Google “mp rathgeber refuses to be ‘cheerleader’ and quits tory cacus cbc” & “pm’s chief of staff controlled secret tory fund cbc weston”, & “rcmp confirms it is investigating wright-duffy payment ipolitics”. Greg Weston dug out the secret slush fund and forced a RCMP investigation. Now Google “committe signs off on sask urban ridings warren” & “boundary mess a tory death knell mandryk”.

Google “harper has nothing to brag about johnstone” & “mandryk: rathgebers salvo hit tories hard ”, Murray believes Harpers base, the original Reform Party members, hate Duffy, Wallin, and Wright, all Eastern Elite, as much as they hate Mulcair and Tredeau so will refuse to send Harper more money or vote, and this fact may doom Harper.

I (Lee) believe these same facts may doom Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalites (SARM) President Dave Marit here in Saskatchewan. Premier Brad will worry and with this Web sites visit numbers at well over thirty thousand, I (Lee) living in my usual dream world, wonder if, at four in the morning, Marit does not sometimes think that it might have been easier to ask the Edenwold Council to grant Earle Argue development approval without having to bribe their Administrator, Donna Strudwcik, google “scc 31940”, as example, note below:

Review Web post LADY LORI AND A SARM MOTION; the SARM President, Dave Marit, use of robo-calls in gerrymandering Saskatchewan Federal Ridings failed, even the Conservative MPs on the committee could not stomach Marits blatant robo-call scam and Harper will lose three Saskatchewan ridings while Marit’s gerrymeandering failure cost SARM credibility and Marit may be as doomed as Harper, as another example note below:

Web readers are asked to google “regina’s growing pains: urban hipsters vs white picket fencers sullivan” this well done, soft spoken, gentle, article sets out the economic cost to the Urban taxpayers of google “balkanization”; now review the first paragraphs of REGARDING PARANOIA and note the loss of Kal Tire and 200 jobs is now confirmed by Regina Leader Post Financial Editor Bruce Johnstone, google “city needs one plan johnstone”, and note the Sherwood Reeves greed is the reason for the loss of Kal-Tires distribution center and 200 jobs, ie: Kal-Tire did not fit in the Sherwood Reeves personal development plan.

The Media has weighed in, google “province’s municipal planning at issue couture” & “time to fix planning paralysis leader post editorial board” & “coyne: presumption of innocence does not require us to believe in fairy tales coyne”, Andrew always goes right to the heart of a issue, google “121 frauds on the government criminal code of canada” note the first search result in google “your” and note the wording in Section 121 fits the actions of the Reeve of the RM of Sherwood as a good leather glove fits the fingers of a hand.

It matters not that the Sherwood Reeve has spun a tale of “recusal” from his Council development vote because they are not independent Board of Directors of a Company responsible to shareholders only, they are a Government and subject to Criminal Code provisions unique to Government, inparticular google “section 121 frauds on the government criminal code of canada”, and any Web reader who doubts this should contact a Professor of Law at any University.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Reeve will obtain millions of dollars for his land and as Andrew says “ taxpayers are not required to believe in fairy tales”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Sherwood Reeve’s actions parallel Duffys in contravention of Sections 121 of the Criminal Code; Duffy is under RCMP Criminal Investigation so why isn’t the Sherwood Reeve?

Web readers are asked to google “rm’s reeve not part of village approval chabun”, the headline is misleading, even if the Sherwood Reeve did “recuse” himself from voting for the plan his Deputy Reeve and Council carried the can for him (the Reeve) where the RM of Sherwood has done a deal with a Developer for Development of the Reeves land; HARPER 122- STRUDWICK 123, again google “121 frauds on the government criminal code of canada”.

Google “duffy’s fickle friends have abandoned him maher”, and note that Duffy is now subject of a RCMP criminal investigation but the action of the Sherwood Reeve selling his land to a Developer which generates $200M for the Reeve parallels the Quebec Municipal corruption, google “money talks at quebec inquiry: witness hands $720,000 to corruption probe c.p” and all this makes Duffy’s $90K Senate fraud look like he raided the Senate Stamp box for money to pay his bar bill so why isn’t the Sherwood Reeve under RCMP investigation?

Google “sherwood reeve denies conflct of interest in plans cjme book” but the Development is 700 acres and the Reeve owns 469 acres of that land, now google “what is the value per acre of city development land in Saskatchewan?”, the cost of raw development land is $430,000.00 per acre, multiply the Reeves 469 acres by $430,000.00, the Sherwood Reeve gets +/- $200M because his Officials approved his land for development, as Andrew writes “presumption of innocence does not mean voters must believe in fairy tales”.

Web readers are asked to review post TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll down to the documents, note the first document is the Pettick plan for Earles development. Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 1.-17, note the Edenwold Council and all Provincial Departments approved Earles development BUT the RM Administrator Donna Strudwick vetoed that approval. Earles development is 80 acres and a decade ago the CIBC experts advised that Earle would show $10M profit from his 80 acre Development, and they did that by valuing Earles development at $100,000.00 per acre, but that was 10 years ago.

Earles development quarter has a 350 gpm spring which would provide water for 7500 people, and thats where Earles added $2M came from; some may ask; “if a nobody like Earle Argue can make $10M from his development why can’t the Reeve of Sherwood make $200M?”, but flip that and ask; “ if the Sherwood Reeve can do a development and make $200M why can’t Earle do his development and make $10M?”, BUT we have the answer to that question; Earle refuses to pay bribes to RM Administrator Strudwick google “scc 31940”.

Google “regina city council votes on plan for long-term growth cjme book”, note that the die is cast for a Court action between Regina City annexation plan which requires expropriation of the Reeves land and the Sherwood Reeves $200M dollar development profit; now review, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note that one way or another the Sherwood Reeve will make $200M off the backs of the +/- 50,000 Regina City home owners, thats $4000.00 each.

Note that the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges are subject to blackmail and/or bribery by Provincial Officials and note that SARM has a slush fund of half a Billion dollars of taxpayer money in their self insurance fund available to pay bribes to Judges, the end result is clear, the Sherwood Reeve, at the end of the day, one way or another, through either Development profit, or a Court ordered expropriation payout, will end up with his $200M payout with the Regina City house holders paying the bill, BUT I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note below:

I (Lee) remind Web readers the so called google “rule of law”, ie: the Criminal Code, Breach of Trust, Frauds on the Government, the law against Strudwicks Bribes, google “section 120 bribes”, is trying to stop Ruling Elite corruption, yet google “canada ranked worst of g-7 nations in fighting bribery, corruption sher”

Web readers are asked to note that orginally the “rule of law”, did get a start at ending Ruling Elite corruption, then after the invention of the printing press, the main stream media and now, corruption Web sites such as this one, all have tried to address the corruption, but note the google “rule of law”, originated with the google “magna carta”, which was signed by King John at Runnymede on June 15, 1215, google “american bar association tribute to magna carta”.

I (Lee) am of English descent, a uncle traced the Lee family tree and a ancestor was a member of bob-jun22-001 the group who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta, the start of “rule of law”, the effort to stop the King from seizing any assets that caught his eye, note picture of me going up the steps to the ABA tribute at Runnymede.

But we now have Canadian “Kings”, who steal every taxpayer asset not nailed down and guarded by Rotweillers. The Sherwood Reeve instructs his Council and Administrator to approve his land for development BUT now review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 1.-17., and note that Earle Argues development approval is blocked when he (Earle) refused to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to the RM Administrator, google “scc 31940” , the Administrator has obscene power, google “rm administrator has discretionary zoning power”.

Review HARPER 122 – STRUDWICK 123 and note the opinions that Harper, Duffy and Wright should be charged under Section 122 BREACH OF TRUST or Section 121 FRAUDS ON THE GOVERNMENT of the Criminal Code of Canada and note that the smartest man in Canada, smarter even than Duffy/Wright, the Reeve of the RM of Sherwood, appears to be in contravention of Section 121 FRAUDS ON THE GOVERNMENT, with his (the Reeves) $200M benefit from selling his land to a Developer for a development that his RM Council approved.

The Wall Administration could have a problem charging the Reeve under the Criminal Code because the Reeve will chose trial by Judge alone and as a Government official blackmail the Judge to find him not guilty, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, remember that SARM has a half a Billion dollar slush fund of taxpayer money, their self insurance fund, available to bribe Judges.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Quebec/Mafia/Municipal level arrogance and greed of the RM of Sherwood Reeve is a perfect example of the demands of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) that is costing the Urban taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars, post LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, and the only solution is that advocated by Premier Roy Romanow, to wit: remove SARM/RMAA/RMs from the face of Saskatchewan, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Web readers are asked to review post REGARDING PARANOIA and note my (Lee)s bitching about the Queens and Appeal Bench Court Judges is supported with hard evidence of the blackmail of the Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges by the Provincial Ruling Elite Officials such as Strudwick and her buddies in Justice, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 11. and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and google “cic1 rural zoning”.

It is true the Queens/Appeal Bench Judges are not all corrupt, review the first several paragraphs of TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK and the Supreme Court has widened its Website to allow laymen access to the Supreme Court as example, google “scc 31940” and note the Lee/Strudwick/ Summary Statement comes up, note I (Lee), a non-lawyer, took that to the SCC all by myself.

The Supreme Court has become “user friendly” to laymen, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, scroll down to the numbered paragraph Leave Book portion of the post and note the Supreme Court Clerks were of great help, sending me examples and then talking them through with me on the phone.

I (Lee) should add that the lawyers I dealt with over the years were, in the main, decent men, my own were wondefull and only one Government lawyer, Bill Lawton, now deceased, was a slippery, sleazy, lying bastard, review post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the line “April 1984 MLA Appeal with Appendicies (PDF) “ click on the PDF, its a lot to wade through but there is much hard evidence of Lawton’s corrupt sleaze in that MLA Appeal.

I (Lee) remind the Web readers that no MLAs ever reviewed that MLA Appeal , because Lane, acting as the Devine Attorney General, confiscated my appeal, review LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 6: and note that Lanes confiscation of my MLA appeal lead to my statement that “Lane should be shot” and Lane charging me with threatening and my Jury Trial, review the last third of post LADYS, LETTERS AND SLAPP, my “not gulty verdict”, and post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll to the documents page 12, the Editorial dissing Lane.

But I (Lee) would like to add to the above paragraph that the Crown Prosecutor Eric Neufeld Q.C., was decent to me during the trial and told the truth, no flat lies and little spin, but the best criminal defence lawyer in Canada, Melville lawyer Merv Ozirny, was defending me with a honest Judge and a Jury, so that may have given Eric pause, but Eric was civil to me, and honest.

Strudwicks lawyer, Glen Dowling, was/is a corrupt lying bastard, Dowling stated in Court that I (Lee) am too stupid too understand the issues but that point is coming home to roost; during a recent discussion with a Regina lawyer regarding Dowlings recent move of his office from its long time pestigious Balfour address to a hole in the wall, the lawyer remarked that he was not surprised because there is little need for legal advise using Dowlings area of expertise, ie: how to block a honest $30M development.

It is also common knowledge that Dowling acted for the Argues until Strudwick attacked the Argues on their development and then he switched sides, and through out the Strudwick debacle lied for his client, Strudwick. I can not prove that because the Court “disappeared” the trial transcript, LADY JANET AND THE CJC, complaint 11., but he lied in Court and the Law Society covered up his lies, review post “update with reply from The Law Society of Saskatchewan”

But aside from that google “fuddel-duddel” Lane, those two Government lawyers, Lawton and Dowling, and the coverup of Dowlings action by the Law Society, all lawyers, to this very day, when they have good reason to treat me (Lee) as a leper, speak civilly to me on the street; the Argues were mistreated by a couple of Regina lawyers and that is addressed at the end of this post.

Web readers are asked to note that there are Regina lawyers and there are Regina lawyers, but let us start with a true lawyer story about Saskatchewan’s very own Tony Merchant who has been deeply harmed by the Ruling Elite.

Google “white mans windfall macleans” note that Regina Lawyer Tony Merchant billed out 5300 (fifty three hundred) hours in one year, divide that by 365 days, the product is 14 (fourteen) in short Tony worked 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, is it doable?, of course it’s doable and if any one could do it, Tony could, but the Harper PMO has been blocking Tonys legal fees, note below:

Tony had worked his fingers to the bone on behalf of the Indians, he worked 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, Tony worked day and night to bring Justice to the Indians, which are the responsibility of the Federal Government, yet what does a gratefull Fed do?, the Feds have sicked that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane on Tony, he is studying Tonys billings, google “regina lawyer tussles with canada over legal fees for residential school case weidloch cbc”, that is sick.

Tony may have his faults, not everyone is perfect, BUT review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll to the documents page 1, sorry for the need for a neck twist, but go to the end of the Yorkton This Week article, and note that Tony Merchant was the only Regina Lawyer who had the balls to go public with a criticisim of the google “fuddel-duddel” Lane confiscation of my MLA Appeal.

At least Tony is a real Liberal where as Lane, originally a Liberal, crossed the floor to the PC’s and Lane hates Tony in the same way he hated Joe Pettick and I, and Strudwick hates Earle, so the battle over Tonys twenty million dollars will continue until Lane is forced to retire at seventy five, four years from now.

Did Tony work the hours?, Tony is a Lawyer, and by law, a officer of the Court, he billed the hours, so by Canadian law he worked the hours, and one sure thing is that Tony was not on the golf course, or in the Bar, or at a Christmas Party, or in bed with Pana, or his favourite para-legal if the Senate is sitting, Tony would be at his desk, or at least pacing around his office.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that, in Canadian law, Tony worked the hours so Lane is stalling Tony on his $20M payout, this despite the fact the Sherwood Reeve has organized the taking of $200M of tax payer money in contravention of Section 121 Frauds on the Government, while the Ruling Elite sit back, watch, and do nothing, why?, now note below:

Google “regina lawyer tony merchant sues cbc for libel brown”, note that Tony has launched action over the CBC articles, Tonys action is based, in part, on the fact CBC focused on Pana and him alone while there is 450 Saskatchewan Elite Senior Officials with off shore tax haven bank accounts, note example below:

Google “swiss bank couriers moved brief cases of cash out of leg building while lane was finance minister”, note the fact I (Lee) have raised this in many posts, is that google “fuddel-duddel” Lane one of the 450 Saskatchewan Officials with off-shore, tax haven, bank accounts?, it will be leaked, but why does CBC not chase my Lane claim down?; bank managers of the day were aware of it.

Google “scott stinsons: 2013 budget’s plan to catch tax cheats could be called the wealthy divorce starter kit stinson”, note that Revenue Canada is paying up to 15% of tax collected, if Lane is on that list it will be a few million, so tax owed will be a few hundred thousand and my (Lee)s 15% of Lanes tax paid will be a dandy start to establishing a Foundation to advertise this Web site, review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll to dcuments, note page 4..

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that if Lanes off shore bank account was published, my (Lee)s 15% of his unpaid tax would keep the fact of his (Lane)s corruption in this Web site, before the public, for 30 years and it would be a start to makeing the 30 years of horror Lane put me through worthwhile, review post LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW.

Are billable hours a problem? Google “the tyranny of the billable hour harper” & “the problem with bill able hours” and read as many, or as few, of the search results that interest them, but note that many of the search results set out that the “bill-able hours” system of lawyers billing clients is a recent happening in the legal community, but there were problems in Justice long before bill-able hours and all lawyers do have endless ethical issues and contradictions while acting for their clients, a perfect real life Regina example is set out as follows:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL and LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note that I (Lee) believed the google “ public corruption evll” Earle, and I, suffered at the hands of RM Administrator Strudwick and her handmaidens, the Provincial Politco’s, their Officials, RCMP and the Queens/Appeal Judges was as bad as it could get in a google “western liberal democracy”, and that suffering was clearly quarter backed by Strudwicks two bit shyster, Glen Dowling, but note below:

Google “residents suing saskatchewan government over land disputes west of regina brown”; and the question is, how does their lawyer handle the Judicial Corruption, does he tell his clients the truth about Judicial Corruption?, review post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? note copy of the Federal Government report “Masters In Their Own House”, note the Federal report sets out that the Provincial officials use blackmail to control Queens/Appeal Bench Judicial decisions.

The victims may, or may not, know, but the victims lawyer sure as hell google “knows or ought to know”, about Judicial Corruption, so does he tell his clients?, the taxpayers and their lawyers have a problem and that problem has no solution except removal of the RMs from Saskatchewan.

The legal system in Canada and the United States, is based on the British system, and interested Web readers who want evidence beyond this Web site could take a entertaining short cut to how the system works by watching a BBC TV mini series google “bleak house movie”, based on a Charles Dickens Book by the same name, any Library will have it to loan, note story line below:

Google “court of chancery wikipedia”, note that the Bleak House Book and BBC TV series followed a family feud over a Will and Estate; the Chancery Court Judge took control of the Estate and the lawyers on both sides would go into court with endless nonsense motion of one sort or another, stall motions for the Court to rule on, with the Judge paying lawyers fees and his bribes out of the Estate, this went on until the Estate Funds were gone, akin to bill-able hours.

Now review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 13. – 15., note two Regina Lawyers, knowing that Strudwick had to be bribed to approve developments, pulled a “Bleak House” on Earle until he was brought to me (Lee) by a mutual friend and my goal has not changed, my main interest is Earles development, google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables rural zoning”.

But honest taxpayers should google “rm of sherwood plans for development just outside of regina knox” & “city needs one plan johnstone” & “sherwood annexation key to regina’s growth niebergall” note what Journalists, Knox/ Johnstone and Niebergall, the Home Builders Chief, all have to say about the taxpayer loss/cost, resulting from “balkanization” by the RMs.

Now back to my (Lee)s point about there being lawyers and there are lawyers, and then there are other lawyers; review LADY LORI – SOLUTIONS note that I (Lee) was daydreaming about a solution involving the top level of Saskatchewan Justice dealing with the Strudwick corruption, well…. review post WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, scroll down to the documents, note page 14, the signature page for Appeal dismissal, the Judge is Richards, now google “saskatchewan gets new chief judge”, note the new Chief Judge is Richards,

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraphs, 40. and 62. – 65. note the law is clear “truth is not libel”. Now go back to WITCHES OF EDENWOLD and scroll to the documents, note Richards Apppeal Judgement pages 12 and 13, his paragraph [27] and note Richards rules that even if I (Lee) am “correct” in my claims regarding Strudwick, I still libeled her, this is sick, the lawyers are right, Earles development is impossible without bribing Strudwick, the real question for taxpayers, is how did the Lawyers know about the bribes?

As another note of interest for Web readers, again review WITCHES OF EDENWOLD again scroll down to documents, note pages 1 and 2, note the letters signed by Maurice J. Herauf, the Court Clerk who disappeared the transript tape of my (Lee)s libel trial, now google “court of appeal for saskatchewan wicki”, scroll down to the list of Judges, note that Herauf was appointed a Judge after he “disappeared” the transcript tape of my libel trial.

The Saskatchewan Queens/Appeal Bench is as closely controlled as a Mafia family. Review LADY LORI-SOLUTIONS, my (Lee)s memory was the Hon John Klebuc, current Chief Judge, had practised law in Wynyard, but I was wrong, both he and his replacement, Richards, came to the system from MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman and Gary Lane is a Appeal Judge, a colleague of Richards, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll to complaint 5, google “cic1 rural zoning”, the CJC sneers at me and note Lanes ties to MacPherson et al.

Gary Lane has ties to the MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman Law Firm, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:. note Lane did a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me (Lee) because of my refusal to bribe the Department of Highway Engineers, note the evidence has not been tested or refuted, and note “Sandy” MacPherson the Queens Bench Judge who destroyed me was the son of the founder of the MacPherson Law firm.

As note of interest for Web readers, Louise Simard and John Nilson, both NDP heavy hitters, came to the NDP from the Macpherson Law firm and were advising NDP Calvert when he ordered me (Lee) destroyed for refusing to carry google “fuddel-duddel” flowers to Donna Strudwick google “scc 31940”.

I (Lee) try to watch the afternoon talk shows, CBC and CTV, Evan and Don trying to get a take on how the public is reacting to the Ruling Elite corruption and have been struck by the reaction of the panelists to the fact the corruption has reached right into the PMO; the panelists are either saddened, sickened, shocked or snickering but have they forgotten Mulroney, Schreiber and Airbus and that the PCs ended up with two seats after that debacle?, but I still think corrupt Officials cost the taxpayers more than corrupt Politicians.

Google “our masters the bureaucrats cost” Web readers are asked to review the article, Journalist Cost is talking about the US, but his words fit Canada exactly, he could easily be talking about SARM, the RMAA, the RCMP, and the Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges, but note how quickly both the Devine-Wall Brain Trust and the Harper PMO have morphed into what the Reform Party hated.


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