Google “its deja vu all over again”. I (Lee) have thought of that “yogism” often over the decade that I have tried to obtain approval for Earle Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick because in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the NDP Administration of Al Blakeney and PC Administration of Gary Lane destroyed my Highway Contracting company because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Government Engineers who administered the Highway Construction Contracts.

Aging and Crown Royal will have eroded my brain cells a bit since then but that may not matter much because I (Lee) am using the original Western Earth Moving battle plan to fight Gary Lane as a blue print to fight this battle with Gary Lane and RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick on behalf of Earle Argue today.

The only difference between then and now is my (Lee)s use of this Web site instead of a MLA Appeal and full page ads in the Weekly newspapers, but the Western situation may interest the Web readers because what was done to me, because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Highways Engineers under NDP Premier Al Blakney, is exactly the same as what was done to Earle Argue under NDP Premier Lorne Calvert because of his (Earle)s refusal to pay bribes to a corrupt slut of a Government official, Donna Strudwick, as ruled by a NDP Minister of the Crown, Len Taylor, was Earles, and my, as Earles Representative, our only option, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 41.- 43.

Web readers are asked to note below media reports and formal documents that will be used to confirm what was done to me (Lee), first by NDP Premier Blakeney, and later by that “fuddle-duddle” Lane. Those documents are: 1. The Enterprise press clipping, “Dream comes true for Mclaren”.. 2. letter from Deputy Minister Tom Gentles..3. letter from Conciliator Larry Lashyn… 4. Yorkton Enterprise Editorial…..5. death threat letter.

Web readers are reminded that when they right click on a document a small rectangle will show and when they left click on the line “view image” the document will enlarge and left click again will enlarge again. To return to the original size click on the return in the top left hand corner of the monitor. Note that the documents pages may, like turning pages in a book, be “turned” backward or foreword by clicking on the large white arrowheads on each side of the monitor. To leave the documents click on the small rectangle in the top right hand corner of the monitor with the letters “esc”.

REGARDING WESTERN: I (Lee) courted Lorna Latta through her University years and after Lorna graduated with a degree in Pharmacy we married: we were well paid and soon had saved $30,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars). In today’s money that would be about ten times, ie $300,000.00 ( three hundred thousand). I was working for, Google “archie clampitt, mr. grid roads”, out of a office in Yorkton, and part of my work was technical road work, Valley Hill location and design and overseeing the Survey Crews.

But another part of my work for Archie Clampitt was attending RM meetings at the tender openings and trying to prevent the RM Councils from doing, Google “cozy crony” side deals of one sort or another with the grid road contractors bidding on the Grid Road contracts, although in those halycon days there was not a corruption problem with the Administrators, the RM Secretary’s were Secretary’s, not Administrators, and they were not in a self regulating union, (RMAA) and were controlled and licensed, by a Provincial Government Department, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL para. 117. – 119.

I (Lee) had developed a reputation for hard work and honesty, and when I (Lee) wanted to leave the Grid Authority the Matheson Bros. a General Contractor head quartered in Yorkton, approached me to manage their dirt moving operation and they (Kent and Don) wanted me because I was well trained and had a reputation for being hard working and refusing to accept bribes; so the Matheson’s assumed that I would not pay bribes to the Government Engineers administering the Highway Contracts.

The Matheson Brothers, Don and Kent, were trained as Chemical and Electrical Engineers but started Matheson Bros. as a house building company and Lumber Yard and very soon became one of Western Canada’s largest General Contractors, and were awarded a contract to build a PFRA Dam in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains; that is how they ended up buying a half a dozen Terex (then Euclid) TS 24 Motor scrapers and two Caterpillar D-9 Bulldozers, with support equipment, ie: graders and packers.

Kent and Don (Matheson) wanted some one to assume responsibility for managing the dirt moving segment of their General Contacting Business and offered to sell Lorna and I (Lee), two of the TS 24 Motor Scrapers and one of the D-9 Caterpillar Bulldozers for a total of $90,000.00 (ninety thousand dollars) BUT the offer included no down payment, so Lorna and I could use our $30,000.00 capital for operating and we could pay the equipment off as money was made, with no interest. Lorna and I called the Company we incorporated, Western Earth Moving Ltd.

The equipment fleet, the 4 (four) scrapers the Matheson’s kept, plus the 2 (two) Lorna and I (Lee), with two junior partners, bought, stayed together as a fleet on Highway Contracts, with Western paying the repair, fuel and labor costs on its equipment and with the number of time clock hours each piece of equipment worked recorded and the contract income prorated to the Matheson and Western equipment. Under my oversight the Contract production was high, a lot of dirt can be moved in a day with 6 (six) Terex TS24’s push loaded by Cat D9’s and the Contracts never returned less than 10% (ten percent) above Highway Hourly rates; anyone familiar with road contracting will know that with the thin bidding margins of the day that was a unprecedented accomplishment.

I (Lee) am also proud that, despite the fact that the contracts paid Matheson Bros 5% (five percent) off the top, Western made enough money in the first year of operation to pay off the $90,000.00 Equipment purchase. It was unheard of to pay off equipment in one year, it usually takes three years, and I (Lee) was pleased with my self, and perhaps became arrogant. I knew Melville Lawyer Merv Ozirny, and Merv once advised me, “it is impossible to be too paranoid”, wise words, but I was living in a dream world.

Even without Merv Ozirnys wise words I (Lee) should have known that everything was going to well and that it could not last. Kent and Don (Matheson) kept reminding me and pushing me hard at our regular meetings about the fact that I must never, ever, pay bribes to the Saskatchewan Department of Highway Engineers, which I never did, and never would, they (Kent and Don) had chosen me well, and accepted my assurances, but at every briefing meeting they closed the meeting by reminding me, no bribes to Civil Engineers, and I should have realized then that it was common practice to pay bribes to Official Government scum and that if Ross Thatcher ever fell I was doomed.

Web readers are asked to Google “red tape leading to corruption in que construction industry: entrepreneur white” read that article, just one of dozens, all setting out the corrupt relationship between organized crime and the Civil Engineers, but that is today’s media doing their job in Quebec, in my day no one imagined that was the level of Google “ public corruption evil” that Ross Thatcher was protecting us (road contractors) from.

In those wonder full by gone days of a Ross Thatcher Administration the life of a Highway Contractor was very easy. Contractors were required to make a donation of 2% (two percent) of the value of the Contracts to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan, but corrupt Government Engineers demanding bribes from the Contractors were not a problem, the Contractor could have any Highway Engineer he wanted removed from administration of his contract with one phone call to Premier Ross Thatcher’s office.

In a few years, our (Lorna and my) Highway contracting company, Western Earth Moving, had a net worth of about $500,000.00 (five hundred thousand dollars), equivalent to about $5,000,000.00 (five million dollars) in to days dollar and we had left Matheson’s and were on our own and thriving when disaster struck, the Thatcher Administration fell, Blakeney and the NDP came to power and it was pay back time for the Highway Engineers, it took them three years and proven fraud on three highway construction contracts to do it but the Highway Engineers drove Western to destruction.

The Highway contracts require conciliation if there is a problem and then Deputy Minister Tom Gentles asked Saskatoon Engineer Larry Lashyn, then head of Torchinsky Counsulting, to conduct Conciliation, note page 2. in the documents above but, after study, he (Lashyn), refused, ruling that the dispute involved civil and possible criminal law, note page 3. in the documents above.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to note the Yorkton Enterprise Editorial, Force or Farce, page 4 in the documents, and note that Newspaper Publishers and their Editors are not stupid people, their only interest is to sell newspapers, so their Editorial’s always reflect the mindset of their subscribers. The outrage prompting the Enterprise Editorial was the fact the Ruling Elites, the Highway official Civil Engineering scum had been running around Yorkton, laughing, snickering, smirking, sneering and bragging that they had deliberately destroyed Western and I (Lee), because of my refusal to pay their Bribes all of which is exactly the same as today with the NDP, SARM and RMAA Leadership scum laughing, sneering, smirking and claiming that I am the stupidest man in Canada for believing that I can get development approval for Earle (Argue) without bribing RM Administrator Strudwick, the level of Rurling Elite corruption is unchanged.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to bear with me while I relate a sad side issue that makes the point as to how the Ruling Elites, the lying, corrupt, official Government scum, such as, the Department of Highway Engineers, RM Administrators, and the weak and/or corrupt Queens Bench Judges, deliberately destroy the lives of honest, hard working, taxpayers when those honest, hard working, tax payers, refuse to pay bribes to the official scum.

As set out above my wife Lorna, co-owner of Western, had a degree in Pharmacy and had been at University with virtually all of the Saskatchewan Department of Highway Engineers in Yorkton at the time, attending plenty of parties, and when then Deputy Minister Tommy Gentles ordered conciliation, note page 2 in the documents above, the Department of Highways Engineers, Lorna’s University Professional colleagues, began phoning her (Lorna) at our home and stopping her on the street and in the stores to tell her that I (Lee) was lying to both her and Deputy Minister Tom Gentles.

The Highway Engineers painted me (Lee) as a liar, and themselves as a much put upon group of Professionals who had been at the University with her, so Lorna finally asked me, “who am I supposed to believe Bob?, you or fifteen Government Engineers ”. Notwithstanding the fact that the NDP/SARM Leadership today keeps calling me the stupidest man in Canada, I followed legal advice and never argued with anyone, ever, including my own wife and business partner, Lorna, who believed her Professional Colleagues from the University. Beyond the legal advice, I simply refuse to conduct idiotic University level debates, with anyone, ever, even my own wife, so I said nothing and for several months it was a blessedly quiet household.

BUT I (Lee) was disappointed because, like everyone else in Saskatchewan, Lorna and I started with nothing, we had worked hard, were frugal and saved enough to give us a start and had ended up with a net worth of about a half a million dollars, the equal of about five million dollars today, in the most demanding business in the world, bidding Highway Contracts, which require very, very real performance bonds; which very real performance bonds are backed by personal guarantees, including houses, wives Cadillacs and children’s tricycles, bicycles and sand box tinker toys, where low bid is awarded the contract, and where bid margins are razor thin.

It is a world where the first mistake is the last, I (Lee) had never made a mistake, not one once, ever, and believed that Lorna should have recognized that fact. I repeat, not once had I made a mistake, ever, bidding on and completing several large highway contracts both with Matheson Bros. and on our own, and we (Lorna and I) thrived, but in Lorna’s view, if her Professional Colleagues, graduates of the University of Saskatchewan, the Highway Professional Engineers, said that I was the liar, then in Lorna’s mind there was no doubt whatsoever but that I was the liar; her Professional Colleagues from the University said so….I thought, lovely, just Google “fuddle-duddle”, lovely but said nothing because my personal Lawyer, Jim Miliken, had instructed me to say nothing.

Web readers are asked to again note Deputy Minister Tommy Gentles letter, page 2 in the documents above, note that in effect the Ruling Elite Engineering scum are denying error, so DM Gentles ordered Conciliation on April 26th, 1977, and note that the Conciliator, Larry Lashyn, after study and one day of Conciliation hearing, refused to complete the Conciliation, ruling that it involved civil and possible criminal law note the Conciliator’s letter on page 3 of the documents dated September 2nd, 1977, but my memory is that 4 (four) month period was a long, long time.

I (Lee) knew the Professional Engineering scum had made errors because a few of my crew had overhead a couple of the Engineering scum bragging in a dark Bar about how they had destroyed me by falsifying Engineering work because of my refusal to pay bribes, but were getting away with the falsification by calling them “errors”, so I pulled a mid night raid on their offices in Yorkton, removed the Western file with about 4 (four) inches of memos back and forth from the Yorkton Highways office to the Regina Highways Head Office admitting to Engineering errors, and planning the cover-up, took the files to my office, copied them, put the files back the next morning by walking in at coffee break and leaving them on a work table and then turned the copies over to my personal lawyer, Jim (Miliken), who sent copies to Conciliator Larry Lashyn.

These days all I (Lee) would need is a computer hacker to get into the Ruling Elite Evil scum’s e-mails back and forth from Yorkton to Regina, but in those days it was a black bag job in the middle of the night, which I did myself to get them (the memos) and then put them (the memo)s back after copying, but it got done and was hard evidence they (the Professional Civil Engineering scum) had been lying through their teeth to their own Deputy Minister about the errors. There were no memos admitting deliberate sabotage, but there were plenty of memos planning cover up of Engineering error.

Lorna knew that a few of the Highway Engineers were “on the take” and were doing side deals with the odd corrupt Highway Contractor, usually it involved so called “extra work” outside the contract terms and Lorna had been part of my original decision to never pay bribes to Government Engineers, as required by my principals, Don and Kent Matheson, but Lorna did spend the night reviewing the Highway Engineer’s memo’s the night I took them home and by sunrise was in tears, pointing out that her Professional Colleagues, the Highway Engineers hated me and my only response , “of course the evil, lying, corrupt, bastards hate me; I will not pay them their bribes”.

Lorna, while accepting the fact that a hand full of her Professional Colleagues may have been a bit corrupt refused to accept that all of her Professional Colleagues were corrupt to their core and had acted in unison to falsify Engineering field notes and Computer print outs to destroy our fine little Highway Contracting business because of my refusal to pay bribes and Lorna believed there must be some other reason for her friends, the Professional Engineers hatred of me. Fine, but there was no personal relationship, I avoided the scum like the lepers they are, and sure as hell was not goggle “fuddle-duddleing” their wives or girlfriends, so what else but money could cause the hatred?

Lorna was truly conflicted. Both Jim Miliken and Larry Lashyn adored Lorna and she trusted them when they assured her that I had the Elite Civil Engineering scum cold on Engineering error and Lorna truly did not like liars but she also refused to accept there was a agreement among her Professional Colleagues, the Engineering scum, to destroy us (Lorna and I) until she heard the Professional Engineering scum, the Ruling Elite official scum, fumble around under Jim Miliken’s and Larry Lashyn’s questions at Conciliation trying to lie their way out of what they had written in their own memos.

Lorna had not accepted the fact that the Elite official Professional scum had acted deliberately to destroy our Highway Contracting Company until she (Lorna) watched as they squirmed and watched their faces as they (the Civil Engineering scum) tried to lie their way out of their own memo’s, but I (Lee) will never forget that one day of hearings, all of the Yorkton Highway and half of the Regina Highway Elite Civil Engineering scum were in attendance. Lorna and I were there with our personal lawyer, Jim Miliken, who instructed Lorna and I to say absolutely nothing, just sit apart so we could watch the faces of each other, him (Miliken), Larry Lashyn, (the Conciliator), and the Professional Civil Engineering Ruling Elite Evil official Government scum.

By the time we got to the start of the Conciliation session my (Lee)s personal lawyer, Jim Miliken, now retired from the Queens Bench, knew that Western’s problem stemmed from my refusal to pay bribes to the Department of Highways Engineers; Jim knew from talking to Western’s Accountant Ken Laxdal of Parker and Quinne in Yorkton. Ken Laxdal prepared Westerns income tax statements and knew there was not the usual 10% (ten percent) cash shortfall in the usual Highway Contractors paper trail the accountants prepared for Revenue Canada and advised Jim of that fact.

In those days it was legal to make campaign donations to Political Parties and a contravention of the Criminal Code to bribe Government officials, but today, down is up and up is down, today it is a contravention of the Criminal code to make campaign donations of over $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) to a Political Party and bribes paid to Government official scum may be deducted as a business expense from cash flow, as long as the bribes paid are reasonable, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 15. – 19.

By the first day of Conciliation hearings both Jim Miliken and Larry Lashyn knew exactly what was at the root of the Western debacle and the Elite Highway Civil Engineer scum were so arrogant that they thought they had gotten away with it and did not bother to bring a Government (Justice) lawyer with them to the Conciliation hearing or it might have been different, but as it was Jim (Miliken) and Larry (Lashyn) sandbagged them with their own memos admitting to Engineering error and cover-up.

As instructed by Jim (Miliken), I (Lee) said nothing, just sat and watched and that long, sad, dark, day was the highlight of my life, because I will never forget that before days end the Elite arrogant, lying, smirking, corrupt, official Civil Engineering Government scum, had stopped smirking and would not even look at Lorna, as Jim Miliken and Larry Lashyn took turns picking them to pieces with those memos.

It was the longest day of my (Lee)s life. Over the years the stench of the Professional Engineers rotting souls at pre-construction meeting always bothered me, and the corrupt scum were out in force that day and it was a horror for me to be in the presence of that many of the evil, corrupt, lying, scum and the stench of their rotting souls, for that long day, but by day’s end the Ruling Elite, the official Professional Engineering scum, had quite sneering smirking and snickering, and Lorna was in shock to find out that her Elite Professional Colleagues from the University of Saskatchewan, to a man, were evil, lying, corrupt, professional scum, while I, her un-professional husband, was honorable.

I (Lee) had been given a heads up by Jim (Miliken), and warned Lorna but she believed that a contract is a contract is a contract and that the Conciliation process would have to be completed, BUT it was not to be and her (Lorna)s shock deepened to total, complete, deep, black, despair when we got Larry’s letter, note page 3. in documents above. Web readers are asked to note that Conciliator Larry Lashyn refused to complete the conciliation because of the Civil Engineers corruption and fraud, and she (Lorna) never did recover after her University Colleagues started running around Yorkton bragging they had destroyed Western because of my (Lee)s refusal to pay their bribes.

I (Lee) believe Lorna’s despair started when she first believed that her Elite Colleagues from the University were honorable men and I (Lee), her husband, was a liar, and then deepened to dark despair when she had to accept that her Professional Colleagues were not just lying corrupt bastards, but were deeply, fundamentally, evil and it affected her even more deeply, but to Lorna’s credit, once she had the truth, she did get down to business and went back to work as a Pharmacist to support us, but Lorna was stricken and later died of breast cancer, again Google “does stress cause breast cancer?”

Jim Miliken was appointed to the Queens Bench, so as ruled by Conciliator, Larry Lashyn, Lorna and I (Lee) needed a new lawyer, so Esterhazy lawyer, D.A. Mackenzie Q.C. accepted instruction to act for Western. D. A. was every inch a Scotsman, played the bagpipes and could speak Highland Gaelic and Lorna was every inch a Highland Lassie, so the two adored each other on sight and Lorna was cheered, but I was edgy, and it turned out there was good reason to be edgy, although, as usual, I said nothing.

Even given my (Lee)s complete paranoia, on the face of it, given Deputy Minister Tom Gentles letter and Conciliator Larry Lashyn’s letter, pages 2 and 3 in the documents above, coupled with the endless string of Engineer memos admitting to Engineering error, breach of contract and negligence, we could not lose in Court. BUT I was still edgy because one of the things D. A. (Mackenzie) told me was that he had been approached by both Political parties, Liberal, and PC to serve as a Judge and D. A. refused. I found out later that D.A. knew that the Queens Bench Judges are corrupt to the core, Google “Canadian judges might take bribes Susan Maratha Canadian bar association”. D.A. Mackenzie Q. C. was a good man and refused to be branded as corrupt so he refused to accept a Judicial appointment.

I (Lee) was very puzzled that despite the fact that we appeared to have the case cold D.A., advised me (Lee) to go to work organizing for the PCs which I did do, serving as coordinator for zone 6, note The Enterprise article page 1 in the documents above. At the time all polls showed that it was impossible for the PC’s to win and I pointed this out to D.A. who did not seem to care if the PC’s won or lost, he still wanted me to go to work for the PCs. Hindsight tells me that what D. A. really wanted to see was the PC’s in strong opposition waving around the Deputy Minister and Conciliators letters, pages 2 and 3 in documents above, in question period, but he (D. A.) did not tell me this at the time, he just told me what to do, and like all good soldiers, I did it.

After D. A. Mackenzie Q. C. started the legal action against the Highway Department, and I (Lee) started organizing for the PCs the death threats started, first a letter, note page 5 in documents above, this is a copy of what we got back from the RCMP after fingerprinting, then the phone calls started, usually in the middle of the night. D. A. advised going to the RCMP, which was done and the RCMP put a wiretap on our phone and the morons were using their own home phones to make the death threat calls. A RCMP Corporal Smith attended Lorna and I, told us that it was just the Highway Engineers, and he (Smith) did not think that they had the guts to kill me and told us that the calls would stop, which they did. The RCMP report should be in the RCMP achieves, or Corporal Smith may recall because it was a farce as death threats go.

Web readers are asked to note that my efforts on behalf of the PCs was such a success that PC’s were elected in 4 (four) out of 5 (five) constituencies in what the media then called red-square, note page 1. in the documents above. The zone 6 organizing task for the PC’s was easy for me because I knew every natural local leader in the zone 6 area from running errands for Archie Clampitt and the Grid Road Authority. The Enterprise article, page 1 in the documents above, does not mention, because the reporter was not told, of my (Lee)s two other accomplishments for the Devine PC’s.

George Morris always provided plenty of money to run the McLaren Campaign in Yorkton and we ran enough fund raisers in the other zone 6 Constituencies to run those campaigns. I (Lee) brought the Hon John Crosbie out to speak at those fund raisers, so they were a succes, BUT one other accomplishment of mine was that I gathered in $1000.00 (thousand dollar) bank loan notes which I took to the CIBC Bank, where I knew the manager, Jim Theil, personally, and based on those notes and my word they were legitimate, the cash was advanced by the CIBC and sent to the Regina office to keep the lights on, the office rent and staff paid, until a few months before the Election, Pioneer Trust loaned the PC’s $350,000.00 (three hundred and fifty thousand dollars).

My (Lee)s second accomplishment for the Devine PC’s was that because I knew George Morris, Chairman of the Board of Morris Rod Weeder, Grant Devine asked I talk the then President of Morris Rod Weeder, Lorne McLaren, into running for the PC’s and Devine then used McLaren, as Morris President, to find his PC Rural Candidates. Senator David Tkachuk will remember because one of the first things Dave did was to make certain that the Yorkton CIBC debt that I had run up on behalf of the PCs was paid but the fact the Queens Bench Judge,“Sandy” McPherson, had ruled that the Highway Engineers were “only human” so it was alright for them to be negligent, in breach of contract and make Engineering errors was in place and that was a huge problem for me.

I (Lee) will never forget a remark made by Bob Cojocar, the Yorkton area Kramer Tractor Caterpillar salesman, while chatting in a bar following the Queens Bench ruling. Bob remarked “don’t worry Bob, D.A. won’t have any trouble at appeal proving the corrupt bastards are not human”. But Bob (Cojocar) was wrong, the Appeal Court upheld the Queens Bench, so D.A. went to the Supreme Court, who refused to hear the case. I appealed to the PC MLA’s, but Gary Lane confiscated my appeal, details in the next segment in mid April, 2012, working draft title; LANE EVIL THEN AND NOW.

Web readers, especially the Wall Brain Trust, should Google “ndp ties tories in popular support ibbitson”, note a poll shows the Federal NDP have stayed at 30% (thirty percent) but the Federal Conservatives have dropped 10% (ten percent) to 30% (thirty percent) and John (Ibbitson) attributes that drop in support to the Robo-call corruption.

Google “ group seeks to have results overturned maher mcgregor”. Note that Maude Barlow has gone into Federal Court, not Queens Bench Court, but Federal Court, asking to have 7 (seven) Federal Riding results overturned and I ask all Web readers and the Wall Brain Trust to note that all Federal Court Judges were appointed by the Liberals.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that Maude (Barlow) and the Council of Canadians are hard left and hate any Conservative Administration, but the Robo-calls are real and the Conservatives won those 7 (seven) ridings by less than a 1000 (thousand) votes each, so given the corruption of the Courts Google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”, Maude Barlow has a chance of forcing by-elections in those 7 (seven) ridings.

If that (by-election)s occurred and the Conservatives lost all of them, the Harper Administration would end up with 160 (one hundred and sixty) seats and the PM needs 155, (one hundred and fifty five), to maintain his majority, so his Administration is safe, but it would be evidence that the voters are fed up with Google “public corruption evil”.

As a note of interest for the Wall Brain Trust, this Web site was established in July of 2007 and 4 (four) months later, in November of 2007 NDP Premier Calvert lost his Administration by losing 10 (ten) constituencys by less than 300 (three hundred) votes each, less than 3000 (three thousand) votes in total and a Blogger attributed the NDP loss to this Web site, more evidence the Voters have had it with Ruling Elite corruption.

Google “its time for the premier to listen mandryk”, Murray was referring to the fact the Premier should listen to the Movie Industry’s whine about axing the program; to my (Lee)s simple mind the program had to be axed after Daryl Hanna single-handedly stopped the Keystone Pipleline project, and the Movie people blocked the Northern Gateway Pipeline; but Murray is right as usual, the Premier and his Brain Trust should “listen” and if they do listen, they will hear, Google “the clatter of the tumbrils rolling over the cobble stones” until the, Google “rural development corruption evil” ends.

I (Lee) remind all Web readers of the words of the 1700’s British Statesman, Edmund Burke, google “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Web readers are asked to contact their Sask Party MLA and ask them to review the “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of NDP CORRUPTION-NDP INSANITY, and remind their MLA that the solution I set out could be done at no taxpayer cost.

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