this site, to solve a Argue type corruption problem for the so called Google “caledonia couple” and the McGuinty Liberals caved into McHales ask when the McHale Web site visit numbers were at 14,000 in Ontario, a Province with population of over 10M, note below:

I (Lee) repeat, Ontario Premier McGuinty caved in, giving the “Caledonia Couple” several million dollars restitution and Web readers are reminded that “Caledonia Couple” stuff was in Ontario with a population of ten million plus, compared to the Argue/ Strudwick/bribery situation here in Saskatchewan with a population of 1 million and according to WordPress this “well liked, well watched” Web site has Web visits at over 40K, 3 times the McHale Web site visit count when the McGuinty Liberals caved in and acted honesty; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Donna Strudwick has massive corrupt power.

To me (Lee), the astonishing fact is that the Ontario McGuinty Liberals caved in to a Web site with 14K visits on a corruption issue and granted millions of dollars to the “Caledonia Couple” yet both the NDP and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust ignore this “well liked-well watched” Web site at 40K visits with my, as the Argue representative, asking for NO taxpayer money whatsoever, only that the Argues be granted approval for their $30M residential development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, again Google “scc 31940”.

Web readers are asked to review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraphs 1.- 20, note the hard evidence that both the Edenwold Council and all Provincial Government Departments granted the Argues approval for their $30M Residential Development, AND that only RM Administrator Donna Strudwick blocked the Argue approval because the Argues refused to carry her “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, again Google “scc 31940”.

Google “saskatchewan rm administrators have discretionary zoning power”, all taxpayers are asked to reflect on the question, ie: is it sane for our Provincial Ruling Elite to grant so called “discretionary zoning power” to a, lying, corrupt slag such as RM of Edenwold Donna Strudwick when the woman already has the legal right to demand bribes, CROWN COCKROACHES and is protected by her friendship with Court of Appeal Judge, Gary Lane, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30, and has the power to blackmail Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, note the Official Canadian Judicial Council report, “Masters In Their Own House”, TURNING OVER ROCKS & BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Review post SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, is there a split in the Wall Cabinet on the Strudwick bribery question, or is the difference between the Ontario Liberals solving a corruption problem for the Caledonia Couple and Wall refusing to solve the Strudwick corruption problem for the Argues, stem from the fact that the Ontario Liberals have strong opposition in both the NDP and Conservative, Parties whereas Wall has no viable opposition whatsoever, note below:

The Saskies are well aware of the political situation regarding the NDP; Web readers are asked to review post SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE, note that the paper trail indicates that this Web site visit numbers harmed the NDP by causing them to lose nine seats, double the number of seats pundits had originally predicted, and the Wall Saskies may hope that if this Web site stays intact it will cause a rerun of that happening in November, 2015, but note below:

Review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll down to the documents, page 4, my (Lee)s affidavit that any restitution accruing to me from accomplishing the impossible for the Argues through this Web site causing the Argues to obtain approval for their $30M residential development without bribing the corrupt slag, RM Administrator Strudwick, will be used to maintain/advertise this site until the restitution funds are exhausted, so given my (Lee)s affidavit it is unfair to the Argues, and the taxpayers, to refuse to end the Strudwick bribe demand.

Note my (Lee)s request for RM abolition is timely, Google “mandryk: abolition wall’s best and worst mandryk”; note that both the Saskies and the NDP MLAs voted to abolish the Senate, claiming the Senate wastes tax money, BUT the Senate waste of tax money is a pittance compared to SARM/RMAA.

The entire Senate budget is a annual $100M, Canada’s population is 33 million, Saskatchewan’s population is 1 million so Saskatchewan’s share of Senate cost is 1/33 of $100M, do the math, divide 33 into $100M, the product is $300K and change, $303,030.30 and Strudwick’s bribe demands from the Argues was two thirds of that; Strudwick wanted a $200K bribe to approve the Argues $30M development, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 12. – 18.

As regards the big picture; ie: Senate Corruption v SARM Corruption, review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, compare the $165M, ($165,000,000.00) in SARM Rural corruption cost to the Saskatchewan taxpayer share of Senate corruption cost of $300K, the comparison is akin to Senate clerks raiding Senate petty cash to hold a Christmas Party. Note the Senate does some usefull committee work, BUT SARM and RMAA is worse than useless, note below:

Google “disappearing saskatchewan: as farmers abandon their land they’re taking small town life with them nemth mcleans”, each of the 300 RMs administers a population of less than 500, decreasing every year, so if Premier Brad wants to abolish something, why not RM ABOLITION and save $165M?

It’s obvious that Senator Wallin is as corrupt, pretentious, venal, arrogant and annoying as RM Administrator Strudwick, BUT its difficult to abolish the Senate under the Constitution and the saving to the Saskatchewan taxpayer is minimal, a annual saving of only $300,000.00, so why does the Premier not do something use full, abolish the corrupt SARM/RMAA Leaders and RMs instead of the Senate and save Saskatchewan taxpayers a annual $165M, note below:

The Saskatchewan Legislature is all uptight about the Senate cost to the Saskatchewan taxpayers of $300K, yet the MLA’s do nothing about Strudwicks bribe demands, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paras. 12. – 18, Strudwick wanted a bribe of $200K to approve the Argues $30M residential development, google “scc 31940” and the cost to the taxpayer in lost tax revenue from the loss of the Argue Development is $400K a year, think about it, review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, the documented cost of Rural Development corruption is $165M, that’s $65M more than the entire annual cost to run the Senate.

Think about it, if the RMs were replaced with Counties the Saskatchewan MLA’s would have bragging rights of saving both the cost of Canada wide Referendum and a Constitutional crises by paying the entire operating cost of the Senate and still save the Saskatchewan Taxpayers $65M each year; all the MLA’s have to do is eliminate SARM/RMAA/RMs, review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, but it could be even more interesting for Saskatchewan taxpayers, note below:

The Libs are dead in Saskatchewan and the NDP Caucus so small it could work out of a Atco Trailer, so there is no need to provide office space for the opposition Party’s, and once taxpayers control the Senate they could save the high cost of Ottawa real estate and move the Senate from the East Wing of the Parliament Building in Ottawa to the East wing of the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, note Saskatchewan’s Premiers have been trying to end RM Corruption since the 1930’s; why does Premier Brad not at least end Saskatchewan’s “ bribes for development” demands of Saskatchewan’s Rural Administrators, such as Strudwick and her ilk, which would be a Google “feather in his hat” before he replaces Dewar as Ambassador to the US, google, “ wall breezing in a new direction mandryk”.

Web readers are asked to review again BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and note that the co-author of the Judicial Council of Canada report on the corruption of the Judiciary, Dr. Carl Baar spent a lot of time with me (Lee) regarding the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters in Their Own House”. Dr. Baar was kind enough to spend time in his Osgoode Hall office, at lunch and suppers, and a lot of time on the phone with me, I was given a full briefing.

The main theme of Dr. Baar’s diligent and extensive briefing, was that neither he, or the Hon Jules Deschenes, doeing their due diligence (they talked to every Judge in Canada), had uncovered any evidence that any Provincial Politician of any Political stripe, Liberal, Conservative or NDP, had ever blackmailed, bullied, or bribed a Judge into writing a particular judgment and Dr. Baar was most adamant that it was not the Politicians, it was the Crown Officials, review BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? who used control over the Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges working lives to control Judicial decisions.

Web readers are asked to review segment NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN and note reference to Outlook Community leader Lloyd Smith. Lloyd serves as a world wide broker of heavy equipment and barrels of oil on the spot market so by nature he is sure as hell not a supporter of the NDP, BUT he (Lloyd), in exactly the same way as Dr Carl Baar before him, has been most emphatic that the horror and corruption of the Rural Ruling Elite, in this instance RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, was not the fault of the 1999 NDP/Liberal coalition administration lead by then Premier Roy Romanow.

Review CROWN COCKROACHES, note that the official Government scum have the legal right to demand bribes to approve developments, or provide any service. Web readers are asked to google “rural lobby group threatens tax revolt lloyd minister meridian booster” and note that the search references set out that the threat was genuine and ongoing for several years, and a couple of my
confidants believe SARM/RMAA is blackmailing the Provincial Administrations of both Political stripes, NDP/Sask Party into allowing the Rural Ruling Elite legal demand for bribes from the Business Community to continue.

Web readers are asked to review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 1- 20. and note the paper trail is well established that it was not the Council blocking the Argue development, it was the Administrator, Donna Strudwick, and her two-bit shyster Glen Dowling, who had denied the Argues development approval, and according to NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, the Argues and my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval was to carry Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, which we ( Earle and I) will not do, but I kept on “stirring” and finally Claverts Chief of Staff, Lois Thacyk, lost patience and ordered the Courts to destroy me, LADY LORI & THE CABAL.

It has now been carved in stone by the Supreme Court, that the reason for Strudwick’s refusal to provide Earle Argue with development approval was because Earle (Argue), stuffed to the rafters with honor, walked away from a Ten million dollar pre tax profit on his development and refused to carry the corrupt slag, Strudwick, her “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, even when Len Taylor, the NDP Minister Responsible, ruled that was our only option; yes Virginia, it is that simple and these RMAA white collar thugs are in fact that evilly corrupt, but that slag of a Strudwick and her friend Gary Lane are still not as evilly corrupt as the Saskatchewan Medical Community, note below:

Web readers are to review again segment DR. JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME, and note the hard evidence in the form of main stream media articles establishing the absolute corruption of the Medical Ruling Elite. I (Lee) have information relating to a “asset number” level grading of grandmothers to determine who lives or dies, so as to provide more money to remain in the Provincial Health Budget so as to provide a bigger money pool to allow the Medical Elite, Doctors, Nurses and Administrators, to defraud more money out of the Health Budget, this fact will be expanded on in the February Post, working title is ASSET NUMBERS, but note more corrupt horror below:

Web readers are asked to google “back-to-work orders widen private-public wage gaps levitt” and note that a 2008 CFIB study shows that if the Elite Government official scum were paid private sector wages the Canadian tax payer would save 19 (nineteen Billion dollars) a year, now note below:

Canada has a population of 33 (thirty three) million, Saskatchewan has a population of one Million, 1/33 of nineteen Billion is $575,757,570.00 (five hundred and seventy five million dollars, and change), a saving to the Saskatchewan taxpayers of almost $600,000,000.00 (six hundred million dollars) a year if Saskatchewan’s Official Elite Government scum were paid private sector wages and this fact would apply to medical workers.

To add obscene horror to insult to injury, if the Official Government Medical Elite’s tax free bribes from the Drug Companies are added to their huge salaries, the amounts are unconscionable/incomprehensible and, as example, are driving house prices out of reach of honest, non-elite tax payers, this is why all economists believe that Google “corruption economies are doomed”.

The fact that low asset number grandmothers are slaughtered to save money is the start of that dooming, in effect, the canary in the coal mine, but the grand mothers who are slaughtered to make more money available for the Ruling Medical Elite to “disappear” into the Swiss Banks will be the lucky ones because if the Ruling Elite corruption is not stopped honest taxpayers will be fighting each other for scraps of food like starving Norway Rats in a Village open pit nuisance ground, the corruption never stops, note below a recent Calgary Developer bribery example similar to Donna Strudwicks bribe demands.

Review REGARDING PARANOIA, second paragraph, and SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, second last paragraph, note my (Lee)s reference to Calgary Developer Cal Wenzel video boasts of setting up a million dollar slush fund to bribe Calgary Council on Development issues; now Google “calgary mayor naheed nenshi blasts defamation law suit from builder cal wenzel kaufmann.”

Nenshi won the Election to be Calgary Mayor by a land slide using Developer Wenzel’s video boasting of the million dollar slush fund to bribe Calgary Council members to influence Development issues, so Developer Wenzel is suing the Calgary Mayor for many millions for his (the Mayors) use of his (Wenzel) video of his (Wenzel) boast of the slush fund for bribes in development issues.

All honest taxpaying voters will believe that Calgary Developer Cal Wenzel has been visiting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford during his crack smoking binges if he thinks that he can win that defamation law suit against the Calgary Mayor in the face of his (Wenzel)s videoed boasts of a slush fund for bribes for Calgary Council, but I (Lee) remind all Web readers that I was found guilty of libel of Donna Strudwick when I complained to NDP Premier Calvert about Strudwicks demand for bribes to approve the Argue Development , Google “scc 31940”.

Google “naheed nenshi still not served lawsuit papers by home builder cbc news”, note that University level legal experts believe that Wenzel is trying to scare the Mayor into taking bribes, but if Wenzel thinks that he can scare a guy like the Calgary Mayor after he has won with 70% of voter support is evidence Wenzel has been hanging with Toronto Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine; now back to that corrupt slag of a RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to note that Dr. Carl Baar. Canada’s leading expert on Judicial corruption, co-author with the Hon Jules Deschenes, (now deceased) of the Judicial Council of Canada (CJC) official, report on Judicial corruption in Canada, Google “masters in their own house cjc ” advised me (Lee) that the only means a honest taxpayer has to obtain Justice in Canada is publicity, yet review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note the media, even Public Broadcaster CBC, refuses to touch the Crown Cockroach Strudwick corruption in Saskatchewan.

Web readers are asked to Google “mandryk: wright toppling harper populism mandryk”, I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to read Murrays article, it relates directly to Premier Walls “populism” and with Walls big brother, Harper, gone the Wall Administration will be subject to the tender mercies of the Trudeau Fed Liberals with a axe to grind, ie: the Liberal Feds want revenge for Adscam; a third of Walls Cabinet are treacherous Liberals and the Trudeau Feds have a big bribery issue, SARM/RMAA corruption, SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, documented by this site projected to be at 60K visits by November 2015.

I (Lee) realize the “Strudwick Nation” and her legal right to demand bribes is as entrenched as the “Rider Nation” after the Grey Cup, but two years is a long time in politics and polls show the “Ford Nation” and the “Harper Nation” are finished, Google “polls show harper/ford finished”, and note below:

Web readers are asked to note than on Friday November 22, 2013, during CBC Power and Politics, with Rosemary Barton, sitting in for Evan as moderator, one of her guests, a retired Parliament Clerk named Rob Walsh, stated that the payment of bribes, such as Wrights bribe to Duffy, to go away quietly, was common practice at all levels of Government, all the time, note Strudwick’s bribe demand Google “scc 31940” and Walsh saw no grounds for criminal charges.

Rosie, was incredulous and pushed Walsh hard but he (Walsh) was adamant, bribes are paid in Government, all the time, at all levels; Walsh added Duffy was not unique and repeated there was no precedent for criminal charges; BUT Rosie’s next guest was retired RCMP Supt. Garry Clement who was just as adamant, bribes are a contravention of the Criminal Code and Criminal Charges must be laid; he (Clement) could have been reading his lines out of one of this Web sites posts, as example review, HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Rosie’s guest, Rob Walsh is right, bribes are any Governments solution to any political problem such as SARM and corrupt official Government scum such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, review NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY. The Saskatchewan NDP are politically astute and they (the NDP) knew that they had a political problem with Earle Argue, a neophyte Developers refusal to pay bribes to RM Administrator Strudwick to be granted development approval, so for a solution to Earles refusal to bribe Strudwick Calvert tried to bribe him (Earle) to go away.

I (Lee) repeat, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that NDP Premier Lorne Calvert was edgy about the trouble for his Administration stemming from Earles refusal to bribe Strudwick and my (Lee)s efforts to obtain approval for Argues $30,000,000.00 residential development with out bribing his RM Administrator Strudwick and the Calvert NDP Administration did try to bribe Earle Argue to put a end to my attempt to obtain approval for the Argue Development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, note below:

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs, 62.- 66. and note that a NDP activist, Louise Simard, a individual that both Earle (Argue) and I (Lee) view with respect and affection, came to me with what Earle and I considered to be a bribe to go away quietly, but Earle Argue is a honorable man and will no more accept bribes, then pay bribes.

BUT that does not alter the fact that NDP Premier Calvert and his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, political instincts were, first for Earle to pay Strudwick bribes, BUT when Earle refused to pay bribes, Calverts answer was to bribe Earle with a million dollars to go away quietly, but Earle is a honorable man and refuses to pay, or accept bribes, and this fact has come back to haunt the NDP, perhaps, if I (Lee) live long enough, for decades, even unto the end of the NDP.

Some Web reader may think the preceding and following paragraphs to be contradictory, BUT note the comparison; Harper had a problem with Duffy so he tried to bribe him to go away quietly; Calvert had a problem with Earle Argue so he tried to bribe him to go away quietly, BUT this time the bribe attempt has brought disaster for both Conservative Harper and NDP Calvert and what has happened in the Duffy bribery affair and the Strudwick/Argue bribery affair must be enough to drive Democratically Elected Leaders to the Ford solution, crack cocaine and, God willing, even to question if bribes are always the answer.

Harpers point man, Nigel Wright, is the smartest and richest man in Canada and acting with good intention he tried to bribe Harper out of the Duffy debacle and has ended up digging a hole so deep it is impossible for the Conservative base to shovel money in the hole fast enough for Harper to see out of the hole to run his next General election campaign even standing on a Giraffes head so the Devine-Wall Brain Trust better ask themselves “are bribes best?” and note that while there can be no doubt whatsoever but that everyone says that Nigel Wright is the smartest and richest man in Canada, he has failed to bribe Harper out of the Duffy venality, a failure that will cost Harper his Administration.

Conversely, everyone says that I (Lee) am the stupidest and poorest man in Canada, yet my confidants believe that my refusal to pay Strudwick her bribes, Supreme Court Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940”, the basis for this Web site, may destroy both the Saskatchewan NDP and the Saskie’s, all because Earle Argue, and I, as Earles Representative, refuse to bribe that arrogant lying, corrupt, slag of a RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, to be granted approval for Earles $30M residential development; time will decide the answer to that.

Now back to CBC’s Rosie Barton and her Friday Power Play, she (Rosie) had rounded up her usual suspects for her Friday Power Panel and they were adamant that it does not matter if Wrights $90K to Duffy was a bribe for Duffy to go away quietly, or not, and it does not matter what Harper “did not know” and “when he did not know it”, Rosie’s Power Panel agreed that PM Harper is lying, and “we the people” know it, so he is finished, note media below:

Google “nigel wright has no love for mike duffy despite paying his $90K expense claims bryden” & “rcmp investigator moved to make senate scandal ito public mcgregor” & “duffy affair, how senator’s bait-and-switch tactics ensnared pmo officials coyne” & “its hard to imagine harper government ever recovering from this mess maher”& “complaint filed against lawyer in wright-duffy affair maher”.

I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to study both Maher articles and review my post UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN, remember Duffy/Wright involves a bribe of only $90K and Strudwick bribes, proven by the Supreme Court, Google “scc 31940” involves millions of dollars and ask their AG why are the Ontario/BC Law Society’s investigating the Duffy/Wright Lawyers involving $90K WHEN the Law Society of Saskatchewan tells me to go Google “fuddel-duddel” myself when I complain about Strudwicks two-bit shyster, Glen Dowling, when he phoned a RCMP Staff Sergeant and instructed him to destroy evidence of Strudwick criminality involving millions.

On Sunday November 24, 2013, on CTV Question Period, two of Bob Fife’s panel spoke of Senior Conservative MP’s openly talking about Harper resigning, and with Jim Flaherty, Rob Ford’s drinking buddy, serving as interim PM until a Federal Conservative Leadership convention; all dramatic, definitive, stuff. The next day, Monday November 25, in a 4 riding by-elections Harper kept 2 riding’s and the Liberals won 2, increasing their % of the vote dramatically, especially in Manitoba, the Liberal % of the vote was up 23% in Provencher and up 38% in Souris-Brandon, Google “top by-election winner: justin trudeau bryden”

I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to think long and hard about the collapse of Harper as a result of the in-house squabble over a Senators $90K bribe and compare that to RM Administrator Strudwick bribe demands from the Argues, which is confirmed by no less than the Supreme Court of Canada, Google “scc 31940”, and note my (Lee)s long standing offer to settle the Argue/Strudwick/bribery/development issue at no taxpayer cost, Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables”, it would be a simple resolution.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 15.- 17, note that before my (Lee)s involvement Earle and Sharie Argue were sandbagged by the Google “white collar thugs”, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 1.- 14, the Crown Cockroaches first approved the Argue Development, then after the Argues spent $175K on Development infrastructure they switch 180 degrees and deny approval, clearly the Argues, or any Developer, refusing to pay bribes is dead.

Google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association” many Web readers will believe that when the Argues try again for equity the Crown Cockroaches will simply again bribe the Courts to tell the Argues to, Google “fuddel-duddel” them selves, BUT this Web site is functioning smoothly, reminding the voting taxpayers of the SCC Summary Statement, Google “scc 31940” with visit numbers going up every month so I (Lee) believe it would be a walk in Victoria Park to solve the Strudwick/Argue bribery problem.

I (Lee) believe that with the taxpaying voters tracking the Strudwick bribery horror Google”scc 31940” in this Web site, and with taxpayers interest in the Harper/Duffy/Wright/ Senate bribery horror causing the collapse of the Harper Feds. that to ensure survival of the Wall Administration the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, must, one way or another, end Strudwick’s demand for bribes to approve the Argue development.

I (Lee) repeat, Web readers may believe there is no reason for anything to change and that the Crown Cockroaches will agree to anything, then bribe the corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Judges to again stab the Argues in the back BUT I (Lee) believe that with this Web site its simple, the Wall Administration could agree to any one of my (Lee)s three “no taxpayer cost” Strudwick/Ague resolution offers set out in VENAL, VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS and the corrupt Crown Cockroaches and Queens/Appeal Bench Courts would cave in.

I (Lee) repeat yet again, but its a crucial point, Web readers may believe there is no reason for anything to change and the Crown Cockroaches will agree to anything, then bribe the corrupt Queens/Appeal Courts to again stab the Argues in the back, BUT Google “scc 31940” and review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING, and based on Dr. Carl Baar’s briefings back in the day I believe the corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Judges can not evade Supreme Court edicts, Google “scc 31940” and will be edgy about the poor publicity.

The Harper/Duffy/Wallin corruption horror has provided great grist for the Argue/ Strudwick Web site corruption mill, Google “scc 31940”, and as the Argue Representative I (Lee) offer to finalize the Argue/Strudwick bribes for Development debacle as set out in the preceding paragraphs BUT after decades of the sight, sound and smell of the greedy, evil, lying, scum, I am sickened unto death trying to deal with the corrupt scum, so offer the following advice to the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, a action that sooner or later, they will have to take anyway, if they want Saskatchewan to survive note advise below:

My (Lee)s advice to the Devine-Wall Brain Trust is to ABOLISH the RMs, and create Counties with developments approved by panels of Village Mayors while they have the power to do it, giving the Argues a chance to do a honest development deal with a County Administrator; I also urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, and note Premier Roy’s NDP Administration failed when he and Calvert backed off on RM ABOLITION.


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