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November 10, 2011

Google “is wall’s new sask. the old alta? mandryk”. The NDP corruption chickens are coming home to roost and as Murray so eloquently sets out the Sask Party did not even bother to play their best political card, ie: the Morin NDP Membership fraud and forgery issue, note Web segment BLACKMAILED, BULLIED OR BRIBED?, but NDP corruption is more widespread and affects more than Saskatchewan.

Web readers are asked to review media, google, “ndp sweep quebec election” and “mafia reaches parties, construction industry maher”, and “if our leaders were corrupt, would we know it? coyne” and “still doubt there’s corruption in quebec? Kheiriddin” and “silence reigns over hiring controversy maher” and “outspoken corruption investigator fired peritz”. Note evidence linking the Mafia to the Quebec Ruling Elite; google “communists and corrruption”, note that all search results show that around the world Communists and Corruption go hand in hand. (more…)