Google “cic1 rural zoning” note that Google/Wordpress show a full size copy of the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) turf letter signed by Executive Director Norman Sabourin of my (Lee)s Lane complaint, note the letter is dated June 21st 2012, and was received on June 27th, 2012, now review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, and note the complaint was filed on May 14th, 2012, so it took 44 (forty four) days for the CJC Director to turf my Lane complaint for imprecise wording.

Now review the first 4 (four) paragraphs in THE MCMURTRY DISEASE, note the Post Office registration shows my (Lee)s Lady Janet complaint reached the CJC on June 29th 2012, now after 90 (ninety) days, the Director has not advised if he will accept my Lady Janet complaint, LADY JANET AND THE CJC but he took only 44 (forty four) days to turf my Lane complaint, that is a contradiction.

Note a second contradiction in the dictums of the CJC Director. Bring up GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll down to my (Lee)s complaint 5: that Lane, as the Devine Attorney General, did a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my Highway Contracting company. Again google “cic1 rural zoning” , scroll down page 1 to the last paragraph and note the Director states: “purposely destroyed your highway contracting company” and note that the CJC Director was able to make a perfect summary of my Lane complaint 5:, now look at the first line of page 2 of the letter where he (Sabourin) states my Lane claim was “imprecise”, but how could he (Sabourin) make a exact summary of my Lane complaint 5: from a “imprecise” complaint wording?, that is a second contradiction.

Google “jacob ziegel: more proof that canada’s judges need closer scrutiny”, note that a Professor Emeritus, in effect, asks “who will watch the watchers?” Now google “lady lori douglas and the public inquiry”, note the many pages of search results and note there are several references to segments of this Web site and note that other search reference are legal Blogs and set out a legal perspective, in this internet age “are the taxpayers watching the watchers?”

Web readers are asked to note the search results show media reports that the Manitoba Judicial Ruling Elite were aware that Lori Douglas was a raunchy wench as a practising lawyer and the Manitoba Judicial Ruling Elite are as crazy as two waltzing mice if they think anyone believes they thought Lady Lori would become a “nice girl” overnight instead of the “good girl” they believed her to be when they asked Parliament to deem her a “Lady” and Queens Bench Judge.

There is a fitting joke, a conversation between a “nice” girl and a “ good” girl about sex. The two girls found they had nothing in common regarding sex; the nice girl was adamant, sex was “indecent”, so the “good” girl, not wanting to annoy her new friend, after some thought, said “ yes, well, I guess so, sure, if its long enough, hard enough, and in far enough, you could say, it’s in decent”.

The internet paper trail regarding Lady Lori is rock solid, the Manitoba Male Judicial Ruling Elite were well aware of Lawyer Lori’s propensity for sexual adventuring when they asked Parliament to deem her a Lady and put her on the Queens Bench, and then promoted her to the position of Associate Chief Judge, a administrative position where she worked with other Associate Chief Judges to set Canadian Judicial standards for morals and Ethics.

Web readers are asked to review TWO LADY’S AND THE BOUNDARY BOARD RULING and note that I (Lee) used Lady Lori payment of blackmail to her Black guy to show that the unfair ethical Judicial standard used by Lady Justice Janet McMurtry was dicated by Associate Chief Judge Lady Lori Douglas when Lady Janet found me guilty of libel of Strudwick for complaining to NDP Premier Calvert about the fact that his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, issued a edict that my only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to bribe Strudwick. I had devised a good plan and it should have worked, but didn’t, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust are adamant, Strudwicks bribes have got to be paid.

Again google “lady lori douglas public inquiry” scroll through the many pages of search results and note that a couple of the search results are calling for a public inquiry into the way the Canadian Judicial Council ( CJC) has handled the Lady Lori public inquiry but I (Lee) have a suggestion that may save the three ring circus of a public inquiry of the CJC public inquiry. The wives of the Judicial Ruling Elite might not like it, but like all Alpha Males, the Judicial Ruling Elite had no problem with a raunchy woman (Lady Lori) as one of their Judges until they found out she had been involved with a Black guy and the Manitoba caucasion male Judicial Ruling Elite came down on Lady Lori like a ton of bricks and independent Counsel Guy Pratte has resigned in protest, note below:

Google “chapman no sexual wallflower blatchford”, I (Lee) ask all Web readers to read Christies article to the end and then note the first paragraph in THE MCMURTRY DISEASE, it is now known that Guy Pratte resigned because he believes Lady Lori is being railroaded, and I suggest that the racist bastards (Manitoba Judicial Ruling Rlite) should be charged under sections 318 and 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code; being charged with racism would be similar to the use of stocks in the 1800’s, google “ stocks as punishment wikipedia”.

Google “lady lori public inquiry” note there is 39, count them, thirty nine pages of search results. Note there is search reference to a segment of this Web site on 8 (eight) of those pages, ie: pages 1, 2, 4, 10, 12, 18, 21, and 26 of the 39 pages of the Lady Lori search references. Google “lady lori douglas rural zoning” note that this Web site has 3 (three) full pages of search references regarding Lady Lori. Those segments are my attempt to use the fact that Lady Lori, a Associate Chief Judge, paid blackmail to her Black guy to keep him from going public, and I (Lee) hoped that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust would compare Lady Lori’s
“ conduct unbecoming” to their Devine Gang colleague, that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane’s “conduct unbecoming”, as Devine Gang Attorney General.

As example, Web readers are asked to review a summary of the situation, ie: Lady Lori/Lane. Lori Douglas’s “conduct unbecoming” as a lawyer before her appointment to the Queens Bench was bribing her Black guy. Now compare the Lawyer Lori stuff to the paper trail of Lane’s “conduct unbecoming” in covering up the shotgun slaughter of Yorkton citizen Gary Voiniorosky, while serving as the Devine Attorney General, before Mulroney granted Hornung/Lane life time appointments to Federal Labour Relations/Court of Appeal, details below:

It has been established by sworn testimony that Lawyer Lori, as a lawyer before being deemed a Lady by Parliament, paid a Black guy, Alex Chapman, $25,000.00 (twenty five thousand dollars) blackmail to try to keep him from going public on the internet with ranuchy sex/bondage pictures of her. Lawyer Lori’s husband, lawyer Jack King, testified that he paid Chapman the blackmail BUT that he got the money, $25,000.00 (twenty five thousand dollars) from his wife, then just lawyer Lori, and she did not know why he wanted it. Many would believe that testimony was perjury; few would accept that Jack King raided his wife Lori’s purse to get Chapman his twenty five thousand dollars in cash.

Google “chapter 3- theft, fraud, blackmail, forgery, bribery” and “blackmail always trumps bribes” and “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”. Bribes and blackmail are the same offence under the Criminal Code but lawyers must carry bribes to Judges on behalf of their clients all the time so it would not occur to Lawyer Lori, as a practising lawyer, that using her own money to pay blackmail to her Black guy was a contravention of the Criminal Code, this happened before she became a Lady, and the money she (Lawyer Lori) paid Chapman was her own money, yet the CJC is coming down on Lady Lori like a ton of bricks for Judicial business as usual, WHY?

Web readers are asked to refer to LADY JANET AND THE CJC, scoll down to my Lady Janet complaint 15: note reference to a CJC report that the Political Ruling Elite officials use blackmail to force Judges to heel on a regular basis and complaint 16: where Susan McGrath, a senior official of the Canadian Bar Association, made public statement that Judges might take bribes. Note that this is hard documentary evidence from the Judges own Senior officials of regular Judicial Blackmail/Bribery, so Lawyer Lori using her own money to pay blackmail to her Black guy is just a pilot for a new “judge judy” type of TV reality show.

In comparison, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll down to my Lane complaint, as submitted to the CJC, note complaint 4:, Gary Lane, as Devine Attorney General covered up the fact that Yorkton lawyer Richard Hornung Q.C. took his twelve guage automatic shotgun and blew the head off a Yorkton citizen, Canadian Tire Store owner, Gary Voinorosky. There is documented evidence of careless use of a firearm right up Lanes kazoo and evidence of possible second degree murder because rumor was rife that Hornung had taken the plug out of his automatic 12-guage shotgun, illegal in Saskatchewan. Every member of Yorkton-Melville Bar Association who was practising law at the time will confirm these facts and google “richard hornung q.c.” for Mulroneys life time appointment of Hornung to a Federal Labour Relations Board,.

Web readers are asked to note again that wonderfull WordPress has structured this Web site to set out in full size the CJC turf letter of my Lane complaint, google “cic1 rural zoning” and when I (Lee) read the CJC Executive Director, Norman Sabourin condescending turf letter, I close my eyes and see that Sabourin Smirk when he tells me that my Lane complaint is “imprecise” notwithstanding the fact of complete documentation by Court and media record.

The CJC Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, is doing his best to pillor Lady Lori for using her own money to pay blackmail to her Black guy while the CJC itself has hard (documentary) evidence from their own studys that some Judges submit to blackmail and accept bribes on a regular basis and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that some Judges have much more to answer for than Lady Lori, conversly, there can also be no doubt whatsoever but that some Judges are decent people and act with honor to ensure that Justice is done.

Google “notwithstanding clause” and note, thanks to the Premier of Manitoba, Sterling Lyon, the “notwithstanding clause” was placed in the Constitution and as a result the Political Ruling Elite, elected by the taxpayers, have final power over the Judicial Ruling Elite, there is a example to prove that, note below:

Review FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME. Note that Regina Architect Joe Pettick had picked up rumor that Gary Lane had been shortlisted to be appointed Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge and as result I (Lee) circulated a white paper to all the Federal and Provincial Political Ruling Elite and Regina Legal Community regarding the Lane corruption and the grapevine answer soon came back that Lane had withdrawn his application to be Chief Judge and later I was advised to not worry, that the Harper PMO would never in a million years have appointed Gary Lane as Saskatchewan’s Chief Judge, which was good because it did stop Strudwick from expropriating Earles development quarter and its 350 gpm (gallon per minute) spring water flow for her (Strudwick)s personal use.

For all my (Lee)s whining the fact is that many members of the legal and Judicial community have treated me well, review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and GARY LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5: where Lane worked with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my Highway Contracting company but D.A.MacKenzie Q. C. fought hard right to the Supreme Court for me despite the fact that D.A. knew the fix was in and that it was impossible to over come Judicial corruption and in the Highway Contracting business bribes have got to be paid to either the Government Highway Engineers, or if not paid to the Engineers, at the end of the day, paid to the Queens Bench Judges.

Review LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, the last third, note that Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirney saved me from that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane to fight another day, my jury was out about 15 (fifteen) minutes after Merv addressed them and you could hear laughter coming from the Jury room. The miracle Merv worked on my behalf was helped by then Queens Bench Chief Judge Mary Batten being kind enough to “Judge shop” on my behalf, she found a Prince of a man, the Hon Ted Noble, review the first paragraphs of TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, and to this day some lawyers do risk being seen speaking to me civilly despite the fact they owe their souls to the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges.

But I (Lee) believe that Saskatoon lawyer, Jack Hillson is the best of them, a prince of a man, the most honorable of all Lawyers and is a true Statesman, he did his best to serve the Saskatchewan taxpayer, review SASKATCHEWANS CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, more in a future segment.

A confidant, concerned for my (Lee)s well being trying to obtain development approval for the Argues without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick recently sent me (Lee) a quote from the great Machievelli himself, note below:

“There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtfull of success, nor more dangerous to handle, that to iniate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order……. Niccolo Machievelli”

Machievelli is correctly thought of as the ultimate thinker in sleaze politics and some believe that I (Lee) am trying to “initiate a new order” by obtaining development approval for the Argues without bribing Donna Strudwick, which was deemed by 4 (four) Regina Lawyers to be impossible, and the NDP Ruling Elite, the Rural Ruling Elite (SARM/ RMAA), and one of Premier Brads Cabinet members, the Hon Jim Reiter, a personal friend of Strudwicks, STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER, all insist that I am the stupidest man in Canada for believing that I can obtain approval for the Argue development without bribing Strudwick, BUT google “the good guys are what’s wrong with politics coyne” and I urge all Web readers to read Andrew’s article, and then ask the question; is a honest citizen liveing in a dream world stupid by definition?

Again, I (Lee) am not the stupidest man in Canada. Review SARM LEADER LIES and note that I have raised in this Web site the mistake of the Harper PMO allowing official corruption in the F-35 purchase to destroy his Administration. This is especially sad when there is a sane alternate, Canada’s very own Avro-Arrow, and after watching CBC’s Evan Solomon afternoon talk show I sent a e-mail to one of Evans panelists raising the point that the Avro-Arrow of the late 1950’s could fly circles around the F-35, please note that e-mail below.

“From: E. R. Lee

Date: Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 8:06 PM
Subject: F-35 and diesel-electric subs

Dear Christene,
Just discovered that Evan, Rosie and your boy Martin just twitter, no e-mails, so please pass this on to Martin.

Dear Martin,
Every time Evan does another F-35 or sub segment I promise myself to e-mail this but found out that it is impossible so it went to Christine and then to you note:

Evan claims to love the F-35 and may not like this, but  google up the Avro-Arrow capabilities something that you probably know better than I….note that the Avro-Arrow, as designed, built, tested, and flown, could, literally, with no exaggeration, fly circles around the F-35.

The Arrow has/had two engines, much safer, and was so power-full and well designed that it was capable of  taking a space shuttle to the edge of the stratosphere for release into space with a easy run from there to the space station…. the only down side was it had no stealth capabilities, but so what…. it was/is/would be twice as fast as any fighter that the Chinese,  Iranian, Russian Air-force or anyone else who Canada annoyed might send up after it

I bet there is a Avro-Arrow plan tucked away in a desk drawer somewhere, hell you might even have a good idea what drawer, and I bet that Bombardier could build the plane and as many copies as Canada needs inside the 5 year time frame and at a hell of a lot less  cost than 75 million dollars a copy, and that Canadian Tire could provide radios that would work in cold weather.

Also it is my guess that the reason the DOD is fooling around with the Subs so long is that they are installing so called “pebble reactors” in them to charge the batteries, not to power the props, but to keep the batteries charged, which in turn will power a electric motor to turn the prop (s), exactly like electric golf carts have a tiny little gas engine to charge the batteries which in turn run a electric motor on the wheel(s).

The poor mans Nuclear sub would clearly not be a attack sub, but it would be able to easily fly the flag in the north by  puttering around with a small crew near the ocean floor under the arctic ice cap for a few weeks at a time.

IGoogle tells me that Christene did get my e-mail and all I want to do is show that I am not the stupidest man in Canada because I thought of the possibility of using the Arrow over a year ago. My closest confidants told me my Arrow idea was nonsense, they stopped short of calling me “ the stupidest man in Canada”, but were concerned until it turned out to be a good idea. Google “avro arrow takes flight again in dream plan for new air force fighter campion-smith”, and “ avro arrow suggested instead of F-35s cp” and “return of the avro arrow np”, and “pilots shut down cf-18 engines 228 times since 1988 berthiaume”.

Web readers are asked to take special note of the last search reference in the preceding paragraph and note the reference in my (Lee)s e-mail to Martin of the need for two engines because of saftey, again I ask, am I really the “stupidest man in Canada?”.The Avro-Arrow idea is put forward by no less than Maj. Gen. Lewis Mackenzie who is not “the stupidest man in Canada”, but google “conservatives re-axe the avro arrow” and note that just as the Devine-Wall Brain Trust is placing priority on Strudwick getting her bribes in the Strudwick/ Argue bribery debacle ahead of sanity, the Harper PMO is placing priority on DND officials getting their F-35 bribes from Lockheed-Martin ahead of saftey.

I (Lee) am not stupid and KNOW, as the Senior Regina Lawyers advised, it may be “impossible” to obtain approval for the Argue Development without bribing Donna Strudwick, BUT I am content that I have done as asked by the Argues, I know that I have done my “political” job for the Argues perfectly, note below:

Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, scroll down to my Lady Janet complaint 2: where it states the Court of Appeal ruled that all zoning issues are political, which is basic to the problem, ie: it can only be resolved “politically” and I did my “political” job perfectly for the Argues, note my Lady Janet complaint 5: reference to Lady Janet ignoring the Hillson political amendment to the Urban Act solved the problem of Strudwicks need for bribes to approve developments.

Web readers are again asked to note that as a result of the Saskatchewan Appeal Court ruling that zoning issues are political I went first to Link as Deputy Premier with a “political” request that the Argues be given development approval without paying Strudwick her bribes, but Link stated that Strudwicks bribes had to be paid and instructed me to stay away from the Argues. Link then resigned as Deputy Premier and went to Calgary and Nexen, so Earle and I explored alternate methods for the Argues without bribing Strudwick, we explored working with First Nations, but dropped that plan when the First Nations leaders wanted even bigger bribes than RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 28, 29.,and note that after Link went to Calgary/Nexen and after Earle and I (Lee) gave up on the First Nations, the Minister Responsible, Jack Hillson, advised me that his amendment to the Urban Act could be used to solve the Argue problem but my attempt to use the Hillson amendment destroyed my existence, such as it was following Lanes deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my Highway Contracting Company, note GARY LANE LANE AND THE CJC complaint 5:

Web readers are asked to note my (Lee) personal destruction was finalized when Lady Janet found me quilty of libel of Strudwick for complaining to NDP Premier Calvert about his NDP Minister, Len Taylor, ignoring the Hillson amendment and issuing a dictum that my only option to obtain development approval was to bribe Donna Strudwick, which NDP dictum lead through the Courts to the SCoC, and this Web site,

Strudwick and Dowling, her two-bit shyster of a lawyer, understood the implications of Jack’s brilliant amendemnt to the Urban Act. As example note my Lady Janet complaint 7: where Strudwick blocked the Wood Mountain annexation by making public claim with no supporting evidence whatsoever that Earle and Sharie Argue were “less than honest” and the Wood Mountain Village Mayor and Council were incompetent to administer the Argue Development.

Strudwick and her two-bit shyster Dowling knew the dangers of Jack’s Urban Act amendment and annexation plan, and at the end of the day so did Lady Janet. Review WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, note that part of Dowlings one hour rant in argument against me (Lee) included a accusation that I conspired with Jack Hillson, as Minister Responsible, to harm his client, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, by Jack designing the Urban Act amendment and annexation plan to accomodate me and harm Strudwick, I can not prove Dowlings lied in open Court because Lady Janet ordered the Trial Transcript to “disappear”.

Lady Janet knew Dowlings “conspiracy” argument was nonsense, again go to the documents in TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, again go to the Municipal Boundary Board ruling, page 2, paragraph [5], note that is was another Minister Responsible, the Hon Ron Osika, who issued the order, actually his (Osika)s Associate Deputy Minister, Bryon Burnett, issued the order for the Argues to find a Village to annex their development out of the RM of Edenwold, so it is clear that I (Lee) did not conspire with Jack Hillson.

Review TOP COP DAYDREAMS, note that at the end of the trial Lady Janet came down from the bench to talk with Dowling, I (Lee) could not hear Dowlings low male rumble but could hear Lady Janets high womans shriek “he will appeal” she said it twice; the mics must have picked it up because, note LADY JANET AND THE CJC, complaint 11: the “disappeared” transcript, disappearing a trial transcript tape is corrupt even by Saskatchewan Judicial standards.

I (Lee) believe that Lady Janet ordered that the trial transcript tape to disappear because she (Lady Janet) knew that Strudwick’s two-bit shyster, Glen Dowling, was lying through his teeth for his entire hour long rant against me personally. Dowling ranted on and on for a hour, that because I was not a lawyer I was too stupid to understand the issues, and Lady Janet knew the paper trail would prove Dowling was lying, as example note Dowlings idiotic conspiracy theory, so Lady Janet simply ordered the trial transcript to “disappear”.

Google “impossible to be too paranoid rural zoning”, note that DEJA VU EDENWOLD, is the search result where Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirney offered that advise, scroll back to the first few paragraphs in this segment, note that the CJC Director has not responded to my Lady Janet complaint, and based on Mervs advise I (Lee) believe there will be no response, ever. If the Director turfs my Lady Janet complaint, as he turfed my Lane complaint, I will keep comparing the details of my two complaints, Lady Janet/Gary Lane, to the Lady Lori three ring circus, but a CJC inquiry into the Lady Janet corrupt Judicial activity could be worse for the CJC Director and the administration of justice, note below:

Again google “lady lori douglas public inquiry”, note the 39 (thirty nine) pages of search results, note the many references are from the US legal community Blogs, and that as a result of Lady Lori, as a lawyer, before her Queens Bench appointment, paying twenty five thousand dollars blackmail to her Black guy, BUT compare the Lady Lori “Judge Judy” level nonsense to my complaints, GARY LANE AND THE CJC and LADY JANET AND THE CJC, proving the “disappearance” of millions of Saskatchewan taxpayer dollars involved in those two complaints and to sex it up there is the “incestous” relationship between Lady Janet and her father Ontario’s Political/Legal legend, Roy McMurtry.

Review the first few paragraphs of BLOOD ON THE WALL, note that the CBC, and all other Canadian mainstream media, has covered up the Saskatchewan Ruling Elite corruption for a decade, BUT, since Roy McMurtry is a political and legal legend in Eastern Canada and his company “Just Energy” involved in fraud in the North Eastern US as well as Canada, the CJC Executive Director is well aware that the US media may broadcast the details of a public inquiry of my Lady Janet complaint, and that would be worse than the Lady Lori nonsense.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the CJC Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, is smart enough to have thought of the dangers of US media taking a interest in Lady Janet corruption and so will not dare hold a public inquiry into, what in effect will end up being a public inquiry into Lady Janet’s relationship with her Father, Roy McMurtry, and the NDP, which would establish a massive conflict of interest under Canada’s Criminal Code, review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 80. -87., but note this horror did not have to get to this point.

Google “lee did not come to clean any augean stables”, note the search request provides 4 (four) different segments of this Web site where I (Lee) set out that my only interest in Ruling Elite corruption is to try to use it to force the Ruling Elite to approve the Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development without bribing Lanes friend and confidant, that lying, corrupt, slut, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick and review the last paragraphs of SARM LEADER LIES, note that I (Lee) have gone to my knees before the Devine-Wall Brain Trust offering a deal that would cost the taxpayers nothing, BUT, they (Brain Trust) have stood firm, come Hell, high water, or possible CJC public inquiry, Strudwick’s bribes have got to be paid as dictated by the NDP Minister Responsible, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para. 22.-23.

Review again LADY JANET AND THE CJC, of course, I (Lee) would like to see a CJC public inquiry because that is the only hope that I have of proving my two letters, LADYS, LETTERS AND SLAPP, did not libel Strudwick, and that would be good for my soul but my soul is a minor matter compared to Earle and Sharie Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential Development.

The only thing that really matters is approval for the Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing Donna Strudwick BUT there is no doubt whatsoever but that approval will not be granted until Strudwick’s bribes are paid and there is no doubt whatsoever but that Earle and Sharie Argue will never pay bribes to the corrupt slut, Strudwick, never!, ever!, so there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the issue of the Strudwick bribe demands will not be resolved until/unless the taxpaying voters demand action.


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