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October 4, 2011

Web readers are asked to google “ christie blatchford: laytons death turns into a thoroughly public spectacle”, and note that following Layton’s fatal illness a French woman named Nycole Turmel became the Federal NDP Leader and Web readers are asked to review a series of mainstream media articles regarding the NDP Leader Turmel.

Google “ndp intern leader was 5-year member of the bloc leblanc” and “scott stinson: nycole turmel and the ndp lousy vetting process” and “turmel’s turnabout, excuses defy logic blatchford” and “harper calls turmel’s bloc ties ‘disappointing’ ”. The headlines say it all, but Christie’s article is straightforward and reflects public opinion in the RoC (Rest of Canada) on the fact of the NDP /Turmel/Quebec/Communist/Separatist, plan.

Web readers are asked to note that the Federal NDP Leader, Nycole Turmel, left the Bloc Separatist Party in January 2011 to run for Layton’s NDP, and only recently admitted to her current membership in the Quebec Solidaire Party, a Quebec Communist Party dedicated to Quebec leaving Canada, so Canada now has a Quebec, Communist, Separatist as interm Leader of the NDP with support of the NDP Federal Ruling Elite.

Google “ ‘communists’ hide in ndp: toronto concillor alcoba” and note that it is common mainstream media knowledge that Canada’s Communist’s use the NDP to cover their activity. Note that the NDP is one of Canada’s mainstream Political Parties, and is now Canada’s so called “loyal” Opposition so has anyone ever raised the possibility that with the NDP in control of Quebec that Province is actually now truly “Cuba North”? and the US Congress, controlled by the Republicans, are going to look long and hard at that fact while looking at trade deals with Canada, note the US will not trade with Cuba. (more…)