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May 31, 2012

Google “bigger than gomery? Quebec corruption inquiry set to get underway montpeitit and baqnerjee” and “the protestors are just jean charest’s nosiest problem-not his worst language”. Corruption parallels between Saskatchewan and Quebec go back 60 (sixty) years to Douglas/Fines using Duplessis corruption tactics, review EDENWOLD EVIL-QUEBEC MALIGNITY and COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION, and those parallels remain to this day, current Quebec Ruling Elite corruption is a matter of public record; and note below:

Google “Regina, rm of Sherwood not talking mceachern”, and “rm of Sherwood responds in dispute with city of Regina mceachern”, and “rm of Sherwood breaks partnership with Regina book” and “prairie dog may 17- 30 2012, click on news briefs, scroll down to “no shit Sherwood” study the articles, note where the RM “ordered” the Province to end the 50 (fifty) year agreement giving joint City/RM development authority; Regina is now “boxed” by the RM of Sherwood as the City of Swift Current was “boxed” by the RM of Swift Current, note below:

Review FLOWERS CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME, near segment end, note that the RM of Swift Current blackmailed the City of Swift Current over the Citys expansion plans, the RM of Swift Currents demand for $15,000,000.00 (fifteen million dollars) from the City was impossible to accommodate, Swift Current City would become bankrupt, just as the RM of Sherwood would bankrupt Regina. (more…)



May 12, 2012


Web readers are asked to bring up LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW, scroll down to the documents, bring up document 1, a Yorkton This Week article referring to then Attorney General Gary Lane confiscating my (Lee)s MLA Appeal, readers will have to twist their head to the right to read the last pargraph where Regina lawyer Tony Merchant states his legal opinion that the Courts would view Gary Lanes confiscation of my MLA Appeal as a “unjustified political act or worse”, the MLA Appeal Lane confiscated is in the site in PDF just before the documents.

Back in the day, Gary Lane used his power as Attorney General to cause his Legal colleague Tony Merchant, Canada’s pre-eminent class action Lawyer, much political misery and caused his Liberal political colleague, Architect Joe Pettick much economic misery, and caused me (Lee) much economic misery with his “cozy crony” deal with a Queens Bench Judge to destroy my Highway Contracting company when I refused to bribe the Government Engineers, AFFIDAVIT OF INTENT and Gary Lane, as a Appeal Judge, has caused Developer Earle Argue much economic misery by supporting his friend, and confidant RM Administrator Strudwick, in her requirement for bribes to approve Earle Argue’s development FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph. 30. (more…)


May 1, 2012


Google “alta. can learn from sask. history mandryk”, note that following Danielle’s failure to form Government notwithstanding the poll predictions, Murray justifies the oddity by setting out that voters do not like sudden change.

BUT google “fear of wildrose drove some voters to alberta pcs youngblut” and note that the early poll results scared the hard left (NDP/Liberal) into strategic voting to stop Danielle from forming the Alberta Government and forcing a end to official corruption. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that because of strategic voting by the hard left, Alberta will now be administered by a corrupt, Quebec type Administration, review COMMUNISTS AND CORRUPTION. (more…)