Web readers are asked to note that the greed, criminality and stupidity of Saskatchewan’s Rural Leaders must stop and toward that end the Editorial Board of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix is calling on the Wall Administration to deal with the RM of Corman Park, google “province needs to sort out rm”, the RM of Edenwold should be next.

Google “public corruption evil”, and note that the Rural development corruption as practised by the Witches of Edenwold, ie: Queens Bench Judges Lady Lori Douglas/ Lady Janet McMurtry and RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, will be set out below but for now Web readers are asked to review SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE and note my (Lee)s belief there is a danger to the Wall Sask Party in November 2015 of the NDP using the National Farmers Union (NFU)s vehement opposition to the Harper PMO shutting down the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) as a spring board to regain Government in November of 2015 and the NDP Ruling Elite will be back in power pandering to corrupt sluts such as RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Web readers may wish to review Kate McMillans Small Dead Animals Web site, google: “small dead animals cwb: awaiting the opinion columns” and note where Kate sets out the Sask Party huge increase in the percent of vote from November 2007 to November of 2011 in the wheat growing areas of Saskatchewan, and the Wall Brain Trust may believe they are immune from NDP/NFU attack, but prarie farmers are fickle and the CWB is a touchy subject. Web readers are asked to note in SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE my advice to the Wall Brain Trust that they use a preemptive strike to reduce the danger to them by doing what Roy Romanow tried, and failed, to do, ie: eliminate the 300 (three hundred) Rural Municipalities (RM)s from Saskatchewan.

Note that my (Lee) suggestion is to eliminate the RM’s, as Roy tried, and use the annual cost saving (seventy five million dollars) of administering 300 (three hundred) RMs to give each Village a $166,000.00 (one hundred and sixty six thousand dollar) annual infrastructure grant and use panels of Village Mayors to control development in Rural Saskatchewan, FLOWERS, CHOCOLATES AND PERFUME and STATESMAN ATTEMPT TO END EVIL, thereby eliminating the political structure the NDP/NFU/ NGO Political Elite could use to form Government in November of 2015 and enduring the Wall Administration to the Village people forever, or at least as long as each Village is given the annual one hundred and sixty seven thousand dollar infrastructure grant.

Web readers, especially the Wall Brain Trust, are asked to note Regina Leader Post columnist, Bruce Johnstone, sets out the facts of Regina Lawyer Tony Merchant starting a class action law suit, google “class-action lawsuit seeks $15.4 B in damages after wheat board dismantling johnstone” and Bruce also puts the facts of the NFU/CWB situation perfectly, google “cwb poll asks wrong question johnstone” ie: on the face of it half of the people polled do not care if CWB stays or goes, and of the people who do care the split is near fifty/fifty but that poll includes City people who normally have no interest whatsoever in Rural Saskatchewan.

BUT as Bruce suggests, the Wall Brain Trust should try polling just the 50,000 (fifty thousand) farm family members and the 450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand) Villagers regarding the scrapping of the Wheat Board, and see what the result is. Internal farm votes show that 62% (sixty two percent) of Farmers want to keep the Wheat Board and I (Lee) believe that a poll would show the same percent of Villagers do as well. Bruce sets out the facts of the danger to the Wall Administration much better than I do in SOME STUPID-SOME JOKE; again google “cwb poll asks wrong question johnstone”.

I (Lee) urge the Wall Brain Trust to study Bruces column and have the poll redone, polling only the rural voters (farm, Town and Village). The best take on the implications for the Wall Administration on the scrapping of the CWB is the Murray (Mandryk) political column, google “merchant unites cwb friends and foes mandryk”, and I urge the Wall Brain Trust to study that Murray article, think about it and divide Saskatchewans 50,000 (fifty thousand) Farmers into the Ten Billion dollars that will be left after Tony takes his five Billion dollars (one third) contingency fee off the top.

The Wall Brain Trust are asked to note that my (Lee) calculation shows the product is $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars), ie: each and every Saskatchewan Farmer will end up with two hundred thousand dollars, but skeptics could google “divide fifty thousand into ten billion” and see what they calculate and the Wall Brain Trust must ask themselves how many Saskatchewan Farmers, hard left, hard right, center left, center right, dead center, or apolitical, will turn down two dollars let alone two thousand dollars, or the two hundred thousand dollars Tony will get for them.

The Wall Brain Trust should also do a seperate Urban (City) poll asking, even in this Saskatchewan boom, how many middle class taxpaying voters are going short on food to make mortgage payments and are one pay cheque away from personal bankruptcy and watch TV news, are going to be in a google “fuddle-duddle” fury over that payout to the Farmers, who are already pandered to, note SASKATCHEWANS CURSE, with the Rural Administrators, such as Strudwick, getting bribes from the Developers, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 16. and 17 and the Rural Administrators do not even have to pay tax on those bribes, DR. JIMS IN AND OUT TAX SCHEME.

Google “city may seek trade deal exemption hutton”, note that the City of Saskatoon is planning to opt out of free trade deals negotiated by the Province, this is a typical hard left (NDP) stance, google “political moves on saskatoon council gormley”. This will sure as hell happen in Saskatoon when Pat and Frank are on City Council, as they will be in the fall of 2012, and if the same situation develops here in Regina, then with the Federal NDP blocking economic development such as the Keystone Pipeline, google “ndp underminning canada by lobbying against keystone: oliver kenndy”, the NDP are controlling the ability to block over half of the economic activity in the Province of Saskatchewan, making it that much easier for the NDP to use the NFU and corrupt NGOs to form Government in November of 2015.

Now for the google “public corruption evil” of the Witches of Edenwold. Web readers are asked to review the last few pargraphs in BLOOD ON THE WALL where I (Lee) express the opinion that the three Witches of Edenwold, Manitoba Queens Bench Associate Chief Judge Lady Lori Douglas, Saskatchewan Queens Bench Lady Janet McMurtry and RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick, are more corrupt than “Bloody Wall Link” who resigned as NDP Leader Election night, ie: November 7th 2011, and that goggle “fuddle-duddle” Lane, who has taken “early retirement” from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30.

My (Lee)s confidants believe that my claim the Edenwold Witches are more corrupt than Link and Lane is utter nonsense. Google “lying brian”, note that most taxpayers believe Mulroney to have set the Canadian corruption standard as the most evil, lying, corrupt, murderous, Ruling Elite “white collar thug” that Canada and Saskatchewan has ever suffered, google “on the take stevie cameron” and that Lane and Link run a close second to Mulroney and that in comparison my confidants believe the Witches, (Lady Lori, Lady Janet and Strudwick), are no more corrupt than ordinary street prostitutes.

Perhaps I (Lee) overreacted with my claim that the three Witches are more evil and corrupt than Lane and Link. The girls that I courted before marrying were all Angels so I came to view all women as Angels, at “worst”, as google “fallen angels”, promiscuous, and most men do not preceive that to be a fault. It was impossible for me to accept women as being as evil, greedy and corrupt as Lady Lori, Lady Janet and Donna Strudwick and I would never in a million years have ever imagined any women to be as ruthlessly, economically, evilly corrupt as men, but I might have been wrong.

Review FOLLOW THE MONEY. Note the facts are that Drummond and Lane were original Law Partners; that the Drummond Channell Lake scam occurred under Links watch as NDP Minister Responsible while Gary Lane was a Senior Court of Appeal Judge . Web readers should note Lane and Link live in the same wealthy Regina enclave, Gryphon’s Walk, while Drummond has bought a warm climate island to live on.

Web readers should review FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL and note that the three Witches of Edenwold tried to scam Earle Argue out of his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development, whereas the Drummond Channell Lake scam while Link was Minister Responsible, and Lane was a Court of Appeal Judge, defrauded the taxpayer of just short of one Billion dollars, “yes Virginia” that is a Billion with a “B”. One Billion is a thousand million, so divide thirty million into one thousand million, the product is 33 (thirty three), so it is clear that my confidants are right; Lane, Link and Drummond are 33 (thirty three) times more corrupt than the three Witches of Edenwold.

Perhaps I (Lee) should have paid more attention to the Virginia Slims cigarette ads, google “virginia slims you have come a long way baby” and I may have been prepared for the massive economic corruption the Witches of Edenwold. It is the comparison between my experience as a young man regarding the girls I courted and the reality of todays evil, lying, greedy, corrupt, sluts, that causes my opinion and my confidants may be right, Lane and Link may be more evil and corrupt than the Witches of Edenwold.

A few reporters view Manitoba Queens Bench Judge Lady Justice Lori Douglas with sympathy, as example, google “ the persecution of lori douglas wente”. Note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 67., 68. and 69. note the hard evidence that Lady Justice Lori Douglas is a Associate Chief Judge and her job is administrative, sitting on panels to determine moral and ethical standards for Queens Bench Judges in the corrupt horror that is Canada’s Judicial horror from “ shining sea to shining sea to shining sea”, including Lady Justice Janet McMurtry in Saskatchewan. Lady Lori’s job, as a Associate Chief Judge is to set ethical standards for the Queens Bench Judges, which is a sick joke.

Manitoba Queens Bench Associate Chief Judge, Lady Lori Douglas, the Judge that paid blackmail to her Black Lover to try to keep him quiet, is the Judge who helped set the judicial standard that Lady Janet McMurty used to use a google “slapp” action to find me (Lee) guilty of libel of RM Administrator Donna Strudwick for my complaining to NDP Premier Calvert that his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, had ruled that my only option to obtain development approval for Earle Argues $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) residential development was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribe)s to Donna Strudwick, note FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 71. to 88.

Set out following is a brief summary of Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s professional paper trail and reference to two official documents proving the destruction of the trial transcript, of the goggle “slapp” libel trial that found me guilty of libel of RM Administrator Strudwick for complaining about the Strudwick corruption to the NDP Premier Calvert.

Web readers are asked to google “ nj/2005/doc_ 31730.html” for the Federal Press release regarding Lady Janet McMurtry, OR review the first segment of this Web site, ZONING PROBLEMS WITH AN RM? and note toward the end of the segment reference to the Lady Janet McMurtry paper trail which establishes that Lady Janet graduated with a Law degree from Dalhousie in 1985, was
admitted to the Saskatchewan Bar in 1986, and went to work as a Partner in the Saskatoon NDP Law firm of Woloshyn and Co. that same year.

Lady Janet came to Saskatchewan during the time that Lane was running his cocaine/ high school girl parties, rumor of the cocaine parties were rife through out the Political and Legal Community and since the Woloshyn Law firm is a large NDP legal firm and was the most intensely Political law firm in Canada, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Lady Janet would have been aware of Lanes cocaine/high school girl parties for the Judges and Lawyers, BUT Lanes parties were limited to middle aged Conservative male lawyers and high school girls so there is no way on Gods green earth that Lady Janet, as a NDP activist, Lawyer and a grown up woman, could have been involved in the Lane teenage girl/cocaine parties and now be blackmailed by Lane and Strudwick.

Given Lady Janet’s NDP activism and “raging feminist” nature there can be no doubt whatsoever but that she ( Lady Janet) would have told Lane to google “fuddle-duddle” himself, if as a Senior Appeal Judge, Lane, instructed her to destroy me (Lee) with her libel Judgment, but it is a established fact that Queens Bench Judges do bow to the dictates of the Senior Government officials such as RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, note TURNING OVER ROCKS and BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?

I (Lee) believe that a honest Republican inquiry Judge from the United States, with Saskatoon lawyer Jack Hillson serving as inquiry Counsel would conclude that Lady Justice Janet McMurtry ruled as she did to establish a common law precedent which allows her (Lady Janet) father, Ontario’s legal and Political legend, Roy McMurtry, and his Senatorial Ilk, to scam $77,000.000.00 (seventy seven million dollars) of tax payer money in Ethanol subsidies segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 67.- 87.

Web readers are also asked to google “canadian judges take bribes, susan mcgrath, canadian bar association”, in short Canadian Queens Bench Judges, such as Lady Janet McMurtry, are for sale to the highest bidder, so RM Administrator Donna Strudwick may have bribed her (Lady Janet) BUT I (Lee) am told by people who know her (Lady Janet) that there is a third possible explanation for Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s destruction of the Argue dream of development and her malicious destruction of me personally and that is her,( Lady Janet)s “judicial temperament”.

Individuals who know Lady Janet tell me she is a well known radical NDP activist and a, google “raging feminist” and that Lady Janet, because of her NDP activism, would hate the whole idea of a Developer such as Earle Argue making any money, and as a “raging feminist” the sight, sound and smell of me (Lee), a male non-lawyer, having the nerve to annoy her by appearing in her court room, acting for myself, would have driven her (Lady Janet) crazy and resulted in her ( Lady Janet) ordering that the trial transcript tape “disappear” note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 72.

The “disappearance” of the trial transcript tape, would prove to a Republican inquiry Judge from the United States that Lady Janet is corrupt to the core, but her (Lady Janet)s existence on the Saskatchewan Queens Bench as a NDP activist and raging feminist does make the point about the need for the “judicial temperament” that Prime Minister Harper referred to, Web readers are asked to note the following:

Once all the material was assembled and filed with the Court a hearing was held the morning of December 15th, 2005. Strudwick was not in attendance, but her two-bit shyster of a Lawyer, Glen Dowling, paid by the taxpayers, conducted a one hour rant, in the main a personal criticism of me (Lee), telling the Judge (Lady Janet) that I was not a lawyer and too stupid to understand the issues, which was nonsense, I understand the issues perfectly, the Developers have a stark choice, ie: google “to bribe or not to bribe”

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that there is considerable and conclusive evidence that I (Lee) was destroyed by the Saskatchewan Courts and the question is if I was ordered destroyed by then NDP Premier Calvert because of my refusal to pay Strudwick her bribes, note segment BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, or because Strudwick bribed her (Lady Janet) to write the Judgment she wrote, google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar associtaion”, or because Lady Janet is a “raging feminist” and went crazy at the sight and sound and smell of me (Lee) acting for myself or because Lady Janet acted as she did to color up a legal precedent for her father, Roy McMurtry, and his Elite ilk, to scam taxpayer money in Ethanol subsidy.

Web readers are asked to note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL. Paragraphs 48. – 54., and review my (Lee)s letters to Calvert and Taylor in segment LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP and note that my letters are based on findings of fact by the Municipal Boundary Board, as set out in their ruling of December 22nd, 2004, note segment TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, note that RM Administrator Strudwick sued me for libel based on my letters to Calvert and Taylor and Lady Janet found me guilty. I appealed Lady Janet’s verdict to the Court of Appeal, lost and went to the Supreme Court of Canada, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, note the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for Case 31940, the basis for this Web site.

Lady Justice Janet McMurtry’s Judgment was a twenty page rant against me (Lee) on a personal basis, it contains nothing regarding the facts of the issue, so I have not included it, but I have included and set out below, page 1. Letter from Appeal Registrar dated September 26th, 2006….page 2. second Letter from Appeal Registrar dated September 27th, 2006…….page 3, Martins Criminal Code Section 123 MUNICIPAL CORRUPTION ….pages 4. to 14, Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Judgment.

Web readers who review the documents are reminded that if they right click on a document a small rectangle will show with a list of notations and if they left click on the line “view image” the page will enlarge and click on the page again, with the magnifer cursor, it will enlarge again, and that the pages may, in effect, be “turned”, backward or foreword, like a Book, by clicking on the large white arrowheads on the left/right side of the monitor screen. Note that to go back from the enlarged document click on the return arrow in the top left hand corner of the monitor and to leave the documents click on the small rectangle in the top right hand corner of the monitor with the letters “esc”.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to review the finding of “Fact” as set out by the Municipal Boundary Board in their December 22nd 2004 ruling, note segment TWO LADY’S AND THE SHALL LETTER and note that the FACTS set out by the Boundary Board confirm every claim that I have made. Lady Janet’s Judgment against me is simply a rant against me (Lee) on a personal basis, so I did raise personal bias in Appeal but to no purpose, note Appeal Paragraphs [12] and [13] on page 8 in documents above.

Only two paragraphs of Lady Janet’s Judgment are relevant and are quoted below;

“[27] Strudwick is a public servant. She reports indirectly to Ministers in the Government and the Premier in her position as a rural administrator. Her ability to perform effectively in her position would be affected by the persons in those positions and their good or poor opinion of her, Being labelled a liar and corrupt could serve to
“lower [Strudwick] in the estimation” of those persons.

[30] In view of my finding that Lee was reckless with the truth with respect to Strudwick lying and committing acts of corruption, he cannot rely on the defence of qualified privilege. Accordingly there being no other defence open to Lee, I find that he defamed Strudwick in the letters ………”

It was my (Lee)s belief that Lady Janet had called me the liar and Strudwick a Princess of a woman BUT one of my (Lee)s confidants, a brilliant man, warned me to be care full with my claim that Lady Janet called me a liar, because he spotted what he believes to be a shyster smart choice of words in Lady Janet’s Judgment, note Paragraph [30] just above where Lady Janet states that I am “…….reckless with the truth…….”.

I (Lee) took that as Lady Janet accusing me of being a liar, BUT my friend could be right because if you parse exactly what Lady Janet states in her Judgment, if you take her judgement exact words in precise English, then she (Lady Janet) is saying that I “recklessly told the truth” about Strudwick, which truth libeled her by harming her reputation with the Premier, note paragraph [27] above of Lady Janet’s Judgment.

If that was Lady Janet’s intent of judgment then the situation is even more of a sick joke then I thought it was. That is exactly the point I was trying to make to NDP Premier Calvert in my letter to him, ie: the fact that RM of Edenwold Administrator Donna Strudwick was/is a evil, lying, corrupt, slut, who was using her absolute and obscene power as RM Administrator to block the Argue Development until her bribes were paid.

There is millions of dollars at stake for both Earle and tax revenue for the Edenwold ratepayers. The Court of Appeal ruled that all zoning issues are political and the Courts must not interfere, meaning that the Political Elite must deal with the Strudwick bribery problem, and 4 (four) different lawyers assured the Outlook Community Leaders that my letters to Calvert and Taylor were not libel because they told the truth and if Lady Janet is stating that I (Lee) told the truth about Strudwick then that is all that matters.

In Canadian Law it does not matter one iota if I (Lee) was reckless in the way I used the truth, that is immaterial in Canadian Law, which means that I was maliciously destroyed by Lady Janet’s judgment and it is easy to prove that fact because Canadian Law is clear, truth is not libel, no matter how harmfull it is, note LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP.

The most blatantly corrupt act I (Lee) suffered from the Courts was the destruction of the Trial Transcript and ask all Web readers to note pages 1 and 2 in the documents above and note that the Appeal Registrar, on September 26th, 2006, instructs me that to launch an appeal that I must arrange for a trial transcript, and the next day, the Appeal Registrar tells me the trial transcript is not available, and claims that a transcript was not kept, but transcript tapes are always kept of all Court hearings and I have witnesses that will sign affidavit for a public inquiry that this trial was no different and a Court clerk did run a tape recording, the Court Clerk running the trial tape sat across from me.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that destroying the transcript tape of a Queen Bench Court Trial is corrupt even by the standard of Corruption set by this Ruling Elite scum, note segment BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED? But there it is, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Judicial corruption is absolute. Web readers are asked to note that I (Lee) wanted the transcript of the trial because Strudwick’s two bit shyster of a lawyer, Glen Dowling, paid by the tax payer, told Lady Janet two flat lies, Dowling told Lady Janet that I had worked with the then Minister Responsible Jack Hillson to amend the Urban Act so as to harm his Client, RM Administrator, Donna Strudwick, which was a flat lie, and I can easily prove it to a public inquiry.

Note segment TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, note in the documents, Boundary Board ruling page 4 where the Board states that Jack Hillson amended the Urban Act July 3rd 2002, and note on page 3 that it was a year later, on July 18th, 2003, that ADM (Associate Deputy Minister) Bryon Burnett, instructed the Argues to find a Village to annex their development out of the RM of Edenwold. I asked Lady Janet to review the FACTs as set out in the Boundary Board Ruling, and she (Lady Janet) said she already had, but that she would review the Boundary Board ruling as I asked, all of that was on the transcript tape that Lady Janet ordered destroyed.

Strudwick’s lawyer, Glen Dowling, also told Lady Janet that I (Lee) had conspired with Outlook Community Leader Larry Hubbard to destroy his Client, RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick. That was another of Glen Dowlings flat lies and I ask Web readers to review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 55., 56., and 57., and note that Larry Hubbard ended up suffering a mental breakdown from this Argue/ Strudwick horror. I ask Web readers, do you believe that given Larry Hubbards mental breakdown caused by Donna Strudwick, that a honest inquiry Judge from the United States will accept that Larry Hubbard and I conspired to harm the Ruling Elite Evil, the lying, corrupt, official Government slut, RM of Edenwold Administrator Strudwick?

I (Lee) ask Web readers to now read the Court of Appeal Judgement, pages 4. to 14. in the documents above, note that the Appeal Judgment at least mentions the main issue whereas Lady Janet’s Queen’s Bench Judgment does not bother. As example, note paragraph [6] page 6 in documents above, where the Appeal Judges state “the application was denied on the basis that the annexation was merely an attempt to circumvent the zoning impasse with the R.M. of Edenwold”. Note that the Appeal Judges are correct, that is exactly how I tried to obtain approval for Earle without paying bribes to RM Administrator Strudwick, that is EXACTLY what I tried to do.

It is a carved in stone FACT, documented in the Boundary Board ruling of December 22nd 2004, note segment TWO LADYS AND THE SHALL LETTER, the Boundary Board ruling FACT’s pages 2., 3., and 4., exactly the “political” flow of events, ie: Jack Hillson, the Minister Responsible in the 1999 NDP/ Liberal Coalition Administration, amended the Urban Act, removing one word, the word “contiguous” from the Act thereby allowing a Developer to find a Village to annex his development out of any RM in the Province, thereby obtaining approval without bribing the RM Administrator.

Web readers are asked to note page 3. in the documents above, one page of Canada’s Criminal Code showing Section 123 (1) Municipal Corruption; it is a Criminal Code contravention to carry anything to a Municipal Official to obtain a favor and now note the Supreme Court of Canada Summary Statement for case 31940, and note that Strudwicks NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, ruled that my only option to obtain development approval for the Argue Development was to carry “ flowers chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick and her Council and that is exactly the corruption the Hillson amendment to the Urban Act was designed to circumvent.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to now note paragraph [27] pages 12 and 13 in the Documents above ( Appeal Judgment), note where the Appeal Judges write “ Even if Mr. Lee’s position on these various issues is correct………” . The Appeal Judges ruled that it means nothing if I am correct, that I am still guilty of libel of Strudwick, but that is nonsense, there is a mountain of evidence that Strudwick was lying about the Argue Development for a decade, which is a clear contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Look again at page 3. in the documents above, note that Section 123 (2) states that it is a contravention of the Criminal Code for a Municipal official to tell a lie, now look again at my two letters to Calvert and Taylor segment LADY’S LETTERS AND SLAPP, note again segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 1. to 15. note the mountain of hard evidence that the Argue development had been approved by the RM Council, hence Strudwick was lying, but of greater importance was the hard evidence before the Appeal Court that the RCMP Staff Sergeant destroyed evidence of Strudwicks criminal activity.

The Appeal Judges ruled in their paragraph [27] pages 12 and 13 in the documents above “ Even if Mr. Lee is correct….”. Well that is the question and the only question, am I (Lee) correct in claiming that Strudwick lied about approval of the Argue Development? The Appeal Judges logic and reasoning in upholding Lady Janet finding me guilty of libel of Strudwick is utter nonsense edging into insanity and these people ( the Appeal Judges) are all experienced Judges, all are sane, and Judge Vancise has a reputation for being a decent human being, but there can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Appeal Judges are just as corrupt as “bloody wall Link” and Gary Lane.

Note segment TWO LADY’S AND THE LEAVE BOOK paragraph 15., note that this very same Court, the Court of Appeal, had ruled that as regards zoning “the Courts must respect the political process” and the hard evidence that was amassed and presented in Court proved that was exactly what I (Lee) was trying to do, ie: use politics to obtain development approval for Earle Argue without carrying “flowers, chocolates and perfume” (bribes) to RM Administrator Donna Strudwick, yet the Appeal Court ruled that even if I am right I had libeled Strudwick, the Courts ruling is a sick, corrupt, joke.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the three Appeal Judges are not stupid or insane; they deal in logic and deductive reasoning every working day of their lives, yet they destroyed Earle Argues dream of a development, blocked the RM of Edenwold Ratepayers from receiving tax revenue of $400,000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) a year and maliciously destroyed me (Lee)s to pander to a evil, lying, viscious, arrogant, corrupt, Government official slut, RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, a close confidant of one of their Appeal Bench Colleagues, Gary Lane, because of Earle and my (Lee)s, as Earles Representative, refusal to pay Donna Strudwick her bribes.

The corruption of the Ruling Elite never ends. Web readers are asked to note segment
“ Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” and note that I (Lee) can prove to a public inquiry that before Staff Sergeant Lewis destroyed the affidavit evidence Lloyd Smith had provided the RCMP demanded that Earle and Sharie Argue sign and file a criminal complaint at “F” division headquarters, regarding Donna Strudwick.

I (Lee) offered to sign the criminal complaint as the Argue Representative but the RCMP demanded the Argues, both Earle and Sharie, must sign the criminal complaint but the Argues took the question to a Lawyer who advised that they must not sign the Criminal complaint because as soon as they signed the RCMP would then refuse to lay charges and she (Strudwick) would then sue them (the Argues) for libel and be awarded several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but there was a attempt made by RM Administrator Strudwick to use corrupt RCMP officers and Judges to scam the Argues of hundreds of thousands of dollars, I (Lee) remind all Web readers of the wise words of the 1700’s British Statesman, Edmund Burke, google “ the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Web readers are asked for the upteenth time to google “canadian judges might take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association” and now google “jacob ziegel: more proof that canada’s judges need closer scrutiny”.

Note that a Law Professor Emeritus states that many Judicial rulings in Canada ‘require scrutiny”. In layman terms the Professor means the Judges “are corrupt to the core”, and a example is Lady Janet McMurty ruling finding me (Lee) guilty of libel of RM Administrator Strudwick for my written complaint about the Crown Minister’s order to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick to obtain development approval.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to contact their Sask Party MLA asking him/her to review “Ministers Thumbnail” at the end of segment NDP CORRUPTION – NDP INSANITY, and implement the solution set out, remind the MLA’s that the solution would not cost the taxpayer one red cent. Web readers are also asked to note that restitution accruing to me from a public inquiry will be used to create a Foundation to maintain this Web site including the inquiry report and continue the Access zap2it Web site Ads.

Queens Bench Judges are appointed for life so it is impossible to end Judicial corruption and the only remedy for the honest taxpaying voters is to avoid the Queens Bench Court as they would avoid a Leper colony. This Web site is doing a good days work warning the voting public of the corrupt horror of the NDP Political Elite, the corrupt NGO’s and Queens Bench Judiciary, but more could be done with a public inquiry and I (Lee) swear before God that the site would remain in place including the inquiry report, advertised on Access TV until the public inquiry restitution award funds are exhausted.

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