The Wall Brain Trust is asked to google 1) “canada one of worst places to invest in 2012: report morrisey” and; 2) “canadians ok with higher taxes to fight inequality cbc” and; 3) “mandryk: chamber’s amalgamation push valid mandryk”. The implication of the first article is clear, Saskatchewan will suffer economically, but I (Lee) believe the implications of the second and third articles will be even more serious for the Wall Administration, google “public corruption evil.

I (Lee) believe that the second article shows that the honest taxpayers will go the last mile to end inequality between the honest taxpayers and the Ruling Elite. In the third article, Murray makes the point that leads to the google “public corruption evil” of the power and corrupt horror of Saskatchewans 300 (three hundred) postage stamp size Rural Municipalities.

As just one example of that corrupt horror, Revenue Canada allows the business community to deduct payments of bribes to official sluts such as RM Administrator Strudwick as a business expense, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 15. – 19. and I believe the honest voters are edging toward a google “arab spring” revolt, not shotguns, but a Canadian revolt, revolt at the polls, the Alberta PCs are the example.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Ruling Elite corruption is a top of mind issue for the voters. Google “alberta ardvark pc corruption” and “alberta: the bloom of a new right mandryk”, note that the rise of the Wild Rose Party in the polls is driven by Alberta PC corruption, and the 41 (forty one) year PC Political dynasty is at risk because of Ruling Elite corruption. The Wall Brain Trust should note the corruption driven PC loss of support in Alberta, and deal with the corrupt slut RM Administrator Donna Strudwick and her principals, the Leaders of SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities); FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, while they still have time.

A few Web readers may believe that Donna Strudwick is one rotten apple in a barrel of 300 (three hundred), not on your life. When I (Lee) agreed to serve as Earles Representative in the effort to obtain development approval with out bribing the corrupt slut, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, I asked Outlook Community Leader, Lloyd Smith, for advice. Lloyd toured the area from Outlook to Saskatoon and found 30 (thirty) examples of RM Development corruption, some of which were/are even more arrogant and corrupt than what was done to Earle Argue. Review the first paragraph of ZONING PROBLEMS WITH A RURAL MUNICIPALITY?… Earle knows the local CBC Chief David Kyle and made sure the CBC knew of the corruption, note BLOOD ON THE WALL, but for some reason the Rural development corruption has been covered up.

I (Lee) remind the Wall Brain Trust that this Web site has received a WordPress designation of being “ well watched and liked by many” and I believe that the Wall Brain Trust has three choices;1) gamble they can bribe the Judges and ask the Court to order this Web site banned from Google,or; 2) have me “suicided”, google “jack wolfe suicide” or; 3) deal with the corrupt slut, Strudwick, refer to “Ministers Thumbnail” at end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY.

Web readers are asked to review document 11. below, note that I (Lee) was credited with creating a zone organization in the PC’s zone six, a CCF/NDP stronghold, nicknamed “red square”, that saw PC’s elected in 4 (four) out of 5 (five) ridings, but despite that fact PC Attorney General Gary Lane finished what NDP Premier Blakeney started and destroyed my Highway Contracting company. WHY?, the answer is as simple and elegant as Queens Bench corruption; my refusal to bribe the Highway Engineers, note MLA hand written statement, pages 3–7 in documents below, but the ruling Elite scums treatment of Earle and Sharie Argue was even more evil than what was done to me.

Note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 9. -10., note that the NDP destruction of Earle and Sharie Argues dream was more evil than even mine (Lee)s because their political credentials were more solid than mine.The Argues, new to google; “public corruption evil”; believed the NDP should treat them honestly because Sharie was a school teacher and her Grandfathers were confidants of Tommy Douglas, active in the Co-ops/Wheat Pool, yet NDP Premier Calvert pandered to RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, and destroyed the Argues dream of building a $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development when they refused to bribe Donna Strudwick; the same as what Lane/Blakeney did to me when I refused to bribe the Highway Engineers.

Web readers are asked to review  DE JA VU EDENWOLD, note that D.A. Mackenzie Q.C. had taken my (Lee)s Western Earth Moving legal battle though to the Supreme Court with that Court upholding the Saskatchewan Queens and Appeal Bench rulings that the Government Civil Engineers were to be forgiven negligence, breach of contract and engineering error because they were “only human”, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case and did not give D.A. a Summary Statement, such as Statement for Case 31940 that is serving as the base for this Web site, so I appealed to the then 55 (fifty five) Devine MLA’s.

Set out below is the MLA Appeal, media articles and MLA statement used in this segment. The MLA Appeal, with its appendicies, is in PDF, the technology used for the Judicial Council report “Masters in Their Own House” in BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, the rest of the documents are set in the usual way.

April 1984 MLA Appeal with Appendicies (PDF)

The rest of the documents are below: 1 Yorkton This Week article “Calls information confiscation an ‘outrage’”……2 Estevan Mercury “Full page open letter”…….3-7 MLA Lloyd Hampton hand written statement……..8 Dale Eisler column…….9 Larry Lashyn letter……10 Leader Post article ……11 Yorkton Enterprise article “Dream comes true for Mclaren”……. 12 Yorkton Enterprise Editorial “Force or Farce”.

Web readers are reminded to right click on a document and when the small rectangle comes up then left click on the line “view image” which will enlarge the document and then left click again on the document to enlarge it more; to return to the document row click on the “go-back arrow” in the top left hand corner of the monitor, to leave the documents click on “esc” in the top right hand corner.

Web readers are reminded that D. A. Mackenzie Q. C. had advised me (Lee), to go to work organizing for Devine and the PC’s in zone six, and D. A. was right because notwithstanding the fact we had proven Engineering error, breach of contract and negligence, Queens Bench Judge “Sandy” Macpherson ruled that the Government Engineers were “ only human” and dismissed the action, note the Macpherson Judgement, Appendix 7 in the MLA Appeal, but with the April 1982 victory for the PC’s and my role in that victory, note page 11 in the documents above, D.A. believed that the Western problem might be resolved politically so D. A. kept the pressue on with a letter to Devine, note Appendix 4 in the MLA Appeal, and advised that I (Lee) make a offer to Devine, as follows:

Lorna and I (Lee) still had our house which by then had significant value, Lorna was back to work as a pharmacist at a high salary, I had been awarded three mail haul contracts on a personal basis for the Federal Government, which were making good money, and could have been easily incorporated into a Highway Contracting company; Lorna and I were solvent; my reputation was solid so I was bondable and so believed we (Lorna and I) might still have a chance.

My (Lee) friend, Bill Tobin had died and Bills widow had sold the Terex franchise, Tobin Tractor, to England based Blackwood-Hodge and the Regina Manager for Black Wood-Hodge, Bill Hannah, knew me and offered to lease a fleet of Terex Equipment to Western to take on new Highway contracts so I asked Larry Lashyn of Torchinsky Consulting if they would provide Construction Engineering on any Highway contracts Western was awarded, and Larry (Lashyn) agreed.

Google “highway privitization kills off sask. jobs union warns couture” note that Premier Brad is doing today, ie; use of private Engineers, what I (Lee) offered Premier Devine thirty years, a plan that would work to benefit everyone. I asked for two things, 1) a small SEDCO loan supported by our house, my Federal mail haul contracts and Lorna’s high salary as a Pharmacist for start up money and 2) that Western be allowed to hire and pay its own Engineers for calculation of progress payments, and final quantity calculation on Highway Construction contracts Western undertook, by-passing the corrupt Department of Highway Professional Engineering scum and their bribe demands,

My (Lee)s ask was sensible BUT Gary Lane, who was by then in control of the Devine Administration, refused; the SEDCO loan was no problem but Lane ruled that if I was allowed to hire my own Professional Engineers it would be a google “licence to print money” and Lane refused that part of my ask.

There was no doubt whatsoever but that it would have been a licence for me (Lee), to print money if I had been allowed to hire my own Professional Engineers to control any Highway contract my company entered into because there would have been no bribes paid to the Devine Gang or the Highways Engineers. Back in the day, the cost of construction engineering on Highway contracts was 4% (four percent) of the value of the contract. Western had thrived paying five percent off the top to Matheson Bros, and 2% (two percent), to the Liberal Party as a donation for protecting us from the corrupt Engineers.

Note page 4 in the documents above that MLA Lloyd Hampton sets out in his statement that Highway Engineer Frederickson was using the boasts of my deliberate destruction as threats to blackmail bribes from other Contractors so I (Lee) knew that if Western had honest Construction Engineering services and the other Highway Contractors had to pay bribes to the Government Engineers, I (Lee) could pay the 4% (four percent) cost of construction engineering and thrive, but Lane refused; Lane said it would be “a licence for me to print money”.

Web readers are asked to note that my (Lee)s plan to hire private Consulting Civil Engineers to do the Construction Engineering control, calculate progress payments and final quantity calculation on Highway Contracts would work as well today as it would have worked in the 1980s. Note the mainstream media reports that the Highway Contracting business is now controlled by the Mafia working with corrupt Government Engineers, google “ bombshell report confirms corruption segun peritz”, but google “corruption inquiry battles rcmp for evidence cbc news”, note the RCMP refuse to respond to a summons to provide the inquiry with evidence to prove the corruption so the Quebec inquiry will fail.

But the fact is that it matters little if the Mafia is involved or not, Professional Engineers need no Mafia oversight and advice on corruption, and any honest Highway Contractor that tries to defy the corrupt Professional Engineers, such as I (Lee) did, runs up against the corrupt Queens Bench Judges, google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”

Web readers are asked to note Lloyd (Hampton)s statement page 5 in the documents above where Lloyd sets out that then Highway Minister James Garner took a interest in resolving the Western situation. Web readers are asked to google “when did mla james garner resign as highway minister?”, note that the search result gives you the “Canadian Parliamentary Review” note reference along the left side to archieves, note the Provinces listed along the top, click on Saskatchewan and scroll down to the fourth pargraph with reference to James Garner being forced to resign over a airplane squabble, scroll a bit furthur and note that Lloyd Hampton was then forced out of the PC Party.

The facts are clear, Gary Lane was deadly serious, the bribes had to be paid. I (Lee) ask all Web readers to note that the media at the time recorded that Lane, as Attorney General, forced then Minister James Garner to resign on the grounds that, he, Garner, as a Government Minister, had taken his wife with him on the Government plane and Lane, as Attorney General, deemed that to be a firing offence, but it is fact that wives or girl friends often go with the Ministers on the Government plane so Lanes action against James Garner was nonsense.

Web readers are asked to compare Garners transgression, ie: taking his wife with him on the Government plane, adding the few cents cost in fuel to carry a one hundred and twenty or thirty pound woman on a airplane ride with her husband, to Lane later “disappearing” ten Billion dollars of tax payer money, some of it into the Swiss Banks. James Garner is ranching in the Southern Alberta foothills and the Great Google believes Garner is still alive, he may talk, the Leg Clerks will have his address.

During this period I (Lee) was shown Devines (the Premiers) file on Western, which file contained a letter from the Hon John Crosbie to Devine, reminding Devine of my work for the PC Party, note page 11 in the documents above, and asking Devine to resolve the Western issue, the file also contained copy of a letter from Lane to the Hon John Crosbie telling him to mind his own business; unless they were looted the letters should be in the Devine archives to this day.

Web readers are asked to note that Gary Lane was edgy because rumor was rife in the Yorkton area that my (Lee)s Highway contracting company had been destroyed by Department of Highways Engineers because of my refusal to pay them their bribes, and D. A. Mackenzie Q.C. had never backed off, D.A. took the Western case to the Supreme Court of Canada who refused to hear it, BUT D.A. did not stop there, he appealed directly to Grant Devine, note D. A.s Devine letter in the MLA Appeal, Appendix 4, so Lane decided that it was not going to go away and cooked up a phony Judicial review by a retired Queens Bench Judge, review Hansard for May 29th and 30th, 1984.

Gary Lane cooked up the judicial review to cover up the fact that he (Lane) had done a deal with Queens Bench Judge “ Sandy” Macpherson to destroy me, but at the time, D.A. and I (Lee) did not have the hard evidence we needed to prove that my highway contracting Company had been deliberately destroyed, because of my refusal to pay bribes, but note the following:

After the 1986 General Election, I (Lee) was approached by Kim Young, former PC MLA for Saskatoon East View, who I knew as a Devine Backbencher and by then Kim (Young) had been appointed a Provincial Court Judge in Lloyd Minister, where he serves to this day and Judge Young advised me of the length Lane went to ensure my destruction; it involved the fact that Lane, as Devine Attorney General, wanted two things 1) a study completed on the workings of Legal Aid, and 2) my destruction.

Provincial Court Judge Young told me (Lee) that Western Trial Judge, Queens Bench Judge, “Sandy” MacPherson, did not want to see his verdict in the Western trial overturned and Lane wanted control of the Legal Aid Lawyers so MacPherson offered to do a study for Lane setting out what ever Lane wanted as regards control of the Legal Aid lawyers in exchange for Lane agreeing to destroy me, (Lee), so the deal was done and I was destroyed despite the fact I had served the Devine PC Party in Zone six well, getting 4 (four) PC MLAs elected in the 5 (five) zone six ridings, note page 11 in documents above.

All lawyers will remember that during the Blakeney NDP Administrations each Legal Aid region had a panel of NDP laymen overseeing the work of the Legal Aid lawyers which outraged the slum landlords, because the NDP ordered the Legal Aid lawyers to act for the welfare people to sue the slum landlords in Civil Court to repair the houses after the welfare people wrecked them (the houses).

Gary Lane wanted direct hands on control of the Legal Aid Lawyers and “Sandy” Macpherson’s wish for my (Lee)s destruction fit his (Lane)s needs to see me ( Lee) destroyed because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Government Engineers so Lane asked “Sandy” Macpherson to set out in his commission report a reccomendation to scrap the system of layman control of the Legal Aid lawyers in each region and turn control  of the Legal Aid lawyers over to the Department of the Attorney General and to full-fill his end of the deal cooked up by Lane and Queens Bench Judge MacPherson, he (Lane) finished me off.

As a result of Lanes refusal of my (Lee)s offer to see the Western problem resolved by allowing Western to hire its own Engineers, as set out in the preceding paragraphs, I appealed to all PC Members of the Saskatchewan Legislature, note reference to the MLA Appeal set out in PDF above. Note the MLA Appeal was prepared by Ottawa Architect Les Johnson and my wife Lorna. As a note of interest, Web readers are asked to look at the cartoon at the start of STIRRING IN THE SEWAGE LAGOON, note that wonderfull cartoon was drawn by Les, google “ottawa architect lester johnson”.

I (Lee) raise Les’s cartoon for the Web reader because it was Les and my now dead wife Lorna who prepared the MLA Appeal. It took many evenings and they asked for my thoughts on a few points, but it was their thinking and detail work that got the MLA Appeal done. Note the bottom of page 10 in the MLA Appeal, note reference to the Judicial Council of Canada report “Masters In Their Own House”, and note that Lorna and Les were determined to include the entire Judicial Council report as part of the MLA Appeal, but note that the Judicial Council holds copyright to the report and refused permisson for me to copy it.

As result of the refusal of the Judicial Council to allow me to copy their report I (Lee) spent my time trying to find a printer who was prepared to do it under the table for cash up front; I found a printer in Saskatoon who trusted me enough to keep my mouth shut as to who did the printing for me, and I trusted enough to do the printing once I had given him the $3000.00 (three thousand dollars) cash with no receipt, but note page 1 in documents above, the media on Lanes confiscation where I refer to the printing cost being about $3000.00 (three thousand dollars), about ten times what the usual cost would have been.

Web readers are reminded that Lorna and Les wanted the MLA appeal to go to all 55 (fifty five) of the PC MLAs, note we needed 363 (three hundred and sixty three) pages of the Judicial Council report, 60 (sixty) pages of the Lorna/Les MLA Appeal for a total of 383 ( three hundred and eighty three pages) for each MLA. There were 55 (fifty five) PC MLAs, a total of 21,000 (twenty one thousand) pages at about 2 (two) cents a page for printing cost in those days, ie: a total of about $400.00 (four hundred dollars), but the printer wanted $3000.00 (three thousand) dollars cash in advance and at the end of the day, it came to nothing; within hours of my submisson of the Appeal to the MLA’s Gary Lane had confiscated it, note pages 1 – 5 in the documents above.

Web readers are asked to review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30., note that Gary Lane, as Devine Attorney General, organized the cocaine/high school girl partys for the Alpha males in the Legal and Judicial Community, for the purpose of giving him a blackmail lever on Judges when he ( Lane) wanted, as example, to confiscate my MLA Appeal, note pages 1-5, Yorkton This Week article and MLA statment in the documents above.

Lanes confiscation of the MLA appeal occurred before Google was functioning so I (Lee) ran a series of full page ads in the Weekly Newspapers giving my home phone number. For an example of those Full Page Ads, note page 2 in the documents above and because of my (Lee)s work in zone 6 for the PC’s, note The Enterprise article, page 11 in the documents above, and from attending organization meetings in Regina, I (Lee) knew all the Devine backbench MLAs.

Some Devine backbench MLAs supported me, so when Lane confiscated my appeal material from them (the MLA)s, they phoned to tell me and my standard response to them was “Lane should be shot” as a result Lane charged me under the criminal code with “threatening” and then Lane, as Attorney General, stalled for 3 ( three) years, from December 1985 until December 1988, before taking the Criminal charge to trial, which, when Lane finally took the case to trial, as Merv predicted, we did get some excellent publicity from the jury verdict, as example, note the Yorkton Enterprise Editorial, page 12 in documents above.

Web readers are asked to review segment LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP and note where, in a attempt to assist Tom Flanagan, I (Lee) set out a summary of Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirny dealing with Lanes criminal charge against me and Merv’s wonder full work in ensuring a verdict of not guilty but many voters asked why was I charged in the first place and the answer is money, always money, google “follow the money” and note that all Journalists and Police Detectives, know that all Ruling Elites only interest in power is to scam taxpayer money.

The Highway Contractors giving 2% of contract value as a political donation worked well politically because when Ross Thatcher died the Liberal Party had paid for their Election campaigns, and still had $965,000.00 (nine hundred and sixty five thousand dollars) about a million dollars in cash left, equivalent to about ten million in to days dollars, note Colin (Thatcher)s “ BACKROOMS”, note pages 21 and 22, in the hard cover Western Producer published version, it is on the reference shelf at the Regina Public Library call # 971. 2403 T.

Following the death of Ross Thatcher Gary Lane soon found out that the Saskatchewan Provincial Liberals were sure as hell not going to ever have him (Lane) as their Leader so he (Lane) switched political parties and went to the PC’s but Lane quickly found out that Dick Collver was just as tough, smart, cynical, and paranoid as Ross Thatcher and would never sit still for the “public corruption evil” that Lane was planning, so Lane set up the ouster of Collver and a Political neophyte, Grant Devine, as Saskatchewan PC Leader.

Web readers are asked to google “newman rewrites ignatiff’s history jane taber” and note that Peter C. Newman sets out that former Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (Iggy) was a  able, brilliant and dedicated academic and potential Statesman who did not have the foggiest google “fuddle-duddle” idea of how the Political Elites and their Ruling Elite Bureaucrats, RCMP officers and Judges rule the real world and Grant Devine was exactly like Iggy. Devine was a brilliant academic but had no political experience whatsoever, and no matter how smart Devine was/is he had no way to even imagine how much taxpayer money a google “white collar thug” like Lane, who is as google “cunning as a cartload of monkeys” could scam through, google “public corruption evil”.

I (Lee) repeat and emphasize, Lane had served Darrel Heald as his Executive Assistant and knew that it was common practice for the Contractors to donate 2% (two percent) of contact value to the Liberals but that was to the Party in Power and no way for Lane to benefit personally, so Lane went another path. Web readers are asked to review segment EDENWOLD EVIL-HORNUNG Q. C. for a example of Lanes big picture plans; note his (Lanes) Judicial protection of Richard Hornung Q. C. greed, criminality, manslaughter, and stupidity.

Lane wanted a hell of a lot more money than 2% (two percent) of Highway Contractor cash flow through Government and one sure thing that he (Lane) did not want was to have me (Lee) with a reputation for honesty, a solid track record in the real world of Highway contracting, and my high level personal connections to men such as Federal PC heavy hitter, the Hon John Crosbie, questioning him (Lane), a former Liberal, as to what he was doing with the all that taxpayers money that was “disappearing”.

Gary Lane also had to consider that my wife, Lorna, co-owner of Western Earth Moving, maiden name was Latta, a old line Liberal name in Regina. Lorna’s Great Uncle, Sam Latta, had been in Jimmy Gardiners Cabinet and served as Minister Responsible for several Departments of that day and the Latta name was regarded with respect in old line Liberal Regina; Lane had to deep six me.

In short Lane could not allow me (Lee), to remain in place reminding everyone that it was common practice and legal (in those days) to donate 2% (two percent) of contract value to the Party in Power but anything else was a contravention of the Criminal Code. I will never understand why Lane did not simply order me “suicide (ed)” as Jack Wolfe later was, google “ mla jack wolfe suicide”, and it would have been my preference to have been “suicided” by Lane just as Jack Wolfe was “suicided”, rather than try to exist as a honest man in a Province where the Ruling Elite is as massively corrupt as they are in Saskatchewan, note segment NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN.

The stats show that “many” Web readers “like” this Web site but I (Lee) know there is concern regarding my claim the Ruling Elite slaughter anyone who defies their google “public corruption evil”. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that no honest voter wants to think that these thugs will slaughter anyone who gets between them and the taxpayers money, BUT any Web reader who thinks that should google “on the take crime corruption and greed in the mulroney years” note Stevie Camerons best selling Book documents instances of the slaughter of Mulroney bagmen who knew where the money was buried.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to remember that Stevie sold 200,000 (two hundred thousand) copies of her book and was not sued for libel. Remember that in Canada a best seller is deemed to be 5000 (five thousand) copies and remember that Mulroney and Lane were very close, in fact in the Federal PC Leadership run where Mulroney took down Joe Clark, Lane ran the Mulroney campaign in Saskatchewan and remember that MLA Jack Wolfe was “suicided”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Jack Wolfe was liked by his Constituents and to this day many Southern Saskatchewan taxpaying voters believe the Devine Gang slaughtered Jack Wolfe but Web readers are asked to note that because of my work for the PC’s in Zone 6, page 11 in documents above, and the support for Lorna and I in Yorkton, page 12, documents above and my contacts with heavy hitters such as the Hon John Crosbie, Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirney, and D. A. Mackenzie Q. C. and many of the Devine back bench, it was probable that Lane was a bit edgy about ordering me “suicided”, as Jack Wolfe was, so he decided to finish me off another way.

Web readers are asked to note that Lane completely destroyed me (Lee) because of my refusal to pay bribes and after Lane, as Saskatchewan Attorney General, had me (Lee) charged under the Criminal Code with the threatening nonsense he (Lane) had the Mulroney Federal Administration use the threatening charge as proof I was no longer squeaky clean under the Criminal Code and Mulroney cancelled my Federal mail haul contracts, (which require a individual of absolute integrity), my wife Lorna died of breast cancer and I lost everything, surviving only because of the kindness of friends.

During the countdown to the 1991 General Election where the Devine Gang fell to Roy Romanow, a close personal friend took me (Lee) to see Roy and I provided Roy with Larry Lashyn’s letter refusing to undertake Conciliation because of the Criminal activity by the Highway Engineers, note page 9 in the documents above. Unknown to me , Roy and Larry (Lashyn), both from Saskatoon, and in University together, were long time close personal friends and since the Highway Contracts require Conciliation and do not contain a time limit, the door was open to complete the conciliation which Roy ordered done.

When ordered to do so the RCMP checked into the criminality aspect raised by Conciliator Larry Lashyn  and a officer named Vanderkrachet, then a Sergeant, did a study and deemed that I (Lee) had been a victim of what he called, google “civil fraud” and Vanderkracht ruled that I must start a action for “civil” fraud against the Highway Engineers.

I (Lee) told Vanderkracht that was nonsense. Google “is fraud under the criminal code of canada”, note that Fraud is Fraud is Fraud and is a Criminal code offence, it is not Civil. I told Vanderkracht that and I reminded him of the fact that I had hard evidence, a Judicial Council of Canada report, that the Ruling Elite are dictating Judgments to Judges, BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? and when I mentioned the Judicial Council report, Vanderkratch ordered me to leave his office and ended the RCMP investigation. Despite the refusal of the RCMP to do a Criminal investigation, Larry Lashyn did complete Conciliation and advised compensation on a portion of the debacle.

Because of the RCMP refusal to deal with the criminal side, as asked by Larry Lashyn, the amount Conciliator Lashyn was able to advise on was about a quarter of Westerns total loss, not full restitution, note page 10 in documents above but due to the honor of then Premier Roy, Larry Lashyn confirmed that I (Lee) was right in my claims of Official Government corruption which is giving me a chance to try again to deal with google “public corruption evil” for Earle.

I (Lee) did my best to return Roy Romanows kindness by knocking on doors for the NDP through every Election, both Provincial and Federal, for a decade until the NDP Political Elite destroyed the dreams of one of their own, the Earle Argue family of Regina, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 9. – 14. and 41.- 43., because Earle Argue flatly refused to pay bribes to the corrupt slut RM Administrator Donna Strudwick to approve his development notwithstanding the fact the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that was his only option.

One of my (Lee)s confidants raised concern that I am “obssessed” with obtaining development approval for Earle Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing that corrupt slut, RM Administrator Donna Strudwick. I always believed that success is based on two things, 1) absolute courage,ie: no fear of death, and; 2) a ability to “focus”. But some deep thinkers believe success is based on a “focussed obssession”.

Web readers are now asked to google “is a foccussed obssession a prerequisite for success” and note that some experts believe that the only path to success is a ability to hold a “focussed obssession”. Review DEJA VU EDENWOLD, note that my (Lee)s ability to hold “focussed obssession” may explain why Western paid for the equipment it bought from Matheson Bros in one year instead of the usual three years, and thrived for a decade until a corrupt Queens Bench Judge destroyed me when I refused to pay bribes to corrupt Government Engineers.

The Great Google states the ability to focus on a obssession is rare but the problem was/is that my (Lee)s “obssession” was to complete a honest Highway contract for a honest taxpayer dollar to allow me to buy and repair equipment, pay operator wages, diesel bills and income tax, but Gary Lane had a “focussed obssession” to fill a Swiss Bank with “disappeared” (no tax) taxpayers money.

Back in the day, Gary Lane, Attorney General and I (Lee), a Highway Contractor, were both heavy hitters in the real world, each of us with a “obssession”, but the two were very different, mine honest and Lanes corrupt. The two “obssessions” were in direct conflcit and Lane was the Attorney General, so I was destroyed. Dale Eisler did a political column regarding Gary Lane and I, Dale reffered to a “irresistable force meeting a immovable object”, page 8 in documents above.

Saskatchewan Ruling Elite corruption is as absolute today as it was in my day, four Regina Lawyers advised Earle and Sharie Argue that it was impossible to obtain approval for their (the Argues) $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development, without bribing Donna Strudwick, review SASKATCHEWAN/ AFGHANISTAN CORRUPTION, and google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”, and note below:

Web readers are asked to note that the Quuens Bench Judges have no interest in Justice, the Judges do have a “focused obssession”, their bribe money; the Court deals with a case at a time; the Judges take their bribes from one side or the other; the lawyers collect their legal fees and the legal system moves on to the next case. The Lawyers problem is that they have never before encountered a “focused obssession” with Justice such as mine to obtain development approval for Earle Argue without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Earle Argue will not pay bribes to either Strudwick or a Judge so the Regina Lawyers just assumed it was impossible for Earle to obtain development approval but Lawyers often work on “contingency”, ie: a cut of the award, usually a third, and the potential for the Argues was about ten million dollars pretax profit so the lawyers potential profit would have been about three million with little out of pocket cost. I (Lee), so far, am “cash out of pocket” only about $20,000.00 (twenty thousand dolllars) to design, maintain, and advertise this Web site which has a chance to obtain Earles $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development for him without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that I (Lee) have a chance to prove that it is “possible” that the evil, lying, corrupt, scum, Len Taylor, Gary Lane, Donna Strudwick, and Lady Janet Mcmurtry, can be taken down, and the Lawyers either knew, or ought to have known, that their legal advice to the Argues that it was “impossible” to get the Argues their development without bribing Donna Strudwick, while not nonsense, was basically wrong, wrong, wrong.

I (Lee) am well aware that my “focussed obssession” does not gurantee this Web site will accomplish the “impossible” and get Earle his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing Strudwick. This Web site is “well liked and watched by many”, and has a chance, but the hard fact is that the mongoose does not always kill the snake, once in a long while the mongoose is not quick enough and the snake kills the mongoose, BUT there can be no doubt whatsover but that a quicker,and experienced mongoose, to wit: a lawyer, may have a better chance; and Lawyers have a public duty to over come the Lane/ Strudwick evil, google “do canadian lawyers have a duty to ensure justice?”.

There is no doubt whatsoever but that even a smart, dedicated, layman, such as I (Lee), may not be able to get Earle his development without bribing Donna Strudwick, whereas a lawyer would have a better chance, but at least I have established that it is not as “impossible” to get it done as the Lawyers advised Earle a decade ago, especially now with the corruption chickens coming home to roost, scroll back to the third paragraph and note the Alberta example.

I (Lee) suggest the Wall Brain Trust remember the wise words of Edmund Burke the 1700’s British Statesman, google “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” and look at the “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY and note that it will cost the taxpayers nothing, nada, not one red cent, to resolve the Argue/Strudwick bribery debacle using the method proposed in “Ministers Thumbnail”

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