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December 31, 2012

bob-001There is an unintended consequence of my (Lee)s Strudwick/Argue bribery project. Google “rm of sherwood”, note a search result sometimes shows the LADY LORI-SOLUTIONS segment describing the RM of Sherwood’s historic corruption. If it does not show, readers who are interested in the RM of Sherwood using the same “surround Regina” scam since 1905, just google: “edgar dewdney, city of regina, rm of sherwood, historic corruption”.

Google “”, scroll down to the brief bio for Alain Gravel, CBC journalist, whose investigation forced a public inquiry into Quebec Ruling Elite Corruption, then scroll back to picture of Anna Marie, click on “listen”, when a panel comes up on the left of the screen click on “listen 23:46” for Anna Marie’s interview with Alain, the tape starts with Marlo’s “free to be you and me…”, then moves on to other items ending with Alain’s account of Ruling Elite corruption. (more…)



December 1, 2012

This Web site has provided evidence of a possible Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) coverup of Rural Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and the CJC response, google “cic1 rural zoning”. Review BLOOD ON THE WALL and note the media will not touch Saskatchewan’s Rural Ruling Elite corruption and Web sites such as this are the taxpayers only hope.

Saskatchewan’s Rural Ruling Elite corruption has gone over a line; first google “potash corp. results withered by india’s drop in demand-the globe and mail” & “pink slips coming for potashcorp employees kretzel” and note that many segments of this Web site contain quotes from Financial Journalists warning of Potash problems in Saskatchewan but this sites genius Web Master noted a media quote with profound implications that I (Lee) had missed, note below: (more…)