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December 6, 2011

Google “saskatchewan booms: premier set for landslide return levant”. I (Lee) urge all Web readers to read Ezra Levant’s article. It was written a couple of days before the November 7th 2011 General Election and will remain relevant for decades even though it contains a factual error regarding the seat count following the 2007 General Election. The last half of the article could have been written any month of any year over the last two decades and could be reprinted over the next two decades making the point that the power of Saskatchewan’s Alphabet soup of corrupt NGO’s, ie: SGEU/SARM/RMAA, and the STF must be ended if Saskatchewan is to remain economically viable.

Google “polls show sask party lead holds hall”, note that ten days before the recent General Election Forum Research predicted that the Sask party would win 52 (fifty two) seats and the NDP would win 6 (six) seats, and note the outcome of the November 7th 2011 Election result was Sask Party 49 (forty nine) seats and the NDP 9 (nine) seats, Forum was out by only 6% (six percent), close projecting work.