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October 30, 2013

German Philosopher Fredrich Schiller stated: google “against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain”. Review HYENAS WITH HUBRIS, a couple of my (Lee)s confidants had brought Schillers axiom on stupidity to my notice, and since it seemed relevant to the Donna Strudwick bribery debacle, google “scc 31940”, I used reference to Schiller in that post, now a rumor regarding Strudwicks demand for bribes for development has surfaced, which, if fact, fits exactly the point of Schillers historic axiom regarding “stupidity”, note below:

A confidant with always reliable information told me (Lee) that the Wall Cabinet is split on granting the Argues development approval and the split has nothing to do with the Argues refusal to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick. Cabinets only reponsibility is the economic well being of the taxpayers they are paid to serve, consider the Wall Cabinet “stupidity”, of ignoring Strudwicks bribe demands is that they (Wall Cabinet) are ignoring the “law of logic”, goggle “universal law-wiki”, regarding the Strudwick bribery issue, a law that taxpaying voters never ignore, so Cabinets ignore “logic” at their Premier and Party’s peril. (more…)



October 1, 2013

Google “money key to p3 debate johnstone”, & “gormly: cupe the power behind p3 opposition gormley” & “why i’m voting no on sept. 25 johnstone” & “regina business taxed twice as much as saskatoon’s johnstone”. Leader Post Financial Editor Bruce Johnstone and John Gormley of John Gormley Live 980, make the point that CUPE, the Government Unions, spent $5M of their members Union dues to try to keep control of Regina’s sewage treatment plant, note below:

Because of the corruption of the RM of Sherwood, SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, Regina City is a special problem for the Provincial Administration; note Murray’s take, google “queen city a royal pain for wall mandryk” & “mandryk: too much public sector entitlement mandryk” & “mandryk: like it or not, sewage plant referendum is about the $58M mandryk”& “u.s. firm involved in city of regina’s ‘vote no’ campaign brown”, this time the Union failed, google “regina sewage referendum supports p3 model”. (more…)