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July 4, 2011

Web readers are asked to note that out of the G-7 Counties, ie: Canada, France, Germany, United States, Italy, Japan and England, Canada is the most bribery prone. Google “Canada worst g-7 country in preventing bribery: report derek abam postmedia news”, and note that Transparency International, a respected international think tank studying bribery, reports that Canada has the worst bribery record of any G-7 country, worse than Italy, which is the home of the Mafia.

The headline says it all but Web readers are asked to read the article and note that the respected international think tank on bribery, Transparency International, is now setting out what I (Lee) have been stating in this Web site for the last 4 (four) years, note segment FACTS: EDENWOLD EVIL, ie; that honest taxpayers are victims of the bribery demands of Elite Officials, the Official Government scum, such as RM Administrator Strudwick. (more…)