Review the first few paragraphs of LADY LORI, RAUNCH & RACISM; review GARY LANE AND THE CJC and then Google “cic1 rural zoning”; note the sneering, snickering, condescending, Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) turn down letter, and note that it has now been 4 (four) months with no recognition from the CJC of my (Lee)s second complaint, LADY JANET AND THE CJC.

Now Google “cjc lady lori public inquiry” and “beacon definition” note the CJC’s own Lady Lori public inquiry is a beacon highlighting the usual Judicial venality and corruption. Now Google “judicial corruption in Canada” and note that many groups are concerned about Canadian Judicial venality and corruption.

Again Google “cic1 rural zoning”; I (Lee) believe that the CJC Executive Director will continue with a Gary Lane type coverup, snickering and smirking and will never respond to, or acknowledge, my LADY JANET AND THE CJC complaint because given the conflict of interest between Lady Janet McMurtry and the NDP Ruling Elite in Saskatchewan and the question of “incestuous conflict of interest” with her Father, the Ontario Political and legal legend Roy McMurtry, it would put the administration of Justice in Canada in such disrepute it could result in the Harper PMO ordering that a independent body oversee the Judges.

Web readers are asked to note that control of the Judiciary by a independent body was advocated two decades ago by Dr. Carl Baar, and other Justice Leaders, only to have their plan killed in its infancy by the Provincial Officials, note Leader Post media, page 3 in documents below. I (Lee) believe the only reason the Provincial Ruling Elite officials insist on control of the Queens and Appeal Judges, BLACKMAIL, BULLIED OR BRIBED? is to allow those Officials to demand bribes from the business community which venality and corruption costs the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars, note example below:

Review Premier Roy Romanow’s letter to me (Lee) pages 1 and 2 in documents below and review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 20. 21. 23. 27. 94. 95. 117. 118. 119 and 120, note I suggested a Machievelli (weasel) plan to “limit” RM corruption, but Premier Roy attempted to END rural corruption with the Meyer Brownstone plan requiring the RMs amalgamate, but failed when the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalaties (SARM) Leaders first agreed, then reneged, on their deal with Roy to amalgamate, SARM LEADER LIES.

Roy had already granted SARM/RMAA absolute power, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 27, and 117-120, in effect Strudwick and her Elite ilk had been granted a license to demand bribes from the Devlopers, but SARM then reneged on the amalgamation deal. Roy had been though a lot, the Devine Gang had “disappeared” Ten Billion dollars of taxpayer money and the Province was literally in receivership when Roy formed Government in 1991 and I (Lee) have been told that the SARM Leader lies, SARM LEADER LIES, were the last straw for Roy BUT I will never understand why he did not just carry legislation eliminating the RMs and forming Counties overlaying the Health and School Districts instead of bowing to SARM/RMAA and resigning as Premier, a sad day.

Again note page 3 in documents above, “good” men have tried to end Judicial and Ruling Rlite corruption in Canada for decades. Dr. Carl Baar, co-author of “Masters in Their Own House”, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? and the Federal Justice Officials, tried to end Judicial corruption by placing the Queens/ Appeal Bench Judges under independent control but failed when the Provincial officials, to keep the bribes flowing from business, stopped clean up of Judicial corruption, resulting in a bloggers belief Saskatchewan Justice is as corrupt as Afghanistan’s, review SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION.

Note that half way through LADY LORI, RAUNCH & RACISM, I (Lee), pay tribute to the honest Lawyers/Judges encountered over the years and after the segment went onsite it occurred to me the Hon John Crosbie, the Hon Jules Deschenes ( deceased), and Dr. Carl Baar, authors of the CJC report “Masters In Their Own House”, and Roy Romanow, Attorney General, helped with the report, review TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED, and all of these men went beyond the standard set by Edmund Burke.

Review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5: and google “cic1 rural zoning” and note that Lloydminister Provincial Court Judge, the Hon Kim Young, advised me (Lee) that Lane had done a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy me, and Canadas Chief Judge, the Hon Bev McLachlian published the SCoC Summary Statement for Case 31940, giving the Argues a chance.

As noted in LADY LORI, RAUNCH & RACISM, a confidant pointed out that Jack Hillson is a true Statesman and this segment is a elaboration on that. Web readers are asked again to note that 4 (four) “good men”, including Jack Hillson, tried to end public corruption in SARM/RMAA, review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPTS TO END EVIL, note the group of 4 (four) statesman, lead by then Premier Roy Romanow, including Jack Hillson as one of the three Liberals in the 1999 NDP/Liberal coalition Administration tried to save the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars by ending the corruption of SARM by forcing the 300 postage stamp RMs to amalgamate, but failed.

After Premier Roy lost the amalgamation battle with SARM/RMAA he resigned as Premier and Lorne Calvert was elected NDP Leader/Premier, Jack Hillson was appointed as the Minister Responsible for Municipal Affairs where he attempted to end the ability of Rural Administrators to demand bribes to approve Rural Development by providing the Developers with the option to find a Village to annex their development out of the RM, review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, note documents, Saskatchewan Municipal Board Municipal Boundary Committee, page 2 paragraph [5] (b) the statement that Jack Hillson had amended the Urban Act by removing the “common boundary” requirement.

Google “the hillson solution was simply perfect and perfectly simple rural zoning” note the search results show Web segments where tribute is paid to Jack for his solution to the corruption of the Rural Administrators. Jacks amendment gave the Developers a clear choice: they could shrink their souls to the size of a chick-pea paying bribes to corrupt sluts such as RM of Edenwold Administrator, Strudwick, or find a Village to annex their Development out of the RM.

Web readers are asked to again note the detail available to prove the effort made by then Minister Responsible, Jack Hillson, to deal with the corruption of the Saskatchewan Rural Ruling Elite, SARM/RMAA. After the amalgamation debacle with SARM/RMAA, and Roy stepped down as Premier and Calvert won NDP Leader ship and became Premier, Jack, as Minister Responsible, did not deviate, Jack soldiered on and amended the Urban Act, eliminating the “common boundary” requirement, giving honest Developers, such as Earle and Sharie Argue, a chance to obtain development approval without paying bribes.

I (Lee) have no idea if Calvert and his Cabinet understood the implications of Jacks amendment to the Urban Act but the end result was the Developers had a choice, either bribe the RM Administrators such as the corrupt slut Strudwick, or find a Village to annex their Development out of the RM. Review TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll down to the documents, note the Municipal Boundary Committee Ruling, page 2 paragraph [5] (b) reference to Jacks amendment, then go to page 4, paragraph [9] where is sets out what Jack did in detail, and it was a brilliant plan, based on the removal of “common boundary” requirment and my confidant is right to have urged a segment on the point.

There is a well documented summary of Jacks path. Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, scroll down to my Lady Janet complaint, note complaint 2: where it states that the Court of Appeal had ruled that all zoning issues are “political”, which is basic to the problem, and then complaint 5: referring to the Hillson “political” amendment to the Urban Act solving the “political” problem.

Note that despite the fact that I (Lee) have been deemed by the Hon Jim Reiter, Premier Brad’s Minister Responsible, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, as being the stupidest man in Canada, I did the “political” work for the Argues perfectly……as a result of the Appeal Court ruling that zoning issues are political I went first to Link as Deputy Premier with a request the Argues be granted development approval without paying Strudwick bribes, but Link advised that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid and ordered me to stay away from the Argues, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 13.-29.

BUT after Link went to Nexen, I (Lee) explored means to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing Strudwick, first working with First Nations but the First Nations Leaders required bigger bribes than even RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and again note that after Link went to Nexen and after Earle and I (Lee) gave up on the First Nation notion, I went to the Minister Responsible, Jack Hillson who noted that his amendment to the Urban Act, as set out preceding, could be used to solve the Argue problem.

I (Lee) noted Jacks observations and then acted which destroyed my existence, such as it is after Lane did a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my Highway Contracting company, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5:….my existence was degraded further by Lady Janet finding me quilty of libel of Lanes friend Strudwick ,FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph. 30. when I complained to NDP Premier Calvert about Strudwicks need for bribes.

My (Lee)s confidant who reminded me of Jacks genius in making amendment to Section 14 of the Urban Act also reminded me that at one point in my decade long effort to obtain approval for Earle and Sharie Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development, without bribing the arrogant, lying, corrupt, slut, Donna Strudwick, I was absolutely certain that Jacks amendment to Section 14 of the Urban Act had created a situation where the NDP Administration of Lorne Calvert had no choice but to allow the Village of Wood Mountain to annex Earle and Sharie Argues development out of the RM of Edenwold as had been ruled as the solution by the Minister Responsible, Ron Osika, note the following:

Review segment FOLLOW THE MONEY, to get into that segment add rural zoning to the search request, ie: Google “follow the money rural zoning”, scroll down to about half way in the segment, there are several paragraphs describing how NDP heavy hitter Wil Olive, Google “wil olive one of ten most infuential men in Saskatchewan” had structured a sleazy deal with the Public Works officials around the Old Fort San and Jacks amendment to Section 14 of the Urban Act.

Wil Olives deal with Public Works was a no tender, under the table deal with the Public Works Officials, to have Olive acquire title to the Old Fort San and then have the Town of Fort Qu’ Appelle annex the 200 (two hundred) acre Old Fort San property out of the RM and make several million dollars selling Lake front lots, all of it based on Jacks amendment to the Urban Act, and according to Hansard and the media, all of it a done deal when I (Lee) tried to use Wil Olives sleaze deal with the Public Works officials as a precedent to force the Calvert NDP to grant the Argues the same right they had granted NDP activist Wil Olive.

As is set out in FOLLOW THE MONEY, I (Lee) believed that I had the corrupt bastards between a rock and a concrete wall, the NDP Wil Olive deal was a done deal, and the paper trail was rock solid in both Hansard and the media, there was no way on Gods Green Earth that the Calvert NDP could lie there way out of their sleaze deal with their hotshot lawyer, Wil Olive, which deal was based on Jacks amendment to the Urban Act and the media would not sit still for NDP hotshot Wil Olive getting his ten million dollars and the Argues being denied their deal when I had structured the deal for the Argues and Wil Olive then used the identical plan I had designed for the Argues.

BUT, as is set out in FOLLOW THE MONEY, as astonishing as it was, and for that matter still is, I was wrong, when I went to the NDP Calvert and his Cabinet with the fact of the Olive precedent, and asked for fair and equal treatment for the Argues, the NDP Calvert and Cabinet, instead of defying Strudwick and granting the Argues development approval without paying Strudwick her bribes the NDP Calvert and Cabinet, instead of facing the wrath of Strudwick by granting the Argues development approval, broke their agreement with Wil Olive and shut down Olives Old Fort San lake front Development sleaze deal.

Again, as is set out in FOLLOW THE MONEY, Wil Olive is a arrogant, aggressive and greedy member of the Saskatchewan NDP Ruling Elite as well as a Senior NDP Lawyer and he had a signed deal in place with the Calvert NDP for a 200 (two hundred) acre lake front property on one of the Qu’Appelle Lakes in the Qu’Appelle Valley and any financial analyst on the North American Continent would estimate that Olives 200 (two hundred) acre Qu’ Appelle lake lot project would make him (Olive) at least $10,000,000.00 (ten million dollars).

Wil Olive is the most aggressive Lawyer in Christendom and he would never in a million years walk away from a signed lake front lot deal with a cash flow profit of ten million dollars without taxpayer compensation and to be fair to NDP Calvert, however much taxpayer money he gave Olive in compensation for the reneged lake front lot development deal, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 64.- 66. note that a second NDP heavy hitter, Lousie Simard, came to me (Lee), and in effect offered the Argues $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) of tax payer money to go away quietly, a NDP official bribe the Argues refused.

Web readers are asked to note the foregoing is set out as a example of the amount of money the Strudwick corruption is costing Saskatchewan taxpayers. First the loss of tax revenue from the Argue and Olive developments coupled with the taxpayer payout to Olive, whatever that was, for the Calvert NDP reneging on the Olive deal, all rooted in the Strudwick level of RM corruption.

With reference to the loss of tax revenue, Web readers may be interested in the fact the RM of Edenwold Officials stated, for the public record, that they did not want, or need, the tax revenue from the Argue Development, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 37. – 38. and/or TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, scroll down to the documents, note page 3 [5] e. a formal statement from the Municipal Board that the Edenwold Officials stated they did not need or want tax revenue from the Argue development, BUT Web readers should note that The Municipalities Act Section 153 (d) states the officials are requried “to foster economic……….well being” so the Edenwold Officials are in contravention of their own Act to refuse to approve the Argue project because they do not need or want the tax revenue from the Argue development.

Review LADY LORI, RAUNCH & RACISM, note that I Lee) also stupidly believed that the Lady Lori blackmail debacle in Manitoba could be used to force the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to grant Earle and Sharie Development approval without bribing Donna Strudwick, but again I am wrong. Web readers are asked to google “ lady lori douglas rural zoning” note the several Lady Lori segments, all leading to the Lady Lori public inquiry and note that the Lady Lori Public Inquiry has turned into a three ring circus, but the Devine-Wall Brain Trust insist Strudwicks bribes be paid despite the risk of public opinion, note below:

Once the Lady Lori public inquiry was well under way I (Lee) filed a complaint with the CJC regarding that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, however the CJC Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, refused to accept my Lane complaint because it was “imprecise”, google “cic1 rural zoning” for a reprint of the Executive Directors letter. Review LADY LORI, RAUNCH & RACISM, for the implications and note that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust keeps on protecting the Lane/Strudwick corruption while Strudwick and her Appeal Court protector Lane, keep on sneering at the Argues and I.

Review FOLLOW THE MONEY RURAL ZONING, and SEA OF CORRUPTION, and note that when Regina Leader Post Financial Editor, Bruce Johnstone, wrote articles regarding the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receiving complaints about “Just Energy”, and given the relationship between “Just Energy” Board Member, Roy McMurtry and his Elite Ilk and Roys daughter, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, as a result I (Lee) was certain the Devine-Wall Brain Trust had to grant the Argue project when I filed a complaint with the CJC regarding Lady Janet McMurtry, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, but again I am wrong.

Scroll back to the first few paragraphs in this segment and note that while it went by registered letter the CJC Executive Director has so far not acknowledged receiving my complaint, but note where I (Lee) predict that the CJC Director, Norman Sabourin, notwithstanding his turfing my Lane complaint in a month and a half, google “cic1 rural zoning”, will never respond to, or even acknowledge my Lady Janet complaint, or even my existence, knowing a Lady Janet inquiry would be even more of a sick Judicial joke than the Lady Lori inquiry.

Web readers are asked to google “ david milgaard” and “martinsville nightmare” note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it has been proven time and time again that the administration of justice in Saskatchewan is as corrupt as it is in Afghanistan and shortly after this Web site was established a blogger made that very point, he compared the Administration of Justice in Saskatchewan to Afghanistan, SASKATCHEWAN-AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION, note below:

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note that a world class expert in the administration of Justice, Dr. Carl Baar, advised me (Lee) that his, and Jules Deschenes (now deceased), study shows that Canada has the most corrupt Administration of Justice in the British Commonwealth and the United States, and that Saskatchewan has the most corrupt administration of Justice in Canada and the only means a honest citizen has to obtain justice is with public appeal, which is the purpose of this Web site.

The Argue development situation is unique in that the Argues have owned their Development quarter and its 350 gpm (gallon per minute) spring water flow for decades, they bought the quarter originally to irrigate and grow hay for their race horses and now have a personal net worth that rivals Strudwicks few million dollars from her bribe money, so the Argues can wait while I (Lee) represent them trying to figure out a way to get around the Lane/Strudwick corruption but in the normal situation a Developer is out of pocket big bucks to the farmer for the land and his Bankers demand that he keep the show on the road which means paying corrupt Ruling Elite scum such as Strudwick bribes.

Web readers are reminded that the bribes the Developer pay to the Ruling Elite officials, such as the arrogant, lying, corrupt, slut, Strudwick, are deductible, ie: Revenue Canada allows the Developer to deduct the cost of Strudwick’s bribes as part of the cost of doing business, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 15. – 16, just as the Devloper may deduct the cost of building streets, sidewalks and installing water and sewer lines, but this Ruling Elite corruption drives the cost of houses to a level that only the corrupt official scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her Elite ilk, can afford them and the Hillson amendment to Section 14 of the Urban Act is a perfect solution to the problem.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Hillson amendment to Section 14 of the Urban Act was, and still is, a wonderfull and perfect plan to create honest development in Rural Saskatchewan. As I ( Lee) said in several Web segments in praise of Jacks amendment, its simply perfect and perfectly simple, its a perfect Liberal solution, freedom of choice, Developers who can stand seeing their souls shrink to the size of a chick-pea can pay bribes to corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Strudwick, but Developers who want their souls to stay normal size can find a Village to annex their Development out of the RM.

To draw comparison between Jack Hillson’s Statesman effort to end Rural Development corruption and actions taken by other members of the Regina legal community, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 13.- 14. and note that Links ( Lingenfelter)s Brother in Law, Ron Gates and Regina Lawyer Barry Nychuk, with the full knowledge that RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, required bribes to approve developments, charged Earle and Sharie Argue $30,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars) legal fees to file a simple Mandamus Motion, the two NDP lawyers were “churning” the Argue account.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Gates and Nychuk, knew or ought to have known, their Mandamus Motion requesting justice on behalf of the Argues was doomed because they knew, or ought to have known, as all their legal colleagues knew, that the Developers only option to obtain approval for their development’s is to bribe the Rural Ruling Elite official scum, such as Strudwick, and that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal had set precedent that all zoning is political and the Courts must not interfere, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para. 15., in short, the Argues were doomed unless bribes were paid.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Gates and Nychuk, knew or ought to have known, that Strudwick expected bribes to approve Developments because, after losing the Mandamus Motion, 4 (four) other Regina Lawyers advised the Argues that it was impossible to get by RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick and obtain Development approval, and it should be noted that the 4 (four) Regina Lawyers are “good” men and offered the Argues this advice pro-bono and note that it was at this point the Argues came to me (Lee) for help.

Another example of pro-bono legal advice the Regina Lawyers offered the Argues saved them ( Argues) untold heartache, misery and horror as well as a few hundred thousand dollars in libel payout. Review a early segment, ie: google “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, note that after RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroyed the affidavit evidence of the Strudwick corruption, RCMP “F” division Ruling Elite ordered that both the Argue’s, Earle and Sharie, must sign a criminal complaint against Strudwick before the RCMP would investigate, review THE WITCHES OF EDENWOLD.

Web readers are asked to again note that both Outlook Community Leader, Lloyd Smith, who had done the detail work, ie: interviewed the Edenwold ratepayers and provided the affidavit evidence of the Strudwick corruption to RCMP Staff Sergeant Lewis, and I (Lee), the Argue Representative, both offered to sign the Criminal Complaint against Strudwick but the RCMP “F” division Ruling Elite refused to accept Lloyds/my signature, as the Argue Representative and demanded that both the Argues must sign the criminal complaint against Strudwick, but on my suggestion the Argues sought legal advice.

The Regina Lawyers contacted were adamant, all with the same advice, ie: the Argues must NOT, under any circumstance, ever, sign a criminal complaint against Strudwick, because when the Argues signed the complaint, the RCMP “F” Division Ruling Elite would then rule that there was nothing to warrant a investigation against Strudwick and Strudwick would use a SLAPP action to sue the Argues for libel and be awarded a few hundred thousand dollars, google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association.

Web readers are asked to note that “good men”, the Regina Lawyers saved the Argues from much heartache and cost to defend against Strudwick’s and the RCMP planned SLAPP action against them, and at the end of the day a huge libel payout; it should also be noted that the RCMP have a Detachemnt office in Strudwicks RM of Edenwold office building in Balgonie, (handy eh?). Web readers are reminded again of Edmund Burke’s quote google “the only thing necessay for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Regina Lawyers were “good men” who acted to make sure that the Argues were not defrauded by Strudwick and the RCMP.

Web readers are reminded that the RCMP have a history of well documented corruption and horror from one end of Canada to the other. As example, review SASKATCHEWAN/AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION, note the media paper trail of 4 (four) RCMP officers tazering a Polish immigrant to death as he lay on the airport floor, the four RCMP stood around him and took turns zapping him in his testicles with their tazers until his heart gave out and the media documented paper trail of the young Canadian hockey fan arrested by the RCMP in the hockey arena parking lot with a open beer and then shot in the back of the head.

The young hockey fan was taken down to the RCMP detachment office where he was shot in the back of the head during a alleged struggle with a RCMP officer over the Cops pistol, no one else was in the office and the video camera was out of tape. I (Lee) suggest that for a party project a couple of adults take one of their kids toy pistols and try to configure a struggle for control of the toy pistol where one of the two strugglers can be “accidently shot” in the BACK of the head, video the struggle and put it on the internet.

There is much media regarding the RCMP Male Ruling Elites constant sexual harrassment of their women Constables, BUT, by far the worst RCMP horror story is set out in TOP COPS DAYDREAMS, where the media document, not the usual sexual harrassement of women RCMP officers, but the Male RCMP Ruling Elite, instead of trying to figure out a way to catch Pigman Pickton while he was butchering First Nation Prostitutes to feed his pigs, the RCMP Ruling Elite sit in their office, watch computer porn and day dream of Pigman Pickton butchering the women RCMP Constables to feed to his (Picktons) Pigs. Google: “ libel case linked to website comments quan”, review the most recent chapter in the RCMP/Pigman Pickton stuff where a Blogger tries to embarrass the Political Ruling Elite into dealing with the RCMP/Pigman Pickton stuff and is faced with criminal investigation and seizure of his computers.

Review the first few paragraphs of TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, note that, following the Calgary Cops harrassment of a Calgary man named John Kelly, my (Lee)s confidants believed the same would happen to me BUT Web readers are asked to note that, as I set out in that segment, no Jury would ever find guilt, BUT a honest man, while probably safe with the Calgary Police, is at risk of being shot in the back of the head while “struggling” for control of a pistol while in RCMP custody, when the video camera is “out of tape”.

I (Lee) have served as the Argue representative for over a decade and have provided Web readers, taxpayers and voters with a well documented Web site proving the corruption of the Rural Ruling Elite but the Political Ruling Elite, both the NDP and Sask Party, allow a corrupt Rural Official, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, to use corrupt RCMP and Judges to not just cover up her Official demand for bribes, but the “F” Division RCMP Ruling Elite actually worked with Strudwick to facilitate her demand for bribes, google “sickening unto death”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Ruling Elite are in fact, google “sickening unto death”. Google “tory mp names two anti-abortion activists for jublilee medal cheadle”, note that Maurice Vellacott MP has awarded a Queens Medal to two abortion activists who had been convicted and incarcerated under the Criminal Code of Canada; Vellacourt praised their civil disobedience and compared them to Martin Luther King, yet Earle and Sharie Argue suffer for refusing to contravene the Criminial Code by paying bribes to Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to compare that Vellacott MP’s high praise for the two criminal activists, to the Sask Party treatment of the Argues. Google “sask party mla’s promise earle argue to resolve strudwick bribe problem rural zoning”, note the search results give the reader segments reffering to the Sask Party MLAs promise to correct the situation where the Argue devlopment dream is destroyed when they refuse to contravene the Criminial Code by paying RM Administrator Strudwick bribes, yet after the election the Devine-Wall Brain Trust refuse to act.

Google “rural sask won’t lose service yet coture” and “sask tel and huawei sign agreement cnw group” and “chinese telecoms pose security threat, u.s. investigators warn pennington” and “ottawa set to ban chinese firm from telecommunications bid chase” and “sask caught up cyber politics mandryk”. Note that when only 8000 out of 260,000 rural users, only 3% (three percent) are annoyed by loss of high-speed internet, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust acts instantly. They get so rattled when 3% (three percent) of Rural Saskatchewan lose internet they ask a nest of Chinese high tech spys to solve the problem. BUT the Devine-Wall Brain Trust do nothing about the Lane/Strudwick corruption despite the fact their colleague, Jack Hillson, a true Statesman, amended the Urban Act, designing a path to solve the Lane/Strudwick corruption.

I (Lee) used Jacks design to build the path, then spread rose petals and used the beacon of the Lady Lori inquiry to shine light on the path, to no avail, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust are adamant Strudwicks bribes must be paid despite the fact that the 4 (four) Sask Party MLAs who promised the Argues action on Strudwick corruption are all in the Wall Cabinet and there is a solution at no taxpayer cost, note last few paragraphs of SARM LEADER LIES.


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