Web readers are asked to note that out of the G-7 Counties, ie: Canada, France, Germany, United States, Italy, Japan and England, Canada is the most bribery prone. Google “Canada worst g-7 country in preventing bribery: report derek abam postmedia news”, and note that Transparency International, a respected international think tank studying bribery, reports that Canada has the worst bribery record of any G-7 country, worse than Italy, which is the home of the Mafia.

The headline says it all but Web readers are asked to read the article and note that the respected international think tank on bribery, Transparency International, is now setting out what I (Lee) have been stating in this Web site for the last 4 (four) years, note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, ie; that honest taxpayers are victims of the bribery demands of Elite Officials, the Official Government scum, such as RM Administrator Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to google “senator faces rcmp probe in bribery case mcarthur” and “ttc manager charged with fraud white and church”; attempts are being made to deal with Elite Bribery outside of Saskatchewan, BUT here in Saskatchewan the RCMP destroy evidence of contravention of the Criminal Code by the Ruling Elite, the Law Society refuses to act, note segment “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan” and the RCMP refuse to investigate contravention of Section 464 of the Criminal Code by the NDP Minister Responsible, Len Taylor, segment TURNING OVER ROCKS.

The explanation for Canada and Saskatchewan being the worst bribery offender in the G-7 Nations, as set out by Transparency International, is very simple, Canada has the most Corrupt Judges in the British Commonwealth. Web readers are asked to google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that when the staid, conservative, politically correct, and august body of the Canadian Bar Association says the Queens and Appeal Bench Judges take bribes, then it is fact that the Judges take bribes and Web readers are also asked to review segment TURNING OVER ROCKS and note that the Judicial Council of Canada report. “Masters In Their Own House” was prepared for the Judicial Council by two of Canada’s most eminent jurists, the Hon Jules Deschenes and Dr. Carl Baar, note segment BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?

One of Saskatchewan’s Political and Judicial Ruling Elite, Gary Lane, has recently opted for “early retirement” as a Court of Appeal Judge, segment EDENWOLD EVIL-PMO E-MAIL, but Lane, while serving as the Devine Gang Attorney General and Minister of Finance, during the 1980’s, (the Devine Decade of Disaster), working with the Elite Official ilk of his day, “disappeared” a total of ten Billion dollars of taxpayer money, some of it into Swiss Banks, and the Saskatchewan tax payer will be still paying interest on that “disappeared” money when the Crows stop going south for the winter.

Over the Decade of Disaster that the Devine Gang ruled Saskatchewan the Provinces budget was about 5 (five) Billion dollars for each year of Devine, so Gary Lane disappeared 20% (twenty percent) of cash flow, some of it into Swiss Banks, and the only way that he (Lane) could have “disappeared” that amount of tax payer money was to have used his control, as Attorney General, of the RCMP, Justice officials and the Judges. Web readers are reminded that shortly before the fall of the Devine Gang in 1991 then Prime Minister Mulroney appointed Lane to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Web readers are asked to google “mulroney schreiber inquiry” and remember the fact of Mulroney being found to have received secret commissions from Schreiber. Web readers are asked to note the incredible fact that Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, a Ruling Elite, now proven to be a “white collar thug”, appoints a second Ruling Elite, another “white collar thug”, Gary Lane, a lawyer who had never practised Law a day in his life, to the Court of Appeal, where he (Lane) has remained until now that he has suddenly taken “early retirement”, note segments FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 30. and EDENWOLD EVIL/PMO E-MAIL.

Gary Lane is gone from the Court and is now only costing the honest taxpayers his double dipping on Government pensions as a former MLA and Court of Appeal Judge, but I (Lee) note that one of his proteges, a Elite Official named Richard Hornung Q.C. is back in the Saskatchewan trough. Web readers are asked to note a Murray column, google “gov’t wise to appoint mediator mandryk” but any lawyer who was practicing Law in the Yorkton area in the 1980’s could relate trust breaches, hiding of assets and Hornung Q. C.’s personal bankruptcy; the Hornung paper trail is a example of the “disappearing” money by the Devine Gang during the 1980‘s.

Richard Hornung Q. C.’s paper trail, while in Saskatchewan in the 1980’s, is a perfect example of Gary Lane and his Official Ruling Elite of that day using control of the RCMP, the Department of the Attorney General, the Law Society and the Judges to “disappear” the Ten Billion Dollars of tax payer money and those same methods, as designed, and used, by Gary Lane in the 1980’s, were used by the Calvert NDP, SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities) and the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association) to make sure RM Administrator Strudwick was paid bribes.

There is a rock solid Justice, Court, and media paper trial on the Hornung Q. C. corruption and criminal charges in the 1980’s proving that Lane, as Devine Gang Attorney General, the top Law enforcement official in the Province of the day, ordered the RCMP Criminal investigations of Richard Hornung stopped, the Crown Prosecutors were ordered to stop laying criminal charges and Judges ordered to rule that criminal charges already laid were thrown out of Court, and the Law Society ordered to stop their Hornung hearings, a summary of the paper trail for this is set out in briefing notes that I (Lee) prepared twenty five years ago for the Law Society Benchers.

Web readers will note that my briefing note to the Benchers contain media, and Court, formal paper trail evidence that Gary Lane, as the Devine Gang Attorney General, used control of RCMP criminal investigations and Judicial rulings to protect the actions of a Saskatchewan Official Elite, Hornung Q. C. and Web readers are asked yet again to google “canadian judges take bribes susan macgrath canadian bar association”.

Now, two decades later, the same brazenly corrupt methods designed by Gary Lane for use in 1980’s are being used again, to wit: control of RCMP investigations, control of the Law Society and control of Judicial rulings to make certain that another Official Ruling Elite, RM Administrator Strudwick, is paid bribes to approve economic development projects, review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs, 41., 42. and 43.

I (Lee) repeat and emphasize, the resurfacing of Richard Hornung Q.C. shoveling more money out of the trough of taxpayer money into his bank accounts, as a mediator in the Teachers strike, reminds me of Yogi’s great axiom, “its de ja vu all over again” because Gary Lane, as the Devine Gang Attorney General used his control of RCMP Criminal Investigations and Judicial rulings to protect Richard Hounung Q.C. fraud charges and shot gunning of citizens, which, except for the shot gunning of citizens, is the same as today with the Provincial NDP Justice Elite ordering the RCMP to destroy evidence, the Law Society to refuse to investigate and controlling Judicial rulings to ensure that RM Administrator Strudwick is paid bribes to grant development approval.

Twenty five years ago I (Lee) prepared briefing notes listing a few of Hornung’s instances of fraud and corruption in the Yorkton area and during the Benchers supper/Bar hour slid that briefing note list under the room doors of the Law Society Benchers at their Benchers annual spring Waskesiu meeting and set out below is my (Lee)s submission to the Benchers of the Saskatchewan Bar Association at their regular spring meeting at Waskesiu in May of 1985 as well as relevant media and court documents:

Note page 1 – 5 Who is watching the watchdogs?…..6 YORKTON THIS WEEK- Contractor charges trust breach…..7 The Enterprise- Well-known Yorktonite dies hunting….8 YORKTON THIS WEEK- Hornung picks trial by judge on three counts…..9 Leader Post- Labor chairman resigns…..10 Leader Post- Hornung receives federal appointment….11 The Enterprise- Dream comes true for McLaren….12 The Enterprise Editorial -Force or Farce?…..13 Hornung assets in Bankruptcy……14 Hornung Liabilities in Bankruptcy……15 Court declares Hornung a Bankrupt….16 Court dismisses charge against Hornung….17 Dale Eisler column re Hornung criminal charges.

I (Lee) urge all honest taxpaying voters to read page 1 – 5, my Bencher submission of twenty five years ago, “Who is watching the watchers?” and note the cover up by then Attorney General, Gary Lane, of the fact that a Saskatchewan Government Ruling Elite of that day, Richard Hornung Q. C., was charged with defrauding Yorkton Contractor, Victor Chernipeski, out of $110,000.00 (one hundred and ten thousand dollars) note page 6, and Lane, as Attorney General, used his control over the RCMP, the Judicial machinery, the Law Society Benchers and Judges themselves to cover up the charges against Richard Hornung Q. C., note pages 8, 16 and 17.

Web readers are asked to review page 17, the Dale Eisler article where the then Law Society President Gord Kuski states that unless Hornung is actually caught stealing money out of trust accounts the Law Society has no interest, but Kuski was wrong because the fact is that Lawyers have a duty to do nothing that would, google “bring the administration of justice into disrepute” as a result the Law Society had a duty to hear the charges against Hornung.

Web readers should note that at the time the Law Society refused to hear the complaint against Hornung, he (Hornung) was a Bencher of the Law Society himself, a serious conflict of interest, a fact that caused outrage among the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association because in those days the Benchers were chosen by Saskatchewan wide vote and with the huge Law firms in Regina and Saskatoon each having several dozen Lawyers on staff, if Attorney General Gary Lane wanted a particular Lawyer as a Bencher, all he (Lane) had to do was tell the Big City Law firms (Regina and Saskatoon) to send a memo around to their in house Lawyers with that demand.

The way that the Law Society Benchers handled the complaint against Hornung, who was himself a Bencher, reminds me (Lee) of the way that the RMAA (Rural Municipal Administrators Association) handled my complaint against RM Administrator Donna Strudwick who was a Executive Director of the RMAA, ie: Strudwick, who sat on the Executive Board of the RMAA, actually sat at her own hearing, segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraph 31. and 58.

Web readers are asked to note a ironic twist in that the RMAA have been granted the same right of self regulating and self governing status as the Lawyers, note segment, FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 118., and also note that the Ruling Elite, today, as it had twenty five years ago, have absolute control of the Law Society, note segment “Update with reply from Law Society of Saskatchewan”, Web readers are asked to google “sickened unto death”.

Web readers are now asked to review segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraph 30. and note that I (Lee) was warned to be very care full of the close personal relationship between RM of Edenwold Administrator, Donna Strudwick, and Court of Appeal Judge Gary Lane and there can be no doubt whatsoever but warning was prophetic because I was found guilty of libel for my complaint to the NDP Premier Calvert about his Minister Responsible, Len Taylor’s, ruling that my only option to obtain development approval for Earle Argue was to carry “flowers, chocolates and perfume” to Strudwick.

The paper trail is clear, there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Gary Lane, as Devine Gang Attorney General, ordered a cover-up of the fraud charges against Hornung Q. C. regarding Victor Chernipeski and George Redenbach and accomplished that cover up by ordering the RCMP to end a investigation, the Law Society to stop investigating Hornung and a Judge to dismiss the criminal charges against Hornung Q. C., note pages 8, 16 and 17 in documents above, and again google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”.

Web readers are now asked to note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 58., 59., 60. and 61. and note the hard evidence that RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Lewis destroyed evidence of the Strudwick corruption when Strudwick’s lawyer, Glen Dowling, paid by the taxpayer, phoned him (Staff Lewis), a parallel between the Ruling Elite cover-up for Hornung Q. C. 20 (twenty) years ago and today for RM Administrator Donna Strudwick.

Web readers are asked to note paragraphs 6. and 11. on page 3 in my (Lee)s Bencher briefing notes in the documents above and note that Ron Barclay was Vice Chairman of the Law Society Disciplinary Committee when the Law committee of that day refused to hear the complaint against Richard Hornung Q. C. and Barclay acted to defend Hornung in Court, a conflict of interest.

Now, twenty five years later, in the Argue/Strudwick case the Hon Ron Barclay, as a Queens Bench Judge, refused to grant Earle Argue development approval for his $30,000,000.00 (thirty million dollar) development, notwithstanding the hard evidence the RM had approved the development, note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, paragraphs 1.-15. or note segment, TWO LADYS AND THE LEAVE BOOK, paragraph 15.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the economic well being of the Provinces and Municipalities is subject to the integrity of the top Provincial Justice officials and the paper trail is rock solid; the fact of RCMP and judicial cover up of the question of corruption of the Elite Officials is very clear in both the Hornung and Strudwick situations with the common factor being Gary Lane and the fact of Judicial bribes, again for the up-teenth time, google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”

The most noteworthy of the evil horrors precipitated by Richard Hornung Q. C. was his (Hornung’s) 12-gauge automatic shotgun slaughter of Yorkton Canadian Tire Store owner Gary Voinorosky, note page 7. I (Lee) realize that the article does not state that Richard Hornung Q. C. was the perpetrator of the Voinorosky slaughter BUT any member of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association will confirm that fact. The Hornung slaughter of Voinorosky is not included in my Waskesiu Bencher submission because he (Voinorosky) had not yet been slaughtered when that submission went to the Benchers.

The facts of the Gary Voinorosky slaughter by Richard Hornung Q. C. are simple enough, the facts were common knowledge within the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association, Lawyers never forget anything and to this day those facts could be confirmed by many members of the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association serving as Lawyers then and now, and are quickly told:

Hornung, Voinorosky and others were hunting ducks; as usual the pits had been dug the day before. Saskatchewan law requires that automatic shotguns be plugged to three shells but rumor was rife that Richard Hornung Q. C. had the plug out of his automatic 12 gauge …… ducks who survive their first hunting season are not dumb, someone opens up on them with a shotgun they do not head for the clouds, they dive down to the tall slough grass and Hornung Q. C., as was his practice, followed the duck down….. blam, blam, blam….. but a dumb, gunner may miss on the first shot, and with only two shots left, the duck often escapes.

Google “how many shells does a automatic 12-gauge shotgun hold”, note with the plug out a automatic 12-gauge shotgun will hold up to 9 (nine) shells, so… blam, blam, blam, blam, blam…other duck hunters heard the shots and the last one blew Gary Voinoroskys head off…..Voinorosky, as owner of the local Canadian Tire Store was wealthy, and Richard Hornung Q. C., as family lawyer, served as pallbearer and consoled the wealthy widow.

BUT Hornung Q. C. still had a problem, he could have tried the famous “the dog ate my homework” defense and told the Court that “the duck did it” as revenge on duck hunters, but newspaper reporters are more skeptical than Trial Judges, who take bribes, again google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that if you tell a newspaper or TV reporter that “the duck did it” you sure as hell better have some feathers to show him/her, but in this case the duck had dived into the tall grass and escaped so Richard Hounung Q. C. had no feathers and had a problem until the Devine Gang Attorney General, the Ruling Elite, Gary Lane, solved it.

Saskatchewan law and practice requires a Coroners inquest in the event of a firearm death and the Yorkton Crown Prosecutor immediately ordered the usual Coroners inquest into Voinoroskys shotgun slaughter at the hands of Hornung Q.C. only to have that order overturned by Devine Gang Attorney General Gary Lane, which outraged the honest Yorkton voters who by then were feed up with Richard Hornung Q. C., so Gary Lane, as Devine Gang Attorney General, appointed Hornung as the Yorkton area Crown Prosecutor, which outraged the Yorkton-Melville Bar Association even more.

Web readers are asked to google “criminal negligence”. The NDP and Rural Leadership Elite insist that I (Lee) am the stupidest man in Canada and that may well be true, but I forget nothing, any more than the Lawyers do, and was briefed by the Yorkton Lawyers at the time to the effect that a Coroners Inquest establishing the facts of the Hornung Q. C. shot gun slaughter of Gary Voinorosky would lead, as night follows day, to a charge of criminal negligence against Richard Hornung Q. C. and destroy his legal career.

Web readers are asked to remember that this was not the usual tragic situation where someone forgets to take the shells out of twenty two rifle before putting it back in the gun case and then forgets to lock the gun case and a child finds it and shoots himself, his Mother, sister or brother in the arm or leg. Rumor was rife that Richard Hornung Q. C. had removed the plug from his automatic 12 gauge; witnesses described the terrified duck, diving for his life, heading for the tall grass, followed down by Richard Hornung Q. C. automatic shotgun blasts, with Hornung determined to blow the duck into a pile of feathers before he (the duck) reached the tall grass.

Even terrified and being chased down by 12-gauge automatic shot gun blasts, the duck was still smarter than Hornung Q. C. and escaped his (Hornungs) 12-gauge automatic shotgun blasts, but Gary Vonorosky was not; Hornoung Q. C. blew Voinorosky’s head off and the Lawyers told me at the time it was at the high end of criminal negligence and that there was no doubt whatsoever but that criminal negligence at that level would destroy his legal career.

Google “street sweeper automatic firearm” and note that this weapon is deemed to be the most dangerous firearm in the world. Many Web readers who have watched the old Black and White FBI/Gangster Movies will have noted both sides using the Thompson .45 (near half inch in diameter) caliber hand held machine guns, the ones with the drums to hold the shells.

All Web readers will have noted the havoc Elliot Ness or John Dillinger or any of their movie crew members, could wreck in thirty seconds with a Thompson firing .45 size bullets, well Virginia, a “street sweeper” is just a old fashioned Thompson machine gun with a smooth bore and the drum magazine packed with 12-gauge shot gun shells instead of .45 caliber bullets, and Hornung Q. C. and his 12-gauge automatic shotgun with the plug out holds less shells than a street sweeper, but it is still a very dangerous firearm.

Prior to Hornung’s slaughter of Gary Voinorosky I (Lee) knew Hornung only to see him and by reputation as a shyster lawyer and a NDP supporter, but I can relate one interchange with him that may point to the way his brain works. Web readers are asked to note The Enterprise article, page 11 in the documents above and note my serving as a organizer for the PC’s in zone 6 and one day, in the Mclaren Campaign office in Yorkton, Hornung came in, asked to see me and gave me $200.00 (two hundred dollars) cash and when I (Lee) started to write a receipt he (Hornung) stopped me, and told me “there-there Bob, don’t bother about a receipt, just put the two hundred dollars in the petty cash drawer for coffee and snacks”.

Fine, Hornung wanted no paper trail, and we (the Yorkton PCs) were always glad to help, and as Web readers can imagine, as PC coordinator for zone 6, so called “red square” during the count down to the 1992 General Election, I was a very, very busy man, so Richard Hornung Q. C., and his two hundred dollar, under the table donation, was the last of my concerns.

Web readers who are familiar with local political campaigns will know that it is common for complete strangers to come in and leave cash, usually, small amounts, a twenty or two or a fifty dollar bill and not want a receipt. They want to help but politics is such an evil undertaking they do not want any paper trail to show their name associated with it, but in Hornung’s case there were three factors that went through my (Lee)s mind at the time, 1.) two hundred dollars was more than people usually leave without a receipt; 2) Hornung was well known to be a shyster lawyer; and 3.) Hornung was a known NDP supporter, but despite those three facts, I asked no questions.

The day after the Mclaren/Devine victory Richard Hornung Q. C. was back in the McLaren campaign office pounding the table reminding me (Lee) of the $200.00 ( two hundred dollars) he had given me for the PC’s and ranting that he had not received his membership. I reminded him (Hornung) that he had stipulated no paper trail, whereby he calmed down saying he meant that he did not want a receipt but thought he should at least get a membership for his two hundred dollars, again I was busy, so I asked the women to send him a membership and the tax payers are paying for my stupidity to this day.

In 1989, despite his known NDP history and the shotgun slaughter of Gary Voinorosky, and adject failure as the Yorkton area Crown Prosecutor, the Devine Gang Administration appointed Richard Hornung Q. C. as Chair of the Saskatchewan Labor Relations Board for a 5 (five) year term, page 9 in documents above, but when the NDP came to power in 1991, obviously not trusting him, they (the NDP) terminated Hornung, note page 10, following which, the Court granted him (Hornung) personal bankruptcy, note page 15, thereby saving his Labor Relations Board contract payout from being used to pay off his $103,810.00 (one hundred and three thousand eight hundred and ten dollars) Revenue Canada debt, note page 14 in the documents above.

Web readers are asked to note the Court record of Hornung’s Bankruptcy Assets and Liability lists on pages 13 and 14 in the documents above. Note that except for the Revenue Canada Debt of $103,810.00, page 14 the Hornung paper trail shows he was solvent, and his contract payout would have easily paid the Revenue Canada debt, page 9 and 10.

Hornungs contract pay out when the Government changed and his contract was terminated, would have been plain English and a matter of public record and there can be no doubt whatsoever but that Richard Hornung Q. C., as a lawyer, falsified a Court document regarding that contract payout. Google “ knew or ought to have known” and note that the Court had to have known about the contract payout, yet the Courts gave Hornung a pass on his Revenue Canada $103,810.00 debt. Google for the uptenth time, “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”.

In 1992, shortly after the Court granted Hornung his Bankruptcy, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney appointed Richard Hornung Q. C. to a ten year appointment as Vice Chair of the Canada Labor Relations Board at a undisclosed salary, note page 10 in documents above. Now note a John Gormley Leader Post article, google “the mennonite connection gormley” and note the very touching John Gormley article on Premier Brad’s family problem dealing with the Teachers strike.

Web readers are asked to google “the business man the girl friend the water deal and the pmo dimmock and minsky” and note that a amiable white collar thug, Bruce Carson, sneaked under the PMO radar and ended up advising Prime Minister Harper, and when his (Carson)s true past is uncovered by the media everyone is long faces and no doubt longer e-mails BUT the Prime Minister’s Brain Trust may take solace from the fact that if the Bruce Carson paper trail is compared to the Hornung Q. C. paper trail, and if Hornung is deemed ethically and morally qualified to moderate a Saskatchewan Teachers strike, then the PMO’s Bruce Carson is sure as hell ethically and morally qualified to offer the PMO advise on Canadian foreign policy.

The fact is that Premier Brad now has a problem because he has appointed a genuine white collar thug, Hornung Q. C. as Mediator in the Teachers strike but both Premier Brads Brain Trust and I (Lee) have much to answer for. I knew 30 (thirty) years ago that Hornung Q. C. was a shyster and a card carrying NDP and despite this fact I was stupid enough to give Hornung Q. C. a PC Membership and the Premier’s Brain Trust, apparently relying on his Bullshit Bio, and not bothering to check the Hornung Q. C. true paper trail, appointed Hornung Q. C. to mediate the Saskatchewan Teachers strike.

It is common practice for all Canadian Law firms to call in consultants to advise on specific issues and the Federally appointed members of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board are often used regarding Labor problems. Talk about double dipping, a Lawyer is paid by the Federal Government to sit on a Board and is allowed to supplement his/her income by moonlighting for a Law firm on specific issues, or else be appointed to mediate a specific issue, such as Hornung mediating the Teachers strike.

I (Lee) ask Web readers to google “ canada industrial relations board” and when the site comes up then scroll down until you find the Boards Vice Chair, Richard Hornung Q. C. , then continue to scroll down in the site to find the Richard Hornung Q.C. Bio. and note that the Hornung Q. C. Bio is the best laundered Bio I (Lee) have ever reviewed.

There is not one word in the Hornung Q. C. Bio about the fact that he (Hornung) was charged with defrauding Yorkton Contractor Victor Chernepeski of $110,000.00 (one hundred and ten thousand dollars) or trying to defraud George Redenbache of $30,000.00 (thirty thousand dollars) or his (Hornung)s personal bankruptcy and not one word about the Law Society investigation/conflict of interest, and not one word about Richard Hornung Q. C. blowing Gary Voinorosky’s head off with a 12-gauge automatic shotgun, and not one word about the office of the Attorney General blocking a coroner’s inquest into Hornung’s shotgun slaughter of Gary Voinoroky.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Devine Gang Attorney General, Gary Lane, used control of the RCMP, control of his own Justice officials, control of the Law Society, and control of the Judges themselves, to keep the lid on the Richard Hornung Q. C. criminal file and Web readers are again asked to google “canadian judges take bribes susan mcgrath canadian bar association”.

There is not one word in the Richard Hornung Q. C. Bio about Lane having his confidant, Brian Mulroney, appoint him (Hornung) to a ten year appointment to the Canada Labor Relations Board following the slaughter of Gary Voinoroski, the election of the NDP and Hornung’s being terminated by the NDP and the Canadian Industrial Relations Board Web site states that Hornung Q. C. was put back in the Federal Government trough until 2013.

Web readers are asked to review segment EDENWOLD EVIL/PMO E-MAIL and note that the Harper PMO, even with their infinite resources, allowed a amiable thug, Bruce Carson, to end up as a personal advisor to the Prime Minister, and honest tax payers can only assume that both the Harper PMO and the Western MP’s made the same mistake with the Hornung Q. C. Federal re-appointment because somehow, some way, the Hornung Q. C. paper trail also escaped notice of the PMO when he was re-appointed.

Web readers are asked to note that it is common practice for every Canadian Legal firm dealing with Labor issues to call in out side consultants, namely the Federally appointed members of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, which Board Members must be assumed to have been carefully vetted because they deal with very high level issues, and organized crime Gangs controlling the dock and airport workers Unions and National security.

Web readers are asked to review a recent Murray (Mandryk) column, “trust wall’s most volatile commodity mandryk” where Murray raises question regarding the Premier’s integrity in appointing Hornung Q. C. as mediator in the Teachers strike. Murray is too cynical; obviously the Premier’s Brain Trust simply did not do their homework regarding Hornung Q. C.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the same thing that happened with the PMO and Bruce Carson, as set out in the preceding paragraphs, happened when Richard Hornung Q. C. ended up mediating the Teachers strike here in Saskatchewan, and I (Lee) believe that every Wall Brain Trust member involved read the Hornung Q. C. Bullshit Bio instead of doing their homework and digging into the real Hornung Q. C. paper trail.

Google “average saskatchewan teachers salary” note the average is $54,836.00 (fifty four thousand eight hundred and fifty six dollars) per year, for 9 (nine) months work; according to Stats Canada this is double the average Saskatchewan income and with more Government Elite Union members waiting in the weeds, beating their strike drum during the count down to a General Election, waiting to see what the Teachers get, the Wall administration had to resolve the Teachers strike and I (Lee) believe that at the end of the day, the Teachers Union deserve Richard Hornung Q. C.

Saskatchewan’s education budget for 2011-2012 is about one point three Billion and about 80% of that is Teachers salaries, about one Billion dollars or about 10% (ten percent) of the Total Provincial Budget goes to Teachers salaries and the Teachers Union always saber rattles during the count down to a General Election and I (Lee) believe there is a better way.

Taxpaying are asked to think about a alternate to the Teachers going on strike every 4 (four) years. Grade 11 and 12 high-school girls could teach grades 1, 2 and Kindergarten as part of their high school classes and instead of being paid as baby-sitters, diligent attendance to their teaching duties of the grade 1 and 2 students would be part of the grade 11 and 12 high school girls obtaining a passing grade and the older kids in the higher grades, could be taught by the business community, acting in the public good, sending a hand-full of their staff, one staff member at a time, each for a hour or so a week to an area high school to teach/oversee each class doing their studies.

Stay at home mums could put their jogging suits on and jog down to the school playground and roughhouse with the kids at recess time, the Sunday afternoon quarter backs and full time jocks who never stop bitching about coaching decisions could go to the high schools and teach foot ball, hockey, soccer, and volley ball, whatever their sport was, it is a beautiful plan.

Any Web reader who believes that I (Lee) am insane to advance such a nutty notion should know that the plan was originally designed by no less than Don Matheson, a very great man. Don Matheson is unique among men, a honest Professional Engineer, at the time he (Don) was President of Matheson Bros. in Yorkton, one of Western Canada’s larger General Contractors. Don was married to a administrative level school teacher and he (Don) was a confidant of Premier Ross Thatcher and was the Saskatchewan representative on the Board of Governors of the Bank of Canada.

If Don Matheson’s plan was ever put in place the schools cleaning and maintenance staff would have to remain in place as would the security staff to screen for knives and handguns the kids bring to school. The Principal and a hand-full of detail staff would have to remain in place to organize the part-timer “teachers” coming and going from the business community, BUT eliminating the Teachers would result in a cost saving to the tax payers of 10% (ten percent) of the Provincial budget, a Billion dollars a year.

Web readers are reminded that a Billion dollars is a thousand million and Web readers are reminded that there are a million people in Saskatchewan so that means a tax saving of a thousand dollars each year for each man, woman and child in Saskatchewan or a tax saving of $4000.00 (four thousand dollars) each and every year for every family of 4 (four), with a benefit to the Business Community, for their teaching input, that when the kids left school to work, they would be able to read and write and add and subtract.

Web readers are asked to scroll back to the start of this segment and note the reference to Dr. Carl Baar, co-author with Jules Deschenes of the Judicial Council of Canada report “ Masters In Their Own House”, and note that Dr. Baar was a Law Professor at Osgoode Hall, note that the Ruling Elite control Judicial rulings, note segment BLACKMAILED BULLIED OR BRIBED?, and note that Dr. Baar used my Western Earth Moving Court battle to teach his students that the Ruling Elite control the Courts, a fact of life that all young Lawyers must face when they leave Law school for the real world.

Web readers are asked to note that Outlook Community leader Lloyd Smith advises that this Web site is/was being used in the University of Saskatchewan Law School as a example of Political/Judicial corruption protecting the fact of Elite Bribery in Saskatchewan’s rural development.

Jokes and cartoons are at the cutting edge of public concern, such as concern about the ethics taught in our schools today; a Web reader sent me (Lee) a cartoon regarding a child’s career plan, segment NO COUNTRY FOR HONEST MEN, and another sent me a joke, which goes like this:

“A teacher was grading essays and opened the exam book of a student to find a blank exam book except it contained a $100.00 bill and a note saying, $100=100% , so the teacher put a $50.00 bill and a note saying $50.00=50% and you fail, back in the exam book and gave the book back to the student”.

The Cartoons and jokes say it all about the ethics being taught today and I (Lee) am pleased to offer Saskatchewan’s Minister of Education copyright permission to use this Web site to instruct K- 12 students regarding the corrupt horror they will face as non-Elite Saskatchewan taxpayers.

Google “sgeu hits a wall of anger mandryk”. and “premier rightly decides enough is enough gormley” and “perilous to mess with wall mandryk” and “thoughts on entitlement and attitude gormley”, the headlines say it all and it is noteworthy that our Political Leaders have finally became angry at the Ruling Elite’s greed, blackmail and demand for bribes to provide service.

Google “battle boils between government and unions wood” and note that James Wood sets it out best. There can be no doubt whatsoever but that battle lines for the November Election are drawn between the honest tax payers, represented by the Sask Party, and the ruling Elite Union Officials, represented by the NDP, and the question is; will the greed, blackmail and bribery demands of the Ruling Elite Unions, the alphabet soup agency’s, supported by the NDP, force the honest tax payers into starving to death in a hovel, or will the Sask Party force the Ruling Elite Officials, and their endless Unions, Associations and NGO’s to heel? We will know November 7th.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that the Official Ruling Elites use their Unions and Associations to blackmail honest tax payers to provide services and demand bribes from the business community to approval economic development projects, And Web readers are asked to google “back-to-work orders widen private-public wage gaps levitt”, and I (Lee) ask all Web readers to read the article and note that journalist, Howard Levitt, sets out that the CFIB calculates that the Canadian tax payers would save nineteen Billion Dollars a year if the Government Ruling Elite were paid private sector wages.

Canada’s population is 33 (thirty three million), Saskatchewan’s population is 1 (one) million, so the Saskatchewan tax payers would save 1/33 of nineteen Billion dollars or $570,000,000.00 (five hundred and seventy million dollars) each and every year if the Saskatchewan Official Ruling Elite were paid private sector wages, but even at that rate it would still take over seventeen years to recover the ten Billion dollars Lane and his Devine Gang ilk “disappeared” during the 1980’s.

There can be no doubt whatsoever but that now with the crop adjusters, and their handmaiden, the NDP, having been forced to heel and if the sky does not fall before November 7th, then after the General Election, another experiment could be tried, Legislation could be used to end the RMAA’s use of “discretionary zoning power” to demand bribes to provide development approval segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 114. to 120.

If the sky still did not fall then Legislation could be carried to end the RMAA itself, note again note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL paragraphs 114.- 120. And eventually all Government Unions, including the Teachers Union and the Alphabet soup NGO’s such as SGEU/SARM/RMAA, could be Legislated out of existence, again google “back-to-work orders widen private-public wage gaps levitt”. If you are concerned about the rapine acts of Saskatchewan’s Official Ruling Elite write or e-mail your MLA.

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