Google “bigger than gomery? Quebec corruption inquiry set to get underway montpeitit and baqnerjee” and “the protestors are just jean charest’s nosiest problem-not his worst language”. Corruption parallels between Saskatchewan and Quebec go back 60 (sixty) years to Douglas/Fines using Duplessis corruption tactics, review EDENWOLD EVIL-QUEBEC MALIGNITY and COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, and those parallels remain to this day, current Quebec Ruling Elite corruption is a matter of public record; and note below:

Google “Regina, rm of Sherwood not talking mceachern”, and “rm of Sherwood responds in dispute with city of Regina mceachern”, and “rm of Sherwood breaks partnership with Regina book” and “prairie dog may 17- 30 2012, click on news briefs, scroll down to “no shit Sherwood” study the articles, note where the RM “ordered” the Province to end the 50 (fifty) year agreement giving joint City/RM development authority; Regina is now “boxed” by the RM of Sherwood as the City of Swift Current was “boxed” by the RM of Swift Current, note below:

Review FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, near segment end, note that the RM of Swift Current blackmailed the City of Swift Current over the Citys expansion plans, the RM of Swift Currents demand for $15,000,000.00 (fifteen million dollars) from the City was impossible to accommodate, Swift Current City would become bankrupt, just as the RM of Sherwood would bankrupt Regina.

If the RM of Sherwood demand for bribes from Regina City to allow expansion tracks the RM of Swift Current bribes to allow Swift Current City to expand, then based on City population Sherwood RM is going to demand a $200,000,000.00 (two hundred million dollar) bribe from the City of Regina, that is a $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) each from every man, woman and child in Regina; note that the ability for the RMs to practice this blackmail stems from the fact that the RMs have been granted absolute development control, it is called, “discretionary zoning” control, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph. 93.-95.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 20.-23., and note, at risk of sounding smug, I (Lee), at Premier Roy Romanow’s request, prepared a white paper suggesting a solution to the SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) corruption that might work, ie: I advised Premier Roy to ensure that the 4 (four) RMs around the 10 (ten) Cities are controlled by Community Planning, leaving SARM with 260 (two hundred and sixty) RMs to loot.

Premier Roy, a true Statesman, in a effort to be fair to the rural residents and save them from SARM looting, ignored my advice to weasel on the RM corruption and tried to solve the problem by forcing the RMs to amalgamate into Counties, but failed, review SASKATCHEWAN’S CURSE and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, as result Premier Brad now has the SARM Leader to deal with and sooner or later, a Saskatchewan Premier is going to have to address the entire SARM corruption problem but if not now, when?

Google “three men make a tiger” and “goebbels and the big lie”. Note that the Chinese originated the theory and their fable implies the theory works, but it was Hitlers spin doctor, Joseph Goebbels, who acted on the Chinese theory; ie: if a lie is monstrous enough, and told often enough, the public will believe it even if it is insanity, as example, slaughtering the Jewish people was a good plan.

Canada’s Ruling Elite, from the two-bit SARM Leader to the PMO lie; there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Canada and Saskatchewan’s Ruling Elite use Goebbels theory, note two examples below, 1) the F-35, DND (Department of National Defense) Bureaucrats, and; 2) RM Amalgamation and Dave Marit, President of SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities).

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust is asked to Google “Michael den tandt: for the Tories there is no moving on from a lie like this”; read the article, note that Michael Den Tandt sets out the raw facts regarding the corruption and coverup of the F-35 scam, the Devine- Wall Brain Trust should also take note of Canadian corruption in general, Google “Canada worst of g-7 nations in fighting bribery, corruption, julian sher”, and “fear of wildrose drove voters to Alberta pcs youngblut” and “the polls were accurate medicine hat news opinion” note that fear of Danielle ending Alberta Government corruption caused the hard left, the NDP and Unions, to vote PC and they now control Alberta PC Premier Redford.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust should Google “”, and “Canada gdp drop cools talk of rate hikes junggren”; polls show the voter approval of their Federal Conservative big brother is dropping, and given the Liberals Adscam, the Conservatives F-35 scam, robocalls, Vic Toews impregnating his babysitter, Bev Oda’s $16.00 (sixteen dollar) orange juice and $1000.00 (thousand dollar) a day limos to go two City blocks; the NDP poll numbers are going up like a Lear jet..

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust is asked to Google “ndp accuses Tories of bending rules on $1-million grant for Baird associate curry”, note the one million dollar grant to build a wheel chair ramp; some journalists believe Harper is doomed, and the NDP, CUPE and corrupt NGOs will control Canada after 2015. Premier Brad Wall knows what he is facing, Google “brad wall could tell Tories whats scary about mulcair ibbitson”, BUT knowing, and being able to address the issue, are two different things, Google “east-west gambit cynical, potentially effective den tandt”, note, because of “resentment” Ontario voters will vote NDP.

Google “coyne; stephen harper, the stealth prime minister coyne”, note that even Andrew Coyne has lost faith in the Conservatives, Google “harper government funded study arguing Canada suffering from ‘dutch disease’ beeby”, and note the Harper PMO funded the report that Mulcair is using to pander to Ontario and Quebec to destroy the Western economy, Mulcair has a good start, Google “mulcair says he’s putting together an ‘extraordinary’ team for 2015 o’neil” and “mulcair putting together tar team of candidates o’neil”

Google “yaffee: demonizing the federal ndp a tricky task for conservatives yaffee”, these pundits believe we will have a NDP Government federally with the result being economic disaster for the west, Google “ndp’s mulcair takes aim at Alberta’s oilsands derek abma”, and “metro premier wall takes shots at mulcair on twitter” and “mulcair ‘ashamed’ of west couture”, BUT some experts do not share that view, note a different opinion set out below:

Google “Michael den tandt: don’t look now, but Stephen Harper is doing just fine np” and “will mulcair’s gambit divide the Tories’ base? coyne” Note that both Andrew Coyne and Michael Den Tandt believe that the Ontario people are not going to gamble on electing a NDP Administration Federally, but these two experts failed to factor in jealousy, Google “greed and jealousy the baffling logic of mortal man”, they forgot that jealousy worked for Trudeau who used NEP.

The can be no doubt whatsoever but that Mulcair is a Liberal and Google “as smart as a cart load of monkeys”, and he (Mulcair) knows that the Ontario Voters will vote for him (Mulcair) as long as he promises to destroy the West. Trudeau, a Quebec NDP/Liberal did exactly that ie: won a couple of Federal Elections with NEP, pandering to the East by destroying the West and that is what Mulcair, another Quebec NDP/Liberal, will do to form Federal Government, ie: for the next 3 (three) years he will promise the East that he (Mulcair) will destroy the West and with the hard left NGO’s beating the environment drum Mulcair’s plan will work three years from now even if it is insane to plan the destruction of the West’s resource economy to win a election.

Web readers should look at this from the other direction. Google “real wealth why Saskatchewan is richer than we realize–way richer”, a article by Neil McMillian of Claude Resources, read the article, especially the chart, look at the comparison between expenditure on resource development and potential profit in Ontario/Quebec/Alberta and Saskatchewan; does any one believe for a heart beat that the Quebec and Ontario voters, or even the Alberta voters, are going to allow Saskatchewan’s million people to benefit from that level of investment/ profit, again Google “greed and jealousy the baffling logic of mortal man”

Whether Harper or Mulcair form the next Federal Government, the following is a now undeniable fact; Manitoba is NDP; Danielle and Wild Rose were taken down by the hard left strategic voting and Alberta is now controlled by the NDP; the Polls show that the NDP will easily win BC and the NDP have forced the minority McGuinty Liberals to their knees in Ontario and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Charest Liberals are so corrupt that the separatists will form Government in Quebec, so whatever happens Federally, Premier Brads Administration here in Saskatchewan will be the last Provincial administration not controlled by the NDP Unions and NGOs west of the Maritimes.

There is a very real risk Canada will end up ruled by the NDP and if the honest, voting, taxpayers believe the Federal Liberals and the Mulroney Conservatives stole a lot of taxpayer money in Adscam and Airbus, the taxpayers will find out what a “lot of money” is when CUPE control the Feds and the Criminal code and the Bank of Canada with the power to print money. Mulcair keeps on about google “the dutch disease” but under NDP/CUPE Canada will catch the Greek disease; “bankruptcy”, Saskatchewan was on the brink of bankruptcy after Devine/Lane “disappeared” Ten billion dollars, but was saved from bankruptcy by Roy Romanow, STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Web readers are reminded once again the NDP Crown Minister, Len Taylor, ruled that a Developers only option to obtain development approval was to bribe a Government official, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 41. – 43. and note once again if the NDP form Government Federally they will control the Criminal Code and the Bank of Canada and the power to print money and the cash flow in the larger Provinces, ie: BC, Alberta and Ontario and with the Separatist’s back in power in Quebec to blackmail the Federal NDP/Bank of Canada who has the power to print money to pay Quebecs blackmail demands to stay in power and would never do what should have been done years ago, ie: boot Quebec out of Canada, segment EDENWOLD EVIL- QUEBEC MALIGNITY.

The problem is that the Harper PMO was caught covering up for the corrupt, lying, Bureaucrats at DND on F-35 procurment and I (Lee) believe it is also a risk for Premier Brad Wall to continue to cover up the lies the President of SARM, Dave Marit, told the media regarding RM amalgamation.

Google “chamber pushes for amalgamation johnstone”, and “mandryk: chamber’s amalgamation push valid mandryk” both articles are blunt; the Chamber of Commerce wants to see the RMs amalgamate but SARM President Marit claims there is no proof it costs more per person to administer a RM with a population of 250 (two hundred and fifty) than a County with a larger population, which claim by the SARM Leader is a easily proven lie, note below:

Google “the cost of governance in small size municipalities”, note the Federal Government detailed study on the cost of administering Indian Reserves and Rural Municipalities, note that Dave Marit lied, there is a major Federal study providing proof that it costs more per person to administer small population Indian Reserves and RMs than large population Indian Reserves and RMs.

The Devine-Wall Brain Trust should reflect on the wisdom of covering up and pandering to the lies of SARM President, Dave Marit and his corrupt slut, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick. Web readers, especially the Devine-Wall Brain Trust, are asked to note Saskatchewan is one of the last three Provinces in Canada to use RMs for Rural Administration and is the only Province to allow the RM Administrators “discretionary zoning” control in the RM’s, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 93. -95., Premier Roy tried to end the corruption by ending the RMs but failed, STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Premier Roy had Cabinet approval, only to have the SARM Leaders plead with him (Premier Roy) to allow them to form their own amalgamation plan, which was a flat lie, they had no intention of amalgamation but it gave them (SARM) time to have the NDP membership force Premier Roy out as NDP Leader/Premier of the 1999 NDP/Liberal Coalition Administration and elect Lorne Calvert as NDP Leader. SARMs support is why NDP Calvert won the November 2003 General election, whereby the SARM Leaders ignored their promise to amalgamate, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 20.- 27; the SARM Leaders lied to then Premier Roy when they promised to amalgamate on their own initiative.

I (Lee) urge all Web readers, but especially the Devine-Wall Brain Trust to pay particular attention to a recent Bruce Johnstone column; Google “big changes coming for farmers johnstone”, and “fewer farmers in our future johnstone” note the PMO is determined to end all supply management starting with the Wheat Board, which will put Saskatchewan in direct economic competition with the northern US States; as example, North Dakota, which State GDP from all sectors, oil, farm, manufacturing, and mining, compares almost exactly with Saskatchewan, which is competition we can not survive, note below:

Google; “north Dakota per capita gdp”, note that in 2011 it was $47,714.00, (forty seven thousand seven hundred and fourteen dollars); Google “ Saskatchewan per capita gdp” and note that it was $36,306.00 (thirty six thousand three hundred and six dollars). Saskatchewan’s per capita GDP is 25% (twenty five percent) less than that of North Dakota; that is hard to understand or relate to.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Saskatchewan people are exactly the same as the North Dakota people; we live in the same prairies, we use the same equipment to mine, build and grow the same stuff; so why the massive per capita discrepancy in GDP between the North Dakota and Saskatchewan people?; there is probably nothing wrong with Stats Canada’s math, the GDP is probably actually similar but Stats Canada have no way to factor in Saskatchewan’s bribe economy that panders to the Ruling Elite.

Review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 16., note that Revenue Canada allows the business Community to deduct the payment of bribes to corrupt sluts such as Strudwick and her 300 (three hundred) RMAA colleagues as a cost of doing business BUT also note Revenue Canada does not require the Ruling Elite, scum, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, to pay income tax on the bribes and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that some of the difference in GDP is going into tax free Ruling Elite Bribes; it is “disappearing” into the system as unreported bribe income to Ruling Elite scum such as Donna Strudwick; that level of corruption is what caused collapse of the Soviet Union economy.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the fact Revenue Canada does not require corrupt sluts such as RM Administrator Strudwick to pay tax on their bribe income is part of the 25% (twenty five percent) difference in per capita GDP but another part is that North Dakota is a “right to work” State, ie: North Dakota has a law the work force does not have to join a Union to get a job, so in North Dakota, the work gets done or some one gets fired and there is a ray of hope here in Saskatchewan, Google “siast faculty fight a worthy idea gormley”

Review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, note 8 (eight) paragraphs before the end where I (Lee) set out that I was delegated by Devine to try to talk Lorne McLaren into running for the PCs, that was true but that was the short version; I knew George Morris and was a catalyst for talks between the two heavy hitters, Grant Devine and George Morris. George Morris had established a Rod-Weeder plant in North Dakota for two reasons, less Government corruption, and North Dakota had right to work legislation, which he wanted to see done in Saskatchewan.

Lorne McLaren was President of Morris Rod-Weeder, George Morris was Board Chair so Mclaren had to have permisson from George Morris to run for Devines PCs, so George did a deal with Devine and gave permission for McLaren to run for the PCs under the terms that McLaren would be appointed Minister of Labor and introduce Right to Work Legislation; McLaren did run, and did win, and as agreed with George (Morris) Devine did appoint McLaren Minister of Labor and McLaren did do a white paper on “right to work” legislation which white paper gained approval of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

BUT Gary Lane, as the Devine Attorney General, put the kibosh on carrying right to work legislation; Lane believed that if right to work was carried the PCs would lose the next General election to the NDP/Unions; as a result we have ended up with the Unions and NGO’s running Saskatchewan to this day; it was a Lane betrayl similar to Redfords betrayal of the PC people in Alberta, and as a result the Saskatchewan taxpayers still have to cope with Ruling Elite sluts such as Donna Strudwick working with two-bit shysters like Gary Lane and Glen Dowling to scam the honest taxpayers, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30.

Web readers are asked to note that the Hon Don Morgan, as the Wall Attorney General/Minister of Labor tried to correct the havoc that Lane wrought by nixing the right to work legislation Grant Devine promised George Morris, Google “Saskatchewan considering more union dues exemptions cbc”, and also Google “mandryk: labour proposals unconscionable mandryk”, and “labour proposals cause for suspicion mandryk”, it is odd to see Murray beating the Union drum.

Murray’s Bosses, the Leader Post Editorial Board, weighed in with a well reasoned Editorial, Google: “ editorial: sask. party springs a labour surprise leader post” and a small group of technicians wants to be free of SGEU, Google “group trying to break away from segeu haight”, BUT we have a long way to go to close that twenty five percent per capita productivity gap with North Dakota and I (Lee) believe that corruption in the Ruling Elite, such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, is a bigger problem than Union workers lack of productivity.

Google “public corruption evil” and “ canada worst g-7 country at preventing bribery: report abama” and “Canadian judges might take bribes Susan mcgrath Canadian bar association”, Canada’s Ruling Elite corruption is so pervasive and universal that public Broadcaster CBC is part of it and covers it up, note that when Earle and Sharie Argue asked me (Lee) to serve as their Representative to obtain their $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing the corrupt slut, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, the first thing that I did was go to Outlook Community Leader Lloyd Smith for advice; Lloyd drove the area between Outlook and Saskatoon and soon found 30 (thirty) instances of RM development corruption, review the very first paragraph of the very first segment in this Web site ZONING PROBLEM WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY?

Web readers are asked to note that once I (Lee) had the Lloyd Smith information
ie: thirty corrupt RMs in the Outlook/Saskatoon area alone, which projected to all 300 (three hundred) RMs being corrupt, and when Earle and I realized that the Strudwick bribery was universal, Earle (Argue) fully briefed David Kyle, then head of CBC Saskatchewan, regarding the massive Rural Development corruption in Saskatchewan and Earle asked CBCs David Kyle to do a story.

CBC Chief David Kyle has a close family relationship to Queens Bench Judge Kyle, but I (Lee), not aware that the Ruling Elite corruption extended to the CBC, believed it would be effective to have CBC David Kyle discussing the RM corruption with Queens Bench Judge Kyle, but it came to nothing, David Kyle came back to Earle and dismissed Earle’s ask telling him that CBC did not do “minor zoning disputes”, note BLOOD ON THE WALL, this is like calling the first World War a family feud between the Royal Houses of England and Germany.

Google “gov’t rolling out bad budget news mandryk”, note Murrays reference to the fact that SARM supports Premier Brad 100% (one hundred percent), ie: the reverse is Premier Brad owes his soul to SARM, BUT note there are 300 (three hundred) RMs, each RM has six Councillors, one Reeve, one administrator, a couple of Assistant Administrators, one Road Foreman, and two or three sons and nephews running the road Graders, for a total of 15 (fifteen) supporters in each RM, for a grand total of about 4500 (forty five hundred) out of a total of 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) Farm voters, ie: 3% (three percent)

I (Lee) repeat and emphasize that the SARM Leaders and their family’s account for only 3% (three percent) of the Farm vote and the Federal Conservatives axing of the Wheat Board, the sale of Vittera to Glencore and the public record of Glencore corruption puts the Wall Administration at serious risk and the Devine-Wall Brain Trust should review FLOWERS CHCOLATES AND PERFUME, note where I (Lee) set out a plan that is their only hope to form Government after November 2015, ie: remove the 300 (three hundred) RMs and give the resulting $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million dollar) savings in RM Administration costs to the Villages as grants for infrastructure and pray.

Web readers are asked to Google “ restructured government couture” and note that Darryl Hickie is gone from Municipal Affairs and Jim Reiter has moved from Highways to something called “Minister of Government Relations”, which means that the RMs, Citys, Towns, Villages and Indian Reserves, are now all separate Government entities, but the Minister Responsible still has the power to create a new Municipality under section 61(1) and (2) of the Municipalities Act.

Google “fine craftsmanship in wall cabinet mandryk”, note Murray praises the Premier for his new Cabinet but Murray did not consider relevant the fact the Premier has lumped the RMs, Cities, Towns, and Villages in with the Indian Reserves as separate Governments, and then turning the whole dysfunctional debacle over to the Hon Jim Reiter to deal with as Minister of Government Relations, placing the Hon Jim in a impossible situation. Scroll back to the first few paragraphs in this segment, note that Premier Brad has ignored the horror of SARM and Regina City and has put his Minister Responsible in a impossible conflict of interest, review STRUDWICK AND THE HON JIM REITER.

Web readers are asked to note that before being elected as a MLA Jim Reiter was a RM Administrator and a member of the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association) Executive Board and a close personal friend of RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick who was also on the RMAA Executive Board and the Hon Jim Reiter now must enforce the ruling that the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, made that Earle Argues only option to obtain development approval was to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para 41. – 43., but the Strudwick bribery problem is one problem that can be resolved at no taxpayer cost, note the following:

Web readers are asked to now go to DEJA VU EDENWOLD, scroll down to the documents, note page 2 where then Deputy Minister Tom Gentles memo states in part “ There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the contract administration is a disaster”, note that it is a axiom of Parliamentary Government that “the Deputy speaks for the Minister and the Minister speaks for the Crown and the Crown commands”, Google “accountable government”, note there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the administration of my company highway contracts with the Province was a “disaster”; the Devine-Wall Brain Trust is aware of that.

Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note where I (Lee) had offered the Devine Administration a simple solution to Deputy Minister Tom Gentles statement that the Government Engineers administration of my highway contracts was a disaster; my solution was for the Devine Administration to agree that I could hire Professional Civil Engineers to administer any highway construction contract my company entered into with the Province of Saskatchewan, but Lane refused.

Gary Lane, as the Devine Attorney General refused my offer, claiming it would be a “license for me to print money” and Web readers may be interested to note that I (Lee) have filed a complaint with the Judicial Council of Canada regarding Gary Lane’s actions as the Devine Gang Attorney General, details of the complaint will be in this Web site in early July, working title is LANES END?

Now review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT, scroll down to the documents near end of segment, note page 4, my affidavit that any restitution accruing to me from obtaining Earles development for him without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick will be used to establish a Foundation to maintain and advertise this Web site, now go to NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY, note the solutions set out and again note “Ministers Thumbnail” where I (Lee) set out that it would cost the taxpayers nothing, nada.

Web readers are asked to note there are three possible solutions set out in NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY, ie: 1) use the Hillson amendment to have a Village annex the Argue Development out of the RM of Edenwold, or; 2) the Minister Responsible incorporate the Argue Development as a Village, or; 3) the Argues turn their Development quarter and 350 gpm spring over to SASK WATER who grants the Argues a 99 (nintey nine) year lease on Development land and 20% (twenty percent) of spring water flow.

Web readers are reminded of the wise words of Edmund Burke, Google “ the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” and note that the Wall Brain Trust was serving as the Devine Brain Trust when Gary Lane refused my offer to settle the Western Earth Moving debacle by allowing me to hire Professional Civil Engineers to administer any highway construction contract that my company entered in with the Province, and nothing could be more fitting, suitable and effective then Argue resolution as set out below:

a) go to NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY, note the “Ministers Thumbnail” at end of segment and note my ask: the Minister Responsible incorporate the Argue Development quarter, the NE of 3-17-17-2 as a Village.

b) as restitution for my (Lee) obtaining the Argue development for them without having to bribe RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, ensure I am granted title to 20 (twenty) lots of the Argue Development located on the NE of 3-17-17-2, and the Wall Administration agree that I may hire a firm of Professional Civil Engineers to administer any Highway Construction contract my company enters into with the Province of Saskatchewan.

c) review AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT scroll down to the documents, page 4, note my affidavit that any funds accruing to me (Lee) personally from the 20 (twenty) lots set out in b) above will be used to set up a Foundation to advertise this Web site, Google “rural zoning in Saskatchewan” ie:

d) to fullfill my affidavit commitment in c) preceding, profits accruing to me (Lee) personally from the establishment of a Highway Contracting company will be used to fund the Foundation to maintain and advertise this Web site to ensure the NDP, SGEU and NGO’s never form Government again in Saskatchewan.


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