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December 28, 2013

Web readers are asked to review ABOLITION OF RMS, note my (Lee)s reference to post MONEY-MONEY-MONEY to be in-site January 2014, using a numbered non-profit company to ask for annual $20.00 donations from the Urban households to maximize advertising of this Website on Access TV BUT l was not able to get that done, note letter below from Information Services Corporation (ISC), listing the short coming in the material filed with them.


The fault is not with ISC, it is my (Lee)s reluctance to accept on-line directions in the ISC rules, they are plain English, they require three Directors to establish a numbered non-profit company, but I was daydreaming that one director, me, would be enough, I was wrong about that, BUT will not name Directors. (more…)



December 2, 2013

Web readers are asked to review SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY, scroll down to the document, my (Lee)s ask of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for permission to establish a tax exempt non profit, CRA has not responded, so I plan to go ahead asking for $20.00 donations with out being able to grant tax deductible receipts.

My (Lee)s plan was to post MONEY-MONEY-MONEY in December 2013, as the first step in a ask for a ANNUAL $20.00 donation from each Urban Household in Saskatchewan to run Access ads to enhance this Web sites ability to lobby MLAs to save $165M in SARM/RMAA corruption by “abolishing” the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan, BUT it is taking longer to get a non-profit numbered company incorporated than expected and my ask is moved to January 2104, same working title, now review substitute post below: (more…)