Google “tories halt the awarding of new biofuels subsidies mccarthy”; review LADY JANET AND THE CJC and GARY LANE AND THE CJC and note my (Lee)s complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) regarding Ontario Ruling Elite, Roy McMurtry and the fraud conducted by his company “Just Energy” and his daughter, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s judicial ruling supporting, “Just Energy” and a $77,000,000.00 Federal bio-fuel subsidy.

I (Lee) should be sainted for my part in halting the McMurtry/Just Energy bio-fuel scam, but the CJC refuses to even acknowledge my Lady Janet complaint so Web readers are asked to review FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING & WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT? & SEA OF CORRUPTION, and ask both their Conservative MP and Sask Party MLA, why the Harper PMO has shut down Just Energy’s bio-fuel subsidy scam but refuses to end the Donna Struwicks bribe requirement; is it possible that slag of a Strudwick has more corrupt power than Ontario Ruling Elite legal and political legend Roy McMurtry?

Now google “pipeline lubricats wall’s pr machine mandryk”, Murray reports that Premier Brad found a ten million dollar saving in drug costs by using generic instead of name brand drugs BUT google “debt and deficit” & “sask. faces $82B health liability to 2062: report cbc”, the reality is a $1.6B annual deficit, 16% of the budget, google “greek syndrome, voters starving in the streets”.

I (Lee) repeat, $82B over the next fifty years is a annual deficit of $1.6B, that is 16% of todays budget, and with the collapsing resource economy we are Greece, google “oil, exports both in decline johnstone”, & “resource revenues: bane or boon? Johnstone” & nexen posts $6m loss in q4: revenue slips to $1.58B cp” & “michael den tandt: if keystone goes awry, conservatives will have only themselves to blame den tandt”. Michael Den Tandt spells out the reality, Canada is reduced to “wan bleating” because of Ruling Elite corruption, google “canada worst g-7 country at controlling bribery”, honest taxpayers are doomed.

A Saskatchewan economic expert, Janice Mackinnon, has weighed in; google “mandryk: mackinnon misdiagnosed health care mandryk”. Neither Janice or Murray mention the annual $1.6B projected deficit but Premier Brad must be aware of it, google “mandryk: sask govt’s back door property tax hike mandryk”, & “city council to consider 4.45% property tax hike ctv news” & “wall cautions municipalities to keep spending in check morgan modjeski metro”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Premier Brad is aware of the projected $1.6B health deficit. The Premier, terrified of SARM (Rural), does not instruct SARM to stop spending but did instruct SUMA (Urban) to stop spending. Premier Brad is trying to deal with the nightmare of a annual $1.6B deficit but the ten million dollar Generic drug saving and his (Premier)s back door property tax hike is using a teaspoon to empty the ocean; he (Premier Brad) must start on the projected annual $1.6B deficit with spending cuts that mean something.

Review LADY LORI-NEMESIS, my (Lee) calculation is based on a MOG study, and shows a annual cost savings of two hundred and sixty million dollars, that is a quarter of a Billion dollars ($.25B), could be realized each year by following the Meyer Brownstone plan of cutting back the 300 RMS to 60, calling them Counties and removing the Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM); but because of the Developer bribe money at stake, Dave Marit, SARM President, fought to the death even the small changes to RM structure proposed by NDP Premier Romanow, SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, Murray and his Editorial Board noticed the SARM venality.

Google “mandryk: split ridings get too much marit mandryk” & “good reasons to change boundaries leader post” there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Marits obdurate stand on both the Federal Boundary Commission proposal and Rural Development venality is harming the Provinces economy; the Marit/ SARM venality must be ended or honest taxpayers will starve in the streets.

For a cross check on my (Lee)s work showing a $.25B saving by eliminating the RMs and SARM, google “province to decide on revenue sharing formula couture”, note Joe (Couture) shows there is a $264,000,000.00 (two hundred and sixty four million) dollar taxpayer pie to cut up and the RMs with 18% of the population receive 29% of the pie. This is simple math dealing with real money, the RMs with18% of the population receive 29% of the pie, do the math, subtract 29 -18 = 21% of 264 million dollars is 55 million dollars, the Farm folk get $55 million comparative dollars more than the City folk, the Marit/SARM corruption is driveing the Province into receivership, that must not happen

There is a apparent discrepancy between my (Lee)s work in LADY LORI-NEMESIS and this post but there is no discrepancy and Reiters press release and Joe’s article are actually a cross check on my work which included saving $60 million dollars annually in RM Administration by cutting the number of RMs to 60 as suggested by Meyer Brownstone; more yet could be saved by removing all RMs and creating 13 Counties with borders contiguous with the Health/ School Districts under one Administrator so add the saving from eliminating SARM and all RMs, ie: $75 million, to the $55 million unfair Provincial tax distribution to SARM for a total tax savings of $130 Million, or $.13B dollars.

I (Lee) realize that is only half of the tax saving of $.25B that I calculated in LADY LORI-NEMESIS, but it makes perfect sense because remember that what is set out preceding is based on what the Province collects and then doles back out to the Municipalities, ie: the Towns, Villages, RMs, and Citys, in so called “revenue sharing” but the Municipal Administrations all collect taxes as well. Review LADY LORI NEMESIS, note reference to Stats Can 373,000 house holds each paying $1,630.00 in taxes, I (Lee) am not a economist and SARM claims I am the stupidest man in Canada, but any idiot can do it, gather the facts, go to simple math, divide the 373,000 households into the 264 million that Reiter is doling out in revenue sharing, the amount is $707.00 per house hold.

At $707.00 per house hold the Province is putting up a bit less than half in revenue sharing than the $1,630.00 Stats Can calculates is the total tax per household to provide services, the other half is coming from the Cities and Municipalities themselves, so Reiters press conference and Joes article confirms my work in LADY LORI-NEMESIS on the massive unfairness of Marit, SARM and the RM’s. Premier Roy Romanow tried, but failed, to end it, review SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL; again google “oil, exports both in decline johnstone” honest Urban voters will starve.

Google “wall raises concerns about obama’s state of the union cbc” & “the potash corp. sees profit plummet as sales to asian markets slide globe and mail” & “better potash deal key to boom mandryk” & “if it ain’t broke don’t johnstone” & “ernest & young report sees flurry of ‘for sale’ signs on oil patch mcintosh” & “cameco takes $168M write down in kintrye project, q4 profits down 83 percent star phoenix” & “yves engler: harpers keystone lobbying is tarring canada’s good name huffington post” & “revenue resource: bane or boon johnstone” and re-read Michael Den Tandt’s article, google “michael den tandt: if keystone goes awry, conservatives will have only themselves to blame den tandt”

Saskatchewan Resource revenue from Oil, uranium and potash sales are dropping due to the World wide collapse of the economy, google “did the wall street bank fraud cause the world wide collapse of the economy?”, and our resource based economy is doomed. Now google “crowns to help balance budget pacholik”, & “public crown’s balancing budget mandryk” and note the Devine-Wall Brain Trust have looted the last money they can out of the Crowns BUT still owe their souls to SARM so the venality and greed of Dave Marit, SARM and the RMs will continue and the honest taxpayers will starve at retirement, google “cibc ceo warns retirement savings will come up short cbc”. Note that my calculation preceding does not include money Developers pay in bribes to the RM Administrators, which are 2% (two percent) of Development profit, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 16. – 17. In the Argue development that was $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars) and for 100 (one hundred) Argue level developments the total in bribes paid would amount to another 20 million dollars paid out in bribes to the Rural Ruling Elite which goes in to off shore Banks and note Revenue Canada even allows the Developers to deduct the cost of bribes to RM Administrators, note below:

Google “tories crack down on companies paying foreign bribes clark” & ‘the dangers of bribing vern krishna”, note the lawyer in the second article, the op-ed article, implies that Revenue Canada allows the deduction of “facilitation” payments to only off shore Officials, well lawyer Vern is wrong or dissembling; review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 16., note below:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Act is clear, google “canadian income tax act facilitation payments subsection 3 (3) (b), 3 (4) and 3 (5)”, note the situation is so sick the Harper Feds threaten Legislation to make it illegal to bribe Foreign Officials, yet does nothing about bribes to corrupt slags such as RM Administrator, Strudwick, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC complaint 1:

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that if the bribes to RM officials were ended economic activity would increase. Use the Argue Development as example of the potential for population increase to create economic activity, note the Saskatchewan population increased by twenty five thousand in 2012, all of who now live in inner City spaces in rooms that cost three hundred dollars a month three years ago and now cost twelve hundred a month making Big Bucks for Big City landlords, but not adding one red cent to the Provincial economy.

As example, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 1. – 15, note that until vetoed by RM Adminisrtrator Donna Strudwick, the Argue Development was approved by both the RM Council and and Provincial Departments, for 120 lots, and with two people per house, one hundred Argue size developments are needed to house the recent population increase and the Argue Devlopment was calculated by the Municipal Board to pay a “significant”, four hundred thousand dollars a year in school/property tax, so that would mean increased tax revenue of four hundred million, ($.4B) for one hundred developments, and that does not include the “multiplier effect” google “economics on line the multiplier effect”, and, multiply the factor of 5 times $.4B for a total of $2.0B, note below.

Economic experts claim, and a on line example uses, a multiplier factor of 5, for a total $2.0B tax revenue from population increase and the increased economic activity. There is no doubt whatsoever but that ending Rural corruption would cover the $1.6B annual shortfall in the Health Industry but that would solve nothing, the Medical Ruling Elite will just steal the added $1.6B, review DR JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME, Ruling Elite corruption never ends. Web readers are asked to google “quebec developer alleges corruption sank alberta project cbc” for a account of Ruling Elite zoning/development corruption in Alberta/Quebec; now scroll back to the first paragraphs in this post, note Eastern Ruling Elite, Roy McMurtry’s, Just Energy, use of Ethanol Plants to scam the taxpayers is being shut down by the Harper PMO without the CJC addressing or even acknowledging my (Lee)s complaint. Now review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: Lane as Devine AG, did a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my (Lee)s Highway Contracting company because of my refusal to bribe the Department of Highway Engineers; google “cic1 rural zoning” for CJC coverup of the Lane corruption, is this sane?

That google “fuddle-duddle” Lane has a Law degree and was the Devine Gang Attorney General when he pulled the scams set out in GARY LANE AND THE CJC. Lane is not from “Old Regina” money and was raised North of the tracks and none of Regina’s Senior Law Firms would make him a associate so Lane only did Politics and ended up in Brian Mulroneys camp. Note Mulroney appointed Lane to the Court of Appeal, straight out of the Devine Administration; google “andrew coyne: lance armstrong disgraced only because he’s not as charming as other liars coyne” & “on the take crime, corruption and greed in the mulroney years stevie cameron” & “jack wolfe mla suicide”, more Lane below:

In addition to the vast amount of taxpayer money Devine/Lane “disappeared”, ie, $10B dollars, Lane’s other contribution to corruption was that with Lane as Devine Finance Minister, Swiss Bank Couriers flew in from Switzerland, stayed overnight at the Hotel Sask, and the next morning, on the way to the Airport, the Swiss Bank Boys picked up Brief Cases of Cash from the Leg Building and flew the taxpayer cash straight back to Switzerland, the first instance of efficiency in official corruption ever recorded, usually official corruption is deliberately convoluted to make it harder for investigators to track the scam, but not Lane.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Lane has a special combination of balls and brains, to enact that level of corruption efficiency, ie: to bypass all the usual corrupt sleaze of laundering taxpayer money, cutouts through holding company’s doing google “senator ted stevens bridge to no where wikipedia” government contracts and just do it, ie: fly briefcases of taxpayer cash straight from the Leg. to a Swiss Bank, any Quebec Mafia Don would be proud of Lane.

Web readers should note that it is no coincidence that Federal studys, google “ the administration of small population rms and indian reserves”, treat RMs and Indian Reserves exactly the same because the Administrators of both RMs and Indian Reserves scam millions of taxpayer dollars by perjuring affidavits to their Political Masters; now review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30., note Court of Appeal Judge, Lane, is a personal friend of RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, and uses his power to protect her official corruption.

Web readers who are interested in the Rural Saskatchewan taxpayers view of the RM Administration and its nepotism, arrogance and corruption should google “sk. municipalities economic engine or anchor”, read the comments on Agriculture’s own Web site and note Rural voters believe the Devine-Wall Brain Trust do not have the political courage to end the SARM corruption. Web readers are asked to review the first paragraphs of LADY LORI-NEMESIS, note my (Lee)s summary of Canada’s Ruling Elite corruption supported by Canada’s legal fraud. Now google “governor generals august 14th 2011 speech to cba regarding fraud”, note that my claim of fraud is supported by no less than the Governor General of Canada public concern of legal support of fraud stated in a speech to no less than the Canadian Bar Association.

As classic example of what the Governor General was referring to, google “bay street law firm advised griffith on chad deal globe and mail”, note that while the Regina Lawyers did nothing regarding the Strudwick corruption, to their great credit, they did warn the Argues about the Strudwick corruption instead of advising to pay her bribes, but the Elite corruption never stops, note below: Google “libel suit against mayor rob ford dismissed toronto sun”, please review it and then bring up THE WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, scroll to the documents, pages 12 and 13, paragraph [27] , and compare the reasons the Ontario Appeal Court gives to dismiss the Ford Libel action to the reason the Saskatchewan Appeal Court gives that I (Lee) libeled Strudwick, I ask readers to note the Saskatchewan Appeal Court rules that even if I (Lee) am right in my claim of Strudwick corruption I still libeled Strudwick by complaining, and I ask Web readers to think about that Ford/Lee, not guilty/guilty contradiction in the same Elite Official libel/bribery situation, think about it, is that fair to me?

Review the first few paragraphs of LADY LORI-SOLUTIONS and note reference to BHP Billiton leaving Canada as a result of Ruling Elite corruption; now Vale is leaving, google “vale said to be selling kronau potash project leader post staff”. Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 109.-110., note 80% (eighty percent) of voters believe Canadian politicians are corrupt, now google “greece takes bottom eu spot in global corruption index jones”,….. we are Greece.

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and note complaint 5: a Judge, the Hon Kim Young, could prove my complaint, but google “cic1 rural zoning” and note the GJC refuses to act to end that Judicial corruption, but the CJC refusal to end the Judicial corruption may not matter because Canada has already “gone greece”, and the taxpayers doomed, but Greece is warm and Saskatchewan cold, so the question is, will Saskatchewan taxpayers starve or freeze first?

Review the first few paragraphs of LADY LORI-NEMESIS, note that I (Lee) pay tribute to CBC’s Alaine Gravel for his work in singlehandley prying the lid off the massive Ruling Elite Corruption in Quebec and Alberta, now google “on the take” note that is the title of Stevie Camerons best selling Book on the Mulroney corruption and greed, note in the preface Stevie pays tribute to Alaine Gravel, along with others, for their work on Ruling Elite corruption and unless the voters are content “going Greece” they should pay attention to CBC’s Alaine Gravel.

Google “average voter is unable to accurately assess politicians, new research shows physorg” & “harper warns of fiscal ‘runaway train’ in u.s. kennedy”, note Saskatchewan voters must be cautious listening to Premier Brads, Boy Wonder breathless bullshit regarding the Saskatchewan economy because PM Harper is blunt on the US situation and the danger to the Canadian Economy.

Web readers should note the PM is not the only Leader with warnings, google “alison redford tv address warns of looming $6 billion oil shortfall fennes c.p.” & “citizen lawsuit could stop keystone on its tracks marsden”, I (Lee) have told the Web readers time and time again and I now repeat yet again, we can not afford to keep paying bribes to corrupt Ruling Elite slags such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick to approve economic developments.

I (Lee) repeat that the taxpayers can not afford to keep paying RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, and her ilk bribes to approve Developments, Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940. Scroll back to the first five paragraphs in this post, note the annual $1.6B dollar shortfall, we have “gone greece” and despite our resource wealth will end up starving in the streets unless the Donna Strudwick type corruption, ie: bribes for development, ends.

I (Lee) try to watch the late afternoon political talk shows for corruption updates and on CBC’s Evan Solomon Show, Power & Politics, while the panelists were discussing the Quebec Corruption, and the fact Ruling Elite Corruption is one of the CBC’s top five “game changers” of 2012, Tom Flanagan, University of Calgary Professor, congratulated Quebec on their Corruption inquiry and added that he wished some one would force a corruption inquiry in Alberta.

For example of the corruption Tom is talking about, google “calgary energy firm charged $10.3 m after pleading guilty to 2 m bribe attempt of chad ambassador gerson”, this is the corruption arranged by the Bay Street lawyers noted above but now note the tenth paragraph in LADY LORI-NEMESIS, Bill Browder has convinced the Harper PMO to consider carrying Legislation banning corruption in Russia, I (Lee) ask Web readers to just think about that idiotic insanity.

Our Ruling Elite Harper Fed is so perverse they talk about legislation to ban corruption in Russia while ignoreing a corrupt NDP clown of a Crown Minister, Len Taylor, who ruled a Developer’s only option to obtain development approval was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribe)s to his official, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940.

Note there is now the added perverse idiocy that goes beyond even the normal google “ evil of public corruption”, note there is rumor that SARM is now considering a motion asking a Queens Bench Court Judge to order this Web site removed from the Internet, rumor of that SARM Motion to be elaborated on in the April post, working title LADY LORI & A SARM MOTION.

Web readers are reminded that a decade ago 4 (four) Regina Lawyers advised Earle and Sharie Argue that it was “impossible” to get by RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and obtain approval for their $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development and following that legal advice the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled the Argues, and my (Lee), as the Argues Representative, only option to be granted development approval was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Taylor’s official, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, which bribes the Argues refuse to pay.

Review LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, note that when I (Lee) complained to NDP Premier Calvert about the Strudwick corruption Strudwick used a google “slapp” to sue me for libel, leading to the SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940, this Web site, and LADY JANET AND THE CJC complaint. Now google “lady lori rural zoning posts”, and note since my use of Lady Lori posts Web visits have more than doubled but the Devine-Wall Brain Trust ignore it all.

The Winnipeg Lawyers say that Lady Lori was a pretty good family Court Judge, BUT there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the best work Lady Lori has ever done to furthur the administration of Justice in Canada is serving as a modern google “lady godiva” using her lovely bare body on the internet to high light Saskatchewan’s Rural Ruling Elite corruption in a albeit reluctant effort to accomplish the impossible for Earle Argue and gain approval for his thirty million dollar development without bribing the slag, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Lady Lori’s lovely bare body is important but this Web site played a major role as carrier. Review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, note that Jim Reiter, one of Premier Brad’s Cabinet heavy hitters, has made public claim that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and other Rural Ruling Elite have echoed the Reiter claim adding that this Web site is a stupid joke, review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE. Reiter may be right, I may be stupid, but the sites Web Master is a genius and this Web site has done its job well and part of that stems from my post preparation.

When this Web site was established over 5 (five) years ago the Web Master, after reviewing the first post, liked it , he advised that people liked detailed, narrative Web sites, not tweets and twitters. The Web Master told me that it is narrative Web sites that accomplished the miracle of getting a Black Guy elected President of the United States, now re-elected for second term, but note below:

Barack’s boys have millions to run ads, BUT this Web site has thrived since day one on only limited Access TV Ads; click on the little green bar symbols on the search results, the three solid green bars indicate a “well watched, well liked” site, then, to compare, google “enterprise saskatchewan” click on the grey bars, note this site is a comparatively well watched, well liked site, and may get Earle his thirty million dollar development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick.

Google “mandryk: push polls better suited for thugs mandryk”, Murray refers to the Saskatchewan Rural Ruling Elite directing the deceptive robo-calls are just more Rural Ruling Elite corruption but the best example is Argue/Strudwick and Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, a summary of the refusal of Developer Earle Argue of Regina, and I (Lee), serving as Earles representative, to bow to a slag, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and pay her bribes to be granted development approval, but there is hope, a few heavy hitters, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chiefs of the house builders, are taking a interest in the Rural Ruling Elite corruption, note below:

Web readers are asked to google “regional co-ordination absolutely crucial niebergal” & “sask. losing on electoral boundary changes thormat”. The two op-ed articles promoting development co-operaton were written by the house builder Chiefs who I (Lee) hope are sickened with the battle between the City of Regina and RM of Sherwood officials over who will get the bribes from the house builders. God willing the housing hot shots are also sick of paying bribes to the Rural housing inspectors controlled by RM Administrator Strudwick. Google “instructors municipal leaders roles and responsibility’s strudwick and jensen”, note that Strudwick/Jensen contol the Rural housing inspectors.

The house builders association hot shots, Thormarat and Niebergal, have set out in their well-done op-ed’s the point that if there is to be economic development there must be co-operation: note that the articles by the house builder hot shots parallels the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce calling for the amalgamation of the RMs, google “chamber pushes for amalgamation johnstone” & “ chamber amalgamation push valid mandryk”, its a start.

My (Lee)s interest is Rural economic venality, but google “a rape a minute, a thousand corpses a year salnit” a Journalist named Rebecca Salnit has done a detailed study on the abuse, assualt, rape and slaughter of women, the stats make for horrifying reading, and Canada is part of that horror. Review TOP COP DAY DREAMS, note media reports of top RCMP officers doodling on their computers and day dreaming about turning their women RCMP officers over to Pig-Man Picton to slaughter and feed his pigs after he had raped them.

Google “the pickton file stevie cameron” confirms the “Top Cops” did nothing for a decade while they watched the Pig-Man scoop Indian women from east Vancouver streets and rape them before slaughter and feeding them to his Pigs, google “rcmp failed to track internal misconduct for years cbc” the RCMP Ruling Elite Top Cops are as evil as man can be and the horror they create is very real.

I (Lee) realize that compared to the RCMP covering up the Pig-Man’s rape and slaughter of Indian Women to feed his pigs for over a decade, the RCMP covering up corruption of the RM Administrator, Strudwick, is mickey-mouse, but again google “rcmp failed to track internal misconduct for years cbc” and review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, complaint 10:, the CJC is covering up RCMP Staff Sgt. Lewis destruction of the affidavit evidence of Strudwick corruption. Google “sarm clearing the path; developer favoritism is blocking rural development”, SARMs own in-house report states the RMs are blocking development so I (Lee) urge taxpaying voters to take this post to a U of R Economics Professor for study and opinion and then give that opinion to their Sask Party MLA with a ask they eliminate SARM and the RMs and establish Counties with panels of Village Mayors controlling development.

Review SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, note that Premier Roy Romanow tried to reduce the number of RMs, he failed, but the Wall Attorney General, the Hon Don Morgan, was quoted in Hansard that NDP Premier Roy Romanow should be appointed to the Senate, does that send a message to SARM President David Marit, or what?


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