Google “corporate cockroaches the grand facade”, where a US Web site praises, Goggle “inside job”, a documentary on the venal Wall Street Bank Bastards who have taken the world economy to the abyss, so I (Lee) coined the title “crown cockroaches” to depict venal RM Administrators, such as Donna Strudwick, who are taking Saskatchewan to the abyss, LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT.

First, my bad; review IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH RURAL ZONING, scroll to three quarters in the post and note that the Supreme Court of Canada protects corruption Web sites, such as this one, that use valid support documentation, but I (Lee), and all Web publishers, are always vulnerable if they make a claim not supported by mainstream media or official reports, thereby allowing Crown Cockroaches to bribe Federal Judges, post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, to order Google to shut down corruption Web sites such as this.

Now, after 6 years and +/- 60 posts I (Lee) made the first known mistake in this site, but the other way, I missed hard evidence of a Official Crown Mother-Son incestuous Ruling Elite conflict of interest, contravention  of Google “criminal code of canada conflict of interest annex c: 121 (1) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)”; review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, note reference to Alberta Attorney General, Jonathon Denis, and Harpers Minister of State, Pierre Poilievre, at a third into the post and  near the end where I claim the Ottawa Citizen article, Google “poilievre brings robo-calls expertise to new job mcgregor”, is hard evidence of Ruling Elite venality.

Web readers are asked to note that the Ottawa Citizen article in the preceding paragraph is hard evidence that Harpers Google “white collar thugs”, Denis and Poilievre, used their Robo-call operation to try to gerrymand constituency boundary’s here in Saskatchewan for the Conservative Party, and SARM President Marit, using tax deductible donations to pay for it,  BUT there is good news, SARM President Marit’s gerrymandering attempt failed, Google “new electoral boundaries upsets board commissioner mugerwa cjme”.

I (Lee) always read all media articles three times before using them to support this Web site and recall reading the Ottawa Citizen article but after BEHOLD A PALE HORSE was published the sites Web Master, who is a genius, asked me if it was my intent to not use the most important point in the Ottawa Citizen article, Alberta PC Premier Redfords AG, Denis’s, Mother, Marguerite, controls his and Poilievre’s Robo-call operation, a clear incestuous conflict of interest.

It is my (Lee)s job to do the research but missed it, worse yet, my old eyes must have read it because everything else registered  but my old dim bulb brain missed the crucial implications of the insestuos conflict of interest between Redford’s AG, Denis, and his Mother, maybe I am the stupidest man in Canada.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragrahs 70. – 80. and LADY JANET AND THE CJC,  and note my (Lee)s complaint to the CJC regarding the fact Lady Justice Janet McMurtry and her father, Roy McMurtry, worked together to launder  $77,000,000.00 (seventy-seven million) taxpayer dollars in Federal Ethanol subsidy through Roy McMurtrys public company , “Just Energy”,  these acts by Lady Janet and her Father are, and always will be, a clear contravention of Google “annex c of the criminal code of Canada conflict of Interest”.

The CJC ignored my (Lee)s complaint, BUT Google “ harper pmo shuts down federal ethanol subsidy rural zoning” and note that the Federal Ethanol subsidy was shut down after my Lady Janet complaint  was put in the Justice system; this Web site made the Harper PMO aware of the massive confict of interest between Lady Janet McMurtry and her father, Roy McMurtry, regarding the laundering of seventy seven million taxpayer dollars taxpayer in Federal Ethanol subsidy into McMurtrys public traded company, now note below:

Google “lawsuit against bankrupt company of which wallin was director settled for $10.2 million graveland”, & “wallin mess a blow to sask pride mandryk”, the Wadena voters are taking down Wallin Street signs and the Harper PMO has thrown Wallin off the sleigh for looting less than a million dollars out of a public company in director fees, Wallin, arrogant, pretentious, and annoying, is now corrupt, but Strudwick is worse, much worse, ask any Edenwold Ratepayer.

Note the double standard, Strudwick, as a Crown Cockroach, has the legal right in Canadian Law to demand bribes to provide development approval to the Argues and Lady Janets Fathers public company, looting $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) of taxpayer money and Harper shuts down the Ethanol subsidy instead of using Canada’s version of Google “rico” to recoverthe taxpayer money McMurtry looted, yet Wallin is thrown to the wolves, WHY?

Review LADY LORI AND A SARM MOTION, note Harper’s google “white collar thugs”, Denis/Poilievie, using Denis’s mother, Marguerite, to front their Robo-call money laundering is a exact parallel to Lady Janet McMurtry and her father, Roy, laundering the taxpayer Ethanol Subsidy and there is reason why it is impossible to stop the Crown Cockroaches from looting taxpayer money.

Google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”. British Common Law rules that Crown Cockroaches have the power in law to demand bribes and Brit Law sets precedent for Canada, so Canada’s Crown Cockroaches, such as Strudwick, can legally demand bribes, google “does british common law set a precedent for Canadian law?”  it does, but Google “section 123 (1) municipal corruption criminal code of canada”, note the serious contradiction between Common Law and the Criminal Code, note the  SARM and the RMAA Leaders claim that I (Lee) am the “stupidest man” in Canada, for day dreaming that I can obtain approval for the Argues thirty million dollar development without  paying bribes to RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick, and they are right, note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that I (Lee) am so stupid as to have been, Google “hung on my own petard”. SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, scroll down to the picture of me at Runnymead, the site of the signing of the Magna Carta, my boast of an ancestral fact as a hook into the fact Saskatchewan, as  all the Google “western liberal democracies”, is administered under the so called Google” rule of law”, BUT which is in reality a sick, sick, sick, joke.

For all my (Lee)s life, along with most other honest citizens, I believed the “ rule of law” meant  Google “tax payers do not have to bribe government officials for honest administration”, but I am wrong, the “rule of law” just gives Crown Cockroaches the legal right in British and Canadian Common law, to legally demand bribes to approve economic developments notwithstanding the fact that paying bribes to the Crown Cockroaches is a contradiction of the Criminal Code.

Again Google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”. I (Lee) suggest, urge, plead, with all taxpaying, voting, Web readers, who are interested in Strudwick’s Official demand for bribes, to read the article carefully, reread the portion that is in italcs, a direct quote from the sitting Judge, it is succient, the reporter is a genius, now Google “section 123 (1) municipal corruption criminal code of canada” note that contradiction  is what I have been trying to deal with for the Argues for the last decade, note below:

I (Lee) believed the 4 Regina lawyers who advised Earle, Sharie and I that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid to grant their development were just warning us of the usual massive corruption, BUT the Lawyers were in effect telling us that in fact, and in law, Crown Cockroach Strudwicks bribes had to be paid.

I (Lee) believed that Queens Bench Judge Lady Justice Janet McMurtry was just another pretty face with great legs and a elliptical rump with a father who is a Ontario political and legal legend and had the good carrer sense to serve as one of Chris Axworthy’s wives while he was the NDP AG for Saskatchewan, who, by the way established his own College of Law, but has  recently been turfed, google “tru’s dean of law resigns kamloops this week”.

3)      it matters not if  Lady Janet did what her father, Ontarios legal legend Roy, and/or her husband NDP AG, Chis Axeworthy, who was trained as a lawyer in England, told her, or did it on her own, first, she ruled Google “judge rules strudwick reports to premier and minister” then ruled that I was guilty of libel of Strudwick for complaning to the Premier about her (Strudwick)s bribe demand.

4)     Note in 3) preceding Lady Janet carefully makes the point that Strudwick works directly for the Minister Responsible who in turn is the Crowns personal representative. Google “is a canadian minister a crown representative”, and that means Strudwick, as part of the Crowns structure here in Saskatchewan, has   legal right to demand bribes so it is libel to complain about her bribe demand.

5)     Now Google “Saskatchewan chief judge richards upholds lee libel guilt”, note the search results show Web posts that review the reasons for the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal supporting Lady Janet’s verdict.

6)      Now go to BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to documents pages  1  -5 and review the Supreme Court Summary for Case 31940 and Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION of Canada’s Criminal Code.

Taxpaying, voting Web readers may wish to review post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 65  a) to d). and note my (Lee)s Supreme Court Leave Application, again google “ when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t, cohen the spectator”. Note that if I had known of that British Common law when I went to the Supreme Court, I would have included it in the Leave Book and the cat would have been out of the bag regarding RM Administrator Donna Strudwicks right in Candian Law to demand bribes.

A neat little joke makes the point, the Australians have used gene manipulation to design a new breed of Sheep that herd and guard themselves, and then, each spring, line up for  the shearing and the slaughter, they (Australians) call their genetically modified Sheep, the Canadians. The fact Canadians are docile is well known but there has got to be a limit or we will starve in the streets.

The Crown Cockroaches only fear is that Saskatchewan voters are to stupid too understand the fine points in British Common law which serve as precedent for Canada, ie:  that Crown Cockroaches such as Strudwick have the legal right to demand bribes; Strudwicks two bit shyster, Glen Dowling, did claim in open Court that I was not a lawyer so was too stupid to understand the issues so had libeled Strudwick by complaining to the Premier about her bribe demand.

Dowling may be right; it may be stupid for layman to not know that under British Common Law, which applies here in Canada, Crown Cockroaches have a legal right to demand bribes, so I (Lee) did libel the evil, lying, corrupt, slag, Strudwick with my complaint to NDP Premier Clavert about her bribes, BUT Web readers are asked to note that no lawyer ever warned me about the fact that Crown Cockroaches such as the Professional Civil Engineers running Highways and that slag of a Strudwick have the right in Canadian law to demand bribes.

Google “canada’s top judge slams ‘inaccessible justice’ cbc news”, and I (Lee) am sure that not all the Justice Elite believe that it should be legal for Crown Cockroaches such as Highway Engineers and RM Administrators to be able to legally demand bribes; SCC Chief Judge, the Hon Lady Justice Bev Mclachlin P.C., wrote Summary Statement  for Case 31940  confirming a Crown Ruling that bribes had to be paid to a Crown official, Strudwick, who reports to a Provincial Crown Minister and his Premier, and the Chief Judge did that for reason, ie: corruption Web sites such as this may end Ruling Elite corruption.

Canada’s Chief Judge is deemed to be a PC, ie: a member of the Privy Council,  Google “privy council”, and the Privy Council does not waste time with nonsense, so the fact is that the top Ruling Elite MIGHT want to see the voting, taxpaying, public, aware of the fact Crown Cockroaches such as Strudwick have the legal right to demand bribes and this Web site may be serving that purpose because it is a fact that the RCMP could have easily “suicided” me (Lee) as MLA  Jack Wolfe, was suicided, Google “ jack wolfe mla suicide”, but they haven’t.

Canadians are “suicided”, not often, but Jack Wole was, and a half dozen of Mulroney bag men were, Google “on the take stevie cameron”; but I have not been “suicided” yet and beyond that, any Crown Cockroach, such as that slag of a Strudwick, could instruct any  Crown lawyer, such as her two bit shyster, Glen Dowling, to go into Court and bribe any Queens/Appeal Bench Judge to order Google to remove this Web site from their system, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?,  but that has not been done either, WHY NOT? note below:

Review LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT &  REGARDING PARANOIA  & HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123 & SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT? & BEHOLD A PALE HORSE & BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, all posts set out hard evidence of massive corruption costing  taxpayers many millions of dollars that is impossible to resolve as long as the Crown Cockroaches such as Strudwick have the legal right to demand bribes.

Saskatchewan is a trading Province, 80% of its GDP comes from export of Natural Resources with 50 % of that to the United States, Google “us economy collapsing” and the economy of the rest of the World Countries that buy Canada’s Natural Resources is collapsing, as example Google “india’s finance minister tries to stem panic petroff”, Saskatchewan is doomed economically,   Google “canadian government bonds: not so sexy anymore alini”.

Google “lee warns of Saskatchewan economic collapse if rm administrators continue to demand bribes to approve developments”, note the search results showing posts where I (Lee) have set out that warning and it is even more crucial now the Saskatchewan voters are aware of the economic facts, ie; that it has been established that the Crown Cockroaches, the RM Administrators, have the right in Canadian Law to demand bribes, Google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”.

Ask any Economics Professor from any University to  review LADY LORI  & THE CABAL, LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION and advise if my claim that the Rural Ruling Elite corruption is costing the 330,000 Urban households $500.00 a year each in added tax, that is a total of $165,000,000.00, $165M, one hundred and sixty five million dollars each and every year, is accurate, ask the University Economist if Saskatchewan can afford this level of corruption and its more dangerous in Regina, note below:

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE and note that Sherwood has brought in their own developer from Ontario, the Developer runs a one man operation, God  knows who he is laundering money for, review post LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, and given the  control of Sherwood through Quebec/Mafia level corruption the Sherwood Reeve stands to make $200M, Google “121 frauds on the government”, the cost to the Saskatchewan taxpayers, especially Regina City taxpayers is massive, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to a map of the RMs of Sherwood and Edenwold, and review the adjoining script.

Google “mediation could wrap next month: city Councillor brown”, & “mediation between city of regina, rm of sherwood postpones vote on new official community plan brown”. Mediation means nothing, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, scroll through the numbered paragraphs to near end, note CLOSING NOTES, Dowling, on behalf of Strudwick, and I (Lee) on behalf of the Argues, reached a mediated agreement in a hour and a half, BUT Strudwick  refused to accept the deal Dowling agreed to and the Queen Bench Court backed her.

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, and Google “Regina to vote on growth plan despite objections”.  I (Lee) predict  that no matter what  the result of mediation, exactly as with Strudwick, the Courts will allow the Sherwood Reeve  to continue his $200M development scam at huge cost to Regina taxpayers, and Earle and Sharie Argue, by allowing expropriation of the Argues 350 gpm spring to provide the Sherwood Reeve with water, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE.

It may be apples and oranges, but the NDP and Sask Party Political Elite refusal to deal with the Crown Cockroaches corruption, ie: SARM, the RMAA and RMs,  compares with  US President Obama’s refusal to deal with the corruption of his Wall Street Bank Bastards, Google “7 things about prosecuting wall street you wanted to know (but were too depressed to ask) richard eskow huff post”, and note the direct comparison to the brazen RM of Sherwood Reeve.

Web readers, in particular the Devine-Wall Brain Trust are asked to review REGARDING PARANOIA, scroll to near post end, note my (Lee) suggestion that SASK WATER be used to resolve the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle; but when  that plan was designed and published I did not know that the Crown Cockroaches that run SASK WATER has the power, in Canadian law, as Crown Cockroaches, to demand bribes, so that idea will not work and the only hope for the Argues development is to go back to the original Hillson Ministerial plan, annexation by a Village, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 34. – 39.

It is true that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, following Jack Hillson, refused the Hillson plan, NDP Taylor ruled that the Village of Wood Mountain should not be allowed to exist and my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” bribes, to Donna Strudwick, review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll down to the documents SCC Summary page 4 and page 5 following, and note below:

Note page 5 Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION, in post BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, that section of the Criminal Code is the reason why I (Lee) could not follow NDP Minister Taylors edict that my only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to bribe Strudwick with “flowers, chocolates and perefume, but the good news is the Hillson/Taylor Ministerial conflict is utter nonsense, a Crown contradiction straight out of George Orwell, google “orwells animal farm”, and leads back to the original Jack Hillson Ministerial solution.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 64. – 66. NDP Senior Official Lousie Simard, acting for NDP Premier Calvert, advised me (Lee) that the Hillson/Taylor Ministerial conflict, with the contradictory Ministerial Crown rulings and contradictory Crown instructions to me; First; Jack Hillson, as Minister Responsible, amended the Urban Act and then ruled: Village good, find Village, use Village to annex Argue development out of RM, which I did, acting in good faith, on behalf of the Argues, following Jack Hillson Ministerial instructions.

Then the next Minister Responsible, NDP Taylor ruled, Village bad, Village should not exist, Lees only option to be granted development approval is to carry Strudwick “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, as a result, Louise Simard, a senior NDP lawyer, advised that the contradictory Ministerial (Crown) instruction was a classic Google “ breach of implied contract” and advised legal action.

When the Argues, and I (Lee), refused Louise’s advice due to the corruption of the Courts, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED, she advised her intent was to start a action, to be settled out of Court, to color up a million dollar taxpayer payout to the Argues, which the Argues refused, leading to my complaint to Calvert about Strudwick bribe demand, the Strudwick SLAPP action, and my  libel guilt for complaining to Calvert about Strudwick bribes.

I (Lee) remind the Devine-Wall Brain Trust the libel question went to the Supreme Court resulting in a Summary Statement and this “ well watched, well liked” Web site. Now again google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”, the Devine-Wall Brian Trust should wonder how long the honest voters will put up with Crown Cockroaches, such as Strudwick, having the legal right to demand bribes to provide services.


Google “clausewitz: on war”, his writings are used to this day in Military Colleges  and he stated “prepare for what your enemy can do, not what you think he will do”. Based on the SARM/RMAA Leaders google “perceived wisdom” the Devine -Wall Brain Trust “think” I (Lee) am too stupid to do anything about Strudwick’s bribe demand  and this Web site is a stupid joke, BUT it was google “narrative webs” such as this one that got a black guy elected US President and I “can” keep this Web site up until my death, as regards my “stupidity”, note below:

Regarding my (Lee)s stupidity, review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, scroll to near post end, note the couple paragraphs where I set out how back in the day, as the PC Czar of zone 6, I kept the PC party functioning financially with Yorkton area donations until Pioneer Trust gave them $350K, ask Kathy Young.

Kathy  was Devines lone office girl, a teenager, working under the direction of Dave Tkachuk, now a Senator, google “wright worked with 2 conservative senators to reach duffy deal, emails show ctv news”. I (Lee) am aware that aging and Crown Royal reduce brain cells but the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should ask her if she remembers me as “the stupidist man in Canada”.

I (Lee) remember Kathy as a bright, able, diligent, hard working young woman,  in the old McCallum Hill building, counting nickels in the PC backrooms, trying to figure out how to use the Yorkton area donations to pay the PC head office rent, pay the power bill to keep the lights on, pay the telephone-fax bill, buy stamps to mail out the membership form she had completed, and save enough money to keep her and her then boss, Dave Tkachuk, from starving to death, and it is natural for me to wonder what she thinks now when she is surronded by  a mountain range of looted taxpayer money.

Kathy is now Walls Communications genius and when she reads CTV Bob Fifes reports on her old boss, Dave Tkachuk, manipulations to save sleaze bags such Duffy and Wallin, what thoughts run throught her great brain at four in the morning, BUT she is Premier Brads Communictaions expert and Sask Party supporters should insist the Premiers Brain Trust ask her to assess what the risk is to their Premier if this Web site continues until the next election even if the publisher, I (Lee), am the stupidest man in Canada, and this site is a stupid joke.

Before I (Lee) make use in these posts of Dave Tkachuk manipulations to save Duffy and Wallin from Criminal charges it should be noted that I have a conflict regarding Dave Tkachuk, I did my work as Czar of the PCs zone six, the Yorkton area, under the direction of Dave, he was was my boss, just as he was Kathys, and it is due to Dave’s honesty that I am publishing this Web site, review LADY’S, LETTERS AND SLAPP,  go to about the last third of the post, a review of my  trial for “threatening” that google “fuddel-duddel” Lane, and note below:

Note that I (Lee) credit Merv’s defence genius for my “not guilty” verdict, BUT at the time Merv gave Dave credit for his eventual truth in changing his testimony, albeit under Mervs intense cross examination, from his  Examination in Chief testimony, ie: “ I was going to shoot Lane”, to my actual statement that “Lane should be shot”, as I understand it, a crucial difference in Criminal Law.

Actually Merv’s fine distinction in Criminal Law may not have mattered to my Jury because by then it was public knowledge that Lane, as Devine Finance Minister, had “disappeared” $1.3B of Saskatchewan taxpayer money, over 20% of the then Provincial budget money in one year, does history matter?, it does to the money lenders, Saskatchewan taxpayers are paying interest to this day on the taxpayer money that google “fuddel-duddel” Lane “disappeared”.

A confidant reminded me (Lee) that I came to obtain the Argues development without bribing Strudwick so I ask the Devine-Wall BrainTrust to google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables rural zoning”, and note the search results  are posts where I set out Strudwick solutions that would cost taxpayers nothing.

I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to think about this Web site visit numbers at 36,000 and projected to be 80,000 by E-day, November 2015, and  note the Hillson solution is political, as required by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, ie: a Ministerial  solution that was designed to by-pass Strudwicks bribe  demand to grant Argues development approval, review FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Remember that Jack Hillson and former Wall AG, current Minister of Labor, the Hon Don Morgan, are personal friends, so ask for opinion from the current AG lawyers regarding Louise Simards “breach of implied contract” legal advice; Simard is a able lawyer and if it was fact then, it is fact now, and would solve a corruption problem that can not be resolved by corrupt Queens/Appeal Courts.

Web readers are reminded that the bribery and blackmail of Federal Judges by the Crown Cockroaches such as Strudwick is set out in a official report, review BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? copyright held by the Judicial Council of Canada and there is plenty of hard evidence that the Courts simply can not deal with Crown corruption, note below:

Saskatchewan Crown Cockroaches demand for bribes is nothing new, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW scroll to documents page 3 – 6, a MLA Statement that  the Highway Engineers boasted of my (Lee)s destruction because of my  refusal to pay their bribes. Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint  5:,  it is a matter of Canadian Judicial Council record, complete with evidence from a sitting Provincial Court Judge, that Gary Lane, as Devine Attorney General, did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy my Highway Contracting company because of my refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers.

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a matter of CJC record, and Richards, now  Chief Judge, is part of the CJC, as lead Appeal Judge, he wrote in Judgement that it was “nonsense” for me (Lee) to claim that NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylors, edict that my only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to carry “flowers, chcolates and perfume” to Strudwick was a Crown order to pay Strudwick bribes, but it is Richards legal work that is nonsense.

Review Richards Appeal Judgement, WITCHES OF EDENWOLD , page 9 of the documents, para. [16] and [17]; I (Lee) repeat, in view of British Common Law, which is precedent for Canada, again google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator”  that it is Richards Appeal Judgement that is “nonsense”.

Again google “knew or ought to have known”, is a fact of Canadian Law and Richards knew, or ought to have known, that it is British Common Law, again google “when is corruption not corrupt?, when the establishment says it isn’t cohen the spectator” and through precedent, in Canada, Crown Cockroaches such as Strudwick have the legal right in Canadian law to demand bribes.

Chief Judge Richards, paid by taxpayers, has a duty to taxpayers, and Richards  knows it is unconschiable the Saskatchewan taxpayer was not aware, until that Common Law surfaced as result of my (Lee) stirring in the Strudwick sewage lagoon, review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, that in Canadian Law, Strudwick, as a Crown official, has the legal right to demand bribes to provide Developers with project approval notwithstanding the Criminal Code, google “section 123 (1) municipal corruption criminal code of canada”, this contradiction is, and Richards, as Chief Judge, knows it is, google “sickening unto death”.

Web readers are asked to note that the Hon. Beverly Mclachlin, Chief Justice for Canada tried to resolve the issue by ignoring Richards Appeal Judgement and setting out the facts of Strudwick’s bribe requirment in the SCC Summary Statement, again review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, scroll to documents, note pages 1.- 4., the basis for this Web site, and note a crucial point below:

The Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Courts, long ago, accepted the Crown Cockroaches legal right to demand bribes  and washed their hands of dealing with Rural zoning corruption, review post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, para. 15. note the Court of Appeal ruled that zoning issues are political and the Courts should not interfere unless the situation descends to farce.

BUT note that Lady Janet and Chief Judge Richards ignored their own Appeal rule, they did interfere, and destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to bribe Strudwick; that was simply  a continuation of the Courts destruction of me because of my refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers, again review GARY AND THE CJC, complaint 5: BUT as a Crown Cockroach, Strudwick has the legal right to demand bribes, so the Courts can not resolve the Strudwick bribery demand issue even if they did want to.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust must rethink their duty to the taxpayers and IF the AG’s lawyers concur with Louise Simard  there has been a “breach of implied contract” in the Strudwick/Argue bribery issue, then ask Cabinet  to advise the Lieutenant Governor to sign a OC (Order in Council) that Wood Mountain Village annex the Argue Development quarter out of the RM of Edenwold, gazette it and its a done deal, just as Jack Hillson, as Minister then Responsible planned to solve the problem, the Argues get their Development without bribing Strudwick.


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