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July 29, 2013

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust are urged to google “ harper now tops his own enemies list mandryk” & “corporal horton versus the harper government kilian” & “pmo denies withholding duffy email from rcmp ctv news staff”, remember Garret Wilson’s great book, Deny Deny Deny, well, deny-deny did’nt do it for Colin and won’t do it for Harper; Trudeau will be PM after the next Federal Election.

This Web site, at thirty five thousand visits, projected to be eighty thousand by the next General Election, is deemed by WordPress to be “well watched and well liked” and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should ask themselves “do we believe we can survive a Trudeau Fed attack regarding Saskatchewan’s massive rural corruption?” think of Dirty Harry’s classic question, google “well, do ya, punk?” (more…)