This Web site has provided evidence of a possible Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) coverup of Rural Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and the CJC response, google “cic1 rural zoning”. Review BLOOD ON THE WALL and note the media will not touch Saskatchewan’s Rural Ruling Elite corruption and Web sites such as this are the taxpayers only hope.

Saskatchewan’s Rural Ruling Elite corruption has gone over a line; first google “potash corp. results withered by india’s drop in demand-the globe and mail” & “pink slips coming for potashcorp employees kretzel” and note that many segments of this Web site contain quotes from Financial Journalists warning of Potash problems in Saskatchewan but this sites genius Web Master noted a media quote with profound implications that I (Lee) had missed, note below:

Google “bhp billiton should not go ahead with jensen mine: bmo yeske”; the BMO astonishing warning to BHP was issued only days after Premier Brad’s day dreaming for the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, google “premier wall unveils big spending plans cbc”, it is odd for a Chartered Bank to issue such a warning, but especially just days after a Premiers musings on public spending to a pro business audience such as the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

Google “australia founded by english convicts”, & “canada only commonwealth country where a crown minister rules bribes must be paid to his officials”. Note the search results, Australia is familiar with bribery, despite this I (Lee) believe that BHP Billiton Brass has never ecountered a Commonwealth Country and Province that is so corrupt a NDP Crown Minister, Len Taylor, ruled the only option I (Lee) had to obtain approval for Earle Argues development was to “carry flowers, chocolates, and perfume” (bribes) to one of his (Taylors) Officals, RM Administrator Strudwick, review SCoC Summary Statement Case 31940.

Regina Lawyers warned Earle and I (Lee) that it was impossible to get approval for Earles Development from Strudwick so the BHPLawyers would have also warned BHP Billiton Brass of corruption in obtaining Rural Development approval, google: “strudwick reports to premier and minister” & “ canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association” & “canada worst g-7 country at fighting bribery” & “provincial officials dictate judicial decisions blackmailed bullied or bribed? & “mp pension: senator hints pay cut may encourage bribes raj”; the BHP Brass would have taken special note of the Canadian Senator’s warning of official public corruption of Canada’s Ruling Elite.

REVIEW THE FACTS: Alberta Senator Grant Mitchell expressed public concern that changes to MP Pension contribution may lead to bigger MP bribery demands; the Harper PMO blocks BHP/Australia, a Commonwealth Country, from purchase of Potash Corp. while pandering to the Chinese Communists regarding sale of Nexen and the Wall Administration contracts a nest of Chinese Communist spys to control the internet in Rural Saskatchewan, LADY LORI, A BEACON and BHP Billiton has had enough, they are leaving Canada.

Google “ the rats of tobruk wikipedia”; the Australian Soldiers were noted for their courage in WW ll, but Saskatchewan official corruption is too much for BHP Billiton Brass to stomach so they wind down their Potash investment. Australia knows China well and I (Lee) believe that BHP has concluded the Canadian Ruling Elite are as corrupt as the Communist China Ruling Elite, review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION and I believe Canadian corruption has caused BHP to leave Canada, they are leaving both their Saskatchewan Potash mine and their NWT diamond mine, google “bhp exits diamond mining roberts”.

As BHP Billiton leaves Saskatchewan they may wish to recover any bribe money they have already paid to Saskatchewans Rural Ruling Elte and in a spirit of commonwealth co-operation I suggest that the BHP Billiton Brass ask their lawyers to google “the whiskey man copyright city of yorkton”, its on line, so go to chapter “The American Border Beckons” and note in the chapters first page references to the Bronfmans by former Yorkton lawyer, Arliss Dellow.

Arliss grew up in Gainsbough on Bronfman legends and I (Lee) was told by Southern Saskatchewan elder statesman that Bronfman sued a rival Bootlegger in a turf war and part of the Bronfman legal argument was that they had aleady paid the Police their bribes, which bribes would be wasted if they lost the turf war, and the Saskatchewan Court was so corrupt that the Bronfmans won the case using that argument; I suggest the BHP Lawyers research the trial and may have a Saskatchewan precedent to recover bribe money already paid.

Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, our Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc, is said to be a “good” man so the CJC refusal to deal with Lady Janet McMurtry’s conflict of interest with the NDP Ruling Elite and “insectous conflict of interest” with her father, Ontario legal legend Roy McMurtry, will stem from the Eastern Chief Judges, who will be cozy cronys of Roy McMurtry, while Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc, a good man, has only a watching brief on this massive, mindless, official corruption and may not be a happy Chief Judge.

Google “richard hornung q.c.”, note Hornung is a Mulroney Federal Labor Appointee, and Saskatchewans Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc, will not be happy about Hornung. The Hon John Klebuc was practising law in Wynyard as member of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association, when Lane, as Devine AG, covered up hard evidence that Yorkton Lawyer Richard Hornung, committed possible second degree murder, review my Lane complaint, GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 4: and google “cic1 rural zoning” for the CJC turf letter

Google “hournung mediates saskatchewan teachers strike”. Hornung was the Devine retread brought in to end the Teachers strike, and no honest Chief Judge would be happy about Hornung being back in the trough, or happy about the fact that none of this had to be, google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables”, the search results show that my (Lee)s only interest in life is to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing Strudwick, note below:

Following the ruling by the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, that RM Administrator Strudwicks bribes had to be paid for the Argues to be granted development approval, review SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940, after forming Government in 2007, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust has maintained NDP Crown Minister Taylors ruling that Strudwick must be paid bribes to grant the Argue development, again, Chief Judge Klebuc, may not be happy, note below:

Google “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal…..greed is good” this is one of the better public summarys of the Devine Gangs massive,Ten Billion dollar “disapperance” of taxpayer money. I (Lee) like this summary because it takes note of the fact that one member of the Devine Gang, John Scraba, stole so much taxpayer money, that he forgot where he put some of it (the money) and when the CIBC moved its downtown Regina Office Tower they had to drill a couple of the safe deposit boxes and found the quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money that Scraba had stolen, the cash went back in general revenue and Scraba did community service time but the Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc, a Conservative appointee, can not be happy the original Devine Gang members who escaped incarceration are back in the Saskatchewan trough.

Again google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables”, note the search references show that I (Lee) use this site to STIR IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, as advised by a Canadian Justice expert, Dr. Carl Baar, review TURNING OVER ROCKS RURAL ZONING. Note that Dr.Carl Baar advises that the the only way a honest citizen has to obtain justice is public appeal and this Web site is published and advertised as that public appeal and if the Devine-Wall Brain Trust refuse to act and if the Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc, is not happy, there is a Saskatchewan legal precedent the Chief Judge could use to increase his happiness by asking the Wall Attorney General to effect solution as follows:

There is a precedent in the Administration of Justice in Saskatchewan for the Chief Judge to write a letter to the Provincial Attorney General asking that the issue be resolved when a MLA (elected official) and Crown Minister is so corrupt and arrogant, as in this instance, NDP Len Taylor issues edict that the only option a Developer has to obtain approval for a development is to “carry flowers, chocolates and perfume” to his (the Ministers) officials to obtain that development approval, review SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940.

Garrett and Lesley Wilsons book, Deny Deny Deny, published by James Lorimer & Company, Publishers 1985, pages 326 and 327, shows that on the 21st of July 1981 the then Chief Justice wrote a letter asking then Attorney General, Roy Romanow, to act on MLA Colin Thatchers contempt of Court, and the Strudwick/ Argue/Taylor /Lee bribery order is identical. Review the SCoC Summary Statement for case 31940, note that NDP Crown Minister, Len Taylor, issued edict that the Argues only option to obtain development approval was to “carry flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator Strudwick.

Now review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, scroll down to my (Lee)s complaint 18: note Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION, of Canadas Criminal Code, it is a contravention of the Criminal Code for anyone to carry anything to a Municipal Official to curry favor, as a result the Argues, and I, as the Argues representative, are between a rock and a concrete wall and note that in 1981 when the Attorney General (AG) failed to charge MLA Colin Thatcher with contempt of Court, the Chief Judge of that day, without RCMP investigation, wrote a letter to the AG asking for resolution, a precedent for action now.

So in this day, when NDP MLA and Crown Minister Len Taylor contravenes the Criminal Code, and the RCMP destroy the evidence, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 33.- 37. the Chief Judge could surley write the Wall Attorney General asking for resolution and should the Chief Judge effect the solution available to him as set out in the preceding paragraphs some taxpayers, after reviewing SASKATCHEWANS CURSE & STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, may ask why should I (Lee) be able to accomplish what Roy could not as Premier?; the answer is simple, as follows:

Then Premier Roy was trying to take down the 300 (three hundred) RMs, a group with a history of absolute corruption. The RMs formed as Saskatchewan became a Province, google “rm of sherwood lieutenant governor edgar dewdney corruption wikipedia” note that “back in the day” (1905) Saskatchewans first Lieutenant Governor, Edgar Dewdney, designed the RM of Sherwood to surround Regina and used the RM of Sherwood to demand bribes to allow the City of Regina to expand, it was a major scandal of the day and the Rural Leaders use the Dewdney scam as a blue print to scam taxpayers to this day.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 20.- 21., note where I (Lee), suggested a plan the Premier use to solve the problem of RM corruption at least political risk to his Administration, a reverse of the Edgar Dewdney/RM of Sherwood corruption when Saskatchewan became a Province in 1905, I suggested that the Premier do a deal with SARM where development zoning and approval in the 40 (forty) RMs surrounding the Citys be taken away from the RMs and given to Officials in Provincial Community Planning to control, leaving 260 (two hundred and sixty) RMs for SARM and their Administrators to loot.

But Premier Roy was, and is, a “good” man and did not want to leave the tax payers in the remaining 260 (two hundred and sixty) RMs at the mercy of the corrupt Reeves, Councils and Administrators so instead Roy ignored my (Lee)s suggestion to weasel on the Rural corruption issue and Roy tried, as originally designed by Meyer Brownstone, to end corruption in all three hundred RMs, but failed, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Google “rm of sherwood, city of regina, wascana creek, lieutenant-governor edgar dewdney, corruption, wikipedia”. It is historical fact and nothing has changed in RM corruption since the formation of Saskatchewan by Lieutenant Governor Edgar Dewdney in 1905 who used his power to structure the RM of Sherwood to surround Regina, and then used the RM of Sherwood Reeve and Council to furthur his (Dewdney) corruption blue print and Sherwood is using that power to scam the Regina City taxpayers to this very day, note below:

Google “rm of sherwood plans ‘incompatiable’ with regina mcheachern” & “regina-area plant may go to manitoba if plans delayed cbc”, & “ laws stripped down in new sask mandryk”, scroll down to Murrays third paragraph, note reference to the City of Regina- RM of Sherwood problem but Murray fails to note the problem started over 100 years ago and google “regina mayor michael fougere wants meeting with rm of sherwood reeve mceachern”.

Note that Regina’s new Mayor is pleading for a meeting with the Sherwood Reeve to “discuss their differences”, note Mayor Fougere pleading for a meeting with a Reeve is akin to the Mayor negotiating with the fattest Norway Rat over control of a open pit City garbage dump and Web readers are asked to note that by 1911 SARM was formed and used the Dewdney/Sherwood corruption as a blueprint until this very day to scam the Saskatchewan taxpayers. The Rural Ruling Elite of the 300 (three hundred) postage stamp RMs have the power to loot their fiefdoms, are fighting to the death to keep that power and are winning.

There are three hundred RMs and each has six Councillors, one Reeve, one Administrator and one assistant, say ten, for a total of 3000 corrupt SARM/ RMAA Officials, again use the Norway Rat anology, Premier Roy was trying to do a deal with 3000 Norway Rats and that is truly impossible. It is also true that four Regina Lawyers advised Earle and I (Lee) that it was impossible to get by Strudwick and obtain development approval, BUT review STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON. I stir, the scum rises, I fish it out and pile it on the bank.

Again google “laws stripped down in new sask mandryk” Murray reffers to problems with Sherwood, now google “regina kal -tire project gets green light leader post”, note the Hon Billy Boyd is so concerned about Kal-Tire jobs he flew to BC to assure the Kal-Tire Brass the RM of Sherwood would be brought to heel and that begs the question, why does the Hon Billy view the Argues $30,000,000.00, (thirty million dollar) 120 lot development as chopped liver?

Google “how long to build a house? http://www.contractor” note that it takes three months for a three man crew to build a average 2800 sguare foot house, so that calculates out to about one hundred job years to complete the Argue development. Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 90. and 91. note the Argues extended family in England ageed to build a brewery that Liquor and Gaming estimated would provide 50 (fifty) high paying brewing jobs and the Argue development needs caretakers; jobs in the Argue Development are a few less than the Kal-Tire 200 warehouse jobs but the Argue project is not chopped liver either and could be signed here, no need to fly to BC at taxpayer cost.

Note a Mark Twain quip, google “ a ethical man is a christian holding four aces”. I (Lee) was raised in a “red tory” household, my Dad knew John Diefenbaker, I was baptized a Anglican, so am Christian, and a ethical man, and do my work for the Argues, STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, with Angels on my shoulders. That fact, along with holding “four aces”, the economic interest of the taxpayers who will benefit from the $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) a year Earle would pay in taxes on his development caused me to believe that my postion may be equivalent to Twains quip, “a christian holding four aces”.

I (Lee) reached that conclusion for two reasons, “faith” in the wisdom of Mark Twain quips, and a more realistic “faith” in a rock solid precedent paper trail in Ontario. Review CALEDONIA CLASS-EDENWOLD CORRUPTION and note that David McHale used a Web site very similar to this one to obtain justice from the Ontario McGuinty Liberals for the so called “caledonia couple”, and the McGuinty Liberals caved in and granted justice when the McHale Web site was at a visit number of 14,000 (fourteen thousand) in Ontario with a population of ten million plus; compare Gary McHales situation in Ontario fighting for the Caledonia Couple to my situation fighting for Earle, note below:

I (Lee) ask Web readers to compare what is set out in the preceding paragraph to my fight against the Strudwick corruption where I have a SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940 proving my position, a “well liked-well watched” Web site advertised on Access TV three time a hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, with over twenty five thousand visits in a province of only a million people and logic suggests that this Web site should have gained Earle his development without bribing RM Administrator, Strudwick, yet she has sat back laughing at Earle and I while the Devine-Wall Brain Trust cower in the corner.

Any Web reader who believes that I (Lee) overplay the Devine-Wall Brain Trust fear of Strudwick should google “wall finds kindred spirit in latvian prime minister couture”, note half way through the article Joe refers to Kathy scaring Everett (Walls Principal Secretary); note Kathy was not even annoyed with Everett when she frightened him, she was annoyed with the coolie pulling their rickshaw, and I recall Kathy, as a young PC staffer was a kind, good natured girl, but Strudwick is not kind, and I am told never has been kind, not even as a school girl.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust have proven that they have the balls of a bank robber, they “disappear” Ten Billion Dollars of taxpayer money, and then come back for more; they would have the courage to face down a black bear on a mountain hiking trail, a rotweiller in a back yard, a annoyed wife, a annoyed girl friend, or both togeather at a party, a bad drunk waving a broken bottle in a bar, or a couple of two-bit punks flashing switch blades in a back alley, but those truly brave men go white and head for the barn at the idea of granting Earle development approval without Donna Strudwick getting her bribes.

Google “mandryk: ndp can’t be an exclusive club mandryk” and “let’s end union, business donations mandryk” and “mps’ bad arguments carry the day mandryk”, and “mandryk: liberals may be facing extinction mandryk”, and “mandryk: civic election results bad news for sask ndp mandryk”. Murray believes the NDP is as finished as the Liberals in Saskatchewan, but should the Devine-Wall Brain Trust like to be certain that the NDP is dead they may want to see this Web site with a enhanced advertising budget and there are solutions, note below:

Web readers are asked to scroll back a few paragraphs, note where I (Lee) suggest the Chief Judge could follow the Colin Thatcher precedent and as he did in Thatcher, end the Strudwick bribery debacle with one short letter to the Wall Attorney General asking that he deal with NDP MLA and Crown Minister, Len Taylors, contravention of the Criminal Code, a simple and elegant solution,
BUT should the Chief Judge fail to follow the Thatcher precedent there is a second solution using the SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940.

The fact that the NDP Crown Minister, Len Taylor, in contravention of Section 464 of the Criminal Code, issued edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain approval for the Argue Development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to Strudwick, which, if I had acted on the Taylor edict, would be a contravention of Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION of the Criminal Code of Canada, may lead to a solution, note below:

Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, scroll to my CJC Lady Janet complaint letter, continue to complaints 14:, 15: and 16:. Note that the Provincial Elite control judicial decisions through blackmail, google “blackmail always trumps bribes”, so bribes paid to the Queens Bench Judges by the SARM/RMAA Rural Ruling Elite will NOT overcome a order issued to the Queens Bench Judge by the Politicians and there is nothing to stop Appeal Court action as follows; Google: “sask. potash producers included in u.s. lawsuit pearson”, note that a US Federal Court reversed itself on a earlier decision and is now allowing a class action law suit against the Potash Producers, including in Saskatchewan.

Google “precedent-wikipedia”, scroll down to “PRINCIPAL”, it is rare for a Appeal Court to revisit a decision but I (Lee) see nothing in Canadian Law to stop it either, so review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, scroll down to para.14.- 16. note the precedent, ie: “all zoning is political and the courts must not interere”, I (Lee) understood and tried to use it for the Argues, as follows:

Web readers are asked to note that, before the Argues came to me (Lee), they had lost in Court based on the Appeal ruling in the preceding paragraph, but Jack’s amendment to the Urban Act was made AFTER the Appeal ruling, in response to the Appeal ruling and to resolve the RM bribery problem “politically”, and BEFORE the Strudwick-Lady Janet-Lee-SLAPP idiocy, so based on the US precedent in the preceding paragraphs and the statement of fact in the SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940, I believe the Appeal Court could act.

I (Lee) believe that the Court of Appeal must accept as fact the SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940, that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, issued edict that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick which, if I had acted as instructed by Taylor, would be a contravention of Section 123 (1) MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION of the Criminal Code of Canada and as a result, the NDP Crown Minister , Len Taylor, contravened Section 464 of the Criminal Code COUNSELLING A OFFENCE, then it follows that I did not libel Strudwick.

Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note complaint: 15, note that if the Saskatchewan Court changed their libel decision it follows that they should award my counter claim of $236,000.00 (two hundred and thirty six thousand dollars) plus costs and my Foundation could use the money to blanket the Province advertiseing this Web site on Access TVs 6 (six) centers and 200 (two hundred) Citys, Towns and Villages three times a hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year, for two election cycles.

The award would be against Strudwick, but Section 356 of the Municipalities Act states that the RM of Edenwold must accept responsibility for Strudwicks actions, review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 67 e), BUT google “sarm self insurance plan”, so the SARM self insurance plan would pay the Judgement and SARMs self insurance fund is money already taken from the taxpayers and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it would be fitting to have SARM bankroll my (Lee)s Foundation for a couple of election cycles.

There would be a third avenue open for my (Lee)s restitution and Foundation funding. Google “martinsville nightmare klassen popowitch restitution”, note that under exactly the same circumstance as the Lady Janet McMurtry’s destruction of my (Lee)s existence, LADY JANET AND THE CJC, the Courts destroyed the lives of two Saskatchewan citizens, Klassen and Popowitch, to cover up the corruption of the Ruling Elite Justice officials in Saskatchewan.

Web readers are asked to note that when the fact of Justice’s deliberate destruction of Klassen/Popowitch was high lighted they were both granted over a million dollars each restitution, the taxpayers would be on the hook, not SARM, but Sask Party supporters should approve, note AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, documents, page 4, and note that a million dollars would do a lovely job of funding my Foundation for many decades, the Foundation to be named the “Lorna Foundation” to honor my dead wife, Lorna, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and if nothing else my Foundation would help finish the NDP.

Should the Chief Judge refuse to follow precedent to effect solution there is a fourth solution rooted in GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll own to my complaint 5: Lane did a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my (Lee)s Highway Contracting Company, google “cic1 rural zoning” the CJC acknowledges, but sneers at my claim, that fact could lead to solution, note below:

Google “media a piviotal player in libel suit against toronto mayor rob ford blatchford”, note Christies reference to the usual practice of Editorial Boards is that after a battle they come down from the hills to shoot the wounded. Review BLOOD ON THE WALL, note that I (Lee) had no help from the media in the Argue/Strudwick battle, but daily vists to this Web site have doubled in a year, and the CJC have acknowledged my Lane, complaint, google “cic1 rural zoning”, so I believe that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane is wounded, note below:

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:, note I (Lee) claim Lane did a deal with Judge to destroy me and google “cic1 rural zoning” note page 1, last paragraph, where the CJC confirm the fact of my claim, Provincial Court Judge, Kim Young, can prove that claim and the Editorial Board of any major daily could ask Judge Young to attend them, they pose the question; then review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. and contact Reeve Jim Hipkin to confirm Lane is Strudwicks Court protection, and respond with a suitable Editorial.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Editorial Boards have a historic duty to citizens, and there is no doubt that taxpayers can no longer afford to pay corrupt, mangy, sluts, such as RM Administrator Strudwick bribes to approve economic Developments, google “growing debt clouds sunny budget mandryk” & “is canada suffering from ‘dutch disease gallon cbc” & “struggling economy tops premiers agenda fekete” & “flares of fear cousineau” the last article is about Alberta but we have the same problem.

Google “tredeau’s stumble won’t derail his campaign den tandt” & “tory approach to calgary center would be a good way to blow an election mcparland” read the articles and review THE MCMURTY DISEASE. Note that both NDP Mulcair and Liberal Tredeau campaign on destroying the West’s economy, it will be worse than under Tredeau’s Dad and NEP and even if Harper ekes out a minority the NDP/Liberals will join forces to destroy the west and the taxpayers can not afford to keep pay bribes to the mangy, corrupt, slut, Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to refer again to the Kelly McParland article in the preceding paragraph, note the Journalist compares Anders support for Joan ( Crockatt) to a case of “mange”. Joan ran her publicity operation out of the Hotel Sask here in Regina for awhile and was considered by all I (Lee) knew to be honorable, but I do thank Kelly for google “mange defininition”. This Web site depicts Strudwick as a “slut” but its not a perfect adjective, in old English “slut” means a hard working, good natured, peasant girl, not Strudwick and the word “mangy” is a better adjective to use while lobbying the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to end the corruption of the mangy, corrupt, slut, Strudwick.

Google “mafri” & “alberta agriculture and rural development” for the Manitoba and Alberta Ministeries that control rural development and note that PC Premiers Gary Filmon in Manitoba, and Ralph Klein in Alberta, ended Rural Ruling Elite corruption in their Provinces and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should study what Filmon/Klein did and end the mangy, slut, Strudwick’s corruption.


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