Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 20.-21. and google “bob-oct 30-001, note my (Lee)s suggestion to then Premier Roy Romanow that he block the four RMs around each of the Provinces ten cities into ten Provincial “corruption free zones” around each of the cities with development controlled in each block by Community Planning officials instead of the RM Administrators; Roy did not use my plan and tried for RM amalgamation instead, but failed, review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Now google “big number: population and budget gormley”, Premier Brad plans legislation to establish a “regional planning approach”, a so called “shot across the bow” of the RMS. The Legislation is fine but review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 34.-39. and note that Jack Hillson, then Minister Responsible in the 1999 NDP/Liberal coalition Government carried Legislation to amend the Urban Act to allow Developers, who did not want to shrink their souls to chick-pea size paying bribes to slags such as Donna Strudwick, to find a Village to annex developments out of the RMs, BUT Strudwick told Jack to go google “fuddle-duddle” himself, so the question is; can Premier Brad now get-er-done?

Roy and Jack failed but Premier Brad may not and I (Lee) am proud Premier Brads Legislative plan is a re-hash of my idea for Roy and will be prouder yet if it obtains the “impossible”, ie: approval for Earles thirty million dollar devlopment without bribing Strudwick, but that is down the road, for now note the economic damage already done; review posts LADY JANET AND THE CJC, & GARY LANE AND THE CJC and google “cic1 rural zoning”, note the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) refusal to study and report on the corruption of Gary Lane, Lady Janet and Donna Strudwick, as established by the documentary evidence set out in those two complaints, has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

This Web site was established over five years ago to obtain approval for Earle without bribing Strudwick and if it had been acted on then by the Devine-Wall Brain Trust then millions of dollars would have been added to business revenue in Saskatchewan but it has recently gotten worse. Google “did the harper feds cancel the bio-fuel subsidy?”, the lead search result is LADY LORI & THE $1.6B DEFICIT, and the Sask Party has now followed the Harper Feds with cuts to the Provincial Ethanol subsidy, google “budget 2013: business takes it on the chin in sask budget johnstone”, revenue loss continues and Ruling Elite corruption never ends, as example, google “sask party not straight on ipac co2 mandryk”

Google “are mba’s taught to bribe government officials?” to me (Lee) the search results show a “bribes if necessary but not necessarily bribes”, teaching but review FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING & SEA OF CORRUPTION, and then track “Just Energy” stock prices, or ask Ontario Political and Judicial legend Roy McMurtry, if bribery of Officials such as Strudwick is a viable business plan, this alone would have caused the Feds to cancel the Ethanol Plant subsidies and Ethanol Plants can not function with out subsidy; note the huge loss to the farm community when every Ethanol Plant in Saskatchewan is moth balled.

Note the sick irony that the Ethanol plant Drummond built near Belle Plaine with the taxpayer money that he and the Sask Energy Thugs stole in the Channell Lake scam is now as useless as a pile of scrap metal, while Drummond bought a warm climate island and the only bright spot in any of this corrupt horror is that in another fitting irony the NDP Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s inheritance will suffer because her father, Roy McMurtry’s, stock in the holding operation outfit, “ Just Energy” dropped dramatically now they are carrying the corruption can.

This corruption horror started with the Law Society of Saskatchewan coverup of the Lane/Strudwick corruption, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 30., & UPDATE WITH REPLY FROM LAW SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN; note that if the Saskatchewan Law Society had not covered up my (Lee)s documented claim that Strudwick’s Lawyer, Glen Dowling, was in contravention of Section 118 of the Criminal Code of Canada the Strudwick bribery issue would have been resolved years ago and granting Earle his development without bribing Strudwick made economic sense, both then and now.

Google “mulcair keystone talk doesn’t add up den tandt” & “european markets dive, atms emptied amid cypress bailout crises jameison nbc news” & “power shift: energy boom dawing in america domm”. Den Tandt believes Muclair is out to lunch, but study the graph in the third article, the US has no need for Alberta/Saskatchewan Oil so even if Keystone XL is built, no crude will flow and with the EU Countrys collapsing I (Lee) repeat the taxpayers can not afford to keep paying bribes to RM Officials such as Strudwick to obtain approval for Developments, SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940.

The corruption in Rural Administration never stops, note the SARM President Dave Marit’s ties to the Harper PMO, the Saskatchewan boundary change robo-call scam, and Harpers favourite backroom Lady, Jenni Bryne, google “aide to harper appears at luke magnotta hearing banerjee”,& “mp’s review controversial saskatchewan electoral changes lunn cbc” the following relationships are relevant to the SARM robo-call riding scam,follow the paper trail below:

First, google “ haverstock liberals in wall cabinet”, now google “jonathon denis-wikikipeda”; Jonathon Denis served then Liberal Leader Linda Haverstock here in Saskatchewan in the backrooms until Linda warned that she, as Premier, would end all cozy- crony contracts whereby her own MLA’s then stabbed her in the back and helped the Devine Gang form the Sask Party, but Denis moved to the Alberta Conservatives.

He (Denis) had a rapid rise under the Alberta Conservatives to being the youngest Provincial Attorney General in Canada, note his partnership with Federal MP and Parliamentary Secretary Pierre Poilievre, in a Alberta robo-call operation, google “3d Contact inc.”, akin to Alberta robo-call operation google “Racknine” and the Canada wide robo-call scams to the point that anaylists believe “Pierre Pountine” is a brazen take off on 3D owner Pierre Poilievre.

Now google “ pierre poilievre-wikipedia”, any reader who marvels at Denis’s rapid rise to Attorney General in Redfords Conservative Alberta Administration should note his best buddy, Pierre Poilievre’s, paper trail showing his rise in the Harper Federal Administration and google “jenni byrne/pierre poilieve”, note that Poilievre has a romantic relationship with Harper’s favourite back room Lady, Jenni Byrne, google “jenni byrne-wikipedia”.

Harpers Lady is deemed to be one of the hundred most influential people in Canada and is one smart Lady, out performing both her lover, Pierre, and his buddy Jonathon, in the backrooms, but has been caught in SARM President Marits lies , google “its her fault: mp blames tory political director for ‘deceptive” robo-calls in saskatchewan mcgregor maher”, MP “Honest Tom” Lukiwski, a Parliament heavy hitter, is blaming Jenni for the Saskatchewan robo-call scam .

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 74. – 81. note that from a Criminal Code conflict of interest perspective the relationship between Jenni and her lover, Poilievre, parallels that of Lady Janet McMurtry and her Father Roy McMurtry, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, complaint 19:, note that “IF” Elections Canada finds the Denis/Poilieve robo-call operation in Alberta, google “3d contact inc” has any backroom ties whatsoever to google “racknine” I (Lee) believe both Jenni and her lover could be charged under conflict of interest Annex C Section 121 of the Criminal Code, more later in this post.

Now google “sask budget theme may be telling mandryk” & “political hypocrisy worth a rant mandryk”, Murray never rants, his work is always on point and in the two columns referenced, Murray echos this Web sites several posts reffering to the growing debt and deficit’s in Saskatchewan so why does Murray not bite the bullet and make the point that this could result from either incompetence or Rural Ruling Elite bribery demands blocking development, maybe the Leader Post Lawyers are worried about Strudwick type SLAPP actions, but note below:

The Supreme Court of Canada (SCoC) Summary Statement for Case 31940, proves that the Developers must, by NDP Minister Len Taylor decree, carry “flowers, chcolates and perfume” to Strudwick to be granted development approval; Earle is not painted green so the Ministers order must apply to all Developers BUT the order, if acted on, would be bribes, google “municipal corruption section 123 (1) of the criminal code of canada” and the media has a public duty to make the point taxpayers can not afford to see their Developers continue paying bribes to RM Administrator Strudwick and her Elite ilk.

Now google “wall, alta., separate pipelines mandryk” & “saskatchewan drops off
of top 10 list for mining investment larson”. I (Lee) have warned that our resource economy is doomed and just as the Greeks starve in the streets so will our citizens; Web readers may believe that is nonsense, but study three articles, google “saskatchewan government urged to cut taxes metro news” & “fcc’s risk under scrutiny mayeda” & “canada struggles to maintain banking protection in eu trade talks: documents show ctv news”, note below:

The Canada West Foundation is echoing my (Lee)s endless warning of the collapse of resource revenue, note also the Federal Farm Credit (FCC) operation is insolvent and the Harper PMO, knowing the US Oil market is dead, is selling out the Canadian Banks to the EU to peddle enough natural resources to win the 2015 Federal Election, that is google “sickening unto death”. The Canadian Ruling Elite, Political, Official and Judicial, are all corrupt to their core and it is insane for the Harper PMO to open our Banks to EU corruption when Canada’s honest Bankers are the taxpayers only hope to keep from starveing.

Now some house keeping; Google “revenue canada allows the business community to deduct bribes to government officials as a cost of doing business rural zoning”, note the several Web posts where I (Lee) make that claim, but one hotshot disagrees, google “the dangers of bribery vern krishina”, note the op-ed piece by a lawyer who states Revenue Canada allows the deductions of “facilitation payments” to only off shore Officials as a “cost of doing business”, but lawyer Vern is wrong, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para.16. and google “canadian income tax act facilitation payments subsection 3 (3) (b), 3 (4) and 3 (5)”, read that section of the Act, it is not specific to offshore officials.

Google “johnstone: wall, redford scramble to save keystone xl the leader post” & “ pipelines have already carried share of hotair johnstone” & “woes take the wind out of wall’s sails mandryk”, a summary of Premier Brad Walls problems, but with the NDP/Liberals both dead Premier Brads loyality to the thugs that rule SARM is the only thing that can sink his administration; scroll back to the first few paragraphs in this post regarding Jenni Byrne and note that even given the fact she is a heavy hitter in the Harper PMO she may have gone a google “bridge too far” for her lover Pierre and SARM President Marit, note below:

Google “push polls better suited for thugs mandryk” & “the scheer madness of saskatchewans boundary battle cash”, & “conservatives deny involvement on saskatchewan robocall defending ‘saskatchewan values’ mcgregor” & “push polled? tories behind it metro news canada” & “its her fault: mp blames tory political director for ‘deceptive’ robo calls in saskatchewan maher mcgregor” & “conservatives admit to saskatchewan robocalling cbc” & “tories fight riding changes that would aid ndp prairie renewal chase” & “robocalls ‘within the process’: pm metro canadian press” & “mp’s object to proposed bondary changes french”, SARM President Marit is fighting Federal Boundary change as hard as he fights RM Amalgamation, why?, google “follow the money”.

The usual pattern, first denial, then admission, on the face of it, it does appear that Harpers Lady , Jenni Byrne, as smart as she is, is not ready for the big leagues but her problem is she never before had to deal with liars in her own backrooms and got caught in SARM President Dave Marit’s steady lying, review SARM LEADER LIES, Marit is as brazen and arrogant a liar as Brian Mulroney, google” lying brian”.

Google “saskatchewan ridings robocall ‘followed the rules’ prime minister says mcgregor and maher”, and note that SARM President Marit believes that he has enough political clout in the Harper PMO to force Rural corruption down the throats of the Saskatchewan taxpayers but Elections Canada is now studying the scam and the NDP/Liberal opposition may force the Harper PMO to back down on using Marits “robocall” scam to win the Federal Rural Riding battle.

Review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, and note the Ruling Elite have been claiming for over 5 (five) years that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada if I think I can obtain approval for Earle’s $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick and that this Web site is a stupid joke, so why would they bother with the rumored motion?, SARM already pays in-house lawyers but it will still cost big bucks to bribe the Judges, google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association” but David Marit is worried about something.

My (Lee)s IQ could be at the Jenni Byrne level and it would mean nothing in this world of corrupt Strudwick Officials, RCMP Staff Sergeants, and Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges but that does not mean this Web site is a stupid joke to the voting taxpayers, because this Web site is “well watched, well liked” with visit numbers growing; google “sex sells” and the increase in visits will be caused in part by Lady Lori’s lovely bare body, but google “rm of sherwood”, reference to this Web site in the Sherwood search results will also add to the visit numbers.

The Sherwood Web site visit numbers are huge, four million, and I (Lee) believe that is a result of the City of Regina Officials turf war with the RM of Sherwood officials, call it “the Big Bribery Battle” over which officials, Regina or Sherwood, will get the bribes from the Developers has generated the four million visits to the Sherwood site and the Sherwood search reference to this site is causing this Web site visits to increase due to the interconnection, that is how the Great, Good, God Google (GGGG) works her magic.

Google “budget about winners and losers mandryk” & “big numbers: population and budget gormley” and note that Premier Brad is keeping money flowing to his Farm base at the expense of the Citys, review LADY LORI AND THE $1.6B DEFICIT, but there has been a google “shot across the bows”, of the RMs, regarding development, is this what worries David Marit?

Premier Brads warning notwithstanding the SARM Board already appears to be saner than their President David Marit and has cancelled Marits day dream of building a new office Tower in downtown Regina, google “no agreement at rdarm on revenue sharing formula mceachern” scroll down to the article end and note the fact the SARM Board shut down Marits day dream of building a office tower

The SARM Board should also be concerned about Strudwick corruption; google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables rural zoning”. I (Lee) have made it clear from the get-go that my goal is to obtain approval for Earles development without bribing RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, now with a secondary goal of clearing my name of libel of Strudwick.

I (Lee) remind the SARM Board that they prepared a report entitled “clearing the path”, SARM Board members will recall that report, google “sarm clearing the path rural zoning”, note my reference in several posts to that SARM report and the SARM report draft SARM itself provided me contained a paragraph containing the phrase that “developer favourtism is blocking rural development”, note in page 6 of my Taylor letter, the letter Strudwick sued me for libel on.

Now review LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP, scroll down to my two letters and I remind the SARM Board that Developer favourtism is still blocking development in the RM of Edenwold and suggest it is in the best interest of SARM to by-pass Administrator Strudwick and “reason” with the Edenwold Council to follow up on their approval of Earle’s Development, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 1. – 17.

Google “quebec developer alleges corruption sank alberta project cbc” & “does sarm control the mldp” & “instructors mldp strudwick and jensen” and note that Strudwick controls the Rural Housing inspectors and CBC has given her a blueprint to follow the Lamont Alberta scam,ie: approve Earles development and wait until his contractors finish a house or two then cancel approval, so to protect Earle the Edenwold Council must carry a motion adding to their original approval that; 1) Earle be allowed to hire his own housing inspectors and; 2) provide Earle with a google “surety bond” that they will honor motions carried.

Earle’s development would go ahead under the Provinces Bare Land Condo Act, google “saskatchewan bare land condo act” and once 50% plus one of the lots are sold development control transfers from the Developer, to a Condo Board, and I (Lee) believe that no matter how big a bribe Strudwick paid, once the Condo Board was in place, the most corrupt of Queens/Appeal Bench Judges, would not dare to rule that Strudwick can shut down Earle’s Development.

If Edenwold Council approved the above solution only half of Earles projected profit, ie: five million dollars, needs to be backed by a Edenwold surety bond payable to Earle, which bond cost of 1% per million, google “cost of surety bonds” is far less than the cost of Strudwicks bribes and since Revenue Canada allows Strudwicks bribes to be written off as “cost of doing business” then surley to God the cost of a surety bond and housing inspectors could also be written off as a “cost of doing business”.

I (Lee) realize it is a needless taxpayer cost and in a sane world would not be needed, and the taxpayers are still paying the bill, but it is a hell of a lot less cost to the taxpayers than the cost of Strudwicks bribes and to save local taxpayers money I (Lee) will advise Earle to pay the housing inspector/bond cost and claim deduction as “cost of business” so all taxpayers share the cost through Earles Revenue Canada deductions, and it may also serve to show other Developers it is not impossible to put a end to Donna Strudwick’s official bribe demands.

Should the SARM Board go ahead with their rumored Motion they should know the Supreme Court of Canada (SCoC) made a landmark ruling that grants the right of corruption Web sites such as this site to exist. Google “top court transforms press freedom with new libel defence kirk makin” & “ the supreme court of canada: there are no journalists, only citizens david eaves” and I (Lee) believe the Queens/Appeal Judges can not ignore the SCoC precedents.

I (Lee) am well aware of Judicial corruption, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll down to complaint 5:, now google “cic1 rural zoning” and note the CJC Executive Director sneers at me and google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association schmitz” and the SARM Board has a half Billion dollars ($.5B) slush fund of taxpayer money to bribe Judges.

But the SARM Board should note that the key word in Susan McGraths public statement is the word “might” and if they go ahead with the SARM Motion, it “might” be a mistake because not all Queens Bench Judges are as corrupt as NDP Lady Justice Janet McMurtry and not all of them have a Father who is a Ontario political and legal legend.

If the SARM Board has a problem with this Web site I (Lee) suggest that instead of bribing Judges to order the site removed from the internet, they consider ordering me suicided, google “jack wolfe mla suicide” but first they (SARM Board) should google “quebec voters do not like political murder”, google “on the take stevie cameron” and note that the Quebec voters sat still for their guy Mulroneys order of the slaughter of his own bagmen but have since changed.

Maybe the Quebec Voters just do not like bagmen, otherwise I (Lee) have no explanation for the sudden reversal of the Quebec voters attitude to “political murder”, but if the SARM Board is concerned that the Saskatchewan voters may not like murder any better than the Quebec voters, then I believe they should think long and hard before approving any order to have me “suicided”.

I (Lee) am so confidant in the SCoC ruling that anti-corruption Web sites, such as this site, may exist on the internet, that set out below is draft of my defence to the rumored SARM Motion and now they have my defence in advance I defy the SARM Lawyers to draft a successful motion and if the SARM Board does enter a motion, until there is a Court order stopping me, I will reprint everything that goes through Court in this Web site as it is filed by either the SARM Lawyers, or myself, below is draft of my SARM Motion Defence.


SARM (Plantiff) v LEE (Defendant) (draft)

This Honorable Court is respectfully asked to allow the Defendant to use the subject Web site by reffering this Honorable Court to paragraphs from the Supreme Court Leave Book as Defence proof to the SARM Motion, which Leave Book forms one segment of the subject Web site, and which Leave Book reffered to is attached marked Exhibit “A”, and this Honorable Court is respectfully reminded a defence was not entered to the Leave Book.

This Honorable Court is reminded that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled that zoning issues are political and the Courts should not interfere unless the situation descends into farce and the purpose of the request is to demonstrate to this Honorable Court the “Political” usefullness of the subject Website in proving “ public corruption evil” of the Rural Ruling Elite to the taxpaying voters.

There are fifteen Defence paragraphs, most proven by unopposed Leave Book paragraphs, two proven by Supreme Court Summary Statement, one house keeping paragraph proven by Defendant affidavit, one paragraph requiring Judicial notice of a Globe and Mail article, and one paragraph requiring Judicial notice of a Ottawa Citizen article and a Judicial Council report.

1.THAT the Plantiff seeks order to remove (herein after Web site) from the internet, which site purpose is to gain approval for Developer Earle Argue’s (herein after Developer) thirty million dollar residential development without carrying “flowers chocolates and perfume” to Administrator Donna Strudwick (herein after Strudwick) and Council of the Rural Municipality of Edenwold (herein after RM), as ruled by a Minister of the Crown was the Defendant’s only option.

Supreme Court Summary Statement Case 31940

2. THAT the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled that zoning issues are political and the Court should not interfere unless the situation decends to farce.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15.

3. THAT the Developer received approval for his development from the RM and all Provincial Departments.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 1.- 6.

4. THAT notwithstanding RM and Provincial Department approval, Strudwick, who reports to the Premier and Minister, refused to grant Development approval whereupon the Developer, after a failed legal attempt, asked the Defendant to serve as Representative to obtain Devlopment approval.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 7. – 18.

5. THAT the Defendant, serving as the Developer Representative, did the political work requested by the Developer and required by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, paragraph 2. preceding. The Defendant obtained political resolution when the Crown Minister then Responsible, Jack Hillson, amended the Urban Act, allowing a Village to annex a development out of a RM, but a subsuqent Crown Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, over ruled the first Crown Minister Responsible, Jack Hillson, and ruled that the Village should not be allowed to exist and the only option the Defendant had to obtain approval was to carry “flowers, chcolates and perfume” to Strudwick.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 19.- 22.

6. THAT the Criminal Code of Canada Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION states that it is a contravention of the Criminal Code to carry anything to a Municipal official to curry favor.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragrpah 23.

7. THAT the Defendant, serving as the Developer Representative, complained to the Premier about his Crown Minister ruling that his only option to obtain approval was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 27.

8. THAT RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroyed affidavit evidence of RM of Edenwold ratepayers belief that Strudwick and her Council wanted to destroy the Developer to obtain the Developers Development quarter and 350 gpm spring water flow for their personal use.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraphs 34. – 37.

9. THAT this Honorable Court ignored the RCMP Staff Sergeant’s admitted destruction of evidence, paragraph 8. preceding.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragrpahs 37., 41.

10.THAT Strudwick launched successfull Queens Bench libel action against the Defendant for his written complaint to the Premier paragraph 7. preceding, but the Court failed to keep a trial transcript.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 61.

11. The Strudwick libel action was successfull at Appeal so the Defendant asked leave of the Supreme Court, leading to Supreme Court Summary Statement, and the establishment of Web site, in July of 2007, which has remained in place through two General Elections, which Web site the Plantiff now seeks Court order to remove from the internet.

Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement Case 31940

12. THAT Web site has functioned since July of 2007, through two Provincial General Elections, November 2007 and November 2011, has been advertised on Access TV zap2it Channel and is deemed by WordPress to be “well liked and well watched”.

Affidavit of Defendant marked as Exhibit “B”

13. THAT this Honorable Court allowed use of a SLAPP action, paragraph 10. preceding, which SLAPP’s are illegal in many United States States, and Quebec but was used to destroy the Defendant with a ruling of libel guilt because of the Defendants complaint to Premier Calvert that his Crown Minister, Len Taylor’s, ruling that the Defendants only option to obtain development approval was to carry flowers, chocolates and perfume, to his Government official, Strudwick.

Web site post TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 65. d)

14. THAT the Defendant respectfully asks this Honorable Court to take Judicial Notice that on December 22 2009 the Globe and Mail printed a article by reporter Kirk Makin with the headline “Top (Canadian) Court transforms press freedom with new libel defence” which article sets out that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Journalists need only take reasonable care in preparing articles and that Citizens using the internet have the same rights as Journalists.

Judicial notice of December 22nd 2009 Globe and Mail “Top (Canadian Court transforms press freedom with new libel defence”

15. THAT this Honorable Court is reminded that Canadian Bar Association official, Susan McGrath, made a public statement that “some Canadian judges might take bribes”, and that the Canadian Judicial Council holds copy right to a report “Masters In their Own House” which report details the fact Provincial Officials use covert tracking of Judges private lives and overt control of Judges working lives to blackmail control of Judicial decisions.

Judicial notice of Deschenes/Baar report “Masters In Their Own House” and August 15th 2005 Ottawa Citizen Cristin Schmitz “some canadian judges might take bribes”

This Honorable Court is respecfully asked to review the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for case 31940 and note that when the Defendant complained to the Premier that his Minister had ruled that his official may block a thirty million dollar residential development until he had carried that official flowers chocolates and perfume the Defendant was found guilty of libel and that Web site as advertised on Access TV is the most per capita-cost effective way to apprise taxpayers of these facts.

The Defendant believes his libel guilt ruling to be unjust and respectfully submits that it would be unconschiable for this Honorable Court to order the site removed from the internet and public access and this Honorable Court is respectfully asked to dismiss the Plantiff motion with costs.


Web readers are asked to scroll back and review the first few paragraphs.


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