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March 26, 2013

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 20.-21. and google “bob-oct 30-001, note my (Lee)s suggestion to then Premier Roy Romanow that he block the four RMs around each of the Provinces ten cities into ten Provincial “corruption free zones” around each of the cities with development controlled in each block by Community Planning officials instead of the RM Administrators; Roy did not use my plan and tried for RM amalgamation instead, but failed, review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Now google “big number: population and budget gormley”, Premier Brad plans legislation to establish a “regional planning approach”, a so called “shot across the bow” of the RMS. The Legislation is fine but review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 34.-39. and note that Jack Hillson, then Minister Responsible in the 1999 NDP/Liberal coalition Government carried Legislation to amend the Urban Act to allow Developers, who did not want to shrink their souls to chick-pea size paying bribes to slags such as Donna Strudwick, to find a Village to annex developments out of the RMs, BUT Strudwick told Jack to go google “fuddle-duddle” himself, so the question is; can Premier Brad now get-er-done? (more…)



March 7, 2013

Google “tories halt the awarding of new biofuels subsidies mccarthy”; review LADY JANET AND THE CJC and GARY LANE AND THE CJC and note my (Lee)s complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) regarding Ontario Ruling Elite, Roy McMurtry and the fraud conducted by his company “Just Energy” and his daughter, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s judicial ruling supporting, “Just Energy” and a $77,000,000.00 Federal bio-fuel subsidy.

I (Lee) should be sainted for my part in halting the McMurtry/Just Energy bio-fuel scam, but the CJC refuses to even acknowledge my Lady Janet complaint so Web readers are asked to review FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING & WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT? & SEA OF CORRUPTION, and ask both their Conservative MP and Sask Party MLA, why the Harper PMO has shut down Just Energy’s bio-fuel subsidy scam but refuses to end the Donna Struwicks bribe requirement; is it possible that slag of a Strudwick has more corrupt power than Ontario Ruling Elite legal and political legend Roy McMurtry? (more…)