The Devine-Wall Brain Trust are urged to google “ harper now tops his own enemies list mandryk” & “corporal horton versus the harper government kilian” & “pmo denies withholding duffy email from rcmp ctv news staff”, remember Garret Wilson’s great book, Deny Deny Deny, well, deny-deny did’nt do it for Colin and won’t do it for Harper; Trudeau will be PM after the next Federal Election.

This Web site, at thirty five thousand visits, projected to be eighty thousand by the next General Election, is deemed by WordPress to be “well watched and well liked” and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should ask themselves “do we believe we can survive a Trudeau Fed attack regarding Saskatchewan’s massive rural corruption?” think of Dirty Harry’s classic question, google “well, do ya, punk?”

Google “lee predicts cjc will shut down lady lori inquiry” and review as many of the posts referenced in the search result as wanted, now google “ lori douglas hearing stayed due to sexy details winnipeg sun” & “court rules inquiry into nude photo’s of judge could cause ‘irreparable harm’ puxley”, exactly my (Lee)s prediction. Now review LADY LORI RAUNCH AND RACISIM, note there is no reason on Gods Earth why Lady Lori should not now go back to Judgeing, the Winnipeg Lawyers all say she was a good family Court Judge, and taxpayers may as well get something for her annual $250K wage, BUT note below:

WHY is there no Judicial concern about the “irreparable” harm to the Argues when they are denied their development and a $10M profit because they refuse to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick?, or the “irreparable” harm to the taxpayers for the loss of tax revenue from the Argues project, and paying Lady Lori $250K a year for the next 20 years on “administrative” leave, or the massive “irreparable” harm to my (Lee)s psych for being found guilty of libel of Strudwick for complaining to NDP Premier Calvert about Strudwick’s bribe requirment?

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust are advised to google “ corruption translates to global anger toronto star talaga”. Read the article, then think long and hard about their Political Colleague, the NDPs Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, well established public corruption in ruling that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argue development was to carry RM Administrator Donna Strudwick “flowers, choclates and perfume”, documents in 12th paragraph below:

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust is urged to again google “pmo with holding email about wright-duffy deal from rcmp sources ctv news” & “ fugitive money-launderer shipped back to us ctv news” & “harpers shuffle not about change mandryk” & “harper woes might delay sask vote mandryk”, and consider ramifications for their Premier. Murray believes half of the Provinces, including Saskatchewan, will have to delay their Election from the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2016 to allow the Harper Consevatives to hold their Federal Election in the fall of 2015 which means that unless the Devine-Wall Brain Trust hold their election over a Saskatchewan winter the Trudeau Feds will have 6 months to run their Premier ragged, review post THE MCMURTRY DISEASE.

If the Devine-Wall Brain Trust thinks that because a third of their Cabinet are Liberals will save them from attack by a Trudeau Fed they better remember that their Liberals abandoned Lynda Haverstock to help create the Sask Party and that one of those Liberals who left Lynda is Jonathon Denis, now Attorney General for Alberta and best buddy of Pierre Poilievie, now Harpers Minister of State, review LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, scroll down to paragraph 9. and note the two of them, Denis and Poilievie, quarter backed the robo-call scams.

Any of the Devine-Wall Brain Trust who thinks they can survive a Trudeau Fed should think of the Irish folk saying google,“if pigs had wings they would fly”, and note that the Trudeau Fed will have a handy attack issue, this Web sites documenting of Saskatchewans Rural development corruption supporting 15% of the Saskatchewan voters, the farmers, who had dissed Justins Daddy, against the remaining 85%, of Saskatchewan voters, ie: the Urban voters.

Remember “W” Bush attacked Iraq because Saddam had dissed his Daddy, George, and note that this Web site, now at 35,000 visits, even at the current level of Access Ads, is projected, not a elliptical curve projection, but a straight line projection, to be at +/- 80,000 house hold visits by the spring of 2016,
+/-160,000 voters, 33% of Saskatchewan voters, will have reviewed this site.

Lynda Haverstock’s integrity is legendary, and if a anti-corruption group asked her to lead a new party, a Saskatchewan version of Quebecs anti-corruption party, the ADQ, and they campaigned to end Rural Ruling Elite corruption by eliminating SARM the RMAA and the RMs, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT & SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, the Sask Party’s only hope would be what Roy Romanow tried, but failed to do, eliminate SARM and the RMs and form Countys now while they have the power to do it.

I (Lee) remind the Devine-Wall Brain Trust that a Political pro, Roy Romanow, came within a hair of eliminating SARM and the RMs, he had Cabinet approval, but backed off, some say SARM blackmailed him, resulting in the destruction of the CCF/NDP as Saskatchewans natural governing party and the same thing will happen to the Sask Party unless they act to eliminate SARM, the RMAA and RMs and form 13 Counties controlled by a Administrator appointed by Cabinet.

However it gets done SARM corruption must be ended, review posts FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL & LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT & SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, for examples of what happens when white collar thugs/thugges such as Strudwick and the Sherwood Reeve, Eberle, are given absolute power.

Web readers are asked to note the two previous posts of this Web site advised they could get to Supreme Court Summary Statement for Case (SCC) 31940 by googling “scc 31940”, it worked at the time, but the SCC has fine tuned its Web site and now that search goes only to the SCC case reference and the three Judges who heard the Application and its diffuclt to get to the SCC Summary from there but note the Chief Judge of Canada herself heard the application.

The lead Judge was the Chief Judge for Canada, the Right Honourable Beverley McLahlin PC, the wonderful woman who wrote the Summary Statement that gave me (Lee) a chance to accomplish a miracle by obtaining approval for the Argue development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, wonderful anti-corruption work by the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada ignored by both the NDP Elite and Devine-Wall Brain Trust.

This Web site is based on that SCC Summary Statement proving that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for Earles development was to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick with flowers, chocolates and perfume and Web readers must be able to easily get to that statement whenever they want, so note below:

Note copy of the original statement as I (Lee) received it from the Supreme Court, pages 1-2 Information, pages 3 – 4, Summary and right beside it, page 5, a copy of Section 123 Municipal Corruption. Please forgive the markings on Court documents pages 1-4, but any lawyer will tell you, original Court documents often end up with writing on them.

Web readers are asked to google “rcmp lay out case against mike duffy akin” , then note above page 4 of the SCC Statement establishing the fact of a ruling by NDP Crown Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for Earle is to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and note Taylors order is in direct contradiction of Section 123 (1), MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION, of the Criminal Code of Canada, page 5 above; so why, given the Duffy precedent are the RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick and the NDP Minister Responsible, Taylor, not being investigated for Breach of Trust?

The Strudwick horror for the Argues will get much worse very soon; review post FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, rumor was rife that Strudwicks plan was that once Lane was named Chief Judge the RM of Edenwold would expropriate Earles development quarter and its 350 gpm spring water flow for Strudwicks personal use, BUT I (Lee) was able to stop Lanes appointment as Chief Judge, but the Hon John Klebuc is now retiring 4 years early, WHY?

Review the first paragraphs of ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT?, and note that given the appointment of Lanes colleague, Richards, as Chief Judge, Strudwick will now instruct the RM of Edenwold Council to expropriate the Argues development quarter and its 350 gpm spring, review “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, and then the Edenwold Council will do what the Sherwood Council has done for the Sherwood Reeve and turn the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring over to Strudwick to develop.

Now review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE and note that a comparison between Earles Development and the Sherwood Reeves development shows that Earles development value should now be $40M, and even shared with her Council, Lane and Chief Judge Richards, is a lot of money and there is no way to stop Strudwick now her Appeal Judge, Richards, has been named Chief Judge.

Expropriation can not be stopped and the Argue development and its 350 gpm spring water flow is only 13 miles east of the Sherwood Reeve’s development, a easy route over farmland for a pipeline and note the Argue development needs only 3% of that 350 gpm spring to serve the 120 lot development, the rest of the Argues spring water flow would serve a population of +/- 7500, the amount of water the Sherwood Reeve, Eberle, needs as a base for his recycling plan.


The Reeves Developer hints they have access to a aquifer, but the nearest aquifer is the Argues, their 350 gpm spring is the northern tip of a aquifer that starts at Weyburn and my (Lee)s guess is that Strudwick and the Sherwood Reeve already have a deal with Chief Judge Richards to use his Courts to order Strudwicks expropriation plan, a plan so corrupt that it went over the Hon John Klebuc’s corruption line so he took early retirement, note map below:

place sherwood-edenwold map here

Review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll down to the documents note UMA Engineering confims the Argue Aquifer is not part of the Condie Aquifer and SASK WATER later confirmed the Argue Aqufer originates at Weyburn. Voting taxpayers are asked to note it is 4 miles from the Argues 350 gpm spring to the SASK WATER plant at White City, now note below:

Review the last few paragraphs of REGARDING PARANOIA for my (Lee) solution to resolve Strudwick/Argue debacle by using SASK WATER to distribute 80% of the Argues 350 gpm spring water flow to the general public through their White City water plant which would serve the public good instead of allowing the RM of Edenwold and Strudwick to expropriate the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring and make many millions of dollars.

Canadian law requires compensation for expropriation and the Argues, if expropriated, should be compensated in the $40M range so Edenwold taxpayers may end up paying the Argues huge compensation while their Ruling Elite, Donna Strudwick, benefits massively. A few will say what is set out above is nonsense but review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE and ask any Lawyer, if the Sherwood Reeve can pull his $200M scam, no one can stop Strudwick and the Edenwold Council, supported by corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, and the Chief Judge, review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note below:

I (Lee) repeat, Government expropriation can not be stopped, BUT note the SCC Summary page 4 of the documents preceding with the phrase regarding the Minister Responsible ruling requiring carrying “flowers chocolates and perfume” for Strudwick to grant approval, compare that to page 5, Section123 of the Criminal Code of Canada right beside it, hard evidence to support a Argue claim that compensation for that expropriation should be the $10M – $40M Earle would have made from his development if first Lady Janet McMurtry, then Chief Judge Richards, had not ruled that it was libel for me to complain to NDP Clavert that Strudwick must be carried “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to approve Earles development.

With Richards as Chief Judge any lawyer taking the Argue case would be disbarred and I (Lee), as a layman, can act only for myself, but I have blazed a trail for layman to follow to the Supreme Court, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK. Remember that the Rural Ruling Elite claim I am the stupidest man in Canada yet I went to the SCC; Sharie Argue has two Masters degrees, so the Argues can easily act for themselves through to the Supreme Court.

BUT there is only a 15% chance of the SCC hearing any one case so the only equitable solution is for Canada’s Political Elite to end the constant, massive, official corruption, google “pisd cited as rcmp commander gets conditional discharge for cocaine theft squire” & “montreal mayor applebaum faces 14 charges including fraud, conspiracy ctv staff”; Top RCMP steal Cocaine right out of their own evidence lockers, do they substitute baking soda at trial as evidence against the drug lords?, and Municipal Officials never stop taking bribes.

Google “similar fact evidence”, it is a well established concept in Criminal law; teenagers who knock over corner stores move up to liquor stores and Rural Administrators who demand bribes to provide service will demand more bribes to provide service, and the top RCMP will keep on useing the Cociane they seize from drug lords, and continue to rape and daydream of butchering their women Constables and feeding them to pigs, TOP COP DAYDREAMS, nothing ever changes, the corrupt horror never, ever, never ends.

What I (Lee) set out in HARPER 122-STRUDWICK 123 and SHERWOODS $200M REEVE, is based on the legal concept of google “similar fact evidence” and note the usefullness of that Criminal Code legal principal to honest taxpaying voters, the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that the only option that I (Lee) had to obtain development approval for Earle Argue was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator Strudwick, scroll back to paragraph 12 in this post, the SCC Summary Statement.

Review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges own official report establishs the fact for all time of their own rotting souls, BUT Stirling Lyon had no illusions about Judges, google “notwithstanding clause” note the constitution spells out that the Elected Political Elite control the Judges so the taxpaying voters do not need to bribe the corrupt Judges to allow every Urban house hold in Saskatchewan to save +/- $500.00 annually in tax, a tax saving of $165,000,000.00 (one hundred and sixty five million dollars), $165M saving each and every year, a lot of money.

All the 330,000 Urban householders have to do to save those millions upon millions of dollars is elect a Provincial Government who will respond to their demand to eliminate SARM, the RMAA and the 300 RMs and establish 13 Counties overlaying the School/Health Districts with panels of Village Mayors deciding on developments. This will result in a massive savings in bribes the business community pays to RM Administrators, their Councils and the Queens/Appeal Judges, post LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT and SHERWOODS $200M REEVE and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Google “wall abolition a harper obstacle? mandryk” & “rcmp say duffy’s expense claims may date back to 2009 press and de souza” & “half of voters don’t see conservatives as an option cbc” & “ctv poll: 30 percent of canadians think harpers gov’t should be re-elected ctv news staff” & “pasture pugilists fighting wrong foe johnstone” & “poll suggest justin trudeau’s honeymoon maybe wearing off grenier”.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust are well aware of two facts: 1) there can be no doubt whatsover but that Ruling Elite Official corruption is a issue, and 2) the NDP/Liberals are dead in Saskatchewan. BUT they should also be aware of two more facts, 3) long chatty Web sites like this one got a Black Guy elected US President, and 4) any dedicated group of taxpayers could form a party based on Quebecs ADQ, to end Rural Ruling Elite corruption by forming Government here in Saskatchewan, the ADQ took a year to form and hold the balance of power

I (Lee) know that many Saskatchewan lawyers have had it with the corrupt power of SARM and the RMAA ; they can not deal with it because of the corruption of the Queens/Appeal Judges and risk of disbarament, BUT these lawyers know the implications regarding the corruption of SARM/RMAA, and the potential for tax saving for the +/- 330,000 Urban house holds and the potential to form Government by campaigning to eliminate SARM/RMAA and end that corruption, review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT; there is even a blueprint, the Quebec anti-corruption party (ADQ), THE MCMURTRY DISEASE.

I (Lee) remind the Devine-Wall Brain Brain Trust that visits to this Web site are over thirty five thousand and that a straight line projection, not a elliptical projection, but a straight line projection, based on current Access advertising, puts this sites house hold visit numbers at +/- 80,000, 160,000 voters, one third of Saskatchewan voters by April of 2016, now note below:

I (Lee) suggest the Devine-Wall Brain Trust review post SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE and think about what this Web site accomplished regarding the NDP in 2011 with only limited Access advertising and why run the risk of the voters turning on them?, why not end the Strudwick corruption before she completes and acts on a deal with the Sherwood Reeve, Lane and Chief Judge Richards to exproprate the Argue quarter and 350 gpm spring?, note the Sherwood Reeves development is going ahead, google “rm of sherwood moving ahead with new development saskatchewan cbc news.”

Review ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT?, remember that IF Strudwick does expropriate the Argue development quarter and 350 gpm spring the die is cast and no solution possible. Scroll back to the third paragraph in this post, note my (Lee)s prediction the CJC (Chief Judges) would shut down their pet project, the destruction of Lady Lori, if they believed that this Web site could use Lady Lori to end the Strudwick bribe demands, my prediction came true, they shut it down.

Now, review again ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT?, if my (Lee)s prediction is as accurate as it was with Lady Lori, and a Saskatchewan Court allows the RM of Edenwold to expropriate the Argue Development quarter and its 350 gpm spring with this Web site beating the RM corruption drum during the count down to the next General Election, can/will the mainstream media continue to ignore it?

I (Lee) urge the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to google “democracy the real referendum winner mandryk”; all are familiar with this Regina City in-house quarrel, basically a proxy fight between CUPE and the Harper PMO, BUT many of my confidants are shocked at the Regina Councils sudden probity and many also believe that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust have laid down the law to them ( Regina City Council), and that theory makes sense to me.

Did the Wall Administration, as the Senior Administration instruct the Regina City Council to make sense?, now google “four sask party mla’s promise the argues to over rule strudwick bribe demand”; why not honor that heavy hitter promise and do a deal with Earle and Sharie. This Web site will have done its job perfectly and I (Lee) will have done the impossible and should be Sainted.

Google “jack wolfe mla suicide”, and note that at this point even if they (Devine-Wall Brain Trust) ordered the RCMP to “suicide” me as Jack was suicided, that would make it worse for them, half of the voters in Southeren Saskatchewan believe Jack was slaughtered, so I (Lee) believe the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should get over their hatred of me, and recognize that what is set out preceding is akin to the “Pale Horse” of biblical legend and suggest that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust accept that the Strudwick corruption is dangerous to their Administration and move first by elminating SARM/RMAA and the RMS and establishing Counties before a group gets organized with a version of ADQ.

Review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER & THE FIFTH HORSEMAN ELITE BRIBERY, over two thirds of RM Administrators are women and rumor is rife that many RM Administrators believe that Reiters friend Strudwick is giving their Union, the Rural Municipal Administrators Association (RMAA), a bad name and could cheerfully strangle her, that claim can be checked, and I (Lee) was advised that the RMAA is a cult so I remembered Larry Hubbard, note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 55.- 57 and TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph 29., note that when long time RMAA member Larry Hubbard tried to blow the whistle on Strudwick his long carrer was destroyed in the most evil means possible, Strudwick and her Board claimed Hubbard was mentally incompetent, Hubbard, along with his other duties had served as a Justice of the Peace, yet Strudwick and her RMAA Board deemed Hubbard to be “mentally incompetent” review post WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, but I picked up rumor of the RMAA annoyance with the Strudwick corruption when the notion of a RMAA cult was suggested.

I (Lee) suggest Reiter and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust think long and hard about the ramifications of annoying the RMAA women; imagine living in a Saskatchewan Village, where a livable house costs maybe $30,000.00, earning $70,000.00 each year plus tax free bribes from the Developers, the culvert salesman, grader salesman, gopher poison salesman, road contractors, Consulting Engineers and the power to grant good jobs to husbands, sons, nephews and boyfriends and risk losing all that because of Donna Strudwick.

Until now the only annoyance any RMAA woman ever suffered is that its a long drive to Cosco, and the fear of losing that because that slag of a Strudwick is the most corrupt, poisonous and obdurate woman in Christendom is annoying and worring them, note below:


I (Lee) suggest that Reiter think about what to do about Strudwick before visits to this Web site reach their full potential from the Ads on Access TV from revelations. I like the guy in Rural Saskatchewan and think about Revelations reference to “hades following close behind”, and that “hades” is two hundred annoyed RMAA women hounding him for the next two years until the next General Election.

Review post HARPER 122 – STRUDWICK 123, again note that notwithstanding the fact that the RM of Edenwold has a new Administrator, nothing has changed, the new Administrator, Kim McIvor, has not granted Earle Argue permission to go ahead with his thirty million dollars residential development despite receiving development approval from both the Edenwold Council and all Provincial Departments over a decade ago, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para 1. – 17.

Review ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT? and google “ regina – sherwood mediation”, now google “rural users of regina services should pay more mayor says cbc news”, this is classic example of the economic problems of google “balkanization”, services are usually based on cost recovery instead of punitive action so mediation may resolve a few minor issues, but google “rm of sherwood paves way for wascana village development near regina gousseau” note that right in the middle of mediation the Sherwood Reeve goes ahead with his $200M development scam, at massive cost to the Regina taxpayers.

The Sherwood Reeve will never agree to shut down his $200M Development scam, but note the House Builder Chief’s demand for the Devine-Wall BrainTrust to get involved and Regina Web readers should note that on page 8 of the Saturday July 6, 2013 of the Regina Leader Post, Regina City has started the process to alter Municipal Boundaries, the die is cast, and note below:

I (Lee) urge all Regina City house holders to make sure their Council NEVER expropriates the Sherwood Reeves land leaving the City taxpayers at the mercy of corrupt Queens/Appeal Bench Judges regarding compensation for the Reeve expropriation. I suggest the City expand by buying all the land around the Sherwood Reeve’s land and request surety bonds to protect against stubble and swath fire, if the Reeve, or his descendants, ever does cave in and sell to Regina City for a sane price, plant trees and call it Sherwood Forest.

Back in the day, I (Lee) ran errands for “Mr Grid Roads”, Archie Clampitt, the RMs were often involved in expropriating land for Roads, and the Grid Road Authority did it for them, and the standard price paid the farmer was calculated by taking the estimated profit for growning wheat, or if pasture land, ranching, over the one generation, ie: twenty years the farmer would be farming/ranching, but of course that was long ago with honest Courts and Judges, note below:

Review SHERWOODS $200M REEVE & BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? & ARE THE LAWYERS RIGHT? Regina Web readers are reminded that SARM has their self-insurance fund, $.5B of tax payer money to bribe Judges, while the Regina City Mayor, does not have 5 cents to fill potholes, let alone a taxpayer slush fund of $.5B to bribe Queens/Appeal Bench Judges.

As a note of interest for Web readers, google “some developers unimpressed with regina’s official community plan ctv regina”, note that long time, popular, local Developer, Dundee Realty, has been frozen out of Regina City, WHY. Google “snc lavilin corruption” & “ dundee realty a public traded company”.

Because of the ramifications of SNC Lavilin’s corruption and bribery all Boards of Directors have become very edgy about paying bribes; google “publicly traded company boards are refusing to authorize bribes” , are those two facts connected?, is that why Regina froze out Dundee?, did Dundee follow Earle and Sharie Argue and my (Lee) refusal to bribe Donna Strudwick and refuse to bribe the Regina officials?, or was Dundee shut out of Regina to make room for the Sherwood Reeves $200M development?

I (Lee) am getting pretty good at predictions, scroll back to the 3rd paragraph in this post, note my accurate prediction that the CJC would shut down their public inquiry into Lady Lori’s sex life when they believed this Web sites Lady Lori posts were intriguing the taxpaying voters and placing Strudwicks bribes at risk.

Now review post LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, scroll down to paragraph 9, note my (Lee)s rant setting out the sleaze and corruption of Jonathon Denis, former Saskatchewan Liberal operative, now Redfords Attorney General, and his best friend, Harpers Ottawa heavy hitter, Pierre Poilievie, now Harpers Minister of State, in control of the Harper robo-call operations, was exactly correct, google “poilievre brings robo calls expertise to new job mcgregor”.


The Devine-Wall Brain Trust should google “puffy duffy balloon unveiled note attached picture of in ottawa karsten-smith”. The Duffy Balloon Taxpayer Federation has turned the Harper Feds laundering of taxpayer money into a joke, note the “Puffy Duffy” balloon just to the right, and think of that Duffy balloon touring Canada for the next two years until the next Federal General Election.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust who escaped the RCMP scooping and incarceration of many members of the Devine Gang in their, google “ operation fiddle”, in the 1990’s should reconsider their refusal to end Donna Strudwicks bribe demands; review BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, paragraph 12, documents pages 1- 4 SCC and the Criminal Code of Canada Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION, page 5.


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