Google “alta. can learn from sask. history mandryk”, note that following Danielle’s failure to form Government notwithstanding the poll predictions, Murray justifies the oddity by setting out that voters do not like sudden change.

BUT google “fear of wildrose drove some voters to alberta pcs youngblut” and note that the early poll results scared the hard left (NDP/Liberal) into strategic voting to stop Danielle from forming the Alberta Government and forcing a end to official corruption. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that because of strategic voting by the hard left, Alberta will now be administered by a corrupt, Quebec type Administration, review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION.

Google “today’s letters: how could the polls have been so wrong russel”; note that many voters have been complaining about the pollsters, but this horror was not the pollsters doing, the pollsters are getting a bad rap because they can not pinpoint the hard left, the NDP/Liberals, who voted PC to stop Danielle. Web readers are asked to google “alberta elction 2012: riding-by-riding results cp”, follow the map with the cursor, note the riding by riding results, make a note of every riding where Danielle lost to Redford by less than 1500 (fifteen hundred) votes, note that there are a total of 22 (twenty two) such ridings.

Note there are 12 (twelve) of those ridings in the rural areas, 10 (ten) in Calgary and none in Edmonton, for a total of 22 (twenty) ridings. Danielle lost by a average of 682 (six hundred and eighty two) votes in each of those ridings, she lost by 13,241 (thirteen thousand two hundred and forty one) votes and two thirds of the teachers could have done it, google “how many teachers in alberta”, scroll down, there is 23,600 (twenty three thousand six hundred) teachers in Alberta, all of them always vote hard left (NDP/Liberal), so if two thirds of the teachers voted PC in this General Election, that would have defeated Danielle.

There are 87 (eighty seven) ridings so a Party needs 44 (forty four) to form Government, subtract 22 ( twenty two) from Redfords 61 (sixty one) leaves her with 39 ( thirty nine), ridings and add that 22 (twenty two) to Danielle’s giving her 39 (thirty nine) a dead heat; exactly what the pollsters predicted; a minority.

It is true there were 4 (four) ridings where Danielle’s Wild Rose guy beat Redfords PC guy by less than 1500 (fifteen hundred) votes; I (Lee) ignored that factor because there was no strategic voting to stop Redford. It is also true that Redford could have formed a minority Government but the NDP had 4 (four) and the Liberals 5 (five) ridings and she would have had to have a Speaker, so would have had to use both the NDP and Liberals and it could not have lasted.

The Wall Brain Trust should also google “the ndp must show canadians a new way martin” and “polling finds new evidence of robo-call election effect valpy” and note that notwithstanding the fact the hard left (Liberal and NDP) fear of Danielle ending corruption in Government resulted in their strategic voting to stop her (Danielle) and the Wild Rose from forming Government in Alberta corruption in Government is still a top of mind issue for many voters.

I (Lee) was intrgued by another statement in Murrays column; he reminds us that it was after Roy formed Government in 1991 that the “disappearance” of taxpayer money came to light, which surprised me because I believed that every sentinent Saskatchewan being knew that during Lanes time as Finance Minister Swiss Bank Couriers flew into Saskatchewan, stayed overnight at the Hotel Sask and flew out the next morning carrying brief cases of cash picked up from the Leg Building on their way to the airport and the Wall BrainTrust, who served as Devines Brain Trust, should be reminded of that fact every day of their life.

Web readers are asked to google “foundation is unfair to sask mandryk”, note that Murray points out that the Suzuki Foundation is unfair to the Sask Party, BUT note that I (Lee) offer to establish a Foundation that would maintain and advertise this Web site to counter the Suzuki Foundation’s steady drumbeat of support for the NDP and their corrupt Unions (SGEU) and the alphabet soup of corrupt NGO’s such as SARM, RMAA, RCMP and the Q.B. Judges, reminding the Saskatchewan voters of the massive corruption of the NDP, their Ruling Elite Bureaucracy and NGO’s and the Judiciary.
Google “sincere solution to labour law far away mandryk” and note Murrays point that the Wall Brain Trust never makes a move without legal advice and I (Lee) add to Murray’s opinion by reminding Web readers that Premier Brad Walls Brain Trust served as Grant Devines Brain Trust and following the Devine Decade of Disaster and the “disappearing” of Ten Billion dollars of tax payer money are probably edgy about taking a pee without legal advice, and if they like and trust “legal” solutions, I have a suggestion that might turn their crank.

The Wall Brain Trust are asked to note page 4 in documents near the end of this segment where I (Lee) file affidavit that any funds accruing to me as a result of their granting development approval for Earle Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development without having to bribe RM Administrator Donna Strudwick will be used to establish a Foundation to maintain and advertise this Web site on Access zap2it Chanell 13 as long as funds last, which Web site will help offset the Suzuki Foundation’s drumbeat on behalf of the NDP.

Google “the billable hour-here to stay?” and “above the law: billable hours” and note that the legal Profession started using the “billable hours” system of billing clients only sixty years ago and some Lawyers are going back to the original system of flat fees, contiguency fees, and other forms of results based legal fees so some Lawyers are now sometimes once again advising clients to do nothing.

As example; there is no doubt whatsoever but that, if RM Administrator Donna Strudwick had not gone along with her two-bit shyster, Regina lawyer Glen Dowlings idiotic plan to use a SLAPP action to sue me (Lee) for libel as Earles Representative and if Strudwick had just kept sneering and snickering at Earle’s and my (Lee)s effort to obtain approval for Earles $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing her (Strudwick) she would be sitting fat and happy, still sneering and snickering, demanding bribes from Earle, instead of fussing this Web site might get Earle his development without her bribes.

About 80% (eighty percent) of Regina Lawyer Glen Dowling income comes from the RM of Edenwold and Dowling has developed a reputation in the legal community as the “go to guy” to block developments, a legal expertise not much in demand, BUT because of the “billable hour” system of legal billing Regina Shyster Glen Dowling advised Donna Strudwick, to use a SLAPP action to sue me for libel which lead to the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940, in effect giving me licence to publish this Web site, giving Earle Argue a chance to make his $10,000.00.00 (ten million dollars) pre tax profit as a Developer without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Dowling bill-able hours greed caused the Edenwold Ratepayers to lose millions of dollars in tax revenue and to add insult to massive injury the Edenwold ratepayers have paid him (Dowling) massive legal fees to conduct Strudwick’s SLAPP action against me (Lee) AND, because of Dowlings billable houes greed I have that Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940 on the public record and a chance to obtain Earles development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, note “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

The Wall Brain Trust and any Lawyer who advises them will not be as stupid and greedy for bill able hours as Dowling so this Web site will continue until I (Lee) die and the Wall Brain Trust should google “mandryk: what happened to accountability mandryk”, and “sask. gets short shrift johnstone” and “alberta election lesson for wall the starphoenix”; note that guys like Bruce/Murray never back off, and the Star Phoenix Editorial Board is warning Premier Brad of what will happen if he continues to ignore google “public corruption evil” which has become a top of mind issue for voters, even something as benign as Wal-Mart.

The Wall Brain Trust should google “wal-mart hushed up bribe network in mexico: report associated press” and ask themselves how Wal-Mart has been able to build Wal-Marts anywhere in Saskatchewan, destroying many small businesses; the Premiers Brain Trust should think about the visits to this Web site, and ask; “should we run the ‘arab spring’ type political risk of doing nothing to pander to Donna Strudwick, when the solution would cost taxpayers nothing”; note “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

The Wall Brain Trust should google “barack obama’s ultimate guide to marketing:”, note that it was long chatty Web sites such as this one, that did the “impossible” task of electing a Black Guy, Barack Obama, President of the United States. Google “ tweeting through life works for me gormley”, and note that while it is true that right wing radio talk show host, John Gormley, lives by “tweeting” it is also true that the Wall Brain Trust used a US Republican think tank to quarterback their November 2011 Election win, and the Wall Brain Trust should take a page from their Republican hotshots operations manual.

I (Lee) advise the Wall Brain Trust to google “are tweets more effective than websites?”; note “tweets” were originally designed to send Web readers to a Web site; watch the CNN Talk Shows, note that a few Republican organizers speak of their belief that use of long Web sites such as Obama used (and this one) are more effective than the “tweet” type, 140 character, five word sentence, social media stuff that John Gormley lives by, John is just getting lazy.

I (Lee) believe that John (Gormley) is wrong, the Web works, google “the web works wonders” and review the third paragraph of LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note the belief by a Alberta Blogger that the Alberta PCs support went down due to Government corruption, note that the Alberta PCs were saved by the hard left using strategic voting to preserve that Government corruption. The Wall Brain Trust should google “those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it” and “saskatchewan tories in fraud scandal” read the articles and recall that they (Wall Brain Trust) were there, serving Devine during the Devine Decade of Disaster, and ask themselves, how are the Devine PCs doing today?

The Wall Brain Trust should review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q. C. and DEJA VU EDENWOLD and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW and note the conclusive evidence of massive corruption, including a MLA statement, that my (Lee)s Highway Contracting company was destroyed by Professional Engineers and the Saskatchewan Queens Bench Judges working originally for NDP Premier Al Blakeney, then PC Gary Lane, because of my refusal to pay bribes to Professional Engineers controlling the Highway Construction contracts, and the Wall Brain Trust should remember what happened to Grant Devine’s PCs.

The Wall Brain Trust should remember their role in the Lane driven Devine Decade of Disaster and ask; at what visit number level will this Web site cause the voting taxpayers to take a interest in the corruption of the Ruling Elite. I (Lee) suggest the Wall Brain Trust google “is the sask. socialist psyche changing french”, and “study mostly shows sask pragmatism mandyk”. The Wall Brain Trust should note that Janet’s article is based on a poll and electoral study done by a local think tank,, but I believe the headline for Janets article is misleading and while Murray believes the voters are just “pragmatic” I believe the poll numbers show Murray is wrong.

I (Lee) believe the poll results show that the Saskatchewan voters socialist psyche is toward a communistic belief that the Bureurcrats are honest and the Political and Business Leaders corrupt. Why the voters believe that when history shows that all Communist Countries are corrupt to their rotten core is beyond my understanding, review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, but I ask the Premiers Brain Trust to read the Janet and Murray articles, note the polling that shows the voters trust the Bureaucrats more than the Politicans and the business Leaders, I believe that is a danger for Premier Brad, note below:

A example of such a corruption issue, google “minister says report stating care facilities deal costly to taxpayers is wrong c.p.”. Note that I (Lee) raised the Amicus stuff, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 124, my research found nothing but a bit of low level Catholic Mafia, “cozy crony”, stuff; note that even if CUPE’s tame left wing Professor can justify his projection over the life of the Amicus facility depending on where interest rates go, the Amicus health care scam, ie: twenty million dollars, is a benign one million dollar a year Catholic Mafia scam, compared to the hard left Union Nurses insane salarys and corruption of the Doctors, note below:

Google “healthy salaries for nurses cowan”, note that some Registered Nurses (RN)s are paid close to $250,000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand), annually compare that to a Cop or Firefighter salary of about $50,000,000.00 (fifty thousand dollars) annually. There are 8553 (eight thousand five hundred and fifty three) registered Nurses working in the Province, even if only 10% (ten percent), or say 1000 (one thousand) of the RNs earn that Union driven salary of a quarter of a million dollars as compared to salary of a Cop or Fireman, at about fifty thousand, a difference of two hundred thousand dollars annually for 1000 (one thousand) RNs is $20,000,000.00 (twenty million) dollars annually as compared to the Amicus “cozy crony” scam of, at most, one million a year.

Review DR JIM’S IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME, note the media reports that the Doctors run endless tax evasion and insurance scams that include demanding bribes and kickbacks from the Drug companies to use their drugs while writing prescriptions, and that segment does not include a run down on the fact that the Doctors are administering a situation in the Wascana Center where there is evidence supplied by a credible Medical Professional that aging patients are slaughtered by a cocktail of prescription drugs and deliberate dehydration just to save a few dollars to be later “disappeared”. The details of this slaughter will be set out in a future segment, working title is EVILLER THAN EVEN EDENWOLD.

Review TURNING OVER ROCKS, note that Dr Carl Baar advised me (Lee) that it was the Bureaucrats who blackmail the Judges, not the Politicians. Review the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters in Their Own House” BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, note the report is plain English, its the SGEU Court Clerks (Registrars) who Blackmail the Judges, not the Politicians.

The paper trial I (Lee) unearthed and set out in this Web site establishes that the Politicians, of all political strips, are, in the main, honest. There are obvious exceptions, ie: the CCF/NDP, Douglas/Fines, Blakeney, Link/Calvert and the PC’s Lane/Berntson were corrupt to the core, but the Politicians are, in the main, honest, while a significant, I estimate 20% (twenty percent), of the Bueaucracy are corrupt to the core and the 80% (eighty percent), coverup the corruption.

My (Lee)s destruction took place during 1980/1981 count down to the April 1982 change in Government from NDP to PC and then following the change in Government my destruction was finalized by PC Lane, who, as the Devine Gang Attorney General, did a google “cozy-crony” deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson to destroy me because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Professional Engineers originally employed by NDP Al Blakeney.

Part of what I (Lee) set out in LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW is known to Lawyers who will remember that when Devine came to power in April of 1982 the Legal Aid lawyers were under the control of panels of NDP layman appointed by Blakeney in each Legal Aid district. That NDP Justice policy was a abuse of NDP power but Gary Lane wanted to see a worse abuse of power, ie: the Legal Aid Lawyers controlled by him, Lane, personally; it was obviously more equitable to have panels of laymen controlling Legal Aid than Gary Lane, even if those layman were NDP, PC, Liberal or little green guys from Mars.

Web readers are asked to review pages 3 to 7 of the documents in LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, and note the MLA statement sets out that the Professional Engineers working for NDP boasted of my (Lee)s destruction because I refused to pay bribes and Queens Bench Judge “ Sandy” MacPherson wanted Lane to destroy me. WHY?; because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Engineers?; what other reason did Q.B. Judge MacPherson have to destroy me? I am not painted green, at six foot four inches (6’4”) maybe I am too tall, but that is nonsense, the question follows as night follows day; why did the Judge want to destroy me?

The deal Lane and “Sandy” MacPherson reached was that Lane, as Attorney General, appointed MacPherson to do a study of what to do with the Legal Aid lawyers, with MacPherson promising Lane to rule that the Legal Aid Lawyers should be put under control of the Attorney General and in return, Lane promised to destroy me as Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson wanted, at least so said Provincial Court Judge the Hon. Kim Young.

Web readers are reminded that I (Lee), as advised by Westerns Lawyer, D. A. Mackenzie Q. C., had gone to work as a political organizer for the Devine PC’s and had been given public credit for creating a zone organization for the PC’s in their “zone 6” the so called “red square” area of Saskatchewan that was so effective that PC’s were elected in 4 (four) out of 5 (five) ridings, note document, page 11 in LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, but notwithstanding my political accomplishment for the PCs, ie: the election of PC MLA’s in 4 (four) out of 5 (five) ridings in “red square” and the fact I was supported by many of the Devine Back Bench, Lane still destroyed me as he (Lane) had promised Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson he would, google “public corruption evil”.

I (Lee) fought back against Lanes moves to destroy me. I appealed to all the PC MLA’s, review the PDF reference in LANE EVIL THAN AND NOW but Lane confiscated my appeal material from the PC MLA’s, note Yorkton This Week Media, page 1 and MLA statement pages 3 and 4 in the documents and as a result I ran full page ads in the Provincial Weeklys, note example of the ad in the Estevan Mercury, document page 2, with my home phone number.

I (Lee) knew all of the Devine backbench MLA’s from PC organization meetings here in Regina and many supported me, and when Lane confiscated my MLA appeal the Devine Back Bench MLA’s began phoning me at home to explain they could do nothing for me because Lane had confiscated my MLA appeal material and my standard response to the back bench PC MLA’s, and any one else who called, was succinct, I stated simply that; “Lane should be shot”.

After I (Lee) had ran a few of the full page ads in the Provincial Weekly Newspapers, note document page 2 in LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, Lane charged me under the Criminal Code with “threatening” him, and then Lane, as Attorney General, stalled for over 3 (three) years before taking the “threatening” charge to trial, but when he, Lane, took it to trial my Jury was out 15 (fifteen minutes) before finding me “not guilty” note LADYS LETTERS AND SLAPP.

Web readers are asked to note that in 1982, Kim Young, a Saskatoon lawyer, had been elected as PC MLA in the riding of Saskatoon Eastview. Kim did not run again in 1986, and was appointed a Provincial Court Judge in Lloydminister, where he serves to this day. Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note where I (Lee) set out that the Hon Kim Young, advised me of the agreement reached between Devine Attorney General Gary Lane and Queens Bench Court Judge “Sandy” Macpherson to destroy me. Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson wrote the legal aid report giving Lane what he wanted, ie: Attorney General control of the Legal Aid Lawyers, and Gary Lane granted Queens Bench Judge Macpherson what he wanted, ie: my personal destruction.

Google Saskatchewan Hansard for May 29th and 30th 1984, and study the Hansard record, note references to Western Earth Moving, note where Lane, as the Devine Attorney General, had called in a retired Queens Bench Judge to cover up the fact that he, Lane, as Attorney General, had done a “cozy crony” deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson, to destroy me, google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”.

Web readers are asked to note that Lane was worried. Review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the documents, again note the MLA statement pages 3 to 7 and note that the evidence was growing that I (Lee) had been destroyed by the Ruling Elite because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Highway Engineers, and Lane was worried so he moved first with that Judicial study but it was not until two years later, after Kim Young had been appointed a Provincial Court Judge, that he (Kim) told me that Lane had done a deal with Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” MacPherson to destroy me.

I ( Lee) assume that Judge Young, a sitting Judge could not respond to casual inquiry regarding the agreement between Lane and MacPherson to destroy me, but he ( Judge Young) would have to respond to Public Inquiry subponea and the current Attorney General, the Hon Don Morgan, who ran the Legal Aid system for Devine for a decade, would either aleady know all about the MacPherson/Lane deal to destroy me, or could determine the validity of my claim with one phone call to Provincial Court Judge, the Hon. Kim Young.

Web readers are asked to review the second paragraph in NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY and note that it is common practice for the Ruling Elite officials, ie: the Professional Engineers, Union Leaders, Mafia and corrupt Politicians to scam taxpayer money on Quebec Construction projects. Google “corruption inquiry battles rcmp for evidence cbc news” and “rules could let corruption probe keep sessions secret bruemmer” note the RCMP are defying a summons to provide evidence to the inquiry, and the inquiry itelf is secret, but Quebec officials are doing what Saskatchewan officials did under Blakeney and Lane.

Web readers are asked to scroll back to the opening paragraph in this segment and also take special note that at the end of the last few segments I (Lee) promise to use any restitution granted me as advised by the Public Inquiry and/or approved by the Wall Cabinet, to establish a Foundation to make sure that this Web site and Access TV Ads stay in place for as long as the funds last, with the obvious result that I will not benefit personally, which is immaterial to me because my only interest in money is to contract road work.

My (Lee)s confidants refuse to accept that ALL Government Bureaucrats and Judges are corrupt, and they are right, I estimate only about 20% (twenty percent) of the Bureaucrats such as Donna Strudwick, are corrupt, but the corrupt Bureaucrats and Judges do not have a red “C” branded in their foreheads and the honest 80% (eighty percent) coverup for the corrupt 20% (twenty percent) to try to protect the reputation of the Bureaucratic institution.

BUT even honest Government Bureaucrats treat their economic relationship with the taxpayers as if it was the commodities market, a zero sum relationship. The Bureaucrats believe that when the taxpayers pay less tax, and business makes more money, there is less for the Bureaucrats and because of the economic war between Bureaucrats and private sector, even the Bureaucrats who are not corrupt to the core do not want to see the private sector make any money, google “greed and jealousy the baffling logic of mortal man”.

Web readers are asked to review DE JA VU EDENWOLD, note that the Western lawyer, D. A. Mackenzie Q. C. asked me (Lee) the same question, ie: are all Highway Engineers corrupt?, so my wife Lorna and I did a study for D. A., we talked to all the Engineers wives, girl friends and 17 (seventeen) best buddies and estimated that about 20% (twenty percent) of the Highway Engineers were corrupt so I have assumed that 20% (twenty percent) of all Rural Administrtators and Queens Bench Judges are corrupt, but, as set out above the honest 80% (eighty percent) coverup the actions of the corrupt 20% (twenty percent).

The corrupt Bureaucrats are so arrogant they boast of their corruption, note LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the documents, note the MLA statement pages 3 – 7 where a Highway Engineer named Al Frederickson openly boasted of my destruction and used that fact to threaten other contractors; talk to the RM of Edenwold ratepayers, Strudwick openly boasts of the bribe money she demands from the Developers, BUT this Web site does have a chance to end the corrupt horror of RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to note that I (Lee) cannot offer the Wall Brain Trust any better deal than what is set out in “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY. This Web site was originally designed to accomplish three things,1) approval for Earl’s development without him bribing RM Administrator Strudwick, and; 2) to clear my name of libel of Strudwick, and; 3) try to make sure the corrupt NDP Ruling Elite and their corrupt Union,(SGEU) never form Government again. Note my plan would not cost the taxpayer one red cent or harm the Wall Administration, BUT my plan may not be perfect, it contains unneeded risk for me.

Web readers should note 2) above, ie: my (Lee)s request for a public inquiry to clear my name of libel of that corrupt slut, Donna Strudwick, may not be needed because following the appointment of the Hon John Klebuc as Chief Justice in September of 2006, a “stay of execution of judgement” was placed on the judgement finding me guilty of libel of Donna Strudwick, placing me in a never-never land of legal limbo, a Alice in Wonderland, down the rabbit hole, to a world where up is down and down is up, but as long as the “stay of execution” is in place, it is only my ego that is harmed by my loss to that corrupt slut, Donna Strudwick and her two bit shyster Glen Dowling, and that harm is being negated.

My (Lee)s confidants believe the voting public accepts that Queens Bench Judge Lady Janet McMurtry is corrupt to her rotten NDP core and my confidants remind me that many have suffered much, much more than I have at the hands of corrupt Queens Bench Judges covering up corruption of the Ruling Elite Bureaucrates, good examples are the Judicial cover up of David Milgaard’s 23 (twenty three) year false incarceration, and the destruction of John Popowich, google “ milgaard inquiry” and “popowich martinsville nightmare inquiry”.

Now review WHY IS CANADA SO CORRUPT? Note that polls at the time show that 39% (thirty nine percent) of Canadians believe that all Judges are “touched by corruption” and my confidants point out that it is impossible for the Wall Administration, or any Provincial Administration, to bring in a US Judge to rule on every case involving official Bureaucratic corruption when nearly half of the voters believe the Queens Bench Judges are corrupt; Web readers may be interested to google “landsdomur wikipedia” and note that since 1905 Iceland has had a special Court which panel includes honest votering taxpayers to deal with Government corruption.

My confidants remind me that SARM/RMAA still has their half a Billion dollar slush fund in cash available to bribe Judges and point out that since the Courts placed the “stay of execution” on the Judgement finding me guilty of libel of the corrupt slut (Strudwick) there is no need for me to run the risk of SARM/RMAA bribing a US Judge if the other two items on my list are dealt with, ie: the Wall Administration grants Earles $30,000,000.00 ( thirty million dollar) development without bribing Donna Strudwick and I am granted enough lots on Earles Development as restitution to make sure that this Web site is maintained and advertised on Access TV to help keep the corrupt NDP Political Elite, and their Unions and NGO’s such as SARM/RMAA from power in Saskatchewan.

Web readers are asked to take special note of FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, note that Gary Lane had been short listed to be appointed Saskatchewans Chief Judge until Architect Joe Pettick warned me (Lee) of the shortlisting of Lane for Chief Judge and I then circulated information regarding Gary Lane’s paper trail to the Ruling Elite of all Political Partys.

Web readers are asked to note that it was only after my material went into circulation I was told there was no way on Gods Good Green Earth the Harper PMO would ever appoint Gary Lane as Saskatchewan Chief Judge, but if that was true, why was Lane shortlisted for Chief Judge in the first place?, but the clear fact is that my efforts helped to ensure we ended up with a Honorable man, the Hon John Klebuc, as Chief Judge, instead of Gary Lane.

Web readers should remember that during the one year that Gary Lane was Devine Gang Finance Minister there was a deficit of one point three Billion Dollars. “Yes Virginia” that was one point three Billion, that is a Billion with a B. Gary Lane, as Finance Minister, “disappeared”, one quarter of the years budget; all Web reading taxpayers are asked to think about the fact that if Gary Lane had ended up as Chief Judge he would have stuffed a couple more Swiss Banks right to the rafters with Saskatchewan tax payer money.

I (Lee) repeat, this Web site focuses on the corruption of the NDP Ruling Elite, Gary Lane, the corrupt SGEU/NGO’s and Queens Bench Judges and a Foundation, established to maintain this Web site and Access zap2it Ads, which, with the exception of reference to Amicus, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 124., contains nothing relating to the Wall Administration; as a result there is no political reason for the Wall Brain Trust to deny my ask for resolution as set out in “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION – NDP INSANITY.

BUT I (Lee) repeat, my confidants believe that my plan is not a perfect plan and advise asking the Wall Brain Trust to implement only the first part of “Ministers Thumbnail”, ie: incorporating Earles Development quarter as a Village and ensuring that Earle gives me (Lee) title to a few lots as restitution for solving the Strudwick bribery demand problem for him, note below:

Web readers are asked to review LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, note about a third of the way through reference is made to my (Lee)s offer to then Premier Devine to settle the Western Earth Moving debacle in exchange for my being allowed to hire my own firm of Professional Engineers to administer any Highway Construction contract my company entered into with the Province only to have Lane refuse my ask because he (Lane) said it would be a “liscence for me to print money”.

Web readers are asked to google “highway privatization kills off sask. jobs union warns couture”. Note that to solve the Government Professional Engineering corruption problem in the Highway Department Premier Brad is now taking exactly the same step I (Lee) offered the Devine Gang thirty years ago, allow me to hire private Professional Engineers to administer any Highway Construction contracts my company entered into with the Province.

The Wall Brain Trust is asked to review “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY, and note that assuming Premier Brad is serious about using Private Consulting Engineers to administer Highway Construction contracts I (Lee) believe that a fitting end to the Argue/Strudwick bribes for development debacle would be that Earle is allowed his development without having to bribe Strudwick and he (Earle) grant me, as his Representative, title to a few lots, enough to allow establishment of a road contracting operation.

If it is true fact that Premier Brad now has a policy of using Private Professional Engineers instead of Government Professional Engineers to administer Highway Construction contracts, perhaps he (Premier Brad) would allow me (Lee) to now, after 30 (thirty) years, hire my own Professional Engineers to administer any road Construction contract funded in whole or in part by the Province and undertaken by a contracting company owned and operated by a Foundation that I establish for the purpose of using road contracting profit to maintain and advertise this Web site in the 200 (two hundred) Saskatchewan Communities seviced by Access TV, it would sure as hell be a fitting and ideal solution.

Web readers are asked to google “how many years did hitler rule germany”,note is was 12 (twelve) years of horror and now note that the Devine Gang came to power in 1982, Gary Lane appointed himself a Queens Counsel, (QC), and a Honorable man a month and a day later, note page 1 in the documents below and Gary Lane has been visiting havoc and horror on the taxpayer ever since, a total of 30 (thirty) years, 18 (eighteen) years longer than Hitler, note that Hitler had the grace to suicide while Mulroney appointed Lane to the Court of Appeal.

The havoc and horror visited by Gary Lane on the Saskatchewan taxpayer is well documented including the “disappearance” of Ten Billion Dollars of tax payer money that the Saskatchewan tax payer is still paying interest on. Web readers are asked to review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q.C. and LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, for the documentation and paper trail establishing Gary Lanes carrer of greed, corruption and arrogance.

Web readers are asked to note that I (Lee) missed a example that set Gary Lane’s pattern. Web readers may remember that in the countdown to the April 1982 General Election Grant Devine made a campaign promise that once in power, his first act would be a O.C. (Order in Council) eliminating the gas tax, remember his (Grants) campaign promise?, I remember it well, I used it campaigning for him in the PC zone 6, note page 11 in the documents, LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW.

Grant (Devine) meant well but Web readers are reminded that Gary Lane is so arrogant that following Devine coming to power in April of 1982 and Lane being appointed Attorney General (AG), his (Lane)s first act as AG was to appoint himself a QC (Queens Counsel), note document, page 1 below marked O.C. 838/82 dated May 27th 1982, and approved by a Administrator. Note that despite Grants promise it was ten days after Lane had granted himself a Q.C. that the gas tax was removed. Note the removal of the gas tax, Order in Council (O.C.) 1111/82, was signed by Lieutenant Governor McIntosh himself, note pages 2 and 3 in the documents below.

Web readers are reminded that to enlarge the documents right click, then left click on “view image”, then click again to enlarge and to leave the document click on the return arrow in the top left of the monitor, and to leave documents click on the small rectangle marked “esc” in the top right of the monitor.

Web readers are asked to note that the unprecedented action of Gary Lane granting himself the prestigous Q.C. was so questionable that then Lieutenant Governor, the Hon Irwin McIntosh, refused to sign the O.C., note page 1 in documents above and a Administrator signed approval. Now look again at page 3 in the documents above, note the Lieutenant Governor was available because he signed approval for the elimination of the gas tax, but I (Lee) repeat, did not approve Lanes Q.C., and this raises question if Lane is a 30 (thirty) year fraud.

Google “has a canadian provincial attorney general ever awarded himself a q.c. (queens counsel)”, and note that the Great Google has no record of that ever occuring.There can be no doubt whatsoever but that it was unprecedented for Gary Lane, as Attorney General, to award himself a Q.C. and two facts are clear, 1) the Lieutenant Governor signed the O.C. removing the gas tax so he was in the Province, and 2) the Lieutenant Governor refused to sign the O.C. granting Lane a Queens Counsel ( Q.C.), which raises question.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the validity of Lanes appointment as a Q.C. and Honorable man is in question and Web readers are asked to review EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q.C. and compare Gary Lanes actions to true Statesmen, Roy Romanow, Jack Hillson, Ron Osika and Clay Serby who risked their political careers to try to eliminate the RMs and end the criminality of corrupt scum such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL.

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. and note that Strudwick is a close personal friend of Lane and that then Premier Roy Romanow’s attempt to addresss corruption in RM zoning and development was blocked by the SARM Leaders lies, which lies will be the subject ot the next segment planned for early June, working title is SARM LEADERS LIE.

I (Lee) ask the Web readers who support the Sask Party to contact their Sask Party MLA, phone, write, e-mail and ask they accept my affidavit that I will use any restitution funds granted to establish a Foundation dedicted to maintain this Web site and advertise it on Access zap2it Channel 13 in a effort to end NDP and Union (SGEU) Ruling Elite corruption in Saskatchewan forever and note the affidavit that the restitution funds will be used as promised, page 4 above.

I (Lee) remind Web readers of the wise words of 1700’s British Statesman Edmund Burke, google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Web readers are asked to make sure that their Sask Party MLA is aware that a solution, at no cost to the taxpayer, is set out in “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

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