Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note the Eastern Elite, Roy Mcmurtry and his ilk, used McMurtrys Daughter, Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, to help them scam seventy seven million dollars of taxpayer money in Federal Ethanol Subsidy, in any other G-7 country the media would be on it..

Seven months ago I (Lee) lodged a complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council, (CJC) by both registered letter and on-line, as allowed by the CJC, but have been ignored. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Ruling Elite have a free hand to pillage and rape the Canadian economy and nothing can stop them; review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and note the CJC sneered at my Lane complaint, google “cic1 rural zoning”, this too would be of media interest.

Now note that while Dwain Lingenfelter (Link) does not have a Law degree like Lane, he and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust appear to have a hell of a Oil scam under way. Google “cabal definition”, and note set out below a “ prarie farm boys get’er done”, scam that surpasses even the Lane corruption, so audacious that it will cause envy and jealousy in that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane and even Barack’s Bank Bastards on Wall Street, this too would interest the media in any G-7 Country except Canada, review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note below:

Web readers are asked to google, “the curious case of the dog who didn’t bark in the night”, one of Sherlock Holmes most famous cases. The stable dog did not bark when the racehorse, “Silver Blaze”, disappeared so the dog knew the person who took Silver Blaze, and Sherlock and Watson took the problem from there and the “dog who did not bark” has become a axiom for the fact that something not happening is as hard evidence as something happening.

Web readers are asked to note that in this situation, ie: trying to explain the curious fact of the destruction of Saskatchewans Natural Governing Party the CCF/NDP, under Links leadership and the curious relationship between Link and the Hon Billy Boyd, Premier Brads Minister of the Economy, and the curious fact of “no sale of oil drilling rights” in the Shaunavon area on land owned by or near Links Land, ie: “the drill rights not sold” parallels the Sherlock Holmes famous fiction tale of, again google “the dog that didn’t bark in the night”.

Review the last few paragraphs in LADY LORI- NEMESIS, note my (Lee)s mind turned to Sherlocks “the dog that didn’t bark” while researching the paper trail of the destruction of the NDP, Saskatchewan’s Natural Governing Party, and the obvious role Link played in the destruction of the NDP and Link’s long time friendship with the Hon Billy Boyd, Premier Brad’s Minister of the Economy.

It is a little known fact that Link and the Hon Billy Boyd have been close friends for years, “ even unto shareing of a woman”, Elaine Peak who worked as a EA for Link all through his time as Roys “Minister of Everything” and when Link left for Nexen Elaine killed time in a NGO until the Sask Party came to power and then Elaine moved into Bill Boyds office as a top level EA, a reliable woman with a good memory carrying messages is a lot safer then face to face in cars, bars, living rooms, kitchens, Leg offices, coffee shops, phone, e-mail or real letters.

Web readers are asked to note that this is not the Liberals and NDP conspiring to defeat the Harper Feds, this is the Sask Party and NDP who hate each other like Strudwick and the Argues, and under any circumstance it is unprecedented for a Ministers Senior political staffer to move from serving a Minister of Everything in one Political Party to serving a Minister of the Economy in another Political Party, yet that is exactly what Elaine Peake did, WHY?

Google “mineral resource map of saskatchewan” note the coloured map indicates a sea of natural gas under the Hon Bill Boyds farms in the Kindersley area, a sea of oil under the Hon Bills friend, Brenda Bakken, family farms, the so called Bakken Oil Field in the south east and in the south west corner of the Province, the narrow Oil Field between Gull Lake and Swift Current, starting near the the South Saskatchewan river and running South to the US Border.

Take special note of the dotted line running from east to west, that is Highway 13, the famous “redcoat trail” note the dotted line enters the green coloured Oil Field in the east where it pokes out to the east a bit, that poke is the RM of Bone Creek, where Link owns 40 (forty) sections of land, note that Links land floats right in the middle of that sea of oil, note the dotted line, Highway 13, runs through the RM, just below Links land before turning south to Shaunavon.

A few months ago a friend remarked that he had seen a deep drill rig in the area to the North East of Shaunavon and he assumed that the rig was on Links Land and I (Lee) became interested in seeing who was doing the deep drilling on Links land and started looking, its easy enough to do google searchs through Saskatchewan Land sales of oil drill rights every two months and there had been no drill right tenders called, or sold, so my mind wandered to the Sherlock tale and “the dog who didn’t bark” and then to the fact of “oil drill rights not sold”.

Start with looking at the map set out below, a portion of the map of the RM of Bone Creek, with many sections coloured or cross hatched, showing a total of about 40 (forty ) sections all of which are now either shown as owned by Cypress Land and Cattle, or not yet redrawn by the RM to be shown as owned by Cypress, which company in turn is owned by Link, take special care to note that all of the land owned by Link is in TWP (Township) 9 and 10, on the side of the map and RGE (Range) 16, 17 and 18, along the bottom of the map.


Now google “sale of petroleum and natural gas rights sale 344”, note that it is December 5, 2011, the first sale after the NDP was reduced to 9 (nine) seats and Link lost his own seat and resigned as NDP Leader, now scroll down until you come to Section B Area lll Swift Current area, scroll through the parcel no’s 140 to 191, watch for any parcel that refers to TWP 9 or 10 and RGE 16, 17 or 18. note there isn’t any yet I (Lee) was told that a deep drill rig was in the area.

Now google “sale of petroleum and natural gas rights sale 345” note that is two months later on Februrary 6, 2012, follow through looking for oil drilling right sales just as in the preceding paragraph, note again that there isn’t any and now go through the same study for sale 346, on April 9, 2012, sale 347 on June 4th 2012 and sale 348 on August 13th, 2012, or go to sale 350 in December and note that there is no drilling right sales on any of Links land on any land anywhere near Links land because Link will be worried about horizontal drilling.

There is one exception; note in sale 348, the August sale, note parcel 147, the south of 5-9-17-3, now look at the Map of the RM of Bone Creek, above, note along the bottom of the map that section 5 is owned by Murray Farms, and the Murray Family is trying to buy up oil land in the Shaunovan area as well as Link, and my (Lee)s guess is that the Murray family would have raised unholy hell if the Devine-Wall Brain Trust had not allowed the Murray family at least one sale.

Another way to cross check the above is to go into any of the sales, scroll down to Swift Current Area lll, note there is a lot of play in that field, but look down the TWP (Township) line, note Devine-Wall Brain Trust tendered calls for drill rights in TWP 1 to 6, near the US Border, ie: below TWP 9 and 10, and above 9 and 10, ie: 12 to 20, BUT none in TWP 9 and 10, the area of Links land.

The Crown, ie: the taxpayers, own the mineral rights, in this case the oil, and that is why all Provincial Governments hold a auction sale of the right for anyone with deep enough pockets to come in and drill, if they strike oil by Saskatchewan law they have to piece off the landowner for the enviroment dykes, roads, piles of drill mud and capping concrete laying around, the cost is pocket money to the Oil Boys, but there is constant squabbling and bitterness; the Oil boys make a fortune and the landowners are paid peanuts in surface rights compensation.

BUT now Link will by-pass the cost of paying off the land owner, because he is the owner, “good old saskatchewan farm boy ‘git her done’”, does it again. Link does not have even a MBA, although his Columbian wife, Rubella, is a hot shot Columbian Lady Lawyer who worked for Nexen in Columbia. Link is in a unique situation because of Nexen giving him access to seismic paper trails, he knew exactly what land to buy, his personal wealth from Nexen coupled with his wife Rubiela’s access to Columbia money and access to low interest borrowed money, have created a situation where Link is in a perfect economic situation, he will buy his own drill rig to drill on the land where he owns the surface rights.

Google “province nets $105.7M in land sales leader post staff”, note that the Link/Oil/NDP corruption Chickens are coming home to roost, the 2012 land sales revenue is only 40% (forty percent) of last years and note that the highest price paid for a parcel was just south of Gull Lake, proving the high value of the Swift Current field, the taxpayer owned oil field that Links land floats on, but no tenders were called furthur south for the taxpayer owned oil under Links land.

Google “jack mintz: don’t count on oil mitz”. It is true that the Link/Devine-Wall Brian Trust Oil scam will not last long, but note the taxpayers need whatever revenue there is for the next few years from drilling right sales on Links land or near Links land and a bigger concern is are the Devine -Wall BrainTrust going to collect royalties on the barrels of oil Link pumps?

As a note of interest, taxpaying voters who believe that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust and Link should get an award for “most innovative official scam” of the decade should google “biofuel credits behind mystery cross-border train shipments nicole, seglins”, note that brilliant, brazen, scam out performs all Ruling Elite who has gone before, including Lane note below:

Web readers are asked to note that Link, the two Garys (Lane/Drummond), even Barack’s Banker Bastards on Wall Street, must bow before that truly brilliant tanker train scam; “efficency are us”, they do not even pump the oil off one tanker train into another, the steady, cross border, back and forth, to and fro, tanker train of bio-fuel transfer scam, with the bio-fuel outfit collecting a subsidy everytime the same tanker train carrying the same oil crosses the border, one way or the other, that is Einstein genius level corruption but maybe Link and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should receive the brazen award, note the following:

I (Lee) ask Web readers to review “FOLLOW THE MONEY rural zoning”, note where I set out that the Harper PMO changed the Criminal Code on conflict of interest to stop a re-run of Drummond and the Sask Energy officials scaming a Billion dollars of taxpayer money in the Chanell Lake natural gas scam, which Drummond pulled while his former law partner, Lane, was a Court of Appeal Judge and Link was Premier Roys Minister of Everything, BUT consider this:

Google “ criminal code of canada part xiii sections 463 to 467” and note that on July 7th 2012, the MPs carried legislation including Section 466 with reference to “resticting trade for a criminal purpose”. The legislation relates to the control of Criminal Gangs “resticting trade” for a “crminal purpose” and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust actions in not selling drilling rights on or near Links land is a “restriction of trade” but the other half of the possible Criminal Code offence under Section 466 is the evidence that Link destroyed the NDP, but therein lies the question, and it is a very good question.

The question for a Court, under Section 466 of the Criminal Code is; should the destruction of the corrupt, communistic, Saskatchewan NDP under Calvert, be a Criminal Code offence, or a good days work, with Queens Medals handed to Link/Devine-Wall Brain Trust, the Great Good God Google, WordPress, this Web site and Web Master, and the site Publisher, me (Lee), except that the Devine -Wall Brain Trust will not see me recieve a award for anything whatsoever, ever.

Poor puns about Queens Medals aside, NDP supporters should note that the Saskatchewan NDP have have only one hope to ever form Government again in Saskatchewan, google “ criminal code of canada private prosecution s. 507.1”, there must be dozens of Saskatchewan NDP Lawyers with nothing to do these days, so a Private Prosecution of Link and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust under Section 466 of the Criminal Code will give a couple of them work for a while.

Goggle “rcmp failed to track internal misconduct for years cbc”; the RCMP will coverup Ruling Elite fraud so unless the NDP spends a ton of money on US Private Investigators, they will not have any hard evidence of fraud beyond the compelling paper trail set out in this Website and it will have to go to the Supreme Court under any situation and they may not win, but Murray Mandryk, Saskatchewans leading political expert, believes the NDP has to try something google “ndp still not reaching out enough mandryk” and “ ‘mission impossible’? ndp seeks to make inroads in sask mackey metro news canada”.

Note below the “political” steps that could be taken parallel to the legal action and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the for the next three years the parrallel political/Judicial efforts would feed each other in the press and public:

1) bite the bullet on their “idiot honorable”, Len Taylor’s edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for Earle Argue was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick to obtain development approval and throw Taylor, Clavert and his Chief of Staff, Lois Thacyk, under the Bus by asking questions in the Legislature over the Devine-Walls Brain Trust ignoring the Strudwick bribe issue with Earle and Sharie Argue.

2) raise question in the Leg over the Devine-Wall Brain Trust not calling tenders for drill rights into the taxpayer Oil that Links 40 (forty) sections of land floats on.

3) review FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME and start their November 2015 campaign right now with a published plan to remove the RMs and form thirteen Counties with borders contiguous with the Health and School Districts with one Administrator, note the Village population is three times the farm population so promise to divide the seventy five million dollar savings in RM Administration costs among the four hundred and fifty Villages as infrastructure grants, with panels of Village Mayors controlling Rural zoning and development.

4) review segment LADY LORI – NEMESIS, and plan to campaign in 2015 on taking the half a Billion ($.5B) dollars of taxpayer money SARM has in their slush fund back into general revenue, and publish that formal tax studys show that under SARMs rule the City ratepayers pay 40% higher taxes to ensure the fifty thousand farm homes receive four times the value in service then the three hundred City homes, in short, campaign on a promise to end SARM and RM corruption by eliminating them, review Solomon’s SASKATCHEWANS CURSE.

I (Lee) have been duped into using this Web site to carry the can for Link and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to accomplish the destruction of the NDP but I am proud of this Web site because the destruction of the corrupt, communistic, NDP under Calvert and company was a good days work. Review LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, scroll down to my letters, the last lines in the letters where I warn the NDP Ruling Elite, Taylor and Clavert, the Argues would not pay Strudwick her bribes to be granted development approval and they must end the Strudwick corruption but they laughed at me and used a google “slapp” to destroy me.

To be fair to Calvert, before the NDP used their tame NDP Judge, Lady Janet McMurtry, to destroy me (Lee), and Earle and Sharie’s dream development, they used NDP activist, Lousie Simard, to offer the Argues a million dollar bribe to give up their dream and go away quietly, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 64. – 66., but the Argues refused the bribe. NDP Calvert had invested millions of dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayers money in Drummonds Ethanol Plant and the RM Administrators demanded bribes to approve any development so NDP Calvert had a hell of a problem when the Argues refused the bribe to go away.

Google “strudwick reports to premier and minister”, and I (Lee) believe that after Earle refused the bribe offer to go away quietly, Calverts Chief of Staff, Lois Thacyk then worked with the RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to use a google “slapp” action against me (Lee) and then worked with the NDP Lady Judge, the Hon Janet McMurtry, to find me quilty of libel of Strudwick to protect the Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine and its access to the $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million) Federal Ethanol subisdy.

BUT NDP Calvert/Thacyk lost control when Roy McMurtry, probably briefed by his daughter, Lady Janet, saw a chance to scam several millions of dollars in Federal Ethanol Subsidy, so used his “Just Energy” front to buy the Drummond Ethanol Plant and McMurtry then took advantage of the fact his daughter, Lady Janet McMurtry, had a chance to establish a common law precedent regarding the fact it is libel to complain about bribes to Ruling Elite, LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and this caused my (Lee)s destruction and the Argue dream.

BUT there is hope, Strudwicks SLAPP against me (Lee) lead to the SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940, this Web site, and LADY JANET AND THE CJC, which the CJC refuses to address, leading to Lady Lori use of her lovely bare body in the “Lady Godiva” segment series and the increases in visits to this Web site.

Web readers are asked to remember that Link and Roy never did like each other very much and when Link believed that Roy had blocked his (Links) plan to seek the NDP Leadership after Roy resigned, Link came to hate Roy with a vengance and I (Lee) am starting to believe that I have been used and ask Web readers to note that FOLLOW THE MONEY was put in site after two odd occurences:

1) Link knew that once I (Lee) made a commitment I would go to the Gates of Hell to obtain development approval for Earle’s $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing the arrogant, lying, corrupt, slut, RM Administrator Strudwick, and he called me to a coffee meeting in the Atlantis coffee house in the Avord Tower where he advised that he was running to be NDP Leader but wanted to warn me that even if he ended up Premier it would change nothing, Strudwick would still have to be paid her bribes; I believed Link was being honest in warning me, but now realize that I was played by a genius.

2) a few days later, in the same coffee house, a stranger in a suit, came up to me, and after reminding me (Lee) what floor of the Avord Tower the Olive Law office was on advised that I go up to the 15th floor and check out the connecting offices, which I did do and even if I am the stupidest man in Canada, figured out, from the connecting offices, the implications of the relationships, and the end result was segment FOLLOW THE MONEY, research lead to segment SEA OF CORRUPTION, then as night follows day lead to FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, to LADY JANET AND THE CJC and now to the LADY LORI series of segment.

Facts remain in Web sites forever and depending on the level of Access Web site ads the NDP may never recover but SARM does not like this Web site and are pressuring the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to take me down and note the last paragraphs of LADY LORI – NEMESIS, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust could order me slaughtered anytime they wanted but have let me run, WHY? My enemies agree this site had a negative effect on the NDP and the site exists because Link told me Strudwick had to be paid bribes to approve Earles $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development, that is no coincidence, note the following:

Web readers are reffered to “IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH rural zoning”, again you must tack on “rural zoning” to get into the site, but please do and then note that Link sent me to my long time friend, Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith, with instructions to go to the Calgary lawyers acting for the SPUDCO guys and tell them that he (Link) was prepared to betray his Cabinet oath of secrecy regarding the NDP Cabinet SPUDCO decisions.

Lloyd did as asked and when SPUDCOs Calgary lawyers told Calverts Attorney General lawyers that Link was threatening to break Cabinet secrecy and go public, Calvert caved in and paid off the SPUDCO lawsuit, the SPUDCO guys ended up with a ton of money, many sections of land, a few potato barns, a small Ethanol Plant and the NDP looked to the voters to be the corrupt morons that they are and I (Lee) believe that was part of his (Link)s deal with the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to destroy the NDP in exchange for giving Link a free hand with the taxpayer Oil his land floats on in the Shaunavon area.

Google “membership forgery case ends with guilty plea new release februrary 14th 2012” & “morin ndp membership forgery rural zoning”, note many search results where segments of this Web site brief the reader on the Morin NDP Membership forgery debacle and as I (Lee) wrote those segments, I wondered what Link was up too. No political organizer would forge one thousand memberships; the honest guys would refuse because it is corrupt to the core of politics, and the sleaze guys would refuse because they know that they would be caught if they forged a thousand memberships, yet the geniuses, Link, Garry Aldrich, Wil Olive and Reg Gross, knowing they would be caught, did it, WHY?

Review FOLLOW THE MONEY, remember to add on “rural zoning”, note that I (Lee) believed that Link was trying to corner the Ethanol/bio desiel scam of collecting the seventy seven million dollars Federal subsidy for each Ethanol Plant, BUT Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith and his colleagues believed that Link wanted to be Premier so that he could pump the sea of Oil under his 40 (forty) sections of land to the surface without paying royalties and into a pipeline to take it the few miles south to a refinery in the northern US.

Another of my (Lee)s smart/paranoid confidants, a lawyer, believed the same thing as the Outlook guys, but added the notion that Link and Bill Boyd had a secret deal where Bill would scuttle the Sask Party and with Link as Premier, he (Bill) and his land floating on a sea of natural gas, and Links land floating on a sea of oil would end up with enough money to buy a couple of Swiss Banks.

I (Lee) failed to recognize the truth in what my paranoid lawyer confidant set out My problem was that I believed my confidant was paranoid but my confidant had it right, just backwards , Links only interest is big money and as the Outlook guys said, using his position as Premier to obtain that money, and I failed in not realizing that Link can accomplish the same thing by doing a deal with the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, he (Link) has destroyed the NDP in exchange for them allowing Link to do what he wants with the sea of taxpayer Oil his land floats on.

I (Lee) believe that Link and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust have used the fact of Strudwicks power within SARM and her efficent, corrupt, Germanic arrogant, brazen, ruthlessness and her hatred of the Argues on one hand, and my “good soldier” ability on the other hand, because Link knew that once I made a commitment, as I had to Earle and Sharie Argue, that I would follow through on that commitment to the Gates of Hell, so Link and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust used me to destroy the NDP, but those chickens are now coming home to roost.

Google “rural zoning corruption in canada” & “rural zoning corruption in north america” & “rural zoning corruption world wide”. Note there are well over 50 million domain Web sites in the US and Canada and over half a Billion around the world and this Web site showing up as first search results regarding rural zoning corruption, has positioned this Web site as a established, well regarded, anti-corruption site, google “ what is a anti-corruption web site?”.

Given the position of this “well watched-well liked” anti-corruption Web site it is insanity for the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to agree with the NDP corrupt, communist, clown, Crown Minister, Len Taylor, Ministers edict that Earle, and my (Lee) as Earle’s representative, only option to obtain approval for Earles development is to bribe RM Administrator Strudwick, so why are they doing it?

My (Lee)s stance on the point regarding the Devine-Wall Brain Trust is sound; they are not insane, so consider another Sherlock Holmes axiom, google “when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”, and I believe, that as part of the deal to destroy the NDP, Link did a side deal with the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to block Earle’s development.

I (Lee) repeat, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust are not stupid, they are not cowards, they are not insane and they have long experience, so why do they (Devine-Wall Brain Trust) support the corrupt NDP Clown (Taylor) ruling that Strudwick must be paid bribes to approve Earles Development?, one theory below:

Google “kelly mcparland: alberta legislature in a rare fury as opposition demands redford step down mcparland”. Note that “pillow talk” causes political spouses to know where the bodies are buried so must treat each other with care, but Link says nothing, ever, to anyone, even wives, but there is evidence that Link is vindictive and I believe that Link asked the Devine-Wall Brain Trust that Earle be denied his development as part of the package, note below:

Links first wife Marie’s family are old line Shaunavon Liberals and Marie used her family political power in the Shaunavon Liberal community to get them to vote NDP to have her then brand new husband, Link, elected in the first place but despite that fact, when Link and Marie divorced, Link, as Roys Minister of Everything, blocked Marie from Teaching anywhere in Southern Saskatchewan, but because Maries family was Liberal, Marie, through Federal Indian Affairs, ended up at Leoville, at the edge of the known world, teaching a Indian School.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 28.-29., note that Link, as Deputy Premier, had given me (Lee) instructions that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid and to leave the Argues to their fate but when Link left for Nexen I acted to try to help the Argues and now believe Link is so vindictive he asked that Earle not be allowed development approval when he did a deal with the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to destroy the NDP in exchange for the oil his land floats on.

Google “the reality of a failed state nigeria”, note reference to “unconscionably corrupt”, a usefull phrase. If there is a Link deal to destroy the NDP in exchange for a few million barrels of taxpayer Oil, that is the usual Saskatchewan hardball politics, but destroying Earles development for no reason known to man except meanness, is so “unconscionably corrupt” that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust could ethically and legally ignore even a signed/notarized deal with Link.

I (Lee) believe it is self-evident that the Sask Party supporters, to face themselves to shave, or put on makeup and brush their hair, should review LADY LORI-SOLUTIONS, the last paragraphs of SARM LEADER LIES, and note the Strudwick bribe for development debacle could be resolved at no cost to the taxpayer in 1 (one) minute by Reiter signing one incorporation document.


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