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April 18, 2012

The Wall Brain Trust is asked to google 1) “canada one of worst places to invest in 2012: report morrisey” and; 2) “canadians ok with higher taxes to fight inequality cbc” and; 3) “mandryk: chamber’s amalgamation push valid mandryk”. The implication of the first article is clear, Saskatchewan will suffer economically, but I (Lee) believe the implications of the second and third articles will be even more serious for the Wall Administration, google “public corruption evil.

I (Lee) believe that the second article shows that the honest taxpayers will go the last mile to end inequality between the honest taxpayers and the Ruling Elite. In the third article, Murray makes the point that leads to the google “public corruption evil” of the power and corrupt horror of Saskatchewans 300 (three hundred) postage stamp size Rural Municipalities. (more…)



April 3, 2012

Google “its deja vu all over again”. I (Lee) have thought of that “yogism” often over the decade that I have tried to obtain approval for Earle Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development without bribing RM Administrator Donna Strudwick because in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the NDP Administration of Al Blakeney and PC Administration of Gary Lane destroyed my Highway Contracting company because of my refusal to pay bribes to the Government Engineers who administered the Highway Construction Contracts.

Aging and Crown Royal will have eroded my brain cells a bit since then but that may not matter much because I (Lee) am using the original Western Earth Moving battle plan to fight Gary Lane as a blue print to fight this battle with Gary Lane and RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick on behalf of Earle Argue today.