Google “independent counsel resigns from judge’s conduct hearing blatchford”, note that Guy Pratte, the taxpayers legal representative in the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) Public Inquiry into Manitoba Queens Bench Judge Lady Lori Douglas’s love life, has resigned and Norman Sabourin, the CJC Executive Director, has refused to release Pratte’s resignation letter, stating it is “private document”; it is utter nonsense to claim “private document” in a public inquiry.

Web readers are now asked to google CIC1 RURAL ZONING note that this goes straight to a CJC document, a letter from the Executive Director Norman Sabourin, turfing out my Lane complaint, note the top line on page 2 of the turf letter where Sabourin refers to my Lane complaint as being “imprecise”. Now go to GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll down to my Lane complaint, is my (Lee)s Lane complaint “imprecise”?, and should Director Sabourin be critical while directing the most dysfunctional Public Inquiry ever ran in Christendom?

Web readers are now asked to review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, my (Lee)s complaint refers to Queens Bench Judge Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s judicial ruling finding me guilty of libel of RM Administrator Donna Strudwick for my complaint to NDP Premier Calvert about his Minister Responsible’s dictum that my only option to obtain development approval for the Argues was to bribe Strudwick and my (Lee)s claim that Lady Janets judicial ruling was made to support her Father, Roy McMurtry’s, publicly traded company “Just Energy” use of fraudulent sales tactics in the Eastern US, Canada and Saskatchewan.

Web readers are asked to note that Lady Janets ruling lead to the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940, the base for this Web site, and now my complaint to the Judicial Council of Canada (CJC). The complaint was filed June 29th 2012; note RW 695 712 835 CA, the PO letter registration number; note mailing address in LADY JANET AND THE CJC, google the PO paper trail which shows my (Lee)s complaint was signed into the CJC office by “D Beacock” on 2012/06/29 at 07:08, 60 (sixty) days ago.

The Executive Director of the CJC, Norman Sabourin, has not advised if his Council will conduct a Inquiry into my claim that Lady Janet McMurtry’s ruling as a Queens Bench Judge, finding me (Lee) guilty of libel of Strudwick for my complaint to NDP Clavert was to support her fathers “Just Energy” fraud, but review again GARY LANE AND THE CJC, note the CJC Executive Directors turf letter of my (Lee)s Lane complaint was made in 45 (forty five) days BUT note also the Executive Director made the Lane turn down himself, and the comparative delay in a decision in my Lady Janet complaint may result from the Director taking my Lady Janet complaint to his boss’s, the Chief Judges.

Google “canadian judicial council complaint procedure”, note that the Council will not overturn a Judgement but considers if the Judge acted ethically in reaching his/her decision and my (Lee)s confidants are certain that if the CJC rules that Lady Janet McMurtry’s Judgement finding me guilty of libel of Strudwick was written to cover up rural zoning corruption in Saskatchewan to benefit her father, Roy McMurtry, and his corporate creature, “Just Energy”s fraudualent sales tactics that may lead to clearing my name of libel of RM Administrator Strudwick which may lead to the Devine-Wall Brain Trust being forced to grant Earle approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribeing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Review WITCHES OF EDENWOLD and note two points. First Lady Janet did rule in her paragraph [30] that I (Lee) was “reckless with the truth”, parse her words, her actual words are that I used truth in a “reckless” way and so libeled Strudwick, but that is nonsense, google “ truth is never libel”. Note the Court of Appeal Judges ruling in the documents pages 4 -14, did natter about my convoluted wordiness but were kind enough to not repeat Lady Janets 20 (twenty) page rant criticising me on a personal basis and the Appeal Judges understood the legal question; they refused to accept a Crown Minister would issue such a dictum but they did make a understandable ruling, note below:

Web readers are asked to note the Appeal Judges paragraphs [16] and [17] on pages 9 – 10, of the documents in WITCHES OF EDENWOLD, and note it is clear that the Appeal Court went along with Lady Janet for one reason and one reason alone, to wit: that despite 4 (four) uncontradicted affidavits by Community leaders the Appeal Judges refused to accept that a Minister of the Crown would issue dictum that bribes had to be paid to his officials to provide development approval, but the facts are clear, Earle refuses to this day to bribe Strudwick so to this very does not have her approval despite having RM/Provincial approval.

Review TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK para. 65. (a) where I (Lee) tried to address that point for the Supreme Court, and at the end of the day the Supreme Court Summary Statement for Case 31940 sets out the facts, but now google “lawyer’s suspicions spy agency listened to client calls proven right cp”, note that a decade ago a Court refused to accept Crown Lawyers would bug a phone without a warrant but that hard evidence has surfaced that the Crown Lawyers were lying to the Court, the Defence lawyers phone had been bugged.

That is hard evidence that the Crown is the usual garden variety evil, lying, corrupt, bastard, practicing the usual Ruling Elite duplicity and fraud, so the CJC, the Chief Judges, may accept that in my (Lee)s experience, review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, complaint 5, I would believe that a Crown Minister, as the affidavits do show, issued a dictum that Strudwick had to be paid a bribe to obtain approval for Earles development so Lady Janet finding me guilty of libel of Strudwick was flawed BUT was Lady Janets ruling that I had libeled Strudwick “judicial error” or a ruling to support her Father Roy’s “Just Energy” fraud?

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS, and BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note that Dr. Carl Baar, co-author of the Judicial Council of Canada report, “Masters in Their Own House”, copyright held by the CJC, advised that the only means that a honest citizen has to obtain Justice is a appeal to the voting Public and my (Lee)s Web Master, and Access TV, have done yeoman service in getting the message to the taxpaying voters regarding the Strudwick corruption, SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE and LADY JANET AND THE CJC, but the Devine-Wall Brain Trust still refuse to address the Strudwick corruption, WHY?

Web readers are asked to review GARY LANE AND THE CJC, scroll down to the documents, note the CJC Executive Director turfed my Lane complaint, now review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 30, there can be no doubt whatsover but that the reason for my (Lee)s failure to obtain approval for the Argue development without bribing Donna Strudwick results from my failure to remove Strudwicks friend and protector, Gary Lane, from the Court of Appeal Bench.

As a result of the hard facts spelled out in the preceding paragraphs, both the Argues and I (Lee), as the Argue Representative, must accept that the 4 (four) Regina Lawyers who advised the Argues a decade ago that it is impossible for them (the Argues) to obtain development approval from the RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick are right, ie: there can be no doubt whatsoever but that it is proven that it is impossible to obtain development approval in the RM of Edenwold without bribing Strudwick, which the Argues will not do, ever, review my letters to NDP Calvert and Taylor, LADYS, LETTERS AND SLAPP.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that since the Devine-Wall Brain Trust are so terrified of Strudwick they risk the Lady Lori type circus of a CJC public inquiry rather than face the wrath of Strudwick then I (Lee) must give up the daydream of obtaining development approval for the Argues under the existing political configuration in Saskatchewan,ie; the NDP and Sask Party, BUT if a CJC inquiry clears my name of libel of Strudwick, that will give more credibility to this popular Web site, and also may give rise to an appeal for restitution, google “martinsville nightmare klassen, popowitch” which set a precedent for restitution for harm caused citizens by Judicial corruption protecting Ruling Elite officials.

There is rumor that because of Political harm to the NDP the Devine-Wall Brain Trust would like to see this Web site continue under a well financed Foundation, review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll down to page 4 of the documents, my affidavit, and if that rumor is true the Devine-Wall Brain Trust could use the Klassen/Popowitch restitution precedent to provide me with a Foundation Fund, details will be set out in a future segment, now to the “McMurtry Disease”:

Google “ ndp mulcair on dutch disease”, note that Federal NDP Leader Mulcair claims that the so called “Dutch Disease”, with Alberta as a carrier, is destroying the East’s economy but review the first few paragraphs of GARY LANE AND THE CJC, note the hard evidence that “Just Energy” Managers, Mark Silver, Roy McMurtry, Senator Hugh Segal and their Elite ilk are corrupt to their rotten core, google “just energy charged with fraud wikipedia” and note the evidence.

There can be no doubt whatseover but that “The McMurtry Disease” of corruption, with Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, and her father Roy, and his Eastern Elite Ilk, and their corporate creature “Just Energy” as carriers are more dangerous and cause greater economic harm to the Saskatchewan taxpayers than the plague carried by Norway rats, or Mulcairs and the NDP’s so called “Dutch Disease” causes Ontario and Quebec.

Web readers are asked to google “consumers lodge complaints about just energy’s practises johnstone” and “ just energy’s board of directors”, and note that Mark Silver, along with the Just Energy Board consisting of Roy McMurtry and his Elite Ilk, namely, Hugh Segal, Brian Smith, Michael Kirby, Gordon Griffen, John Brussa and William Weld, these guys are there with NDP Mulcair, in a attempt to destroy the Wests economy to pander to Ontario and Quebec.

Web readers are asked to note that basically the Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair claims that the oil boom, especially the Alberta oil sands, in Western Canada, has driven the Canadian dollar to par with the US and thus caused the collapse of maufacturing in Ontario and Quebec. Any economist will advise that NDP Leader Mulcair is ignoring the question as to what role the greed of Union workers played in driving the cost of labor through the roof and the laziness of Union workers played in the lack of productivity, as compared to US and off-shore productivity, but that does not matter, Trudeau won two Federal elections pandering to Ontario and Quebec voters by use of NEP (National Energy Program) to destroy the Wests economy, Mulcair is promising to do the same.

The economic facts set out in the preceding paragraph mean nothing to Mulcair and the NDP; Mulcair is going to beat the “dutch disease” drum until November 2015 and win the next Federal Election. It is nothing to do with economics, but he will win by promising Ontario and Quebec voters to destroy the Western economy. Trudeau won two Federal Election with the National Energy Program (NEP), by making the same pander promise, google “greed and jealousy the baffling logic of mortal men”, it worked for Trudeau and it will work for Mulcair.

I (Lee) have been predicting in the last few Web segments that Harper is doomed, Mulcair and the NDP will form the next Federal Government in 2015 and it is the little things that finished Harper. As example, google “rcmp commissioner had staff stand guard at his wedding silcoff” note that Harper handpicked Paulson to clean up corruption in the RCMP, and note Paulson has recently married another member of the Ruling Elite, Erin O’gorman, the Director General of Transport Canada, it was foolish of me but I had hopes for Paulson ending RCMP corruption but now his recent actions put paid to that daydream.

I (Lee) am deeply disturbed by RCMP Commissioner Paulson and Transport Director General O’gorman use of taxpayer paid, on-duty RCMP officers, as a honor guard at their wedding, while RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroys affidavit evidence of Ruling Elite corruption, LADY JANET AND THE CJC complaint 10: and worse yet, other RCMP Officers daydream about the slaughter of women RCMP officers to feed Picktons pigs, TOP COP DAY DREAMS. Google “ dingwall entitled to his entitlements” and note that Paulson and O’gorman believe in their “entitlements” just as the Ruling Elite Liberal, David Dingwall, believed in his “entitlement”, which belief ensures the taxpayer faces the greed and horror of a NDP Federal Government after November 2015.

Alberta and Saskatchewan, especially Alberta, will suffer greatly, Mulcair and the NDP have a particular hatred for the Oil Sands development and it will be shut down, but that Oil Sands production will have to be replaced by something if the traffic is going to keep moving and the lights are going to stay on. Mulcair and the NDP keep talking about “renewable” energy and “polluter pay” and “ carbon capture” and “carbon tax”, and that nonsense fits in exactly with what could be termed “The McMurtry Disease”, ie: the use of Ethanol, windmills, solar and use carbon capture scams to pay for it, again review LADY JANET AND THE CJC.

Thank God for google, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the paper trail for Lady Janet McMurtry proves what the corrupt NDP Judicial Lady is, google “” for the Federal Press release regarding Lady Janet McMurtry, paper trail OR review the first segment of this Web site, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH AN RM? and note toward the end of the segment reference to the Lady Janet McMurtry paper trail which establishes that Lady Janet graduated with a Law degree from Dalhousie in 1985, was admitted to the Saskatchewan Bar in 1986, and went to work as a Partner in the Saskatoon NDP Law firm of Woloshyn and Co. that same year.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30, BUT individuals who know Queens Bench Judge Lady Justice Janet McMurtry tell me that not only is the woman a arrogant and radical NDP activist, she is a “raging feminist” so it is hard to believe that she ( Lady Janet) would not have told Lane to google “fuddle-duddle” himself, if as a Senior Appeal Judge, he, Lane instructed her to destroy me (Lee) with a Judgment of libel guilt, but I may be wrong; Lane was a Senior Appeals Judge and Lady Janet, even as a raging feminist, may have gone to her knees before that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30., note that Lady Janet was articling during the time Lane was running his cocaine/high school girl parties for the Judges and senior lawyers in line to be appointed Judges, and Lady Janet would have been aware of the gossip, but was no longer a high-school girl so would not have attended Lanes parties, so Lane could not have blackmailed her, BUT there can be no doubt whatsoever but that, for whatever reason, Lady Janet ignored a string of un-contradicted affidavits from Saskatchewan Community Leaders and un-contradicted Government documents that all set out that Strudwick is a liar and corrupt to the core, LADY JANET AND THE CJC.

Notwithstanding the massive hard evidence, Lady Janet found me guilty of libel of Strudwick for my complaint to the NDP Premier about Strudwicks need for bribes and the instructions for that decision could have come from Lane, again review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30, and those instructions may have originated with Drummond, her Father, Roy McMurtry, and his Elite Ilk working as a group to aquire the $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) taxpayer money in Ethanol subsidy, FOLLOW THE MONEY, to do that google “follow the money rural zoning” and SEA OF CORRUPTION.

Note Gary Drummond and Gary Lane were business partners and with Lane as a Appeal Judge Gary Drummond conceived one of the neatest scams known to man, Drummond and a couple of Sask Energy Officials scammed nearly one Billion Dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayer money, google “ the channel lake inquiry hansard”, but with NDP Dwain Lingenfelter as Minister Responsible and Gary Lane as Appeal Judge no charges were ever laid but the scam was so brazen that the Harper Feds changed the Criminal Code to stop a repeat of it.

Review FOLLOW THE MONEY, note that Drummond was also involved in a carbon capture scheme with Reg Gross, a former NDP MLA, who is a confidant of Dwain Lingenfelter, but the next major scam of taxpayer money was Gary Drummond using the original one Billion dollars of taxpayers money to build a Ethanol Plant at Belle Plaine to the west of Regina; the situation is so sickening, Drummond so brazen, and NDP Premier Calvert so weak, the taxpayers “invested” a few million dollars of taxpayer money in Drummonds Ethanol Plant and many taxpayers might believe that was the end of it, but the only purpose of the Ehanol Plant was to launder more taxpayer money, ie: a Federal Ethanol subsidy of $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) of taxpayer money.

Review SEA OF CORRUPTION and note that I (Lee) was wrong. I knew the Ethanol Plant and carbon capture scams were organized in Saskatchewan by the two Garys (Lane/Drummond), the NDP, and SARM/RMAA, BUT I was not aware that to get it done they had to cut in the Eastern Elite, Mark Silver, Roy McMurtry and his Elite Ilk, who now control the Ethanol and carbon capture scams, but who then had to deal with the corruption of the RM Administrators.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Eastern Elite had the same problem here in Saskatchewan as every other Business has, the corrupt RM Administrators. The Developers have got to pay bribes to the RM Administrators to be granted development approval and Mark Silver, Roy McMurtry and their Elite Ilk are the esscence of Honorable men in Canada, so could not contravene the Criminal Code by paying bribes to the RMAA thugs, two thirds of who are women, so are actually Thuggees, but Roy McMurtry and his Elite ilk got lucky.

Review FOLLOW THE MONEY, note that I (Lee), the stupidest man in Canada, had stupidley wandered into the middle of the “Just Energy” Ethanol scam while trying to find a way to gain approval for Earles $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development with out bribing the evil lying, corrupt, slut RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, but Roy McMurtry eats Premiers for lunch and the Calvert NDP had invested millions of dollars of taxpayer money in Drummonds Ethanol Plant so McMurtry took advantage of the situation to instruct NDP Premier Calvert to order his official, Strudwick, to use a SLAPP action to sue me for libel for complaining to NDP Premier Calvert about her (Strudwick)s corruption.

Saskatchewan was between Chief Judges; Baydas only interest was Justice in the First Nations community and was retiring and the Hon John Klebuc had not yet been appointed Chief Judge so somehow, someway Roy McMurtrys Daughter, the NDP Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry, heard Strudwicks SLAPP action against me and found me (Lee) guilty of libel for complaining to NDP Calvert that Donna Strudwick needed bribes to approve a development and setting common law precedent that anyone who complains about bribes the Developers pay to the RM Administrators to be granted development approval are guilty of libel, LADY JANET AND THE CJC.

Web readers are asked to google “ un-contradicted affidavits accepted as fact” and note that notwithstanding the carved in stone fact of Strudwick’s lies and corruption in those un-contradicted affidavits and official Government documents, Lady Janet wrote Judgment that I (Lee) was guilty of libel and then to top off the horror and corruption Lady Janet ordered the transcript tape of the trial “disappeared” note COMPLAINT # 11 in LADY JANET AND THE CJC.

Again google “canadian judicial council complaint procedure” scroll though the CJC rules, note that my complaint would have been sent to both Lady Janet and the Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc for their input. Chief Judge, the Hon John Klebuc practised law in Wynyard before his Queens Bench appointment in 1993 and would have been a member of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association during the time that Gary Lane, as Attorney General, was protecting Richard Hornung, review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q.C., FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30. and GARY LANE AND THE CJC. The Chief Judge has a good reputation and will not like any of this, including the fact SARM/RMAA Ruling Elite have getting away with this level of corruption for decades.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is considerable and conclusive evidence that I (Lee) was maliciously destroyed by the Saskatchewan Courts because of my refusal to bow to a NDP Crown Ministers dictum to pay bribes to one of his officials to be granted development approval and the question is if I was ordered destroyed by then NDP Premier Calvert because of my refusal to pay Strudwick her bribes, note BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, or because Strudwick bribed Lady Janet to write the Judgment she wrote, google
“ canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar associtaion” or because Lady Janet is as dumb as a rural fence post, or some other reason.

I (Lee) believe there is compelling circumstantial evidence that Lady Janet was following the orders her Father, Roy McMurtry, and his Elite ilk and wrote the Judgment destroying me under his direction to give “Just Energy” a semblance of common law legal cover by ruling that is libel to complain about having to bribe a RM Administrator to grant development approval for a Ethanol Plant thereby obtaining $77,000,000 (seventy seven million dollars) in tax payer Ethanol subsidy FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, para. 67.- 87.

Web readers are asked to note that the Strudwick/Lee case was Lady Janets first case as a Queens Bench Judge so she had no back log of cases with Judgments to write, but it still it took her (Lady Janet) 9 (nine) months, from December of 2005 until August of 2006 to write a Judgment that should have taken 9 (nine) minutes to decide and (nine) hours to write and the only possible explanation for the 9 (nine) month delay in writing Judgment is that she (Lady Janet) was waiting for Strudwick to bring her enough bribe money, or waiting for her father Roy, or NDP Premier Clavert, to tell her what to do.

A CJC public inquiry will determine what the relationship is between Lady Janet and Roy McMurtry, but assuming the relationship is as I (Lee) have been assured, ie; Father /Daughter, google “is saskatchewan queens bench judge lady janet mcmurtry the daugher of roy mcmutry?”, note that Roy McMurtry does have a daughter Janet, and as long as there is not two of them, then Judge Janet will inherit part of Roy McMurtrys shareholder cut of the $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) taxpayer Ethanol subsidy and the legal situation under the Criminal Code, Conflict of Interest, is one for the record book.

Web readers should refer to the Canadian Criminal Code Section 155 (1) Incest, and note that “incest” refers to a sexual relationship between close family members and except for the Egyptian Pharaohs, God and the Criminal Code, always view incest as a heavy sin, BUT review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q.C., scroll down to the documents, page 2, note my (Lee)s reference to “incestous conflict of interest” and note that phrase was coined by members of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association to depict the Lane/Hornung relationship and if the McMurtry pair are Father/Daughter, the relationship is so incestouly corrupt that the taxpaying, voting, public may demand that Criminal Charges be laid under Canadas Criminal Code, Conflict of Interest-Annex C 121 (1) (I) (ii) (iii) (iv), against both Father and Daughter FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 79.-81.

Google “have the us media taken a interest in the lady lori douglas inquiry” note the US media interest in Lady Lori Douglas’s love life. Now refer to the first paragraph in GARY LANE AND THE CJC, note Roy McMurtrys corporate creature “Just Energy” operates in the New England States and I (Lee) believe that the McMurtry situation is so “hills of Kentucky” incestous and corrupt, that if the Lady Janet inquiry takes place, and the CBC refuses to cover it, review BLOOD ON THE WALL, then CNN, with affiliates in Montana, may decide to air the Lady Janet Public inquiry and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust could get ahead of public outrage by granting Earle his development without bribing Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to review BLOOD ON THE WALL and note that despite the refusal of CBC to cover Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan, they (the CBC) are reporting on it outside Saskatchewan, google “brad cabana files countersuit against danny williams cbc”. Note Brad Cabana is following in my (Lee)s footsteps, acting for himself against a SLAPP, which actions are illegal in the US States and Quebec.

Web readers are asked to again google “lawyer’s suspicions spy agency listened to client calls proven right cp”, please read it all and note that a decade ago the Federal Court rejected a Winnipeg lawyer’s complaint because the Judge refused to believe the Feds would bug his phone without a warrant, but now its been proven the Fed lawyers lied to the Court, his phone was bugged.

Google “quebec election: corruption, education or seperation qmi agency”, note that 86% (eighty six percent) of Quebec voters believe the Politicians are corrupt, and even with this Web site at only current visit levels, ie: 600 (six hundred) a month, I (Lee) predict that after 2 (two) more Election cycles here in Saskatchewan, voters will believe 96% (ninety six percent) of Politicians are corrupt and 86% (eighty six percent) of Judges are corrupt. The Devine-Wall Brain Trust may win the next General Election but they should note the rapid rise of the anti-corruption party in Quebec, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ).

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that could happen here, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust have half the Liberals in the bag but the other half of the Liberals are loose in the land and while the NDP got 33% (thirty three percent) of the popular vote in November of 2011, half of the NDP voters will be so horrified at Links deliberate destruction of the NDP that they may join with the last of the Liberals to form a third party, call it the Anti-Corruption Democratic Liberal (ACDL) Party.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that a anti-corruption party would work as well in Saskatchewan as in Quebec and a anti-corruption party could start where Roy Romanow left off, campaign on a promise to remove the 300 (three hundred) RMs from Saskatchewan, and form 13 (thirteen) Counties overlaying the Health/School Districts; FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, SASKATCHEWANS CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

The new party, the ACDL, probably would not form Government in November of 2015 but could end up in a balance of power, the same situation the CAQ may be in Quebec, google “ parti quebecois lead in quebec, as caq eats away at liberal support globe and mail”. Google “”, note that a August 25th poll puts the seperartists at 34%, the Liberals at 29% and the CAQ (anti-corruption party), which was formed less than a year ago, in January 2012, at 25%. The honest Quebec voting taxpayers realize they must take action to save their Province from corruption driven bankruptcy and the Saskatchewan taxpayers should take action now; a picture is worth a thousand words note below:

Web readers are asked to google “us debt visualized in $100 bills demon” scroll down the pictures of the pallets of $100 bills until you come to the woman in the dark red dress sitting on a couch made of bundles of $100 bills and her male colleague in a checked shirt standing beside a pallet containing one Billion dollars. Taxpaying are asked to visualize that Billion dollar pallet multiplied by ten, the Ten Billion Dollars of taxpayer money Lane and his partner, Drummond and Mark Silver “disappeared” out of Saskatchewan.

Google “mandryk: wall’s summer of bread and circuses, mandryk”, note that notwithstanding Kathys vaunted “spin” ability the formation of a anti-corruption party would end the risk of the “disapperance” of Ten Billion dollars more of taxpayer’s money under the rule of the Devine-Wall Brain Trust and taxpaying voters are asked to google “widespread manufacturing woes test fragile global economy milner wheeler”. This is one article of dozens warning about the looming global economic manufactuing collapse, and note that 80% (eighty percent) of Saskatchewan’s GDP (gross domestic product) is based on the sale of natural resources to support off shore maunfactures and farmers.

Google “saskatchewan potash production slowing” and “is there a method in wall’s madness? johnstone” note the search results, more examples of why the economy can no longer afford to pay bribes to the Rural Administrators such as Strudwick to approve developments. Review EDENWOLD EVIL-QUEBEC MALIGNITY and note that I (Lee) suggest the Quebec corruption problem be ended by booting Quebec out of Canada, BUT, I am wrong, it is not that simple, google “coyne: the seperatism of quebec is no simple matter coyne”.

I (Lee) may also be wrong about the Devine-Wall Brain Trust refusing to deal with the Strudwick corruption, google “caucus talks growth plan couture”, the Wall Caucus is reported to have a “secret” plan to promote development, which means a end to the Rural Ruling Elite corruption, but most voters ascribe to the common sense political line, google “don’t eat that elmer that’s horseshit” and a knowledgable confidant advised that the Devine-Wall Brain Trust may solve the Rural Devlopment corruption problem with a plan to pay the RM Administrators bonuses for accomplishing economic development in their individual RMs.

If that is the secret plan the Rural Administrators would have double the corrupt income, ie: Bribes & Bonuses Both, call it the 3 B plan. BUT for a solution to the Strudwick corruption problem that would cost the taxpayers nothing, review the last few paragraphs in SARM LEADERS LIE, note that all Reiter has to do is take 2 (two) minutes of his valuable time to sign one incorporation document and Strudwicks corruption is finished and sets a blue print for other Developers.


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