bob-001There is an unintended consequence of my (Lee)s Strudwick/Argue bribery project. Google “rm of sherwood”, note a search result sometimes shows the LADY LORI-SOLUTIONS segment describing the RM of Sherwood’s historic corruption. If it does not show, readers who are interested in the RM of Sherwood using the same “surround Regina” scam since 1905, just google: “edgar dewdney, city of regina, rm of sherwood, historic corruption”.

Google “”, scroll down to the brief bio for Alain Gravel, CBC journalist, whose investigation forced a public inquiry into Quebec Ruling Elite Corruption, then scroll back to picture of Anna Marie, click on “listen”, when a panel comes up on the left of the screen click on “listen 23:46” for Anna Marie’s interview with Alain, the tape starts with Marlo’s “free to be you and me…”, then moves on to other items ending with Alain’s account of Ruling Elite corruption.

One item missing from Alain’s corruption account is reference to another Quebec anti elite corruption hero, the Hon Jules Deschenes (deceased), co-author with Dr. Carl Baar, of “Masters In Their Own House”, hard evidence of Ruling Elites control of the Judiciay, TURNING OVER ROCKS. Now google “quebec developer alleges corruption sank alberta project-montreal-cbc news.”, read it and note the CBC account, with this Web site, is hard evidence of massive Canadian Ruling Elite corruption, including the RCMP, review TOP COP DAYDREAMS and the Judiciary, BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

Google “protestors take stand against corruption in quebec cbc” and note that the Alain Gravel CBC article reports exactly the same level, type and method of Ruling Elite corruption as I (Lee) do in this Web site regarding the Strudwick/ Argue bribery issue and confirms what I have, ie: Ruling Elite official Corruption is massive and absolute. Four Regina Lawyers advised Earle and I that it was impossible to get by Strudwick and following that a NDP Crown Minister, Len Taylor, confimed that legal advise by ruling that our only option to obtain approval from RM Administrator Donna Strudwick was to carry her “flowers, chocolates and perfume” ( bribes), LADY JANET AND THE CJC, complaint 1:.

Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note that CBC Saskatchewan dismissed the Strudwick bribes for zoning issue as a “minor zoning dispute”, despite that dismissal the CBC investigative Journalist, Alain Gravel’s, work uncovering Ruling Elite corruption parallels exactly my work for Earle attempting to obtain approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick, but there is variation in bribe demands.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 16.- 19., a expert advised me (Lee) that Strudwick required bribes of 2% (two percent) of cash flow, whereas there is hard evidence Mulroney required bribes of 6% (six percent) of cash flow on Federal Real Estate deals and google “montreal mayor and engineers demanded bribes of 6 ½% of cash flow” and the CBC’s Alain Gravel reports on a 5% of cash flow bribe demand from the Lamont Alberta Town Administrator.

Google “carney warns of risk from us erman” & “corruption, tax evasion has cost developing world $6 trillion-report retuers” & “corruption economies are doomed”; there is no doubt whatsoever but that the lying, corrupt, scum, Strudwick and her evil ilk must be brought to heel if Saskatchewan taxpaying voters do not want to starve in the streets.

Google “tory mp’s park ethics in refuge’s case mandryk”. I (Lee) urge Web readers to review Murrays article and note that social side nonsense is not the only time our Ruling Elite “park” their ethics, google “biofuel firm linked to fraud probe is in line for $65-million ottawa grant leblanc” note eastern outfits owning Ethanol Plants are investigated for fraud regarding the Federal Ethanol subsidy.

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, & LADY JANET AND THE CJC, note “Just Energy” with Lady Janet’s father, Board member Roy McMurty, had been found guilty of fraud in both the US and Canada. Taxpayers are reminded that “Just Energy” owns the Terra Grains Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine and the Calvert NDP invested millions of taxpayer dollars in that plant, google “cic terra grains”. “Just Energy’s” fraud guilt means the taxpayers millions are paying US fines.

It gets worse. Google “mortgage fraud lawsuits fail to deter bank cheating experts say huff post”, note that in the US millions, even Billions in fines, mean nothing to the officials unless they are charged under the Criminal Code BUT here in Canada the RCMP destroy the evidence of Rural Ruling Elite official corruption, LADY JANET AND THE CJC, complaint 10:, so charges under the Criminal Code against the Ruling Elite officials mean nothing here in Caanda.

Now google “bill browder wins fight to ban corruption in russia national post”, & “are politicians psychopaths? freeman”. Our perverse Ruling Elite allow the Hon Len Taylor, a Crown Minister, to rule his officials bribes must be paid but they look at legislation to ban official corruption in Russia. I (Lee) may well be the stupidest man in Canada, but have dealt with the bastards, and their evil, lying, corrupt, Officials, for my entire working life and I know a psychopath when they threaten me, review DEJA VU EDENWOLD and these guys are psychopaths.

Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, the Federal fraud probe set out preceding is consistent with my (Lee)s Lady Janet complaint, review the first paragraphs of GARY LANE AND THE CJC, note Lady Janet’s father, Roy McMurtry’s, outfit “Just Energy”, has been found guilty of fraud in both the US and Canada and the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) refuses to even acknowledge my Lady Janet complaint and are too cowardly to formally turf the complaint as they did my Lane complaint, google “cic1 rural zoning”, or to order me “suicided”.

Google “inquiry into judge’s sex scandal in legal limbo blatchford” & “new lead lawyer chosen for manitoba judge inquiry cp”, note contradiction and review the last paragraphs of LADY LORI RAUNCH & RACISM and the first of LADY LORI, A BEACON, for my (Lee)s prediction the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) will shut down their Inquiry into Lady Lori’s sex life, a first media report suggests the inquiry will be shut down, the second it won’t, a clear contradiction, note below:

Google “ suzanne cote, montreal, quebec bio”. Cote is a “barracuda” a high priced, heavy hitting, hotshot, Montreal Lady Litigation Lawyer that the CJC hired to replace Guy Pratte, a decent guy who tried to protect Lady Lori, does show the CJC intends to hound Lady Lori to her grave over her sex life while the CJC covers up Ruling Elite economic corruption, GARY LANE AND THE CJC, google “cic1 rural zoning”; they will not acknowledge my (Lee)s Lady Janet complaint LADY JANET AND THE CJC, or find the balls to order me “suicided”.

Review LADY LORI AND A UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE, I (Lee) pushed for the Lady Lori inquiry regarding Earle’s development, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 67.-70. and google “cjc lady lori public inquiry” note segments of this Web site, are referenced through out the CJC Lady Lori Inquiry Web site, the Lady Lori inquiry has served Earle well.

My (Lee)s push for the CJC Lady Lori Inquiry cost me a long time friend, google “ottawa architect lester johnson”, & “cic1 rural zoning”, note last half of page 2. I pushed the Lady Lori inquiry in the belief it would serve as a google “lady godiva” type of beacon shining light on CJC coverup of Saskatchewan Ruling Elite corruption, and it worked, Web visits have doubled in the last year.

lady_godiva_Lady Lori is a reluctant “Lady Godiva” symbol using her lovely bare body on the internet to high-light judicial corruption in Saskatchewan, as “back in the day”, the original Lady Godiva, used her lovely bare body riding naked on her horse through the Town square to high-light her Lord Husbands abuse of peasant’s on his estate, it worked “back in the day”, and it might work now for Earle Argue.

Now that I (Lee) have come to understand the meaning of the word Nemesis, google “nemesis”, I hope that Lady Lori is more a modern day “Nemesis”, a no swords, no head lopping, “Nemesis”, but serveing Earle, LADY LORI AND A UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE. Until now I thought that “Nemesis” meant a persistent, evil, able, enemy, such as Dr. Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes storys, google “ dr. moriarty is the nemesis of sherlock holmes”, but Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of Justice and Revenge, she was one neat, head lopping, Lady.

Web readers, especially women, are asked to google “romneys binders of women” note that modern women are kept in binders brought out when Ruling Elites such as Mitt Romney want to color up a fairy tale, or want to be google “fuddle-duddled”, their children cared for, their supper cooked, shirts ironed, ties picked, the CTV/CBC/CNN/ABC/NBC news read to them, their computer or entry level administration work done, but women should be cognicent that in Greece, at the dawn of Democracy, their job was to lop heads off corrupt males.

Google “you’ve come a long way baby”, the famous Virgina Slim cigarette ad from back in the day, (the 1960’s), that hooked young professional women on smoking. I (Lee) remember it well because my wife Lorna was a Pharmacist who smoked, Players was Lornas brand of choice, not Virginia Slims, and when Lorna died of breast cancer many of her colleagues believed her smoking was the cause rather than the stress caused by my refusal to pay bribes to her Colleagues, the Highway Engineers and the threats on my life by those Professional Engineers, who Lorna had partied with in University, review DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW.

Web readers asked to review a few of the search results in that Virgina Slim ad, note the point was being made that women were rising in accomplishment and stature, just as they are now, references were made, then as now, to “cracking the glass ceiling” and the Virginia Slim cigarette spinners took advantage of the young women’s desire to crack that ceiling, but again google “you’ve come a long way baby”, and I (Lee) believe the Virginia Slim ad may refer to a long way down into a sewage lagoon with mangy Ruling Elite scum such as Strudwick, and Lady Janet, instead of a long way up to crack a glass ceiling, note below:

nemesisGoogle “nemesis greek goddess of justice and revenge” and “nemesis and the furies” note that Nemesis was the Greek Goddess of Justice and Revenge and was often depicted carrying a sword, not scales, and never blind folded. She (Nemesis) used the Furies as her bodygurds and hatchet women and the Furies were described as being vengefull and Nemesis as remorseless, and in her pictures Nemesis is depicted as looking around for a corrupt male Greek Ruling Elite head to lop off, google “greek goddess nemesis and the furies pictures”.

Web readers are asked to compare the depiction of the Greek Goddess Nemesis, with her Furies, to todays depiction of a blind folded Lady Judge with her fore finger on the scales of Justice, peeking out from under her Blind fold to make sure her finger is pushing the scales the way she had been instructed by the Ruling Elite Officials, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC.

Perhaps its my (Lee)s imagination and its hard to be sure because the blind fold covers part of her face and at trial Lady Janets face and hands are all that can be seen out side her robes, but I watched her during the trial and noted she was a comely woman with elegant hands and I knew Chris Axworthy married only comely women and that is a elegant, well cared for lady finger on the scales of Justice, so I believe that Lady Janet served as a model in the picture below, now compare that to pictures of Nemesis with her sword and Furies below:

nemesis-and-the-furiesGoogle “bob-oct30-001 rural zoning” and note the magic of the Great Google takes the reader straight to a full size reprint of Premier Roys letter to me (Lee) and note Roy advised that he had a deal with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) and my confidants ask why Premier Roy went to the such great lengths to do a deal with SARM to the Meyer Brownstone type RM amalgamation plan, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 92. – 95., SASKATCHEWANS CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Web readers are asked to note that in attempt to accomplish RM amalgamation Roy gave away the store, ie: Roy agreed to SARM “discretionary zoning” power and agreed to end Provincial control of SARMs Administrators, the lying, mangy corrupt, scum, such as Strudwick note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 27. giving them “self governing” status similar to lawyers, giving the corrupt RM scum a liscence to demand bribes from Developers in exchange for SARM agreeing to amalgamation, Roy did that in a attempt to save taxpayer money.

IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY. It is self evident that the purpose of this Web site is Earle Argues money, a one time $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development for Earle with a once in a life time $10,000,000.00 ( ten million dollar) cash flow (pre tax) profit for Earle and about $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) a year for the tax payers from School and Property tax as compared to hundreds of million dollars taxpayer money Roy was dealing with.

Compare my (Lee)s effort to help Earle with the $10,000,000.00 (ten million dollar) Strudwick corruption with Premier Roy’s duty to the taxpayers and 26 (twenty six) times as much money, ie: two hundred and sixty million dollars of taxpayer money, there is no comparison between one Developer, (Earle)s, problem with one mangy scum of a RM Administrator (Strudwick) and what Roy was trying to deal with. For a start review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 16. and note that Revenue Canada allows the Developers to deduct the cost of bribes to corrupt sluts such as Donna Strudwick as a cost of doing business.

Premier Roy was well aware that the Developers are not out of pocket paying bribes to Strudwick and her ilk because the Developers can deduct the bribes as a cost of doing business; the Developers problem is risk of incarceration and losing their souls at being forced to their knees before a corrupt slut such as RM Administrator Strudwick, BUT the Devine Gang had “disappeared” Ten Billion dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money so Roy had a bankrupt Province to administer and no time to worry about the souls of Developers.

Review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, note that the segment is titled after a white paper by Lawrence Solomon, the bottom line is simple, Saskatchewan’s 300 (three hundred ) Rural Municipalities and 450 ( four hundred and fifty) Villages make Saskatchewan a laughing stock. Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 21, note that over fifty years ago, Meyer Brownstone developed a plan to force amalgamation of the RMs by having 5 (five) RMs group into one unit and eliminate SARM, ending Rural corruption, follow the Math, note below:

Divide 5 into 300, the product is 60, that means the Province would end up with 60 Rural administrative units with a average population of about 2500. Compare that to 300 RMs, with administration cost of $250,000.00 for each RM, for a total annual cost of $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollars) to administer a population of 150,000, divide that into $75,000,000.00 and the product is $500.00, ie: the per capita cost of RM Administration is $500.00, which is insane google “the cost of governance in small size municipalities”.

As example, google “population of the rm of bone creek”, where Link owns 40 (forty) sections of land floating on a sea of taxpayer oil has a population of 340. The Hon Billy Boyd’s RM (Kindersley) has 987 souls living in it, and the two RMs Jim Reiter administered, Marriot and Pleasant Valley, 345 and 410, average the 4 (four) RMs, and note it is 520 (five hundred and twenty). Again google “the cost of governance in small size municipalities”, the Feds have studied the cost of administering Indian Reserves/RMs and Saskatchewan’s numbers are nuts.

Now look at it from Premier Roys point of view, he had a bankrupt province to administer, he had Lawrence Solomons white paper “Saskatchewan’s Curse”, he had the Brownstone plan, he had common sense and sanity, to support his position and he could save $60,000,000.00 (sixty million dollars) in RM administration costs each and every year, do the math, divide five into three hundred, the product is sixty, means there would be sixty units to administer, subtract sixty from three hundred, the product is two hundred and forty fewer RMs, multiply that by $250,000.00 per RM, the product is a $60,000,000.00 (sixty million dollars) saving annually, a lot of money to a Bankrupt Province.

But the saving in RM administration cost was a just a small part of savings if the RMs amalgamted and SARM eliminated. Review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, note the first paragraph, a MOG study, google “what does mog stand for in saskatchewan tax study” shows that the RMs receive 44% (forty four percent) more sevice from the taxpayers than the City residents. Stats Canada states there is 373,000 (three hundred and seventy three) Saskatchewan house holds each paying $1,630.00 (one thousand sixteen hundred and thirty dollars) tax, to provide services to the taxpayers homes, that totals $607,990,000.00 (six hundred and seven million, nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars) revenue.

Google “rural population the encyclopedia of saskatchewan”, note there was 50,000 (fifty thousand) farmers…. MOG calculates the RMs, who make up only 15% (fifteen percent) of the population so have 56,000 (fifty six thousand) households in the RMs compared to 317,000 (three hundred and seventeen thousand) households in the Citys BUT the RM households receive 44% more value in services meaning the RMs receive $4,800.00 per household in services whereas the City residents receive $1,100.00 per household in services.

If the RMs 56,000 Farm households received the same dollar value in services as the 317,000 City households then the cost to provide services to all 373,000 households would be $1,100.00 x 373,000, the product is $410,300,000.00, a annual saving of $197,690,000.00, round that off to two hundred million dollars. Now add the $200,000,000.00 savings to the $60,000,000.00 saving in administration cost by eliminating the RMs and SARM for a total of $260,000,000,00 (two hundred and sixty million dollars) a lot of money to a bankrupt Province and that is why Roy tried to achieve RM amalgamation.

Web readers are asked to again review SARM LEADER LIES, and LADY LORI A BEACON, note the SARM Leaders lead Premier Roy down the garden path, SARM pretended to agree to the idea of self directed amalgamation and as part of the package Roy gave them the right to “discretionary zoning” and gave SARM Administratators the right to a “self governing” status, same as lawyers, but once SARM had tricked as many concessions out of Roy as they could, the lying bastards, (SARM) reneged on their promise to Roy to self amalgamate.

Web readers are asked to note two hundred and sixty million dollars, quarter of a Billion, in annual savings is a lot of money. Google “wall’s vision inspires by being practical mandryk”, scroll to the end of Murrays column, note that Premier Brad will take “150 million” dollars out of the Provinces “Growth and Financial Security Fund” to help full fill his pipe dream but if the RMs amalgamated and SARM elimintated, then in 7 (seven) months the taxpayers would save the 150 million dollars Premier Brad wants, google “cooked books leave oily residue mandryk”, Murray warns Premier Brad creative accounting solves nothing real.

I (Lee) have been asked why Premier Roy caved in to the SARM Ruling Elite, gave them everything they asked for in exchange for agreeing to self imposed amalgamation in the first place, and then did nothing when SARM stabbed him in the back on amalgamation, SARM LEADER LIES, and its a good question. I have been told theories by knowledgable people of answers ranging from SARM blackmail of Roy regarding collection and payment of school tax; the SARM blackmail went on into the Calvert NDP administration after Roy resigned as Premier, google “rural lobby group threatens tax revolt loydminister meridian booster” to a tale of Roy simply giving up when the SARM Leaders stabbed him in the back by reneging on a good faith amalgamation agreement.

But I (Lee) have a different take on why Premier Roy let SARM get away with their venaility. Review LADY JANEY AND THE CJC complaint 12:, note the hard evidence, to wit: a Queens Bench Judge, Lady Janet McMurtry, ruled that the RM Administrators report to the Premier and Minister Responsible and while I (Lee) will never be able to prove it, it is my belief that the hard left of the NDP demand that the Developers must pay bribes to corrupt mangy scum such as RM Administrator Strudwick to be granted development approval, and Roy, as NDP Leader/Premier, disagreed with his hard left Brain Trust, so resigned.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that what is set out in the preceding paragraph was proven when the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, after Roys resignation, ruled that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Donna Strudwick, review Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940, note that is hard evidence that the NDP hard left forced then Premier Roy to bow to SARM and their Administrators, such as Strudwick.

Roy did bow but then resigned as Premier/NDP Leader dooming his own NDP, with the corrupt Liberals, google “adscam”, to the garbage can of history with the Greens replacing them, google “for wall it seems green is the colour mandryk”, if Victor elects a MLA maybe they will raise the Strudwick corruption in the Leg.

It is self evident that the hard left of the NDP are Communists, COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, and that is why the NDP Ruling Elite insisted that a Developer had to pay bribes to one of the NDP Premier’s Senior Officials, RM Administrator, Strudwick, to approve the Argue development, but the question is why the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, a free enterprise administration, carry on with the NDP Communistic insistence that a Government official, ie: Strudwick, must be paid bribes to approve developments; that is against free enterprise philosophy, why does the Devine-Wall Brain Trust support the Strudwick bribes?

This Web site is thriving, the visit count has doubled since the November 2011 election from three hundred to over six hundred visits a month. Review the last few paragraphs of LADY JANET AND THE CJC, note that this sites US roxor ranking is high, twelve million out of fifty five million US domain sites, and I (Lee) am told that is a excellent US ranking for a Canadian corruption site and google “mulroney: social media ‘revolution’ hurting politics kenndy”.

That “fuddle-duddle” corrupt thug of a Brian Mulroney could have been talking about this Web site when he demeaned himself as a former Prime Minister with his cowardly whine. Review NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN the two cartoons sent me by Web readers are classics, yet the Devine -Wall Brain Trust risk voter revolt regarding Strudwick’s bribes and one of my (Lee)s confidants questions if Earles refusal to pay Strudwick bribes is the problem with the Devine-Wall Brain Trust because they are very edgy of corruption, note below:

Google “health ministery makes changes in wake of amicus couture”, Premier Brad has demanded his Saskatoon “catholic mafia” back off on their Amicus cozy crony scams. Now review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll down to near the end, documents page 4, my affidavit to use restitution funds to establish a Foundation to make sure the STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON continues,
note that I (Lee) will go to the Gates of Hell and back to obtain approval for Earles thirty million dollar development without bribing Donna Strudwick, then use any restitution accruing to me to try to make sure the NDP and their corrupt Unions and NGO’s never destroy any other honest taxpaying voter.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust know they can not lose on the Strudwick bribes; I (Lee) have swore affidavit to use any restitution accruing to me to try to protect the taxpayers from the NDP and if the Devine-Wall Brain Trust wanted to protect Strudwick they could have ordered the RCMP to “suicide” me, google “jack wolfe mla suicide” or charge me with nonsense, incarcerate me awaiting trial with jail guards shooting me “escaping” or the Attorney General could give a Native Posse Leader a walk on his gang murders to slaughter me while in remand.

Web readers who believe the idea of my slaughter to cover up Elite corruption is nonsense should read Stevie Camerons best selling book “On The Take”,google “on the take crime, corruption and greed in the mulroney years”, detailing the “suicide” of a few Mulroney bagmen, google “john grant mulroney suicide”.My (Lee)s favourite Mulroney victim is John Grant. I came to know his widow and daughter after his death and he (Grant) made medical history; the Mulroney Elite officials ruled he “suicided” by stabbing himself 17 times in the heart.

There has not been a threat on my (Lee)s life for many years, not since the google “fuddle – duddle” thugs of Highway Civil Engineers threatened me, DEJA VU EDENWOLD, maybe “coincidence” or the corrupt bastards believe that I am just too old, broke, and stupid to accomplish anything, BUT google “there are no coincidences” and this Web site’s visit numbers have doubled in a year and are a threat to the scum, but the Devine-Wall BrainTrust have not slaughtered me, or bribed a Queens Bench Judge to order this Web site shut down, WHY?

Another aspect to the Strudwick/Argue bribery for development debacle is the question of Link’s deliberate destruction of the NDP which question has been raised with me (Lee) many times by supporters of different Political Partys, but police detectives and Journalists say money is always the motive and I saw no money in it for Link to destroy the NDP, but recent events caused me to revisit that belief and Web readers are asked to consider the following:

Google “for wall it seems green is the colour mandryk”, note Murray refers to a Wall attack ad against the Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidates and Mulcair. I (Lee) watched the ad and was struck by the fact the Devine-Wall Brain Trust attack ad used material straight out of my Web segment,THE MCMURTY DISEASE to run the attack ads. After noticing the Devine-Wall Brain Trust NDP attack ad, my (Lee)s mind stayed on Link and looked at it from the direction of; what could the Devine-Wall Brain Trust have used to bribe Link to destroy the NDP? the answer is google “mindboggling”, note below:

One of my (Lee)s confidants had noticed a deep drill rig working to the north east of Shanuavon and when I (Lee) researched to find who was drilling for Link there is no record of sale of Crown drill rights in the area, that is when the Sherlock Holmes tale of google “the dog who didn’t bark” drifted through my mind, coming to “drill rights not sold”, and why were drill rights not sold? There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Crown (taxpayers) own the oil and control drill rights so if there was a drill rig Link was drilling without a tender call, which is unheard of, so the best answer is that Link destroyed the NDP in exchange for the lake of taxpayer oil his land floats on.

Two facts are clear, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust is not calling for Crown drill right tenders on, or near Links land, but I am told there is a drill rig. That may, or may not, contravene the Criminal Code, but it would take16 lawyers 16 years and the Supreme Court to find out, and just as with the Devine Gang a lot of royalty money will “disappear” into the Swiss Banks over those16 years, google “how many barrels of oil a day will one oil well produce?”, note below:

One Oil well will produce from twenty to one hundred barrels a day at $100.00 (one hundred dollars) a barrel or $2000.00 to $10,000.00 a day income for 365 days a year, three million dollars a year from one well; Links 40 sections floats on a sea of taxpayer oil. Google “canada’s economic growth slows to crawl in third quarter chris young”. Link and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust will have only16 years to drain the sea of taxpayer Oil Links land floats on but Taxpayers would not notice 20 pumps in 40 square miles, one pump every 2 square miles.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust and Link would have a cash flow of a Billion dollars over the 16 years, no where near the Ten Billion Dollars the Devine Gang “disappeared” but google “saskatchewan crude oil crown royalties” note royalties go up to 25%, meaning a taxpayer loss of up to 250 million dollars over 16 years,15 million dollars a year, not Devine Gang “disapperance” of taxpayer money but brazen enough to impress Barack’s Wall Street Bank Bastards.

Taxpayers would notice a steady stream of tanker trucks leaving the area and a dligent reporter may follow them and ask questions but given the corruption of the RCMP and Courts there would be no way to stop the taxpayers losing bid tender/royalties for the taxpayer Oil under Links land but any Web reader who believes that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust and Link should be given the “most innovative scam” award by Barack’s Wall Street Bank Bastards, should google “biofuel credits behind mystery cross-border train shipments nicol, seglins”, read the article, details in LADY LORI & THE CABAL planned Februrary 2013.

Review GARY AND THE CJC, and google “cic1 rural zoning”. This Web site receives dozens of comments, so Web readers are asked to review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, and instead of filing comments stir in the sewage lagoon, e-mail the CJC at tell them to google “cic1 rural zoning” ask why they do not investigate how Gary Lane filled a Swiss Bank to the rafters with money instead of hounding Lady Lori to her grave regarding her sex life.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to remind the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to review the last paragraphs of SARM LEADER LIES and the last paragraph of LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note there is a no cost solution to the Strudwick corruption.


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