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June 30, 2013

First go to post SHERWOOD’S $200M REEVE, scroll into the post to about half way and note the paragraphs referring to Regina lawyer Tony Merchant, then scroll to near post end and review the paragraphs regarding the new Chief Judge, Richards, and my (Lee)s supposed guilt of libel of Lanes friend Donna Strudwick, post FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30., note it gets much sicker.

Now google “court hears arguments appealing lawyer’s suspension polischuk”, I (Lee) apoligize for not linking the three items in the earlier post but until Heather had published her article I had no way to know abut this brazen Judicial horror; (more…)



June 17, 2013

Google “mp rathgeber refuses to be ‘cheerleader’ and quits tory cacus cbc” & “pm’s chief of staff controlled secret tory fund cbc weston”, & “rcmp confirms it is investigating wright-duffy payment ipolitics”. Greg Weston dug out the secret slush fund and forced a RCMP investigation. Now Google “committe signs off on sask urban ridings warren” & “boundary mess a tory death knell mandryk”.

Google “harper has nothing to brag about johnstone” & “mandryk: rathgebers salvo hit tories hard ”, Murray believes Harpers base, the original Reform Party members, hate Duffy, Wallin, and Wright, all Eastern Elite, as much as they hate Mulcair and Tredeau so will refuse to send Harper more money or vote, and this fact may doom Harper. (more…)


June 1, 2013

Garry Clement, a former RCMP Superintendent, a Mountie who headed criminal investigations in the Ottawa area for 20 years, stated on the public record, that there is strong grounds to warrant Criminal charges under Section 122 BREACH OF TRUST of the Criminal Code of Canada in the Harper/Duffy/ Wright $90K Senate expense fraud; google “ ‘strong grounds’ for criminal charges in senate expense scandal, ex-mountie says ctv news”.

Now google “ harper had to know $90,000.00 payment to senator crossed all sorts of ethical redlines coyne”, and Web readers are asked to note that Andrew Coyne quotes section 121 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada and sets out the actions that contravene Section 121 of the code, just as this Web site sets out that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, shilling for his Official, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, dictating her bribe requirment, ie: “flowers, chocolates and perfume”, is contravention of Section 123 of the Code. (more…)