Google “kal tire falls flat brown” and review LADY LORI SOLUTIONS for a summary of the concern that RM of Sherwood corruption was going to cause the loss of the Kal Tire distribution plant,……… well my (Lee)s fear was justified, the Kal Tire distribution plant and 200 jobs are gone.

Google “cal wenzel calgary election video: developer outlines million dollar plan to influence ballot huffington post” and I (Lee) urge all honest voters to read that astonishing Huff Post article, note the brazen bastard is just the other side of the corruption coin from RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, they both brag in public about development corruption, is that what the taxpayers want?

Now google “state-wrecked: the corruption of capitalism in America stockman & “steeped in graft and no one blew the whistle simpson”, & “homeland security insider warns orchestrated collapse of u.s. dollar ‘has begun’ benson” & “attack ads blight politics johnstone” & “we have met the enemy and he is us pogo” and note that both Bruce and Pogo believe we get the Ruling Elite we deserve.

Review LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, scroll down a bit, note my opinion that Harpers back room lady, Jenni Byrne, is smarter than her lover, Harpers Parliamentary Secretary, Pierre Poilievre, again I (Lee) am wrong about these Donna Strudwick type women, they are only half smart; any political operative who does not make sure their Conservative fund raising computer is programed to flag the Financial Editors of the major daily’s, guys like Bruce Johnstone, that top operative is either half smart, or unacceptably arrogant.

The only way that Bruce could have received that fund-raising e-mail is that if the Conservative Party fund raising computer program is linked to Government computer programs such as tax returns, and would know the area of Regina where Bruce lives and what his salary and stock holdings are, so it was stupid backroom politics to allow the computer to get it fixed in its pointy little electronic brain that Bruce Johnstone, notwithstanding the content of his columns as Leader Post Financial Editor, might send the Conservatives $25.00.

I (Lee) ask all Web readers to remember Pogo’s famous words, scroll back to the first few paragraphs in this post and note just two documented examples where the Ruling Elite have done it to us, review posts LADY JANET AND THE CJC, the destruction of Earles dream when he refused to bribe Donna Strudwick and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5 and google “cic1 rural zoning” the destruction of my Highway Contracting company when I refused to bribe the Highway Engineers, examples of Saskatchewan’s google “pubic corruption evil”

A confidant asked why I (Lee) stopped using the post ending of the past five years where Web readers are reminded of a quote of English Statesman, Edmund Burke’s, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and then use that as a base to ask the Web readers to lobby their Sask Party MLAs to deal with the NDP ruling that Earle Argue must bribe Donna Strudwick to grant approval for his thirty million dollar development. My (Lee)s confidant is a good man so he liked that ending, but like all good men he is a naïve romantic, so I suggested that he google “greed and jealousy the baffling logic of mortal man” and note that it was stupid of me to think that anything other than google “greed and jealousy” means anything to anyone, scroll back to the first paragraph and review the Simpson/Stockman articles note the Journalists set out the hard reality, which some may call “paranoia”.

Former Premier Roy Romanow remarked in many speeches, that “ even paranoids have enemy’s”; I (Lee) can not remember if Roy gave her credit but he was quoting Golda Meir, google “even paranoids have enemies” but my favorite words of wisdom regarding paranoia is that many years ago a Liberal group accused me of paranoia and Melville lawyer Merv Ozirny’s wise words in my defense were, google “merv ozirny its impossible to be too paranoid”, Merv is one of the top Criminial Lawyers in Western Canada.

There is good reason for Merv’s advice, except for Canada, every one of the google “Western Liberal Democracies” is a country based on the google “rule of law”, to wit: the citizens, the honest taxpaying voters, have a honest Court, with honest Judges and Appeal process, for the citizens to resolve differences with each other and their various levels of Government, but Canada is different, Canada is the only Western Liberal Democracy where the Provincial Officials control Federal Judges and those Judges are either blackmailed, as set out in the Judicial Council of Canada, official report, “Masters in Their Own House” review BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, or bribed, note below:

As far as I (Lee) know, Canada is the only Western Liberal Democracy where a senior legal official, ie: a senior member of the Canadian Bar Association, has issued a public warning that Canadian Judges take bribes, google “ canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association schmitz”, and that is the reason any experienced lawyer, or their clients, would adopt the Merv Ozirny wisdom google “it is impossible to be too paranoid”, at least in Canada.

Please bear with a joke about paranoia that makes the point perfectly:

“ A Developer in a small mid western US City had made a lot of money, he was astute, able, affable, hard working, kind to small animals, did not rape big girls or small boys, but still had a soul the size of a chick pea, so could bribe Government Officials without qualm and had married the only child daughter of a prominent family, in short, if God created Developers he would be the prototype, so started with nothing but became very, very, very wealthy, but something started to feel not quite right in his world and he started to believe that someone was “out to get him”, the feeling kept growing, so he talked to his confidants.

Everyone told him he was paranoid, his wife and daughter laughed at him and told him he was paranoid, no one else dared laugh at him, but his secretary told him he was paranoid, his barber told him he was paranoid, his favourite bartender told him he was paranoid, his favourite barmaid told him he was paranoid, his Banker told him he was paranoid, his Cadillac dealer told him he was paranoid, his Accountant told him he was paranoid, all his golf buddies, and a couple of his trusted crew chiefs, all told him he was paranoid.

BUT he had made several million dollars relying on his gut instinct, and he was still bothered, so he googled “paranoia” and then started to worry that maybe he was just paranoid, like everyone said, and when he read that true paranoids can not function he started to really worry that his paranoia may effect the decisions he had to make doing his Developments, then started to really, really, really worry beacuse he was smart enough to know that he had to make crucial decisions all day, every day, regarding every development he did.

This guy had not made several million dollars ignoring problems hoping they would go away, so he went to his long time friend, his best buddy from high school, his personal lawyer, not his corporate lawyer, but his personal lawyer, and told him his worrys and asked him if he thought he was paranoid, the lawyer replied: ‘well, I don’t know but I do know how to find out, there is a new Shrink in town, just moved down from Calgary, Canada, all Canadians are smart, I will make a appointment for you, tell him all this stuff and see what he thinks’.

And so it came to be; the Lawyer made the appointment with the Candian Shrink, our Developer hero forgot nothing and told the Shrink everything, it took a few hours, the Shrink kept a tape running and made notes, at the end the Shrink says; ‘well I don’t know if you are paranoid or not, but I will listen to the tape and review my notes, talk to your lawyers and ask a few questions around town, and think about it; it may take a week or ten days, but will get back to you’.

And so it was, a week and a bit later the Shrink phoned the Developer and said:

‘well I have good news and bad news, the good news is that you are not paranoid so you can stop worrying about that while making decisions, the bad news is that you must worry about the fact that every last one of those hot shot bastards in town is out to get you and you are going to be lucky to survive another two years so my advice is to buy a warm climate island while you still have money and move there, I know a guy named Drummond in Calgary, Canada, who can help with that, I will ask him if you want ‘”……JOKE ENDS.

The point goes right back to the Greek City States and the dawn of democracy, google “greed and jealousy the baffling logic of mortal man”. The NDP/ SARM Leaders are right, I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada, I used that quote out of Greek mythology in a couple of Web posts without realizing the implication of that carved in stone fact for my ask of the taxpaying voters when I close each post by quoting Edmund Burke and his famous axiom, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and then ask the taxpayers to lobby the Sask Party MLAs on behalf of Earles development.

Google “public choice wikipedia” and note that it is accepted as given that voters, Officials, Judges and Politicians act only in self interest, with “greed and jealousy” governing all actions; Earles development could not beneft any of them personally so there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Web readers must have believed that I was joking with my ask of them; maybe it’s not quite that simple, but ask any Shrink, the Strudwick/Argue bribery situation is truly conflicted in the minds of the voting taxpayer, review the following:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that taxpayers do not want to see that slag of a Donna Strudwick paid bribes on top of her $70,000.00 annual salary, especially bribes that she does not have to pay income tax on, and no honest, taxpaying, voter wants to see Revenue Canada allow the Developers to deduct the cost of the bribes to that slag of a Strudwick as a “cost of doing business” and no honest taxpaying voter wants to see RCMP Staff Sgt. Brent Lewis, destroy affidavit evidence of Strudwick’s corruption, no taxpaying voter will like any of that, so there is conflict in the voters minds.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that no honest, taxpaying, voter will like the fact the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges are blackmailed into submission by that slag of a RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick and her ilk, but my (Lee)s mistake is/was that I believed that the positive, ie: “well watched well liked” response to this Web site meant that l might prevail for Earle on the ethical issue but I was wrong, ask any Shrink about the culture of “greed and jealousy”.

As usual, there is a counter view; google “altruisim theory of voting”, as example review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q. C., scroll down to the documents, page 12, note the Editorial Board empathy for me (Lee) and note that many voters will feel empathy for my destruction when I refused to pay bribes to the Government Engineers and my Highway Contracting Business was destroyed by a corrupt Queens Bench Judge, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW & GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and google “cic1 rural zoning”, that empathy will be real, and explains the popularity of this Web site, again ask any Shrink.

More recently, when I (Lee) used my experience with corrupt Officials and Judges to try to help Earle Argue obtain approval for his thirty million dollar Development without bribing Donna Strudwick I was railroaded by a NDP Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, using a google “slapp” action against me by that slag of Strudwick, and taxpayers would not like Lady Janet Mcmurtry finding me guilty of libel of Strudwick, again, ask any Shrink:

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraphs there can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is no way on Gods Good Green Earth that any taxpaying voter, honest, dishonest, Saint, Saintess, or a shirt tail relation of the Angel Garbriel, wants to see Earle Argue make one red cent, let alone ten million dollars, on his development, yet the Web site is popular with visit numbers rising and I (Lee) may have been too hard on the the Devine-Wall Brain Trust in these posts because they do have three very real problems in resolving the Strudwick issue.

First Devine-Wall Brain Trust problem; the Strudwick corruption issue is a real and growing problem with this Web site visit numbers going up, not like a Lear Jet headed for a hole in the cloud cover, more like a fully loaded DC3 on a hot day, but like the aging, but well designed and ever reliable, DC3, going up.

Second Brain Trust problem: google “strudwick mcmorris campaign manger”, note Strudwick controls the RM of Edenwold vote and will deep six Don McMorris if Earle is granted approval for his development but conversely, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that no taxpayer likes to see me personally destroyed by that slag Strudwick and no voting taxpayer wants Strudwick paid her bribes so it is a clear conundrum for the Devine-Wall brain Trust.

Third Brain Trust problem: scroll back to the second paragraph in this post and note I am told of a bigger problem for the Devine-Wall Brain Trust ; rumor is rife the other Developers are threatening to cut off campaign donations to the Sask Party if Earle gets his development without having to bribe Strudwick, because they believe that would give Earle a unfair advantage over them if he (Earle) was granted development approval without bribing that slag, Strudwick.

But that Developer fear is nonsense. Review post LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION, scroll down to the hard evidence of my (Lee)s claim Revenue Canada allows the Developers to deduct the cost of bribes to slags such as Strudwick but it is true the other Developers will feel hard done by if they have to shrivel their souls to chick-pea size paying bribes to Strudwick if Earle does not have too shrivel his soul to chickpea size bribeing Strudwick, and that would bother the Developers massive ego’s and they are making that point, note below:

Google “promoting growth is in all of out best interests thomarat”, read the second last paragraph in the housing hot-shots well done op-ed article, to me (Lee) its weasel words, but he is a hell of a lot smarter than I because he made the point without risk of a google “slapp” action by that slag of a Strudwick but at the end of the day, my only interest is Earle and Sharies economic welfare, and there is a much, much, bigger worry, it is starting to dawn on me that I am lucky that slag of a Strudwick, and that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane, while they are brazen, arrogant and corrupt, in the world of google “white collar thugs” they are only half smart, note below:

Again google “quebec developer alleges corruption sank alberta project cbc”, I (Lee) ask all interested Web readers to again review the CBC article through to the end and note the picture. The CBC photo-journalist who took the picture is a genius; out side of the starving kids in the black and white war photo’s, that is one of the saddest photo’s I have ever seen, that one lone house standing with one lone power pole, with one lone Dodge pickup driving by on a dirt trail out in the middle of that destroyed development, that photo will send all Developers to the Bank for another briefcase full of bribe cash for the Government Officials.

All Saskatchewan Developers must get the message, to wit: the really smart officials do what the Lamont Alberta Officials did, approve the development and allow a Developer to get a house or two built before they demand bribes and I (Lee) now worry about what that slag of a Donna Strudwick will do to Earle if I am ever able to gain approval for his thirty million dollar development without bribing her (Strudwick), google “sarm controls the mldp” & “instructors mldp strudwick and jensen”, note below:

Note that Strudwick instructs the Rural Housing inspectors, so Earle’s development, even if approved, would never get a house approved for sale, the problem, of course, is the massive, complete, absolute, corruption of Queens and Appeal Bench Judges, note below:

REGARDING PARANOIA. It is not paranoia for all sentinent beings to be aware of the corruption of the Canadian Queens and Appeal Bench Judges who accept bribes and it is not paranoia, it is hard fact when I (Lee) tell Web readers that SARM has a taxpayer slush fund of a half Billion cash dollars, yes Virginia that is cash with a “C” and a Billion with a “B”, SARM claims the fund is their self-insurance fund and they do use it for their annual repair of cracked windshields, gravel chips and a repaint of the Reeve’s and Councillors wives Buick and Lexus cars and cross-overs,from driving on gravel but that slush fund could also be used to bribe Judges, that fear is simply, google “intelligent paranoia”.

It is not paranoia, it is hard fact, when I (Lee) refer Web readers to post BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED? and ask them to refer to the Judicial Council of Canada official report “Masters In Their Own House” and it is hard fact that they (Web readers) will find that report sets out that the Provincial Officals, to wit : slags such as Strudwick, and her friends in Justice, review post FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 11., use both overt and covert blackmail of Judges to control Judicial decisions, and it is google “intelligent paranoia” for any Developer to be aware of, and fear that Official/Judicial Corruption.

The following is not paranoia, it is hard fact, and I (Lee) ask Web readers to google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”, and note that it is hard fact that no less than a heavy hitting Canadian Bar Association hotshot Lady Lawyer, Susan McGrath, has warned the Canadian public that some Judges take bribes and it is google “intellgent paranoia” to keep that hard, cold, clear, fact of Judicial corruption, at top of mind.

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC and google “cic1 rural zoning” and note it is google “intelligent paranoia” to recognize that the CJC, which was established to protect Canadian citizens from corrupt Judges, such as Court of Appeal Judge Gary Lane, and Queens Bench Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, snickers and sneers, in writing, or does nothing when a citizen files a complaint, note below:

Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note that it is google “intelligent paranoia” to believe that the CJC has sent a message when after one year, count the months from the end of June 2012, ie: when my (Lee)s Lady Janet complaint was sent to the CJC by registered letter, to now, June 2013, they (CJC) has still not even acknowleged receipt of my Lady Janet complaint.

Note that it is not paranoia for me (Lee) to believe that the reason the CJC has shut down their Lady Lori inquiry is because I am using Lady Lori’s lovely bare body, as posted on the internet, in this Web site posts, as a “Lady Godiva” beacon, LADY LORI A BEACON, & LADY LORI RAUNCH AND RACISIM and google “lady lori public inquiry” note the pages of search results showing posts of this Web site, highlighting Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan.

It is possible this Web site may be having some cosmetic effect, google “amendments introduced to the planning and development act”, note the use of the word “compel” and google “big numbers: population and budget gormley”, note the Gormley reference to Premier Brads planned Legislation for “regional planning approach” being a “shot across the bows of the RMs” and google “sask. wants power to force warring communities to co-operate cbc” & “province eyes regional planning authorities brown, couture”, but note below:

BUT the Amendemnt to the Act is means nothing; google “province staying out of subdivision debate hamilton” & “does growth pay for growth? Hamilton”. Review post STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, and note that with Reiter controlling the regional development areas use of the word “compel” means “compeling” other Administrators to share their bribes with Strudwick similar to bar waitresses pooling and sharing their tips.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that even if Premier Brad’s “regional planning approach” works to grant Earle approval for his thirty million dollar developmen, Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirny wise words come to play, ie: “its impossible to be too paranoid”, because Strudwick is the McMorris campaign manager and will have control of the “regional development area” containing the RM of Edenwold and the Don McMorris constiuency of Indian-Head Milestone.

Even if Earles development goes ahead under the new “regional planning approach” Strudwick will follow the plan developed by the Lamont Alberta Administrator and published by CBC, wait until Earle has sold a few lots and his contractors have built a couple of houses and then refuse to approve the house construction; Earle would be a sitting duck, just exactly like Gary Voinorosky was a sitting duck when Strudwicks confidant, Lane was AG, and his colleague, Richard Hornung Q. C. took his twelve gauge shot gun and blew Voinorosky’s head off and Lane covered it up, GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 4:.

Again google “sarm controls the mldp” & mldp instructors strudwick and jensen”, note that when/if Earle is granted development approval all Strudwick would have to do is wait until Earle has a few lots sold and houses started, then refuse to approve house construction and watch the lot purchasers and house contractors start legal action, then use the SARM $.5B slush fund to bribe the Judges to ensure Earle loses in Court, with Lane advising her it’s a done deal.

As a result of the dangers to Earle as set on the preceding paragraph I (Lee) have a suggestion. Review SARM LEADER LIES, scroll to the end, note my suggestion 3), use SASK WATER as a vehicle to reach solution, for more detail go to post VENAL AND VISCIOUS RURAL OFFICIALS, the Calvert NDP Cabinet sneered at the plan, but it was, and still is, a very good plan because SASK WATER runs the water works in White City, they need water and its less than four miles cross country from Earles development to White City.

It must be noted that after I (Lee) designed that SASK WATER based plan a confidant advised there was a problem: SASK WATER was established as a Crown in 1984, it is controlled by Civil Engineers who moved over from the Saskatchewan Department of Highways and the reputation of the Professional Civil Engineers controlling SASK WATER’s is worse than the Professional Civil Engineers who control the Saskatchewan Department of Highways, review post DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW.

As example of the sleaze and corruption of the Civil Engineers who control SASK WATER, review post IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH RURAL ZONING, review the post and note that the SASK WATER Engineers set up and controlled the entire SPUDCO debacle that cost the Saskatchewan taxpayers untold millions of dollars until public outrage forced the Calvert NDP to take control of SPUDCO away from the SASK WATER Engineers and turn it over to CIC, google “sask party not straight on ipac-co2 mandryk”

Notwithstanding the hard evidence of the venality, sleaze and corruption of the Civil Engineers controlling SASK WATER, as established by the SPUDCO debacle, I (Lee) believe there would be a advantage for Earle to do the deal with SASK WATER that I designed, ie: Earle turn his 160 acre development quarter over to SASK WATER in exchange for a a 99 year tax free lease back of 140 acres and 20% of the 350 gpm spring water flow for his development.

I (Lee) dislike that dumb win-win reference, but that is what it is for Earle and the taxpayers, Earle would get his thirty million dollar development and the taxpayer would get 80% of the 350 gpm spring water flow for ever. Google “canada should charge industry for water: report de suza”, note de suza thinks the charge for water should be 10 cents per thousand liters, do the math, that means Earles 350 gpm water flow is valued at about $85,000.00 dollars a year, and the taxpayers 80% of that it would be good for the taxpayers if the SASK WATER Professional Civil Engineers could be stopped from stealing it.

The obvious advantage for Earle is that he would be protected from Strudwick/ Queens/Appeal Bench Judicial corruption by SASK WATER, a Crown Coporation, controlled by Civil Engineers who are just as venal and corrupt as Strudwick and Lady Janet McMurtry, google “do mongoose kill snakes”, note it is traditional to use Mongooses to kill Snakes but Earle would then need to be protected from the Mongooses, (SASK WATER Engineers).

I (Lee) believe that it may be possible for a honorable Lawyer, I know several, to design a agreement that would require SASK WATER Engineers to treat Earle with honor in exchange for giving the public 80% of his 350 gpm spring water flow, and protect that deal with a surety bond provided by Wawanesa, not SGI, SASK WATER’s google “brother in Christ”, but Wawanesa. Note the SASK WATER solution is a excellent plan and when I designed it as a solution for the Calvert NDP Cabinet I was very proud of myself and it still is a good plan, but there are other equally tax payer friendly solutions, note one example below:

Google “mandryk: wall’s understanding helps disabled mandryk”, the usual neat Murray article, and a Ruling Elite personal connection to a issue does often result in resolution, google “mystery surronds massive u of r legal bills leo cbc” & “regina’s ipoc-co2 to close march 31 cbc”. Premier Brads pride and joy was the CO2 Carbon capture project, and it was a good days work until the U of S Ruling Elite turned it into a taxpayer money capture project, which Premier Brad has now ended, is Premier Brad, a Mennonite, fed up with the corruption?, well maybe, google “sask moves to put controls on rm tax policies cbc”, note below:

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 37.-39. note the Municipal Board determined that the Edenwold Council has stated for the public record they do not want or need tax revenue from the Argue Development so note below a simple and effective solution, google the Stats Canada map, “rm of edenwold census profile map” note that Earles development is in the lower south east corner of Strudwick’s RM of Edenwold, near the Lajord border, and if the RM of Lajord #128, was squared off, Earles Development would end up in the RM of Lajord, which may appreciate having tax revenue from Earles Development.

Given the history of the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle and the Municipal Boundary Board earlier report, TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scoll down to the documents and note that given Strudwicks obdurate intransigence defending her bribes in the face of the Boundary Boards damming indictment, I (Lee) believe the Board would consider orderingthat Lajord be “squared off”.

I (Lee) believe the Boundary Board would consider the request, in part because it would solve the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle, in part because it appears the RM borders were originally “gerrymanded”, and in part because it would help equalize tax revenue among the “bedroom community” RMs, Sherwood and Edenwold, around Regina, benefiting a third RM, Lajord, from Regina spin off.


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