Review LADYJANET AND THE CJC; note the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, has not yet advised of his intent regarding my (Lee)s Lady Janet complaint, but it took 6 (six) weeks for him to respond to the Lane complaint and since the Lady Janet complaint was filed on June 29th, 2012, it may be mid August before he (the Director) replies which would then be posted in Septembers site, working title is THE MCMURTRY DISEASE.

Note LADY JANET AND THE CJC, COMPLAINT: 19. then google “just energy charged with fraud wikipedia” and note that “Just Energy” is controlled by the Eastern Elite, ie: Mark Silver, Roy McMurtry, Senator Hugh Segal, and their Elite Ilk. The Saskatchewan taxpayers may, or may not, realize it but they, and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, have a history with “Just Energy”s Mark Silver.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust know Mark Silver very well indeed because the Saskatchewan voting taxpayers are still paying interest on the Ten Billion dollars Gary Lane and the Devine Gang “disappeared” during the Devine Decade of Disaster and the first scam that Gary Lane pulled was the old scam of selling the original SGI Head Office Building to Mark Silver for less than appraised value, google “ mark silver gary lane gary drummond sale of sgi former head office building”, the search reference is for Hansard May 9th 1984.

Google “mark silver just energy” and note that Mark Silver is back, along with Roy McMurtry, serving as part of the “Just Energy” controlling mind. Review LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and note BBB believes “Just Energy” is conducting the same corrupt practice in Saskatchewan they were charged with in the East and there can be no doubt whatsever but that this is beyond the pale, but I (Lee) refuse to accept that Premier Brad is aware of these facts.

I (Lee) also refuse to accept that 4 (four) Sask Party MLAs, now Ministers, were lying to Earle Argue when they promised they would get him development approval, review TOP COP DAYDREAMS. The Wall Ministers can not relate to Strudwicks corrupt power as supported by Gary Lane, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph. 30., but I believe the Strudwick corruption must be ended.

Review TWO LADYS AND THE BOUNDARY BOARD RULING. I (Lee) set out nearly two years ago, on December 1st 2010, that I did not come to clean any Augean stables; my only interest in Ruling Elite corruption is to use it to cause public opinion to force the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to grant Earle Argue approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing Lanes friend, the lying, corrupt, RM Administrator Strudwick, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. and 41.-43.

I (Lee) asked the Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) ro place the responsibility for the Strudwick/Argue bribery debacle where it belongs, ie: at Gary Lanes door, again note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. but the CJC Executive Director took it upon himself to turf my Lane complaint without taking it to the Chief Judges,, and the Lane generated misery continues with Lady Lori’s misery being a case in point, note the Executive Directors letter below:

Web readers should note that if the CJC Executive Director conducts a public inquiry and it turns into a Lady Lori type circus, it matters little if Parliament fires her or not, Lady Janet can not survive as a effective Judge, all because of the Gary Lane level of corruption in Saskatchewan, and the public will lose two Queens Bench Judges, one of whom, Lady Lori, is said to be a pretty good family Court Judge, and the public regard for the Judiciary will drop another few percentage points, all of which is rooted in the Lane corruption.

Review LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP, near the end and note that it is actually my (Lee)s fault that Lane is still costing the taxpayers; if I had shot the corrupt bastard (Lane) when I was told that he had done a deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my Highway Contracting company, review COMPLAINT 5: in my Lane complaint below, instead of just stating the obvious, ie: that “he should be shot”, review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note that in the worst case scenario, ie: my incarceration for murder, my life would have been no worse then its been and the taxpayers would have saved many Billions of dollars even after paying for my twenty year incarceration for murder.

It is also the fault of one of my hero’s, Roy Romanow, that Lane is still costing the taxpayers money. When the Devine Gang fell in 1991, the fact that Swiss Bank Couriers carrying brief cases of money from the Leg Building to the Swiss Banks under Lanes watch was enough hard evidence to grind Lane to pieces small enough to go through a colander, yet Premier Roy decided not to go after the Big Thugs such as Gary Lane, only the little thugs, google “mclaren lorne aubre encyclopeia of saskatchewan”, who served three years in prision. Premier Roy wanted voter faith in the Ruling Elite to remain intact, but Roy, who usually has no illusions, was dreaming, Judicial corruption is common knowledge.

Habits of a life time are hard to break and I (Lee) am sure Roy is following the polls, review LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP note reference in the first paragraph to a poll reffered to by U of S Dr. Michael Atkinson that 66% (sixty six percent) of voters believe the politicans are corrupt and 39% (thirty nine percent) believe the Judges are corrupt, and I predict that after three more Election cycles the percentage of voters who believe all Politicans are corrupt will reach 90% (ninety percent) and that all Judges corrupt will reach 80% (eighty percent).

It has been a mystery to many people how I got crossways of Lane. Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the documents, page 11. note Lane was PC Party President when I was appointed Czar of zone 6 and credited with creating a organization for the PCs that elected 4 (four) out of 5 (five) PC MLAs in so-called “red square”. I had served Lane well, yet he and a Queens Bench Judge did a deal to destroy me, note my CJC Lane COMPLAINT: 5 below.

I (Lee) apologize to the Web readers for the convuluted flow of Web segments; my complaint to the CJC regarding that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane should have been followed through on and finalized before moving on to the Lady Janet complaint, but was sidetracked. Note the first few paragraphs of LADY JANET AND THE CJC, note that the BBB (Better Business Bureau) asked Bruce Johnstone to do a article on “Just Energy” which caused me to act on the Lady Janet complaint to the CJC before finalizing the Lane complaint.

Again google “just energy charged with fraud wikipedia”, review again LADY JANET AND THE CJC, and google “consumers lodge complaints about just enegy’s practices johnstone” and note that Bruce Johnstone, the Regina Leader Post Financial Editor has added more concern regarding “Just Energy” business practices. Web readers are asked to note that Mark Silver is a top manager and google “board of directors of just energy”, note that Roy McMurtry, Senator, Hugh Segal, and many of the Political Elite, namley, Brian Smith, Michael Kirby, Gordon Griffen, John Brussa and Bill Weld make up the “Just Energy” Board, and google “march 26th, 1993 hansard saskatchewan legislative assembly”.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust should note the evidence that Saskatchewan Queens Bench Judge, Lady Justice Janet Mcmurtry is Roy McMurtys daughter, and if the CJC Executive Director orders a public inquiry into Ladys Janets ruling, the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should ask themselves, who will suffer more from voter fury of proven “Just Energy” corruption, their Premier or the NDP?

Again google “just energy charged with fraud wikipedia” and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should google “roy mcmurtry, his elite ilk, and the seventy seven million dollar ethanol taxpayer subsidy scam”, and note the search references and ask them selves will the mainstream media continue the coverup in view of the evidence that Mark Silver, Roy McMurtry and their Elite Ilk are involved with a massive $77,000,000.00 (seventy seven million dollar) scam of taxpayer money on Ethanol subsidy, protected by a corrupt judicial decision by Roy McMurtry’s daughter, Lady Justice Janet McMurtry?.

Google “charts are just ugly for just energy group schizas” and “are just energy share prices falling?”, note that the search results show the “Just Energy” share prices are suddenly “plummeting” and note “Just Energy” was charged with the unacceptable practice in the US as the BBB found here in Saskatchewan and the “Just Energy” price started to collapse when the BBB transferred the Saskatchewan complaints to the BBB head office in the east where the BBB Mangers would have given the Pension Fund Managers a “heads up”.

A lot of people are being scammed out of a lot of money by these google “fuddle -duddle” thugs, and the question the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should consider is; if the CJC Executive Director orders a public inquiry into Lady Janets judgement written on behalf of her father and “Just Energy”, to allow the Ethanol scam, is it possible CNN and other US media will be here broadcasting to the world; if that happens how will the Saskatchewan business climate look to the world?

I (Lee) advise the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to ask themselves: if the CJC Director conducts a public inquiry into the Lady Janets corrupt judicial ruling covering up rural development corruption for the purpose of coloring up a common law to help her Father with his “Just Energy” scam which scam has spilled over into the US New England States, resulting in fraud charges, who will take the fall when “Just Energy” shares are removed from sale on the stock market?

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust should think about their own position as retreads from the Devine Decade of Disaster and the “disappearance” of Ten Billion dollars of Saskatchewan tax payer money and think, based on my proposal at the end of SARM LEADER LIES, how simple it would be to deal with the Strudwick corruption now and get ahead of the potential negative publicity curve from my Lady Janet CJC complaint. Now to that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane:

I (Lee) have failed miserably; Web readers are asked to note that on May 14th 2012, I (Lee) filed a complaint on line with the Canadian Judicial (CJC) regarding Gary Lane’s actions while serving as the Devine Gang Attorney General; review LANES QUESTIONABLE Q. C. and note that pre-eminent political reporter, Murray Mandryk, lists by name, the individuals who served as Devine/Lane BrainTrust and are now serving as Premier Brad Wall’s Brain Trust.

Notwithstanding the medias proven links between Lane actions then and now, on June 27th 2012, I (Lee) received a letter dated June 21st 2012 from CJC Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, note letter above explaining that in effect that my complaint was too old and states in the first line of the second page that my allegations against Lane were imprecise, he really did state that, imprecise.

Now google “blatchford: strange judge douglas inquiry threatens to run aground blatchford” and note that the CJC Executive Director accuses me of being
“imprecise” while he runs the most dysfunctional inquiry ever held in Christdom. In any event, the CJC will only look at complaints about sitting Judges so would do nothing with my complaint about Lane as the Devine Attorney General (AG).

The CJC wants complaints about sitting Judges; Lady Janet is a sitting Judge and my allegations against Lady Janet are very precise, ie: my claim is that Judge McMurtry is as corrupt as RM Administrator Strudwick and note Strudwicks Minister Responsible ruled that my (Lee)s only option to obtain development approval for Earle Argue was to bribe Donna Strudwick, note Supreme Court Summary Statement for Case 31940, is that precise enough?

Again google “blatchford: strange judge douglas inquiry threatens to run aground blatchford”, note the CJC are Canada’s Chief Judges and while they may be dysfunctional and may not be “Brothers in Christ” with the Supreme Court Judges, they (the Chief and Supreme Judges) must at least talk to each other and my proof of Lady Janet corruption is my Supreme Court Leave Book that Strudwick did not respond too, a Supreme Court Summary Statement for Case 31940, a formal Judicial report, copy right held by the CJC, “Masters in Their Own House” describing Judicial Corruption, and a public report by Susan McGrath of the Canadian Bar Association that Judges might take bribes,; is that level of hard evidence precise enough for the CJC Executive Director?

But I (Lee) do feel hard done by over the CJC Executive Director turfing my Lane complaint. Web readers are asked to note that since the CJC was conducting a public inquiry into the fact that Lady Lori Douglas, as a lawyer, practising law, before being appointed to the Queens Bench, paid blackmail in an attempt to try to stop Alex Chapman from going on line with sex/bondage photos, I believed that my complaint that Lane had acted in a “conduct unbecoming”, as a lawyer, while serving as the Devine Attorney General, before Mulroney appointed him (Lane) to the Court of Appeal, was a valid complaint.

Web readers are again asked to review my (Lee)s complaint to the CJC regarding Lane below and I ask Web readers to then google “ judge’s bid to move inquiry dismissed martin” and “manitoba opens public inquiry into sex scandal involving judge lambert” and “canadian judicial council public inquiry into lady justice lori douglas”, review the media reports on the opening and progress of the CJC public inquiry into Lady Lori Douglas’s alleged sexual adventures, then decide. I believe there is hard evidence that Lane is far more corrupt than Lady Lori Douglas, but the CJC Executive Director, in his wisdom , turfed out my Lane complaint, note the CJC Directors letter above.

Web readers will be able to follow the paper trail of proof for each of my Lane complaints with the exception of my proof for COMPLAINT #5 which will require input from Provincial Court Judge Kim Young who would probably not respond to citizen inquiry but he (Judge Young) may feel obligated to respond to a formal request from his MLA, the Hon Tim McMillan, and other than that, Web readers should have enough information from the paper trail of formal documents set out in this Web site to decide if they believe Lanes actions, note COMPLAINT: 4 and 5 below, are as corrupt as Lady Lori paying blackmail to Alex Chapman.

Web readers are asked to google “making a complaint-canadian judicial council”, note that the complaint is to be regarding the Judges actions such as my complaint filed with the Judicial Council regarding the actions of Lady Janet McMurtry, review LADY JANET AND THE CJC. Note the CJC process is simple, allowing e-mail complaints; , which I (Lee) did on May 14th 2012, and received a comprehensive response by letter dated June 21st 2012, again note the CJC Executive Director letter above.

The Provincial Attorney’s General are always a Lawyer and Gary Lane was a lawyer and Devines Attorney General when Mulroney appointed him to the Appeal Bench so Gary Lane must have signed the same document that Lady Lori Douglas signed when appointed to the Bench, to wit: they have done nothing as a lawyer to contravene the “conduct unbecoming” rule and I (Lee) believed there was/is a valid CJC complaint but, as noted above, the Director refused to accept it, BUT for the Web site record, note below the Lane complaint as it was filed with the CJC, on line at on May 14th 2012.

Canadian Judicial Council
112 Kent St.
Ottawa ON.
K1A 0W8

Dear Judicial Council;

I file complaint regarding Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Judge the Hon. J. Gary Lane which complaint(s) are set up similar to a Factum. Each complaint is numbered and listed item by item with the proof set out just below each item. The proof references, in the main, are document(s) set out in a named segment of Website, and/or references to easily contacted and credible individuals, ie: former MLAs and/or lawyer(s), and/or a former Premier and/or Senator, and in one instance a Provincial Court Judge.

COMPLAINT 1: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, as Saskatchewan Attorney General, awarded himself a Queens Council (Q.C.), then kept and used the award affixed to his name notwithstanding the fact the Lieutenant Governor of the day refused to sign the Order in Council (O.C.) granting the award.


COMPLAINT 2: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, as Saskatchewan Attorney General, blocked agreement between then Premier Elect Grant Devine and George Morris, Board Chair of Morris Rod-Weeder, to introduce Right to Work Legislation in Saskatchewan, which White Paper was supported by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. By this action, the Hon J. Gary Lane caused the Saskatchewan taxpayers economic suffering.

Evidence-the Judicial Council will need to obtain input from Senator David Tkachuk and/or former Premier Grant Devine and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

COMPLAINT 3: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, acting as Saskatchewan Attorney General, ruled that if the Hills, as developers of the McCallum Hill highrise office buildings in downtown Regina, used Regina Architect Joe Pettick to design their buildings, the Government of Saskatchewan would not rent one square inch of office space in the planned buildings. This action caused the Hills to dismiss Joe Pettick, costing them large amounts of money for new architects to prepare new designs which cost was then passed on to the taxpayers through higher office lease costs.

Evidence-since the death of Architect Joe Pettick, Saskatchewan Senator David Tkachuk, or former Premier Grant Devine, or many Regina lawyers will be aware of and be able to confirm the facts.

COMPLAINT 4: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, acting as Saskatchewan Attorney General, allowed, or ordered, the coverup of careless use of a firearm resulting in the death of Gary Voinorosky rather than allowing an automatic inquiry, as required by Saskatchewan law, to proceed and possibly lead to manslaughter or first or second degree murder charges against Yorkton Lawyer Richard Hornung Q.C.

Evidence-google: EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q. C…….. the segment contains relevant media and Court documents. Any Member of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association who was practising law at the time will confirm that the Attorney General of the day, the Hon. J. Gary Lane, in direct contravention of Saskatchewan law, issued order there be no Coroner’s Inquest into the shotgun slaughter of the Yorkton businessman Gary Voinorosky.

COMPLAINT 5: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, as Saskatchewan Attorney General, reached agreement with Saskatchewan Queens Bench Judge, M.A. “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy my highway contracting company, Western Earth Moving Ltd.

Evidence-google LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, it will be necessary for the Judicial Council to contact North Battleford Provincial Court Judge the Hon. Kim Young for the “at the end of the day” evidence on this complaint.

COMPLAINT 6: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, as Saskatchewn Attorney General, confiscated my MLA Appeal material from the MLAs, which confiscation Regina Lawyer Tony Merchant expressed opinion the Courts would view as an “unjustified political act or worse”.

Evidence-google LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, documents, page 1.

COMPLAINT 7: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, as Saskatchewan Attorney General, when then Saskatchewan Minister of Highways James Garner and MLA Lloyd Hampton attempted to intervene on behalf of my highway contracting company and myself, the Hon J. Gary Lane as Attorney General acted to force the removal of both Minister Garner and MLA Hampton from their Legislative positions and from the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

Evidence-google LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, documents page 3-7 for MLA statement and for the “at the end of the day evidence” from the former Minister and MLA. Note the Saskatchewan legislative clerks have contact information for all current and former MLAs and Ministers.

COMPLAINT 8: THAT the Hon. J. Gary Lane, Saskatchewan Attorney General, charged me under the Criminal Code with “threatening”, for my public statement that he (Lane) “should be shot” for confiscating my appeal material from the PC MLAs; then as Attorney General stalled for three years before taking the charge to trial, at which trial my jury took fifteen minutes to return a “not guilty” verdict.

Evidence –google LADYS, LETTERS AND SLAPP—last third of segment.

All of which is respectfully submitted.
P.O. Box 33057
Regina, Saskatchewan,
S4T 7X2

As noted by the CJC letter above, the CJC Executive Director refused to conduct a inquiry into Lanes actions as the Devine Gang AG, but what is set out just above is public record of a few of Gary Lanes actions as the Devine AG, but the worst of Lane was the ten Billion dollars of Saskatchewan taxpayers money that “disappeared” under Lanes watch, some of into Swiss Banks, which money the taxpayers are still paying interest on.

Gary Lane’s actions destroyed the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan but with the CJC refusing to conduct a public inquiry into Lanes actions as Devine AG means Lane will never be dealt with, but google “dick collver wickipedia” note the excellent bio, including that Dick had accepted Lane and Thatcher into the PC Party from the Liberals; it is meaningless now but I (Lee) knew Dick well, he is a good man; does Dick ever think about the horror that he inflicted on the Saskatchewan taxpayers by accepting that snake of a Lane into the PC Party of Saskatchewan; what might have been if he had not done that, the Saskatchewan PCs might have had a Alberta type PC dynasty.

At this point in the continuing Saskatchewan Rural Administration corruption horror nothing can be done about that google “fuddle-duddle” Lane BUT Web readers are asked to review the last few paragraphs of SARM LEADER LIES and note where I (Lee) set out a solution for the Hon Jim Reiter to resolve the Donna Strudwick corruption issue and end the horror for the Argues, a solution that would not cost the taxpayers one red cent, it would cost nothing, nada.


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