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April 30, 2013

Google “kal tire falls flat brown” and review LADY LORI SOLUTIONS for a summary of the concern that RM of Sherwood corruption was going to cause the loss of the Kal Tire distribution plant,……… well my (Lee)s fear was justified, the Kal Tire distribution plant and 200 jobs are gone.

Google “cal wenzel calgary election video: developer outlines million dollar plan to influence ballot huffington post” and I (Lee) urge all honest voters to read that astonishing Huff Post article, note the brazen bastard is just the other side of the corruption coin from RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, they both brag in public about development corruption, is that what the taxpayers want?

Now google “state-wrecked: the corruption of capitalism in America stockman & “steeped in graft and no one blew the whistle simpson”, & “homeland security insider warns orchestrated collapse of u.s. dollar ‘has begun’ benson” & “attack ads blight politics johnstone” & “we have met the enemy and he is us pogo” and note that both Bruce and Pogo believe we get the Ruling Elite we deserve. (more…)