German Philosopher Fredrich Schiller stated: google “against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain”. Review HYENAS WITH HUBRIS, a couple of my (Lee)s confidants had brought Schillers axiom on stupidity to my notice, and since it seemed relevant to the Donna Strudwick bribery debacle, google “scc 31940”, I used reference to Schiller in that post, now a rumor regarding Strudwicks demand for bribes for development has surfaced, which, if fact, fits exactly the point of Schillers historic axiom regarding “stupidity”, note below:

A confidant with always reliable information told me (Lee) that the Wall Cabinet is split on granting the Argues development approval and the split has nothing to do with the Argues refusal to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick. Cabinets only reponsibility is the economic well being of the taxpayers they are paid to serve, consider the Wall Cabinet “stupidity”, of ignoring Strudwicks bribe demands is that they (Wall Cabinet) are ignoring the “law of logic”, goggle “universal law-wiki”, regarding the Strudwick bribery issue, a law that taxpaying voters never ignore, so Cabinets ignore “logic” at their Premier and Party’s peril.

Saskatchewan voting taxpayers are cautious, but sensible, ie: “if you tell the voters the Duck did it you better have some feathers to show them”, BUT, in the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle Website visit numbers suggest the voters accept there is bags of feathers proving the Strudwick demand for bribes set out in this well read, well regarded, Web site, including a SCC Summary Statement, google “scc 31940”, despite this I (Lee) can not get around RM Administrator Strudwicks demand for bribes to approve the Argues $30M Development.

Up until now I (Lee) believed SARM/Strudwick had so much corrupt power over both the NDP and Saskie Political Elite that the only Argue solution was to convince the voting taxpayer that it is in their economic interest to end corruption of RM Administrator Strudwick and her corrupt ilk, by lobbying the Saskies to eliminate SARM and the RMs, and create Counties, thereby allowing the Argues to be granted approval for their $30M Development by a County Administrator.

BUT my confidant believes there is no need for me (Lee) to accomplish the Herculan task of cleaning the google “augean stables” ie: removing SARM and the RMs from the face of Saskatchewan and form Counties to allow the Argues to obtain development approval without bribing Strudiwck, note below:

Review NDP CORRUPTION – NDP INSANITY, note that former Sask Party Leader, Elwin Hermanson, warned that Strudwicks plan was for the Sask Party to appoint her a Deputy Minister (DM) and use that power to expropriate the Argues Development quarter and its 350 gpm spring, but I (Lee) am told this Web site has published enough hard evidence to establish beyond question that RM Administrator Donna Strudwick is a evil, lying, corrupt, poisonous slut, and Strudwicks dream of the Wall Administration appointing her a DM is long dead.

The only chance left for Strudwick and her friend that google “fuddel-duddel” Lane to scam the Argues 350 gpm spring is that if the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges have enough corrupt courage to rule that Lane and Strudwick can defraud the Argues of their 350 gpm spring to be used by the Sherwood Reeve, review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE but it does appear that my decade of effort for Earle and Sharie so far saved their $30M Development from being expropriated by RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

It is my (Lee)s understanding that the Wall Cabinet accepts that in the main every claim in this Web site is supported by hard evidence. Many lawyers have been telling me that, so it is “probable” that Wall’s AG’s lawyers are telling the Wall Cabinet the same thing and I am told the facts are not at issue and that my only problem on behalf of the Argues now is that half of the Wall Cabinet refuse to allow the Argues to make 10 cents out of their development, let alone $10M, because the Argues are strong NDP and Cabinet is right, Sharie Argue was a strong CCF/NDP supporter, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paras. 9.-12.

I (Lee) believe that my information regarding the Wall Cabinet action is accurate but given Cabinet secrecy it is impossible to prove, but given human nature it is “probably” true and if true it is “stupidity” taken to the outer edge of the realm of “stupidity”, and is in conflict with logic, as Schiller fussed about decades ago.

The CCF/NDP have ruled Saskatchewan for 55 of the last 70 years so it is “logical” that many CCF/NDP familys have plenty of money, so it is stupid to cost the taxpayers enormous amounts of tax revenue by blocking any NDP family from trying to develop a business; it is akin to the US Tea Party people trying to force the GOP in the US to destroy the US economy and probably the World economy, including Canada, to destroy Barrack Obama, because the stupid racist Tea Party bastards are in a fury at a Black guy being US President.

My (Lee)s confidant is cheered by this development, he believes that as long as this Web site keeps enjoying the visit number increases that it has over the last year that even the most obdurate member of the Wall Cabinet will eventually bow to the common sense notion of granting the Argues development approval without bribing Donna Strudwick, God willing, my confidant may be right, ie: it should be easier for this Web site to convince half of the Wall Cabinet to accept “logic” if the other half are already convinced its “logical” but note below:

I (Lee) am not holding my breath, google “the disaffected lib: cat fight wallin lebreton stewart-olsen” is destroying the Harper PMO, a combination of the emotional mix of pride, arrogance, greed, guilt and hatred, what the ancient Greeks called google “hubris”, drives even women heavy hitters insane.

In my (Lee)s experience, women, with the exception of Strudwick, Lady Janet and Lois Thacyk, usually make more sense then men, and some say that “hubris” is the Argue problem, a couple of Edenwold Ratepayers tell me the Argue development problem is rooted in the long time hatred between Donna Strudwick and Sharie Argue, and women are often vindictive beyond reason.

As example google “fiacco heads up tourisim saskatchewan fergusson”, imagine a right wing Administration, such as the Saskie’s, creating a Crown Corporation at Gods knows how much cost to the taxpayer just to color up a reason for getting rid of a fine Tourisim CEO, a beautifull and popular former Lieutenant Governor, Lynda Haverstock, whose paper trail established she was perfect to head up Tourisim, the taxpayers adore the former LG, so why did they do it?

Google “ceo says shift could hurt tourism sask chabun” and I (Lee) was told at the time by insiders that Premier Brad made that move because the Liberal contigency of his Cabinet demanded that Lynda be forced out, and the question is if they hate Lynda that much do they hate another true, dedicated and honest Liberal, Jack Hillson, to the same degree?; review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paras. 19.-21. and the last third of CROWN COCKROACHES, where the Hillson solution to the Strudwick corruption problem is detailed.

I (Lee) believe that it may be as simple as the Liberal contingency of the Wall Cabinet hateing Jack Hillson as much as they hate Lynda and do not want to see him getting credit for solving the Strudwick corruption problem so they refuse to grant Cabinet approval to the Hillson solution to the Argue/Strudwick/ Bribery/development debacle and the reason Premier Wall is allowing this stupidity to prevail is to keep peace in his Cabinet family, coupled with the Premiers propensity to do nothing to annoy his base, SARM and the RMAA, google “mandryk: walls throne speech all about tinkering mandryk”.

Review DEJA VU EDENWOLD & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and a confidant equates Lanes deliberate destruction of my (Lee)s Highway Contracting Company to the Wall Cabinet Liberals refusal to grant the Argues development approval because the Argues are NDP, but there is a big difference in the two paper trails, note below:

Walls Cabinet Liberals had a long dysfunctional relationship with Lynda, akin to a bad marriage, to the point a drop dead hatred developed, whereas back in the day I (Lee) did not know Lane, saw him a few times at large PC political rallys, here in Regina, but never spoke to him, just as I have never met, or spoken to that corrupt slut of a Donna Strudwick or Edenwold Reeve or Council member, Lane had no reason to hate me on a personal basis, he did not know me.

The fact is that Lane was/is a crossed the floor Liberal and I (Lee) was a PC and served Dick Collver and later Devine well, creating a PC zone 6 organization that saw PCs elected in 4 out of 5 ridings review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW page 11 in the documents. Lane did not know me personally BUT he did know me by reputation; Lane had served as a EA to Darrel Heald, Ross Thatchers AG, back in the day of my contracting Highway construction during the Thatcher Administration, so Lane knew of my flat refusal to pay bribes to Government Engineers, and as result destroyed me as soon as the PC’s came to power.

Lane did the same thing to Joe Pettick, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 3: and for the same reason, Joe would not pay bribes any more than the Argues and I (Lee) will, so Lane set Joe and I up as a example of what would happen to anyone who refused to pay bribes, and Lane then pulled off the “disapperance” of the taxpayers $10B; Lane has also tried to destroy Tony Merchant but Tony is a top lawyer and is a lot smarter than Lane, Pettick and I.

Google “lane refuses to allow lee to hire and pay his own professional engineers” note the several search results referenced, note that Lanes refusal to allow me (Lee) to hire my own Civil Engineers was based on his claim that if I could hire, and pay, my own Professional Civil Engineers to administer any Construction Contract my company entered into with the Saskatchewan Highway Department, it would be a license for me to print money.

Lane was right, it would be a license for me (Lee), or any competent Highway Contractor to print money; review DEJA VU EDENWOLD & LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and note the only possible explanation for Lanes refusal back in the day to resolve the Western Earth Moving bribery debacle by allowing me (Lee) to hire my own Professional Civil Engineers to administer the Highway contracts is if Lane was determined to prevent me from making any money, exactly as he is blocking Regina Lawyer Tony Merchant receiving his $20M in legal fees for his honest Indian lawyering today, google “lane merchant rural zoning” and there is plenty of the lower level Ruling Elite who adopt that Lane attitude, note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 36. – 39., note the RM of Edenwold Council stated for the public record that they did not need or want the tax revenue from the Argue development yet still refused to allow the Village of Wood Mountain to annex the Argue development out of the RM as ordered by the Minister Responsible, this google “dog in the manger” attitude by the RM of Edenwold Ruling Elite costs taxpayers millions of dollars in lost tax revenue.

Right up to the day that slag of a RM Administrator Strudwick sued me (Lee) for libel the Calvert NDP kept up a facade of trying to solve the problem; as example, one fine day, Kim Trew, then NDP MLA of Regina Coranation Park and NDP Cacus Chair, asked me (Lee) to attend Lois Thacyk with him, which I did. Thacyk was Calverts Chief of Staff and Kim advised Thacyk that he had toured the area in Edenwold RM where the Argue Development was located and all of the Argue neighbors wanted to see the Argue Development go ahead.

There is no documented paper trail and former NDP MLA Kim True, may, or may not, confirm it, but my (Lee)s memory is that Lois Thacyk treated us as if we were a couple of school boys who had come to her with a idiocy, her response was brusque, and dismissive, she said “of course they want Argue to go ahead, they think that if Argue gets development approval the value of their land will go up” and my point is the oddity that Lois Thacyk, NDP Calverts Chief of Staff, and that google “fuddel-duddel” Lane, and the RM of Edenwold Council attitude is identical, all three refuse to approve anything where someone makes money.

The two, Gary Lane and Lois Thacyk, are a sure a lovely pair of Saskatchewan legislators, google “ greed and jealousy the baffiling logic of mortal man”. It is easy to see why the ancient Greeks, the basis for our democracy, deemed Hubris to be a capital offence, google “hubris a greek capital offence” and it is easy to see why our Political Elite now separate Church and State, any decent Church would have burnt the Ruling Elite bastards at the stake decades ago.

The only “logical” reason the Wall Cabinet has for blocking the Argues from making $10M from their Development is a fear that the Argues, as strong NDP, may use the $10M to bankroll the NDP; well that fear is utter nonsense, google FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 9.-10., note the Calvert NDP had a legal duty under Saskatchewan law to support the Argue development but refused because the Argues refused to pay Strudwick her bribes, as a result, given human nature, the Argues will never again give the NDP one red cent, ever.

As for me (Lee), the Argue representative, google “scc 31940”, then go to AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll down to the documents, note page 4, where I swear affidavit that any restitution accruing to me from obtaining the Argue development for them without bribing Lanes friend, that corrupt slut of a RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30., will be used to make sure the NDP and their corrupt Unions such as the RMAA, never form Government again in Saskatchewan.

Review SOME STUPD-SOME JOKE, note this sites effectiveness during that campaign and I (Lee) have no reason to do anything else, ever, but if I perjure my affidavit, have the Wall AG incarcerate me under Section 131. PERJURY of the Criminal Code awaiting trial and then have me shot trying to “escape”.

Web readers, especially the “Saskies’” supporters are asked to google “saskies growth plan adrift”. I (Lee) urge all taxpaying voters to study Regina Leader Post Financial Editor Bruce Johnstone’s article, note that Bruce spells out a lot of “Saskie” failures in promoting economic development BUT stops short of calling for the only solution, a end to corruption in Rural development, note below:

Google “zoning pause sensible idea star phoeinix”, note that the Star Phoeinix Editorial Board is calling for a two year time out in both the Saskatoon/Corman Park and Regina/Sherwood turf war over which group of Crown Cockroaches, review CROWN COCKROACHES, is going to end up with the Developers bribes, but it is poor planning. Its hard to argue with the perceived wisdom of a big City Newspaper Editorial Board but it is my (Lee)s belief that the taxpayers are not best served by a two year development stall just to allow the Ruling Elite to sort out which bunch of bastards, City or RM, gets the Developers bribes.

It is probable that the Leader Post Lawyers, due to fear of SLAPP libel action and corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Courts, BLACKMAILED, BULLED OR BRIBED?, will refuse to print claims of corruption in Rural Administration, notwithstanding the fact I (Lee), a non-lawyer, moved a mountain going to the SCC and obtaining that Strudwick Summary Statement, google “scc 31940”,

Google “economists say that corruption economies die”, and google “corporate canada could learn from b.c.bud, saunders” and note that Canadas Business Community has got by for decades by bribing the Crown Cockroaches and CRA allowing business to deduct the cost of the Crown Cockroaches bribes as “cost of doing business” they have become a world wide joke and Canada is doomed. At the end of the day, in a democracy, the answer is the voters, and that is what was done in Quebec, with the political success of the ADQ, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that both the Saskatchewan NDP and Liberals are dead Provincially so the only Political fear the Wall Administration has is what I (Lee) have warned of in many posts, ie: that a handfull of restless Liberal Lawyers could form a Saskatchewan version of the Quebec ADQ and plead with Linda Haverstock to lead them; review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, and form Government in November 2015 by use of the corruption of SARM/RMAA as established by this Web site, to campaign on a platform of saving the taxpayers millions by the removal of SARM/RMAA and the RMs.

Web readers, especially “Saskie” supporters and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should think long and hard and remember that the ADQ was formed and came to Quebec official opposition in a year, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, dig into the last Quebec election, the ADQ came within a hairs breadth of forming the Quebec Government, it was so close that no one could call it until the votes were counted and I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to think about the “stupidity” of running that risk of losing Government just to pander to a corrupt slut such as Donna Strudwick and a handfull of their Cabinet Liberals infected with “Hubris”, HYENAS WITH HUBRIS, and note below:

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING and note that it keeps coming back to publicity; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Dr. Carl Baar is right, the only hope for the Argues to obtain development approval without bribing Donna Strudwick, is publicity, it matters not whether the problem is Strudwicks corrupt control over the NDP and Saskie Political Elite or a portion of the Wall Cabinet refusing to grant the Argues approval, either because of “hubris” or because the Argues were strong NDP, the only solution is publicity.

bb-001The solution is publicity and that requires more Access Ads and with that in mind I (Lee) developed a plan for an appeal CRA letter for a Annual donation of $20.00 from the Urban voters to help pay for enhanced Access Ads.

The taxpayers would benefit from the tax revenue generated by the Argue Development, so I believed Revenue Canada (CRA) should allow the donation to be tax deductiable, and following instructions on their 1-800 #, the letter above was delivered to the CRA Office here in Regina. I (Lee) have heard nothing from the CRA regarding my ask they allow donations to this Web site be tax deductable and that is unfair to the taxpayers because the CRA allows the Business Community to deduct the payment of bribes to the Crown Officials as a cost of doing business, and does not require the Crown officials to pay tax on the bribes, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para.16., and google “revenue canada corruption feared over $400K cheque to niculo rozzuto cbc” & “revenue canada issues run deeper than nicolo rizzuto cheque cbc”: note the CRA treat Mafia God Fathers with more kindness than voteing taxpayers.

Web readers may believe that Earle and Sharie Argue should be funding this Access Web site ad effort but note RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick tricked the Argues into spending $175K to prove their 350 gpm spring is not part of the Condie Aquifer, by making it a condition for development approval, then once the Argues obtained that proof, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, Strudwick then denied development,TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para. 1.-7. and note Strudwick provided no defence at the Supreme Court, BUT it gets worse.

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL pargraphs 13. – 14 and note that a couple of NDP Lawyers, who had to know of the corruption of the Queens/Appeal Bench Courts but tricked the Argues into spending another $30K on a doomed Legal action; other Regina Lawyers later warned the Argues pro-bono that Strudwick had to be bribed, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, so why didn’t the two NDP Lawyers warn the Argues?, note below:

Review post “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, Strudwicks plan was to drive the Argues to bankruptcy and then buy their development at tax auction along with its 350 gpm spring, and proof of water flow the Argues obtained at a cost of $175K; given the control of the Queen/Appeal Courts, by the officials, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, corruption can only be stopped by publicity, and today that means Websites such as this, note below:

Google “leonard kleinrock-wiki”, note that in the mid 1980’s Kleinrock, and a couple of colleagues, developed the idea of useing the internet to establish Web sites enabling taxpayers to speak truth to power, Shakepeare, a good man, tried to do the same thing with his plays in the1600’s but today we have Websites.

As example, google “scc 31940”, note a good woman, the Chief Judge for Canada, the Hon Beverley Mclachlin PC, defied her corrupt Judicial Colleagues, the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC), which is the Provincial Chief Judges, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC and google “cic1 rural zoning” and Lady Bev used the Supreme Court Web site to publish her SCC Summary Statement for the public record and for all time, ie: that Strudwick requires “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to approve the Argue Development, which I (Lee) have tried to make use of as a base for this Web site.

Because of Leonard Kleinrock’s brilliance the internet and Web sites such as this are avaliable to all and so far are free of control by the Crown Cockroachs so I (Lee) have been able to make public use of Canada’s Chief Judge, the Hon Bev McLachlin’s, Supreme Court Summary Statement, google “scc 31940” as a base for this Web site to try to obtain approval for the Argues $30K development without “carrying flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to that slut of a RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, note below:

If the internet had been available back in the day I (Lee) could have saved my Highway Contracting Company from destruction following my refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, but now I use the internet to try to save the Argue development and I believe the Argues have suffered enough economic loss so used my own resources, but more is needed.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is in the public interest to know that officials, such as Strudwick, review CROWN COCKROACHS, have the legal right to demand bribes to approve economic development, note this is unacceptable and given the fact Saskatchewan is the best wired Province/State in North America, this Web site is the perfect medium to get that meassge out.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, given the tax breaks CRA gives the Crown Cockroaches, business community and Mafia God Fathers, it is unfair to honest taxpayers for the CRA to not allow tax deductions to advertise Web sites to brief the taxpayers of the CRA support of the Crown Cockroaches. Note the Chamber of Commerce asked for donations to fight CUPE, google “chamber of commerce asking for cash for referendum ads 980 cjme”, and Government Unions bankroll the NDP MPs google “ ndp pat martin got loan from ndp and donations from labour to pay robo calls defamation law suit mcgregor”.

Google “what is stephen harper’s problem with elections canada?, heartfield”, this two page article by the Ottawa Citzen’s Editorial page Editor, Kate Heartfield is profound stuff; I (Lee) like it because she (Kate) covers the use of Robo-calls such as SARM President Marit used in his gerrymandering effort, review LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, but note the Harper PMO is truly organized in fund raising, google “harper tories appear to mix policy, fundraising maher”.

The Harper PMO fund raising Computer program is not perfect but it sure as hell knows who the Jewish Community is, and there is probably not enough English, Anglican, non-Chinese Lee’s, such as I (Lee), left in Canada to show up as even a statistical blip in the Harper computer program, BUT at the end of the day that donation advantage is not going to do the Harper PMO any good, note below:

Google “updated/mike duffy’s lawyer says $90K cheque was a deal with pmo mackinnon cbc”, I (Lee) urge all Sask Party supporters to study the MacKinnon article and note that Duffy’s lawyer appears to have hard evidence that Harper lied to Parliament, which may mean his end even before November 2015.

Google “mandryk: harper eu trade pact the real deal mandryk”, BUT also google “trade deal not enough den tandt” & “ bank of canada downgrades economy for next three years whittington”, note Journalist Michael Den Tandt makes the point that with the economy dying, the EU Trade deal will mean little Politically in November of 2015 because both Trudeau and Mulcair support Harper/EU deal.

I (Lee) believe that voter support of Harpers EU deal may change once the voters find out that Harpers deal with the EU means Canada loses control of the only honest Canadian institution left, our Banks; google “weaker bank rules part of canada-eu trade talks c.p.”; Canada is as dead as Greece when BOTH the EU Bank Officials and Canadian officials are stealing Canadian taxpayer money.

Review HYENAS AND HUBRIS, note where I (Lee) state that Harper’s base hates Duffy, Wallin and Wright as much as they hate Trudeau and Mulcair, and ask; did harper go a ‘bridge too far’ in ignoring ‘due process’ in dealing with Duffy and Wallin?, for the answer google: “ prime minister stephen harpers carefully constructive house of cards comes crashing down den-tandt”, note Harper is so terrified of his Reform/WCC base he has been lying to Parliament for months about Duffy/Wallin expenses, but those chickens are coming home to roost.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Harpers Conservative Party was born on a lie, so it is fitting that it die on a lie; google “peter mckay lied to david orchard”, read as many of the search results as needed to establish that fact, and ask “did harper sign a similar document for his reform/wcc base”, Harper is a able man, and he would know that lying to Parliament would doom him so he must be terrified of his Refom/WCC base to lie to Parliament, google “why harper will fight duffy to the bitter end kherridin np”.

The Progressive Conservative Party ( Red Torys) of Diefenbaker, Stanfield, Lougheed, John Crosbie, and todays Brent Rathgerber and Don Plett, to name but a few, are good men, who are horrified to watch Duffy and Wallin railroaded, no matter what they did, but the polls show that Harpers support is only his base, +/-30%, and with the Libs at +/- 40% Harper can not form Government, again but it is still odd that Reform/WCC has such absolute control of Harper.

Reform/WCC do not seem to care if the Duffy/Wallin scandal means the end of the Harper Administration on November of 2015, and that is going to put the Wall Administration subject to the tender mercies of Ralph Goodale, which is going to be a horror for the Saskatchewan taxpayers until the Saskies are finished. Again google “mandryk: walls throne speech all about tinkering mandryk”, despite Premier Walls fear of annoying his base, SARM and the RMAA, he must end SARM corruption to have a chance following a change to the Trudeau Liberals in the Federal Government in November 2015.

I (Lee) urge all Saskie supporters to remember that back in the day the Saskatchewan farmers at a Saskatoon rally dissed Justines Daddy by marching and chanting that Justine’s Daddy was a whore-monger because he was courting classical guitarist Liona Boyd, and actress/singer Barbra Streisend, does any one remember that?, it was pre-google but I remember it and am certain Trudeau’s advisors will remember it and also are well aware that part of the Wall Cabinet are crossed the floor Liberals.

I (Lee) urge all Web readers to review REGARDING PARANOIA, note that a Calgary Developer boasted of putting togeather a Million dollar fund to bribe the Calgary Council to overrule the Mayor on development issues, well google “nenshi triumphant: ‘calgarians have spoken loud and clear’ wood”, note that the Calgary people voted 4 to 1 to boot the venal bastards who demand bribes; that should send the Devine-Wall Brain Trust a message regarding Strudwick bribes.

As a result of the preceding and the Wall Cabinet standing firm in refusing to over rule Strudwicks demand for bribes to provide the Argues with Development approval, I (Lee) plan to go ahead in the December 2013 post with my ask for a ANNUAL $20.00 (twenty dollars ) donation from every Urban Householder; I plan to make the ask without being able to provide tax deduction receipts, SCHILLER ON STUPIDITY; the purpose of the ask is to enhance Web site ads on Access TV; working draft title of the ask post is MONEY-MONEY-MONEY


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