Google “money key to p3 debate johnstone”, & “gormly: cupe the power behind p3 opposition gormley” & “why i’m voting no on sept. 25 johnstone” & “regina business taxed twice as much as saskatoon’s johnstone”. Leader Post Financial Editor Bruce Johnstone and John Gormley of John Gormley Live 980, make the point that CUPE, the Government Unions, spent $5M of their members Union dues to try to keep control of Regina’s sewage treatment plant, note below:

Because of the corruption of the RM of Sherwood, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, Regina City is a special problem for the Provincial Administration; note Murray’s take, google “queen city a royal pain for wall mandryk” & “mandryk: too much public sector entitlement mandryk” & “mandryk: like it or not, sewage plant referendum is about the $58M mandryk”& “u.s. firm involved in city of regina’s ‘vote no’ campaign brown”, this time the Union failed, google “regina sewage referendum supports p3 model”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that CUPE is getting a bigger and bigger chunk of taxpayers money. They already have the legal right to demand bribes to approve development contracts, CROWN COCKROACHES. They blackmail Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, to control Judicial decisions, this is all hard evidence that the Government Unions are as corrupt as the Devine Gang who “disappeared” $10B in the late 1980’s.

Google “grant devine decade of disaster” & “saskatchewan in bankruptcy eric cline wikipedia”. Devine drove Saskatchewan ten Billion dollars in debt and to bankruptcy; Roy Romanow saved the day, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, but after a decade taxpayers are still paying interest on the Devine debt, which economic disaster most voters attribute to the “stupidity” of Devine.

Conversly, voters believe that Devine is smart, Bernstone is stupid and Lane is just plain evil, GARY LANE AND THE CJC. Lane is now in the Court of Appeal wrecking economic havoc wherever he can, as example on Tony Merchant, google “lane merchant rural zoning”. Note the irony, Lane sent brief cases of taxpayer cash straight from the Leg building to Swiss Banks but is now stopping Tony Merchant from being paid his $20M fees for his honest Indian lawyering.

The answer may lie in the fact that Lane was born and raised by a single mother north of the tracks here in Regina, while Tonys Mother, Sally, who was a Cabinet Minister in the Ross Thatcher Administration, google “sally merchant” resulted in Lanes “hubris” which was deemed by the Greeks to be a crime, google “was hubris a crime in the greek city states” Review LADY LORI-NEMISES, note that Nemises job was to lop heads off Ruling Elite for the crime of “ hubris”. Grant Devine was PHD level “smart”, yet allowed that google “fuddel-duddel” Lanes hubris and corruption to destroy his Administration and the PC Party, WHY?

More “stupidity”, regarding Lane; our Judicial Leaders, the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC), the Chief Judges, can not possibly be “stupid” but like another very smart man, Grant Devine, they are allowing Lane to run their Judicial Administration here in Saskatchewan into the ground, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and google “cic1 rural zoning”, the CJC executive Director, sneering, snickering, letter dismissing my Lane complaint, is just one example.

I (Lee) may, or may not, be able to follow Dr. Carl Baars advice and use this Web site to generate enough publicity to force the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to grant the Argues development approval without bribing Lanes friend Strudwick FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph. 30., but the CJC should think of what is going to happen when Trudeau forms the Federal Government and Tony, a true Liberal with a long memory, and wife Pam in the Senate, seeks revenge for the CJC allowing Lane to cheat him out of $20M in honest legal fees for his Indian lawyering, again google “lane merchant rural zoning”, are the CJC Leaders smart or stupid to ignore the Lane corruption and hubris?

I (Lee), as a Highway Contractor, who refused to pay bribes, was a early victim of Lanes hubris and corruption, GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: Now go to STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, scroll to the documents, review pages 1 – 6, my (Lee)s skit, “Mama Devine raised no stupid kids”, its not Shakespeare, but got good reviews. Note the two articles after the skit, the first article credits me with 4 PCs elected in PC zone 6, the 5 constituency Yorkton area of Saskatchewan then held by the NDP dubbed “red square”, 4 out of 5 is a 80% success rate, I served Devine and the PCs well but was still destroyed.

Note the second article, a Editorial, “Force or Farce”, note that despite my accomplishment for the Devine PCs Lane destroyed me (Lee) and I tried to use that fact to make the point Devine was a Beagle with a PHD running a corrupt, dysfunctional, administration, allowing Hyenas with hubris, such as Lane, to destroy good men who refuse to pay bribes and driving Saskatchewan into a ten Billion dollar debt/bankruptcy and destroyed the PC Party of Saskatchewan leaving the Sask Party to try to rebuild the right from the rubble Lane left.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Lane hubris and corruption destroyed Devine just as rural development corruption will destroy Premier Wall, LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. Economic collapse follows official corruption as night follows day and I (Lee) wrote the skit to try to make the point that “Lane should be shot”, for the fact that he, as Finance Minister, “disappered” $1.3B taxpayers dollars.

German Philosopher Friedrich Schiller stated, google: “against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain”. A couple of my (Lee)s confidants believe, in hindsight, which is always 20-20, Strudwicks bribery demand is so blatant that it had to be legal for Government officials to demand bribes to approve economic developments BUT I never imagined that; 1) the Brits would establish common law it is legal for Crown officials to demand bribes, CROWN COCKROACHES and 2) that our Crown Cockroaches would dare use the Brit Law as precedent.

Some may believe it was “stupid”, of me (Lee) to take a decade to prove it but I offer no apology for the time it took me STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON to discover it is legal for Strudwick to demand bribes, what I accomplished is in keeping with the US Army Engineers motto, google “the difficult we do immediately the impossible takes a little longer”, and 4 Regina Lawyers told Earle and I it was “impossible” to get by Strudwick without paying her bribes.

Review again CROWN COCKROACHES and note that Criminal Code/Common Law contradiction may now force Premier Brad to complete the removal of the RMs and creation of Counties that Premier Roy tried, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL or at minimum warn the honest Saskatchewan taxpayers about that Crown Cockroach Bribery Law.

Google “sask party attempts ‘link’ to broten, mandryk”, review BLOOD ON THE WALL & LADY LORI AND THE CABAL, note that Link, both as Roys Deputy Premier and later as the NDP Leader, warned me (Lee) that Strudwick’s bribes had to be paid to grant the Argues development approval BUT Link did not tell me that the corrupt slag had the legal right to demand bribes, he just ruled as Deputy Premier, and later as NDP Leader, that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid.

Why are these guys all afraid to tell the taxpaying voters that their officials have the legal right to demand bribes to approve economic developments?, are they afraid the taxpaying voters will become “arab spring” enraged?; back in the day I (Lee) sat in as Senior Journalists argued over who was the biggest sleaze, Lane or Link. It was a acedemic debate which was never settled and never will be, but review post TWEEDLEDUM AND TWEEDLEDEE RURAL ZONING, in my mind at the time, Lane is a far bigger sleaze than Link, I still believe that, Link is Link, but Lane, like Mulroney, is a true psychopath, google “jack wolfe mla suicide” .

I (Lee) believe that Saskatchewans Political Elite should have warned the voters decades ago that the Crown Cockroaches such as the Professional Civil Engineers running the Highway department and RM Administrators such as Donna Strudwick have the legal right to demand bribes. That warning, if made , may have saved my wife Lorna her life and would have saved me a huge stain on my soul for alleged libel of that evil, corrupt, lying, slag, RM Administrator Strudwick, and would have saved taxpayers many, many, millions of dollars.

Web readers are reminded that “stupidity”, is often perceived and is a result of personal, narrow, short term, self interest, as determined by each individual, or group, at the time. As example, the business community does not like eroding their souls to chickpea size paying bribes to Crown Cockroaches such as Strudwick, but they still always pay the Crown Cockroaches their bribes, WHY?

Put any Chamber of Commerce President to the wall, they will tell you they have no choice, and the Feds have instructed Revenue Canada to allow Business to deduct the cost of bribes to Crown Cockroaches such as Donna Strudwick as a “cost of business”, review FACTS: EDENWOLD paragraphs 16. – 18., as result the bribes cost the Business Community nothing until the economy collapses, and they lose everything, so is it stupid for Business to pay official bribes?

Once in a long, long, while someone refuses to pay the bribes, as back in the day I (Lee) refused to bribe the Professional Civil Engineers controlling the Highway Contracts, DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and have their life threatened by the arrogant corrupt Crown Cockroaches, in my case it was the Professional Civil Engineers who threatened my life, and my defiance of those death threats cost me a great personal loss without accomplishing anything for either myself, or the taxpayers, note below:

Crown Cockroach bribe demands are as legal as breathing and when Ross Thatcher fell and the NDP returned to power, the Highway Engineers, google “mandryk: too much public sector entitlement mandryk”, threatened my (Lee)s life when I refused to pay their bribes and RCMP officer, Corporal Smith, a good man, was put on the spot, when he had to tell me that he had used phone taps to find out that it was the Highway Professional Engineers threatening my life but he believed the corrupt scum did not have the balls to kill me so did not want to lay charges, neither did my wife Lorna, and Corporal Smith was right, the scum blackmailed a Judge instead, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to “April 1984 MLA Appeal with Appendicies (PDF)” click on the PDF, scroll down to Appendix 7, the Queens Bench Judgement, go to page 51, half way down the page, the Judge ruled that even if the Highway Engineers had been in breach of contract and negligent the Engineers had done nothing wrong, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: note that I (Lee) later was advised by a Provincial Court Judge that Lane had done a deal with the Western Trial Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy my Highway Contracting company

Now review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, scroll down to the documents, note pages 2 and 3, letters from Deputy Minister Tom Gentles and Conciliator Larry Lashyn, note Lashyns reference to Criminal Law, note that after formal interviews of Westerns lawyer, Jim Miliken and Accountant Ken Laxdall, during Conciliation, Larry ended Conciliation because he knew the problem was rooted in my (Lee)s refusal to bribe the Professional Civil Engineering scum; D.A included both the letters in the documents supporting the Western action but the letters were ignored by Q B Judge “Sandy” Macperson at trial and in Judgement.

After Lorna and my (Lee)s, discussion with RCMP Corporal Smith and his refusal to deal with the death threats I believed I had a choice, head for the hills, pay the bribes or die, and it is my belief the Professional Engineers Government lawyer, Lawton, calmed the Engineers by telling them not to worry, he would blackmail or bribe the Judge, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

My (Lee)s only interest in life was Highway Contracting, but during that long, dreadfull day with RCMP Corporal Smith and my wife Lorna on the issue of the horror and corruption of the Professional Civil Engineers threatening my life and Corporal Smith and Lorna not wanting to charge them and I found out that I did not care if I lived or died and it was more important to me to face myself to shave then bow to the evil, lying, corrupt, scum, the Highways Professional Civil Engineers, and decided to soldier on; is that bravery or stupidty?, note below:

I (Lee) have always viewed my refusal to pay bribes to the Professional Civil Engineering scum as bravery, but since I do not care if I live or die, I am not brave compared to a Saskatoon Contractor, google “mine firm ousts hells angels warick”, note that the owner of a contracting company has the courage to defy a Chapter of Hells Angels, but are the Angels Saskatchewan Mafia?, and even if they are, the Mafia is less corrupt than the Crown Cockroaches.

That Contractor contracted to a mining company, not Government, so he has something to live for so is brave beyond belief to defy the Hells Angels, BUT the fact is the Mafia demands less than the Quebec Crown Cockroaches. In Quebec the Mafia demands less money from the taxpayers than Crown Cockroaches, and that was established by the public inquiry into contracting corruption in Quebec. Google “ ‘donnie brasco’ testifies at quebec corruption inquiry toronto star”, note the FBI undercover agent testifies nothing changed.

Google “extra 3% tax for contracts went to montreal mayor gerald tremblay’s party: chabonneau commission testimony bruemmer”, Web readers should take note that the Mafia in Montreal received only 2.5% of the cash flow on each contract while the Crown Cockroaches, the Montreal Mayor and his Engineering officials, received 3% of the bribes, more cash from the bribes then the Mafia.

The Quebec contractor testified that his company put out 6.5% (six and one half percent) of the Contracts in “extra tax” ( bribes), and only 2.5% of that “extra tax” went to the Mafia, 3% went to the Crown Cockroaches controlling the City of Montreal, where did the missing 1% of bribe money go, did the inquiry calculator battery die?, note Chabonneau carrys on, google “corruption suspects gave $2 million to federal parties: cp investigations blatchford”, & “john baird speaks against corruption during algeria visit a.p.”, note Baird speaks against corruption while Shelia Copps states Quebec corruption is the same in the rest of Canada.

Web readers are asked to review the Blatchford article above, the inquiry has brought out a enormous amount of sworn testimony and uncovered a enormous bribery network, google “corruption in quebec a blow-by-blow account” note reference to a Civil Engineer bragging about the bribes, now review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the documents, review the handwritten MLA Statement pages 3 – 7 that a Professional Civil Engineer bragged of destroying my Highway Contracting company when I (Lee) refused to pay bribes and many Web readers will believe it is “stupid” for the Political Elite to ignore decades of contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada regarding bribery but there is a explantion for the apparent insane stupidity, note below:

As officers of the Crown, both the Highway Engineers, and RM Administrator Strudwick, have the legal right to demand bribes, so the Political Elite, of all Partys, cannot stop them BUT Web readers are asked to note that the corruption chickens are coming home to roost although it is to be hoped that a better anology is google “the vultures are circling” and then review LADY JANET AND THE CJC and google “harper pmo ends ethanol subsidy rural zoning” & “u.s. corn making much of canada’s ethanol pratt”, and note below:

The Western Producer article above implys the Belle Plaine Ethanol plant, built by Drummond, using taxpayer money, can not function without taxpayer subsidy and Web readers are asked to note my (Lee)s complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) about Strudwick and her ilk demand for bribes to approve development in Rural Saskatchewan lead to the end of the Ethanol subsidy and to the sale or moth balling of the Ethanol plant in Belle Plaine, FOLLOW THE MONEY, remember Drummond and Lane were partners and Drummond is living on a warm climate island bought with money looted from the taxpayer.

I (Lee) have gone a long way for the Argues but still feel like a idiot. Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, scroll down to that stupid picture of me (Lee) at Runnymead England at the American Bar Association tribute to the signing of the Magna Carta and up until now I boasted there was a Lee at the signing of the Magna Carta, the basis for “the rule of law” but google “proverbs 16:18 pride goes before destruction”, & “its impossible to be too paranoid rural zoning”, and note my failure to follow Merv’s advice to the letter destroyed me.

Web readers are asked to review REGARDING PARANOIA and note that in the main I (Lee) followed Mervs advice regarding paranoia, except that because of my pride in the fact I had a ancestor at the signing of the Magna Carta the thought never occurred to me the “rule of law” is as phoney as a three dollar bill, BUT we now know the so called British “rule of law”, the base for the Western Liberal Democracies, is a sick joke so my pride destroyed me.

Honest voteing taxpayers are asked to note that all the “rule of law” means is that Crown Cockroaches, such as the Saskatchewan Department of Highway Professional Engineers, and RM Administrators such as Donna Strudwick, have the legal right to demand bribes from the taxpayers, google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”.

I (Lee) feel stupid for another reason; google “cra allows business to deduct bribes to government officials as cost of doing business rural zoning”, note that I emphasised that fact in many posts but in hindsight it is obvious that even the CRA officials would not have the balls to allow the business community to deduct bribes to Crown Cockroaches such as Donna Strudwick, as a “cost of doing business” unless it was legal for business to bribe slags such as Strudwick in the first place and it was stupid of me to not recognize that fact.

I (Lee) apoligize for a complaint about the Lawyers because many lawyers have gone the last inch for me and still support my effort behind the scenes, BUT they did not advise me of the only thing that matters in this sewage lagoon of Saskatchewan existence; the only thing that any honest man needs to know is that the corrupt Crown Cockroaches such as Highway Engineers and RM Administrators such as Strudwick have the legal right to demand bribes from the taxpayers, but lawyers face disbarrament if they go public with that horror fact.

I (Lee) repeat the obvious fact that it is easy for me to whine and complain about the Lawyers refusal to act now that I have shone a light, LADY LORI A BEACON on the Crown Cockroaches as they come crawling up out of their sewage lagoon, STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, but the fact is that the Crown Cockroaches have the power to order the Chief Judge to order the Law Society to disbar any Lawyer who stands up to them, a disbarred lawyer is of little use to ayone so the only hope is corruption Web sites such as this site.

Scroll back to the 10th paragraph in this post, Schillers view of stupidity; many Web readers may believe that it was stupid of me (Lee) not to demand answers from the four Regina Lawyers who advised Earle and I that it was impossible to obtain approval for Earles development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, well, maybe it was stupid of me not to demand to know why it was impossible to get by Strudwick without paying her bribes.

BUT, as Schiller lectures, stupidity abounds, as example my (Lee)s confidants believe it is stupid for the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to cover for Strudwick by just insisting that I am the stupidest man in Canada to believe that I can get the Argues development for them without bribing Strudwick, BUT during my libel trial, Strudwick’s lawyer, Glen Dowling, claimed in open Court that I was too stupid to understand the issues, and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust have seized on Dowlings “Lee is too stupid to know” argument in open Court and they stick to it.

I (Lee) can not prove Dowlings claim in open Court because Lady Janet McMurtry ordered the then Registrar to destroy the trial transcript tape, review post WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, scroll to documents page 1-2, but the question of my IQ level means nothing in view of the hard evidence of massive Judicial corruption and Web visits now at +/- 40,000, and stupid is stupid, or is it?

More examples of apparent “stupidity”; google “harper pmo orders double bunking in prison segregation unit”; Canada has no death penalty and prisoners are segregated when they are so dangerous and violent they are a risk to other prisoners, so on the face of it it’s really stupid to force double bunking in segregation units, but google “is that stupid elmer?” and note below:

Prision overcrowding is why there is need for double bunking in the first place and any Shrink will tell you that there can be no doubt whatsoever but that forcing murdeous thugs to double bunk in a ten by twelve cell will cut the overcrowding problem in half overnight saving a lot of money, so is the Harper PMO stupid to require double bunking in their prision segregation units?

Google “mandryk: wall silent on cominco tax move mandryk”, I (Lee) am suprprised that Murray did not make the point that Cominco today is pulling exactly the same tax fraud that IMC pulled “back in the day” with the end result that to end the tax fraud, the NDP nationalized IMC creating the Potash Corp of Saskatchewan, google “canpotex: can a cartel be good?, johnstone”, the point is the Cominco Board is “stupid” if they think they can pull this exact same fraud.

Stupidity is not limited to the Cominco Board, me (Lee), the Harper PMO the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, and the CJC, note the endless CJC stupidity. Review LADY LORI RAUNCH AND RACISIM and google “lori douglas under fire for expense claims kavangh cbc”, & “christie blatchford: justice lori douglas real sin seems to have been creating awkwardness for her fellow judges blatchford”.

Note that the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) is questioning Lady Lori’s expense claim of travelling economy class to Toronto see her lawyer when no Manitoba Lawyer, including that idiot husband of hers, can act for her and this is obvious racisim, her trangression was using her own money to pay $25K blackmail to a predetory negro, while that “fuddel-duddel Lane” wrecks Billions in economic havoc on the Saskatchewan taxpayer, GARY LANE AND THE CJC and the CJC sneers at my (Lee)s complaint, google “cic1 rural zoning”

Now review LADY LORI A BEACON, note page 3 in documents “politics kills national court study” and note that after Dr. Carl Baar and the Hon Jules Deschene published their report “Masters In Their Own House” the top Federal Justice Officials tried to place the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges under independent control but the Provincial Crown Cockroaches use the Queens/ Appeal Bench Courts to force the flow of bribe money from the business community to the Crown Cockroaches so fought the Feds until they gave up.

Were the Feds smart to give up?, google “canada worst country in the g-7 at controlling bribery” & “all economists say corruption economies are doomed” and I (Lee) ask the taxpaying voters to think about it, was it stupid for the Fed Officials to give up the battle to control Provincial/Judicial corruption?, and is it stupid for me to go the last inch on the last foot of the last mile to gain approval for the Argues thirty million dollar development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick when it would benefit all Saskatchewan’s taxpaying voters?

I (Lee) ask the taxpaying voters to review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to the RM maps (Sherwood/Edenwold), note the script, is it stupid for me to warn of the Queens/Appeal Bench Courts and new Chief Judge, Richards, allowing the RM of Edenwold to expropriate the Argue Development quarter and 350 gpm spring and turn it over to Crown Cockroach Strudwick for her personal use to provide water to the Sherwood Reeves development in exchange for a cut of the Sherwood Reeves $200M, review SHEROODS $200M REEVE.

Google “regina and rm of sherwood move toward land resolution cbc”, note the map on a easel between the Mayor and the Reeve, study the map, its hard to see but note the small cross hatched squares pokeing out from the City Borders on the north, east and west side BUT no crosshatched square pokes in the south east corner where the Sherwood Reeves devlopment is, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to the Sherwood-Edenwold RM map.

The Regina Mayor and Sherwood Reeve, Kevin Eberle, have done a deal and my (Lee)s prediction is that Eberle will be allowed to go ahead with his $200M development, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, and in return he will allow the City of Regina to expand everywhere else it wants, north, east and west in exchange for approving his (Eberle)s $200M Development in the south-east.

Web readers are asked to review again BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, again scroll down to the Sherwood/Edenwold Map, review the script, note my (Lee)s fear the Court would allow the RM of Edenwold to expropriate Earle 350 gpm spring and turn it over to Strudwick to do a deal with the Sherwood Reeve for the water he needs for his development, but I have been told my fear may be a overreaction.

A couple of my (Lee)s confidants are certain that if the corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Court went as far as I fear, the White City/Pilot Butte area taxpayers, who need water, will go crazy at the Sherwood Reeve getting the Argues water for his development and making $200M, so the Regina City Mayor and Council will solve the problem by giveing the Sherwood Reeve the water he has to have and the Regina taxpayers will pay Wappel a few million dollars to build yet another water pipeline from Buffalo Pound to Regina City.

Another bright spot, my (Lee)s optimistic confidants believe that if Premier Brad allows the Sherwood Reeve to go ahead with his development using Regina City Water it is going to be increasingly difficult for him (Premier Brad) to justify blocking the Argue development when they have their own water supply and the only reason for blocking them is their refusal to pay Strudwick her bribes.

I (Lee) believe that now its on the public record corrupt scum such as RM Administrator Strudwick and her ilk report to a Minister, they are deemed to report to the Crown, and have the legal right to demand bribes and this will outrage voting taxpayers to the point the Devine -Wall Brain Trust has no choice but to remove SARM, the RMAA and the RMs and form Counties, note below:

Google “corruption in local government wikipedia”, Manitoba is forcing their RMs to amalgamate, google “ manitoba rm would rather join saskatchewan than amalgamate sun news”. Manitoba is using a population guide of 1000 for their RMs, google “what is the optimum population size for municipal administration”, note the search results set out that 25,000 is that optimum, so note below:

My (Lee)s idea of creating 13 Counties overlaying the 13 School and Health Districts here in Saskatchewan, with one senior Administrator and a couple of assistants, given Saskatchewan’s farm population of +/- 150,000, would create 13 Counties with a population of +/- 11,000, the best that can be done, BUT it still comes back to a decision of the Senior Administration, the Province, and I ask the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”, and note below:

The Rural Administrators legal right to demand bribes to approve developments has got to end. Web readers and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should read google “mandryk: wall moving too slowley on dui laws mandryk”, and again google “mandryk: too much public sector entitlement mandryk”. Murrays first article is not about drunk drivers, its about change in Rural Saskatchewan and Murrays second article the headline says it all and is plain English.

If Premier Brad Wall refuses to make the changes Murray advises, he should review the last few paragraphs of CROWN COCKROACHES for the original Jack Hillson Ministerial Village annexation solution to bypass Strudwick, and her ilks demand for bribes to approve developments; Jack Hillson’s annexation plan would end the RM Administrator bribery demands from Developers.

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 19.-21. note that the then Minister Responsible, the Hon. Jack Hillson, amended the Urban Act to allow a Village to annex a development out of a RM allowing a Developer to bypass Rural Administrator bribery demands which, if allowed, would solve the Developers problem, google “minister responsible jack hillson designs plan to by pass paying bribes to donna strudwick for development approval”.

It is true that nothing would change for the rest of the Business Community, the equipment suppliers, gopher poision suppliers, Consulting Engineers and Road Contractors, would all still have to pay bribes to the Rural Administrators but the Hillson plan would solve the Developers problem, create development, and save the taxpayers a great deal of money, because it matters little if bribes to the Crown Cockroaches are legal or illegal, Government officials demand bribes, the Business Community pays the bribes and the taxpayers foot the bribery bill for the corrupt scums bribe demands, CROWN COCKROACHES.


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